Celebrity Kids And Their Incredible Prom Looks

A promenade dance, commonly known as a junior-senior prom is a semi-formal occasion that gathers high school students for a night of fun, where they can put their social skills to the test. This school-sponsored event is one of the most highly-anticipated affairs of every junior and senior student as they hunt for unique ideas to embellish their looks for the night.   Like most kids, celebrity kids gush with excitement on this special night as well. From makeup to prom dresses, and of course, their dates, they make sure everything is well-planned and perfect. Would you believe that even their superstar parents are very much involved in making sure they are dressed to the nines, too!?  From capturing every detail of preparation, to sharing them on their social media accounts, we couldn’t be more ecstatic to present you with the photos and stories of these celebrity children whose prom dresses are beyond amazing. Read on and be part of their magical experience that they will forever treasure.

Maya Thurman Hawke- Uma Thurman  &  Ethan Hawkes ’  Daughter

Former super couple Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke have a stunning daughter, Maya Hawke. It’s not a surprise that this pretty little lady is already making a name for herself as a model and actress- she was cast to play Robin in the third installment of television series “Stranger Things.” Looking at her chic prom photo, Maya must have been crowned as the most stylish girl of the night.


Donning a navy blue Victorian style gown and bob blonde hairstyle, she’s quite a looker. Perhaps her proud mama took this lovely photo of her before she was headed out for her party. We sure envy your genes, Maya. Hello Uma and Ethan!

Lola Consuelos- Mark Consuelos & Kelly Ripas’ Daughter

Daughter to Kelly Ripa, one of the Most Powerful People in Media, and Spanish-American actor, Mark Consuelos, Lola Grace Ripa is blossoming into a beautiful young woman, and this snap surely made her parents emotional that day. If you follow Kelly’s social media account you’ll see that just like any mother-daughter relationship, they have petty fights but they both adore each other completely.


On Lola’s prom night, she looked fab with her equally lovely date, Lola was stunning in this lilac gown. The mini-me of Kelly is now set to take center stage. Whether she chooses acting, like her father, or hosting, like her mother, We’re sure that she can excel in either path she takes.

Jaden Smith- Jada Pinkett-Smith & Will Smiths’

Jaden Smith has an eye for fashion, so naturally he would make statement for a once in a lifetime event like prom. The cool son of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith is fearless when it comes to his fashion choices. Take a look on his chic prom outfit that made his Twitter fans go crazy- a black suit, trainers and gold chain necklace.


His actress girlfriend, Odessa Adlon was his lovely date for the night, and the couple reportedly had a fun night at the prom.Who wouldn’t when you’re with your favorite date plus your supportive and loving parents by your side for every milestone of your life.

Lily Mo Sheen- Kate Beckinsale & Michael Sheens’ Daughter

Could there be anyone sweeter and lovelier than Lily Mo Sheen? The daughter of famous actors Kate Beckinsale and Michael Sheen is a celebrity on her own. Just this prom photo alone shows her how her beautiful face complements her chic red strapless prom dress. We’re sure Kate and Michael documented every detail of her prom preparations.

Getty Images

To recall, the former couple pulled a shameful act on Lily when they posted on social media photos of themselves looking ecstatic when they learned that their baby girl was accepted to her dream college. Any proud parent would do that, Lily. Trust us, we’ve all been there Lily Mo.

Gia Giudice- Joe Giudice & Teresa Giudice’s Daughter

Gia Giudice’s prom experience was nothing short of elegance and fashion. Despite the controversies that surround her family, especially her parents, her mother, Teresa Giudice, was able to pull off a professional photo shoot before she attended her prom. Wow, she is indeed a lucky girl for being pampered with such VIP treatment!

Getty Images

You deserve it, Gia. She looked stunning in her body-hugging lilac dress and lavender makeup. Looking at this photo, the mother and daughter tandem can pass as twins. Will Gia follow her mother’s footsteps as a reality star/fitness guru/author? We don’t have any doubts that she will succeed in whatever she chooses to do!

