Get Reacquainted With the Worst TV Characters in History Part 2

There is nothing quite like sitting on your sofa, getting some popcorn and watching an incredible TV show. Getting lost in the show’s unique world, characters and events is an experience like no other. Shows like “Mad Men” and “Game of Thrones” have managed to suck everyone in – no matter who they are.
Characters can be a big part of why we love or hate a show, and arguments about whether a character is good or bad can get heated very fast. If you enjoyed our previous list, get ready to read about TV’s most terrible characters. Do you agree with our choices?

Don Draper – Mad Men

Played by Jon Hamm

The dapper Don Draper is an advertising whiz who heads an ad agency in New York. Selling lies his forte. He is an opportunist and a hack—his name, even, is a false identity. Dick Whitman is his real name.

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He stole Don Draper’s identity after killing him in Korea. Draper is an unapologetic womanizer despite being married. He loves his wife Betty, but there is nothing she can do to stop him from cheating on her.

Kilgrave – Jessica Jones

Played by David Tennant

Kilgrave is a sociopath. He possesses the mind-reading ability, and he uses it selfishly and with ill will. In the context of Marvel’s universe, Kilgrave chooses villainy rather than using his powers heroically.

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Jessica Jones is the unfortunate object of his nefarious and obsessive desire.

Ben Linus – Lost

Played by Michael Emerson

Ben is a brutal murderer. He even killed his own father, calmly, methodically, indifferently.

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The vengeful character is highly acclaimed. “Rolling Stone” ranked Ben Linus No. 1 out of 40 of the ‘Greatest Villains of All Time.’ Plus, actor Michael Emerson took home an Emmy after being nominated four years in a row.

‘A’ – Pretty Little Liars

Played by Troian Bellisario

“A” is a mysterious character who is usually cryptically hooded. Lurking behind the scenes in dark attire, “A” stalks and torments the little liars, usually threatening to expose a dark secret. “A” stands for an antagonist.

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Determining who is the real “A” drives the story. Mona (Janel Parrish) came out as “A” first. But then, Mary (Andrea Parker) seems to be it. Likewise, characters take turns claiming to be “A” until the real A is revealed in the series finale. It’s Spencer (Troian Bellisario), only it’s not.

Omar Little – The Wire

Played by Michael K. Williams

“The Wire” has been called one of the greatest television series ever, and Omar is one of its most compelling characters. The street-smart criminal is known for his dark humor and his sawed-off shotgun.


Representing urban Baltimore, Omar Little was a vigilante stickup man who took out organized gangsters, stealing from the nefariously rich out of a prideful sense of honor.

Negan – The Walking Dead

Played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan

“The Walking Dead” dispenses no shortage of nasty baddies, but Negan is a contender. He is good at paying lip service to redemption, but, nevertheless, he climbed the ladder to become one of the most cunning post-apocalyptic survivors.

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Negan didn’t join the program until Season 6, but he made his mark immediately, capriciously killing Abraham and Glenn.

Al Swearengen – Deadwood

Played by Ian McShane

Al Swearengen is a bad dude. He runs the local entertainment hub in Deadwood, providing theater, dancing, booze, and women to gold-rush era folk out of his Gem Saloon and Theater.

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The corrupt entrepreneur was violent and maliciously operated a brothel behind the scenes of the Gem. According to “Rolling Stone,” who ranked Al Swearengen sixth on the list of greatest all-time villains, Swearengen was “not just a great villain, but the prime exponent of a great show.”

Lorne Malvo – Fargo

Played by Billy Bob Thornton

Ruthless Vegas contract killer Lorne Malvo enjoys his work. He kills targets with the precision and indifference of a great white shark. He kills for the money.

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It’s his job, and like a mercenary, he fulfills his duty. But this misanthrope has fun while he kills, sometimes taking out people who are not on contract for ridiculous reasons. Perhaps he hates the hat they wear. He really doesn’t care.

Arthur Mitchell – Dexter

Played by John Lithgow

The Showtime series “Dexter” hosts one of the creepiest serial killers ever. He’s a deacon and a family man who decides to kill people for the “good,” vigilante-style.

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Living a double life, he secretly murders and believes it is the will of God. He is a tortured soul ceaselessly grappling with his crimes. He goes so far as to punish himself physically. Is he a protagonist or the villain? It’s not cut and dried.

