The Benefits of Doga For You and Your Dog

Have you ever thought of doing yoga with your dog? They even have a name for it – it’s called Doga. And as it turns out there are some pretty decent reasons for pet owners to try it.

What is Doga?

Doga is an emerging trend that combines yoga and dogs. It can be much more fun than doing yoga by yourself and it’s a great way to get some exercise for you and your pooch! Even though dogs can’t do most of the normal yoga poses, they will enjoy the stretching, some aspects of pet massage. A little yoga might be your best bet for maintaining some semblance of flexibility. However, owners should be mindful of their dogs and try to watch their body language. If your dog doesn’t seem interested, or if your pooch is trying to pull away or starts squirming, it’s time to stop. Here are some benefits for you and your dog!

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While scientific studies have proved yoga’s benefits for humans, there isn’t much research about Doga’s benefits for dogs. Except for this one. Doga is a fantastic way to bond with your dog, especially when you do assisted poses in which you and your canine work together as partners. This can help your dog learn how to trust you and strengthen your relationship. When you improve the bond you have with your dog, you also improve the potential for their behavior correction and training. Doga requires relaxation and deep focus from both parties, which can only help the bond grow, becoming deeper and more authentic over time.

Health Benefits

Even though Doga’s health benefits are not backed by research, Doga is still a form of exercise for both you and your pup. If your dog is out of shape or overweight, yoga can be a good way to get a bit of much-needed exercise. It can help them build muscle and lose fat if you practice it regularly. Any type of physical activity helps with blood circulation, and Doga is not an exception. Doga usually appeals to a dog’s instinct to stretch, which can improve their flexibility and range of motion. Regular exercise and massage can also help prevent arthritis and ACL injuries when your dog becomes older. Doga can also be beneficial to dogs with hip dysplasia or similar pain issues that occur with aging. Injured dogs (depending on the type of injury) can also benefit from Doga. Dogs recovering from an injury or accident can get significant pain relief through gentle stretching, which relieves muscle tension. It can also help them rebuild their strength, whether they lost it due to aging or an injury.



Doga is a great way for you to meet some new people, hang out with other dog owners and socialize. This is especially true if you are not a big fan of crowded, loud dog parks. It will give you a great reason to get out of the house and maybe make some new friends. Considering that there aren’t many places for dog owners to socialize outside of dog parks, Doga truly offers a unique and new experience for you and your dog. And let’s be honest, the next time you see your pup get extremely excited when you tell them, “You ready to go to Doga?” it will help you get off the couch yourself and get to the class instead of skipping it!