Shayne Murphy- Nicole Murphy & Eddie Murphys ’ Daughter

Daughter to one of Hollywood’s greatest comedians of all time, Eddie Murphy, Shayne must have gotten used to the colorful and entertaining world of TV and film. Looking every inch of a model during her prom, she made sure she looks fab and dazzling. Even though her famous father has 9 other kids to attend to, he took the time to be with Shayne on her special day.

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In fact, like any protective dad, he requested that Shayne change her first gown choice before giving his one a thumbs up. Well, daddy knows best, as Shayne does look absolutely regal in her powder blue backless gown.

Ava Sambora- Heather Locklear & Richie Samboras’ Daughter

We had no doubt that Ava Sambora would grow up to be a lovely lady. The only child of award-winning actress, Heather Locklear, and former lead guitarist of Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, posted lovely snaps on her Instagram account. Her prom pictures are evidence of how blooming she is. Clad in an off-white tube dress, the young adult had bare accessories and let her blonde hair down to highlight its curls.

Getty Images

A look-alike of her mom, Ava made her acting debut in the 2012 film “This is 40.” In the same year, she also walked the runway at the Los Angeles Fashion Weekend.

Ava Phillippe- Reese Witherspoon & Ryan Phillippe

Another celebrity daughter who looks like the younger version of her mom is Ava Phillippe. Daughter of two famous actors- Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe, Ava donned a traditional prom look in a thigh-high split cream gown that looked perfect on her svelte figure and pretty face. We can imagine the reactions of her parents as they when they realized their little girl is now a young woman. Her date must be one lucky guy.


We love that she was naturally influenced by her parents’ great taste in fashion. If you see her Instagram feed, you’ll be astonished by her chic elegance and sassiness.

Brentt Leakes- NeNe Leakes & Gregg Leakes’ Son

Actress, author, and fashion designer, Linnethia “NeNe” Leakes, is best known for her spicy appearances on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and “Glee.” In the reality television series, she’d often talked about her son Brentt Leakes, and look how he’s incredibly grown up. Looking dapper in his maroon suit, his parents cleared their schedule on his prom day to help him prepare and look dashing.


The proud momma that she is, Nene flashed a big smile beside his son tried his best to contain his excitement before his school’s special dance night. We’re sure his arrival was in full style as he stepped out in a Rolls Royce.

Bindi Irwin- Terri Irwin & Steve Irwins’ Daughter

Steve Irwin rose to worldwide fame from his wildlife documentary series “The Crocodile Hunter.”  His enthusiasm for his work was admirable, but not as much as his love for his family. He described his daughter, Bindi Sue, as “the reason [he] was put on the Earth.” Unfortunately, he died from a stingray injury in 2006, Bindi was around 8 years old. This means that he was not able to witness Bindi growing up to the fine young lady that she is, but we’re sure she made her father proud.

Getty Images

In this photo, Bindi looked radiant on her navy blue lace dress that matched her prom date’s dark blue tux.

Amoni Robinson- Yung Joc’s Son

Jasiel Amon Robinson, better known as Yung Joc is one of America’s successful rappers. His children used to attend his gigs, and now that they’re grown-ups. We can tell that they have given up their childish ways. Just like Amoni Robinson, who exchanged his hoodies for a black suit and metallic jacket, this “little boy no more”, looked dashing and manly as he posed for a snap with his equally amazing date.


If only we can turn back time…Yung Joc can only reminisce the good old years when they are still little babies cuties, but now, they are already living for their own dreams.

Omikaye Phifer- Malinda Williams & Mekhi Phifers’ Son

Omikaye Phifer was sure to make a statement, and he dressed to impress for his prom. He looked dapper in his three-piece black suit that matched his dark leather shoes and sunglasses. Maybe he got the charisma from his famous actor and producer father, Mekhi Phifer who beamed with pride and excitement when he saw his boy in an eye-catching prom outfit.


Mekhi had notable appearances on the hit medical drama “ER” and the sci-fi show “Torchwood: Miracle Day,” among many others. With the evident self-confidence that caught our attention, we’re sure Omikaye is set for bigger things like his father’s successful career.

Sasha Gabriella Fox- Vanessa Williams a& Rick Foxs’ Daughter

Life couldn’t get any better with Sasha Gabriella Fox who has an actress and fashion designer for a mom, and a pro-basketball player for a father. Vanessa Williams and Rick Fox were thrilled to celebrate one of their their daughter’s special days. As such, Vanessa served as Sasha’s stylist and makeup artist for her prom dance, and she looked every bit gorgeous in her bright berry gown.

