Stunning Royals in Stunning Gowns

When it comes to royals, there are plenty of fashion icons, and they have plenty of occasions and affairs to show off their exquisite garments. These queenly dresses are colorful and eye-dazzling and are worn by royalty to perfection.
Getty Images Photo by Tim Graham Photo Library & Indigo & Alamy Stock Photo

We have completed a magnificent and fashionable collection of enchanting royals wearing their ravishing dresses. Sit back and be prepared to discover what royal style is all about.

The Revenge Dress 

Breaking away from the traditional British designers, Diana wore a dress by Christina Stambolian, a renowned Greek designer. Reportedly, for this event, Diana had planned to wear a Valentino dress but, at the last minute, chose the Christina Stambolian design instead. This is an example that sometimes, last-minute decisions end up being for the best!

Getty Images Photo by Anwar Hussein/WireImage

As this event came shortly after her quickly dissolving marriage, the Stambolian dress was later known as “the revenge dress.” And it was indeed one of Diana’s most unforgettably glamorous looks.

Perfect Duchess Kate

In 2013, Kate and Will attended the Tusk Trust Awards at the Royal Society in London. It was a special occasion as it was the royal pair’s first night out together after the birth of their firstborn son, George. Kate’s sequined pale gold gown was designed by one of her favorites, Jenny Packham.

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The dress was extra special, though, because it was custom-made for Kate with an empire waist embellished by a brooch and a keyhole at the back. Kate completed the look with a pair of glittery Jimmy Choo Vamp court shoes and a matching diamond bracelet and earrings.

Princess Eugenie of York

Princess Eugenie is new to the royal spotlight. She’s been part of Britain’s royal family ever since she was born into it as the third granddaughter of the late Queen Elizabeth. She was Her Royal Highness Princess Eugenie of York. Her mother is Fergie, and her grandad’s the late Prince Philip.

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She is seen here in a magnificent green dress with an interesting neckline and in a perfect length. Having a not-so-flattering reputation regarding her choice of what to wear, she has toned down in recent years and, as we see here, is doing quite a good job.

Cream Alexander

Although she has been compared to Diana before, Duchess Kate has been very successful in distinguishing her style from that of other members of the royal family. Kate’s looks are elegant and graceful but never dull.

Getty Images Photo by Pool/Samir Hussein/WireImage

When traveling abroad to different regions, royals have to be sure to choose the right attire for the events and culture they will be immersed in. In 2018, Kate and Prince William were on a royal tour of Norway and Sweden and had a handful of events to attend. For the formal dinner the royals were invited to, Kate chose a lovely, powder pink Alexander McQueen gown.

The Queen Mother

For all of their etiquette and restrictions, royal women do enjoy fashion and dressing to impress their guests. Queen Elizabeth II was known for her fashion sense, and it seems it runs strong in the family.

Getty Images Photo by Tim Graham Photo Library

Her mother, Queen Elizabeth (known as the Queen Mother), was also known for her great sense of fashion and was often seen in elaborate crowns and gowns alongside her daughter. For her 80th birthday in 1980, the Queen Mother appeared at her birthday celebration in a breathtaking white chiffon evening gown paired with a meticulously styled tiara and necklace.

The Engagement Gown

When Kate Middleton first appeared in the public eye, she quickly became known for her youthful, elegant style. She also became a trendsetter after appearing in so many British tabloids wearing her gowns.

Getty Images Photo by Chris Jackson

Kate wore a stunning silk-jersey wrap dress to announce her engagement. British designer Issa designed the dress and after Kate wore it, it sold out in 43 countries! The brand Issa was unprepared for the influx in customer interest and eventually closed its doors to the public.

Saturday Night Fever

This stunning design worn by Princess Diana was created by Victor Edelstein. The gown was an off-the-shoulder, velvet dress in a deep blue that Diana wore for her White House visit in 1985. That evening she had dinner with President Ronald Regan and his wife, Nancy.

