Cars That Will Take You The Extra Mile

Purchasing a good car requires a considerable lump sum of money, and the initial purchase is only the beginning. Not only that, but cars tend to come with other costs as well: maintenance costs, fuel expenses, insurance, and all other fees that will weigh on your monthly budget. Not to mention, most cars depreciate in value over time. Therefore, the decision to buy a car is no joke. Even if you have the dough to acquire one, think of all the responsibilities inherently attached to it.


There are a lot of other factors to ponder when purchasing a new vehicle, however, reliability remains one of the top considerations when choosing a car. Really, if you’re going to spend that much on something, wouldn’t you want to ensure you get one that lasts? Savvy buyers aim to get the most out of their buck by going for cars that will last for over 250,000 miles. These types aren’t common, but they’re also not that hard to find if you know what you’re looking for. To help you out, here are 50 new and classic cars, across different categories, that have proven their ability to go beyond the 250,000 marks.

Subaru Forester

The Subaru Forester has made a strong impact on the market since its inception in 1997. This is a crossover SUV that’s been a hit since its first model came out. Subaru sports what is considered to be the best 4WD system today, and is a hit, especially among adventurous types.


It was awarded “SUV of the Year” in 2014, and The Car Connection’s “Best Car To Buy” that same year. The latest models are turbo variants, but with regular maintenance and proper care, the naturally aspirated engines are known to breach the 250k mark.

VW Passat

The Volkswagen Passat is a large family car that is now on its eighth generation. It is popular not only for its reliability but for its functionality, too. This is largely why it is known as Europe’s favorite station wagon.


The Passat runs on a diesel engine, therefore it is economical. It is a beautifully designed car, but it’s the machine’s durability that is most noteworthy. The engine may just be designed to outlast all its other parts, a trademark of the VW brand. It’s most recent 1.8 turbo engine is proven to be just as reliable as its predecessors.

Lexus RX350/450h

The Lexus RX is a mid-size luxury crossover SUV. It was originally released in its home market of Japan in 1997, and its export versions began in 1998. The Lexus brand is part of the luxury division of Toyota that has become popular worldwide for its sleekness and reliability.


Both the gas and hybrid versions of the Lexus RX 350/450h have earned a great reputation from a wide array of consumers. Its feedback has been strongly positive, and its popularity has expanded pretty fast, which boded well in terms of its commercial success. Although the Lexus RX 350/450h is no longer in production, it is still considered to be one of the most reliable vehicles of its class.

Honda CR-V

This compact crossover SUV by Honda isn’t a hit for its exterior design. There’s nothing flashy about it, nor does it turn heads as it runs down the highway. Honda started manufacturing it in 1995, and the CR-V stands for Comfortable Runabout Vehicle.


If there’s one thing automobile enthusiasts appreciate about the CR-V, it is the capability to keep on driving well into six-figures on the clock, durability that cannot be disputed. When one thinks of the vehicle, the first thing that comes to mind is its seemingly endless lifespan, and the gutsy, 2.4L, four-cylinder engine found on older versions of this car.

Lexus ES 350/450

When the luxury division of Toyota thought of creating the Lexus ES series, its focal points were on the car’s interior amenities, its quietness, and the quality of the ride. Som fair warning: those who are looking for engine power and a swanky design to fit their personality would find the Lexus ES 350/450 rather average.


These mid-size luxury executive cars will make up for what they lack in the swank department with their impressive resiliency. A Lexus ES 350/450 will serve its owners long after other vehicles have commenced their sad clack down the road toward the wrecking yard. They are known to cruise beyond 250,000 miles on the clock and counting.

Toyota Camry

For those who drive a lot, and travel long distances, having a reliable vehicle is as important as having a trustworthy best friend. In a way, our cars become our buddies down tortuous roads, getting us safely from one destination to the next, never giving up on us or leaving us stranded. And in this aspect, the Toyota Camry needs no further introduction.


For decades now, it’s been known as one of the most reliable automobiles you can purchase; a quality many Toyota models are known for. But it doesn’t offer much more than that, and the rest of its capabilities and features are pretty stock standard.

Toyota 4Runner

Toyota has been selling this compact, mid-size SUV throughout the world since 1984. It has undergone changes throughout the years, but the basic selling point of this vehicle is its extreme durability. It can be any kind of animal you want it to be, per se.


The Toyota 4Runners have an extensive history of serious off-road use. They can navigate around cliffs, manhandle heavy loads, making their owners beam with pride. They also came with a number of engine types that can take on all kinds of abuse, making a very popular vehicle all over the world.

