Simple Things You Should Know About Feeding Your Dog

Owning a dog is one of the most common things humans do in this age, so it is believed that taking care of a dog, which includes bathing, feeding and the likes of them, is also cliché. However, no matter how popular a thing is, it does not automatically mean everyone knows all about it. Just like you can’t get a drivers’ licence because a lot of people drive, you can’t assume that you can take care of a dog properly because people can and do. You have to learn it, which is the purpose of this article.

Feeding particularly demands more attention from you as a pet owner, than other things. This is why this article is written to teach you or remind you, depending on what you already know, some basic things about feeding a dog.

FEED YOUR DOG HIGH QUALITY FOODS – This is first on this list because a lot of people feel like there is a mysterious converter in the stomach of dogs, that converts anything they eat into nutrients in their bodies. Some others think dogs do not need that much attention to nutrition. Well, sorry to say, but both assertions are wrong. Dogs have a mammalian body system, which means their digestive system is similar to the human being’s. Hence, they must eat only foods that can benefit their bodies. More so, there are some kind of foods that can kill the dog, either by heart attack, low blood pressure, heart failure, poisoning or others. This is why you must only go for the best quality when buying dog feed. For the best options, speak to a veterinarian.


FEED YOUR DOG REGULARLY AND IN TIME – Another important thing to know about feeding your dog, is that you must maintain a routine for feeding your dog. Sometimes, veterinarians might prescribe otherwise for many different reasons, but the basic feeding time for a dog is morning, and evening, which is twice daily. Not feeding your dog in a routine might end up affecting how it grows. So, it is best for you to stick to a plan and be true to it. This does not mean you cannot give your dog snacks and treats at intervals, just make sure it is moderate and the major meals are not skipped.


DO NOT OVERFEED YOUR DOG – Your dog may not show signs of being full, so he continues eating even when he has had enough. If you continue to allow such, you are opening the door to many health issues, which you definitely will not like. If you are not sure of how much food to give your dog, check the instructions on the food pack. The amount of feed to give your dog per day will be specified. You can divide the total into two and give him the parts in the morning and at night. You can also ask your veterinarian for advice.

Conclusively, never forget to give your dog enough water. Also, make sure that it is clean water.

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