More Hilarious Notes That Fathers Left To Their Kids

Dad jokes are in a category of their own. And the best place to find the ‘comedads’ (that’s comedy dads) is the internet. Enjoy another display of dad humor that extends past the limits of the occasional pun and goes into these hysterical notes.

Give Brian a Break

We’ve seen it before, we’ll see it again. Sometimes a dad needs to lay out the true facts. This time, he’s tired of his child(ren) leaving dishes for him instead of getting out the elbow grease and doing a good job. A thin sheet of paper and some vibrant red marker make for an eye-catching note no matter where it rests, and with the light striking through it on this sunny day, nobody will be able to ignore this message.


Brian may be balding and middle-aged, but he knows how to teach his kids a lesson. Good on you, Brian.

Internet Dad Has a Message for You

Styled after the classic de-motivational post you’re still sure to see online if you go looking, this Dad has left a note that no child can ignore. They might not think it’s funny, but it definitely catches the eye. But will the child actually do the dishes? Well, no, probably not. If Dad has to print something like this off, it’s probably been an argument for a while.


And boy, do those dishes need it. There’s dirt and crumbs and grime in there. That’s not sanitary at all. The coffee cup even looks like it has a sad, frowning face in it.

There’s a Lot of History Here

Yes, technically this is many notes, but they’re from a dad, you can just tell. It makes things as easy as possible for a child who has probably flooded the laundry room a time or two. Laundry again, what is it about the laundry?


Anyway, this set of notes creates a fool-proof instruction. It tells the child exactly what not to use, so chances to make a mess are fewer and fewer. Of course, people who have children know even this barrage of notes might not stop them from doing their dirty work.

Permission Paid For

The notes say they’re from Mama and Dada, but there’s no doubt in our mind it’s from a dad. Think about it: the child needed permission to eat the cereal. The child wanted the cereal, so the “parents” took three dollars from her piggy bank. That’s a dad transaction through and through. The handwriting styles are even slightly different. Yes, there’s no doubt, Dad now has three dollars in his wallet.


Wait a minute, three dollars for a box of Honey Nut O’s? “Mama and Dada” made out like a bandit in that exchange! We hope that Chela enjoys that cereal, because she got gouged.

From the Tooth Fairy, Not Dad

Apparently, the state of Emily’s room is so deplorable the Tooth Fairy was unable to complete the transaction, but has left some helpful tips to what Emily can do to make it easier to fly in and leave some cold, hard cash.


Being a Tooth Fairy must be a little more difficult than we think. You’d think that magical powers would make it a little easier to get the job done, but even mythical creatures hate the sight of a messy bedroom.

A Chocolate Bribe

Dads aren’t perfect – and dads will be the first person to let you know. Sometimes, they mess up, but a proper dad owns up to mistakes, and softens the blow. In this case, Dad has made a laundry mishap, and washed a favorite shirt with a pink tutu. If that isn’t a classic dad mistake, we don’t know what is.


But this dad knows how to fix it. A few chocolate treats ease away any anger, so this note comes with a double-serving of…actually, we’re not really sure what those are. They could be Girl Scout cookies, but they’re definitely chocolate.

Meatloaf the Money Cat

When Dad is happy, everybody’s happy. This dad has gone off for dinner with an aunt and uncle, but has left some cash for pizza and beer with Meatloaf, who looks as if this is a pretty common occurrence. A few double-sawbucks are enough for a fun night even if it’s not just a human and a cat, so we’re sure these two partied like champs.


And this note has a bonus note! Dad couldn’t find tape, so he does what dads do best: he improvised. He used another note to hang up the first note! Classic dad magic.

Short, Simple, and Sweet

Brooke’s dad may need a little bit of grammar help (It should be “you’re.” We’ll let the capital U instead of “you” slide for now, but you’re on thin ice, Dad), but his heart is in the right place, at least. All he wants is for his daughter to have a good day, and to know he loves her.


And unless we’re mistaken, those are Chicken in a Biscuit crackers, which drives home the point that yes, this dad really does love Brooke. Anybody gives us a baggie of those, we know they love us.

Both Good Things

This Dad is here to remind you to remember the important things in life, like the Star of David and coolant. It’s a hastily-scrawled note that speaks of a Dad worried about work, or fixing things, or maybe someone who is just too busy to learn penmanship, yet the speed and distracted type of the note brings out the paternal feelings all the more.


With a Star of David and some new coolant, our driver will be ready to take on the road, religious doubts, and leaking pipes. It’s not like there’s much else that could possibly happen.

On the Other Hand…

Some people might find this kind of note a little more familiar. It seems a child has missed curfew one too many times. As we’ve seen before, sometimes a dad has to lay down the law, and it’s happened here in glorious fashion. Don’t knock or ring the doorbell. Sleep on the patio.


But, a dad can still be magnanimous in his righteous anger. This time, his generosity includes a blanket and a pillow to ward off the chill, keep comfortable, and fight off coyotes. Did the child actually sleep here, or did Mom come to the rescue? A question for the ages.