Jackson “Jax” Nathaniel Teller – Sons of Anarchy

Played by Charlie Hunnam

“Sons of Anarchy” is a tragedy, and Jax Teller is at the center of it. He’s heavily involved in the namesake motorcycle club, eventually becoming president.

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Conflicted, he wants to be a family man but finds himself embroiled in a life of crime and vengeance.

Nellie Oleson – Little House on the Prairie

Played by Alison Arngrim

Nellie Oleson is far from evil, but she was the most hated girl in Walnut Grove. She was wealthy and snobby, and cruel to the other children, including her little brother.

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Her family lived in the biggest house in town and operated the country store, the hotel, and the restaurant. Nellie, decked out in fancy store-bought dresses, loved rubbing her privilege into the faces of Laura and Mary frugally clad in flour sack smocks.

Crowley – Supernatural

Played by Mark Sheppard

Crowley was not introduced until the fifth season of “Supernatural,” but he is one of the most captivating characters on the show. He’s clever and witty and death-defying. He’s King of Hell and all-powerful.

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His wicked plans often include tricking one of the hunters into making a deal with him and then, predictably, sabotaging it later. As ruler of hell, he has no interest in human life; it’s their soul he craves. He even kills his own guys. Yet, we like him.

Loretha “Cookie” Lyon – Empire

Played by Taraji P. Henson

Cookie is the matriarch of the Lyon crime family, but it wasn’t always a lifestyle of bling and fancy things for her.

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The Empire Entertainment co-founder spent 17 years in the slammer for drug trafficking. Back to business, Cookie is a ruthless and ambitious music mogul fully stocked with biting one-liners and an independent streak. You don’t want to cross Cookie.

The Penguin – Batman

Played by Burgess Meredith

The Penguin supervillain is a wealthy mobster who preys on Gotham City. He’s not the only villain in town, certainly, but Burgess Meredith created a classic.

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Characterized by his top hat, his cigarette, his umbrella, his monocle, and his evil cackly laugh, Penguin is one of the comic’s most iconic dastardly demons. Batman and Robin were sure to get entangled in Penguin’s schemes.

Clifford Clavin – Cheers

Played by John Ratzenberger

Awash in feelings of inferiority, Cliff Claven tries incessantly to impress people with his vast knowledge of facts and figures.

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The postal worker prides himself on his acuity of everything, but he is intolerably annoying. The facts he rambles off are generally nonsense. Carla hates him the most, and we can depend on her to deflate his ego with a quick quip.

Eric Cartman – South Park

Voiced by Trey Parker

Cartman is a character who represents the worst of humanity. As a kid, it’s especially appalling.

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He’s greedy, mean, racist, sociopathic, manipulative, but also intelligent. As the antagonist, Cartman concocts grandiose plans for his own gain. In general, one of his school buddies thwarts his schemes.

Simon Camden – 7th Heaven

Played by David Gallagher

Simon is the bad guy in this show. But, coming from a Christian household with a preacher for a dad and a straight and narrow path to follow, it is easy to veer off course.

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It is in high school where Simon’s troubles take root. He gets his girlfriend pregnant and accidentally kills a boy on a bike.

Al Bundy – Married… with Children

Played by Ed O’Neil

One of TVs best of the worst “bad dads” is Al Bundy. A fallen hero from his high school days as a star football player, he’d rather die than work to feed his family.

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His job is much more self-deprecating; he sells women’s shoes. The inveterate slouch-potato dad resents his family. Probably because Peg, Bud, and Kelly keep him in his place with constant ridicule. But when it comes down to it, “Bundy honor” pulls this family together.

James Moriarty – Sherlock

Played by Andrew Scott

Evil genius Jim Moriarty is Sherlock’s archenemy and on-and-off obsession. Moriarty is ever so villainous.

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He’s a remorseless killer who doesn’t mind running criminal rings. He’s arrogant and inappropriately humorous, laughing in the face of human demise. Set on killing Sherlock, Moriarty battles his nemesis to the death.

Beans –  Even Stevens

Played by Steven Anthony Lawrence

Beans never really won us over. He may not be as bad as some of the others on this list, but Beans did bring about a lot of eye-rolling in a way an annoying younger brother might do.

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Steven Anthony Lawrence appeared in quite a lot of kids’ shows, often displaying similar behavior.