Lincoln Town Car

The Lincoln Town Car is a line of full-size, luxury sedans. The beasts have a classy look, with a limousine body style, and were marketed by Ford’s Lincoln division from 1980 to 2011.


Many Lincoln Town Car components are shared by the same platform, which includes the Ford Victoria. By and large, its interior and exterior designs have been modified, offering it to the public in a more luxurious package. However, its 4.6L, V8 engine is a robust feature that deserves a lot of praise. The fact that it hasn’t undergone many modifications in 13 years should say a lot about its dependability and underlying customer satisfaction.

Nissan Titan XD

The Nissan Titan XD is a full-size pickup truck that derives its name from the Titans of Greek mythology. It comes with either a diesel or petrol engine, both of which are beefy enough to back up its titanic namesake. This is a car designed to give you ruggedness, power, strength, and size.


The Nissan Titan XD is capable of covering hundreds and thousands of miles, across unpaved roads, uphill drives, and rugged terrain. If you prefer even more reliability, you may go for the Cummins 5.0L turbo diesel V8 that packs more power than its petrol counterpart.

Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

In an environment driven by tough competition and rivalry, consumers win. Ford and Chevrolet are tied in the market of full-size and heavy-duty pickup trucks that are practically so solid in performance as rocks.


The Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD is one of Chevy’s answer to Ford’s F-series. Its machine can take abuse, shrugs off rough terrains that 4×4 drivers are enthusiastic about. It is durable, very compact, so driving it makes you feel like every dollar you spend on the machine is well worth it. There shouldn’t be any issue crossing the six-figure mileage on the clock all over with it.

Honda Odyssey

The idea of creating this minivan was conceived at a time when Honda’s Japanese engineers had to factor in the economic crisis that barrelled through the 1990s. The marks of this can be seen in the van’s overall concept and exterior design, which have been whittled to simplicity, with very minimal modifications.


However, with its flexible 3.5L, V6 engines, these minivans are practically wear-resistant. They can quite easily reach the 250,000-mile mark and keep going. This is the quality that makes the vehicle so widely popular, but it’s not the only thing that’s noteworthy about it. You will love its transmission, too, along with the many parts of its mechanical system.

Acura RDX

The Acura RDX used to share a platform Honda uses for its CR-V and Civic models. But on its third generation, it was built on its own platform. Acura’s crossover SUV ranks as one of the most reliable cars of its class.


Testimonials from many happy owners worldwide provide proof of the car’s dependability. Its 3.5L, V6 engine, with 279 horsepower, gives the car a good amount of grunt and allows it to perform with minimal stress, especially if properly and regularly maintained. It has enough power to make it surpass the 250,000-mile mark, especially since it is installed with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Chevrolet Impala

The Chevrolet Impala is one of the better selling full-size cars in the US. It is the popular flagship passenger car of Chevrolet that consumers love for its versatility. It is a car readily built to suit our various needs, and if you’re the type that likes to invest in vehicles that can last beyond the 250,000-mile mark, the Impala is up for it and so should definitely be up for consideration.


The Impala is built with an ECOTEC, 2.5L, DOHC, 4-cylinder engine as standard. However, if you wish to maximize every bit of what the machine can offer, then you should go for the 305-horsepower, 3.6L, DOHC, V6 engine with 6-speed automatic.

Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla is a line of subcompact and compact cars that have become a lynchpin to the Toyota brand’s success. In 2013, the company reached a milestone by having sold more than 40 million Corollas over 11 generations. It has surpassed the Volkswagen Beetle to become the best-selling nameplate in the world.


Needless to say, with its history of reliability and all, the Corolla can easily make 250,000 miles, if properly maintained. It has undergone a number of redesigns through the years, but its basic feature is that it is built to last.

Honda Pilot

There are many luxurious vehicles out there that aren’t necessarily reliable. They are built for comfort with flashy features and designs made to impress. However, sometimes people find themselves paying a hefty price tag for a model that doesn’t even go beyond the desired mileage.


Fortunately, the Honda Pilot is a mix of both luxury and dependability. If you haven’t heard, the early versions of the Pilot ran distances that would put other models to shame. It may be too early to tell, but with its track record, the latest Honda Pilot promises to perform way better and bring the same reliability as its predecessors have.

Audi Allroad

The Audi Allroad is a semi-offroad version of the Audi station wagon. This means it is designed to withstand even the craggiest terrain. Durability is a quality that is expected out of it and it’s been proving itself worthy since its inception back in 1999.


This vehicle has a similar story to the Volkswagen Passat. It brings resilience to the table, and with proper use and maintenance, it can easily attain long mileage goals for every owner. This applies to most Audi engine choices.

