More of The Funniest Wedding Day Photo Fails Ever

Weddings are truly beautiful events. Not only because they are a celebration of love, but also because folks spend months sometimes even a year planning them to perfection. Unfortunately, even with all the meticulous planning, things can still go horribly wrong, and somehow your wedding photographer is there to capture it.
These moments are so irresistibly funny that we had no choice but to go out and hunt for even more. So without further ado, here are even more hilarious wedding fails.

The Centaur Bride

Couldn’t the photographer just fix the train of the dress so it didn’t look like this bride had horse legs?! Apart from that, the photo would’ve been beautiful.


But hey, maybe the bride just didn’t have time to shave.

Odd Man Out

Maybe his partner went to the bathroom right before they decided to take the picture. Or maybe he was the odd sibling that hasn’t found his true love yet. Either way, he seems to be dealing with it perfectly fine.


Don’t worry, buddy. You’ll find your soulmate when you least expect it.

Longing for Maintenance Guy

When you find your bride looking longingly at the maintenance guy outside, you know it’s time to call the whole thing off.


The photographer couldn’t have taken this picture at a better time. It almost looks as if she’s caressing the man’s butt!

Best Photobomb Ever

Here is a lovely picture of a happy bride and her happy bridesmaids…made even better by the random woman sneaking up behind the window! To be honest, that woman looks as happy to be there as the bride herself.


We wonder if it was a friend playing a prank on the bride, or just a (very weird) random passersby that saw an opportunity to make people laugh.

Anything But Water

Apparently, when the groom said ‘I do’ to the part where the priest says ‘in sickness or in health’, that didn’t include rescuing your bride from falling in a pool of water.


Even though it looks like he’s trying to grab her feet and stretch his hand, it still looks like he’s not willing to bend more than that to save his falling bride. Just jump in the water, man!

Wedding Cake Fail

This bride wanted to make a statement with a very real-looking, life-sized, over-the-top wedding cake. But somehow, judging by her face, she doesn’t look too happy with the result. And honestly, we wouldn’t be either.


Then again, it wasn’t exactly the baker’s fault, was it? They did a pretty accurate impression of the bride. The bride’s actual wedding dress, on the other hand, wasn’t the most beautiful choice in the world.

Sleeping Beauty

The groom should have followed his bride’s lead and grabbed a cup of coffee. Then again, it looks like he really needed that rest.


He looks so peaceful and sound asleep. We hope he’s not under the impression that the rest of his marriage will be this easy.

DIY Balloon Bride

Certain projects – like choosing your wedding dress – should never be DIY.


Although we must say that’s quite the creative way to fluff up a dress.

Tarantino Bride

What a lovely photo of the bride and groom after eating their wedding cake, which was clearly made with strawberries and cream. The only problem is, with a tiny bit of imagination, it actually looks like they beat each other up and took a picture of their bloody faces afterwards!


With a little more set design, it could almost look like a wedding scene from a Quentin Tarantino movie.

What Were They Looking at?

What in the world was going on to make these people react that way? Did a bird poop on the photographer? Did the bride’s mom kiss the groom’s dad? We would love to know what was happening here.


And by the looks on their faces, they’re not going to need this photo to remember what happened that day.

Modern Bride

Every bride is different, and they can choose to wear whatever they like on their wedding day. And although we do understand that times have changed and today’s wedding dress choices have become more, well, sexy, this is just a bit much.


Besides, with all that fabric hanging on the back of her “dress”, she could’ve afforded to cover up a little more skin. Then again, if that’s what the bride wants, that’s what’s happening!

Classy Bridesmaids

We don’t know if it was the bride that had this idea but, apart from having a few inside jokes and a funny pic to remember the day by, we really hope she left this one out of the wedding photo album.


Not the classiest photo to include in your wedding day memories.

Little Devil

Nothing like a mischievous little kid to destroy an otherwise perfectly good looking photo. We’re sure this little guy was grounded for a very long time once the bride saw this photo.


Then again, we’re sure his brother had something to do with it. After all, who do you think taught that little kid what the middle finger means?