Ellis Boyd – Smash

Played by Jaime Cepero

Smash was slammed by critics rather often. Still, the show picked up a sizable following. One thing fans couldn’t really overlook was the unbearable Ellis. His manipulative and deceitful behavior really rubbed fans the wrong way.

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Often needing to get praise for anything he did, many viewers felt that he symbolized everything bad about millennials.

Andrea Harrison – The Walking Dead

Played by Laurie Holden

Fans of the original “Walking Dead”0 comics were devastated to find how their illustrated heroine took real-life form. Supposedly nowhere close to how she was portrayed in the comics, Laurie lost all credibility when she started cozying up to the show’s villain, The Governor.

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Her bad judgment even led her to shoot poor Daryl after mistaking him for a zombie. What happened, Andrea? This is not at all what we signed up for.

Madison Sinclair – Veronica Mars

Played by Amanda Noret

This troublesome character terrorized her way through Neptune High. Not only did she make poor Veronica’s life miserable, but she also pretty much taunted everyone.

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It got particularly bad when we witnessed her being the catalyst to Veronica’s horrendous attack.

Paige McCullers – Pretty Little Liars

Played by Lindsey Shaw

This pretty little liar was also pretty violently competitive. When she almost drownd her swim rival, Emily, by pushing her head under the water, fans were positively horrified.

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While the two evidently patched things up later, Paige’s stubbornness began to wear on Emily and her friends.

Kim –  24

Played by Elisha Cuthbert

Of all the people who got killed off, somehow annoying Kim managed to stay on, surviving things from cougars to nuclear bombs.


How she got a job at CTU while having Jack as her father is beyond us.

Homer – The Simpsons

Voiced by Dan Castellaneta

Homer’s habits revolve around continually failing at his job. His lazy approach to life stops him from doing anything right. time. He’s also a kind of abusive father!


Stay away from this guy even if he’s America’s most loved yellow hero.

Screech – Saved by the Bell

Played by Dustin Diamond

Certainly aptly named, the highly annoying ways of Screech oddly seemed to escape us all these years ago. Viewed back then as an endearing little nerd hero, today looks he looks pretty darn irritating and almost deserving of those wedgies and wet willies.


Somehow he was smart but never sharp enough to catch a joke. On top of that, it just never quite clicked for him that Lisa was not interested. Honestly, Screech. It’s not cute. Sadly, Diamond passed away in early 2021 following a cancer diagnosis.

Will Schuester – Glee

Played by Matthew Morrison

Leading the colorful band of high school theater geeks in the hit Fox musical comedy-drama, Glee was the terribly bland Mr. Schuester. Perhaps he was picked for a reason as his white-bread personality added a little bit of balance to the show. Still, that didn’t take the away pain of having to deal with his whiny and boring personal issues whenever he stepped away from the class.


Aside from that, his teaching methods may have been somewhat questionable. Getting way too involved in his students’ personal lives was a little weird, not to mention him creepily living vicariously through the glee club experiences. He somehow still landed teacher of the year at Mckinley High. We think this needs some serious reevaluation.

Janice Soprano – The Sopranos

Played by Aida Turturro

Janice was basically Tony minus the likeability and power. She possessed all the dirty antics of a no-good mafioso but was forced to only operate outside of the mobster universe. Lying and cheating her way through the series, Janice was simply a bad person.

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Unable to exert any power in the mafia world, unfortunately, made her actions look worse.

Joffrey Baratheon – Game of Thrones

Played by Jack Gleeson

There’s certainly no shortage of moral depravity in “The Game of Thrones,” but nothing quite reaches Jeoffry levels. His face and general demeanor made the average viewer want to reach out and strangle him.


We can put partial blame on his seriously messed-up parents, but it’s hard to pity him when he is just so awfully sadistic.

Jenny Humphrey – Gossip Girl

Played by Taylor Momsen

The little Blair Waldorf wannabe Jenny desperately wanted the lavish lifestyle of an Upper East Side It Girl. In fact, she wanted it a little too badly. It made her unlikeable. There was also the terrible damage she caused between Nate and Serena and Chuck and Blair that didn’t help either.


When Jenny finally graduated high school and left the city, viewers were only too pleased to see her go.

Bevers – Broad City

Played by John Gemberling

Definitely the worst TV roommate ever. Bevers had no respect for poor Abbi’s personal things. As the supposed boyfriend of Abbi’s actual roommate, he wasn’t even supposed to be there. Yet there he was, all the time.