Scion xB

This 5-door, box-shaped car has a look that is detestable to some people. Detractors complain that its design is rather crude. But many of those who own a Scion xB attest to how much they love its performance. It is a compact car that is truly reliable.


There may be conflicting opinions about the Scion xB and its unique appearance, maybe that is what ended its production. But one thing’s for certain, reliability hasn’t been one of the issues up for debate. This car can easily beat the 250,000 mileage, based on actual customer feedback.

Nissan Patrol

To some degree, one might say the Nissan Patrol has been built for extreme conditions. Its Y61 platform is even built for military use in certain countries, including a few in the Middle East. It is similar to the Toyota Land Cruiser in many ways, so much so that if the latter is the Yin, the Nissan Patrol must be its Yang version.


This isn’t designed for mom’s tasks such as picking up their children in school. The Patrol is designed to deal with hostile landscapes, in all weather conditions. It is seemingly indestructible.

GMC Sierra 2500HD

If full-size, heavy-duty pickup trucks are your machinery of choice, the GMC Sierra 2500HD surely won’t disappoint you. It has a great bulk design that betrays its muscle and strength. It can deal with any large loads you may need to move, as regularly as you need to move them, and without a hint of complaint.


It is dependable, but that’s just stating the obvious. The GMC Sierra 2500HD may not be as popular as the Ford and the Chevy, but GMC Sierra trucks have been a staple in the US market. Breaking the 250,000 mileage should be a breeze with this beast.

Mazda 6

The Mazda 6 was sold as a model embodying the company’s stylish, insightful, and spirited design philosophy. Compared to other Mazda models, it sold 1 million units faster, and its customer feedback has been great.


In terms of reliability, the Mazda 6 is perhaps on par with the Toyota Camry, which we touched on earlier. But its exterior stylishness sets it apart. It is simply beautiful compared to the Camry; artistry backed up with performance.

Toyota Tacoma

The Toyota Tacoma is a joy to drive when it comes to offroading. It has great balance coupled with technology that makes it specialized for rough terrain meandering. However, it has some limitations when it comes to its interior features. In overall performance, it may not be able to edge out its competitors.


Toyota Tacoma is a solid package with a great payload capacity and off-road capability, it can’t match the overall performance, interior features, or capabilities of most of its rivals. The Tacoma’s ruggedly handsome looks and available off-road gear almost redeem its tight interior and so-so fuel economy. A 2.7-liter four-cylinder making 180 lb-ft of torque is standard and pairs with a five-speed manual or a six-speed automatic; a 3.5-liter V-6 (265 lb-ft) is optional and mates to a six-speed manual or a six-speed automatic. When properly equipped, the V-6 can tow 6800 lb. For serious adventurers, a TRD Pro trim adds a bevy of appearance upgrades and a heavy-duty suspension.

Ford F-250 Super Duty

We all know the Ford F-250 was designed for heavy-duty use, towing loads on a daily basis that would make lesser vehicles break. The Super Duty is a bull of a machine, but it is a lesser known fact that, from the start, it was designed to be able to reach high mileage as well.


Similar to the F-150 but larger, the F-250 Super Duty is a towing beast. Every component found on this truck was designed for heavy-duty use, from the frame to a lineup of engines that could bear the extra load on a daily basis. From the start, it was more or less a requirement for these trucks to be able to reach high mileage, therefore it’s no wonder you will find some that have way more than 250,000 miles on the clock.

Toyota Sequoia

Introduced in 2000, the Toyota Sequoia is a full-size SUV. In fact, it is the largest SUV currently being produced by the Toyota brand. That said, its fuel consumption can be a bit high. But that comes with the territory in its class.


Like many vehicles designed by Toyota’s engineers, the Sequoia is known for its reliability. It is very efficient, which is amazing considering that it comes in a big package. It’s 5.7L, V8 engine, with 6-speed automatic transmission, is the kind you can trust in any condition. Don’t be surprised if it fails to fail you, even if you’re guilty of poor handling and maintenance! It is an altogether trusty and robust vehicle that won’t have any qualms in breaching the 250,000-mile target.

Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD

The Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD shouldn’t surprise anyone by surpassing 250,000 in mileage. This vehicle is designed to conquer, wherever you are and in practically all conditions. It is all strength and muscle and, under a standard trim, uses a Vortec®, 6.0L, V8, petrol engine.


When you use this heavy-duty vehicle with the alternative Duramax®, 6.6L, V8, Turbo-Diesel engine, the sky becomes the limit, so to speak. It is like a monster begging to be abused as if that’s what it’s for, and what it feeds on. The Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD wants to be pushed to its limit, so running a few hundred thousand miles means nothing to it.

