Wedding Dresses Like You Have Never Seen Before

Wedding traditions vary from place to place, from time to time, and from culture to culture. However, in most western societies, there is one tradition that stays the same – the dress. It has to be white and long and make all eyes move in the bride’s direction. But sometimes brides take things a little too far. Take a look at these unusual designs and see for yourself.

Cake Pop

This bride must have figured she could catch two birds with one stone – wedding cake and wedding dress all in one! Her sweet dress is sure to make everyone talking.


While this sweetheart seems very comfortable eating her garment, we can’t help but wonder if the guests feel comfortable doing the same.

All the Fluff

Let it be known that the bride is the only thing that matters today. The groom – meh, not so much.


We wonder if she has made sure her guests can fit in the same room with her and her enormous dress.

Paint It Blue

This bride was probably missing her ‘something blue’ when her stylist stepped in with some blue spray paint.


The couple must have loved it so much their bridesmaid wore it too!

Fairy Lights

Being a fairy princess is every girl’s dream. Usually, that dream fades away as they grow older, but not this one.


With a smile to light up the room, sometimes a bride needs a dress to match.

A Feathery Flair

In nature, it is the peacock that has an impressive set of mesmerizing feathers. The peahens are somewhat plain comparing to their male counterparts. But this bride decided to turn things around.


With that hypnotizing design, she is sure to draw every eye in the room.

Purple Power

Purple is the color of royalty and this bride knows it well.


She doesn’t mind walking around in this heavy dress adorned with Swarovski crystals to let everyone know she’s royal.

Barbie Bride

Barbies come in different shapes, sizes, professions, and styles. This bride obviously knows all about it as she chose a Barbie themed dress.


Her makeup really turned her into a real life Barbie doll. Now where is her Ken?

Don’t Come Any Closer

A dress this big comes with a statement. And that statement is – you can’t touch this.


With all this volume, no one will be able to mess up her makeup or anything, which is great. Our only concern is how does the groom get to even hug her?

Bell Of The Ball(oons)

This wedding dress is light as it is festive. It will stay that way as long as nobody comes close with any sharp objects.


Good thing those balloons aren’t filled with helium. Otherwise, the bride would have been too busy floating around the room.

The Devil Wears a Wedding Dress

Who said goth people only wear black? This couple obviously had a less-than-conventional wedding, but they didn’t give up on a dress in traditional white and a bouquet of roses.


The white military boots and horns are just the right finishing touch for this look.


Sustainability is the name of the game in the last few years. People recycle, reuse, and repurpose all the time.


This bride obviously cares a lot about the planet as her wedding dress is made with plastic bags and papers.

A Hairy Situation

Hair and makeup are essential when it comes to the glam squad in charge of a bride on her wedding day. This one might have needed more than one hairdresser.


With a wig collection that will put any drag queen to shame, this bride knows how to create a truly unique look. Do you think her groom would be dressed up as a huge hairbrush?

Home of The Brave

Uncle Sam’s niece is getting married and we all knew this is the dress she’s about to wear.


The only question we have here is why would a bride need a handbag on her wedding day?

Wearable Rainbow

Nothing makes you want do dance more than a big, colorful dress.


This dress, along with the flowery headpiece, is sure to have put everyone at the wedding in a dancy mood.

Help Yourself

Her parties are epic, her hosting skills are impeccable, and she’ll never let you forget it.


The hostess with the mostess took things to a whole new level by wearing the dessert table. Have  cupcake!


When she’s off her bridal duties, this bride must spend most of her free time wearing football jerseys and attending games.


Who said your wedding dress can be sporty? Go team!

Brazilian Bride

She has a crown, a scepter, and a heavy, bejeweled back piece. She is ready for the carnival! Oh wait, wedding. That’s what she’s ready for.


We can only hope that this outfit is not as heavy as it looks so she can dance.

No Room

This bride’s dress takes up the space of three grown people.