Alamy Stock Photo

Diana was also able to charm the President into inviting John Travolta to the dinner, simply because she was a big fan! Diana’s dream came true that night, and she was able to dance with the iconic star. Her immortalized dress was later sold at an auction for $347,000.

Gorgeous Stella McCartney

Meghan Markle was at the center of every paparazzi’s snapshot on the day of her wedding to Prince Harry in 2018. After changing out of her wedding gown, Meghan slipped into another dress for her wedding reception.

Getty Images Photo by STEVE PARSONS

To be a bit more comfortable for the post-wedding festivities, she opted for a white gown by designer Stella McCartney. The high neckline was modest enough for a new member of the royal family and yet was still comfortable to relax and dance in while still looking elegant.

Duchess in Blue

Duchess Kate wore this striking, royal blue dress by Jenny Packham while on a royal tour of India in 2016. Even after being part of the royal family for many years now, Kate’s fashion is still considered trendsetting and put under the microscope by the media and online.

Getty Images Photo by Chris Jackson

What made this particular design special for her trip to India was that the gown was hand-beaded in India, which paid tribute to the country Kate was visiting. The Jenny Packham design also had a matching cape and a customized bag.

Pure Queen Elizabeth

No matter how many designer gowns and accessories other royal family members have, they can never quite upstage the Queen. Is it the years of practiced etiquette, poise, and style? Whatever it is, Queen Elizabeth knows how to make a lasting impression.

Getty Images Photo by Tim Graham Photo Library

This striking photo was taken in 1987 for the occasion of Elizabeth’s wedding anniversary — it had been 40 years! The white dress had a playful dot pattern that was very elegant on the Queen. The late Prince Philip was also looking his very best, and the two had matching blue sashes to complete their looks.

Meghan Shines

When Meghan was pregnant with her son Archie, she chose this classy, navy sequined dress by Roland Mouret. She was attending a Cirque du Soleil performance dressed in her finest. She highlighted her look with an elegant bun and fresh, simple makeup. For her shoes, Meghan chose Stuart Weitzman heels and accessorized with a striking Givenchy clutch.

Getty Images Photo by Paul Grover – WPA Pool

Another inside etiquette habit of royals is for the women to hold their purses in their left hand in order to leave the right hand free to greet others or to wave to the public.

Modesty Is the Best Policy

Modesty is a basic principle when it comes to royal outfits, meaning no bare shoulders, no short skirts, and no tacky cleavage. In the photo below, the Princess of Wales proves one can be very modest and look very fabulous.

Alamy Stock Photo

Here Kate Middleton wears a red pleated skirt by Christopher Kane and a matching turtleneck by Ralph Lauren while attending a charity event. She has no visible shoulders, no cleavage, and not too much leg, and she looks fabulous at every event.

Meghan Markle’s Wedding Dress

We couldn’t leave this gown aside even if it is a wedding dress. We haven’t gotten over Meghan Markle’s arrival at Windsor Castle, wearing an immaculately white, thoughtfully simple custom dress by Clare Waight Keller of Givenchy. The gown showed off Meghan’s naturally beautiful figure and collarbones with a graceful neckline and allowed her lace-embroidered veil to flow behind her.

Getty Images Photo by Jane Barlow – WPA Pool

The famous French Design studio seems to be Meghan’s favorite. Her look was teamed with Queen Mary’s diamond bandeau crown and a 16ft veil highlighting intricately hand-embroidered petals.

Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation 

The coronation of a royal is one of the most important days of their life. For her coronation in 1953, Queen Elizabeth wore an elaborate dress created by Norman Hartnell, a British fashion designer who had worked with the royal family before. The designer gown was made from white, duchess satin, and silk detailed with beads and pearls.

Getty Images Photo by Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS

The gown also had special symbolism in its design, with embroidered flowers to represent the commonwealth nations. It may surprise some that female royals re-wear their designer clothes, including the Queen. Elizabeth II wore her coronation dress several times after the special event.