The Briefs Buddies

It’s always important to remember what your part is in a wedding. What’s less important is to write it on your briefs and drop your pants for a photo.


We’re sure the groom had fun with this one. At least until he had to deal with his bride after she saw this photo.

Match Made in Heaven

These two definitely belong together – they’re both outdoorsy, they love cameo, they love french kissing…But most importantly, they’re both as tacky as each other.


We would have loved to see the expression on that photographer’s face, though.

Partying Gone Wrong

Whoever took this photo clearly has no desire to live, because whenever any of these three women get a hold of them, they’re dead.


Then again, how drunk do you actually have to be to look like that?! And to the one on the far left, have you ever heard of sunscreen?

Blocking the View

The best and worst thing about modern-day technology is that everyone has a camera within reach. Professional photographers would probably describe it as too many chefs in one kitchen.


All those other cameras would otherwise be fine to have around, but one of them is tactlessly blocking the view from the camera that matters most.

The Hitchhiker

Among the moments a bride wants to remember from her wedding day are walking down the isle, exchanging rings, and some drunk friends dancing.


A moment that she would rather forget is how her limousine never showed and she had to hitchhike to her own wedding. Take that as a note, photographer.

The Third Wheel

More often than not, a man needs to be reassured that just because his best friend is getting married, doesn’t mean he’s going anywhere.


Apparently, this guy didn’t feel sufficiently reassured, and needed a little something extra. Hopefully, this picture was all the reassurance he needed.

Behind You!

Sure, it’s important to look at the camera when you get your picture taken. As it turns out, looking at what’s happening behind you could be just as important.


You can be sure that this couple will always look over their shoulder next time they say ‘cheese’.

Saving Herself

In case anyone was wondering, this bride wanted it to be clear that she was waiting for the right man and that she has finally found him.


With a playful nod to the film Robin Hood: Men in Tights, she couldn’t be happier about not having to wear metal panties anymore.


It seems that walking down the isle could be mission impossible for some. Take this couple for instance.


While we have no doubt that they learned how to walk when they were little, they still managed to trip and fall on top of one another on their way to say ‘I do’.

Stealing Her Thunder

Unless you’re the bride, never wear a white dress to a wedding. This simple rule usually goes without saying. But apparently not everyone is aware of it.


This bride must have been shocked to see none other than her now mother-in-law wearing a long white gown on her wedding day.

The Beach Boy

There’s nothing like the beach as a background for the perfect wedding photoshoot. The sea, the sand and the sky make for an ideal setting.


Unfortunately, swimmers and other beach-goers should also be taken into consideration when choosing a location for a photo.

Something Blue

We would love to know what kind of food was served at the reception to make the bride’s tongue go blue like that.


Perhaps she realized she didn’t have her ‘something blue’ and got some last-minute blue candy to sort it out.

Falling Head Over Heels

The groom taking his new wife’s garter belt off with his teeth is nothing new at weddings. The bride falling off her chair in the process, however, is not that common.


Good thing the bridesmaids and groomsmen were all around to make sure no one gets hurt.

Entertaining the Guests

We were pretty confused by this picture. The first thing we saw was, of course, the bride’s mortified face. Then we saw that the groom’s hand was held up for some reason. And finally, we saw the hysterically laughing guest in the back.


Could this be a skit put together to entertain the guest? Could this be a family tradition? Could this be something else? No one but the couple knows for sure.

Just an Accessory

“And I want my bridesmaids to be wearing purple. Oh, and red/purple flowers. Oh, and a shotgun to match my own!”


Something tells us that this bride is a fan of hunting. Maybe that’s how she met her husband.

Windy Day

Insignificant as it may seem, a bride’s veil needs to be carefully picked. It has to be fascinated in a way that makes it easy for the bride to take it off after the ceremony, but not too loose so it doesn’t fly off with every little gust of wind.


It appears that this bride didn’t get the memo on how to properly wear her veil. Thankfully, she had an entourage of men available to help her out.

Wine and Dine

Something tells us that those three bridesmaids have known each other for years.