She must have an entourage of people to help her in and out of the car.

Chocolaty Bride

Everything is better with chocolate.


Well, almost everything. While chocolate at a wedding sounds like a good fit, a dress made out of white chocolate could be somewhat hard to dance in.

A Whole New World

Princess Jasmine must have been an inspiration for many young girls growing up. Having a palace and a pet tiger sound like a dream.


This bride kept drawing inspiration from Jasmine well into adulthood. Her wedding dress is ready to step on the flying carpet!

Sponsored By…

Getting married can be an expensive business. And what better way to save money than have big corporations sponsor your event?


Who knew wedding gowns had such commercial potential?

Keeping Mosquitoes Away?

This bride is scared of her legs being bit by mosquitoes. That much is clear.


What’s not so clear is why she doesn’t mind getting mosquito bites on any other exposed part of her body.


Reigning supreme as the queen of the night, the bride needs to be dressed appropriately. The groom is a whole different story.


These two obviously have their priorities straight. As do the groom’s friends.

Hide and Seek

Under all these jewels, makeup, and heavy fabrics, there is a bride. You might need a second to see her, but don’t worry – she’s there.


The combined weight of everything she’s wearing must be so heavy!

Curls and Ruffles

This bride’s hairdo was probably inspired by her favorite childhood china doll.


Those blonde curls go hand in hand with her gown’s ruffles and garter belts.

Under the Sea

Some girls looked up to Ariel, the little mermaid, when they were little. Others, like whoever made this dress, obviously looked up to Ursula, the sea witch with the body of an octopus.


Apparently, witches deserve a happy ever after too.


Orange Is My Favorite Color Make way for the bride and groom – flaming hot Cheetos in human form!


These two match not only in style, but also in attitude. Wouldn’t you love to see some more of this couple’s wedding photoshoot?

Keeping Warm

Women who are always cold might as well get married in a sweater. Or better yet, a full, head-to-toe, white crochet piece completed with giant bows.


Well, it’s her choice and all we can do is congratulate her and hope that she’s happy with it.

Little Bo Peep

Usually, a groom is a bride’s best accessory. In this case, however, the sheep complements the dress in a way no groom ever will.


We have a pretty good guess about the identity of this wedding’s ring bearer.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

White represent purity and innocence, but let’s face it – it can get quite boring at some point. This unusual couple opted for something a little more colorful.


This lovely bride knows how to paint with all the colors of the wind and has a groom to match.

The Floral Arrangement

Who needs a bouquet when there are hundreds of flowers sewn into your dress? Oh, and in case anyone has missed it, she’s wearing flowers on her head too.


One thing’s for sure – this bride smells wonderful.

More Questions Than Answers

So many questions can be asked about this picture. Where are the bride’s hands? Why is the groom holding a rolled-up magazine? Is that object on the side an ashtray? Why is it in the picture at all? Who knows?


The few things we do know however, is that the bride seems happy with her choice of dress and her choice of man.

High School Sweethearts

Ah the American high school most classic trope: captain of the football team with the head cheerleader.


This wedding is sure to have a breathtaking halftime show.

Long Train Running

One way of getting your guests to stand still and not block anyone’s view during the ceremony is to let them hold the dress’s train. Unfortunately, the train is rarely that long.


This way, all the guests are taking part in the event.

Isn’t It Ironic?

A wedding made of paper? Unique but not unheard of.


This dress, however, is made out of divorce papers. How ironic!

The Trophy Wife

She’s beauty, she’s grace, she’ll say it to your face. Or at the very least, wear a fully golden dress.


Now her groom can tell everyone he’s actually won an Oscar.

Simply the Best

Tina Turner is iconic. That fact is indisputable. Her wedding dress, however, was pretty controversial.


She wore this Giorgio Armani in 2013 when she married her husband Erwin Bach.

Find More Feathers!

