From Great Danes to Saint Bernards, Do These Dogs Know How Big They Are?

When you adopt a small, fluffy puppy, you don’t always realize how big they’ll get one day, and as they grow with every passing month, you can’t help but wonder, “when will they stop growing?!”
Who among us has not had a dog jump up on us or sit on our lap and seemed completely unaware of how big they are? Seeing these dogs try as they might to fit wherever they can, we can’t help but fall in love with them even more.

Scared At The Vet

Nobody enjoys going to the doctor; in fact, it downright scares some! Take this Great Dane, for example; he is in no way excited for his check-up at the vet! Poor boy just wants some reassurance before he goes in…

If some can be called “young at heart,” then why not call these giant dogs “little at heart?” At least he has someone to hold onto while anticipating his appointment.

“Hello, Ladies!”

As an old English Sheepdog, Zammy sure gets a lot of attention, not only cause he’s larger than life, but he’s so lovable and wants to give a hug to anyone he passes by. Lucky for Zammy, these two ladies were only happy to oblige.

He’s so fluffy and friendly; how could anyone resist? If only we had a Zammy of our own, we’d hug him all day!

Granny and Gus

Granny always preferred a lap dog; of course, she said that before knowing how big Gus would get. This just goes to show we don’t get to decide if a dog is a lapdog; that decision rests squarely on the dogs themselves.

Both Granny and Gus look super happy, and Granny isn’t about to ruin that by telling Gus he’s too big to sit on her lap.

Meet Simba

Simba’s coat is quite something, and technically it’s called a generous double-coat, as he’s a Leonberger, but you might confuse him as being a Leonbear! Hailing from Germany, the Leonberger was bred in the 1840s to resemble a lion.

The massive-sized Leonberger breed is actually a magnificent blend of the Newfoundland, Saint Bernard, and Great Pyrenees.

Scared of Kittens

Despite being way bigger than the kitten, this golden retriever has the heebie-jeebies. She must still be a pup at heart, no matter her big size! What’s cute, though, is how she took cover underneath the table in an attempt to hide from the curious kitten.

Who wouldn’t be scared? That little fluffball is equipped with murder mittens! Just one swipe, and anyone will stay out of the way.

Am I A Joke to You?

Mr. Serious over here does not appreciate being compared to a walrus; he also doesn’t know why you used two carrots when you could just as easily have used his favorite doggy treats?

Luckily he is as gentle as he is big. Otherwise, his people might have some problems. Just look at those big brown eyes; he deserves his doggy treats already!

Snow Angels

What cute puppies… Oh wait, that’s a dog and a baby! That adorable costume almost fooled us… Just look how her little hand holds his paw; what a paw-perfect picture!

We also couldn’t help but notice that they both are wearing kegs; for those that don’t know, Saint Bernard’s are famous for their tremendous sense of smell, and in the past, they succeeded at finding people buried in snow. Over time their role turned to that of being a search and rescue dog.

Big Pup Meets Little Pup

“Woof, who goes there?” The first meeting between big pup and little pup makes this photo even more adorable! They both look pretty surprised and must both be wondering, “look how big/small he is?!”

This just shows just how gentle big dogs can be! No matter their size, all dogs know to treat puppies with gentleness.

A Lap Dog

This could be proof that everyone likes to cuddle, even bears! He’s not really a bear, but we wouldn’t have known any better if it wasn’t for being on our list.

He’s a mountain Pyrenees, but don’t tell him that; he likes to think he’s the perfect lap dog. For such a big dog, he still manages to be as cute as a button, and look at all that fluff!


This eccentric family consists of three remarkably different creatures. Made up of one human, a fluffy poodle, and what looks like a Great Dane mix.

Alamy Stock Photo

There is a saying that goes, ‘blood is thicker than water,’ but this photo clearly manifests that friends are the family we choose.

I’m Ready For My Lap Time Now

Here’s a different type of Mastiff breed we haven’t seen before, a Spanish Mastiff, and his size sure stays true to the Mastiff name. Often owners adopt these dogs as puppies when they are still quite small, unaware of how big they really get!

