Cats Show Their Humans Who’s Boss in These Priceless Photos Part 2

There are two kinds of people in this world — those who worship cats, and those who think they are little henchmen of the antichrist walking the earth. Both kinds, however, agree on one thing — once you let a cat into your house, the place isn’t yours anymore. The cat is the boss and you become a slave to their antics. But you already know that, because apparently you read our last article about cat bosses and couldn’t get enough. Lucky for you, we are back with part two. Enjoy!

Not Today

Sitting down to work? The triplets appear to disagree. If there were to be a more perfect spot to demand attention and just get in the way of this person’s life, it would be on the trusted laptop. It would be easier to handle if it was just one, but clearly, nothing will break this mob mentality.


The six pairs of eyes, as cute as they are, look pretty adamant about not moving. He can try, but it won’t end well.

The Receptor

Hanging out on the satellite dish is a perfect spot for some alone time especially if there are not many trees in the neighborhood. At least it looks cool. Alternatively, perhaps this cat is actually a secret agent receiving messages from beyond.


If that is the case, is he even paying attention to what’s out there? He doesn’t look too bothered, to be honest.

The Underwear Thief

A few questions spring to mind. Firstly, why this cat is drawn to sneaking strangers’ underwear out their drawers. More importantly, who is just leaving their underwear drawer open so casually and not noticing all this thievery?


It’s super nice of the neighbors to return all those undergarments though!

Total Saboteur

Don’t do it. Don’t do it. Don’t you da-. Great. This cat very wickedly taunted its human with dangling their charger in the air, and inevitably brought it crashing down to the floor. The kind of evil behavior that can only be displayed by a sneaky cat. A dog would never dream of such a thing. If a dog was there, he would eagerly run to retrieve it and bring it back to its owner. Not the kitty cat. No, no.


That cat bed definitely needs a new spot as this probably is an ongoing game.

Stress Relief

Clearly this cat was dealing with something and needed to release all its frustrations on this poor couch. Either that or she just was deeply opposed to the color. We can’t blame her. That is one ugly gray crouch that needs some serious reupholstering. With or without the rips and exposed sponge.


She now looks perfectly content with her hard work and now lies peacefully after the satisfying rage she unleashed on the awful furniture.

Dental Hygiene Is Crucial

Generally speaking, animals don’t’ have access to toothbrushes. So this cat decided to take it upon herself to change the status quo and fight for her dental hygiene rights by simply grabbing the human’s electric toothbrush and start brushing. The results are clearly hilarious as this sweet feline struggles to operate the complex activity of toothbrushing.


We are not sure if this method resulted in actual clean teeth or if it just got a kick out of those vibrating brustles.

Cat Hat Take Two

Speaking of cat hats, it looks like a trend of cats finding their way into hoods, hats, and head towels is beginning to take hold, and here is another wonderful example of such. This cozy hood is housing this very snug looking cat the human just chills.


She’s so used it by now that it doesn’t even look like a nuisance at all.

Interesting Hat

Popping out the shower and drying your hair before you head out the door can be quite the saga. Add a cat jumping up on your head, and that’s a recipe for lateness. Maybe she’s greeting ready for a date and happily keeping the guy waiting. If that’s the case, that is one helpful kitty.


The cat also looks extremely thrilled to be there. An impressive balancing act too.

This Is My New Home

Cats find the greatest spots to make themselves comfortable. This one looks like it permanently plonked itself down in some pretty basket…or wreath? Either way, this cat is transporting itself back to nature using these twigs and leaves and some imagination.


In fact, with that kind of intense expression, he kind of looks like he is silently but very explicitly communicating to the human to not disturb him.

I’ll Just Leave That There

This cat didn’t seem to worry itself much with its surroundings. Even if it happened to be in the midst of some promising looking pie dishes. We hope that dough got thrown out in the end. On the other hand, Cat Paw Pie somehow sounds like a tasty Southern dish traditionally served at Sunday dinner.


Next thing we’ll start seeing cats making pies.

Cat Food

Well, this looks kind just wrong. We hope this kitty knows the implications of sitting in a pan on top of the stove. There seems to be an awful amount of seasoning behind her. That cat better move fast.