You can see this bride’s sense of humor from the smile on her face. Then you take in the rest of the picture and you learn a lot more about her.


You learn that she loves chicken, accessories, and of course, feathers.

A True Patriot

This bride must be marrying a president. Or at the very least running for president and using her wedding to jumpstart her campaign.


Assuming her guests are as patriotic as she is, we guess they will be having burgers and eat apple pies for dessert.

Something Blue

“Why do you wear blue? It will bring out your beautiful eyes!”


This bride took that advice to the extreme with a blue, wearable ocean.

Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

Most brides want to stand out at their weddings, but it looks like this one is all about blending in.


Maybe she has a military background, maybe she believes camouflage will never go out of style.

Next Level Ready

She loves kids, wants to start making babies right away, and she wants the world to know. So why not do it with a statement dress made out of diapers?


With this dress, she is ready to absorb whatever life puts in her way.

The Queen Mother

Those of you who watched Honey Boo Boo on TV, must know June Shannon – Honey Boo Boo’s mother.


Little Honey is often busy being a beauty queen but Shannon wouldn’t let anyone steal the spotlight on her wedding day. Not even her husband with his matching suit.

This Girl Is on Fire

This bride is coming in hot with a fiery design that puts Katniss Everdeen to shame.


As long as the bridesmaids don’t burn their hands holding the train, this wedding should run smoothly.

Cult Rituals

We’re not exactly sure what “flavor” of wedding would best suit this dress, but something tells us it belongs to a community somewhere far off the grid.


Between that full-faced head covering and the table-like shape that is probably housing some sort of sacrificial platform (not to mention that embroidery,) this is not a wedding you want to be apart of.

Rose Princess

This woman clearly wanted a rose-themed dress, but she wasn’t even going to settle for a mere rose design. Authenticity is the name of the game and real roses are the way to go.


We got to hand it to the makers of this seriously unique dress, which must have taken a lot of work. Let’s hope that the ceremony was rather quick and she didn’t wilt away as the hours passed.

All Corners of the Globe

Getting married is a momentous occasion, one that symbolizes the start of a new journey with your life partner; a long, long journey. In fact, if you were to measure your time together, it would be as long as this dress.


That’s probably what this bride had in mind when picking out her dress. In order to truly show the lengths of her love for her new groom, she got the trail to match.

Chasing Trail

Tying the knot (generally) puts an end to those wild single days as you settle down “til death do you part.” But in this case, the groom is nowhere in sight and maybe still trailing behind.


If this bride is trying to play hard to get, then it is working. Swimming through that endless gown, her groom will never catch up.

Shotgun Wedding

It’s hard to know the real reason behind this beautiful union. Was it true love or was it to make things a little more, erm…official? Whatever the case, this bride wanted to make a statement.


This well-designed dress definitely reminds us what marriage is often all about anyway.

“Royal Wedding”

Millions around the world were glued to the televised royal wedding, as expected. The special day is one of the biggest events in British culture and the west at large.  Of course, many are only too happy to try to recreate it for their own weddings.


Good luck trying to get your hands on those regal suits and dresses. These folks just painted them onto their bodies, with some tweaks of course. It’s an interesting look that would make the Windsors green with envy.

The Blow-Up

Not everyone gets to pick their own wedding dress. It’s reasonable to assume that if you’re the bride, and it’s your day,  you’re going to pick your own dress.


That is unless you’re a blow-up doll. As expected, this doll’s ‘partner’ got it fully dressed for the big day. Let’s just say that there is “someone” for everyone.

Rolling On

It’s great when fashion reaches new heights, creating beautiful garments with never before used materials. That’s what fashion design is really all about. Until this happens.


While there is something impressive and even beautiful about this dress, we can’t shake the fact that it’s just a bunch of toilet rolls. The effect is cool, but could they not have used something else?

Manchester Wedding

It’s unclear who this woman is marrying. The supposed man of her dreams or Manchester City. This woman decided to use old Manchester t-shirts to reconstruct her wedding dress.