True Dad Love

It brings a tear to the eye. This dad has welcomed his son home, from what we don’t know, but he’s left a note that has everything you need. It greets the son with a note of love and protection, lists the good, healthy food available in the kitchen, and discusses the next available football game the two may watch together. It’s Lions against the Browns, which seems almost like a punishment (especially if it’s preseason), but we can ignore that.


The note ends with some advice: hot shower, and nap. Heart Pop. It might just make you miss your own dad.

They Might Not Accept That

We don’t know why Dad decided to sign the permission slip in such a manner. Revenge? A classic dad joke that school officials might not appreciate very much? We may never know. If daughter wants to really go see the “pitcres” (which could mean a museum or it could mean a film, who knows. We don’t.) she might have to beg dad for a permission slip a little bit more legible and, you know, official.


It’s kind of hard to tell how he spelled daughter, even. It looks like “dautfer,” which isn’t much of anything.

Please Clean Up After UNINTELLIGIBLE

We might need to contract that lady who transcribed the note from Dad a few pictures ago, because this is hard to read. But, we can glean some information. First off, something (Goobsie? Wolsie? Your guess is as good as ours) has made a mess by the AC, and this dad has had to delegate. A little bit of carpet cleaning builds character, you know, so please clean up after Poopsie, and make sure you let her out before you…leave, or bake, or something.


We know you’re busy, Dad, but good communication is important.

Healthy Dad’s Lunchtime Rules

Another one of a dad’s jobs is to keep their kids healthy. Can’t do that if you ignore the ironclad advice written on this napkin! Carrots are full of vitamin A, and even have more potassium than bananas. What does a Twinkie have, beside a light, fluffy sponge outside and a creamy, delicious filling?


Who would ever want to eat a sweet, memorable Twinkie, which comes in a variety of flavors, instead of dry, orange, hard, carrots? Good thing they don’t have any creamy filling inside them, and are, instead, just, like, carrots.

It Definitely, Probably Says Something

This dad has a handwriting that is so bad, Mom has to transcribe so that Anna can understand what important information Dad needs her to know. We get it. Sometimes a dad is busy. Doin’ dad stuff, you know. Fixing things, grilling things, fixing grills. Every once in a while he has to scrawl out a page of chicken scratch for a kid.


This dad likes to hike, and changed a stick into a door stopper, but the most amazing thing is that Mom could actually read the handwriting the dad used on the original note.

Harsh Words From Dad About Reddit

When one son leaves his Reddit account up on the family computer, dad has decided he doesn’t really approve. The note explains that people shouldn’t be proud to have no friends (true), and if the child is having a problem with something, he or she should come to dad first, because dad can actually help (also true).


Dad also laid some smack on Reddit’s design (extra true), and that the child in question should spend some extra time practicing his or her humor (undoubtedly true, children are not funny). But dad brings it back to earth with a familial reminder.

Easiest Kill Ever

Another tool in a dad’s arsenal is sarcasm, oh, the sarcasm. You may think you know it, but you will never possess a dad’s sarcasm, not until you hold your first child in your arms. In this case, after a child left a sharp hatchet out, inside where any old murderer could find it, a dad did his dadly best to write the most witheringly sarcastic note possible.


Nothing beats a good host, especially for murderers, who tend to have a lot of trouble getting things done. They even pointed out the butcher knives. Mi casa es su casa.

It Doesn’t Really Matter

Not all dads are classic funnymen who will have a laugh along with their kids, or at their kid’s expense. Sometimes kids need a reality check, and this dad is just the one to do it. Tucked in with his Lightning McQueen backpack, this kid has found a depressing note that nevertheless contains some hard truths we all have to come to understand, no matter what else life may hold.


But, the note ends with a good thing. Despite life being nothing more than heartache and disappointment followed by death, at least Dad still loves you.

Do Not Unplug

Sometimes a dad has to lay down the law. Everybody knows plugs are a dad’s domain, and so this dad decided it was necessary to set out some details that the kids need to know about the plugs. DO NOT. UNPLUG. THESE PLUGS. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a hurry, or if you just need it for a minute, or if you promise yourself you’re going to plug whatever you unplugged back in, just don’t do it.


Don’t do it. Just don’t do it. Find another plug. Dad doesn’t care if you’ll be sorry. Find another socket.

Using The Remote Control Is A Science

Dads are known to hog the TV remote and are also said to have a special bond with their remote controls. They can be quite serious when it comes to these little devices. In fact, some fathers have certain methods in operating their TV remote, just like this one. This dad’s note of instructions came with an illustration just to make it clear.


He wrote thorough directions and looked like he was making notes for statistics instead of giving simple guidelines. Sometimes dads can be too simple or they can be very detailed. This dad right here is the detailed one for sure. Hopefully, the recipient of the note understood it all.

Grandma Is Important

How many of us take our grandparents for granted? Well, this dad is making sure that his kids won’t. This note was written for all three of his kids, and he clearly wanted them to know that making time for Grandma was serious business. If we think about it, this note is a sweet gesture for both the grandma and the kids.