Glowing Meghan 

Meghan Markle has become a controversial figure in the Royal Family. The pressures of royal life became too much for her, so she and Prince Harry ultimately chose to leave the UK. Some have noted that Meghan shares the same passionate individuality as Diana, even when it comes to fashion.

Getty Images Photo by Ian Vogler – Pool

Here Meghan wore a gown created by designer Safiyaa while she was on a royal tour to Fiji. Out of respect for the country they are visiting, British royals typically pay tribute to the country through their fashion. This beautiful blue dress is very similar to the blue shade found in Fiji’s flag.

Princess Dior

In 1951, British photographer Cecil Beaton captured this stunning photo of Princess Margaret for her birthday. Christian Dior designed the beautiful dress she is wearing.

Getty Images Photo by STF/AFP

The single-shoulder dress was timeless with its elegant cream hue and gold embellishments. Princess Margaret decided to accessorize the gown with a jeweled necklace and earrings. It must have been a special design for her if she chose to be photographed in it for her birthday.

Princess Margaret Wears Pink

In this vintage snapshot, Princess Margaret, the Queen’s younger sister, paid a visit to the White House. For the meeting, she chose a pink dress with a matching bolero and finished the look off with evening gloves. Along with meeting President Lyndon Johnson and his wife, Lady Bird Johnson, Margaret was also accompanied by her husband, Antony Armstrong-Jones.

Getty Images Photo by Bettmann

According to royal protocol, lady royals are not always allowed to wear sleeveless dresses for the sake of modesty, but they can wear any amount of jewelry they want.

Another Kate

Alexander McQueen is another favorite designer of Duchess Kate. For her sister’s 2017 wedding, she wore a custom-made dress by the designer. The Alexander McQueen design was an elegant nude shade and had long sleeves. It was an eye-catching dress that was perfectly suited to Kate’s personal style without upstaging her sister.

Alamy Stock Photo

To finish the look, Kate chose Gianvito Rossi suede pumps and a hat by designer Jane Taylor. For her jewelry, she chose morganite and diamond drop earrings by Kiki McDonough.

 Check Mate 

While it has taken a while for Camilla to be fully accepted into the royal family, she hasn’t been a slouch when it comes to fashion. For what she may have suffered in the tabloids, she at least has made sure to stay stylish.

Getty Images Photo by Michel Porro/WireImage

In this 2013 photo, Camilla was attending a dinner in Amsterdam hosted by the Queen of the Netherlands, Queen Beatrix. Camilla showed up, accompanied by Prince Charles, in an elegant dress that was complemented by a glistening tiara.

Colorful Princess Anne

The 70s were a time of unique fashion, with paisley and floral prints, and even the royal family adopted the styles. For a 1973 film premiere in London, Princess Anne chose a floral frock with a high neck and balloon sleeves.

Getty Images Photo by Tim Graham Photo Library

Princess Anne also became known for her signature hairstyle at the time. And, while it appeared to be a high-maintenance style, Princess Anne herself admitted in an interview that doing her hair only takes her 10 or 15 minutes. Even royals prefer things simple sometimes!

A Royal Portrait of Princess Margaret

In this particular royal birthday portrait, Princess Margaret wears a lovely tulle dress. Margaret had just turned 19 at the time, and it was the perfect dress that showed how much of a stylish young woman she had become.

Getty Images Photo by Bettmann

The dress featured a full skirt that was embroidered with blue butterflies. Margaret then chose to accessorize with a few layers of pearls. This particular dress was recreated for the Netflix series, “The Crown,” and ended up being one of the most expensive costumes for the series.

Princess Diana’s Greatest Impact

Designer Bellville Sassoon had a major impact on Princess Diana’s wardrobe. Altogether, the designer made over 70 gowns for the princess. What’s special about this fashion house is that it was a part of Diana’s life as soon as she became engaged to Prince Charles.