Honda Civic

Over the years the Honda Civic has undergone some significant changes. It is now larger compared to the designs of its earlier generations and has become more upscale, aimed towards a higher spot in the market. Still, though, people love the Civic for the potential it leaves for customization.


Like many automobiles designed by Honda, the Civic is known for its reliability. It’s one of those cars that gives off the impression of being able to consistently gets things done. It is a safe choice, with a great engine, that is fuel efficient and similar to the Toyota Corolla in terms of dependability. And remember, there’s a good reason why it pops up so regularly in the Need for Speed games.

Ford F-150

It may be fair to say that the Ford F-150 has been responsible for inspiring an influx of heavy-duty pickup trucks we see on the market today. While it’s smaller than its big brother, the F-250, It isn’t called the workhorse of America for nothing.


During its prime, the Ford F-150 was the working man’s vehicle of choice. It could be seen everywhere, from farms to small business, all across America. Considering what the F-150 is capable of, it’s no wonder. This workhorse set the standard for the industry, a vehicle that could take anything you threw at it. For the F-150, crossing the 250,000-mile mark is barely even a challenge.

Chevrolet Equinox

The Chevrolet Equinox is a series of compact crossover SUVs, the first generation of which was introduced in 2004. The current Equinox is a comfortable ride with a silent cabin. It is generally a smart purchase, a safe choice for a lifestyle that may vary as the SUV itself is designed to be versatile.


Chevy offers the Equinox in three 4-cylinder turbo options. There are the 170-hp 1.5L and the 137-hp 1.6L diesel varieties that come with a 6-speed automatic transmission. If you desire more impact and power, the gutsy 252-hp, 2.0L engine may be the one for you. It comes with a 9-speed, manual transmission. All three vehicle options come complete with a host of safety measures, like automated emergency braking and lane-keeping assist.

Saab 9000

The Saab 9000 is an executive car produced from 1984 to 1998. Unfortunately, the model is no longer in production. It was developed to follow up on the successes of the turbocharged 99 and 900 models, which represented the Swedish company’s attempt to invade the executive car class.


The Saab 9000 may be a relic, proof of how magnificent the Swedish company was at its peak (which eventually died out). It was built on the Fiat’s Tipo Quattro platform. Three other models share this design. While the design wasn’t exceptional, the Saab 9000 was as loyal and as durable as a car can be.

Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota built the Land Cruiser as if it were intended for battle. It is practically unbreakable, and if it had a spirit it would drag its owner to rugged places. Outside the United States, this four-wheel vehicle is a long-time favorite, one which many attest is the best money can buy.


As of 2018, sales of the Toyota Land Cruiser have reached a skyrocketing total of 6.5 million units worldwide. Among its outstanding features are the AWD systems, and engines that are designed to last for generations. It is not uncommon to see Land Cruisers being used in UN missions, conquering hostile terrain, crossing bouldered streams, and brush-covered tracks in unfamiliar territories.

Toyota Prius

This hybrid electric automobile has been manufactured since 1997. What it lacks in oomph, as hybrids are infamously known for, it compensates for in its reliability. The Prius is also among the cleanest vehicles sold in the US, based on smog-forming emissions.


The engine of the Toyota Prius has been tested many times over the years, and it has proven itself to be truly reliable. In fact, it can be said that it is almost on par with the Camry. If there’s a bit of a downside to the Prius, it is worth noting that its battery can be a bit of a problem. You will likely have to go through the hassle of changing it several times before its engine starts to fail.

VW Golf 4 TDI

Thanks to the Beetle which has lasted for generations, even up to this day, reliability is a quality that will perhaps be forever etched in the Volkswagen brand. The VW Golf 4 TDI is a compact car that the company has produced since 1974, and many attest that its 1.9L, TDI engines are the best the company has ever made.


They may be right in their claims, too. These turbocharged units are amazingly flexible, yet also robust: a combination that works just fine, thank you. It’s not hard to find a Golf on the market with serious mileage yet its functionality only mildly compromised over time.

Toyota Sienna

When one thinks of minivans, often thoughts of family outings and far off travel destinations come to mind. This is, in fact, exactly what Toyota had in mind when the concept of its Sienna model was introduced. It wanted a resilient transporter that was fuel efficient and trusty. It is, therefore, not a far-flung idea to expect the Toyota Sienna to be still going strong after 250,000 miles.


This vehicle is not only one of the safest choices on the market when it comes to minivans, but it also has a formidable 4WD system, too. Not many minivans are designed with the wisdom afforded the Toyota Sienna.

Toyota Highlander

This is a mid-size crossover SUV that Toyota has improved a number of times since its initial production run. The Highlander uses the same platform as the Toyota Camry, but its chassis size is based on the Avalon. For many years, the Highlander has been modified to improve what it lacked in overall size. It’s interior is now more spacious, and some modern features have been added to it as well.


