Tips to Avoid Athlete Burnout

Athlete burnout is similar to work burnout. This happens when an athlete has done too much and is starting to slowly fade away physically and mentally. You may find that you’re more exhausted than normal and unable to participate in sports to your full level.

Why do Athletes Burnout?

Many think that athlete burnout is associated with overtraining, but that’s not entirely true. Athletes burnout occurs when an athlete is mentally and physically drained. This can happen when an athlete isn’t as passionate about the sport they’re partaking in or perhaps they’re simply tired due to personal life stress.

Many studies have begun to show that athlete burnout occurs when someone is doing the same thing too frequently and grows tired of it both physically and mentally. While burnout happens to the best athletes, you can do something to deter this from happening.

Take a Break

It may be difficult to explain to your coach that you need a timeout from sports, but this is an important step towards avoiding athlete burnout. Get comfortable knowing your physical and mental limits so you can speak up to take a break before burnout strikes.

Consider Change in View

Perhaps you can’t take a break from your practice or sporting event, but you still need to find a way to avoid athlete burnout. You can change the location where you practice or train outside of regularly scheduled events. This can help get your mind back to a balanced spot to partake in sports.

Discuss Different Training Program

Another option to avoid athlete burnout is to ask if you can have a different training program. This can help ignite the passion you once had for the sport. Many coaches are willing to work with their athletes so that they can keep them on the team, so it won’t hurt to discuss this option.

Trust Your Gut

Lastly, you’ll know best when you’re body and mind are starting to burnout. The moment you start to feel a disinterest, fatigue, or boredom with the sport, it’s time to work towards solutions. Using our tips above, you’ll be able to determine the best route to avoid athlete burnout.

At the end of the day, your mental and physical health must take priority in your life. If you find that your coach won’t work with you to adjust some of your training needs to avoid athlete burnout, perhaps it’s time to rethink how important sports are in your life.