Should These Dog Parents Be Concerned About Their Pets Sleeping Habits?

Whether they’re awake or asleep, dogs never fail to entertain. Once they let out a yawn and those puppy dog eyes start blinking slow, they’re nodding off to nap land, and their location doesn’t matter a lick. Dogs can feasibly sleep just about anywhere. If a spot is empty, they’ll flop down and drift peacefully off to sleep.
These pet parents who caught their dogs napping in the most absurd positions were concerned by their levels of contortion — and so they couldn’t help but take a pic!

All Sprawled Out

It seems that Sally was a yogi in her past life, maybe that’s why she’s so flexible. Her human family knows when they find her splayed out, limbs all over the place, that she’s dozed off.


If only we could sprawl out like this and sleep so contently!

All Sprawled Out

We’re not judging little Frankie for falling asleep behind the toilet but we do wonder how he can find this spot so comfortable? Maybe it’s the sound of water flushing that reminds him of the ocean?


We can only guess that he was looking for a hiding spot and nodded off while getting some quiet time.

The Three Musketeers

This terrorizing trio doesn’t seem so terrifying at all! There are those people that have said that you need to watch out for pit bulls, but this photo paints a different picture.


They look so cute and lovable, all cuddled up, who says you need three beds when one couch will do!

Dat Bref.

This fellow was so tired he forgot to brush his teeth, and we all know that there’s almost nothing as smelly as dog breath, he would do well to sleep with his mouth closed!


All jokes aside, he’s not a bad doggo, he’s just a little ruff around the edges.

Nevermind Gravity

Anything is paw-sible when you are a dog, even sleeping in the most unlikely of positions. As humans, we have yet to learn this skill, who knows, it might be more comfortable than we thought!


With that being said, there’s a lot we can learn from dogs, not only would our sleep schedule improve but we might also learn to live in the moment and stress less about the future.


Maggie’s a real maverick, she could care less about following rules, and instead, she sleeps how she wants, where she wants. We can only admire her for her incredible fortitude.


She knows she shouldn’t sit on the couch but she also knows that if strategically lays down without her paws touching, nobody minds.

Turkey Legs

Today has been ruff for sweet Leonard. I couldn’t wait to get some shut-eye, even if that means looking like a turkey on Thanksgiving, this crafty snoozer didn’t mind how weird it looked, he just wanted to nap.


There really is nothing like napping on the couch when it’s been a long day!

She Likes It

Is this sleeping good for Lady’s parent’s peace of mind, not really. Should we be concerned that it might not be comfortable? Absolutely not, Lady can often be found sleeping like this.


Her parents may worry about her but believe it or not, this is her favorite sleeping position.

Oh, Simba

Simba had a habit of finding unusual spots to sleep in, and it amazed his parents so much that they couldn’t help but take a photo of him as he rested his head on the table while he snoozed.


It sure is a good life when you’re a dog!


Based on the cool shades, this dog is an important celebrity and obviously doesn’t want to be recognized while he’s out at the park.


He was hoping his bodyguard would keep the pup-arazzi away while he caught a few winks!

Don’t Sleep Where You Eat

Sandy knows better than this, yes, she might be impatient when it comes to waiting for her food but at least she knows how to use her time waiting for her food by sleeping.


She loves her bowl so much, she doesn’t mind using it as a pillow.

Drooling on the Job

Yes, this might be cute but only if you don’t mind getting drool on your steering wheel. No one dares bother him, though, not only because he looks so peaceful but have you seen those fangs?!


He may be sleeping now but we wouldn’t want to meet him when he’s wakes up on the wrong side of the steering wheel.

How Do They Do That?

Most people would be impressed by how flexible dogs can be when they find a comfortable sleeping place. It’s as if they can paw-fectly nail any pose imaginable without even trying!


We’ve done a little bit of research and it turns out that the reason dogs are so flexible is because they have supple spines which make them extremely agile.

Stairdale Airedale

Apparently, even the stairs can be comfortable. We can’t help but wonder, is that a dog or just a misplaced carpet rug?


Of course, it’s an Airedale, with their fluffy coats though, we’re sure they get confused with household furniture even when they’re not lying like this.

Piggyback Nap

No one at the animal shelter told Annie her dog loved piggyback rides, I mean who doesn’t like a piggyback, but Annie soon realized that this is how Blue liked to fall asleep.


She’s not complaining though, in fact, she loves when Blue cuddles up to her to fall asleep.

Flop or Feat?

Sally was overcome with drowsiness and somehow flopped into the shape of a ball before falling into dreamland. It must be slightly unsettling to see your dog sleeping like this.


We like to think of Sally as a pro when it comes to flopping into a ball or is she making a feat?

Sleep Walking

After hours of playing and running around, Jenny has the tendency to doze off while trying desperately to stay awake. But when she can no longer keep her little eyes from closing she eventually falls asleep right there and then.


Those Paws

How did this little pupper manage to fall asleep with his legs straight in the air like that? He is quite paws-ibly the cutest dog on our list so far!


And look at the size of those paws, she sure is going to be a big girl one day!

Flat As a Pancake

This pupper was adamant that he wanted to sleep under the chair, and how he managed to do that was by lying flat as a pancake. He obviously wanted to expose his belly to the cool floor but we’re not sure about the chair?


Maybe he wanted a feel some sense of cover, without getting too hot?

Tail of Two Beds

These doggie parents invested in two beds: a bigger one for the big guy, and, obviously, a smaller one for the little fella.


But apparently, intent means very little to dogs, at least they can easily sleep no matter how big or small their bed is.

I’m So Tired

Here we have another yoga position, the sleeping lotus and Dino has perfected it! Just like the way, a toddler would fall asleep; Dino can also sleep anywhere and in any position.