And oh boy, do they get big, just look how big he is compared to his human companion, he hasn’t realized yet that he has outgrown her lap…

Big Vs. Small

Have you ever come across an Irish wolfhound sitting with a Maltese in a garden? Well, now you have! When looked at in such close proximity, it’s clear just how contrasting their sizes are.

Alamy Stock Photo

How cute does the Maltese look when sitting next to the more distinguished-looking Irish Wolfhound? Their differences in sizes sure bring out the best in each other.

Meet Koji

With such a tender gaze in Koji’s eyes, it would be hard not to cuddle him; he is like a new kind of body pillow! Not into body pillows? Koji would make a great security blanket.

Not only will Koji make you feel safe, lower your anxiety, but it will also be the right kind of clingy. Why get a body pillow when you can just get another Koji?

Big Hug

This big Saint Bernard is named Heisenberg, after the famed German physicist, or it could be after the fictional character on the hit TV series “Breaking Bad.”

Heisenberg might be huge, but he doesn’t let his size get in the way of a good old-fashioned cuddle. His human friend, better be careful; he might injure his back one day!

I’ll Sit Right Here

We don’t come across too many dappled Great Danes, but look how stunning this might giant is! This big boy obviously still likes to sit on laps, and by the looks of it, so does his person.

If you were to quickly scan over this photo, you might mistake this big boy for a horse! At least his parents know their son is safe with their dog by his side.

Pooh and Bear

Even the toughest-looking dogs still need their teddy bear. He looks like he just might be a direct descendant of those fighting dogs from Ancient Rome. He looks so noble if you do not pay attention to Winnie the Pooh…

This dog is actually a Cane Corso, and yes, they are an Italian mastiff breed. It goes without saying that they are good guards dogs but also great companion dogs.

Spotted On The Underground

Just by looking at his expression, it seems like he was thinking, ‘just act natural, and they’ll never notice.’ But notice they did, yet everyone on the underground was more surprised by his massive size than the fact that he’s sitting on the seat.

Fortunately, the pup-arazzi snapped this shot of him, otherwise who would believe you if you said you say a giant dog on the underground train.

As Big As a Dogbone

Chihuahuas are best known for their teensy size, making them a favorite breed to carry around when doing your daily errands. This Chihuahua is so small she’s the size of a dogbone.

Alamy Stock Photo

Towering over is a beautiful Afghan Hound; it seems as if she’s keeping a careful eye on her tiny friend sitting in front of the bone.

Getting Out Of Hound

This is Seamus, and yes, he is an Irish Wolfhound that still likes to sit on the couch. Even sitting down, we can see the difference in size between this gentle giant and his human friend.

Seamus is definitely a right ‘hound’ man to have if you ever need help guarding or just keeping strangers away; just the sheer size of him will scare the daylights out of us!

The Waiting Room

We love how this sweet Great Dane sat next to his mama; instead of sitting on the floor, he’d rather nestle up on the bench while he waits to see the vet.

He literally doesn’t have his back feet on the ground and is still a towering giant; that is one tall dog!

The Big Friendly Giant

This is Monty, and all he wants to do is check in and see if you might have any news for him before his ‘appawnment’ in the yard. Monty is an important member of the family, and as the appointed watchdog, he takes his duties very seriously.

Along with keeping a careful watch outside, he also cares for your well-being and wants to make sure you’re safe and sound before he starts his next shift.

Pretty Pleased with Himself

This German Shepherd seems so happy his momma is home; he barely notices how bad his ‘pawsture’ is when sitting on her lap! There’s no such thing as ‘too close for comfort when you’re with the one you love.

He’s just glad she’s back and wants to get as close to her as he can. But how could anyone be mad at him? Look at how happy he is!

Are You A Dog?

Traveling to the nearby dog park is always a treat, not only for all the different dogs to meet and greet but also for their human companions to get outside and catch up with all their neighbors and fellow dog lovers.