It also seemed like he just did not own a pair of pants.

Serena van der Woodsen – Gossip Girl

Played by Blake Lively

As it generally goes with TV’s pretty blonds, they tend to waltz through life with little self-awareness. Serena is certainly no exception.


As the It Girl of the Upper East Side, can we really blame her?

Ted Mosby – How I Met Your Mother

Played by Josh Radnor

It’s generally agreed upon that “How I Met Your Mother” had pretty much tanked by the time it reached the finale. That, of course, was largely due to its main character, Ted Mosby. Watching him obsessively searching for the woman who would magically check off every single ridiculous box in his list for the ideal future Mrs. Mosby was exhausting.


Of course, he ended up with Robin, which could only happen once his perfect wife had died. Weird. He has also been criticized for chasing women who were not interested.

Dan Scott – One Tree Hill

Played by Paul Johansson

This was one example of a man who failed at family life. He pressured his kids while simultaneously not being involved in their lives. He behaved terribly towards his wife Deb and was disrespectful to Lucas’ mother, Karen.

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It’s not any surprise that multiple people tied to kill him.

Andy Bernard – The Office

Played by Ed Helms

Andy started out great. His Ivy League obsession coupled with his total incompetence and hilarious anger outbursts gave us many laughs, so it was a real shame to see him morph into this unbearable being. After a while, his insecurities got tiresome, and fans just had enough of him.

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The way he treated Erin was also awful. He just became generally obnoxious and literally the most annoying boss ever.

Richard Hendricks – Silicon Valley

Played by Thomas Middleditch

The CEO of Pied Piper started out promising, and, initially, we were rooting for him to overcome those ruthless tech conglomerates. But then something shifted, and Richard just got a little too arrogant.


After it all came crashing down, we found that Richard hadn’t really learned much, and so the cycle would repeat itself.

Serena Joy – The Handmaid’s Tale

Played by Yvonne Strahovski

The ironically named Serena Joy could be described as the embodiment of pure evil. As a woman, her allegiance to the patriarchal government of Gilead makes her one of the most threatening characters to women and freedom.


Writers tried to set up a backstory that would somehow justify her wicked ways and terrible treatment towards Offred. Even with that, it didn’t make much difference.

Karen Jackso – Shameless

Played by Laura Slade Wiggins

Out of the pile of savages that made up the cast of Shameless, Karen seemed to take the cake. She did some atrocious things throughout the show that would be too much to list, but we will try to anyway.


She ruthlessly toyed with Lip, she tried to sell her baby, she sent a nasty video of her and Frank to her own father (who then committed suicide), she destroyed her mother’s chance at happiness, oh and she ‘forgot’ to mention to Lip that he was not the father of her child. Karen is one nasty character that you want to stay away from.

Pete Campbell – Mad Men

Played by Vincent Kartheiser

The smug and entitled ad exec, Pete Campbell, could really make your blood boil. He completely exploited the job that was handed to him on a silver platter.


He mistreated women and abused his powers. His awful actions made audiences squirm. Towards the very end of the show, Pete comes to some sort of realization and changes. Hopefully, it stuck with him.

Dennis Reynolds – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Played by Glenn Howerton

It doesn’t quite bode well when a certain character from a show about unlikeable and sociopaths sticks out. Dennis’s cruelness was the worst seen on “It’s Always Sunny.”


Even when Dennis left, it was hard for fans to forget how terrible he was.

George Costanza – Seinfeld

Played by Jason Alexander

George’s character showcases heaps of neurosis, irrationality, not to mention his tendency to ‘manipulate’ the truth whenever things don’t quite go his way.


These are the three pretty important characteristics that make up a problematic person. Dealing with someone like that would probably be one of the most exhausting things in the world.

Janine – Friends

Played by Elle Macpherson

We have another “Friends” entry. This time dedicated to the annoyingly upbeat Janine played by supermodel Elle Macpherson.


Why she was the one who had to be Joey’s new roommate was just beyond us. She was a real bore.

Scrappy-Doo – Scooby-Doo

Voiced by Scott Innes, Don Messick, and Lennie Weinrib

There’s a reason why Scrappy-Doo wasn’t part of the original series. The character has really been a symbol of gimmicky creations crafted by networks to revive ratings.


