Animals You Shouldn’t Keep As Pets

So many animals look very cute and feel really cuddly, but not all of them are advisable pets. Especially these days that keeping some wild animals have been made legal, one might just take the wrong turn in getting a pet to keep by choosing one of these animals as pets. Below are a few of them and why they are not fit for keeping.

PRIMATES – This are animals like baboons and chimpanzees. Quite a lot of people keep them as pets but that does not make them good to keep. These animals may seem to be cuddly and to be substitutes for human babies, but they are not would never be. They may act like kids but they do not have the same attributes like children. They could run away anytime because they do not have the same moral values as humans. The most important part is that they can bite their owners and pass diseases such as hepatitis and HIV to the bitten person. That is definitely not a thing to risk.


 SNAKES – Snakes, especially venomous snakes are the most dangerous animals on earth. They may have beautiful skin and a fashionable style of moving, but they are not less harmful at their most beautiful. However, a single bite from a cobra can cause a very great pain and even blindness. Some venomous snakes can even kill very quickly with just one bite when there is no anti-venom to help the victim immediately.


BEARS – The size of a bear is alone to scare any human. A bear’s weighted is estimated to be averagely 1500 pounds when it’s full grown. However, it is undeniable that they look really cuddly and a lot of Teddy bears look like them. You must know that a swift blow from a Bears’ paw can kill you and they can also kick and kill kids without regret or any means or restoration. Little bear cubs may be perfect pets, but they don’t stay little forever.


 BIG CATS – This includes Lions, Tigers, Leopards, Cougars and other wild cats. People keep these animals as pets, mostly from their cub stages. These animals are wild, they eat flesh and blood. They have sharp claws, sharp teeth, huge bodies and strong bones. Many people recommend declawing the animals to make them safe, but declawing big cats is never easy, because for them their claws are attached to their toe bones. The removal will at least make walking difficult for them or even paralyze them. Removing their teeth does not make them safe, because the rough biting and wrangling they do with their jaws can also kill. They are dangerous and unpredictable, which makes them unfit to be kept as pets.

It might be very cool to keep unusual or uncommon animals as pets, but would you rather be cool at the expense of your life? Animals or things that pose the slightest threat to a human life should be avoided and dealt with, employing every sense of carefulness.