However, all these modifications never came close to touching its core beauty. What makes the Highlander so appealing to consumers is its engine reliability, and the 3.5L, V6 found in earlier models has been proven to be one tenacious engine.

Ford Taurus

The Ford Taurus is now in its sixth generation, and it is quite interesting to note that it has practically remained in continuous production for more than thirty years. Statistically, it shows how much consumers appreciate this specific Ford model, with reliability as its underlying factor.


The Ford Taurus can reach the 250,000-mile mark without much effort. Chances are better, of course, if you keep your vehicle well maintained. If you want to get the most out of this machine, we suggest you go for the 288hp, 3.5L, V6 engine rather than 2.0L Ecoboost inline-four or 3.5L Ecoboost V6 of the SHO. The Taurus is paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission that will help in keeping its durability, too.

Subaru Legacy

The Subaru Legacy is unique for boasting all-wheel drive as a standard feature. This mid-size car is the flagship of the Subaru brand, and it is equipped with a traditional boxer engine known for its ability to withstand even the toughest driving conditions.


If your goal is to buy a sedan that can last for a long time, the Subaru Legacy is pretty much guaranteed to be able to get within reach of the 250,000-mile mark. If the vehicle is well cared for, your chances of exceeding this milestone skyrocket. The Subaru Legacy comes either in a 2.5L or 3.6L engine, mated with Lineartronic® CVT transmission.

Hyundai Elantra

This is a compact car produced by Hyundai, a company based in South Korea. It has undergone a number of facelifts since its production, and the current models have a “fluidic sculpture” design, a change to the older versions that gives the model a more conservative look. It is actually a very good car with great functionality, and it’s a shame that it isn’t ranked higher than it is, simply because the competition in its category is abundant.


The Elantra is spacious. It has good safety features, and its cabin is well-built. Compared to its competitors, this model has more trunk space. The Elantra GT (hatchback) has a more powerful engine. In terms of ratings, the Elantra is excellent overall, one of the highest in its class.

Jeep Wrangler

The Wrangler has evolved significantly, albeit indirectly, from the days of the Willys back in World War II. In spite of its aesthetic modifications, now in its fourth generation, its appearance still resembles a considerable link to its traditional design. It’s a thorough mixture of the Jeep’s modernity and its old school, open-top template.


The promise of the Jeep’s allure—topless motoring in the hills, 4WD, off-roading adventures—is still as strong as ever. It is equipped with a more powerful engine, with its usual solid axles, just like in the good old days.

Ford Crown Victoria

This full-size sedan can be seen almost everywhere, recognizable as the interceptor police car. These models roam around assigned areas, day-in and day-out, cops keeping neighborhoods safe and getting involved in the odd car chase. Needless to say, the Ford Crown Victoria is one of the most stable, and reliable cars in the market.


This model is gradually being phased out as they reach the six-figure mileage bracket. But that doesn’t mean we’ll be seeing the end of them. Rather, they will enjoy a second life as taxis after having been converted from their previous police fit-outs.

Dodge Ram Cummins

Dodge Ram full-size pickup trucks are enormous, rugged, and within their core is the ingenious product resulting from Dodge and Cummins’ working together. Cummins engines are well-known for strong performance in off-highway markets.


These impressive engines have found a new home in Ram trucks. The latter has been named Motor Trend magazine’s “Truck of the Year,” not just once, but six times. Two engine versions are available: the 5.9L turbocharged inline 6, and its 6.7L newer version. Both are oozing with power and excessive torque.

Mercedes-Benz E Class W124

This range of executive cars by German automaker, Mercedes-Benz, falls mid-range in its line up, but performance-wise this is one of the brand’s most reliable models. It remains one of the most durable automobiles to date.


In the Mercedes Benz, W124 E Class can be found upgraded diesel engines from the W123. Whether it can hit the 250,000-mile mark isn’t even up for debate. With proper maintenance, it can reach way beyond that, all with the elegance it is famous for.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

This mid-size SUV has always used a unibody chassis, which makes it stand out against other SUVs in the market. This gives it an edge in off-road experience, where it is specifically designed to master the highs and lows of rough terrains. While its competition makes it through a challenge so-so, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is purpose-built for such environments.


It has a 295-hp, 3.6L, V-6 engine, with 8-speed automatic transmission, and rear-drive as a standard; a 240-hp, turbo-diesel V-6, and 360-hp, 5.7L V-8 are optional. Owners can choose from three 4WD optional setups that offer various driving capabilities.

