These Celebrity Doppelgängers Will Change Your Mind About Time Travel

From world leaders to well-known intellectuals from the past, these historic figures may have come back to life in the form of our favorite Hollywood A-listers. These similarities are so scarily uncanny that it will even get you to question the possibility of reincarnation or even time travel!

Alamy Stock Photo
Alamy Stock Photo

Take a look at these side by side images and see how indistinguishable celebs are from their look-alikes.

Keanu Reeves and French Actor Paul Mounet Reeves’

Net Worth: $360 Million Reeves’

Occupation: Actor

Mounet’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): Unknown

Mounet’s Occupation: Doctor/Actor

John Wick actor Keanu Reeves is well-known for his ageless appearance, sparking numerous conspiracy theories labeling him a time traveler. There’s even a website dedicated to the rumors, Perhaps the actor’s time-traveling abilities helped him earn the role of Ted in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, kickstarting his career in Hollywood.

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One of Reeves’ known doppelgängers is the French actor, Paul Mounet. Prior to becoming an actor, Mounet studied to become a medical doctor and didn’t make his debut on stage until 1880 at the age of 33. He even played Hamlet in Shakespeare’s play of the same name who, ironically, Reeves also portrayed in 1995 at the Manitoba Theatre Centre in Winnipeg. It’s up to you to decide if this is all just a coincidence or proof of time travel!

Sylvester Stallone and Character in 1511 Painting by Raphael, “The Cardinal and Theological Virtues”

Stallone’s Net Worth: $400 Million

Stallone’s Occupation: Actor/Director

Doppelgänger’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): N/A

Doppelgänger’s Occupation: N/A

Sylvester Stallone has given those traveling abroad a new reason to tour the Vatican. When you think of Stallone, likely some of his action-packed films like Rocky and Rambo come to mind. However, that’s going to change now that you’ve gotten a glimpse of him next to a photo of his doppelgänger. The mysterious look-alive is the subject of a painting dating back to 1511 by Raphael called “The Cardinal and Theological Virtues.”


Found in one of the Raphael Rooms at the Vatican, the fresco painting depicts Pope Gregory IX approving the Vatical Decretals. Stallone’s doppelgänger is an onlooker in the background of the painting and was first discovered by a 20-year old Harvard student while on vacation with his family. After he uploaded a photo of the subject next to Stallone to Reddit, the time travel conspiracies started rolling in!

Jason Segel and Lee J. Cobb

Segal’s Net Worth: $40 Million

Segal’s Occupation: Actor

Cobb’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $6 Million

Cobb’s Occupation: Actor

Actor Jason Segel may look like his doppelgänger, but the two appeared in films of opposite genres during their careers. Segal is best known for playing Marshal on How I Met Your Mother, but he has had a number of comedic roles in movies as well. From Forgetting Sarah Marshall with Kristen Bell and Mila Kunis to I Love You, Man alongside Paul Rudd, his career has been all about getting laughs.

Getty Images Photo by Kevin Winter and Silver Screen Collection

Cobb got his start acting on Broadway. He played Willy Loman in Death of a Salesman before he took on the big screen. Several of the films Cobb appeared in are still renowned today, including 12 Angry Men, On The Waterfront, and The Exorcist. His presence in Hollywood spanned almost twenty years, starting in the mid-’50s.

Matthew Perry and John C. Breckinridge

Perry’s Net Worth: $120 Million

Perry’s Occupation: Actor

Breckinridge’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): Unknown

Breckinridge’s Occupation: Vice President

If you haven’t been convinced that time travel exists up to this point, then seeing this former Vice President’s photo beside the infamous Chandler Bing just might persuade you. Actor Matthew Perry may be best known for his role on Friends, but he has a doppelgänger in high places.

Alamy Stock Photo

Perry’s look-alike may not have had his sense of humor, but he probably could have gotten him out of any legal troubles. John C. Breckinridge was the 14th American Vice President, as well as the youngest man to hold the position. He was in office from 1857 to 1861 under President James Buchanan.

Peter Dinklage and Court Jester Sebastian de Morra

Dinklage’s Net Worth: $25 Million

Dinklage’s Occupation: Actor

De Morra’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): Unknown

De Morra’s Occupation: Court Jester Award-winning actor Peter Dinklage is best known for his role as Tyrion Lannister on Game of Thrones. He plays a dwarf living in a universe where his appearance is the subject of ridicule and prevents him from holding most respectable titles, much like in our own world. It’s no coincidence that Dinklage’s doppelgänger was also subjected to much of the same discrimination.

Alamy Stock Photo

Sebastian de Morra lived during a time when dwarves were enslaved by courts, often forced to entertain the people of the household. Created in 1644, this painting is thought to depict De Morra during his time as a jester for the court of Philip IV of Spain. There have been some disputes over the true identity of the man in the painting, but there’s certainly no doubt that he shares quite a few facial features with Dinklage.

Queen Latifah and Zora Neale Hurston

Latifah’s Net Worth: $60 Million

Latifah’s Occupation: Musician/Actor

Hurston’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $42 Million

Hurston’s Occupation: Anthropologist/Writer

It may be hard to believe that an anthropologist and a rapper have much in common, but these two icons have similarities that exceed their appearance. Queen Latifah is best known for her roles in films such as The Last Holiday and Hairspray, but before all of that, she was a young hip-hop artist. The subject of most of her music focused on issues faced by black women such as domestic violence and sexual harassment.

Getty Images Photo by Allen Berezovsky and Historical

Her doppelgänger worked to inform the public on racial struggles as well. Zora Neale Hurston was an anthropologist in the early 1900s who went on to write books, short stories, and films on  African-American struggles as well as her own struggles as a black woman. She died in 1960, just 10 years before Queen Latifah was born. It may not prove that time travel exists, but it sure does offer some potential evidence of reincarnation!

Zach Galifianakis and Louis Vuitton

Galifianakis’ Net Worth: $30 Million

Galifianakis’ Occupation: Comedian/Actor

Vuitton’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): Unknown

Vuitton’s Occupation: Founder of Louis Vuitton

While most people wouldn’t consider actor and comedian Zach Galifinakis much of a fashion icon, his doppelgänger sure was! Louis Vuitton is one of the biggest names in fashion to this day. Who would have thought a company started by a young box-maker would become the multi-billion dollar luxury brand it is today?

Alamy Stock Photo

Galifinakis may be best known for acting in comedies like The Hangover and The Lego Batman Movie, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t take on a more serious role in the future. One thing is for sure, if a biopic was ever made on Louis Vuitton, he’d be the perfect actor for the role!

Jack Black and Paul Revere

Black’s Net Worth: $30 Million

Black’s Occupation: Actor/Musician

Revere’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): Unknown

Revere’s Occupation: Silversmith/Colonial Militia Officer

From the raised eyebrow to the hand gesture, actor Jack Black and colonial militia officer Paul Revere are practically twins. The fact that they were born two centuries apart only encourages belief in time travel. While Revere wasn’t exactly known for his sense of humor, he did come up with a unique alarm system that was used to warn the watchmen when the British were invading.

Alamy Stock Photo

Unlike his doppelgänger, Black’s contribution to the world has been far less political so far. He is best known for appearing on the big screen in movies such as The Holiday, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, and School of Rock. Black also plays in a comedic rock band called Tenacious D with his bandmate and fellow actor, Kyle Gass.

Brad Pitt and Swiss Psychiatrist Herman Rorschach

Pitt’s Net Worth: $300 Million

Pitt’s Occupation: Actor

Rorschach’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): Unknown

Rorschach’s Occupation: Psychiatrist

There aren’t many roles Brad Pitt hasn’t played throughout his career, but it’s safe to say none of them resemble Swiss Psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach. Aside from their dashing good looks, Pitt and Rorschach have very little in common. Rorschach is recognized worldwide for his work in psychiatry, specifically the creation of inkblot testing in order to diagnose personality disorders.

Alamy Stock Photo

Pitt, on the other hand, will likely always be remembered as the man stupid enough to cheat on Jennifer Aniston. In addition to his affair, Pitt is best known for his award-winning roles in films like Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Moneyball, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. While his doppelgänger was never on the big screen, he definitely could have shared Pitt’s tile as the sexiest man alive!