From the look of its expression, however, he looks pretty resolute with his position.

“I Was Still Hungry”

Sorry, folks. You’re just going to have to accept that this cat now has a lifetime supply of food and is not going anywhere.


This looks like every kid’s dream, but of course, instead of cat food, we could just put candy.

Looking To The Future

Cats develop their “I couldn’t care less” attitude pretty much from birth. As you can tell, these two kittens aren’t going to budge. It also kind of looks like they might be plotting a life together and invest in some property.


It’s actually pretty adorable.

I Am Fine Right Here

Human, I don’t care what kind of responsibilities you might have. I don’t really care if you need to go to work. It’s not happening. Later that day, John was fired. Once again.


We’d be worried if he actually looked like he cared.

Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace

If this bride had any second thoughts about making a quick escape, this cat wasn’t going to let that happen. On second thoughts, it doesn’t necessarily look like he’ll let her walk down the aisle either. Guess she’ll just marry that cat. It looks like that’s what he’s going for.


They do make a lovely couple. In fact, his natural fur even looks like a fancy tux.

That’s One Cool Cat

How on earth did this happen? And how hot is it really that this cat had to crawl into the refrigerator and take over one of the shelves? This cat will be chilling for some time as they look extremely comfortable.


Or perhaps it will help itself to some cool refreshment. No one acts like a boss as this cat does. It doesn’t matter how much that mortgage is.

Cat In The Bag

Eggs, milk, bread, and cat. This is clearly what the late-night run to the corner store must have looked like.


We hope there was another bag because that cat ain’t leaving.

Wake Up Now

No, human. Who do you think you are sleeping in when you have to do give us attention?


This girl looks traumatized and will probably never get a good night’s sleep again.

The Seamstress

“Move over, human.” “You don’t need this thread.” These are probably all the thoughts that are running through this cat’s head as carelessly pull apart the thread. Oh, well. We hope not too much damage was done.


Too bad. Perhaps you were getting a cute little cat hat.

Merry Christmas, Family

This cat clearly had some strong disagreements about the state of this Christmas tree. Either they found it to be not decorated enough or maybe just too small.


Whatever the reason was, it was taken care of.

Your Throne My Lord

This kid knows not to bother kitty when he is busy lounging upon the throw that is the gaming chair. Getting a plastic chair is the sacrifice one just simply has to make.


As long as the cat is as comfy as can be.

Keeping It Refrigerated

It appears that this genius cat has been storing little slices of deli meat in the snow, using nature as a freezer. In times of hunger, it’s a great moment to retrieve the frozen meats and go to town.


This cat is outsmarting all of us.

Not In The Mood For Affection

We love cuddling our cats. But cats being cats, are not always in the mood for human touch. This cat simply stiffened dead when its owner reached out for a loving snuggle. Next time, human.


She really doesn’t seem to mind though. Perhaps she’s used to her cold cat.

That’s My Laundry!

Doing laundry is annoying enough. Is this cat’s hissing implying that mom has an extra load? Or are we disturbing its quiet place? It’s not entirely clear. It looks like those laundry hampers are going to remain untouched until cat okays it.


It does make a great looking car home, to be honest.

Plate Decoration

This sweet white cat thought he could improve the kitchen ornaments by simply becoming one of them. While he has certainly altered the arrangement, aesthetically speaking, it doesn’t look that bad.


Now, spray-painting him gold or silver might be a slight problem.

I’m Not Bothering, Am I?

We seriously hope this kitty’s owner didn’t have an important work deadline, because by the looks of it he won’t get much work done anytime soon. Cats aren’t exactly considerate when it comes to picking a spot to lay on, but this one went a little too far.


Usually, they go for the keyboard, the mouse-pad, or the edge of the computer monitor, but this one decided to spread out over his owner’s hand! Maybe this was the kitty’s way of saying “Stop working and pay attention to me you fool!”. And judging by those cute little eyes and paws, we’re sure this kitty got his way.

Nailed it!

This cat could not be more thrilled with his selfie, and why shouldn’t he be? Just look at that smile, which, to be honest, could also just be an evil look of satisfaction after he managed to scratch his owner right before this pic was taken.