Getty Images Photo by Tim Graham Photo Library

Belville was happy to take on another elite client and had also dressed Princess Margaret, Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, and Elizabeth Taylor. In 1981, Diana wore this blue, lacey ball gown to attend an exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Princess Anne in Floral

Princess Anne chose a lovely floral dress with many ruffles indicative of the 70s. She finished off the look with elegant white evening gloves. Anne wore the dress to an event at London’s Dorchester Hotel, in a youthful yet elegant look for the young princess.

Getty Images Photo by Tim Graham Photo Library

Anne was known to be an experienced horse-woman who rode equestrian in her youth. She even got herself two silver and one gold medal at the European Eventing Championships. And what is most impressive is that Anne was the first member of the British Royal Family to compete in the Olympic games.

Royal Icing

To attend the 90th birthday of her mother in 1990, Margaret wore a captivating, light blue dress. She, of course, paired both a blue necklace and earrings with the dress. Considering this was the Queen Mother’s birthday, there were, without a doubt, many other royals in their best designer formal wear.

Getty Images Photo by Tim Graham Photo Library

Princess Margaret was a life-long subscriber to high fashion looks. She was always a paparazzi favorite because of her style and was typically known to impress almost anyone who saw her.

A Breathtaking Safiyya

Many speculate what Diana would think of her two daughters-in-law. Most agree that she would highly approve of her sons’ choices of partners and fellow royal family members. Kate has often been compared to Diana, but Meghan tends to be the one who is willing to take more fashion risks.

Getty Images Photo by Simon Dawson – WPA Pool

In this photo, Meghan wears a dazzling red column dress by designer Safiyya. The capelet shoulders added a touch of femininity to the bold look. As a bonus, she also matched Harry’s handsome military uniform.

A Royal at the Oscars

Nothing says elegance and classic Hollywood like the adorable Grace Kelly, and in addition to all the other titles this woman has, a royal is for sure one of them. At the 1955 Academy Awards, Kelly wowed with a lime green satin gown from designer Edith Head. She added classic pearls as well as a fashionable updo.

Getty Images Photo by Hulton Archive

The gown was relatively form-fitting and had an exquisite train in the back. This is one of her most memorable looks. A true royal and a true star.

What Does One Wear for Reception?

While on her way to a reception with the King and Queen of Tonga, the Duchess was a vision of loveliness in this fabulous white gown designed by Theia. The dress fits her perfectly and features airy capped sleeves and a little bling on the shoulder, which works well with her diamond earrings.

Getty Images Photo by Pool/Samir Hussein/WireImage

The dress is simple and elegant, and Meghan radiates class with every step. The black heels complete the look, and the flattering clutch makes the entire look just perfect.

Queen Letizia of Spain

The Queen of Spain has been ruling fashion trends worldwide ever since her royal wedding to Prince Felipe of Asturias at the Cathedral Santa Maria la Real do la Almudena in Madrid. She is the first Spanish Queen who was born as a commoner and worked her way up the royal ladder.

Getty Images Photo by Chris Jackson

This dress shows that if you are destined to rule, you don’t need much to look like a true queen. The design is not very sophisticated, the color is calm and modest, however, her royal highness has managed to upscale this gown to one we will never forget.

A Slice of Class

Meghan Markle stands out even wearing all black on her first night in New Zealand. On her visit to the Wellington Government House to celebrate 125 years of women’s suffrage, she wore a Gabriela Hearst gown and Stuart Weitzman heels.

Getty Images Photo by Pool/Samir Hussein/WireImage

The look was both stylish and feminine, with an ankle-length cut and adorable capped sleeves. You can never go wrong with a perfect little black dress.

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton’s royal wedding at London’s Westminster Abbey was the epitome of regality back in 2011. Nearly 2.5 billion people watch from the comfort of their homes as Prince William of Wales wed his longtime love, Kate Middleton, in a gorgeous Alexander McQueen dress.