We would say that we’re impressed but by now, we’ve seen that dogs can very flexible when it comes to sleeping.

Perfecting Diving Position

This doggo dreams of becoming an Olympic diver, literally! This is a pretty neat tuck, with his hind legs straight and his posture perfectly aligned, 10/10!


Keep on dreaming pup, you’ll get there eventually.


We wish we could relax as much as this pup, almost as much as we wish we could rub his belly! How adorable is he?!

Alamy Stock Photo

Little Bruno looks very chill for a puppy, he probably had a full day of exciting adventures and now he’s completely passed out.

Lights Out

Dogs either love riding in the car or hate it. Tina, on the other hand, seems to be confused about how to sleep on her way to the park.


Tina managed to fall asleep on the door, the best thing about this photo is the reflection!

Chubby Puppy

Puppies don’t come home with their adoptive parents already knowing how to sit. Especially if they don’t have an older dog to look up to, they are more likely to imitate their humans.


This little guy isn’t only adorable but he sits on his bum like a human too!

Good Night!

By the look of things, this pup must have had a long, hard day at work. He spent hours and hours and what does he have to show for it?


When you have four legs, it can be hard to sleep in a normal position, all those appendages need somewhere to go!

Like a Mouse

This pup loves to sit on her human’s lap and tune in for a movie every once in a while. Not only does she enjoy watching human-shows but she also enjoys sitting on humans. Sometimes, however, she’ll fall asleep like this.


We wouldn’t be surprised if this upper is part-mouse, those ears and that mouth are paw-sitively mouse-like!

It’s Hammock Time

We can’t blame anyone for wanting to curl up in a hammock, but unfortunately, nobody even helped little Benjy learn the ropes. Instead, their first impulse was to take a photo.


Let’s use this photo as a reminder that even when dogs are trying to sleep in a new spot, they might still need our help!

Hello, This is Dog

We would be delighted if we received a spontaneous visit from a friendly canine! We also noticed how he managed to stand on his two hind legs, obviously, he can’t help himself and wants to take a peek inside to see who’s coming.


Maybe he wants a cuddle or a treat or would just like to say a neighborly ‘hello.’

This Stick is Mine

This dog really, really likes sticks and he was not going to let the stairs stop him from bringing this one home! We’re all familiar with how much dogs love their sticks, for some, it’s the thrill of chasing the stick.


While others just enjoy the entertainment of chewing on wood. And some just like carrying around their catch like a prize.

Oh Dear

Looks like this little pupper was barking up the wrong fence! How did he manage to get stuck between this fence and the lining behind? Whoever was looking for him was probably surprised to find him in such an odd place, but also relieved, so they took a photo before helping him out.


We can tell the pup is also relieved, just look at that smile on his face!

Roofing Around

Guess what kind of construction are dogs like the most? Roofing. Now with that joke out the way, let’s dive right in, how did Buddy get up that high? Did he climb through a window to comfort his dog-ma? Or did he just want some fresh air on the roof and then his mama came to comfort him?


There are those who say a photo says a thousand words, but this one only raises questions.

What’s He Looking At?

Looking out the windows and watching the birds in the garden while cars drive by must be the best life any pooch could have. But some dogs have a more refined taste and instead, prefer to stare at paintings, examining every detail and element.


Perhaps he’s ‘paw-ndering’ the mysteries of life and his place on this earth, or maybe he just likes the colors.


The original saying goes, “monkey see, monkey do”, but we could easily replace “monkey” with “puppy”. This husky saw some girls doing the cartwheel, and she also wanted in on the fun.


She could definitely work on her landing but we give her an A for effort!

Looking Quite Fetching

Most dogs just like to pee on fire hydrants, but this funny fellow saw the hydrant as an opportunity to show off his incredible balancing skills.


And all we want to do is give him a round of ‘appaws,’ his poise is quite outstanding!

Poor Pupper

This little pupper still had to figure out how doors work, even though he could see through the glass, little Jack didn’t realize that the door was wide open and he could walk around to the other side.


His owners thought this to be too adorable and so do we!

Pug Life

The puggle is real! When you happen to be a pug, you might face certain hardships that other dogs don’t, like breathing easily. But this pug had to deal with a different kind of struggle.


All he wanted was some water but he was fooled by the shadow, oh my pugness, how cute is that!

Thank You So, Mush

Why bother buying your dog an expensive and plush dog bed when they would rather just hang out in the toilet? Of course, we’d prefer if they would tell us this before we spend $100 on the ergonomic cushion, made especially for dogs.


We can just imagine him saying: “Thanks for the fancy bed, but this bowl is much better.”

Come Rain or Shine

Sparky took a snooze on the back patio and then it began to rain, but, most impressively, he kept napping and didn’t mind getting a little wet from the rain. When it stopped and he got up, there was a perfect outline of his position left on the floor.


Sometimes you just need to get a proper nap, it doesn’t matter if there’s sunshine or rain!

Bone Appetit!

Dogs tend to go for spot chewy toys to keep them company but this pup befriended a brick instead. Yes, it’s surprising, but what’s more, he never grew out of this phase!


Just like dogs, we also have our quirky likes and interests that we never grow out of.

Deck the Paws!

Marco loved his first time ever out on the boat, but this fearless, life-jacket-wearing husky proved problematic for the boat’s driver, who struggled to see through his happy dog.


With his paws on the front deck, Marco felt like the king of the world.

Going Mutts!

Sniffing the bottom of the box for any leftovers proved to be this dog’s undoing: the box-headed doggo ended up quite literally box-headed.


Sometimes looking for a treat, is not such a treat.