That would explain why the cat seems to be laughing uncontrollably, and the guy looks like he just made the worst mistake of his life. And to be honest, trying to take a selfie with a cat probably is.

That’s It. Get the Car

We can all relate to what this cat is feeling. There are few things in life more exasperating than going to the supermarket. And once you’re there, it doesn’t really get any easier, because you have to chose what brand, what type, what color, etc. This cat had enough, so he decided to just stick his face on the floor and call it a day.


While this cat was probably sniffing something interesting he found on the floor, this hilarious photo couldn’t have been snapped at a more perfect moment.

Like a Boss

If ever there was an official pose for cats, this should definitely be it. This badass cat is chilling in what seems to be some kind of cooking pot, with his stylish sunglasses and a pretty blue collar. And he could not look any cooler.


This cat doesn’t seem to take things too seriously, and we’re loving it. We do wonder how much time passed before he went mental and threw those sunglasses straight into the ground, though.

We’re Doing This My Way

You’d think the big blue bowl would be big enough to satisfy this cat’s hunger, but no. This cat’s owners were probably so happy with the new feeding dispenser, thinking their days of refilling the food bowl for their insatiable cat were over. But this kitty was too smart for this contraption, he found the source, and he’s not settling for anything less ever again.


Maybe next time aim for a food dispenser with a lid on. A very tight lid.

The Window Dance

This cat is either under the impression he’s Michael Jackson doing the moonwalk on the windowsill, or he’s desperately trying to get in the house. And we have to give it to him, he’s a master at the art of manipulation. Just look at those begging eyes and that pleading paw against the window!


We strongly recommend the owners of this kitty open the rest of that window if they don’t feel like an entire afternoon of weird cat moves. This cat doesn’t seem to be impressed by the big, green lawn behind him, all he wants is to get back in the house and inside his favorite box. “Excuse me, but did you people confuse me with a dog?!”

Yes, How May I Help You?

“Can’t you see I’m busy with my morning stretch?” This hilarious photo is so perfectly-timed it almost looks photo-shopped. This yogi cat has the moves; not only are its legs perfectly pointing out into the air, but its paws are also stretched out flat, almost as if to keep its body in balance!


Not to mention that this fur ball picked the perfect spot for his morning routine- his owner.

The Great Escape

This cat was getting out through that window, no matter what the cost. Call it determination, call it hunger (maybe he saw a mouse in the yard), call it general cat weirdness, but this feline wasn’t going to let a small thing like spatial logic stand in its way. The real question here is, how did this cat manage to squeeze through that window and get into that position in the first place?


It almost looks as if the window was completely open and mid-way through the cat’s great escape, it just slam shut. Then again, cats have an unbelievable way of getting through insanely small and uncomfortable spaces, so the window was probably like that from the start and this cat just felt like a challenge. We hope he got to wherever he was (desperately) going.

The Silence of the Cats

We have no idea what’s going on here, or what these cats are looking at, but this is one creepy photo. It’s already unsettling when one cat intensely stares at something, but five cats staring in the same direction?! What the heck is going on in that yard?


Did someone dress up like a giant sardine? Did they all spot a mouse and decide to stalk it strategically until somebody opens one of those doors? Whatever the situation, these cats couldn’t look more coordinated (or creepy) if they tried.

How About a Little Privacy?

Talk about getting caught red-handed! We don’t know what these kitties were up to, but we sure hope it was an act of love and not just the brown cat trying to choke the white one to death. Although they both look equally sneaky.


Whatever it was, the brown cat doesn’t seem happy to have been disturbed, and the white cat’s expression could be read as either a cry for help or a “can’t you see we’re busy here?!”. If only there was a small camera that could’ve filmed them when whoever took this picture left the room and they resumed their activities.

Best Seat in the House

Cats love to curl up on the hood of cars, especially when it’s winter and the car’s radiator works as their own personal heater. While most cats will quickly get up and run away when a human approaches, this cat refused to get off and decided to go along for the ride. Either that or he fully believes he’s the cat version of Evel Knievel.