Getty Images Photo by Chris Jackson

The couple first met as young students while in University, and the subsequent media excitement definitely made their relationship more challenging. But their love prevailed, and as we now know, they had a beautiful wedding at Westminister Abbey.

Controversial Princess Diana

The 80s were full of funky and mysterious fashions, even amongst British royals at times. Princess Diana paired this Catherine Walker design with a large, sparkly tiara. She wore the dress in 1986 when she was attending a royal wedding at the Crown Prince’s Palace in Saudi Arabia.

Getty Images Photo by Tim Graham Photo Library

The designer gown was made from satin and had unforgettable puffy shoulders indicative of the 1980s and long sleeves. Interestingly enough, royal women are only permitted to wear tiaras if they’re married and, even then, only during formal evening occasions.

She Wore Polka Dots

Since Erin Doherty’s performance as Princess Anne in the riveting Netflix series “The Crown,” people have begun to pay more attention to the figure of Anne in the royal family. In this photo from 1974, Anne wears a pink polka-dot gown as she’s accompanied by her partner, Mark Phillips, to a dinner hosted by the Honourable Corps of Gentleman-at-Arms.

Getty Images Photo by PA Images

Though she may not be the best-known royal, Princess Anne has not had a boring life. Someone even attempted to kidnap her in 1974, but thankfully she was not harmed.

The Emerald Catherine Walker

Princess Diana loved showing off the latest fashions. In 1993, she wore this emerald green dress designed by one of her favorites, Catherine Walker. Diana certainly made an impression while attending the state banquet at the Dorchester Hotel.

Getty Images Photo by Tim Graham Photo Library

Although she became known for her unpredictable fashion choices, Princess Diana made sure to keep her clutch close to her chest when exiting a vehicle to keep the paparazzi from snapping any inappropriate shots.

An Unforgettable Queen Elizabeth

In this 1961 photo of national figureheads, Queen Elizabeth is pictured together with her husband, the late Prince Philip, President Kennedy, and his beautiful wife, Jackie. So much history in one photo.

Getty Images Photo by Bettmann

For this momentous occasion, Elizabeth chose a dress by designer Norman Hartnell. She paired the glamorous blue ball gown with white, elbow-length gloves and an abundance of sapphires. In complementary fashion, Jackie Kennedy chose a light blue dress and white gloves for the occasion.

Queen Rania of Jordan

This highly educated and widely respected woman is the Queen of Jordan and hip to the world. Born in Kuwait to a Palestinian family, Queen Rania met Prince Abdullah of Jordan in 1993, and they married after a six-month courtship. In 1999 she was crowned Queen, and above all, she knows her fashion. 

Alamy Stock Photo

This dress looks so wild and so out of this world that only a true queen could get away with it. She has managed to keep the gown modest without revealing parts of her body, yet it is still so feminine and …what can we say, perfect!

A Classic Walker

Princess Diana is pictured here in a fantastic design by Catherine Walker. Diana chose this pale blue dress for her attendance at the Cannes Film Festival accompanied by her then-husband Prince Charles. It was a fresh choice for a refined, cultural event.

Getty Images Photo by Tim Graham Photo Library

The color of the dress, paired with the chiffon texture and delicate pleats, truly made Diana look like the Princess that she was. She was known to be quite shy in the beginning, but the public was soon won over by her unassuming charm and authentic kindness. These attributes soon labeled her as one of the most beloved royals in history.

Not Anyone Can Pull Off Yellow 

Yellow is not a color that just anyone can pull off well, but the sunny hue happens to look lovely on the Queen. While Queen Elizabeth does enjoy wearing bright colors like yellow, it also has a practical purpose. Bright colors (such as yellow) help the Queen’s security easily spot her to ensure she is safe.

Getty Images Photo by Anwar Hussein

In this 1976 photo, Elizabeth is wearing a cheery yellow gown while visiting Washington D.C. She was sure to stand out from the crowd that day!

