How Healthy Is It For Your Dog To Sleep in Bed With You?

There’s an ongoing debate about the adverse effects of pet owners allowing their dogs to sleep inside the bedroom or in the bed with them. In past years, researchers say that doing so might cause health issues for owners, and behavioral concerns for pets. With the contributions made by Mayo Clinic, the world has access to better information regarding the matter, and we are here to share it with all of you:


Director of Training & Behavior Programs at the Canine Center in Austin, Shari Elkins, says that allowing dogs to sleep in the bed is situational. All pets have different personalities and the topic shouldn’t be treated as something general. It is important for pet advisers and vets to know the whole story before they say anything about letting dogs sleep with their owners.

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The Longtime dog trainer advised when owners shouldn’t allow their pets in the bedroom.

When Shouldn’t You Allow Pets In The Bedroom:

  • Puppies who are still dealing with separation from their families.
  • Dogs that experience separation anxiety and guarding issues.
  • Dogs that you don’t trust enough to leave with your kids during the day.
  • If someone is immunosuppressed due to cancer treatment or other health issues.

If the situations above don’t apply to your dog or family member, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t let them cuddle with you at night.