Mazda MX-5

This is a lightweight, two-passenger roadster, a sports car you wouldn’t have to worry much about if you’re aiming to reach 250,000 miles down the road. All you have to do is maintain it regularly, for its extremely simple mechanics are crowned with a 2.0L, Skyactiv, inline-four engine.


Unlike other sports cars in the market, the MX-5 isn’t costly to maintain, which is part of the reason why it’s grown so popular. As of early 2016, its production had already breached one million; a testament to its superb performance.

Nissan Altima

The Nissan Altima is a continuation of the Nissan Bluebird line. In the midsize car segment, its competitors include the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, and the Chevrolet Malibu. Comparably, the Altima boasts some unique, advanced features—important safety ones included—all for a cost that outstrips the competition.


The Nissan Altima has a spacious and comfortable cabin. Historically, it has always been bigger and more powerful than the Nissan Sentra. Its engine choices are a 182-hp 2.5L 4-cylinder, or a 270-hp, 3.5L V6, both with a CVT. You can certainly make it to 250,000 miles quite comfortably with this car.

BMW 5 Series E39

The BMW E39 is the fourth generation of the BMW Series, known for its reliability. It was produced from 1995 to 2004 but, style-wise, it looks as timeless as we’ve come to expect from BMW models. It certainly has the engine to back up its classy look.


If you find a BMW E39 in a secondhand car shop, don’t forget to check its mileage. Don’t be surprised to see a number of them still running beyond 250,0000 miles, and these aren’t jalopies at all. If well maintained, they can still be in decent form. BMW’s inline-six engines have always been recognized for excellent performance and the E39 is certainly among them.

Chevrolet Malibu

Named after the coastal community of Malibu, California, the Chevrolet Malibu is an excellent car in its own right. It is built with stylish sheet metal, and its interior now has more legroom, making it great for long travels with the family.


Its front end looks masculine while giving off an overall upscale feel. It is powered by a 160-hp, 1.5L, 4-cylinder, turbo engine, while a 250-hp 2.0L, 4-cylinder, turbo engine is optional. It is built solidly and has front-wheel drive, with a 6-speed automatic transmission that can take its owner to 250,000 miles and beyond.

Ford Explorer

Ford has been producing this range of SUVs for five generations. Up to this day, the vehicle is still a strong contender in its class. It boasts a mix of strength and comfort, with an interior space that can accommodate seven.


Aside from its premium interior design, the Ford Explorer comes with an array of high-tech features. It is built to be robust and can withstand various driving conditions. It comes standard with front-wheel drive and a 290-hp V6 engine. An owner may opt for an all-wheel-drive design in the V6 sports model, its chassis tuned for its purpose.

Toyota RAV4

Produced by the Japanese automaker, Toyota, the RAV4 made its debut in 1994. This was the first compact crossover SUV, designed for those who seek the maneuverability and the fuel consumption of a compact car but wish for more interior space, and the option of a 4WD, off-road adventuring.


It is now in its fourth generation of production, and owners of its previous generations are happy with the flexibility they enjoy. The Toyota RAV4 is reliable and offers a selection of petrol or diesel engines to choose from. Those who want their crossover vehicle to last the longest tend to choose the RAV4 with an automatic transmission.

Mercedes-Benz W123

Before Mercedes-Benz came up with the concept of the W123 in 1976, the W114 was its most successful car on the market. This range of executive cars was around before Mercedes-Benz became a byword for expensive maintenance, ceasing production in 1986.


While it certainly isn’t young, the Mercedes-Benz W123 is a sturdy, reliable piece of machinery that is practically invincible. The sight of the old beasts still running today is living proof of their ability to stand the test of time. In fact, Mercedes-Benz used to issue certificates to W123 owners once they hit a certain mileage. The highest, most prestigious certificate you could get was for 1,000,000 miles—four times the 250,000 target—and that speaks volumes about this vehicle; the most successful Mercedes in history that sold 2.5 million cars before it was eventually replaced.

Subaru Outback

The Subaru Outback’s history is derived from the Legacy wagon and is technically a crossover utility vehicle. Its suspension was raised by Subaru engineers to give it more ground clearance, but it still maintains the Legacy station wagon feel. In fact, it remains a station wagon in every other respect; a unique configuration that has made the model so popular that Subaru has decided to produce the Legacy wagon exclusively for the US market.


The Outback may not be a looker. Efforts have, instead, been directed into making it a cool comfortable ride that gets to destinations safely and quietly across all different types of terrain.

 Toyota Tundra

The Toyota Tundra has been on the market since 1999. It is huge in size but is offered at a relatively lighter price. It conforms to the scale of today’s outsize entries but is made of lightweight materials, bedecked with a full range of advanced technology features that makes your ride easy and comfortable; a luxury land yacht indeed.


