So Wrong It’s Right: Good Wildlife Photos, Bad Timing

Both professional photographers and total amateurs take a bad picture from time-to-time. While most poor photos elicit a sigh of frustration and end up in the garbage bin, others are diamonds in the rough. Certain bad photos manage to capture utterly ridiculous moments you’d never catch if you were looking to take the perfect pic.
crap wildlife photography
crap wildlife photography
Thankfully, there’s a place for all those bad photos to find a home—the Cr*p Wildlife Photography Facebook community. Take a look below at some terrible wildlife photos taken by the group’s 320K members that are so bad, they’re actually good.

Swirling Slug

Ever feel like you’re just going around and around in circles? This slug definitely does. Rather than walking in a straight line, the slug decided to give in to the loopy feeling and swirl itself slowly across the pavement.

crap wildlife photography

On the positive side, one photographer caught the entire episode on camera. While he may not have been around for the slug’s odd antics, he caught the aftermath. Poor slug—he must really be going through something.

A Nearly Magical Photo

Magpies are the worst! This photographer had a chance at a truly amazing photo. As you can see, his focus is perfect on the predator right in front of him. The picture is clear and the animal is, fortunately, staring right in his direction.

crap wildlife photography

Sadly, it just wasn’t meant to be. Rather than the perfect photo, this photographer ended up with a blurry magpie splashed across the frame. How could that bird ruin something so perfect?

Total Exhaustion

This year has been so difficult it’s enough to make anyone want to give up, even squirrels.

crap wildlife photography

The squirrel in this photo looks so exhausted with life. Nothing matters anymore, so it might as well lay in the tree and pout. Not to worry, the squirrel quickly got up and returned to climbing the tree after this photo was taken. She just needed a short rest to process the many difficulties 2020 continues to throw at all of us.

Bottoms Up

This photographer hoped to capture a nice picture of a duck for a university assignment. Unfortunately, his timing was a little off. While the duck was originally sitting in the water looking graceful and ready for a close-up, it changed positions quickly as soon as the photographer took the shot.

crap wildlife photography

We can only guess that this feathered friend saw a yummy treat swimming in the water underneath. Unfortunately (or fortunately), this ill-timed snack break made for quite a funny photo for the unsuspecting amateur photographer.

Whistling Squirrel

On the surface, this looks like a normal photo of a squirrel. It’s standing on its hind legs, but it doesn’t look particularly strange or alarming.

crap wildlife photography

Apparently, it wasn’t what the squirrel looked like, but what it sounded like that encouraged the photographer to post this on the Cr*p Wildlife Photography Facebook page. As the photographer walked by, he could hear the squirrel whistling! If only we could hear sound through a photo.

Too Slow

This photographer finally met his match: a quick-moving animal who just wouldn’t stay in the frame. When this frog landed near the photographer, the man quickly whipped out his trusty camera and tried to snap a picture.

crap wildlife photography

Unfortunately, every time the cameraman hit the button, the frog jumped out of the frame. He was left with a photo featuring a pattern of frog legs smeared across a glass surface, but only the backend of the actual frog made it into the picture.

The Ascension

This fish is keen on getting a chance in front of the camera. Rather than letting a photographer snap a picture of still water, this fish decided to poke its head up through the waves, stealing the shot.

crap wildlife photography

Considering it can’t breathe in the open air, we’re not sure if this was the smartest decision for this aquatic animal. You can almost see the fear in its eyes as it struggles to stay posed for the perfect picture. Thankfully, it was able to sink back to the safety of the water post-picture.

Camera-Shy Duck

Ducks really don’t like getting their picture taken. What’s better than one duck going bottoms-up at the perfect moment? This cameraman taking a shot of a whole pack of ducks who decided to dive at the exact same time!

crap wildlife photography

On the one hand, the photographer’s shot was ruined. On the other hand, capturing every single duck diving at the same time is pretty lucky. It’s not the picture he wanted, but it’s still a cool photo.

Two Photobombers at One Time

This is actually quite a cool photo of a deer. If only that were what the photographer wanted to take a picture of.

crap wildlife photography

This cameraman wanted to snap a photo of a chipmunk for a friend who had never seen one. Just as he hit the button, however, a deer stepped into the shot. Not only that, but a rabbit also hopped into the frame. With those two animals snatching the attention, you can barely see the outline of a small chipmunk in the background. At least it’s the thought that counts?

Clumsy Pelican

This photographer actually had the opportunity for an amazing photo. He was close enough to capture the grace and elegance of the pelicans landing near the water. Unfortunately, things didn’t go quite according to plan.

crap wildlife photography

Instead of a graceful landing, this pelican slipped when it landed on the rock. As it struggled to get its footing, it faceplanted into the hard surface just as the photographer snapped the picture. It’s an embarrassing moment for the pelican, but it resulted in a hilariously fantastic photo.