Getty Images

Good job, momma! We’re sure Venessa and Rick were so proud and emotional as they witnessed this special milestone their little your princess Sasha.

 Noelle Robinson- Leon Robinson & Cynthia Baileys’ Daughter

Another celebrity kid who’s growing up to be a beautiful young lady is Noelle Robinson. The daughter of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star, Cynthia Bailey, and acclaimed actor, Leon Robinson, surely commands attention on her prom night. Noelle kept her overall look simple by wearing a blush-colored gown and wavy hair, and the result was so glamorous that even her date was so stunned that he kissed her for this snap.


We’re wondering how Cynthia and Leon reacted when they saw this and realized that their baby girl is now a gorgeous young lady.

Dez- Jakeita “Sky” Days’ Son

Don’t get confused, this isn’t a photo shoot for a wedding. Dez and his date just wanted to have a fun prom and to be the center of attention. Why not? Jakeita Days’ son definitely knows how to command attention and decided to wear an all-white suit for his special night. The proud momma with her big smile was thrilled for her son’s milestone.


Who wouldn’t? This mother and son duo has developed a close bond through the years and remain sweet to each other even if Dez is already a grown up. We’re just wondering if he still allows his mom to kiss and hug him in public. Hmm…

Lily-Rose Depp- Johnny Depp & Vanessa Paradis’ Daughter

When you have an award-winning actor (Johnny Depp), and a model/musician (Vanessa Paradis) as your parents, most expect that you’ll follow their footsteps. This is definitely true with Lily-Rose Depp, who is earning a name for herself in the modeling and acting industry. Armed with her natural acting skills and good looks, she’ll surely make it big in no time.

Getty Images

Although in the past she struggle with anorexia, it is no longer an issue as she is reported to have completely recovered. Nothing much has changed with Depp, particularly her simplicity. Her prom look was dainty and simple. She opted to wear a nude velvet dress and natural makeup.

Ava Dash- Dam Dash & Rachel Roys’ Daughter

Our hearts skipped a beat when we saw the before and now photos of Rachel Roy’s daughter, Ava. It seems like it was yesterday when she used to be that sweet little girl, carried by her adorable parents, and now she’s rocking her world with so much confidence and beauty. The daughter of fashion designer Rachel Roy, and co-founder of Rock-A-Fella Records Damon Dash, couldn’t be more excited for Ava’s big night at the prom.


Ava Dash looked stunning in her backless rose gold gown, and she posed like a pro, while her dapper date looked happy in spending this special day with her.

LL Cool J’s Daughter – Nina Simone Smith

Nina Simone Smith is no stranger on red carpet events as her celebrity daddy, LL Cool J often took her with him. This prom photo of Nina made her friends and fans go crazy as she looked chic and sweet on her baby pink bandeau dress and chunky heels. Her father is one busy man, juggling his acting and singing careers, and not to forget, his family who’s the reason for all his hard work. He have must be very proud and happy to have witnessed his princess transition to a lovely young lady.

Getty Images

We can’t wait for Nina’s shining moments in the entertainment industry, which should be soon.

Ariana Biermann- Kim Zolciaks’ Daughter

Kim Zolciak-Biermann rose to fame from the hit reality television series “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” She has two daughters namely Brielle and Ariana, and the reality star couldn’t be more thrilled about her lovely children. When it was Ariana’s turn to shine at the prom, her mom made sure that her youngest daughter’s night was amazing.


Good job! Ariana looked beautiful in her unconventional floral prom gown and her long wavy hair added to her already chic ensemble. Now that she’s growing to be a pretty woman, we won’t be surprised if she’ll get herself a stint in acting or perhaps, modeling.

Jeffrey Atkins Jr.- Jeffrey “JaRule” Atkin & Son Aisha Atkins’

It’s true when they say that time flies so fast. Looking at this sweet photo of Ja Rule and his cute baby, Jeffrey Atkins Jr., reminds us how quickly a person’s life can change in a snap. The oldest of the rapper’s sons, Jeffrey was clad in a traditional three-piece black suit to match the black dress of his prom date.