We wonder if now that one of them had an unfortunate wine accident, the other two will spill wine on their own dresses in solidarity.

Long Train Running

Cliche as it may sound, a good maid of honor is an essential when it comes to executing a perfect wedding day.


This maid of honor is obviously taking her daily duties very seriously and the bride now has the pictures to prove it.

Slippery Steps

When this couple went downstairs to meet their guests, they were met by smiling faces, live music and handfuls of rice thrown in the air. It looks like they were also met with some slippery steps.


And this is why you should always hold someone’s hand (or at least the railing) when walking down the stairs.

Munching on the Bouquet

A popular way of adding life and color to a couple’s wedding pictures is to throw their dog into the mix, and this couple is no different.


Though we have no doubt that this good boy is generally disciplined, it looks like this time he couldn’t help himself from attempting a bite on his human’s colorful bouquet.

Um… Do You Mind?

This couple’s dog is everything but camera shy. We know the pup is well-meaning. After all, he got all dressed up for the occasion. But someone needs to let it know that this isn’t just the daily walk.


Good thing that the humans in the photo seem like they wouldn’t hold this accident against their fur-baby.

Don’t Shake the Bottle!

Nothing says ‘party’ more than popping a huge bottle of champagne. It’s important to remember that oftentimes, all those bubbles need to be handled by a professional.


Looks like the groom’s rookie mistake backfired and now the bride’s dress will not be the only things that needs to be dry-cleaned.

Not The Hair!

Ah, nature. So nice, so green, so peaceful, so…someone get that squirrel off me!


Poor bride. We can’t imagine what it must be like to pay good money for a good bridal hairdo only for it to be ruined by a random rodent.

Disclaimer: Some Marriages Have Been Known to Cause Mental Health Issues

In this state, so many marriages were causing mental health problems, they decided to locate the office of the bureau of marriage licenses in the same building as the mental health department.


It’s just more convenient, and it saves people time.

This Shot Is for the Dogs!

Awkward! Shocking! What are the chances? The groom is in grey, and the male doggo is also grey.


It’s as if the dog is mind-melding with the groom’s honeymoon thoughts.


Excuse me, happy couple, uh, we don’t know how to say this, but there is a herd of stampeding cattle just south of ya’ll.


It’s probably too late to run. Perhaps a jog east or west will save you from being trampled to death?


Yaps and growls and that rapid headshaking-thing they do, object of attack tenaciously held in teeth, the pint-sized mutt with the curled-up tail is viciously attacking the trim of this bride’s beautiful train.


Meanwhile, dog number two, the handsome white guy, is looking at them saying, ‘I’m a good dog, pant, pant, pant, see how good I am.’


Sorry, buddy. It’s too late. On the other hand, we have a sneaking suspicion that this groom, dutifully kneeling with his bride at the reverent altar of a Catholic church, is the victim of a prank.


These are exactly the type of gags groomsmen like to play. We wonder if anyone laughed out loud during the solemn ceremony.

We Need a Spot Mop

There is no other explanation. The man in the pink shirt is employing a downed woman as a mop.


Drinks get spilled on the dance floor—it’s dangerous—these things happen. (Just a little to the right and it’s as good as gold again.)

Unconditional Love

So what?! The groom performed a strip-tease act right before the first dance, what’s the big deal?


It’s hot in that room, he cooled off. This bride loves him anyway. No matter what. (Wait. He is the groom, right?)

Boys Will be Boys

Where is this kid’s father? By now, the precocious little guy has probably earned himself a swift message across the rear end.


Or, at the very least, a stern talkin’ to. Sure, it’s a backyard wedding, but don’t leave your manners indoors!


Nothing can prepare the bridal couple for a wedding day disaster of this magnitude. Caught on camera mere seconds before the three-tier cake’s fateful demise, this is a wedding memory that will be etched in their minds forever.


Please say the top tier did not hit the floor!

Such Disappointment

Bigfoot in the background is one problem, but why is the bride’s face so forlorn?


Let’s hope she’s not looking at her wedding ring! She’s giving every indication that she’s set to burst into tears. The groom’s distress is also apparent.