The result: She became a walking flag. While this dress isn’t what we traditionally would call ‘pretty,’ it does show a lot of passion and dedication and that’s great for a wedding!

Mrs. Balloons

There are women out there who have worn wedding dresses that have been passed down from the generations. This is a beautiful thing and can even signify the secret behind a long and happy marriage. Then there are women who wear dresses made of balloons.


Aside from this just looking atrocious, we don’t have much faith in these balloons lasting through the “I do” part of the ceremony. And if you’re marrying someone in a balloon dress, we must question your taste, to begin with.

The Unicorn

This woman chose to reinvent the veil by donning a horrific mask of a unicorn. We thought unicorns were so supposed to be magical and beautiful creatures, but this one looks like it might be in need of a trip to the vet.


It could also be a cunning way to pull the old wedding “switcheroo,” with the real bride mysteriously nowhere to be seen. This is why you need a simple, see-through veil.

Talk About Anime-ted on the Big Day!

Turquoise green hair cropped short, dark eyebrows, and a deep plum shade of lipstick, this woman is essentially a living and breathing anime character.


There’s also the spattering of neon-colored lace over her pretty white gown. There isn’t a doubt in the world that this wedding took place in Portland.

Happily Ever After

This bride went full ogre, proving that true love is something really skin-deep. While the sentiment is sweet, we must take note of the commitment! We are sure that look took a lot of time to achieve.

Getty Images Photo by Rui Vieira/PA

And if they did go that extra mile, are they heading to the swamp for their happily ever after? How far are we going really?

The Headliner

If you want your wedding to make the papers, but find that you have not been getting the attention you wanted, just wear the papers instead. And seeing as recycling is all the rage, you’ll probably make a major fashion statement.


Our only concern is the crinkling and ruffling sounds you’ll make as you walk down the aisle. That’s gotta be awkward to watch, though you can always drown it out with some heavy organ playing. Sound like a real fairytale wedding.


Marriage is a major step for everyone. This dress tells us that tying the knot is a lot like that precious moment where the little caterpillar transforms into a beautiful fluttering butterfly.


Like with the butterfly, the metamorphosis allows the newly winged creature to be free, where it can happily hop around from flower to flower. Yes, this is certainly the perfect analogy for marriage.

Going Green

If you’re into zero waste, then this is the wedding dress for you. But how long was she saving every box of store-bought food? Did she collect old packages from friends and dumpsters?


Or has this been an ongoing project for her whole life where she has been methodically setting aside whatever she could for the big day. Was there a separate wedding dress panty all along? And what will be done with this dress afterward? So many questions.

Say “Cheese!”

Every bride deserves to be the belle of the ball. No one should upstage her, as she simply must be the center of attention. Turning your wedding dress into a sloppy pepperoni pizza pie ought to see that it stays that way.


Is it pretty? Not really. They say that pizza just makes everything better, but then this wedding photo came along and sort of destroyed that idea. Keep the pizza in the catering and out of the clothing.

Thinking Out of The Box

There’s a lot to say about this one. One thing that comes to mind is the alien from the movie “Alien” starring Sigourney Weaver. It’s that whole drooping crane that really screams “I’m not from this planet.”


If you’re not familiar, then perhaps you’re seeing some sort of cage? We really do not know. Clearly a lot of effort went into this because that’s one hardcore face harness.

The Mummy

Mummies deserve love too, you know. Even ones with that have weird face-masks hanging from their dresses. Is there a special meaning behind all this? Do the masks represent the face underneath?


Why are all the masks equally expressionless? This should be a day of joy and happiness! At least make the masks smile a little.

Ready to Attract

While this dress is beautiful, it’s a little bit of a shame that it can’t flip up and stick up behind her like a real set of peacock feathers.  The lady who wears this to her wedding doesn’t have to worry about attracting anyone since she’s already netted her guy.