Jennifer Lawrence and Egyptian Actress Zubaida Tharwat

Lawrence’s Net Worth: $130 Million

Lawrence’s Occupation: Actor

Tharwat’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $4 Million

Tharwat’s Occupation: Actor

Known for having “the most beautiful eyes in classic Egyptian cinema,” Zubaida Tharwat appeared on the big screen overseas for 25 years starting in the mid-’50s. Earning herself the nickname “Magic Eyes,” it’s impossible to claim the actress wasn’t beautiful. When you look at photos of a young Tharwat, it’s hard not to see the similarities between her and American actress Jennifer Lawrence.

Shutterstock/Alamy Stock Photo

These classic beauties could be twins if they were born in the same decade! Since Tharwat lived until 2016 and their lives overlapped, however, it’s difficult to link their eerily similar appearance to time travel. We’ll just have to settle for Tharwat being The Hunger Games actress’ doppelgänger.

Eminem and Canadian Professor Harold Innis

Eminem’s Net Worth: $230 Million

Eminem’s Occupation: Musician

Innis’ Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): Unknown

Innis’ Occupation: Professor

Award-winning hip-hop artist Eminem just loves to shock the world. Between his controversial lyrics and countless celebrity feuds, he’s often making headlines in the media. The rapper’s reputation couldn’t be further than his doppelgänger’s. In fact, aside from a slight resemblance when they were young, the two couldn’t be more opposite.

Alamy Stock Photo

Harold Innis was a Canadian professor at the University of Toronto. He taught political economy and rose to fame when he developed the staples thesis which is a theory that continues to be a fundamental part of the country’s political economy culture to this day. While this one might not make you believe in time travel, you have to admit this photo made you do a double-take!

Tommy Lee Jones and Andrew Johnson

Jones’ Net Worth: $85 Million

Jones’ Occupation: Actor

Johnson’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): Less than $1 Million

Johnson’s Occupation: US President

Former President Andrew Johnson’s career was full of firsts. He took over the White House after the first presidential assassination of Abraham Lincoln, making Johnson the 17th President of the United States. He also became the first president to ever be impeached after his failure to protect former slaves after the Civil War, which pissed off Republicans. How times have changed, huh?

Alamy Stock Photo

Few people know that Johnson’s doppelgänger, actor Tommy Lee Johns, has a few connections to politics as well. Aside from portraying essential characters in movies like Lincoln, JFK, and Men in Black, Al Gore was actually his college roommate at Harvard College. He even gave a nominating speech at the Democratic National Convention for the future Vice President in 2000 when he ran for president. Perhaps after Gore lost, he and his former roomie decided to take a trip back in time to mess with our country’s history a bit!

Alec Baldwin and Millard Fillmore

Baldwin’s Net Worth: $65 Million

Baldwin’s Occupation: Actor

Fillmore’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $4 Million

Fillmore’s Occupation: US President

Tommy Lee Jones is not the only celebrity who resembles a former president. Actor Alec Baldwin has a striking resemblance to the 13th president, Millard Fillmore. If you don’t know him you aren’t alone. Fillmore is a lesser-known former White House occupant as he took over the position for President Zachary Taylor after he died suddenly.

Alamy Stock Photo

As far as doppelgängers go, Baldwin and Fillmore only have a slight resemblance. The 30 Rock star may not have traveled back in time to earn a position in the Oval Office, but he certainly loves to portray President Donald Trump in what appears to be a very similar room. Baldwin’s impression of the 45th president has dominated his career in recent years, and in a strange way links him to his lookalike.

Mark Zuckerberg and King Philip IV of Spain

Zuckerberg’s Net Worth: $65 Billion

Zuckerberg’s Occupation: Founder of Facebook

Philip’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $20 Million

Philip’s Occupation: King of Spain

Baby-faced Mark Zuckerberg’s idea for a social networking website made him one of the wealthiest people on the planet, but there’s notoriety like that of someone born into royalty. Zuckerberg and a young King Philip IV of Spain may look a lot alike, but they’re from entirely different worlds.

Getty Images Photo by Kim White and Print Collector

The Facebook mogul’s doppelgänger led Spain through the Thirty Years’ War and at the time of his death ruled over 4.7 million square miles. That’s a feat even a Harvard dropout turned billionaire would have trouble taking on. Zuckerberg may have his own sort-of internet empire but Facebook’s headquarters certainly can’t compete with the Buen Retiro palace!

Jodie Foster and Elvis’ Mom, Gladys Presley

Foster’s Net Worth: $100 Million

Foster’s Occupation: Actor/Director

Presley’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $100,000

Presley’s Occupation: Seamstress

In the case of actress Jodie Foster’s doppelgänger, it’s safe to say that her likeness to Elvis’ mother is seen in just this one photo. Otherwise, the two really don’t look anything alike. However, Gladys Presley did find herself thrown into the entertainment industry after her son gained his fame. She even appeared in several of his films and music video productions.

Getty Images Photo by Jean-Louis URLI and Michael Ochs Archive

Foster, on the other hand, has been in the industry since she was a toddler, starring in classic movies such as Taxi Driver and Silence of the Lambs. Her life was far different from Presely’s who started a family during the height of the Great Depression. Working as a seamstress for a measly $2 a day while her husband took on odd jobs left the family in great financial distress until Elvis’ career took off.

Justin Timberlake and a Victorian Era English Coal Miner

Timberlake’s Net Worth: $250 Million

Timberlake’s Occupation: Singer/Actor

Burns’ Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): Unknown

Burns’ Occupation: Miner

Anyone who can say they look like former boy-bander Justin Timberlake has got it going on! His classic good looks have been causing women to swoon for years, and he only seems to get better looking with age. Timberlake’s doppelgänger from victorian-era Liverpool certainly had one thing going for him, assuming what we find attractive hasn’t changed much since the 1870s.

Alamy Stock Photo

One thing Burns didn’t have going for him, however, was his luck. Believe it or not, this photo of the miner wasn’t taken under the best pretenses and is actually his mugshot. At just 19 years old, he was arrested and convicted to three months behind bars for “false pretenses.” What was likely a rough time in his life, however, has earned him recognition long after his death and allowed his name to live on!

Orlando Bloom and Painter Nicolae Grigorescu

Bloom’s Net Worth: $40 Million

Bloom’s Occupation: Actor

Grigorescu’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): Unknown

Grigorescu’s Occupation: Painter

From their luscious brown hair to their chiseled jawlines, both Orlando Bloom and his doppelgänger were blessed with naturally good looks. The Pirates of the Caribbean actor has been known as a heartthrob since his career took off after playing Legolas in The Lord of the Rings franchise. While he tried his hand at some abstract art, Bloom has yet to dominate the art world as his doppelgänger has.

Alamy Stock Photo

Romanian artist Nicolae Grigorescu not only shares Bloom’s rugged handsomeness, but he is considered one of the founders of modern Romanian painting. Born in 1838, much of his early work consisted of painting church interiors. He later went on to paint portraits and was even hired to accompany the Romanian Army as a “frontline painter” during war times, as they often did before photography techniques improved.

Bruce Willis and US Army General Douglas MacArthur

Willis’ Net Worth: $250 Million

Willis’ Occupation: Actor

MacArthur’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $71 Million

MacArthur’s Occupation: US Army General Actor

Bruce Willis may not have been in the military himself, but he has certainly depicted a few over the years on the big screen. Perhaps inspired by his father’s career in the US Army, he’s had military roles in movies such as Air Strike, and Hart’s War. Willis may be known for his action-packed films, but his doppelgänger got to experience what war was like first hand.

Alamy Stock Photo

US Army General Douglas MacArthur led Americans in World War II, earning himself a Medal of Honor along with a dozen other awards throughout his career. Several actors have portrayed MacArthur over the years including Tommy Lee Jones and Liam Neeson, however, Willis hasn’t yet had the opportunity to do so himself despite their similar appearance.

Nicolas Cage and Emperor Maximilian I of Mexico

Cage’s Net Worth: $25 Million

Cage’s Occupation: Actor

Maximilian’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation):Unknown

Maximilian’s Occupation: Emperor

Legendary actor Nicolas Cage is either a time traveler or related to a former Emperor in Mexico. His doppelgänger, Ferdinand Maximilian Joseph who later became Emperor Maximilian of Mexico, shares the actor’s sunken eyes and long nose, making them appear eerily alike. The discovery was made on Reddit by a student who came across a picture of the emperor while diligently doing their homework.