Simple and Sophisticated

For her 2011 attendance at the BAFTA Brits to Watch event, Duchess Kate selected a stunning light purple Alexander McQueen gown. The event was actually held in Los Angeles, and Kate couldn’t have picked a better look for the star-studded evening.

Getty Images Photo by Kevork Djansezian

Middleton paired her elegant purple garment with neutral nails. Another part of the royal protocol is for the women to steer clear of bold colors in favor of blush, nude, or clear polish. Kate completed the look with a Jimmy Choo Ubai clutch and Jimmy Choo Vamp Glitter sandals.

Gorgeous as Always

Clearly one of her favorite designers, Catherine Walker knew Diana’s personal style very well. Altogether, Catherine Walker was behind 1,000 of Diana’s looks. In this photo, Diana was attending a ballet performance in London, sporting a stylish pink and white dress. The simple sheath dress was paired with some elegant details like cufflinks and a complimentary pink clutch.

Getty Images Photo by Tim Graham Photo Library

It is customary for female royals to wear gloves when greeting the public, but Diana preferred not to wear gloves. Her gentle, down-to-earth demeanor is what forever made her “The People’s Princess.”

Queen Elizabeth in Morocco

Seafoam green may not be the first color you’d imagine a royal to wear, but that’s just what Queen Elizabeth wore on a trip to Morocco. She decided on the light green dress with flowing sleeves for a royal banquet she attended.

Getty Images Photo by Anwar Hussein

The royal family is known to be very demure and tries their best to avoid scandals, even when it comes to fashion faux pas. For example, to avoid the wind lifting up her skirt, an old style of weights called pennyweights was sewn into the hem of Queen Elizabeth’s clothes.

Lady in Red

Princess Diana had nearly countless iconic looks that are still remembered today. Her sense of style grew over the years, and it was clear that she had a strong friendship with designer Catherine Walker.

Getty Images Photo by Tim Graham Photo Library

Diana wasn’t afraid to experiment with different cuts, colors, and textures. In 1988, she came to a dinner hosted by the British Ambassador in a stunning number by none other than Catherine Walker. The evening gown had a black and red pattern and a single shoulder. It was a striking, elegant, and even subtly exotic look for the style-savvy princess.

Princess Diana in Hachi Gown

For her appearance at the National Gallery in Washington D.C. in 1985, Princess Diana wore a unique piece by Hachi. The dress made by the Japanese designer featured white silk, a single shoulder, and silver beading detail. The dress was extra special because it was custom-made for Diana herself.

Getty Images Photo by Tim Graham Photo Library

The elegant, single-shoulder dress became a signature style of Diana’s, and this particular Hachi design became part of an exhibition of the princess’s clothes. It was ultimately sold at an auction for $60,000.

Princess Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco

Eleventh in line for the throne of Monaco, Princess Charlotte is the daughter of Princess Caroline of Hanover and Italian industrialist Stefano Casiraghi. She is also the great-granddaughter of American film legend Grace Kelly, who was married to Prince Rainier III of Monaco, Charlotte’s great-grandfather.

Alamy Stock Photo

There are no words to describe how beautiful this woman is and how remarkable she looks in what she is wearing. Light shades of blue bring together this remarkable piece. The unique draping, bejeweled waistbelt, and light cape make her look like a real-life Elsa.

Stunning in Yellow 

Yellow is not often the most popular color in fashion, but Duchess Kate chose this yellow coat dress from New Zealand designer Emilia Wickstead for this event. Ironically, Emilia Wickstead designed a dress called “the Kate,” which the Duchess has in three different colors. Clearly, a match made in designer-client heaven.

Getty Images Photo by Danny Martindale/WireImage

Here, Prince William and Kate arrived in Bhutan for the second leg of their royal tour in 2016. To complete her look, Kate chose a pair of nude L.K. Bennet courts and an L.K. Bennet Natalie clutch and accessorized with Brora’s Gold Charm earrings.

