All You Need To Know About Bull Dogs

Bulldogs are very loyal and sweet companion dogs. It is impossible not to fall in love with this type of dog. Read below to find some information on the type that suites you if you are in the market for one of these endearingly thick sweethearts.


Different Types Of Bulldogs

The bulldog breed is a member of the bull breed family. Although here we are talking about English Bulldogs and not French Bulldogs. These are two different breeds. The French bulldogs are tiny versions of the English bulldog. American bulldogs and boxers also fall in this breed category.

Breed History

The English bulldogs are non- sporting canines. These dogs were originally bred for bull-baiting which is a horrible practice in medieval Europe. This process involves forcing the dogs to taunt and bite bulls. In the recent world bulldogs have been bred to be gentler, kinder and more playful pups. Although they still resemble their ancestors physically and some of their ancestors behaviors still seeps out sometimes.


Some of the bulldogs nasty behavior include aggression and stubbornness. Weaning bulldogs of their food sometimes is the best because they can be super territorial on their food sometimes. Also for some parts, they are known for their friendliness, chill factor and loyalty. Bulldogs can spend the entire day snoozing on a chaise but don’t be surprised when they start playing hard. These dogs also chew like it is their job, so make sure you do not keep any shoes around them.


The adult bulldog grows up to 15 inches tall and also weigh between 40-50 pounds. The female bulldogs are usually smaller than the male by 10 pounds.

Notable Features

The English bulldogs have a short glossy coat that come in different colors. They also have small furrowed brows, floppy ears and loose skin that are hanging all over their jaws. They also have cute little noses. They are estimated to only live between eight to ten years.


Bulldogs needs to be trained early because they are naturally stubborn. You have to be consistent and firm with your training, otherwise their natural stubbornness will catch up to them. It is very important to train your bulldog to eat ice cubes during hot weather, and it can help them keep cool, and ease breathing problems.



Bulldogs also run the risk of becoming overweight just like other types of dogs. You need to feed them enough to maintain their thick body and make sure you do not over do it.


The English bulldogs cost between 1000 to 4000 dollars. Before purchasing any bulldog, ensure the breeder follows the BCA’s Breeder Code of Ethics and also make sure they practice healthy humane breeding. One major reason why bulldogs are expensive is because of their mating and birth processes are usually complicated.

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