To be fair, that cat looks like he’s found the optimal position to sit in and is having a wonderful time. Or maybe he’s scared to death. Regardless, we’re sure he jumped off like Bruce Lee whenever he was good and ready.

Never Good Enough

Seasoned cat owners know that any self-respecting cat will always prefer to drink fresh water – so fresh that they usually drink straight from the faucet. This cat’s owners tried to be one step ahead and bought a small drinking fountain that always has running water, because, let’s be honest, who wants to get up 50 times a day to open the faucet for their cat?


Unfortunately, the owners’ plan failed miserably. This cat is no fool, and he knows the difference between an artificial, electrically-pumped drinking fountain, and an actual faucet. And he’s not settling for anything less.

I Swear I Didn’t Do It…

Have you ever seen a guiltier-looking cat? Because we haven’t. Maybe this kitty just sat on a pile of clean laundry that was inside that basket, or maybe its owners came home to find a disaster, but either way, it looks like he’s been caught and he can’t hide the guilt.


“What’s the matter guys? Don’t you remember that you emptied the garbage can all over the kitchen before you left?!” Yeah, nice try kitty.

Bet You Can’t Do This!

Cats are famous for their insane acrobatics – they manage to fit in tiny jars, climb crazy heights and land on their feet, etc. They’re basically tiny ninjas, but this cat took it a step further. He decided that drinking water from the faucet was way too boring, so why not do it upside-down?


As uncomfortable as this pose looks, this cat almost seems proud that he accomplished this trick. “Hey dad! I’ll bet you a can of sardines you can’t do this!”

I Thought You Were Done Eating…

It’s a known fact that cats are obsessed with boxes, and to be fair, this cat’s owners were probably planning on leaving him the empty pizza box once they were done eating. But this cat just couldn’t wait, and judging by the look on his face, he doesn’t feel one bit of remorse.


Maybe this cat’s owner was telling him off when this pic was taken, which would explain this cat’s careless expression, which seems to be saying “Oh I’m sorry, you weren’t done eating?”. Hey, at least this fur ball was considerate enough to leave three untouched slices.

Don’t Mess With Us

If we didn’t know any better we’d swear this is some kind of movie poster for “Revenge of the Kitties”. We don’t know who snapped this picture, or what they did to get stared down like this by this mother cat and her kitty, but we would advise them not to get too much closer.


This cat has definitely mastered the menacing stare-down look, and it made sure to teach it to its kitty, who would be just as frightening if he weren’t so adorably tiny.

Why is This Child in My Car Seat?

Aside from the fact that this is one of the cutest pictures in the world, this kitty’s complete lack of spacial awareness just makes this that much more perfect. We don’t know if this kitty decided he just couldn’t be away from his adorable child owner while he napped, or just managed to pick the most comfortable and cozy spot in the car, but they couldn’t look more peacefully asleep if they tried.


On the other hand, maybe this kitty refused to accept that there was a human napping on what he thought was his car seat. But hey, at least he decided to share in the end.

Cleaning is Officially Over

By now it’s pretty clear that cats are always the ones calling the shots, so why should things be any different when it comes to cleaning? This cat decided his master had spent way too much time already sweeping the house (instead of paying attention to him), and it was time to take action.


Never mind that this kitty has a perfectly comfortable cat bed right there, he decided the dust pan was good enough. Good job kitty, you got the message across AND found a comfortable place to snooze.

Better Than a Five-Star Hotel

We all know that cats are very particular, especially when it comes to food and deciding where to nap. This cat is hiding so well that, if it wasn’t for his little ear, you’d probably think it was some kind of weird, very black, exotic food on top of the paper towel pile.


But no, it is in fact, a cat that decided he was going to roll out half the paper towel roll into a nice little pile, a.k.a makeshift bed, so he could have a nice, cozy nap.

The Gravity-defying Cat

Apparently, this cat wasn’t satisfied with his regular feline abilities, so he decided he’d try to defy gravity instead. And it looks like he succeeded.


We don’t know what’s going on here – if this cat magically latched on to the knob that turns this into a pull-out couch, if there was an invisible piece of string holding him, or if he has superglue on his paws – but this is definitely an impressive sight. The real pressing question here is, what was this cat actually trying to do?