He wanted Grandma to be happy while teaching his children the importance of time and how to spend it wisely by giving it to family members while they are still there. Truly an eye-opener because aren’t we all sometimes guilty of not using our time right?

Dads Are Assertive

Dads love things to be simple and direct—no beating around the bush. They also love it when their kids learn to be independent and are able to stand on their own. This dad wanted his kid to know that he won’t always be there to fix things for him, so he had to find a way for the child to learn some basic maintenance skills.


Dad left a few repair guides and a right-on note for the kid. This kid is lucky to have a dad like this who cares enough for them to be self-reliant—a skill we all need to have.

A Simple Deal

Moms tend to be sweet enough to pack you a new sandwich every day, but when you don’t it and dad sees how you are wasting mom’s effort and the food, then he’ll start taking charge. This dad probably has had enough of the wasted sandwiches, so he packed an old sandwich that their kid did not eat.


He then wrote a note to make a compromise and embedded a Liam Neeson photo—a surefire way to tell that dad is serious. Hats off to dad for his effort to find a Liam Neeson photo. What a way to make a note and set up a winning compromise.

O.C.D. Father

Just like any parent, this dad’s children are driving him nuts and it’s double the struggle for him because he apparently has O.C.D. While he can tolerate doing things for them—such buying them whatever they need, picking up after them them, looking after their mess—it seems the leftover time on their microwave was just the last straw!


Dad wants his kids to clear the unused time when they are done. What can the kids do but obey their dad? With an O.C.D dad like him, they know that every corner in the house is organized and who wouldn’t want to have that? But then maybe his children are just pranking him.

No More Than Three, Please

This note for a son comes from both dad and mom and, from the get-go, one can tell which part is from the father. While there are a lot of requests and advice in the letter, it’s the middle section that is clearly emphasized and can catch anyone’s attention.


We can surmise that mom and dad are the cool parents that a child is grateful for… or is embarrassed to be with. We can only imagine that the talk about the bees and the flowers must have been fun and awkward at the same time. Nonetheless, these parents are the type who understand their kids!

Two Options

Nothing makes you learn a lesson better and faster than being given options, one or two of which are not actually options. Dad gave Dani two choices to enter the house—the house key or the rope. It looks like Dani kept forgetting her house key, so dad had to remind her that being forgetful about the key will give her no choice but to use the rope.


The rope certainly looks like it’s not strong enough to carry much weight. Or maybe the father was telling his child to do something about her key, like getting a keychain. We just hope the backup rope never had to be put into action.

Good Old Wake And Bake

For the older generation, the expression “wake and bake” has taken on a whole different meaning to the one youngsters are still familiar with. Rather than partaking in your favorite indulgence as soon as you wake up in the morning, if you’re a parent, it’s all about going to the kitchen to toast something. What a major difference between the pre-parenthood and parenthood days.


Here’s the hilarious Chris Illuminati again, the stay-at-home dad and author who created the Message With A Bottle blog, reminiscing about his pre-father days. He’s the expert at leaving funny and candid notes about being a stay-at-home father and he never runs of ideas. With dad notes like this around your house, the Illuminati household will never lack humor.

Dad Tells It Like It Is

This dad is as blunt as can be and knows there’s no way he can find his way around it but to tell it as it is. It seems like his two girls missed the bus and were late to school. He certainly knows the main culprit for the tardiness because he must have spent a lot of mornings attempting to get his daughters ready for school on time.


So he blamed it on oversleeping and on the girls being girls. Basically, he let the girls take the full responsibility. One can say that dad is way too honest. But umm, do girls really take that long to get ready?

Rihanna Bonding

It’s a beautiful thing when a dad stays up-to-date and connected with the young generation’s world so he can bond and relate with his kids. This dad stayed hip with a hit song. He used three papers for the notes and not because he had three kids. In fact, he only used one note to wish his one daughter luck and to tell the other daughter that she looks good.


Then came the sparkling encouragement: Shine bright like a diamond. Of course, this note wouldn’t end without the humor of a father. He continued with his notes using Rihanna’s song. What a wisecracker!

Such A Nice Demand

Demand letters aren’t always the nicest things to receive, but this dad takes the cake for writing such a good one! Parents often leave their kids stern letters for the children to accomplish chores that need to be done. The kid reading this letter may have a full dishwasher, but her heart is full as well, with a dad like that.


Who wouldn’t melt with the kind tone and sweet words of the letter? Talk about teaching kids responsibility in the nicest way. And it’s not just about responsibility, it’s also about trusting his child.

Zelda And Buzz Lightyear

It’s heartwarming when a dad takes the time to know what your interests and passions are. It’s even better when he tries to relate to it and supports you. This dad endorsed his kid’s interest in Zelda with this ingenious note, complete with a miniature Zelda shield and mints.