Alamy Stock Photo

While Cage isn’t Mexican, neither was Maximilian, so it’s very possible the two share a bloodline. Maximilian was actually Austrian and became the ruler of Mexico when Napoleon III offered him the title. This turned out to be a poor decision, as Mexicans rebelled against the foreign leader and he was eventually executed.

Ellen DeGeneres and Henry David Thoreau

DeGeneres’ Net Worth: $490 Million

DeGeneres’ Occupation: Comedian/Host

Thoreau’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $73 Million

Thoreau’s Occupation: Writer

As insulting as it may seem to be known for looking like someone of the opposite sex, it’s likely that Ellen DeGeneres has laughed about this comparison in the past. The talk show host’s doppelgänger, Henry David Thoreau, shares features such as their oval faces, distinct smile lines, and almond-shaped eyes. As a writer, Thoreau is famous for his books and essays that often covered nature, nature preservation, and survival. At the time, this made him an anarchist but today he would likely be considered an environmentalist.

Shutterstock/Alamy Stock Photo

Like her doppelgänger, DeGeneres is also often doing her best to make the world a better place. In addition to making hefty donations and using her daytime television show as a platform for others, she also created The Ellen Fund to help protect gorillas and other endangered species around the world.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Some Grandma’s Classmate, Judy Zipper

DiCaprio’s Net Worth: $260 Million

DiCaprio’s Occupation: Actor/Producer

Zipper’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): Unknown

Zipper’s Occupation: Unknown

We’ve all had nightmares about an old yearbook photo resurfacing and unfortunately for Judy Zipper, her worst fear was brought to life. While looking through an old yearbook, an unknown male posted this picture of his grandma’s classmate, noting the similarities between her and actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Unfortunately for Zipper, the photo has since gone viral.

Alamy Stock Photo

In Zipper’s defense, that hairstyle was quite popular back in the day. While little is known about Zipper, her doppelgänger is probably one of the biggest celebrities on the planet. The award-winning actor has been in some truly remarkable films such as Titanic, Wolf of Wall Street, Inception, and The Departed.

Robin Williams and Nobel Prize Winner Ilya Ilich Mechnikov

Williams’ Net Worth: $50 Million

Williams’ Occupation: Actor

Mechnikov’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): Unknown

Mechnikov’s Occupation: Zoologist

These doppelgängers will have you believing in both reincarnation and time travel! The late comedic actor Robin Williams was loved by millions was so similar to Russian zoologist Ilya Ilich Mechnikov. Also known as Elie Metchnikoff, Williams’ doppelgänger went on to win a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1908 for his discoveries surrounding immunity.

Getty Images Photo by Bruce Glikas and Hulton Archive

The two share numerous similarities, including a scraggly beard, small eyes, large foreheads, and even expression lines. Like Mechnikov, Williams also shared a special connection with animals. He was able to communicate with them both on-screen in movies like Jumanji and in real life. Willams was known for his friendship with Koko the gorilla who mourned the actor’s death in 2014.

John Krasinski and Carl Adolf Feilberg

Krasinski’s Net Worth: $30 Million

Krasinski’s Occupation: Actor and Director

Feilberg’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): Unknown

Feilberg’s Occupation: Businessman

A painting of Danish businessman Carl Adolph Feilberg has some people convinced that actor John Krasinski travels back to the 1800s in his free time just to run a soap and wax candle factory. It’s the only explanation for how similar Krasinski looks to his 19th-century doppelgänger. The two couldn’t be more opposite though.

Shutterstock/Alamy Stock Photo

While Krasinski got his start on television starring in one of the most-watched shows of all time, he has since gone on to appear in films and work behind the cameras. Feilberg, on the other hand, didn’t seem to have a creative bone in his body though. His nephews, however, were known in the arts as journalists, authors, and photographers so there’s a possibility he’s a distant relative of Krasinski!

Michael Jackson and Painting by Dutch Painter Barent Fabritius

Jackson’s Net Worth: $500 Million

Jackson’s Occupation: Pop singer

Fabritius’ Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): Unknown

Fabritius’ Occupation: Painter

While the King of Pop had quite a few looks over the years, this painting certainly resembles his appearance at the end of his life. Painted by Dutch artist Barent Fabritius, the self-portrait is thought to have been completed in 1650. Those who’ve seen the painting on display at the Städel Museum in Frankfurt, Germany started pointing out his likeness to the infamous Michael Jackson.

Getty Images Photo by Phil Dent

From their dark eyes, soft cheekbones, distinct chin dimples, and dark curls, Fabritius and Jackson are nearly identical. They even share a unique fashion sense and are both depicted wearing a red shirt and tophat, furthering their likeness. Only time travel could possibly explain why they’d both wear a hat like that!

Liam Neeson and Fidel Castro

Neeson’s Net Worth: $145 Million

Neeson’s Occupation: Actor

Castro’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $900 Million

Castro’s Occupation: Prime Minister of Cuba

Of all of the people in the world to be associated with, no one wants to be associated with Fidel Castro. Unfortunately for actor Liam Neeson, his appearance has led to a connection to the former Cuban leader that he’ll never be able to shake. Unless Neeson has a special set of skills that include disguise, he will just have to accept Castro as his doppelgänger.

Alamy Stock Photo

The two share a pair of deep-set eyes, a distinct forehead, and a crooked nose. When the Star Wars actor decides to grow out his scraggly beard, the two are nearly identical. If Neeson ever decides to take a trip over to Cuba, he better make sure he’s clean-shaven to ensure there’s no mistaking him for the communist!

Kathy Bates and William Taft

Bates’ Net Worth: $32 Million

Bates’ Occupation: Actor

Taft’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $3 Million

Taft’s Occupation: US President

While no woman wants to be told she looks like a man, there’s no doubting the resemblance between Kathy Bates and former president William Taft. In this case, rather than the Misery actress having more masculine features, the opposite is true. Taft’s round face and soft skin give him a more feminine touch, which makes him look even more like his doppelgänger.

Alamy Stock Photo

These two share a set of sparkling eyes, firm cheeks, and a distinct forehead that could easily make them distant relatives. There’s a slim chance that if Bates had the power to go back in time that she would go as a man. Also, the 27th US president was best known for getting stuck in his bathtub so he wasn’t exactly a respected leader during his time in office.

Paul Giamatti and William Shakespeare

Giamatti’s Net Worth: $25 Million

Giamatti’s Occupation: Actor

Shakespeare’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $30 Million

Shakespeare’s Occupation: Playwright

William Shakespeare continues to live on through his life’s work despite having lived several centuries ago. His plays are regularly performed and studied to this day, making him one of the most prominent writers of all time. However, Shakespeare was known for his plays, not his looks, so being labeled his doppelgänger might not be the kind of compliment most people would appreciate.

Alamy Stock Photo

That being said, actor Paul Giamatti looks like he could be the writer’s brother. The Sideways actor shares the playwright’s wide forehead, stern eyes, and oval face. He has even performed in one of Shakespeare’s most well-known plays, Hamlet. Giamatti held the lead role in 2013 when he returned to his alma mater, Yale University, to give a rave performance.

Maggie Gyllenhaal and Rose Wilder

Lane Gyllenhaal’s Net Worth: $15 Million

Gyllenhaal’s Occupation: Actor

Lane’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $9 Million

Lane’s Occupation: Writer

Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal has appeared in many major motion films including The Dark Knight, Donnie Darko, and Mona Lisa Smile. Like her doppelgänger, creativity runs in Gyllenhaal’s family. Her brother is a well-known actor Jack Gyllenhaal and they’re the children of director Stephen Gyllenhaal and screenwriter Naomi Foner.

Getty Images Photo by Steve Granitz

The actress looks shockingly similar to writer and journalist Rose Wilder Lane whose mother is Laura Ingalls Wilder, creator of the Little House on the Prairie series. In addition to an adorable button nose, the two also share straight lips, smile lines, thick brown locks of hair, and glaring eyes. Believe in time travel yet?

Hugh Grant and Oscar Wilde

Grant’s Net Worth: $150 Million

Grant’s Occupation: Actor

Wilde’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $8 Million

Wilde’s Occupation: Writer

In certain photos of British actor Hugh Grant, he might resemble the famous Irish writer, Oscar Wilde. Calling them doppelgängers might be a stretch, but it’s possible the two are distant relatives. The two may share a long jaw and heavy eyes, but it’s the hair that truly makes these two look alike.