The Picture of a Lifetime (Almost)

Some photographers take bad wildlife photos simply because they snap the pic at the wrong moment. Others, however, end up with terrible photos because they genuinely have no idea how to work a camera. That’s definitely what happened to this photographer.

crap wildlife photography

While out in nature, this wolf stepped close enough to provide the photographer with the pic of a lifetime, if only he knew how to work the camera. Instead of focusing on the wolf, the photographer focused on the background, creating a blurry, wolf-shaped blob.

Quick Fertilization

When you see a group of deer hanging out on a lawn, you have to take a picture. But you should be aware of what’s going on in the background or you might end up with a photo that’s more funny than majestic.

crap wildlife photography

This photographer managed to capture a deer family grazing on a nearby field. Looking at the photo, however, he realized that the angle made it look like the deer was the one watering the field, rather than the sprinkler behind it. On the positive side, that will probably infuse the grass with tons of fertilizer!

Diving or Flying?

This photographer almost snapped a really cool pic, Unfortunately, he hit the button just a minute too late (or too early). This bird was prepping for an airborne takeoff, but it looks like it’s diving right into the water instead.

crap wildlife photography

Of course, its form is something to be admired. Look at those pointed feet! Olympic divers would likely be jealous of this graceful bird. Too bad it belongs is in the air.

Lighting Matters

Focus isn’t the only thing that matters when snapping the perfect wildlife shot. Photographers also have to adjust the lighting of their lens to create the perfect photo. But be careful — play with the lighting too much and you’ll end up with a washed-out picture, just like this one.

crap wildlife photography

What was supposed to be a sweet picture of ducks ended up as a mostly white photo filled with a few duck-shaped splotches. Adjust the lighting before taking a picture—it’s more important than you think.

Sims For Deers

Anyone who has ever played The Sims will immediately understand why this picture is so funny. In the game, characters appear with a diamond above their heads. Well, it looks like The Sims decided to make an appearance in the real world in the form of this deer.

crap wildlife photography

While we’re not sure exactly where this diamond came from, it makes the deer look video-game ready. Is it possible that The Sims are coming to life?

Crouching Photographer, Hidden Frog

Animals can hide anywhere, even in the belly of a plant. While checking out a garden, this photographer came across what looks like a frog sitting very comfortably. It was nestled inside this plant, and it doesn’t look like it’s planning on leaving anytime soon.

crap wildlife photography

Even if the frog did want to leave, it might struggle to get out. At this point, it looks like it’s becoming one with the plant. On the positive side, it does seem content.

An Overly-Friendly Bear

If you live in a mountainous area, seeing bears in your backyard isn’t that abnormal. While it’s always a little unnerving to see a wild animal wandering around your home, bears actually look pretty cute…when they’re far away.

crap wildlife photography

While this bear initially allowed a nearby family to snap pictures from a distance, it decided that it wanted to get a little closer to its new friends. But a bear running full-speed up the stairs of their deck certainly wasn’t this family’s idea of fun.

Angry Magpie

Magpies are genuinely terrifying birds. During mating season, they have a habit of swooping down on unsuspecting humans enjoying the outdoors. If that has never happened to you, trust us when we say it’s completely terrifying.

crap wildlife photography

Knowing that magpies are somewhat aggressive makes this picture all the more terrifying. The bird looks ready to attack at any moment. Don’t take a wrong step, or this magpie will be coming to get you.


This thing that looks like a huge broken umbrella caught in a tree, is actually a sleeping bat. Those huge bats are called golden-crowned flying foxes.

crap wildlife photography

They live in the Philippines, where they feed on fruit — nothing Dracula-esque here. While they aren’t exactly human-sized, they are the biggest of their kind and have a wingspan that can reach up to 5.5 ft.

Lunch Break

This owl picture is properly focused and snapped at the right moment. Unfortunately, it’s also a little gloomy. How old is this owl? It looks like it’s been through some tough times in its life.

crap wildlife photography

Still, the photographer managed to capture a clear photo of this feathered friend. You can even see the worm hanging from its mouth as it chows down on its lunch. That’s more than most photographers can say in the Cr*p Wildlife Photography Facebook page.

What Is That?

Once again, taking pictures of things in water doesn’t always go well. When this carp popped up to say hello, a photographer tried to snap a photo of the aquatic creature.

crap wildlife photography

Unfortunately, the photo didn’t turn out quite right. Instead of a nice picture of a carp, the lens only caught some sort of pink tube sticking out of the water. It’s not exactly visually appealing.

Blotchy Bumble

This photographer decided to take a little time to appreciate the outdoors by snapping pictures of a garden. While many of the pictures looked lovely, the photographer was confused by the large black blotch on the white car.

crap wildlife photography

Upon further investigation, the shutterbug realized that it wasn’t a blotch at all – it was a huge bumblebee! While the picture is mostly of the bee’s backside, you can see just a small hint of its yellow stripes. We’re really hoping it’s just the perspective of the picture that makes this bee look gigantic.