Don’t Come Any Closer!

You can tell that this cat wasn’t very happy about seeing the camera in the first place. But once it started to move towards him, he looked even more upset. His poor eyes give him the whole deer caught in the headlights look, and he genuinely looks frightened.


But no matter how crazy his facial expressions may be, he’s still pretty adorable. It’s hard to tell if his fur got any fluffier due to the fear because he’s got such a large amount of fluff already. He has to, to be able to hang out outside where it snows that much!

Don’t Even Try It

This grey tabby cat’s face is a great example of a “sour puss.” It looks like he’s been given something to eat that he’s really not a fan of. He’s trying to get the taste out of his mouth, but so far, he’s been unsuccessful, so he’s bathing to try and wipe it away instead.


Or maybe, his owner is trying to get him to eat something that he remembers being terrible from his past. In either case, he looks disgusted by whatever he’s thinking about. Give the poor cat some Gravy Train so he can get over it!

Unhand Me, Hairless Ape!

Cats are finicky about how they want to be handled. Sometimes, they’ll jump in your lap and purr and rub against you until you pet them. Then, they’ll bump your hand with their head until you start again when you stop. But God help you if you pet them for 3 seconds too long. They can go from happy to hissy in less time, and your fingers better beware!


This human broke the cardinal rule and went to pet the stomach. You never pet the stomach. Not unless you know that your kitty likes it. That’s like, one of the first rules of living with cats. Better leave the kitty alone and wait until she comes to you, instead!

Help Meow-t!

This kitty’s owners are using him to teach their other two cats an important lesson. Since they’re always running out, they decided to let this little guy stay out on this rainy day. You know how much cats love water! He’ll probably think twice about bolting out the door next time. And, so will the other two…


Although, leaving the cat outside for too long in the rain and mud could have meant bad, bad things for the furniture in the house. Hell, he could get mud all over everything – kitchen counters, beds, etc. Hopefully, they wiped his feet off when they let him back inside!

Curses, Foiled Again!

Most cats really don’t like going on car trips – unless they’ve been doing it regularly since they were a kitten and you take them somewhere that they actually want to be. Most of time, cats only end up in cars to head to the vet, and they’ve caught on to it, too. This cat has been going to the park with his human for years, hence the leash, but that’s not where he was headed today.


He got tricked into coming because he thought he was going to go chase some birds. But really, it was time for his booster shots and checkup, so into the carrier he went. He’s not going to forget this, either. Well, not until next time anyways!

But I’m The Baby!

This cat used to get all of the attention that he wanted, whenever he demanded it from his owners. But one day, they brought home this tiny human and now it gets all of the attention. Just like any jealous second sibling that’s still a child themselves, he threw a temper tantrum. “What is this thing and why is it getting my pets?”


But if the cat were any threat to the kid, they wouldn’t let him get so close in the first place. They know the kitty will warm up to his new brother over time. Let’s just hope that it’s sooner than later so he doesn’t have to bear any more teeth!

I’m Melting!

All cat owners know the joy that comes along with bathing a cat. They just love water so much! Just kidding. This cat is the poster child for all cats being put in the bath by their owners. It’s like they think the water is going to hurt them or something. It’s amazing they were even able to get this shot because you know there were claws flying all over the place!


He’s probably thinking, “Get your hands off of me, human! How dare you treat me like a child? I am 8 years old, sir, that’s like 40 in your years.” The ironic thing is, they all go bathe themselves again the moment after they charge out of the bathroom. You can almost hear the howling going on in the room, too.

Let Me Show You My Shocked Face

This picture is more questionable than it is funny. Why does the cat look so horrified? That’s not a regular expression that cats make…in any situation. It almost looks as though something is flying towards him through the air, too. Could it be that something broke right next to him and freaked him out?


Of course, maybe this cat is just an actor who’s practicing for an upcoming vacuum commercial. “That’s it, kitty, you’re scared, work it! You can’t call cut for a snack break every 5 minutes, okay? Let’s focus, here.”