Alamy Stock Photo

This Saint Bernard couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw this little pug, “but he’s so small…” He thought, clearly not aware that he happens to be a member of one of the biggest dog breeds out there.

Bleppity Blop

‘Why walk when your person can carry you?’ is probably what this fluffy pup was thinking on his morning walk. Some might even say he’s a bit heavy to carry, but he’ll just say he’s a bit husky.

His dog-ma has quite a handful with him. Do you think he realizes how big he is?

Best Buds

Does being so small mean you have to only have small friends? Not at all; just look at these two who like to hang out in the nearby forest. Seeing these two doggos right next to each other shows the contrast between their extreme sizes.


The tiny chihuahua looks even more adorable, perched up next to the statuesque Irish greyhound.

Big Boy and Baby Boy

The Newfie is just 16 months older than his new baby friend, and just look how big he is! Newfies are also known for being great babysitters because of their gentle nature.

That little baby is probably wondering, “why am I not cuddling with the furball?” We know we would be!

Majestic Wolf

Believe it or not, this massive dog is actually part wolf! He was sent to an animal sanctuary where they sent his DNA for testing, and his results were 85 % Gray Wolf, 10 % Siberian Husky, and 4 % German Shepherd.

Needless to say, he’s as cute as he is fierce; we wouldn’t want to come face to face with him in the forest anytime soon!

Happy Birthday!

Lincoln’s first birthday proved to be quite the surprise for both him and his human companions, who knew he would grow so big so fast! Lincoln can’t help but look distinguished, even when donning a party hat and a colorful balloon neckerchief.

We hope he got some birthday cake for his good behavior while posing for the camera; he deserves it!

Tiny Kitty and Big Yawn

Irish Wolfhounds are some of the biggest dogs in the world. These fluffy hounds were initially bred to keep livestock safe from pesky wolves, but as this photo shows, they also like to snuggle. His tiny kitten friend seems amazed at how big his yawn is!

“What big teeth you have!” Good thing these two didn’t hear about their supposed rivalry cause together, they sure make a cute pair.

Is That Chewbacca?

This big boy might get confused for Chewbacca, but he’s actually a human-sized dog! He also happens to sit like a human, and these two can’t help but get funny looks from strangers while on their morning run.

We don’t know what’s more adorable, the dog in the passenger seat or seeing him side by side, next to his human friend and noticing their similarities – they both have a scruffy beard and seem to be leering at a camera.


One neighbor decided to get their dog  stool so he could properly say hello to his big friend next door. What’s even more adorable is how he has to get on his tippy toes to reach his friend.

Even his tail is wagging so fast; it could barely be caught on camera, so incredibly adorable!

Happy Howlidays

Anything is paw-sible with a dog! These Newfies work at this Christmas Tree farm; once you’ve picked your tree, they’ll cart it to your car for you. Now isn’t that something?!

It looks like they’ve got a ‘fetching’ job if there ever was one! We can’t help but wonder what they would get as a tip? We would for sure give them some treats, maybe even a whole bag full!


All dogs are puppies; we don’t care what you say! Just look how friendly this doggo is; he looks like an American Akita, and judging by that fence, it’s not going to keep him on his side for very long.

Man-made barriers like fences and constructs like private property don’t mean much to this neighbor; he just wants to say hello!

That’s One Shaggy Dog

This big boy looks like a Golden Doodle, but when you scroll down and see the third photo, you might think he must have another breed in the mix; how else would he have gotten so big?

He’s the perfect height for a dance partner; we wonder if the local dance competition will allow this shaggy fellow as our partner when we enter for the waltz?

Puppy Love

This Great Dane can’t help but bask in the sun as his humans are grabbing a bite at an outdoor restaurant. He also can’t help but attract attention as their fellow diners look on at him, especially the guy on the left; just look at that side-eye!

Have you ever looked at someone and wondered, “what are they thinking?” We can only imagine he’s a bit scared and trying not to make it obvious, and he sneakily glimpses over at the majestic Great Dane.