He is completely in the game with his child and wanted to help the kid be at their best before each encounter. We’re not sure if the mints helped in any way. But dad could not resist inserting in some father humor—Zelda and Buzz Lightyear in one note? That would be fun.

So What?

Escaping the struggles of being a parent and having that time for yourself is important for a mom or a dad. Sometimes a parent who is in a rush or doesn’t want to be bothered will hatch a plan to keep their children away for the meantime, just like this father who thought of a slick way to keep the kids’ hunger at bay.


With that kind of note, who would dare disturb either of their parents? This might even work when they are no longer kids and they might just imitate this and pass it on to their own children. Well played, dad, well played.

Rubbing It In

Short and sweet often gets the message across rather than the long, winding ones. Two words are sometimes enough for a kid to know their place and be sent back to it. In this case, “suck it” reminded the child to just deal with things and not to dwell on them.


This dad seems like he was able to get the last piece of bagel in the bag and we all know how kids want to be the last one. The father did not only tell his kid to man (or woman) up, but he obviously wanted to fire up the kid too.

Such A Rookie Mistake

Most parents have already gone through a lot to be able to relate to the things you’re experiencing and give you lots of advice on what to do, if you only ask them. Take it from Oliver, who has probably learned the hard way that his dad knows all too well what he’s been doing and how he should have done it.


This dad is about to give his son the talk of his life after he’s had a chance to read the note. It is good that he, at least, prepared Oliver for what was to come. We wonder how awkward it will be?

Cheeky Dad

Remember what we said about dads and their serious business with food? This is another classic example of that. The father couldn’t help but take a bite. He possibly could have assigned himself as the taste tester of his child’s lunch and was checking on the quality of his kiddo’s meal.


But that’s more than just a little bite! The kid was probably not too happy to have half of a sandwich, complete with chew marks. Yes, this is a lesson learned. It is why you should just let your mom pack your lunch and keep food duties away from dad.

Make A Good Day

Dads can be overprotective by nature, just like this one. He left a note for his daughter to let her know that there was a trash can behind the car. The dad wanted his girl to be careful to avoid any incidents. Now, isn’t that sweet?


But the best part of the note was when he gave her a piece of advice that we don’t hear often—“make” a good day. How true is that? We oftentimes surrender our day to fate without knowing that, if we have a “bad day,” we can always turn it around and choose to make it good. That is some solid dad wisdom right there.

Call Me!

Calling our dad is not something we always do when we’re younger, but we all know that keeping in touch with them is important. This note gives the child two tasks. One is to put the dog out in the yard to relieve himself so he won’t make a mess in the house.


The other one reminds the kid to call the father but then dad added the word “maybe,” implying that he knows the child may not actually do it. Or maybe it is just a play on the words “call me.” Carly Rae Jepsen, anyone? But really, call your dad, kids.

Why Unicorns?!

Making up a story or threatening a kid with a made-up story is something we all do when we’re desperate to make them do things such as eating their food. This dad did just that. To make his kids eat her sandwich, he spooked her by writing that the life of all unicorns, probably her favorite mythical creature, would be dependent on her.


Though we know that this is fun and the dad is just tricking her, he couldn’t help but indicate that it’s a dad fact. This note is hilarious and the story might just totally work. Way to go, dad!

Do A Good Job

Dads always want the best for us and that includes being excellent in the things we do. This note emphasizes encouraging the kid to give it his best shot and dad has even given a few tips and prepared the cleaning products needed.


Everything is laid out. What else is there for the kid to do but knuckle down and do a good job? This father is a classic dad that knows you have to do things well and right the first time so that you don’t need to do it again (or so father won’t have to fix things later). Good one, dad.

A Sweet Good Luck Note

A good luck note is most often a very brief one and leaves no space for inspiration, but this one is certainly not lacking in the motivation department. This sweet note from a dad displays how he took the time and made the effort to encourage his daughters and to make them feel special. He is also teaching them to put their best foot forward.


Of course, he took this chance to tell them that he loves his girls and that is enough reason for the daughters to smile. This note is indeed a shining inspiration for all other dads out there!

Three Options

There are a lot of things that are going so well with this note. Right off the bat, we can see the kind of paper dad is using and his good and neat penmanship… something we can’t say for all fathers. Now, back to the note. The son looks like he’s lucky to have a dad like him.


He has the humor and the air of an awesomely cool father. It seems that he is the type to accept his son, no matter what his sexual orientation, and will be the more excited parent once the son has a partner to love.

Eat A Cat Or Starve

Some dads have their own unique view of the world, as well as an absurd sense of humor. This one hilariously gave his children choices on what to do when they cannot find food to eat in their house.


At least he gave the kids choices to be able to decide on their own, teaching them not to be lazy and not to depend on mom and dad all the time. Of course, the dad knew his kids enough to know that they wouldn’t starve themselves and eat a cat, because fur balls sound downright icky.

Dad Vs. Mom

We’ve all heard that women are from Venus and men are from Mars, and the differences between the two are shown even in parenting. The notes between the mom and dad indicate how they can be worlds apart. Moms are more nurturing and concerned, as seen in this particular note.