After seeing him as the antagonist in the first-ever live-action Scoopy Doo film in the 2000s, I think we can say that it’s enough Scrappy.

Bill Compton -True Blood

Played by Stephen Moyer

How Sookie ever fell for Bill, we will never understand. His methods for helping the so-called love of his life by allowing her to be almost killed so he could heal her and then be forever bound to her were creepy, to say the least.

Alamy Stock Photo

Oh, he was also quite the bore. Yawn.

Julie Taylor – Friday Night Lights

Played by Aimee Teegarden

The stereotypical teenage girl, Julie, as many fans will agree, was the worst character in the series. Constantly at loggerheads with her parents (who were actually really great), fans hated her.


There was also the idea that she was in no way deserving of such a great boyfriend.

Olly – Game of Thrones

Played by Brenock Grant O’Connor

Olly was a product of one of the many annoying “tweaks for TV” that drove original book fans crazy. His ultimate involvement in Jon Snow’s death cemented the many negative feelings towards the character.


Even though he witnessed the murder of his parents, fans had a hard time sympathizing with him.

Hannah Horvath – Girls

Played by Lena Dunham

Oh, Hannah. Yes, we get it. You have your dreams, and you believe that you are the voice of a generation, or at least “a voice” (even if it’s in some opium-induced state.) But unfortunately, throughout the series, you were so painfully self-absorbed to the point that it blinded you to the pains of others.


That being said, we hope Hannah became the best mother she could be. She may have been rather annoying, but she did seem very happy as a mom.

April Nardini – Gilmore Girls

Played by Vanessa Marano

Just when things were finally turning around for Luke and Lorelai, along comes this little curveball named April Nardini, the long-lost daughter of Luke. Ok, we can’t exactly blame her for seeking a relationship with her father, but could she not have chosen a worse point in the show?


Her first appearance in the episode “The Prodigal Daughter Returns” was immediately perceived as a rather annoying intrusion. Fans of the show did not like her tactless know-it-all attitude, and ultimately, her involvement in the show just ruined a pretty good love story. Sorry April, we know you were just a badly written character caught in the middle of ugly family dynamics. It’s not your fault.

Broad City – Ilana Wexler

Played by Ilana Glazer

We love Ilana, but the way she went through life was kind of childish sometimes and pretty exhausting too.


At least towards the end of the series, she decided to grow up a little.

Kimmy Gibbler – Full House

Played by Andrea Barber

The poor Tanners. Every time Kimmy Gibbler entered the house, most of their energy was just spent on trying to get her back home. Her clashing patterns and neon colors were overwhelming even by 90s standards. Her voice was unpleasant, and she had stinky feet! What kind of person is this?

Alamy Stock Photo

Kimmy may have been kind of annoying, but on a more positive note, the friendship between her and DJ was TV gold.

Piper Chapman – Orange Is The New Black

Played by Taylor Schilling

As the fresh new meat at Litchfield Correctional Institution, Piper Chapman entered her new home as a self-entitled privileged woman, afraid of all the prison baddies and what they might do to her. Fast forward a few seasons later, and Piper is exactly the same person.

Alamy Stock Photo

It doesn’t help that she is a real jerk to a lot of the other characters. Being pretty isn’t redeemable enough for us!

Paige Jennings – The Americans

Played by Holly Taylor

According to the show’s creators, fans hated Paige so much that they wanted her to be killed off the show. Yup, pretty harsh. Paige created so many issues for the Jennings.


Digging through her parents’ strange disappearance, revealing identities, she just ended up endangering everyone. This character needed to just get out of the way.

Rachel Berry – Glee

Played by Lea Michele

The talented Rachel was no doubt the star of the Glee club. That kind of star quality can only really take you to the big leagues. It’s a shame that the “slappability” factor was part and parcel.


Her egocentric ways kept her pretty much friendless. But what does that matter when you just think you’re the greatest thing ever created?

Eric Forman – That 70’s Show

Played by Topher Grace

Thankfully Eric eventually left the show, but that does not make up for all his time spent on the majority of the series. Initially, Eric seemed ‘normal,’ but as time went by, his mama’s boy antics and lack of ambition just got extremely annoying.

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He quickly got very boring, which explains how he held so dearly onto the only interesting thing in his life, the amazing Donna.