Shutterstock/Alamy Stock Photo

Grant rocked the floppy hairstyle for years, and it quickly became his trademark. Wilde had a similar look, getting a mushroom cut long before it was in style. The two don’t look enough alike to question Grant on time travel claims, however.

Chuck Norris and Vincent Van Gogh

Norris’ Net Worth: $70 Million

Norris’ Occupation: Actor

Van Gogh’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): Unknown

Van Gogh’s Occupation: Painter

It has been reported by scientists that all redheads are related, so there’s a good chance that actor Chuck Norris shares some DNA with his famous doppelgänger. Renowned artist Vincent Van Gogh may be best known for his paintings, but he also looks a lot like the Walker, Texas Ranger star. They have far more than just their hair color in common though!

Getty Images Photo by DeAgostini and CBS Photo Archvie

The two also share a full auburn beard, a prominent nose, deep-set eyes, and stoic glare. While Norris has never been known for being artsy, he earned his tough-guy reputation long before he appeared on television. It was his experience in martial arts that eventually led to his acting career. Norris’ career took off, while Van Gogh never saw success during his lifetime.

Jack Gleeson and Caligula

Gleeson’s Net Worth: $6 Million

Gleeson’s Occupation: Actor

Caligula’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $10 Million

Caligula’s Occupation: Roman Emperor

Actor Jack Gleeson is best known for his role as Joffrey Baratheon on Game of Thrones, a young and sadistic king who uses his power for evil. Gleeson’s doppelgänger played a similar role but in real life. Caligula was a young Roman Emperor between 37 and 41 BCE. While not much is known about his short time in power, there are several sources that portray him as an evil tyrant with cruel and eccentric sexual perversions.

Alamy Stock Photo

Those who have seen Game of Thrones will see the similarities between the emperor and Gleeson’s character. The comparisons don’t stop there though! Gleeson shares quite a few physical traits with Caligula as well, such as almond-shaped eyes, distinct nose, strong jaw, and prominent ears. Gleeson even had a similar haircut while on the show as Caligula had in real life. Perhaps his character was inspired by the young emperor!

Jon Stewart and Henry Ward Beecher

Stewart’s Net Worth: $100 Million

Stewart’s Occupation: Comedian/Host

Beecher’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $31 Million

Beecher’s Occupation: Congregational Clergyman/Abolitionist

Former Late Night talk show host Jon Stewart may address politics in his comedy, but his doppelgänger went above and beyond to make changes in the United States. Henry Ward Beecher was a minister and a pastor who used his platform to protest slavery in the mid-1800s. He often used humor and slang in his lectures, gaining quite a following in New York.

Alamy Stock Photo

Stewart, who is also coincidentally from New York, has quite a lot in common with his historical look alike. In addition to using humor to appeal to wider audiences and to spread their political agendas, they also share narrow lips and large, heavy eyes. They don’t look enough alike to prove time travel, but they certainly might come from the same family tree!

Christina Aguilera and Ginger Rogers

Aguilera’s Net Worth: $160 Million

Aguilera’s Occupation: Singer

Rogers’ Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $20 Million

Rogers’ Occupation: Actor/Singer

Pop singer and host of The Voice, Christina Aguilera is best known for her booming vocals and retro vibes. Her style may have changed over the years and was even questionable for a while there, but she seems to have settled on a ‘50s Hollywood glam look and it really works for her! It’s the artist’s style that has many people saying “it-girl” Ginger Rogers is Aguilera’s doppelgänger.

Getty Images Photo by Carlos Alvarez and Silver Screen Collection

The height of Rogers’ career was in the ‘30s and ‘40s, but she continued to work on Broadway and in television until the late ‘80s. In addition to their glamorous blonde locks of hair, the two also share large bright eyes and pouty lips. They may not be twinning, but the two certainly seem to have the same sense of style!

Ben Schwartz and Leon Trotsky

Schwartz’s Net Worth: $3 Million

Schwartz’s Occupation: Actor/Comedian

Trotsky’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $2 Million

Trotsky’s Occupation: Revolutionary Leader Actor and comedian Ben Schwartz is probably known most for playing Jean-Ralphio on Parks and Recreation but he has also made headlines for looking a lot like another big name in Hollywood. Joe Keery who stars in Stranger Things may be one of Schwartz’s doppelgängers, but we can’t forget about revolutionary leader Leon Trotsky!

Getty Images Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin and TASS

As a young man, Trotsky looks nearly identical to Schwartz. In addition to both being gifted luscious locks of hair that seem to defy gravity, they also share a prominent nose, distinct chin, and a square hairline. Is it just a fluke or the results of time travel? It’s up to you to decide!

Will Ferrell and Odysseas Androutsos

Ferrell’s Net Worth: $160 Million

Ferrell’s Occupation: Actor/Comedian

Androutsos’ Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $4 Million

Androutsos’ Occupation: Greek War Hero Will Ferrell is usually the man behind the jokes, but whoever decided he resembles Greek war hero Odysseas Androutsos certainly made him the butt of theirs!  The actor best known for comedies like Step Brothers, Anchorman, and Old School must have pissed off the wrong person because Androutsos wasn’t exactly a handsome man. At least in terms of how he was depicted in this particular painting.

Alamy Stock Photo

While Androutsos looks a bit like a cartoon character, he does share some similarities with Ferrell. They each share a pair of almond-shaped eyes, thick brows, and prominent chin. The fact that they are each rocking some funky facial hair helps them look a bit alike as well.

Trent Reznor and Napoleon Bonaparte

Reznor’s Net Worth: $75 Million

Reznor’s Occupation: Musician

Bonaparte’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): Unknown

Bonaparte’s Occupation: French Emperor

Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor may be best known for performing the band’s biggest hits such as “Closer” and “Head Like a Hole,” but among some he’s more known for looking a lot like someone found in most history books. Former French leader Napoleon Bonaparte is considered one of the best military leaders of all time and just happens to resemble the NIN singer.


As a young man, Bonaparte wore his hair at chin length, leading people to call him Reznor’s doppelgänger. In addition to dark, stringy hair, the two also share a pointed nose, dark close-set eyes, and a prominent chin. As Bonaparte aged, however, the similarities between the two men grow less and less making it unlikely their resemblance indicates time travel.

Hank Azaria and Rudolf Steiner

Azaria’s Net Worth: $80 Million

Azaria’s Occupation: Actor/Producer

Steiner’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $1.6 Million

Steiner’s Occupation: Philosopher

You likely recognize actor Hank Azaria for one of his television roles like David on Friends, but he’s also behind the voices numerous characters on shows like Family Guy and The Simpsons. His distinguished look may have you thinking it’s one of a kind, but we don’t have to go back too far in history to find his doppelgänger. Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner is known for his work in what he referred to as “spiritual science,” which evolved into him creating a new form of movement art.

Shutterstock/Alamy Stock Photo

Both Azaria and Steiner have more in common than their passion for the arts though. They also share a set of large, bulging eyes, prominent cheekbones, an oval face, and square chin. While they may not look similar enough to convince anyone that time travel exists, they just might be distant relatives!

Conan O’Brien and Marshall Henry Twitchell

O’Brien’s Net Worth: $95 Million

O’Brien’s Occupation: Comedian/Host

Twitchell’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): Unknown

Twitchell’s Occupation: Union Soldier

As one of the most famous gingers in the world, Conan O’Brien is often remembered for his signature red hair, pale skin, and startling height. He often towers over his guests on his late-night talk show Conan, something that makes his comedic commentary even more hilarious. While most of his life has been largely public, not much is known about his doppelgänger.


Marshall H. Twitchell was a Union Army soldier in the 1800s who eventually pursued a career in politics. If Twitchell was a redhead, we would know for sure that he and O’Brien were related! However, all we know is that the two share the same square jaw, small close-set eyes, and a thin-lipped grin that naturally forms a frown rather than a smile.

Charlie Sheen and John Brown

Sheen’s Net Worth: $10 Million

Sheen’s Occupation: Actor

Brown’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): Unknown

Brown’s Occupation: Abolitionist

Long-time party boy Charlie Sheen always seems to be up to no good. There hasn’t been a period in his career when he wasn’t caught up in one controversy or another. The actor’s doppelgänger, on the other hand, focused his energy on a more respectable cause. John Brown was an abolitionist in the 1800s who spent his life working towards freeing slaves.