Momma’s requests are serious and caring while dad is all about avoiding legal troubles. We can see though how hilarious the dad is; and how lucky the child is to have parents who are able to create balance and as they join forces. It’s not an easy task, but it seems this family actually makes it work quite well.

Black Humor

Kellogg’s once came with a gimmick where there was space on the wrappers of their products that people could write on and leave notes, a gimmick particularly designed for parents. This was a good idea, especially for parents who would rush things in the morning and pack a snack for their kids.


A little note of love would do wonders for a kid in school. But this dad was different and just couldn’t resist showing his child his dad humor. He used it as a prank and told the child that they were adopted. Of course, he wasn’t serious, because revealing it wouldn’t have been that simple. Let’s hope the kid got his joke.

With Colors And Everything

Props to this dad for clearly conveying his message in such a precise and colorful way. It seems like he learned early on never to touch the bottom switch and is now handing down the lesson to his kids in a different approach. While it may look like it’s easy to remember, that may not be the case… surely the dad would not take the time to do this color-coordinated note if things were that easy?


Yes, complete with signs and a simple “Yes” and “No.” He really is making sure that his kids understand it completely and follow everything to a T. If that’s not being a father, then we don’t know what is.

Not So Convincing

This dad may have designed the simplest equation of all time and it stemmed from a father wanting to persuade his kid to eat a simple and plain sandwich. But to the father, this wasn’t just a simple sandwich. Let’s break down his equation based on his note on the napkin.


Bread plus lunch is equals to a delicious sandwich and the kid needs to eat this wonderful formula. Who is to say though that this dad didn’t exert effort make sure his kid has food during lunch? Well, at least, it’s dad’s simple and funny way of saying he loves his child.

Dad’s Skills And Services

If the note looks familiar, it’s because it is from the famous trilogy film franchise, Taken, and the dad sure had his own version of it. The note may not be as thrilling but it still is scary for a millennial kid. The WiFi network keeps them connected to their world and to be given no access to it will definitely put an end to their social life.


But all the dad is asking is for the child to clean up the kitchen mess he left. Surely, that would be an easy mission to carry out. Props to the dad for being creative and, of course, being humorous.

Health Expert

We have another foodie dad who is not only concerned with what his own stomach is digesting, but with what his kids are consuming as well. He may have been worried about the way his children were eating. We all know that at certain phases of our lives, we don’t care about what we’re shoveling in and we take in the junk because it tastes so good.


But this father is not letting his kids have it so easy, and has even asked them to eat a banana with the actual banana to probably entice them. Just goes to show how sweet and caring this father is.

The Laundry Man

It’s often a challenge to tell your kids to leave their dirty clothes in the laundry basket and not on the floor. Too many times, parents have tried telling children in different ways—whether by begging them, asking them nicely, and even threatening them—to do things. Yet often, we wonder if they even heard us. So it’s up to the parents to think outside the box.


This dad got his creative juices flowing and left a note for his kids. He created the “Laundry Watcher” character and even made a drawing to indicate that he is watching them. What an imagination this dad has!

His Message Is Spot On

Little quibbles, screaming matches, and having a second shadow you never knew you had are just some of the experiences that can drive a mom or dad nuts. It’s no secret that the parenting struggle is real.


So it isn’t surprising for a parent to have a bottle of wine in the refrigerator, or for the dad to escape to his man cave to have that moment to himself and retreat into silence. We’re sure every parent has done some form of escape for at least a few minutes. This silly note could not be truer and funnier if you ask any mom or dad. Let’s drink to that, eh?

Next Of Kin

This daughter is lucky to have a father like this. It looks like dad has a generous heart with a humorous soul. He gave his daughter some cash, but he made sure to inject a comical pun in a very short note. He just had to remind her that they are “kin,” a play on their last name.


Yes, the child will definitely remember whom she belongs to. The cash may only be three dollars but it’s the thought that counts, right? And if his daughter is still a kid, that’s a big amount. Besides, there aren’t that many dads who would give their money away just like that.

A Fair Exchange

Parents of this generation now have the most powerful parenting tool at their disposal—they are the gatekeepers of the WiFi access. Dads have the power to give the access if the children successfully carry out their tasks or chores or they can take it away. This note is an example of a father taking advantage of this power.


The dad needs the help of the kids to do chores (such as simply making their beds) and he is able to do that by giving them the connection to the WiFi once they are able to accomplish the tasks. And it seems like he doesn’t mind changing the password daily!

A Soup Reminder

Food and men, there is nothing that can separate them. Yes, food is a serious matter to dads and this particular dad wanted to be sure his kids know that. Some parents employ a variety of methods to remind their children. This is one of those.


The dad left a note that says “garbanzo SOUP” on the door handle. He even let his creativity out and drew on his note. Now, there’s no excuse for the kid not to see it and pick it up. We can only hope the father got his soup after his effort with the note.