We can imagine Ja Rule’s emotional side realizing how grown up his little boy is. Will he pursue his father’s acting and singing career? Time will tell. For now, savor the moments of your youth and live your best life.

Dylan Douglas- Catherine Zeta-Jones & Michael Douglas’ Son

We can only expect a dapper Dylan Michael Douglas on his prom night, and he did not disappoint. The son of one of Hollywood’s most svelte couples, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas, kept his look classy and clean with his black tuxedo and a traditional bowtie.


What made his prom extra special was the loving effort of his family who threw him a pre-prom party for him and his friends. Dylan is one lucky teenager for having such supportive, and lets not forget, glamorous parents.

Cori Broadus- Shante Broadus & Snoop Doggs’ Daughter

You’re probably trying to imagine what kind of dad Snoop Dogg is to his children, right? Well, he’s quite the normal dad in fact. Despite his tight schedule as a world-class artist, he makes sure he’s present at all his kids’ special events. In 2017, he put his full attention to document and wish his daughter, Cori, the best prom night as well as telling their family’s Instagram followers that they are more than thrilled to have watched her grow as a fine lady.


Well, look at Cori in her gorgeous chocolate brown gown accessorized buy her big smile. This adorable photo of her and her date was approved by her family, hence the social media post.

Phoenix Chi Brown-  Jimmy Gulzar &  Mel Bs ’  Daughter

Could there be more pressure on being the daughter of one of Europe’s most famous celebrities? In this photo, Phoenix Chi Brown teaches you how to steal attention with her head-turning silver two-piece outfit for her prom night. Mel B’s daughter made sure her mom would be ultra impressed by her fashion choice.


Did you know that she raided her mom’s closet and picked this killer style?  Looking fab and lovely, Phoenix is dressed to the nines and looked ready to join her mom in a music video. Her dapper date added more elegance when he arrived to pick her up in his orange Bugatti.

Messiah Harris- T.I. & Lashon Dixons ’  Son

The once adorable kid Messiah Harris, is now a fine, young gentleman and this photo says it all. His fashion choice is age-appropriate and cool- a black suit worn over a white shirt and a purple silk neck scarf. Messiah is a son of rapper and actor Clifford Joseph Harris Jr., professionally known as T.I. His hit songs include “Live Your Life” and “Whatever You Like.”


Now that his baby boy is growing up to be a svelte man, we’re sure T.I. is proud to have raised him well. Will we be hearing a single from Messiah any time soon, or perhaps a duet of the father and son duo?

Kennedi Brooke- Peter Gunz’s Daughter

Kennedi Brooke found a way to make herself popular. Instead of following her father, Peter Gunz’s footsteps as a rapper, she is active in Youtube with her videos about school, makeup, and anything that interests any teenager. As part of her prom preparations, Kennedi documented every process from applying her makeup and why she chose this sheer gown that looked incredibly beautiful on her. We don’t see a baby girl anymore; we see a future model and a YouTube star in the making.


 Keep doing you, Kennedi, and good luck to your upcoming videos. We’ll stay tuned! We’re sure Peter is one proud dad, granted of your achievements.

Chloe Lukasiak- Marc Lukasiak & Christi Lukasiak ’ Daughter

Chloe Lukasiak and Christi Zook Lukasiak are the famous daughter-mother duo from the reality show “Dance Moms.” The protective mother that she is, Christi often clashed with the famous dance teacher, Abby Lee Miller, for favoring another girl on the show, over her daughter. Chloe is multi-talented as aside from dancing, she also dips and dabs in acting and modeling from time to time.


It’s no wonder that on her prom night, she looked exquisitely attractive as she donned a Brandon Maxwell pink and orange halter dress, a rare color and design combo that you don’t uauslly see in a traditional prom gown. Chloe chose to stand out, and she did! This unique outfit on her special night was a smart decision.

Trey Budden- Joe Budden’s Son

It’s no surprise that Trey Budden has been in the music industry for quite some time. His music release on SoundCloud has earned him a growing number of followers. Obviously, it runs in the genes as his father, Joe Budden is a songwriter and rapper. The doting dad that he is, Joe is proud of his son’s achievements at his young age.