Sadly, people who want to get near the bride will have to fan out around her in order to not trod on her dress of feathers. She’ll be a pretty bird for sure.

Quite the Interesting Feeling

It looks like this dress is made out of tons and tons of white feathers, but not so. In fact, designer Susie MacMurray used over fourteen hundred rubber gloves to make this unique and unforgettable gown. Rubber gloves are in high demand now, so we hope this was something she had been working on for a while.


At a distance, it looks great, but get in close and you might start to get a creepy feeling, with all those hands looking at you. Hopefully wearing it doesn’t have all the latex rubbing against your skin.

She’ll Be the Biggest Dot at the Wedding

What is this dress made of? You got us. It looks like…bottle caps! Is it bottle caps? We think it’s bottle caps. Anyway, this lady made up a unique wedding dress with all those…bottle caps…and a standard white dress underneath to keep herself covered.


Tentacles of bottle-cap strings fan out around her, and she has an oversized bouquet of weeds or weeping willow branches. It’s a bit of a strange combo, but we can’t say that it looks bad. In fact, compared to some of the others on this list, it looks pretty good.

The Mythical One Herself

There’s a lot to take in with this dress. It’s a big, bubbly dress with a poofy skirt, a heavy bouquet, and a glittering bodice. There are necklaces and earrings and tiaras and bangles on her arms, but the big draw is the design that’s on the front of the skirt.


It seems to be a cat, pretty paws pressed together and head cocked to the side. It also kind of has a unicorn look to it, with the horn – which could be an ear. There is some lettering under the design, at the bottom of the skirt, but it’s hard to figure out what it says. It might be a different language.

She’s Ready to Fly

This young bride looks great in a classic bodice and long train, but with a bit of a twist. The skirt is separated in the middle (which lets us see the bride’s clean white boots) and has feathery details along the fringe.


There’s another little detail about the dress that draws the eye too, with two wings that look like they’re attached to the back, which curl around the arms to frame the package as a whole. Hopefully, the wings are adjustable, or she’s going to be hitting her arms on those things all night long. With a little red bouquet, she’s ready for the altar.

Taking it Back to Pantaloons

Get a bounce to your next wedding look with this dress, which looks like it could be made out of frosted cream. There are small flower designs around the knee-length hem, as well as on the wrists and the hands.


It’s a strapless design, but all the eyes will be on the lower half, which has what appears to be air intakes that the folds of the dress have created. Traditional wedding dress this is not, but if you’re the bride and want to make sure that all eyes will be on you during your big day, this is the kind of dress you’ll want to pick up.

The Bride is in Bloom

When you’re at a wedding, the bride is the most beautiful one there, no matter what she’s wearing, what her hair looks like, or who did her makeup. It might be a bit hard to say she’s beautiful if she’s wearing this dress, but it’s still quite an interesting design.


While for the most part, it’s pretty traditional, with wide straps and a veil, the main thrust of the dress is a huge poof of fabric that turns her into an egg shape. It could be used to hide a pregnancy or an unflattering belly while also getting the guests talking about your sense of style.

Ready for a Taste of Sushi

Here’s another dress that is more or less traditional, but has a couple of changes to it that really help it stand out. It’s designed after some classic far-east delicacies with a yellow wrap around the shoulders, and construction around the feet, just like a dollop of yellow wasabi.


We know wasabi isn’t traditionally yellow, but it’s the only dollop that makes sense. She’s got a look made from a mixture of traditional and avant-garde that is sure to leave a good taste in everyone’s mouths on her big day.

Hopping Down the Aisle

This is the kind of dress that would be number one on plenty of brides’ lists if we were back a few decades, but all the poof has fallen out of favor. The wide skirt that ends above the knee goes well with thick stockings and simple shoes.


One of the biggest notes about this dress is the odd headpiece, which eschews the traditional veil and instead goes with a design that makes it look like she’s late, she’s late, she’s very very late.