Sincerely, The Management

Here’s another protective father, but this time his protective nature is disguised with humor. The dad has even called himself “The Management,” probably because he manages the kids. In this note, he asked everyone not to sleep downstairs for safety reasons.


Ever the wise-cracker, he told everyone that going against his orders would cause them to “burn to a crisp” in case the house would catch on fire. Hmm, do you think this would help the kids follow him? Hope so! But one thing’s for sure, the note did catch his kid’s attention, and maybe got a few laughs and groans, with its dad humor.

The Baby Fight Club

This dad seems to have taken “fight club” to a whole new level—with a baby. Dad realized that the baby’s nails have caused cuts to the little one’s face because of scratches. He senses that people are judging him for it. The new dad’s imagination ran wild and he created the “baby fight club.”


It looks like he’s quite serious though, seriously funny, as the mom saw the note on the vanity of their bathroom. Well, the baby fight club story could be real but we all know better than to talk about it. Now, we wonder what other amusing notes he’ll write to his kid in the future?

The Apple Would Like A Ride

Here’s another food character that a father made. It’s amazing how dads can let their imagination run wild when it comes to having their kids do something. The guy, whether it’s the dad or the kid, probably takes this apple every day and brings it back home. Seems like the poor apple is always left, forgotten, once its owner has arrived at the office or in school.


At least they’re intent on eating the apple, though, or else they wouldn’t take it with them every day. With the witty note, the dad found a way to remind his kid that “Mike the Apple” is here and has to be eaten.

Dad Wisdom

This father gave a pearl of eye-opening wisdom for his kids when he found out what happened to the ice cream. Dad notes are there to give us that much-needed insight, too, even the funny ones. We surmise that he was about to have his ice cream fix when he discovered, much to his disappointment, that his kid did not put back the ice cream in the fridge and it had (presumably) melted.


The note specifically pointed out the common knowledge of what ice cream is—to be placed in the freezer because it has to be iced. He then pointed out that it’s now a “cream.” Well, that makes sense.

Dear Meatbag

If every lunch came with an awesome cartoon artwork and a straightforward note, then more kids would look forward to eating their food. This is the type of letter that is as direct and funny as can be while giving the kid a fantastic drawing to impart the dad’s simple message… or rather, his demand.


Sometimes parents would use play and toys to ask their children to do something. This father used the power of pen and paper. It’s good that he is not only humorous but is also good with art. Plus, he scored cool dad points. Now, who wants to eat their lunch?

Feed The Toilet Paper Monster

We think notes are more than just ways for dads to reach out to their kids and show off their humor, they are also artistic outlets for them. Take this father for example. With this creative illustration, the kid will get the point with just a few words. The dad wanted a new roll of toilet paper and this ingenious note clearly conveyed the emergency message without resorting to a screaming fest.


This is one thing we can absolutely try at home! Besides, it’s quite interesting and entertaining to the eyes. Keep those ingenious ideas coming, dad, and your kids will soon be looking forward to each note.

Just For Fun

Most of the dad notes so far have been creative requests, demands, and even silly love letters, but some notes are written just to get a laugh out of the child, or maybe to show their silliness, as this note displays. This dad thought of pulling his son’s leg and stuck a note on one of the pages of his Sports Illustrated magazine.


On that page, a note that says “call me handsome” with an obviously fake phone number can be seen. Don’t tell us you didn’t crack a smile at this clever note? Dads will be dads indeed, and this surely is on another level!

And Make Sure It’s Cold!

Here’s another man who doesn’t want to complicate his words and wants to be straightforward about things. If he wants something, this dad will tell it as it is. Maybe this is a dad thing too, requesting something in such a blunt approach. Most dads don’t care what paper they write on either.


This one used a receipt to inscribe his message upon. But back to the note, the father simply asked his child to get him a drink, plain and simple. At least, he did not forget to put in some love there to let her know that she is not some servant.

Considerate Dad

Who would take the time to write a note to inform his kids that the batteries on the remote control of the television are dead? Most fathers would let their children figure it out by themselves. But not this dad, he stuck a helpful note on the control and gave them instructions to manually turn the TV on and off instead until he can get new batteries.


What a sweet dad. He cared enough not to let the kids get confused about why the remote wasn’t working and to soften the bad news with a backup TV-watching method, as well as reassuring them that the control would have batteries soon.

Napkin Note

This is another note that involved the kid’s lunch. This time, the father used a napkin to scribble his message. The dad found out too late (or maybe not) that the pen he used had ink that will smear all over the face of his kid. Clearly, the note was written to tease the child.


But hey, forgiving your dad is always easy, especially when you know he was just being a playful dad. And being made fun of by your dear father is more acceptable and sweeter than peers making fun of you in front of the entire lunchroom.

A Parents’ Wedding Dress Gift

Another note with the combined forces of mom and dad. This time, it’s sweet, thoughtful, a little bit mean, and funny… all at the same time! The parents start off by letting their daughter know how beautiful she is. Then they get concerned with their investment in her wedding dress and urged her to buy a scale so she can make sure the dress still fits her!