Alamy Stock Photo

While Sheen and Brown have some physical features in common, they couldn’t possibly be more different. Brown was caught during a raid on the federal reserves at Harpers Ferry attempting to start a liberation movement. This led to his execution at just 59-years-old, even though he appears much older. Perhaps this is a glimpse into Sheen’s future and what he’ll start to look like once his partying ways dry up all of his savings.

Rupert Grint and Sir David Wilkie

Grint’s Net Worth: $50 Million

Grint’s Occupation: Actor

Wilkie’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $32 Million

Wilkie’s Occupation: Artist

British actor Rupert Grint will forever be remembered for his role as Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films. His legacy includes his bright red hair, which as you may recall, makes him a distant relative of all other gingers. This means that Grint and his doppelgänger are likely distant cousins!

Alamy Stock Photo

British artist Sir David Wilkie was a successful painter known for a variety of subjects, including this self-portrait made when he was roughly 20 years old. In addition to the red hair, the painter and actor share deep almond eyes, smooth porcelain skin, a prominent chin, and a distinct nose. If time travel did exist, the Harry Potter star would certainly be one of the first to have access to it!

Julianne Moore and Joan of Arc

Moore’s Net Worth: $50 Million

Moore’s Occupation: Actor

Joan’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $5 Million

Joan’s Occupation: War Heroine

Julianne Moore is perhaps one of the best on-screen actresses in recent history, best known for her roles in The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Hannibal, and Boogie Nights. Her fiery red hair and soft features have led many to believe her doppelgänger in none other than the infamous Joan of Arc. Even though the war heroine died at just 19 years old, she still strongly resembles the actress.

Alamy Stock Photo

In addition to their red hair, the two share flawless porcelain white skin, a slim nose, and defiant eyes. Since Joan of Arc was born in the early 1400s, there are no photographs of her. The only references we have are paintings that portray the Roman Catholic Saint. So, there’s a good chance that Moore simply looks like a few paintings of Joan of Arc, and not necessarily the young woman herself.

Johnny Depp and Arthur Schopenhauer

Depp’s Net Worth: $200 Million

Depp’s Occupation: Actor

Schopenhauer’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $7 Million

Schopenhauer’s Occupation: German Philosopher

American actor Johnny Depp hardly needs an introduction. He gained recognition after earning roles in A Nightmare on Elm Street and 21 Jump Street before taking on more prominent parts. Depp quickly rose to stardom and has long since been considered a Hollywood heartthrob. Many have compared the actor to German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, who influenced many others in the field including Freud.

Shutterstock/Alamy Stock Photo

Both Depp and his doppelgänger share dark mysterious eyes, sunken cheeks, a prominent jaw, and pouty lips. If there was ever to be a biopic about Schopenhauer and his life’s work, Depp would be the perfect actor for the part!

Anthony Hopkins and Socrates

Hopkins’ Net Worth: $160 Million

Hopkins’ Occupation: Actor

Socrates’ Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $12 Million

Socrates’ Occupation: Philosopher As far as celebrities go, Anthony Hopkins is certainly A-list. The award-winning actor has been appearing in films since the ‘60s including Silence of the Lambs, Nixon, and Beowulf. His doppelgänger is none other than famed Greek philosopher, Socrates.


While there are no photographs of the founder of Western philosophy, statues erected in his honor depict him as an older balding man with a beard and stubby nose. These statues certainly look similar to Hopkins, but there’s no way to know if they’re depicting the real Socrates or what he was thought to look like. In addition to the beard and the loss of hair, the two also share expression lines, kind eyes, and a wide nose.

Rose McGowan and Hedy Lamarr

McGowan’s Net Worth: $6 Million

McGowan’s Occupation: Actor/Activist

Lamarr’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $5 Million

Lamarr’s Occupation: Actor/Inventor

Rose McGowan has recently become an activist and is considered one of the faces of the Me Too Movement, but she’s also a well-known actress. After breaking into the industry when cast on the television hit show Charmed, she quickly moved on to the big screen appearing in movies like Scream, Jawbreaker, and Planet Terror.

Shutterstock/Alamy Stock Photo

Her classic beauty means that she resembles some of the actresses of old Hollywood, including her doppelgänger Hedy Lamarr. Appearing in films in the 30s, 40s, and 50s, Lamarr was also incredibly smart and created a unique radio guidance system and aviation designs during World War II. In addition to being incredibly strong-minded, the two women also share plump red lips, doe eyes, porcelain skin, and dark hair making them look like long lost sisters!

Shia LaBeouf and Albert Einstein

LaBeouf’s Net Worth: $25 Million

LaBeouf’s Occupation: Actor

Einstein’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $1 Million

Einstein’s Occupation: Theoretical Physicist

Who would have thought that a young Albert Einstein was handsome? In fact, he was so good looking that he’s considered to be Shia LaBeouf’s doppelgänger! The actor, who is best known for his roles in Holes, Disturbia, and Transformers, has often been considered a stud, making his resemblance to Einstein even eerier.

Alamy Stock Photo

While LaBeouf may not be a world-renowned physicist, he and Einstein have quite a bit in common. The two share dark almond-shaped eyes that tilt slightly downward, a pronounced nose, and some interesting facial hair choices. Imagine a film about a young Einstein discovering his love for physics starring LaBeouf. Sounds like a hit, right?

Robbie Williams and Jesse Pomeroy

Williams’ Net Worth: $300 Million

Williams’ Occupation: Musician

Pomeroy’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $0

Pomeroy’s Occupation: Criminal

Former British boy-band member, Robbie Williams, may not have made a name for himself in the United States, but he is one of the most successful musicians in the UK. After leaving the ‘80s pop group “Take That,” he went on to pursue a solo career leading to nearly a dozen hit records. While he has rocked quite a few styles over the years, he happens to look like a serial killer from the 1800s.

Alamy Stock Photo

Jesse Pomeroy had at least two victims and is thought to have more, by the time he was convicted at 13 years old. He’s still the youngest person in the state of Massachusettes to have been convicted of first-degree murder. Fortunately for Williams, the only thing he has in common with his doppelgänger is their appearance.

Gary Oldman and Albert Johnson

Oldman’s Net Worth: $50 Million

Oldman’s Occupation: Actor

Johnson’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $0

Johnson’s Occupation: Criminal

Award-winning British actor, Gary Oldman, is best known for his roles in movies like The Dark Knight, The Fifth Element, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and Darkest Hour. His ability to transform into all of the unique characters he has played over the years is remarkable, to say the least. The actor’s doppelgänger is unlike any character he’s ever played before though.


Albert Johnson, also known as the “Mad Trapper of Rat River,” was a Canadian fugitive in the early 1900s. He had numerous pseudonyms to protect his identity and allow him to continue his criminal activities, so Johnson may not even be his real name. His crimes led to one of Canada’s largest manhunts of all time, ultimately resulting in Johnson’s death.

Adrien Brody and John Locke

Brody’s Net Worth: $16 Million

Brody’s Occupation: Actor

Locke’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $1 Million

Locke’s Occupation: Philosopher

Actor Adrien Brody is best known for his performance in movies like The Pianist, Summer of Sam, and The Village. He’s known for being dedicated to his roles, even breaking his nose on three separate occasions trying to pull off his own stunts. With such a distinct look, it’s hard to believe the actor has a doppelgänger that looks so much like him.

Alamy Stock Photo/Shutterstock

Famed philosopher John Locke not only inspired the founding fathers of America with his revolutionary ideas, but he happens to resemble one of the greatest actors of our time. If we looked into Brody’s future, he would likely be nearly identical to the philosopher later in his life. The two share a long face, prominent nose, thin lips, and eyebrows that are naturally angled downwards.

Nick Jonas and Franklin Pierce

Jonas’ Net Worth: $50 Million

Jonas’ Occupation: Actor/Singer

Pierce’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $3 Million

Pierce’s Occupation: US President

As the youngest of the Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas first gained recognition in the popular boy-band. He has since achieved success with a solo career in music and has even done a bit of acting. Unlike his brothers, this Jonas happens to have a doppelgänger who once called the White House his home.