A Bit of a Mess

We’re sure that when the model slipped into this wedding dress, it looked pretty normal apart from the different layers and the different cuffs. She then walked right behind a jetliner, which got her entire outfit all rearranged. It’s kind of a shame, but we think it would have looked pretty good before it got ruined.


If you’re after a wedding dress that will have people talking about it long after the wedding is over, this is the choice for you. The veil is a minimalist deal, not even covering the nose. Busting a move on the dance floor might be tough, but isn’t it worth it?

Layers Upon Layers

Tailors have tough jobs sometimes. A lot of times, their hard work creates amazing pieces of fanciful party gear that looks lovely, but this dress is not one of those times. There are loops and rolls of fabric on the skirt, which doesn’t look all that bad, though it might be pretty heavy and hard to move around in.


On the other hand, the upper part of the dress looks like it’s been sewn together with strips of bleached denim, barely tying together in the back, and – this might just be due to the model. Try again, tailors.

Ready for Her First Kiss

Yes, you’re Prince Charming is coming closer, until he sees you dressed in that outfit, at least. This full gown goes from neck down to the floor, and covers the wrists, too, and it obscures almost all of the bride’s form.


Plus, what is that attached to the fabric, light bulbs? We almost wish it was, that would at least make her unmissable when she’s on the dance floor. But, it’s just pods of fabric, or perhaps artificial – or even real – white roses.

We Hardly Believe It Ourselves

“What could possibly be wrong about this dress?” you might be asking yourself, and for good reason. The dress and the bride inside both look perfect, but what’s that behind her?

Getty Images Photo by Robin Marchant

Ads for Charmin, a toilet paper brand? It turns out this dress is made entirely out of (clean, fresh) toilet paper, and maybe like ours, your eyes just popped out of your head.

Like You’re Something Old AND Something New

Recycling gives us plenty of opportunities to remake something into something else without cluttering up landfills. One enterprising bride decided she wanted to take this to a far-flung conclusion when she used old newspapers to make a dress for herself. While the cut and design of the dress are good, the immense amount of shredded paper used for the train is extravagant.


Plus, you know how you get ink on your fingers after handling the news? We don’t want to imagine what it would look like over her entire body. There might be a liner underneath the newspaper, or she might have another dress to switch to when it’s time to dance.

Not Going Solo

Making a dress out of red plastic cups won’t really fly with most traditional weddings, but if you’re hosting your big day in your own backyard, then you do you. This woman took that advice to heart and crafted a dress – with train, headpiece, and “bouquet.”


It sort of looks like a frat party came to life. There aren’t a lot of people that would choose this style for their big day, but certain people would jump at the chance to show off in a bright red design like this one.

BECOME the Ball Pit

Kids love playing in ball pits, so why not take all the fun from a McDonald’s play place and turn it into a wedding dress? The woman in this dress looks like she’s just come from a Barbie doll modeling gig, but the fun doesn’t stop there. How does she sit down, or even move around?


We’re not sure. But on the other hand, if she trips and falls while she’s getting busy on the dance floor after her wedding, she’s more than likely to just bounce right back up to her feet thanks to all the balls attached to her dress. She even has a matching purse!

Guests Can’t Wait to Have Her Visit Their Table

Wedding gowns are, for the most part, for show. A few on this list have some utility, but this wineglass-carry dress is the kind of thing that guests will love. When the bride comes around, guests will have their pick of full glasses of sparkling wine.


It has a couple of downsides, though. Hugging the bride is off-limits unless you want to mess up your outfit and hers. She also can’t boogie too much with her family new or old on the dance floor, or everyone will be slipping in the bubbly.

A Hefty Amount of Booty

When it comes to themed weddings, the rule is usually to go all-out. For their pirate-themed wedding, this couple of landlubbers have certainly done so, with heavy leather boots, tricorn hats, sabers, and more.