Angelica Pickles – The Rugrats

Voiced by Cheryl Chase

Possibly the biggest brat in the entire network of Nickelodeon. Angela Pickles was a little mini terror. She constantly ratted everyone out; she was mean to her cousin and all of the other babies.


According to a 1998 article in The New Yorker, co-creator Arlene Klasky even admitted that Angelica was a little too mean and that it almost ruined the show.

Andrea – The Walking Dead

Played by Laurie Holden

Andrea’s inconsistent personality and ever-changing motivations could really wear us down after a while. There’s only so much you can take, technically three seasons of it.

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Her annoying monologues had a habit of draining all the enjoyment of the show. Oh, and her taste in men was pretty awful.

Sheldon Cooper –  The Big Bang Theory

Played by Jim Parsons

The brilliant scientist who doesn’t understand social cues. If only it was just that. Sheldon was also mean and totally insensitive, yet somehow his friends stuck by him. With his ego as high as his IQ, Sheldon was simply unrelatable.

Getty Images Photo by Jeff Vespa

With all of that, it was hard to look past the geeky quirkiness. Nothing about him was endearing.

Susan Mayer-Delfino – Desperate Housewives

Played by Teri Hatcher

Susan spent much of the show’s eight seasons ambling through Wysteria Lane with zero self-awareness. At least the other characters were fully comfortable with their moral depravity.

Alamy Stock Photo

Lying naked the shrubbery while death lurked in the corners of suburbia pretty much sums up Susan for us.

Kate – Lost

Played by Evangeline Lilly

Jack was certainly up there on the list, but he’s had his fair share of redeemable moments. When it comes to Kate, however, well, not so much, it’s a real shame, seeing as her storyline had some decent potential. The longer series continued, the worse she got, and we’re discounting that tedious love triangle she was involved in.

Getty Images Photo by Tony Barson

Often times Kate was just in the way of things and made the narrative unnecessarily complicated. There was also that dreaded stare that was too much to handle.

Jake Ballard – Scandal

Played by Scott Foley

Jake clearly doesn’t know what love is. He claims he loves Olivia, but he only tries to lead her in the direction that he most needs. He interferes and even stalks her. Time after time, the actions prove one thing. He has no moral compass.


It wasn’t any better seeing him in prison either.

Janice Litman – Friends

Played by Maggie Wheeler

Should we even bother with explaining? Janice managed to turn any social event into an annoyance.

Alamy Stock Photo

That laugh, that voice. Gosh, Chandler, how did you suffer through that?

Jenna Maroney – 30 Rock

Played by Jane Krakowski

Jenna Maroney was a vain, self-obsessed actress. She always sought approval and recognition and would do anything to get into the spotlight. She bossed people around, lied to them, and threatened them. The way she treated Kevin was terrible.


We still don’t know how Liz dealt with her on a daily basis for so many years. Many people would quit within 5 minutes.

Jonah Ryan – Veep

Played by Timothy Simons

Terribly cringe-worthy and painfully stupid, Jonah Ryan is one of the most infuriating characters to ever appear on television.


What makes it worse is that he somehow manages to climb higher and higher up the political ladder and gain popularity.

David Brent – The Office

Played by Ricky Gervais

The original “Michael Scott,” no one wanted David Brent in management. He was awkward, humiliating, and had completely out of touch ideas that would never work.

Alamy Stock Photo

He should be avoided at all costs. Really, he might even be worse than Michael Scott, and that’s saying a lot!

Lee – Westworld

Played by Simon Quarterman

It’s unclear if its actor Simon Quarterman couldn’t quite get the character right or if Lee’s cartoon-like and absurd behavior are especially noticeable in a world of robots.

Alamy Stock Photo

The show’s creators did make an effort to improve Lee by the second season, but it felt a little too late by then.

Marnie Michaels – Girls

Played by Allison Williams

The consensus about all the characters from “Girls” is that they were all pretty annoying and self-involved. So for another one to receive special status, it must have been bad. Marnie could suck the energy from any room.


Her need for attention and making big decisions on a whim often left people pretty broken.

Jeremy Jamm – Parks and Recreation

Played by Jon Glaser

Anyone who gets in the way of the ever-delightful Leslie Knope is just quite simply the worst. Case in point, Jeremy Jamm. Thwarting all of Leslie’s efforts to make Pawnee the best town ever, Jeremy Jamm was awful.