Getty Images Photo by Scott Gries and Bettmann

Franklin Pierce was the 14th president of the United States, and not exactly favored in history. He was best known for being in favor of slavery, even encouraging the southern states to secede. While it’s true that Jonas shares a few similar features with the former president, they’re hardly identical. Perhaps they’re related though!

Christopher Lloyd and John C. Calhoun

Lloyd’s Net Worth: $40 Million

Lloyd’s Occupation: Actor

Calhoun’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $850,000

Calhoun’s Occupation: US Vice President

Christopher Lloyd is best known for his role as Emmett “Doc” Brown in Back to the Future. His wild hair and over-the-top expressions have become the face of some of our favorite memes, truly making the actor timeless in his role as a pop icon. Who would have thought that Lloyd had some political connections with a former vice president as a doppelgänger!


As the 7th American vice president, John C. Calhoun worked under former President John Quincy Adams and then stayed on to work under President Andrew Jackson. He and Lloyd share a distinct look, especially when the actor was in character as Doc. The two share intense bulging eyes, some wild hair, prominent ears, and a long face!

Jimmy Fallon and Damien Thomas

Fallon’s Net Worth: $60 Million

Fallon’s Occupation: Comedian/ Host

Thomas’ Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $45 Million

Thomas’ Occupation: Actor

Another lookalike for the hilarious Jimmy Fallon. While he has had hundreds of guests sit across from him over the years, he has never had his doppelgänger on his show. British actor Damien Thomas started acting in the late ‘60s and has appeared in films such as Journey into Darkness, Twins of Evil, Henry VIII and His Six Wives, and Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger.

Alamy Stock Photo

In addition to sharing career interests, Fallon and Thomas also share a few facial features. These include flared nostrils, thin lips, pronounced brows, dark eyes, and a prominent jaw. While time travel is unlikely since they both live during the same time period, there may be a reason why Fallon has never had Thomas on his show!

Brad Pitt and Union General Isaac Stevens

Pitt’s Net Worth: $300 Million

Pitt’s Occupation: Actor

Stevens’ Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $78,000

Stevens’ Occupation: Army Officer/Politician

While you may think Brad Pitt’s rugged good looks are one-of-a-kind, the actor has a doppelgänger just like everyone else on this list. The Oscar winner seems to share his good looks with the first governor of the Territory of Washington and delegate to the United States House of Representatives, Isaac Stevens. He shares Pitt’s dreamy eyes, prominent eyebrows, luscious hair, and the love of facial hair.

Shutterstock/Alamy Stock Photo

Unfortunately, there’s no way that their similarities prove time travel. The Civil War veteran actually only stood at just over 5 feet tall and was considered a dwarf at the time. This is a bit taller than the actor, who stands at 5 feet 10 inches. At least there’s hope for future generations to appreciate their very own Brad Pitt doppelgänger!

Jack Black and the Barber of Seville

Black’s Net Worth: $30 Million

Black’s Occupation: Actor/Musician

The Barber’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $0

The Barber’s Occupation: Fictitious Character

Actor and musician Jack Black is best known for being the frontman of the band Tenacious D as well as starring in a number of films including High Fidelity, Shallow Hal, Kung Fu Panda, and School of Rock. While he has been said to look a lot like Paul Revere, it would seem that Black has a doppelgänger in the fiction world as well.

Alamy Stock Photo

The Barber of Seville as a play from the 1700s that was turned into an opera and eventually a film. There’s no denying that Black resembles the character on the poster advertising the play. The man is likely meant to be Figaro, who was the barber and main character in the story. Since Black is basically a live-action cartoon character, their resemblance completely makes sense.

Bill Bailey and Thomas Hobbes

Bailey’s Net Worth: $7 Million

Bailey’s Occupation: Actor/Comedian

Hobbes’ Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): Unknown

Hobbes’ Occupation: Philosopher

British actor and comedian Bill Bailey got his start on television shows like Wild West and Black Books. He eventually turned to comedy and became one of the top comedians in the United Kingdom. The entertainer couldn’t be more different from his doppelgänger, philosopher Thomas Hobbes who lived back in the 1500s.

Alamy Stock Photo

Considered to be one of the founders of modern political philosophy, Hobbes shares several physical features with Bailey. These include a receding hairline, a round face, distinguished eyebrows, and smile lines. They also seem to share a love for quirky facial hair, making it even more likely that their likeness is a result of time travel!

Zayn Malik and Joseph Stalin

Malik’s Net Worth: $65 Million

Malik’s Occupation: Musician

Stalin’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $350 Billion

Stalin’s Occupation: Leader of the Soviet Union

Zayn Malik is best known for singing in the boy-band One Direction before going off on his own to pursue a solo career. The singer has an incredibly unique appearance, which is likely due to his mixed Pakistani and Irish/English background. Despite having an original look, Malik has a doppelgänger even more infamous than himself.

Alamy Stock Photo

Joseph Stalin has been labeled one of the most notorious figures in history and is thought to be responsible for millions of deaths. Despite his reputation, Stalin was quite a looker in his twenties. The ruthless tyrant shares numerous features with the pop star including a gorgeous head of hair, dark mysterious eyes, prominent eyebrows, and a chiseled jaw. Fortunately, Stalin’s appearance caught up to his personality and his good looks didn’t last.

Jeffrey Tambor and Benjamin Franklin

Tambor’s Net Worth: $16 Million

Tambor’s Occupation: Actor

Franklin’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $10.3 Billion

Franklin’s Occupation: Politician/Inventor

Benjamin Franklin may have been one of America’s founding fathers, but he isn’t exactly considered a handsome man. Having him for a doppelgänger would be an insult to most people, however, the hilarious actor Jeffrey Tambor doesn’t seem to mind at all. In fact, it seems like Franklin may have even inspired some of Tambor’s looks!

Alamy Stock Photo

The Arrested Development actor may not be inventing the next everyday necessity like bifocals and fire departments, but he has certainly mastered Franklin’s appearance. He shares a number of features with his doppelgänger including an oval head, distinct nose, receding hairline, and prominent expression lines.

Glenn Close and George Washington

Close’s Net Worth: $50 Million

Close’s Occupation: Actor

Washington’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $525 Million

Washington’s Occupation: US President

Award-winning actress Glenn Close is best known for her roles in The Big Chill, Fatal Attraction, Dangerous Liaisons, Hamlet, and 101 Dalmations. Over the years she has portrayed a man on several occasions including in the film Albert Nobbs. For that reason, it should come as no surprise that her doppelgänger is none other than the first US president, George Washington.


While there are no photographs of the country’s founding father, there are more than enough artist portrayals of Washington to know what he looked like. He and Close share a number of features including snow-white hair, soft smooth skin, a prominent nose, straight lips, and strong jaw. They look so much alike that there just might be a role as Washington in Close’s future!

Eddie Murphy and Unknown Very Dapper Man in a Hat

Murphy’s Net Worth: $200 Million

Murphy’s Occupation: Actor/Comedian

Doppelgänger’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): Unknown

Doppelgänger’s Occupation: Unknown

After a successful career in comedy, Eddie Murphy went on to become one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood. He’s best known for his roles in films like Coming to America, Harlem Nights, Daddy Day Care, and Shrek. Murphy is also known for taking on multiple roles in a single movie as he did in The Nutty Professor, but none of them look more like the actor than this unknown man.


While little is known about Murphy’s doppelgänger, their similarities are uncanny. The photo is thought to be from the 1890s and depicts a man dressed nicely in a bowtie and hat. He shares a number of features with the actor including a wide nose, plump lips, a square chin, and prominent cheekbones. They even have similar facial expressions!

Andrew Garfield and Leon Trotsky

Garfield’s Net Worth: $10 Million

Garfield’s Occupation: Actor

Trotsky’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $2 Million

Trotsky’s Occupation: Revolutionary Leader

While Ben Schwartz and Andrew Garfield don’t look much alike, they somehow have the same doppelgänger. Revolutionary leader Leon Trotsky shares quite a few features with The Amazing Spider-Man actor, but perhaps not as many as Schwartz.

Shutterstock/Getty Images Photo by TASS

They both have distinct jawlines, but Garfield’s face is noticeably longer. The two also share a similar hairline and thick head of hair, but it’s safe to say there was no time travel going on here. Garfield and Trotsky may be distant relatives but they certainly aren’t twins.