The Toyota Tundra won Motor Trend magazine’s “Truck of the Year” award twice. It was the first North American full-size truck designed and built by a Japanese manufacturer. It is spacious, and never lacks panache.

Ford Escape Hybrid

When Ford launched its Escape bird in the year 2005, consumers knew that this motor will exceed its mileage expectations. The first 18 that were released racked up more than 175, 000 miles within a year and a half on the streets of New York. So far, every Escape Hybrid that we have come across has surpassed even the 300, 000-mile mark.

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If you’re looking for a keeper, then this is certainly one of the greatest models out there in terms of endurance.

 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

If you’re angling for a pickup truck, the 2011 Chevy Silverado 1500 is the one that will get you the most bang for your buck. This truck can accumulate thousands upon thousands of miles and are built to endure to the very end. Not to mention the automakers century-long truck building expertise.

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The truck’s fuel-efficient engine makes it one of the most sought-after trucks in America. Not only is this dependable truck bigger and stronger than other models, but it is also somehow lighter.

Honda Accord

Putting the Toyota Camry to the test, the Honda Accord tops pretty much any list of best-selling cars. As one of the most dependable sedans out there, this is one car that is hard to get rid of. With regular oil changes and careful driving, this car can easily hit the 300,000-mile mark.

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For the best value, go for the four-cylinder engine. These cars tend to go to owners who change their cars at least every decade.

GMC Yukon XL

SUV owners tend to be generally rather vocal about their in-car electronic issues and power equipment, especially since 2011. The GMC Yukon, however, stood out of the crowd not only with its extremely reliable performance but also in terms of its endurance.

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The powerful vehicle has appeared in the top five of numerous lists of cars that have the ability to surpass roughly 200,000 miles. Most notably, the 2013 model.

Mazda MX-5 Miata

This may not be as widely sold as other cars on the list, but don’t be quick to disregard it. The Mazda MX-5 is certainly one that you won’t want to let go of. According to consumer reports, the Mazda’s engine and transmission have basically issue free over the last decade or so. Dependability tests prove the same.

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According to a large number of satisfaction ratings, the 2010 and 2016 were reported to be the most reliable with sky-high owner approval ratings.

Lexus GX

The rare Lexus that embodies that frame and design of the original SUV has all the reliability and quality that a Lexus typically offers. Forget the forboding grille, the aspirated V8, and it’s phenomenal off-road capabilities, The Lexus G8 made it in the top 10 in the 2016 Consumer Reports list of cars that swallow up miles with ease.

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Delivering the best overall scores, this model, if driven with a little care, will easily take you to the 300,000 mark.

Chevrolet Suburban

This Chevy is both a four-wheel and rear-wheel drive with transmissions that include a 6 speed shiftable automatic. The monstrosity of the vehicle has had a reasonable amount of issues reported but in terms of road endurance, this thing exceeds most of its competitors.

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A decent percentage of the Chevrolet Suburbans have been known to hit more than 200,000 miles. Just avoid the 2014 model or later, those predecessors will be rock solid,

Ford Expedition

The Ford Expedition has long been a favorite of America. Specifically, within the years 2014 and 2017, the champion vehicle has joined the above-average class of cars, according to Consumer Reports. It’s newer addition of the 3.5L EcoBoost V6 for the model year 2015 has been proved to be simultaneously extra powerful, yet more efficient.

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Using the basis of the F-150, the Ford Expedition makes it a model that can easily exceed 200, 000 miles, and of course, reliable as ever.

Lexus CT 200h

One never doubts the durability of a Prius. The same goes for the Lexus. Consumers can take comfort in the fact that these two cars share a similar foundation. While you might make a slight trade-off over handling and engine power, what you gain is undying reliability.

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This gas efficient luxury sedan was dubbed the most reliable car in the year 2016 according to numerous agency tests and consumer feedback. When going the distance, the 2016 Lexus CT 200h is the way to go.

Toyota Avalon

Hailed as the “Japanese Buick” there is nothing in this world that is quite like a Toyota Avalon. Sure, it may not have the pizazz like the others, but throughout the decade this car has outdone itself in the durability department. The used car-market filled with high-mileage Avalons all in superb condition. As an Avalon owner, prepare yourself for the long haul.

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It wouldn’t be terribly surprising if this car one day reached this million-mile mark.

Buick Roadmaster Estate

Speaking of Buicks, the actual Buick Roadmaster Estate is a force. Between 1992 and 1996, the last of the big American station wagons were pillars of reliability, technology, and cool retro design. Its later years saw the addition of the 5.7-liter V8 engine which could rival the Chevy Corvette. Quite surprising considering the fact that one can travel about 20 miles per gallon. That is a feat for a car like that.