A Perfect Pun

We only have one question regarding this photo: Why would someone think this is a bad picture? This is amazing!

crap wildlife photography

We love a good pun, and it’s doesn’t get much better than this. Not only did the photographer manage to make a joke of the situation, but they also got a pretty cool photo of a spider hiding under their keyboard. We wouldn’t consider this bad photography, but we’re grateful it was posted on the page, nonetheless.

Preaching to the Choir

All we can say about this photo is that something very strange is going on here. The photo was titled “preaching to the choir” by the photographer who posted it on Facebook, and we certainly think that’s an appropriate name.

crap wildlife photography

What advice is this feathery creature trying to impart to these small, shelled friends? It certainly looks frantic to tell them something rather important. We just wish we knew what it was.

Evil Eye

Animals are surprising in their ability to let humans around them know exactly how they’re feeling. This bird, for example, is not happy.

crap wildlife photography

Perhaps the feathered friend wanted to come inside to spend some time with the humans. Maybe it was looking for food and its human friends didn’t meet its demands. Either way, it looks quite put out. With that kind of evil eye, we’re almost intimidated enough to give it anything it wants.

Caribou’s Bad Photo

Anyone able to snap a picture of the majestic caribou should be proud of their accomplishment. But this photographer should be especially proud of her photo of this woodland creature.

crap wildlife photography

Rather than a dignified animal, this caribou looks like most of us when our picture is snapped without warning. It didn’t have a chance to pose and ended up with his tongue out and a dumb expression on its face. We totally know the feeling. Thankfully, the bad photo will now live on forever across the Internet.

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a…Fish?

This photographer decided to take a few pictures of the great outdoors. He stepped outside and aimed his camera at the sky, hoping to capture a few shots of the birds flying overhead. Instead, he took a picture of something he never expected to see: a fish.

crap wildlife photography

At first glance, this flying object does look like a fish. Upon closer inspection, however, we can see that it’s actually just a bird flying with its wings pulled into its side. Still, a flying fish would have been pretty cool.

Up Close and Personal

Bugs don’t look so scary when you’re looking at them from a normal perspective. After all, they’re just small creatures with few identifiable features. This photographer, however, decided to terrify everyone by taking an up-close picture of a moth.

crap wildlife photography

Rather than a sort of annoying pest, the moth up close looks like a creature ready to kill. The large eyes combined with the fluffy body makes this insect look incredibly intimidating. We’d rather look at our moths from a distance, please and thank you.

Will Dance for Ants

Even animals need to have their own little dance party once in a while. This anteater put on a show for tourists when it danced a little jig in Costa Rica. Maybe it was hoping that, if it busted out the best moves, it might get some yummy ants in return.

crap wildlife photography

While we’re not sure if the anteater was rewarded, it certainly showed some skill. Its next stop should be a nightclub. We’re sure it’d create quite a ruckus busting out those moves on the dance floor.

Hawks on a Trampoline

You’ve seen plenty of home videos of dogs jumping on their family trampoline. But have you ever seen hawks playing inside the bouncy contraption? We can guess the answer is probably no.

crap wildlife photography

Well, now you have. These hawks wanted to have a little fun, and they chose this family’s trampoline for their party. Someone should remind them that double bouncing is dangerous!

Crazy Squirrel

Squirrels look cute and fluffy, but they’re definitely not the creature you want to cuddle and hold. They might look sweet on the outside, but most squirrels are totally crazy.

crap wildlife photography

Take this squirrel, for example. We’re not sure what happened at this bird feeder, but it made the squirrel totally lose its marbles. It’s attacking a chipmunk, it’s attacking a rabbit, even the birds look terrified to come near her! It truly looks like some kind of animal soap opera. If only we knew the full story.

Unidentified Object

Bad wildlife photos are funny, but they’re even more hilarious when the photographer doesn’t realize just how bad the photo is. That’s exactly what’s happening in this blurry pic.

crap wildlife photography

This snapshot was sent to someone who owns a nature store. Rather than acknowledging that the blob against the sky is hardly visible, the photographer asked the woman to identify the bird in the picture. Unsurprisingly, the nature store owner wasn’t able to give the cameraman a satisfying answer.

A Bad Habit

Even a raccoon has to get its fix! While digging in a dumpster for a meal, this raccoon decided to take a drag from a nearby cigarette.

crap wildlife photography

There’s nothing like a little nicotine in your lungs to dull the pain of searching for food. We totally understand this raccoon. We just hope it knows that smoking kills. Keep this bad habit under control, buddy!

It’s an Owl

This picture looks like absolutely nothing. In fact, it looks like the kind of picture you get when you accidentally put your hand over the camera lens. But according to the photographer, the picture is much more than that.

crap wildlife photography

This photo apparently depicts an owl. Can’t you see its eyes shining in the dark? The eyes are hardly visible, which means the rest of the owl certainly can’t be seen. This cameraman did his best but unfortunately ended up with a total fail.

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