The Incredible Benefits of Forest Bathing

Imagine this – You’ve had a long and stressful day at work, your commute home took eons, and you’re not even in the mood to talk to your loved ones. You feel defeated and deflated. Now imagine that instead of going back home to soak in your misery, you’d actually go outside to soak in nature. This practice is called Forest Bathing. It isn’t hard to do and it is guaranteed to make you feel much better – Would you wanna try it? If so, keep reading.

What is Forest Bathing?

Shinrin-Yoku in Japanese or, Forest Bathing in English, is a known practice in Japan. Shinrin-Yoku entails going to a forest and taking in its atmosphere. To do that, you should use all of your senses in order to become fully immersed in nature. This practice should make you feel amazing. The best part about it is, that unlike hiking or jogging it doesn’t require moving too much. All it requires is for you to simply be, in nature. Being in nature means trying to listen to different birds, looking at the different shades of green, and smelling that particular woodsy smell. You will found that this will have a powerful effect on you, making you feel less broody and more relaxed. If you don’t have a forest near you, that’s ok. Simply going to a nearby park or garden can do the trick, just find a place with tall trees.

What are the benefits of forest bathing?

According to research, most Americans spend 93% of their time indoors. The good news is that even two hours of forest bathing a week can benefit you greatly. Many different studies show that this traditional Japanese practice has significant health benefits. But what are the wellness advantages that come with the peculiar custom of tree-showering?

Less stress

Professors in Japan have been looking into the benefits of  Shinrin-Yoku since 2004. They have compared walking in urban spaces to walking in majestic forests. The shocking results show that walking in nature, unlike walking in the city, decreases cortisol, the stress hormone in our bodies, by 12 percent. Those who participated in the study have also stated that they experienced less anxiety and that their overall mood has improved.

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Immune system Boost

When in nature, remember to take deep breaths. Both trees and plants emit Volatile organic compounds, which we breathe while we’re chilling in the forest. When we breathe them in, they increase the activity of the Natural Killer cells in our bodies. These cells are known to assist in combating illness. So, come on, find the nearest green spot and start bathing, we guarantee you won’t regret it!