Evil Eye

Whoever is behind the camera of this picture is in big, big trouble. This cat looks like he’s had enough of his owner’s shenanigans. Perhaps they’ve been following him around with a camera all day and he’s signaling that this is his last one – or else. Whatever they’ve done to make him mad, they’d better hope they’ve got a cup of salmon treats to make it right!


The key to any cat forgiving you is in the treats. But it’s easier if you just try to stay on their good side. After all, would you want this face staring at you from across your kitchen table? Okay, maybe. But not when it looks like he’s upset with you!

Chip Off the Old Block

A lot of people probably relate to the way this cat is feeling. It’s almost New Year’s, which means everyone his talking about their weight loss resolutions again. Your mom asks you if that’s yours this year, for the 20th year in a row. But rather than caving in, you head to the store to pick up a few snacks.


The cat was headed for the produce section, really, but he got distracted by the shiny Doritos bags. Let’s face it, no one really wants to eat celery over chips. Do they? Well, he obviously doesn’t.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Cats are known for being indecisive when it comes to whether or not they want to be inside or outside. They’ll dance around the door for hours if you let them, poking their head out, but half of their body remains inside. Well, this cat ended up making the wrong decision on this rainy day.


Luckily for him, this happened on a weekend rather than one of the morning’s his owners left for work. Except his fur mom wasn’t very happy with him for running out that day, so she decided to snap this pic before letting him back in the house. Hey, you made the choice, kitty! Maybe he’ll remember this the next time he feels like slipping under mom’s feet to run outside.

Get Your Paws Off That Ice Cream!

“Don’t you dare touch my Ben & Jerry’s!”. This orange kitty has had enough, it can put up with his food being served a minute late, with the water bowl not being absolutely fresh, with the dog hanging around…but someone taking his ice cream?! That’s where he draws the line! And hey, Ben & Jerry even wrote it across their ice cream tub: “Everything But the…”


This is definitely one of the best-timed photos on this list! We don’t know exactly how this one was snapped, but it turned out so perfect that it almost seems as if the owners decided to get some props (i.e. the Ben & Jerry’s tub), get them in the frame and wait for kitty to do a big yawn or meow. Whatever they did, they nailed it!

Saved Kitty

This poor cat’s home was engulfed in flames and completely destroyed in a fire. But things could be worse, because at least he made it out of there alive, thanks to the help of these brave and kindhearted firefighters. He doesn’t exactly look thrilled to be leaving his house, though. But what cat would be?


Cats don’t like change, and this fluffy little fella had been through a lot in a short period of time. And it’s not like they had time to find his carrier so that he’d be comfortable on the ride out. Hopefully, his owner was safely waiting for him by the truck with arms wide open!

Don’t Leave Me, Human!

Although cats don’t really show it quite as much as dogs do, they miss their humans when they go off to work, too. But while dogs will paw at your feet and whine for you stay, cats mostly just eye you disapprovingly from afar until you return with their dinner. Except this cat wasn’t about to let his owner leave him again for the 2nd time in the same day, so he tried something a bit extreme.


As soon as his human opened the door, he ran out and threw himself under the tire of their car and started meowing like crazy. The kitty probably wouldn’t have acted that way had he known his person was only trying to go and pick up some more cat food. Oh, the horror!

Don’t Come Any Closer or Else

This is not a happy kitty. From the looks of things, she’s actually an extremely angry feline at the moment. It makes you wonder what her owners did to make her so upset. Could it be that she got locked outside and missed lunchtime?


Whatever they’ve done, they’ve got some serious making up to do. May we suggest a stinky, salmon-y cat treat? She’ll at least forgive you for a few minutes while she’s eating it. And maybe just keep them coming.

Woe Is Me

This guy’s cat hates when he’s playing games on the computer. He threw himself on top of the keyboard and gave him the belly. Just look how dramatic he’s being about the whole thing! And since no one can resist petting the cat, he went for it. But he completely forgot that he was in the middle of a campaign when it happened – a long one.


Is the cat happy he caused his owner’s avatar to get shot so he could get his belly rubbed? Meh, he probably doesn’t care. As long as his hands are there in real life to open tuna cans, scratch his chin and refill the water, he’s content.