Her skirts are hitched up to show off the detailed petticoat, which might be inspired by actual fashion from the time, but is probably taken a bit further than in reality. And we can’t ignore the groom – he’s primed to plunder.

Her Own Color

According to age-old tradition, a wedding has to have something blue (for some reason) so this bride decided to simplify it by just making the wedding dress blue. Sadly it didn’t work.


Not everyone is able to pull off intense blue ruffles layered on top of a more neutral dress, but she certainly did. The blue highlights in the hair are another odd choice, but at least the color matches. The best part is that no matter where she is in the crowd at her wedding, people will be able to find her.

PETA Will Have a Problem

The dress this woman is wearing is actually quite lovely. A sheer outer layer with a denser inner layer that makes it look like she is in her own cocoon of beauty. The big question on all of our minds is the headdress, which does so much to draw the eye away from the rest of the outfit.


It looks like a whole family of mink might have given up their coats to make such a contraption. Does it have a use? Yes. And that is to look weird.

Fast Styles for Their Weddings

McDonald’s is everywhere, but for the most part, they stay out of haute couture fashion. No longer. Now they’re entering the wedding dress industry, as seen by these three bridesmaids who seem to be rocking the fast-food packaging.


With a combination of burger boxes, fry cartons, straws, and more, these dresses are special and sure to get people talking. This might not fly for some but they seem to be enjoying it.

Their Big Day of the Dead

In Mexican culture, Día de los Muertos is an important part of the culture and heritage. It should come as no surprise that more than a few happy couples have decided to get hitched on November first, and this couple has gone all out.


The groom is more-or-less traditional (though he has some face paint, and his outfit is made out of who knows what) the bride is giving it all. But look closer! Her dress is actually constructed from paper plates, cups, and cutlery, and the amount of detail that has gone into it is simply astonishing. And that umbrella!

Time to Turn Down the Lights

Often weddings are brightly lit affairs, but if the dancing goes pretty long and the wedding starts later, then there might be a chance to lower the lights. This bride is prepared with a dress that has hundreds of beetle and bug designs that glow green in the dark.


We hope that she stepped onto the dance floor for her first dance with her new life partner and ordered the lights off to let guests see everything she had been hiding.

Shining Just the Way She Likes It

This bride not only created her own dress, but she did her makeup to match and she looks fabulous. Her dress is built out of aluminum foil and a hefty dose of rhinestones and looks ready to step up to the altar or heat up the dance floor.


She’s pictured at San Francisco’s famous Rodeo Drive. It’s odd to find a bride in such a place, especially on what looks like a hot day, but whether she’s running out on the groom or on her way to her reception, we’re glad we caught a glimpse.

Don’t Look So Blue

While most wedding dresses orbit around the traditional look that is so tried-and-true, there are plenty of styles that not only do their own thing but look great, too. But this dress is less of an example of that. Blue with a glittering silver bodice? Maybe not.


Surrounded as she is in so many other traditional white dresses, we wonder if this bride-to-be is rethinking her choice. She certainly has a pensive look on her face.

Nothing Like a Little Bit of Color

This beautiful bride (Michelle, apparently) has come up with a unique fusion for her wedding attire. While she started with a traditional and lovely basic wedding dress – at least on this list – has added unique flair.


The graffiti culture is alive and well at what is sure to be a colorful affair. This queen bee got some help mixing up her look with hearts, bright colors, and fun designs. Even if it isn’t the dress she goes with when she walks down the aisle, it’s still a memorable outfit.

Colorful, Just Like Her

The one big downside to wedding dresses for a lot of people is that they are normally just white. While we know that’s not always the case, for those who like traditional styles but need a little more energy to their ensemble, it can be aggravating.


This young lady decided that enough is enough, and turned the skirt of her dress into an extravagant layered ribbon of color. Most of the dress looks just as it did, but it has much more energy, which no doubt served this bride well when the ceremony ended and the reception began.