When his prom day came, he made sure that he was present, ad tried his best to make Trey feel confident. This father and son photo looked amazing as Trey wore a turquoise blue suit and a colorful tie. Not to outmatch his son, Joe wore a plain white tee.

Ming Lee Simmons-  Russle  Simmons  &  Kimora Lee Simmons ’  Daughter

Ming Lee Simmons is killing it! With the help of her fashion designer and fashion model mom, Kimora Lee Simmons, she looked every bit stunning on her prom day. We’re sure she turned heads with her gold silk dress designed by no other than her mother, Kimora Lee. We love that Ming matched her halter neck gown with a slick ponytail and with minimal accessories.

Getty Images

She carries herself with such chic and elegance. We hope she’ll be a successful model in the near future, just like her mom and perhaps a designer, too! Doesn’t her date looks proud to be accompanying her? Lucky guy.

Dia Nash- Don Nash & Niecy Nashs’  Daughter

One of Niecy Nash’s most priceless legacies is her pretty daughter, Dia Nash. The award-winning actress has a proud momma moment when her little girl became a princess in her yellow gold dress for her prom night. It looks like the stunning Dia was ready to steal the show as her Belle-inspired gown added elegance to her already glowing beauty.


Niecy documented her daughter’s prom moment and shared every detail of the preparation on her Instagram account. Any parent would do the same especially if your ,not-so-little, child is set to star on her special night as a blooming soon-to-be lady.

Corinne Foxx- Connie Kline & Jamie Foxxs’ Daughter

Corinne Foxx is very lucky to have such a talented dad in Jamie Foxx. The Academy Award-winning actor and Grammy Award-winning musician reportedly checked each of his eldest daughter’s prom dress options before approving this mustard gown. How sweet?


Corrine must be used to getting her father’s consent on her fashion choices considering that she’s her dad’s constant date on the red carpet. The lovely father and daughter appeared together in the second installment of the TV game show “Beat Shazam.”  That said, it’s safe to say that Jamie is indeed a hands-on daddy and will always have his daughter’s back like no other.

Cheyenne- Ceaser Emanuel’s Daughter

Cheyenne is the female version of her father Ceaser, Emanuel, who is one of the main stars of the reality television series “Black Ink Crew.” This father and daughter duo are very close, in fact, Cheyenne often gushes about their bonding moments and posts snaps of them together on social media. They even look alike.


When it’s her time to shine on her prom night, Ceaser did not miss a thing and escorted her to the venue to make sure that his lovely princess was safe and sound. Such a sweet gesture, it made Cheyenne proud and looked even more stunning in her gold and cream prom gown.

Ky Frost- Kirk Frost & Rasheeda’s Son

Rapper, fashion designer and television personality, Rasheeda Frost, is a doting mama to her two sons. The eldest, Ky Frost, looked very slick in his black suit, accessorized with his chic Hermes belt and black sneakers. Despite her busy career schedule, Rasheeda dropped everything on this day as she knew it was important to celebrate it with his son.


The way she helped him prepare for his prom and took photos in between, made Ky feel extra special and loved. There’s nothing like a mother’s love. Did we mention that his date went twinning with him? Check her black and white strappy heels.

Reginae Carter- Antonia Wright & Lil Waynes’ Daughter

Regina Carter is already used to the glitzy and glamorous world of show business courtesy of her famous parents, rapper Lil Wayne and reality star “Toya” Wright. On her prom night, she made sure that she’d look every bit of a star, and she did not disappoint. Reginae looked fabulous in her long sheer gown with her hair styled in a French plait.

Getty Images

Of course, her excited mom couldn’t let this special event passed by without snapping plenty photos of them together. We couldn’t blame Toya if she shed some tears that night as she let go of her daughter for her memorable dance night.

Hailie Mathers-Eminem & Kim Scotts’ Daughter

Ever since she was a cute little girl carried by her famous rapper father, Eminem, we knew that Hailie Mathers would make it big in her own terms. Although she decided to stay away from the limelight, the opposite route of her father’s career, Hailie attends Michigan State University and still manages to keep over a million followers on her Instagram account.


