These Are The 5 Smartest Animals On The Planet

Yes, humans are pretty smart, but we’re not the only intelligent creatures out there. Research shows that animals are far smarter than most people think. Primates use tools like sticks to feed themselves, and birds can be incredibly innovative when it comes to building nests. These are examples of high levels of cognitive abilities. Even tiny instincts in groups can solve difficult problems. Here are some examples of animals that are really intelligent.


Ravens are more than spooky symbols in scary movies. According to researchers in Canada and Scotland, these birds are extremely resourceful multi-taskers. They have a strong grasp on logic and understanding of their surroundings. In fact, their level of intelligence might comparable to, if not better than certain apes.


Humans don’t completely know how smart rats actually are. As pesty carriers of diseases, they’ve have gotten a bad rap over the years, but these creatures can actually be trained in the same way dogs can. They can fetch and even roll-over.  According to countless scientific studies over the years, rats can solve complex problems and navigate their way through elaborate mazes with the reward of food.


Contrary to popular belief, cats are might not be the smartest domesticated animals in teh world. It’s actually pigs. Researchers have discovered through various methods that pigs can even deceive other pigs so that they can get more food. They also recognize themselves in mirrors and can learn all types of tricks ranging all fro learning from video games.



This one might be less of a surprise to you, as dolphins are known to be highly intelligent creatures. Did you know they can even recognize themselves in a mirror? Their brains are structured in a way that they that gives them a huge capacity for emotion and might even be more complex than humans, According Lori Marino, a marine expert from Emory University, dolphins brains are larger than any other animals (relative to the size of their bodies), except for humans.


Like many other primates, bonobos can learn human sign langue to express themselves. As a cousin to the common chimp, the bonobo shares those intelligent qualities. A famous bonobo named Kanzi from central Africa learned how to communicate with lexigrams on a keyboard after watching videos of Koko the Gorilla. It is said that the bonobo has better cognitive abilities that a human toddler.