Who thought this would be a good idea? Pile the entire wedding party on a rickety old dock and see what happens.


Total panic. Obviously.

Bride of Terror

The background is a brick wall, but, perhaps, more appropriately, we’d expect the browns and yellows of an Afghanistan landscape, dotted, naturally, with caves inhabited by a loose-knit band of bridal terrorists.


She’s one tough hombre.

A Captive Audience

She’s the last one standing ever since her batty old uncle grabbed an accordion and started belting out the family classics.


“Roll out the barrel, and we’ll have a barrel of fun.” The bride is not amused.

Another Gent Pleased with His New Ownership

He said he thought it was her shoulder. “I really thought it was your shoulder, sweet cakes.”


The bride’s expression seems to say, ‘I’m going to tolerate this one time, one time, you hear?’

B-Movie Slasher Flick

Coming soon to a low budget theater near you: “The Wedding Slasher.” It’s a horror movie about a mass murderer who gets married. At the reception he unleashes, starting with the bride. He slashes away, horrifying the wedding guests; he goes after the bridesmaids next. But he doesn’t stop there.


The groomsmen’s necks, one by one, are viciously slit, bloody tuxedoed corpses lay in a pile. Guests flee in a screaming stampede out the doors of the reception room.


Who put Jack in charge of the cake? All he had to do was retrieve the cake from the back of the minivan and set it on the cake table not even fifty feet away. Why Jack? Why?


Everyone knows he’s an accident waiting to happen. Wait one minute. That guy on the left with his foot slightly raised….oh my God, did he trip Jack?!

Matching Wedgies

These bridesmaids have dressed alike, it seems, all the way down to their undergarments. Hopefully, the bride chose a different panty style.


Or, perhaps that is not it at all. Maybe these two bridesmaids conspired to pull off a clever photobomb!

If Looks Could Kill

This image elicits a lot of questions. Is he ripping her hair out? Why doesn’t she just stop walking?


Is her father the single-most clumsy person in the universe?

‘You Shouldn’t Have’

Is she that disappointed with the ring? Or is she a victim of a practical joke?


Others behind her look amused. But the look on her face makes you wonder if she’s peering at a baby tarantula.

The Foreground Is All Good

The background shot, on the other hand…Can it be cropped out?


It’s a perfect picture of the lovely bridal couple. And then, that.

‘Do You Take This Man?’

This symbolic gesture leaves little to the imagination. ‘She’s mine now, and that means I can do anything I want with her. (Evil laughter).’


At least that’s what the look in his eyes seems to say.

Jumping for Joy

No doubt, the enthusiasm of this couple is authentic. They are literally leaping for joy. But how did she leap without any legs?


It looks like some kind of surrealist painting in which the artist is playing with symbolism.

Bridesmaids Unite

It is common knowledge that bridesmaids secretly loathe the dress the bride chooses for them. All day long, they must wear a frilly and impractical dress that, after some expense, will never be worn again, all the while taking up valuable closet space.


These brides, united in protest, ditched their gowns to air their collective grievance.

A ‘Mooving’ Wedding Day

Not sure what is going on here, but there must be an explanation. The bride seems open and welcoming of this bridal cow.


Is it some kind of wedding gift? It appears to be a token to the newlyweds’ moo life together.

Practical Jokers

Everyone in the room knows what is happening, except for our blindfolded and duped groom. Guests squeal with uncontainable laughter watching him struggle to figure it out.


The bride, too, must be relishing this moment. Perhaps it is she behind the lens of the camera?

I Do Take Thee in Bondage

This bride will be embarrassed by this forever. She will never forget it. A perfectly good group shot, ruined.


For the rest of her life, she will be saying to herself now and again, “Why didn’t we make it ‘M & S’? Why? Why? Why?”

A “Just Married” Emasculating Moment

This is the face of deep regret. Why didn’t this groom man-up and pay for a limousine? Alternatively, he might have rented a car.


Imagine, he could have been commandeering a steady chariot of pomp and decorum. Why? Why didn’t he listen to her?