Does Not Compute

This cat had been an only child for most of his life, when one day, his owners graced him with the presence of this odd being. He wasn’t sure what exactly it was at first, the baby kind of resembled his mom and dad, but it was much smaller and unable to move around on its own. You can tell how confused he is by the look on his face.


What do you suppose crosses a cat’s mind when he sees a tiny human for the first time? You can probably guarantee that one of those thoughts is something like, is this going to have any time of effect on my feeding or cuddle time? Because if so, I am so not okay with this, people. Just wait until the kid starts to grow, he’ll probably be even more confused then.

How Dare You?

If you’ve ever owned cats before, you’re probably aware that when it comes to bath time – they are not big fans. Most cats will hiss and scratch until the cows come home when you put them in the tub. After all, cats are capable of bathing themselves, so unless they’ve gotten into something and are especially dirty or have gotten fleas and need a flea bath, it isn’t necessary to bathe them.


This poor kitty tipped the trash over and got covered in chocolate syrup, so it was into the tub with him. But even though he may have needed the bath time, he was not happy about the entire situation. His face says, “if you ever do this again, I’m going to tear your favorite sweater into bits and pieces with my claws.”

Tearing It Up

Sometimes, a cat just has to let out some steam by attacking something. In the worst-case scenario, it means watch your back (or your toes.) In the best-case scenario, it means that your cat’s actually going to use their scratching post for scratching, rather than your couch and reclining chair!


This cat’s human bought him this little gem after their furniture was torn to shreds when they’d leave him alone during the day. Finally, they got wise and bought a scratching post. So even if it seems like he’s stressed out, at least he’s taking it out properly!

Up, Up and Into the Door

This cat’s owners didn’t open the sliding glass doors for her at the moment that she first appeared in front of them. So, she decided to try something to get their attention. She got a running start and flung herself into the screen. Then, she latched on with her claws and meowed until someone came and found her. It probably didn’t take very long!


At least her owners found her in time, because just a few minutes later and she may have gotten hurt. Plus, her claws would have torn through the screen. But hey, mission accomplished, kitty!

Disco Dancing

Look at this cat go! He’s not only dancing on top of the table, he’s actually standing on a plate and using it as a platform. Maybe the Meow Mix commercial came on and he’s so excited he just couldn’t contain himself.


This guy was probably trying to catch a moth that had flown in and was circling the light. But it’s awesome that he looks like he’s dancing. You go, groovy disco kitty, get your groove on!

I’ve Seen Some Things, Man

This cat has been through it, all of it, and then back through it a few more times again. He’s trying to process all of the barking, the bathing and his humans ignoring him when he craves attention at 3 am every morning. He’s not going back there. He’ll do whatever it takes to avoid that situation – until dinner time, of course.


He’s just going to rough it out here in the park for the next couple of hours. No matter all of the dogs roaming around, he’s going to take his chances. He’s a strong, independent cat after all.

Holding Hands

Life in the animal shelter can be tough on a cat. They ‘re very territorial creatures, so they don’t like being so close to so many other cats that they didn’t grow up with. But sometimes, they hit it off with each other and make friends. These two cats have obviously started playing to keep each other company.


Let’s hope the people working there tried to get people to adopt them as a package deal! Animals are capable of forming bonds just like humans, so it would be just like you and your best friend growing up together in the same neighborhood. Or maybe that was just a sweet “goodbye” fist bump because one of them had been adopted that day. We’re sure they’re fine either way, considering how adorable they both are!

Let’s Get It!

These two cat siblings were on a mission to catch a moth that had flown in through an open door. It teased them and taunted them, flying around near the ceiling lights. The closest they could get to their prey was by standing on this chair, so they did. They stood there and watched and waited. And the expression on the cat on the right’s face tells you how excited he was about catching it.


They probably got bored and gave up not long after. After all, cats never catch the bugs when you want them to. They’re great at catching things when you don’t, though!

Click, Click, Flash

Cats are notorious for disapproving of people with a stern glance. Sometimes, from across a room and other times, it’s your neighbor’s cat looking at you through your sliding glass door. But this cat had a good reason to be upset with his person – she took him in the car – and he did not look happy.