She has appeared in her dad’s music videos during her younger years and took the spotlight on her prom. Not only did she turn heads with her ball gown fairytale dress, but she was also awarded as the Homecoming Queen. Congrats, Hailie!

Karina Gravano- Salvatore Gravano & Karen Gravano’s Daughter

For nearly five years, Karen Gravano appeared as one of the leading ladies on the reality TV show “Mob Wives.” During this time, her daughter Karina had a brief appearance when she was young, but things changed in 2017. Karina was set to join a special prom night, and Karen shared snippets of her preparations. The lovely young lady definitely dressed to impress.


She wore a light pink diamond gown and let her long curls down. Karen was one excited and proud momma that day, as she was so hands-on in making sure that her daughter would be a stunner.  Well, she was, and still is.

Atiana De La Hoya- Oscar De La Hoya & Shanna Moaklers’ Daughter

She got it from her momma! Atiana De La Hoya is so comfortable in front of the camera that any photographer would love to take snaps of her as she poses with the confidence of a seasoned professional. The daughter of former Playboy model, Shanna Moakler seems to be a model in the making, too.


The ever-so-proud mom who always documents both the special and random moments with her daughter can’t help but feel a tad emotional when she posted this prom photo of Atiana last year. Shanna recalled her younger years and couldn’t believe that her little princess is now a blooming young lady.

Aiyanna Epps- Omar Epps’ Daughter

Actor Omar Epps had his career breakthrough in the film “Juice.” After appearing on various movies, he landed a role on the famous TV series “ER” as Dr. Dennis Grant. He juggles his time between his job and family, and makes sure to squeeze in some quality time with his children.


His bonding moments with his daughter, Aiyanna, may not have been as publicized as the other children on this list, but he was one proud father when he saw her girl turned into a princess on her memorable night during high school. This sweet girl is glowing with happiness and looked stunning on her black prom gown with a sweetheart. You can see her cheesing beside her step-mother Keisha Epps.

Dejanae Mackie- Papoose’s Daughter

Coming from a wealthy family, Papoose made sure that he gives his daughter Dejanae Mackie the luxe treatment that she deserves. As a newbie in the music and acting industry, Dejanae couldn’t complain about the support that she’s been getting from her father. And even her prom dance was made extra special as her father drove her to the venue and bid her good luck before she stepped out of their posh red car.


Dejanae wore a red lace dress with minimal makeup that let her natural beauty glow. Here’s our message to Papoose: You raised a lovely, smart and sweet girl.

Francis Bean Cobain- Kurt Cobain & Courtney Loves’ Daughter

The only child of Nirvana frontman, Kurt Cobain, and singer/actress Courtney Love, Frances Bean Cobain is known for her gothic-inspired look, taking after her mother’s bizarre fashion choice. That’s why it’s no surprise that her prom outfit was dark with matching red lipstick. Known for her outspoken personality, Frances once commented that she didn’t want to earn popularity because of the celebrity status of her parents. “I’m a different person. I don’t want to be titled as Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain’s daughter. I want to be thought of as Frances Cobain,” she said.

Getty Images

Even so, she’ll always be her parents’ daughter, but we’re sure that she’ll path a way of her own as an artist.

Kylie Jenner- Bruce Jenner & Kris Jenners’ Daughter

Although Kylie Jenner didn’t attend her own high school prom, she made sure she’ll make another person’s prom night a memorable one. The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner siblings, Kylie, surprised her fan, Albert Ochoa, by showing up as his date on his prom night. The “speechless” Albert had no idea of the grand surprise but was very happy to have Kylie on his special night.


With a net worth of $900 million, and a big clan, any guy would be thrilled to have Kylie as his prom date. We hope Kylie will continue to touch the lives of her fans, especially on their momentous occasions.

Hayley Hasselhoff- Pamela Bach & David Hasselhoffs ’ Daughter

As the Daughter of one of the most famous Television actors David Hasselhoff or “The Hoff” as he is sometimes dubbed, she’s sue to cameras flashing her way.

Getty images

Hayley is now also trying to make a name for herself in the acting and modeling world. Did you know that she once took a video of The Hoff drunk eating a burger which went viral, do you think she was grounded for that?