You Don’t Have to Be a Bride for White

The Royal Opera House is a beautiful and iconic building that lends itself perfectly to the artistry of ballet. The royal family is often seen at the Royal Opera House soaking up all that royal art and culture.

Getty Images Photo by Tim Graham Photo Library

Princess Anne attended an event at the Royal Opera House in 1980, and what did she choose to wear to the event? A stunning white dress with an intricate, embroidered overlay. While many may have attended the event, it was Anne’s look that really stole the show.

Gorgeous Givenchy

In recent years, it has been Meghan Markle’s royal style that has taken over the tabloids. There is a touch of scandal in this 2018 photo. Meghan is actually violating the Queen’s subtle nail polish preference of neutral shades in favor of a dark color. But, this particular action did not seem to cause any major disruptions in the royal family.

Getty Images Photo by Jeff Spicer/BFC

Surprisingly, Meghan, who was pregnant at the time, was also harshly criticized for touching her growing stomach. It’s surprising the critics were not more enamored with Meghan’s stunning Givenchy gown!

Strikes the Pose

Diana has designers like Bruce Oldfield to thank for being a 1980s fashion icon. Oldfield had a humble start to his life but later made a name for himself through his designs. Diana showcased one of Oldfield’s designs at a charity fashion show and ball for a British charity for children called Barnardos.

Getty Images Photo by David Levenson

For the 1988 event, Diana decided to wear a breathtaking, silver pleated dress that looked fit for the red carpet. If there was anyone who championed this dress design, it was Princess Diana.


Sometimes members of the royal family can be mistaken for Hollywood movie stars. Take Kate Middleton, for example. This photo could easily be mistaken for one being shot at a new movie premier or a red-carpet event. 

Getty Images Photo by Dave J Hogan

In an off-shoulder, absolutely stunning dress, Kate looks like a princess who has been drawn out of a fairy tale. With her Prince Charming beside her, she is destined for great things.

Flying With Oscar de la Renta

For her royal tour of Australia and New Zealand, Meghan Markle chose an Oscar de la Renta dress. The gown was made of white tulle and had some unique details, including tweed and laser-cut designs of birds, perhaps a tribute to the local wildlife. The remarkable gown was part of the Oscar de la Renta 2018 pre-fall collection.

Getty Images Photo by Ian Vogler – Pool

Because the dress was already a fashion statement in itself, Meghan chose to keep her makeup and hair simple and natural and let the dress be the centerpiece of her look.

Queen Elizabeth in Tulle

In this photo from 1952, the newly coronated Queen Elizabeth wears an elegant tulle gown. The gown was very striking with its beautiful details and metallic lace embellishments. She, of course, wore one of her iconic jewel-encrusted tiaras to complete the look.

Getty Images Photo by Bettmann

Although she is not opposed to wearing pants, the Queen prefers wearing dresses and skirts. But, her preferences do trickle down and impact other royal family members. Younger female royals, such as Kate, also primarily wear dresses to official events out of respect for the Queen.

Silky Diana

Princess Diana could wear both feminine designs and new, cutting-edge trends with grace and style. In this photo from 1983, she is a vision in pink. While visiting Australia, Diana chose a pink, silky full-length dress that was very feminine and elegant.

Getty Images Photo by Anwar Hussein

The media could not get enough of the dress, and Princess Diana’s fashion quickly spread worldwide. As per usual, Diana was very strategic in her accessorizing and chose to wear her stunning sapphire ring as well as a matching necklace, bracelet, and earrings.

Blue and Beyond

Princess Margaret was known to be quite the fashionista and notably showed up to many events wearing bold, extravagant designs. In 1965, while at an exclusive event at L.A.’s Hollywood Palladium, Princess Magaret decided to show up in one of her show-stopping gowns.