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Reliability aside the car is cheap to insure. You will also never have any trouble finding reasonably proceed parts. It certainly outlived its many competitors of the same time,

1988 Volvo 740 GLE

Allow us to demonstrate our point with a slightly more personal take. Grover Beach resident, Vic Dres, bought his Volvo 740 GLE with one goal in mind. He was going to reach the million-mile mark no matter what. With a little tender loving care (and regular oil changes) Dres got his baby to indeed reach a million miles. Original engine completely intact.

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While not everyone buys a car with this goal in mind, if you’re looking for your next solid used car purchase, you will sleep soundly knowing this thing is going to last you a decent amount of time.

1964 Porsche 356C

Speaking of a million miles. Guy Newmark, a California native, and owner of a 1964 Porsche 356C has officially taken the graduation gift that he received in the mid-60s to a million miles as well. Over fifty years later, this Porsche exceeded his expectations on the odometer. This is what happens when you build a car that makes sheer driving an absolute pleasure. Not to mention it’s supremely delicious interior.

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Like many prominent marques – Ferrari and Enzo, Lotus and Chapman – the Porsche was created with one thing in mind. Driving. Newmark claims that he took in for maintenance every 3,000 miles. He continues driving it to this day.

1987 Volvo 240

The Volvo has built its reputation on dependable cars. The mid to late 1980s model with its B230 four-cylinder engine appears to be a lot chunkier than it is and actually weighs about 3,000 pounds. That’s about the weight of a 2017 Subaru hatchback. Aesthetically, it may not be the sexiest, but its unwavering reliability can easily take you to  200,000 miles

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These things have got quite the following of 240 fanatics. One such Selden who actually happened to reach 250,000 miles when he traded it in. Cooper swears by the Volvo and even had one before his 240.

1989 Saab 900 SPG

A reckless driver can easily rack up 30,000 miles on this thing before calling it a day. With a little care, a responsible driver, however, can see the 1989 Saab 900 SPG reach up to 300,000 miles. Its superior build makes it a marvel of quality car engineering.


Consumer tests praised the car quality and performance so much so that by 1983, the Saab was the leader in turbocharged cars

Jaguar XJ6 Sedan Magnus Bäck

Surprised? Understandable. The Jaguar’s reliability status was seriously wounded in the 70s. Automakers had to resolve this issue, so they turned to the Chevy for inspiration. That saw the Jaguar performance skyrocket and by the 80s Ford came along and infused it with money and good old reliability. By the 1990s classic Jaguar was a motoring marvel.


The car became the “got to” Jaguar to have if you couldn’t afford a new one. According to “Mechanically, the 1995-97 Jaguar XJ6s are the most reliable cars Jaguar has ever produced. When it comes to the basic function of getting you down the road, they refuse to die.”

 1966 Mercedes-Benz 250SE

Once again traveling a little further back in time to the Mercedes coupes from the ’60s. The car is as sturdy as it looks. This baby can easily go over 300,000 miles with reported cases of owners reaching up to 1.28 million miles.

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Mileage like that does require some serious care, but, evidently, it is possible to get there.

Kia Rio

The South Korean Kio Rio appeared on our radars in the year 2000. Now in its fourth generation, the Rio gets better and better with time. The three and five-door hatchback and four-door sedan is essentially a rebadged Ford Fiesta that has been getting outstanding consumer reports.

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The automakers have since introduced the second generation in North Americ ain the year 2006 and haven’t regretted it.

Geo Prizm

Up there among the ranks of the Toyota Corollas, the Geo Prizm generally is one of those cars that you can be driving easily for two, maybe three decades. As unstoppable vehicles, many owners are simply in awe of the life-span of these things. Essentially a clone of the Corolla, the car is a product of the NUMMI – of Toyota GM joint venture.

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Nearly 8 million vehicles of these cars that emulated the Toyota’s basic design were reproduced before teh factory shit down in 2010. With highway mileage in the 30  mpg range, these cars are gold in periods of inflation. A calculating consumer but opt for this one and not let it go so quickly.

Volkswagen Van

This is a symbol of 1960s nostalgia for a reason. These vehicles have driven their way into the present from another era, proving to us just how long these things stick around. While we may see them peppered on today’s roads a little bumped up and faded, there is no doubt that these machines are still good and running. In fact, young folks even today are rushing to get their hands on these things for the perfect Instagram shot.

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There are even dedicated restorers out there who make it their lives work to keep these things on the road. Often times, a junky looking find just needs a fresh coat of paint and a battery change.