Oh, just look at that sweet face! This big pup works as a service dog in the children’s hospital in Los Angeles. His name is Bonner, and he’s a Newfoundland; this particular breed is known and celebrated for being loyal and caring creatures.

Bonner could be the epitome of a gentle giant; look at the happy look and how much he is enjoying being groomed.

“I’m Ready For My Close-Up!”

Apparently, there was a massive traffic jam at this walkway; it turns out this big boy was attracting some attention, and everyone who passed by stopped for some cuddles and snuggles.

Isn’t that the best smile you’ve ever seen? It looks like he’s in doggie heaven! A good enough reason for a traffic jam if there ever was one.


This gentle beast is part American wolfdog and part Malamute, and by the looks of it, his massive size definitely comes from the Malamute part… It also looks like he’s super cuddly.

This big boy should be free to roam the open fields, but instead, he prefers to sit super close to his person, paying no mind to his ginormous size.

Look Who We Have Here

Imagine an ordinary day, running your errands, and you end up parking next to this absolute bus of a boy as he’s sitting in the car. As a Mastiff, he must be wondering, why do they make these moving rooms so small?

He has a valid point, though, but he wants us all to know that he’s just happy to join us and is happy to come along, even if our cars are a little small.

Part Bear Part Good Boy

Carl is one good boy; not only does he socialize well with other humans, but he also makes sure to look his best and keep his coat in tip-top condition; we wonder what kind of hair products he uses?

Whatever he uses, Carl sure knows what he’s doing and makes sure you get a shot of his good side.


Fluffy over here might be mistaken for a massive teddy bear, those that you could win at the local fair, but no, Fluffy is very much real and very much fluffy. Just ask his owners and how much they have to brush his fur.

Two times the fluff and twice as big, his ears are completely enveloped in fur, and we can barely see his eyes!

A Little Help Getting In

It looks like this boy found some bears and tried his best to smuggle them in the back of his car – he could barely lift his new friend up, at least someone snapped this adorable photo!

At least he got one in; good luck getting the last one in; he might need more help to lift his bear of a friend!

Don’t Mind Me!

The Great Dane came from the Mastiff breed of dogs, but they’re considered more refined than other descendants of this ancient breed. This big boy likes to sit on couches as humans do, just as many other dogs in the article.

The expression on his face is quite amusing; he looks a little scared; maybe they’re sitting in a waiting room at the vet.

Another Lap Dog

There sure seems to be a pattern developing here when it comes to massive dogs who like to sit on laps. This dog, however, seems to never have outgrown that love! Some might even think he’s the world’s biggest husky!

His human companion’s head pops up from behind him; it would be scary how big his dog is if it wasn’t so comical.

Just Playing Around

Like two peas in a pod, these furry friends don’t care to know about their differences and instead enjoy each other’s company as they play in the grass.

Alamy Stock Photo

As humans, we could learn a thing or two from dogs and the unconditional love they have, not only for us but also for their friends who come in all different shapes and sizes.

A Cuddly Cane Corso

After hounding his person for some love and cuddles, this black beauty got just what he wanted. If we’re totally honest, do you really have a choice when your dog is this big?

A good snuggle partner is hard to find nowadays; at least they have each other – isn’t that all we need sometimes?

Where’s Max?

Bruno and his little friend Max enjoy going for walks, and usually, all goes well.


That being said, every once in a while, Bruno seems to lose Max, not knowing that he’s nearby, just not where he can easily see him.

Big Doggo Big Huggo

This Anatolian Sheperd just loves hugging his human; even the neighbors were surprised by this gentle giant and gathered around to take some pics of the huge, huggable hound.

Even standing, he still towers over his human, best not to get on his bad side, his hugs might quickly turn ugly, and you don’t want to be on the receiving end of his tackles.

Loving the Snow

Um, we think that might be a grizzly bear… Ralphie sure looks like a bear, but he’s actually a Newfoundland who just loves playing in the snow; at least we hope he’s playing!

Either way, it might be wise to back away slowly so you don’t anger the dog/bear; you wouldn’t want to face him when he’s upset.