But it’s all for pure fun to help their girl smile through the chaos of the wedding preparation and to take away the wedding jitters. Having a supportive mom and dad will hopefully make her a bridechilla instead of a bridezilla; chilling not killing, because it’s all good.

Don’t Forget!

Usually, moms are the ones who remind their kids about things… to the point where it can be too much sometimes. This dad is taking on that role as well. It sounds like he doesn’t trust his children that much if he has to write notes and leave them in the most apparent places.


This specific note is asking them if they have turned off the soup, or he may be reminding them in a form of a question. He makes sure they can read them before they leave the house and forget it altogether. It’s a smart move that indicates that fathers often care about the same things mothers do.

Taking Control

Married and family men know all too well the endless struggle with the remote control for the television. This dad found the opportunity to end the battle. Apparently, someone lost the TV remote, which the dad found.


In his attempt to teach them all a lesson and give them the proper consequences, he revealed that the remote would not making an appearance at their home anytime soon and that he left the TV on a certain channel. While this note sounds hilarious, his wife and kids are probably too annoyed at him. Maybe he wanted to prank and annoy them too.

Nice One, Dad

Dads always grab the chance to turn every situation, or event for that matter, into a joke. The dad writing this note made an attempt at a Thanksgiving pun. His kids may have groaned from the cheesiness or cringed from embarrassment but hey, dads are dads. Let him be—that’s what fathers are known for.


Besides, you know that the house is not complete without a corny joke from the man. Sit through it and, one day, you’ll actually miss his dad jokes. As for this dad, the kids ought to give him an A+ for his effort on cooking the turkey and crafting a comedic message just for the family.

A Man’s Stomach Is The Way To His Heart

They say that the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach and that’s what this daughter did to her dad. The father, in turn, was very appreciative and had to let his girl know. Dad expressed how delicious the brownies were and even compared it to a round of golf and how it was so much better.


This dad must love playing golf so much to have it compared with food! For sure, a dad’s compliment is far sweeter and better than any food critic’s compliments. But we have to say that a daughter always has her father’s heart right from the very start.

Better Than Mom

This is actually a mom note but we have to hand it to the father for creatively decorating the note’s surrounds. The dad could have been bored and decided to put an artistic spin to the short letter. He really wielded some effort in this work of art.


Take a look at how he split the banana to shape the two eyebrows. As you can see the art is complete with a pair of eyes, the eyebrows, nose, lips, and even the hair. This is one piece of comedy art done by one great hilarious dad who might have even taken a photo of his work.

Monsters Are Good?

Monsters—how many times have parents made up a story so kids will not be afraid of them? This dad created a rather crazy story of monsters for his son. Christ Illuminati, a writer and author, often posts funny notes about parenting on his Instagram. Technically, this note was not for the kid but for the wife, a note he wrote to get his wife on the same page as him while also ensuring their son didn’t hear any of their secret monster talk.


Apparently, he told the kid that monsters go silent right before eating a child. How absurd and funny… for an adult! Terrifying for a child, especially if mum independently confirms it as a fact.

Watching Out For The Dog

Whether it’s an animal or a human, dads are always on the lookout for their kids (or fur kids). It’s even better when your kids, including the furry one, help each other out. This was the motivation behind this dad’s efforts when he left a note asking his kid—the human one—to help the pooch relieve himself.


The dad is so concerned with the animal’s bathroom routine that he just had to inform his child, or else there would be some cleaning to do inside the house! This dad made sure that everyone was well taken cared of. We just hope the dog got the relief he needed.

Such A Dad Joke

This note comically reveals the dad’s age as he points out Beowulf and Scott Baio—an actor whose career started in the late 70s. This joke is a perfect example of the ultra corny humor dads have become famous for, always trying to one-up each other with the best-worst jokes they can think of.


We could say that these jokes are their attempts to boost their dad factor. In reality, though, it’s all done in an effort to put a smile on our faces or make us groan or cringe as they pull our legs. But whatever the reason, it reminds us we’re with family because dad jokes are home.

When You Accidentally Come Out To Your Dad

We have read and heard a lot of responses from parents to a child coming out to them. Some of them are absolutely touching and amazing, but this one wins the funniest response to an accidental coming out ever. The father overheard his son’s conversation with a friend and accidentally found out that his son was gay and was planning to tell them.


This dad had such a great and comical response. He only told his son to pick up an orange juice and bread and acted like it was no big deal. The funniest part was how he said that they were also “out.”

Anything But The Hummus Dishes!

The father used this note written on an envelope to scold his son, Terry. He clearly wanted to inform Terry that human dishes are used only for humans and should never be used for their pet, Smudge, because he uses a different dish. Dad is not happy with it but at least, he used the word “please.”


But take note, it’s not only the son who received some admonishment. Mom joined in the conversation too and showed that she has some sarcastic humor too. She told her husband that using a new white envelope for such a note was a waste. It seems like the son and dad are now even.

That’s Not Toothpaste, Dad!

