The Most Popular Sports in Alaska

There are many popular sports in Alaska to enjoy participating in or watching. Today we’re featuring some of the most popular sports in Alaska to help you understand more about the lifestyle of those who call Alaska their home.


Now, this is an interesting sport that’s quite popular in Alaska. You get to ride up in a helicopter to the top of a snowy slope with friends and some skis to be dropped off and ski downhill. This is a pretty fun sport for those who are expert skiers and perhaps thrill-seekers to enjoy in Alaska.

Ice Climbing

This sport involves climbing glaciers and other ice formations. Alaska has a lot of places where you can enjoy ice climbing and it is among some of the most popular sports in Alaska. Some of these places are from waterfalls that have frozen while other locations are old glaciers.

Bore Tide Surfing

Are you sensing a theme here? Everything in Alaska thus far for popular sports seems to involve water, either frozen or not. Bore Tide Surfing is another fabulous sport that people enjoy partaking in while they’re visiting Alaska.

Mountain Climbing

Alaska provides some of the best terrains for avid mountain climbers. Enjoy the beautiful views and multiple mountain options for climbing with your friends while you vacation in Alaska this year. Just don’t forget to bring the gear. It’s not easy to find stores in some mountainous parts of this region.

Dog Mushing

This sport is also known as dog sledding. You can witness the many dog sleds in the area where you can see dog mushing races and dogs doing what they love doing best; work! Many Alaskans have won Olympic Medals in the dog mushing industry.

If all else fails you can always opt to take a guided snow machine tour of Alaska when you’re out there visiting this large state in the United States. There are many options to enjoy sports and leisure fun in Alaska. We hope that this list has helped inspired you to enjoy some of the many things that the great state of Alaska has to offer you.

These are just some of the most popular sports in Alaska that you can enjoy when you’re vacationing in this state or live here! Don’t forget how many other amazing sports people in Alaska enjoy, the list is rather endless.