The dog looks ecstatic to be going along for a car ride, but the cat, not so much. If looks could kill, we’d all probably be dead from looking at this picture. This cat should get an award for the most piercing cat stare in the world.

No, Thank You Very Much

This cat’s sneer says that she sees something she wants absolutely nothing to do with. It’s almost reminiscent of a young woman in a bar being offered a drink by some creepy guy that’s been hitting on her all night long. She doesn’t want your drink, buddy, back off! Just because she’s wearing a little pink heart necklace doesn’t mean it’s okay for you to invade her personal space.


Maybe the neighbor’s dog got into her yard again. This kitty obviously isn’t amused, and she’s not afraid to show it. Hopefully, the dog’s feelings weren’t hurt too badly by the icy cold glare, but hey, he should have stayed in his own yard!

Blair Witch Kitty

Even if you haven’t seen The Blair Witch Project yourself, you’ve probably seen all of the commercials, or a parody of it. And, even if you haven’t – this cat has, because he’s decided to reenact the creepy face-in-corner scene. And actually, those are some pretty good acting skills!


Maybe he’s messing with his humans to get back at them for combing him earlier. After all, he knows how terrified they are of the film – they all watched it together. Brace for the jump scare, people!

Help! I’m Stuck!

Sometimes cats like to squeeze themselves into tiny spaces. Okay, cats like to squeeze themselves into tiny spaces all of the time. Today, this little girl happened to stumble upon the wastebasket and thought, “that looks comfortable!”


She wasn’t planning on getting stuck, though, and she wasn’t very happy when it started to roll. Finally, she threw in the towel and decided to take a nap. She knew her owner would come to the rescue sooner or later. And she was right, but before she was rescued, they made sure to snap this photo!

Dreaming of Fish

It’s kind of amazing that this cat fell asleep at the foot of the bed when they usually try to be right on the pillow. But, he did, and it looks like he’s having some pretty great dreams. The way his claws are outstretched makes it seem like he’s dreaming of being on the hunt.


They probably took this pic in the nick of time, because chances are that if he rolled over, he fell off of the bed and woke himself up. But look how adorable those little toes, even if he does think he’s using them to murder something on occasion.

You Did What?!

Never has any living being been as shocked as this kitty. Perhaps her owner is just breaking the news that they made an appointment for the vet, or even worse, they decided to adopt a dog.


This fluffy cat can’t believe her ears, and it seems she’s having a tough time accepting the news, whatever it is. We suspect this is going to take some pretty fancy treats to fix.

Let’s Ride, Homies

Could this picture be any more perfect? Between the dog’s face and the cat’s face, it looks like a scene straight out of the most awesome animal saves the day film in the history of entertainment. Where could this trio possibly be going, and why do they look so shocked about it? Well, the cat looks shocked, the dog looks more like he’s being slightly inconvenienced.


Maybe their fur father is taking them for a trip to the vet, which would explain the sour faces. It makes it even funnier that the guy has basically the same expression as his dog, too. The cat looks like his eyes are about to pop out of his head, though.

I Can’t Go on Like This

Sometimes, a cat’s life is just way too stressful. They only got 16 hours of sleep, instead of their full 18, the food dish wasn’t full to the brim and the dog kept chasing them around the living room. This cat had enough the day this picture was taken.


To confuse the dog and avoid having to run around any circles or jump on countertops to get away, he decided to try and outsmart his canine counterpart by playing dead. It worked, because the dog got bored without the cat running away and gave up. Plus, he fell asleep like that and made up for those 2 extra hours.

I Won’t Let Go!

This cat looks like she’s having a bad day. All she wanted to do was sleep soundly and in peace, curled up in a little ball on the top of the couch. But when her owner came through the front door and scared her, she fell off the back and was left grasping on for dear life…okay, or so she thought.


The entire scene is very reminiscent of the infamous ‘Titanic’ scene where Jack is clutching onto the floating debris after the ship has sunk. With how dramatic the cat is being, you’d think she was in a similar situation. Two minutes later, the owner unhooked her claws and she fell an entire 6 inches to the floor! What a tragedy, the poor thing…

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