Dads are not as enlightened when it comes to the female department. Take this confused father as an example. The father genuinely thought this anti-itch cream was a toothpaste! None of us would want to be in the father’s place and taste Vagisil, because we’re sure it is terrible indeed.


We wonder how the daughter reacted to this note. She must have laughed her heart out and then cringed from embarrassment. Poor dad.

How To Make Ice

How does someone make ice? This is the gist of this dad’s note for his kid. You would think that everyone knows how to make ice but these days, you can never tell. The father wanted to be sure his child knows how to make ice by jotting down each step. Each number has a clear instruction on how to make it.


Then again, maybe the kid doesn’t really know how to do this basic task. Who knows? Dad might have forgotten that YouTube exists and there are now tutorials on how to do basically anything. But you’ve got to hand it to this dad for making the effort and the time to teach his kid.

In Case You Were Having Trouble

Kids nowadays can get so easily distracted, especially with the Internet and gadgets right at their disposal. Parents have to constantly remind them of their chores, precautions, and other important matters. Not only do they have to be consistent, but they also have to be as clear as possible; like this hilarious father.


This dad wrote a note asking his children to lock the door. As if it’s not that obvious and just to be on the safe side, he also had to physically show them where the lock is. It’s either he doesn’t trust his kids’ common sense or he just wanted to be funny. Then again, we can’t blame the dad for wanting to be safe rather than sorry.

A Few Words

There are dads that are not too keen on conversations, even with written words. This dad looks like he’s one of those “men of few words.” These men are often given more attention once they speak or write.


In fact, it took only three words for this dad to get what he wants. Dad was craving for cake and all he had to do was write and stick the note on a plate. It could also be that the dad was reminding Em to buy a cake for an event. One thing’s for sure, he will get that slice of cake in no time.

When It Grows Up

Having a house on fire caused by dryer lint is a serious thing and parents have to remind their children to be careful with it. This letter creatively yet clearly tells the kid not to leave the dryer lint just anywhere. Dad invented a dryer lint character that would one day grow up to become a dryer fire.


Creating characters may just be one of the things a dad must do. With a good prop, the story is an imaginative way to get his message out. While the note is amusing, it is also an important warning about the dangers one can get into with something as seemingly innocuous as lint.

He Wrote Boobie

Parents are now learning to adjust to their kids’ world, including their language. This is especially crucial when you want your children to do something right. This note is obviously an instruction on how to prepare the chicken for dinner.


Take note that number four is using the term “boobie” instead of “breast.” We can only guess that dad wanted the kid to cook the chicken in the right way and he’s not taking any chances by using a term the child might be confused with. The lesson here is to connect with your kids by using their jargon.

Road Safety Dad

Mothers are known to be the more worried parent, so it’s no surprise that they are constantly reminding us of things and to be careful. But when it’s a father who does it, then kids know it’s serious and they’d better sit up and listen. The note this father gave speaks of concern for the safety of his teenage (or maybe even adult?) child.


With a surging number of car accidents caused by people being on their phones, texting or checking their social media accounts, it never hurts to remind your loved ones to be mindful. This dad certainly did the right thing as far as we’re concerned!

Lesson Learned

Most girls are not as into cars as the boys are, and we can assume that this dad wrote a note to remind his daughter just what the vehicle needs. And we can also speculate that because one word repeatedly appears, the daughter might have forgotten exactly what to fill it up.


She could have filled up the tank with basic unleaded fuel instead of diesel. To avoid it from happening again, this dad made sure to remind his daughter about diesel… but we’re pretty sure Sarah has learned her lesson. Yes, Diesel is the name for lesson one on cars.

The Favorite Child

Being a favorite of either parent (or both!) can be such a treasure to any kid, and we’re sure the child who received this was thrilled. The dad had no problem letting his kid know who his favorite was. But he could be telling all his other children this, too. Sometimes, it’s a way for a dad to have his child do what needs to be done.


Admit it, moms and dads, we have those days when we just want them to carry out their tasks without a fuss. But would you ever think to resort to this funny, yet sweet tactic? This dad probably used the “favorite child” method to get things done!

Another Level of Laziness

To some of us, our fathers are our mentors on how to fix things. They are the ones we run to when we need a solution to a problem. But what is it with dads and their inability to look for things—things that are often right under their noses? Hilarious, isn’t it?


This dad is no exception. He knew he kicked something under his girl’s bed but he didn’t bother to see what it was or maybe he was just too lazy. But at least he cared enough to inform his daughter!

Animal Lover

This dad’s note surely gave an impression that he is serious about the pets, and the instructions on the note are not meant to be toyed with. Hmm, it seems like dad has a favorite child and it’s a furry one! Who can blame the father, though? A dog is a man’s best friend after all, and they don’t come with tantrums (or maybe they do, but it’s the adorable kind).


Dog dads are as serious about their parenting skills as they are at being a human dad. Or maybe this father was simply looking out for both of them. But for sure, this note just shows us how a dad can always inject humor, even when giving instructions.