Alamy Stock Photo

Add in his misogynistic and patronizing behavior, and he was completely unbearable.

Miranda – Sex and the City

Played by Cynthia Nixon

While she may have been the most successful of the lot with her shrewd and “lawyery” ways, Miranda had a rather immature way of dealing with her friendships.


It was not uncommon for her to hold grudges and give the silent treatment. You were either with her or against her.

Dawson Leery – Dawson’s Creek

Played by James Van Der Beek

The Dawson Leery crying meme will be etched into our memories forever. Not only because it’s just so deliciously ugly, but because it perfectly sums up Dawson’s ongoing self-pitying behavior that was displayed for the entirety of the six-season show.

Getty Images

While an emotionally attuned soft boy with the chiseled face of a jock did reel in viewers, Dawson’s whole thing just got a bit too much.

Ross Geller – Friends

Played by David Schwimmer

While the show’s writers certainly intended for Ross to be a loveable nervous nerd, that wasn’t quite the result. Ultimately, Ross just came off as whiny and self-pitying, who believed that he was entitled to anything he wanted.


Countless marriages and failed relationships, Ross just couldn’t get it right. Eventually, he managed to get the wonderful Rachel, and we really just don’t know how or why.

Samantha Jones – Sex and The City

Played by Kim Cattrall

While Samantha Jones did what she wanted, she probably made a terrible work colleague. She might have been a great worker and all, given her high position and success and all, yet there are a couple of things that would have definitely set her back.


Her passions for physical indulgences might keep her a little preoccupied at work, or worse…land in some hot water over harassment.

Ned Flanders – The Simpsons

Voiced by Harry Shearer

The bible-thumping Ned annoyed the heck out of Homer and a lot of fans. Starting out with a sort of ‘cute’ overly sunny outlook on life, Ned later got a little intense about his beliefs, often leading him to look down upon others who didn’t share his values.


It’s no surprise that Homer ended up writing the song “Everybody Hates Ned Flanders,” which, due to such overwhelming popularity, even earned a Primetime Emmy nomination for outstanding music and lyrics.

Dawn Summers – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Played by Michelle Trachtenberg

In Dawn’s defense, she did get dealt a bad hand. Relentlessly abandoned by everyone she loved, Dawn had issues. And at 14, she discovered that she had been living a complete lie. It was clear that poor Dawn could not get a break. While her character begged for sympathy, it was hard to give it.


Perhaps if she begged a little less, she could have been a little more tolerable. Sulky and whiny Dawn then developed a shoplifting habit. Perhaps it was a cry for help. Still, fans just sort of lost patience for her.

April Kepner – Grey’s Anatomy

Played by Sarah Drew

While April did ease up later in the show, her initial behavior tainted her character for good. When she became the chief resident of Seattle Grace Hospital, she somehow continued to get increasingly more boring and self-righteous.

Alamy Stock Photo

She did at least make the other characters seem more interesting.

Wesley Crusher – Star Trek

Played by Wil Wheaton

Any character praised for having “good behavior” is going to make bad TV, and that’s guaranteed. Crusher’s tendency to make everyone feel a little inferior is what grated fans the most. Even the actor portraying the character admitted to not being particularly fond of him.


Luckily writers read the room and banished the Wesley Crusher to the trash can.

Oliver Trask – The O.C.

Played by Taylor Handley

It took six episodes too many for creators to cotton on to the mistake that was Oliver. Trask’s brief time at Newport Beach involved him faking both a girlfriend and a suicide attempt. The villainous little attention-seeking loser then topped it off when he held poor Marissa hostage.


Talk about needy. That name should never be mentioned again.

Priya –  The Big Bang Theory

Played by Aarti Majumdar

Priya’s time in the show was short-lived. That’s possibly the best thing about her. Her character was unfunny and even mean as she basically mistreated everyone around her, including her boyfriend, Leonard.


Thankfully she left and never returned, which is sort of odd seeing as she was Raj’s sister. Guess that says enough.

Michael Scott – The Office

Played by Steve Carell

The “World’s Best Boss” was obviously the worst. Totally delusional and inappropriate, Michael Scott behaved terribly towards his ‘underlings.’ He was rude and offensive and got himself into the most cringe-worthy situations.


We know it a lot to do with loneliness, but from how he behaved, it wasn’t always easy to sympathize with him.

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