Getty Images Photo by PA Images

With Lord Snowdon accompanying her, she wore a dazzling blue dress and coat. With her glistening jewels as the capstone of the look, the paparazzi couldn’t get enough of Princess Margaret. She certainly knew how to make a fashion statement.

Princess Diana in Glam

Catherine Walker became one of Princess Diana’s favorite designers. While she was on a royal tour to Hong Kong in 1989, Diana chose a white silk, pearl, and sequin gown made by the French-born designer.

Getty Images Photo by Tim Graham Photo Library

The subtly funky dress was playfully nicknamed “the Elvis dress” for its sequins and bolero-style shoulders. Overall, the look was a bold and extravagant choice for what was supposed to be a “demure” royal. But, most everyone knew that Diana was a quiet rebel with a style all her own.

Kate the Great

It comes as no surprise that British royals would support British fashion designers. Duchess Catherine of Cambridge, or Kate as she is affectionately known, is a regular patron of designer Jenny Packham. Packham is known for her glamorous, feminine gowns, and you can find many photos of Kate wearing her designs.

Getty Images Photo by Indigo

This particular gown is a metallic blush gown with special detailing. Though this was after the royal wedding, all eyes were still on Kate as this was one of her first appearances after the globally televised event in 2011.

Perfect Purple

Of all of her signature looks, Diana was probably best remembered for her full-length evening gowns. In 1996, Diana attended a Gala dinner in Chicago and chose this show-stopping dress. The unforgettable purple dress was by none other than Gianni Versace. She accessorized the column dress with sapphire jewelry, a pearl choker, purple shoes, and a purple bag.

Getty Images Photo by Tim Graham Photo Library

It has been said that purple is the color of royalty and, as is the custom in royal naming conventions, after she married Prince Charles, Diana went from Her Royal Highness to Diana, Princess of Wales.

Natural Meghan Markle

Before leaving the UK, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle still had a few more events to cross off their royal duties list. In September 2020, the couple attended a multi-faith service at Westminster Abbey. For the events, Meghan wore a green dress by designer Emilia Wickstead. Also attending the event were the Queen and other high-ranking members of the royal family.

Getty Images Photo by Chris Jackson

William Chambers designed Meghan’s fascinator, and Gabriela Hearst designed her purse. Another essential part of the royal protocol is for female royals to wear hats for occasions such as church attendance.

A True Princess

One of the refreshing things about Diana was that, though she was a soft-spoken gentlewoman, she was confident in her bold style choices. Red is not a color for those who don’t want to be seen, but that was no problem for Princess Diana. She looked stunning in red, and she knew it. In 1989, Diana arrived at a banquet (hosted by London’s Claridge’s) wearing a fiery red gown.

Getty Images Photo by Tim Graham Photo Library

Designer Bruce Oldfield created the beautiful red number. The marvelous design sparkled from top to bottom and was paired perfectly with her equally sparkling tiara.

Celebrating With Dior

On July 10th, 2018, Markle wore a stunning little black dress by Dior to the Royal Air Force’s 100th Anniversary ceremony at Westminster Abbey, London. Despite the color, the dress was quite similar to her wedding dress, with its simple shape and boat neck neckline, which flattered her frame.

Getty Images Photo by Jeff Spicer

She made the look even more fabulous with a stylish fascinator, nude pointy pumps, and Cartier earrings. To highlight the beautiful neckline of the dress, the Duchess wore her hair in a sleek bun.

Alexander McQueen for the Duchess

Alexander McQueen is a well-known, high-fashion designer worldwide and also a favorite of the Duchess. This stunning blue taffeta dress of Kate’s was designed by Alexander McQueen and accented by a tiara. The subtle, baby blue hue of the dress added an extra touch of elegance to its design.

Getty Images Photo by John Stillwell – WPA Pool

Unfortunately for Kate, the gown drummed up quite a bit of controversy in the press, but it was still worth the risk. She accessorized with pearl earrings, a pearl necklace (that happened to belong to the Queen Mother), and of course, a tiara.

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