Anne Hathaway and a Francisco de Goya Painting

Hathaway’s Net Worth: $50 Million

Hathaway’s Occupation: Actor

Doppelgänger’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): Unknown

Doppelgänger’s Occupation: Unknown

Award-winning actress Anne Hathaway grew to stardom after starring in the teen classic, The Princess Diaries. She has since gone on to appear in hits such as Les Miserables, Love & Other Drugs, and The Dark Knight Rises. Some believe that the actress’ doppelgänger is this French Officer painted by Francisco de Goya.

Shutterstock/Alamy Stock Photo

De Goya worked for the Royal Court in France in the 1700s, painting quite a few portraits during that time, including this one. While there are some similarities between Hathaway and the unnamed officer, there aren’t enough to prove time travel. Perhaps the man is a great-great-great-uncle!

Harry Styles and “Portrait of a Nineteen-Year-Old Man”

Styles’ Net Worth: $80 Million

Styles’ Occupation: Singer

Doppelgänger’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): Unknown

Doppelgänger’s Occupation: Unknown

British musician, Harry Styles, is best known as a former member of One Direction. He has since gone on to pursue a successful solo career with fans sticking by his side. It was actually one of these fans who discovered the musician’s doppelgänger and posted it to Tumblr.

Alamy Stock Photo

“Portrait of a Nineteen-Year-Old Man” was painted in 1623 by an unknown artist from the Netherlands. Even though it was created long before Styles was born, the similarities between him and the man in the painting are uncanny. Of course, the style has changed significantly over the last few hundred years, but they do seem to share a similar taste in headgear!

Dustin Diamond and Joseph Pulitzer

Diamond’s Net Worth: $50,000

Diamond’s Occupation: Actor

Pulitzer’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $30.6 Million

Pulitzer’s Occupation: Publisher

Dustin Diamond once played Screech Powers on Saved by the Bell and has since had a controversial career in comedy and reality television. Unfortunately, Diamond passed away in early 2021 following a cancer diagnosis. While he has managed to achieve immortality as a pop icon from the ‘90s, his doppelgänger has achieved eternal life another way. Joseph Pulitzer is recognized as one of the most influential literary publishers in United States history.

Alamy Stock Photo

Aside from sharing a face with Screech, he published two newspapers in his lifetime and continues to be recognized in the form of the Pulitzer Prize. While he doesn’t share the actor’s poor decision-making skills, he does share a few facial features. These include an oval face, prominent nose, and a chin full of facial hair!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Young Civil War Soldier

Gordon-Levitt’s Net Worth: $35 Million

Gordon-Levitt’s Occupation: Actor

Doppelgänger’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): Unknown

Doppelgänger’s Occupation: Soldier

Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt got his start in the movie industry as a child and has since gone on to become one of the biggest names in Hollywood. He’s best known for his work in films like Inception, 500 Days of Summer, and Knives Out. While little is known about the actor’s doppelgänger, we do know that he was a World War I soldier.


Even though Gordon-Levitt was never in the military himself, he has portrayed a number of soldiers on the big screen including in Stop-Loss, Looper, Lincoln, and Miracle at St. Anna. The actor shares quite a few similarities with his doppelgänger including a child-like smile and those legendary dimples!

Demetrius Shipp Jr. and Tupac Shakur

Shipp’s Net Worth: $215 Million

Shipp’s Occupation: Actor

Shakur’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $200,000

Shakur’s Occupation: Rapper Growing up, Demetrius Shipp Jr. was often told that he looked like Tupac Shakur. Little did he know that his doppelgänger would ultimately put him on a path towards Hollywood. After taking the advice of a friend, Shipp auditioned for the lead role in All Eyez On Me, a biopic on the rapper’s life.

Alamy Stock Photo

Not only did producers give Shipp the role for looking nearly identical to Shakur, but they even said that the actor was able to seamlessly pull off the rapper’s mannerisms as well. Photos of Shipp in character are difficult to tell apart from Shakur as they share a strong jaw, wide eyes, a bright smile, and a plumper lower lip.

Eminem and Roman Emperor Severus

Alexander Eminem’s Net Worth: $230 Million

Eminem’s Occupation: Rapper

Alexander’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): Unknown

Alexander’s Occupation: Roman Emperor

Marshall Mathers, better known as Eminem, seems to have that kind of face that people always think is familiar. He has several doppelgängers throughout history, including Roman Emperor Severus Alexander. Since the emperor lived during a time period before photography, we don’t exactly know what the man looked like and only have artist renderings to go by

Shutterstock/Alamy Stock Photo

Regardless, this statue certainly resembles the rapper. It might be the stone, but the emperor shares the musician’s stern look, wide-set eyes, prominent nose, and distinguished chin. If time travel did exist, there’s a slim chance Eminem would use that technology to rule Rome, but you never know!

Leonardo DiCaprio and Konrad Annerud

DiCaprio’s Net Worth: $260 Million

DiCaprio’s Occupation: Actor

Annerud’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): Unknown

Annerud’s Occupation: Bartender/Musician In 2015, Swedish bartender and amateur model Konrad Annerud made headlines for strongly resembling a young Leonardo DiCaprio. With the same dirty-blonde styled hair that the actor rocked while filming Titanic, it didn’t take long for photos of Annerud to go viral. DiCaprio’s doppelgänger has since gained popularity on social media, giving him quite the audience for his music.

Alamy Stock Photo

While no one will ever truly be able to replace the beloved actor, his doppelgänger certainly comes close. They share a number of facial features including blue almond-shaped eyes, expression lines across the forehead, and chiseled jaw. There’s no evidence of time travel here, but perhaps DiCaprio has been a victim of cloning!

John Krasinski and Earl Thomas Conley

Krasinski’s Net Worth: $30 Million

Krasinski’s Occupation: Actor/Producer

Conley’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $8 Million

Conley’s Occupation: Musician

John Krasinski first gained recognition in his role as Jim Halpert on The Office before taking his career to the big screen in movies like Something Borrowed, 13 Hours, License to Wed, and A Quiet Place. Looking at a photo of his doppelgänger, you’d swear it’s Krasinski dressed in some over-the-top Halloween costume. However, it’s country singer Earl Thomas Conley!

Shutterstock/Getty Images Photo by Ron Galella

After Conley passed away in 2019, fans started to notice how much he resembled the actor back when he was younger. Aside from the obvious style differences, the two are nearly identical. They share the same nose, an oval face, prominent brows, and deep almond-shaped eyes. Certainly, their close resemblance couldn’t be the result of time travel since their lives overlapped, but perhaps Krasinski has a distant uncle he never knew about!

Andrew Garfield and Anthony Perkins

Garfield’s Net Worth: $10 Million

Garfield’s Occupation: Actor

Perkins’ Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $6 Million

Perkins’ Occupation: Actor

Actor Andrew Garfield is best known for films like The Social Network and The Amazing Spider-Man. He’s known for having several doppelgängers throughout history, but he most resembles fellow actor Anthony Perkins. With a career that began back in the ‘50s, Perkins’ most recognized role was as Norman Bates in Psycho.

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Other films he appeared in include Psycho III, Goodbye Again, Catch-22, and WUSA. As a young man, Perkins shares quite a few features with Garfield including prominent cheekbones, deep smile lines, a square jaw, and dark flirtatious eyes. Since their lives overlap, there’s no evidence of time travel here, but perhaps Garfield and Perkins were distant relatives!

Macaulay Culkin and Young Vladimir Putin

Culkin’s Net Worth: $16 Million

Culkin’s Occupation: Actor

Putin’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $70 Billion

Putin’s Occupation: President of Russia

Child star Macaulay Culkin has long since been inducted into our pop culture. His role as Kevin McCallister continues to appeal to fans who watch Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York each holiday season. Few people would ever guess that Culkin’s doppelgänger is a young Vladimir Putin.

Getty Images Photo by Theo Wargo

The actor has very little in common with the Russian leader, but there are some facial similarities between the two. When Putin was a boy, he shared a similar cheekbone structure and hairstyle to Culkin. The two share sunken eyes that make their eyebrows and area under the eyes more prominent, which is the most obvious similarity.

Dave Franco and Someone’s Uncle

Franco’s Net Worth: $10 Million

Franco’s Occupation: Actor

Doppelgänger’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): Unknown

Doppelgänger’s Occupation: Unknown

Dave Franco got his start in acting with small television roles before transitioning to the big screen. He’s best known for starring in films like 21 Jump Street, Now You See Me, and Neighbors. After looking through some old photos, a fan discovered that her uncle looked nearly identical to Franco as a young man.


Nothing is known about Franco’s doppelgänger other than he shares the actor’s face. They both have strong jaws, dark eyes that angle downwards, prominent eyebrows, and attractive smiles. Either Franco is a time traveler or this fan’s uncle is the actor’s grandfather!

David Schwimmer and 1800s Man

Schwimmer’s Net Worth: $85 Million

Schwimmer’s Occupation: Actor

Doppelgänger’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): Unknown

Doppelgänger’s Occupation: Unknown

Actor David Schwimmer earned himself a permanent spot in pop culture after Friends took off, and will forever be recognized for his role as Ross Geller. The unagi expert has also appeared on Broadway and in other shows over the years including American Crime Story and Band of Brothers. A photo dating back to the 1800s might provide the evidence of time travel we’ve all been looking for!

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While little is known about Schwimmer’s doppelgänger, the similarities are hard to ignore. If you take the mustache off him, he and the actor are practically identical. They share features like an oval face, prominent ears, a distinct nose, and almond-shaped eyes.

Jerry O’Connell and a Civil War Soldier

O’Connell’s Net Worth: $20 Million

O’Connell’s Occupation: Actor

Doppelgänger’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): Unknown

Doppelgänger’s Occupation: Civil War Soldier

Soldier Actor Jerry O’Connell is best known for appearing in films like Jerry Macguire, Scream 2, Tomcats, and Piranha 3D. He has since transitioned to a television actor with roles in shows like Sliders, Crossing Jordan, and The Defenders. While he was never in the military, his doppelgänger appears to have been a Civil War soldier.

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The mystery soldier looks far too young to be on the frontlines of any battle and is likely just a teenager. He shares a number of features with the actor including a wide nose, big eyes, and blank expression. While they don’t look identical, there’s still a chance that the two share a bloodline!

Pope Francis and Jim Nabors

Francis’ Net Worth: $80 Million

Francis’ Occupation: Pope

Nabors’ Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $25 Million

Nabors’ Occupation: Actor/Singer

Jim Nabors was a popular actor in the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s. He first appeared on The Andy Griffith Show as Gomer Pyle, a character that was so beloved by audiences that he became a regular on the show. The character even inspired a spinoff, Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C. Many people believe the actor strongly resembles the current head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis.

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While Nabors was heavily involved in the church growing up, even singing in the choir, he was never as devoted as his doppelgänger. What makes the two so similar is an adorably crooked smile, prominent nose, and smile lines around the eyes. The only obvious difference between the two men is their eyebrows, as Nabors had much thicker brows.

Bill Nye and Abraham Lincoln

Nye’s Net Worth: $6.5 Million

Nye’s Occupation: Host/Comedian

Lincoln’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $85,000

Lincoln’s Occupation: US President

Thanks to actor George Takei, you will never be able to unsee the similarities between these doppelgängers. Bill Nye is most recognized for hosting the educational program Bill Nye the Science Guy. In recent years, he has also appeared as himself on several episodes of The Big Bang Theory and has been compared to none other than former president Abraham Lincoln.

Getty Images Photo by Amanda Edwards and VCG Wilson

America’s sixteenth president may be best known for his tophat and stringy beard, but there are some clear similarities between him and Nye. In addition to their pursuit of knowledge, the two also have a few facial features in common. They both have a uniquely squared head, thick eyebrows, smile lines, sunken cheeks, and a prominent nose.

Lily Collins and Audrey Hepburn

Collins’ Net Worth: $8 Million

Collins’ Occupation: Actor

Hepburn’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $100 Million

Hepburn’s Occupation: Actor

Lily Collins has been compared to legendary actress Audrey Hepburn since the moment she came into the limelight. She has appeared in films that include The Blind Side, Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, Love, Rosie, and Mirror, Mirror. Comparisons to her doppelgänger are often made in interviews, as the media has labeled Collins as the Audrey Hepburn of action films.

Getty Images Photo by Dominique Charriau and Hulton Archive

In addition to Hepburn’s iconic dark hair, Collins also shares her thick brows, big flirtatious eyes, button nose, and soft porcelain skin. Not only is Hepburn known for starring in timeless films like Sabrina, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, My Fair Lady, and Wait Until Dark, but she was also known for her flawless beauty. Collins has certainly lucked out with this comparison!

Bryan Cranston and Max Weber

Cranston’s Net Worth: $40 Million

Cranston’s Occupation: Actor

Weber’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $28 Million

Weber’s Occupation: Sociologist/Philosopher

Actor Bryan Cranston shot to celebrity status after earning a starring role in Breaking Bad. The AMC drama has won a number of awards and is considered one of the greatest television series of all time. Cranston’s doppelgänger’s life took him in a different direction as a sociologist and philosopher.

Shutterstock/Alamy Stock Photo

Max Weber provided research that led to some of the most important developments in modern Western society. While he and Cranston couldn’t be more different from one another, they do share a number of facial features. These include stern eyes, prominent expression lines, distinct ears, and a love for facial hair. They may not be identical twins, but they could potentially be related!

Harlem Jay-Z’s Net Worth: $1 Billion

Jay-Z’s Occupation: Musician

Doppelgänger’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): Unknown

Doppelgänger’s Occupation: Unknown

Jay-Z, born Shawn Corey Carter, is a legendary rapper and artist of our time. He was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1969 not too far from where this photo of his doppelgänger was taken. This photo has been circulating around the internet and is thought to be from the 1930’s, several decades before Jay-Z was born.


The similarities between the rapper and the mystery man are uncanny. If we didn’t know better, this photo could easily be mistaken as Jay-Z at a vintage photoshoot or on a movie set. The two men share a wide-set nose, pouty lips, droopy eyes, and carefree mannerisms. Is this enough evidence to prove time travel exists though?

George Clooney and Cary Grant

Clooney’s Net Worth: $500 Million

Clooney’s Occupation: Actor/Director/Screenwriter

Grant’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): $60 Million

Grant’s Occupation: Actor

Heartthrob and A-lister George Clooney has been making waves in Hollywood since the ‘80s and doesn’t seem to be letting up any time soon. It would only be fitting for him to have a doppelgänger who is also a major icon in the industry. Cary Grant is one of the original Hollywood actors, appearing in classic films like The Awful Truth, The Philadelphia Story, His Girl Friday, The Bishop’s Wife, To Catch a Thief, An Affair to Remember, and North by Northwest.

Shutterstock/Getty Images Photo by PictureLake

Both considered heartthrobs of their generation, the two have more in common than their acting chops. They share dreamy eyes, chiseled jaws, smile lines, and a bad boy attitude. While they’re far from being identical, their similarities demonstrate that traditional good looks certainly don’t go out of style!

Nicolas Cage and Our Lady of Sorrows

Cage’s Net Worth: $25 Million

Cage’s Occupation: Actor

Doppelgänger’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): Unknown

Doppelgänger’s Occupation: Catholic Saint

Nicolas Cage is best known for his roles in films like Honeymoon in Vegas, Face/Off, Con Air, Gone in Sixty Seconds, The Rock, and The Family Man. While he has been known to have several doppelgängers, this image of Our Lady of Sorrows also referred to as the Virgin Mary is another one to add to the list.

Getty Images Photo by Theo Wargo

The two share a long face, hopeless eyes, and prominent nose, but are far from being identical. Clearly this is not an example of time travel, but it does seem that Cage has some statuesque facial features!

Mahir Cayan and Jimmy Fallon

Occupation: Comedian/Television

Host Cayan’s Net Worth (Adjusted for Inflation): Unknown

Cayan’s Occupation: Political Activist

Aside from their appearance, late-night television host Jimmy Fallon and Turkish political activist Mahir Cayan have absolutely nothing in common. Fallon has spent much of his time working in the entertainment industry, first as a comedian and then as a host. He got his start on Saturday Night Live and now hosts The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon making the occasional political comment.


Cayan’s involvement in politics was far more hands-on. As an activist, Cayan’s short life was consumed by politics. He was one of the founders and leaders of the People’s Liberation Party-Front of Turkey which was a Turkish Marxist-Leninist militant organization. After taking several NATO technicians hostage in an attempt to save other activists from execution, Cayan and several others were killed by soldiers.

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