Where Are They Now? The Beloved Stars of CSI

“CSI” captured audiences with its gripping, suspense-filled plot lines and, even since its last season in 2015, is still beloved by fans through reruns. “CSI” has since become a household name and made its mark in pop culture, but what happened to the cast after 2015? Some of the cast continued to appear in various films and tv shows while others, in true CSI fashion, seemed to disappear from the public eye.

Louise Lombard – Then

The character of Sofia Curtis, who appeared on season five, was actually working towards a career as a detective when she was called to work in the CSI unit.


Eventually, she was included as a part of the main cast in the seventh season and made her last appearance on season eleven.

Louise Lombard – Now

Originally from London, Louise Lombard is a versatile actress who began her career in tv movies and on BBC TV shows like “The House of Elliot,” a period series about two sisters who start their own hat-making business. In addition to “CSI,” Louise has also appeared on the silver screen in the film “Hidalgo” but since then has remained mostly on tv.


She was most recently in the “Lethal Weapon” TV series but will also appear on the big screen again in the film “After We Collided.”

Jorja Fox – Then

Sara Sidle began as a reoccurring character on “CSI” but transitioned to a regular cast member during the final five seasons. Sara’s character had a gritty background, but she became one of the most essential forensic scientists on the team.

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She eventually became an audience favorite with the fanfiction about her to prove it.

Jorja Fox – Now

Jorja Fox is a veteran of tv show dramas having starred not only in “CSI” but also in the “West Wing” and “ER.” She began work as a model but eventually found her way into acting in the mid-nineties. Since “CSI,” Jorja has mainly been seen on smaller projects and tv movies and was most recently in the futuristic film “3022.”

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Though she may not be a familiar, on-screen face today, Jorja is also the co-founder of a production company called Seafox Productions as well as a human and animal rights activist.

Marg Helgenberger – Then

One of the most recognizable faces on “CSI” is Marg Helgenberger’s, Catherine Willows. The character of Catherine Willows had a rich backstory. It was actually based on a real-life forensic scientist, Yolanda McClary, who worked for the Las Vegas Police Department for 26 years.

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Marg Helgenberger received multiple Emmy and Golden Globe award nominations for her portrayal of Catherine Willows but eventually left to pursue other projects and was last seen in season twelve.

Marg Helgenberger – Now

After “CSI,” Marg Helgenberger had a relatively slow-paced career with a couple of films and tv movies. Outside of acting, she also works to raise awareness for cancer research and is passionate about environmental activism.


Presently you can see her back in the dramatic crime genre playing Judge Lisa Benner on the TV show “All Rise.”

David Caruso – Then

Probably the most recognizable face of “CSI: Miami” is Horatio Caine, played by David Caruso. The character of Horatio (also called “H”) became central to each episode and the series as a whole and was the head of the forensic lab.


Most notable was his trademark of slipping on his sunglasses while dropping a one-liner about the case featured for that episode. This move not only made Horatio Caine stand out to the audience on the screen but also became a popular parody in pop culture.

David Caruso – Now

Throughout his career, David Caruso was typecast in authoritarian roles such as policemen and therefore, will most likely be best known for his role as Horatio Caine. Surprisingly, despite being one of the most iconic characters in the CSI franchise, David Caruso’s career flickered out after “CSI: Miami” wrapped in 2012.


It is reportedly both expensive and challenging to bring Caruso onto a project, so it appears that he remains more or less a retired actor, not appearing in any well-known projects since 2012.

Emily Procter – Then

Emily Proctor began her career in lesser-known tv shows, and small, tv movies, but her first big film was “Leaving Las Vegas,” which also starred Nicolas Cage. Her character on “CSI: Miami,” Calleigh Duquesne, was an intelligent, bilingual ballistics expert who was given the nickname “bullet girl” for her depth of knowledge about firearms.


Calleigh’s beautiful and brilliant character on the show had staying power, lasting for every season through the series finale.

Emily Procter – Now

After “CSI: Miami,” Procter’s career also diminished as she only made a couple of appearances on the TV series “White Collar”, but she also starred in the 2016 film “Love Everlasting.”

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Outside of acting, Emily is also a singer, poker player, and philanthropist who enjoys her life outside the spotlight with her husband and daughter.

Laurence Fishburne – Then

Dr. Ray Langston, played by Lawrence Fishburne, brought a calm and contemplative character to the “CSI” storyline. Before joining CSI, Fishburne had one of the most impressive resumes of any cast member, having starred in multiple films and TV shows, including “Apocalypse Now,” “Predators,” “Mission Impossible 3,” and of course, “The Matrix.”

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He became one of the show’s stars in seasons nine through eleven but shockingly did not renew his contract, and he was written out of the show.

Laurence Fishburne – Now

Leaving “CSI” in no way hindered Fishburne’s career as he went on to star in multiple films and TV shows, including “Man of Steel,” “Hannibal,” “Contagion,” and “Where’d You Go Bernadette,” just to name a few. You can currently see him playing the sassy grandfather, Pops, on the TV show “Blackish.”


Fishburne has received multiple Emmy award nominations and wins and was also nominated for an academy award for his role in “What’s Love Got to Do with It.” With so much versatility and longevity as an actor, Fishburne’s career is far from over.

Aisha Tyler – Then

Though only appearing on the show for one season, Aisha Tyler played the memorable character, Mia Dickerson. Dickerson appeared on season five as a DNA lab technician and was defined by her exacting and almost neurotic behavior, commonly complaining of her colleagues contaminating her workspace.


Tyler also appeared in an episode of “CSI: Miami” but later left “CSI” altogether when she became busy with multiple projects in her career.

Aisha Tyler – Now

Aisha Tyler also managed to have a successful career after CSI. Her career continued to flourish in 2001 after taking over as one of the hosts of The Talk and she has also starred in a variety of movies and tv shows like Bedtime Stories, Criminal Minds, and Diary of a Future President, among others.


In her career so far, Aisha has managed to gracefully pivot towards different avenues; becoming an author, producer, and director. Next, you can see her in the upcoming film, “Friendsgiving.”

Lauren Lee Smith – Then

One of the most challenging circumstances that producers can find themselves in is the need to replace a long-standing role with a different actor. Lauren Lee Smith joined the cast during season nine as the main cast replacement for Jorja Fox’s Sara Sidle. The character of Riley Adams, who initially got along with her colleagues, was tough and rebellious and was often combative with her superior, Catherine Willows.


The character of Riley Adams disappeared well before “CSI” ended, as her contentious relationship with Willows resulted in a scathing review of Catherine during her exit interview.

Lauren Lee Smith – Now

Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Lauren Lee Smith is probably not very well-known to American audiences outside of “CSI.” Before joining “CSI,” she was in a handful of lesser-known tv shows and tv movies, primarily for the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC).

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After “CSI,” Lauren managed to return to the CBC on the show, “The Listener,” which unfortunately ended in 2014. She last had the starring role in the series “Frankie Drake Mysteries,” but since then has not picked up any new projects.

Elisabeth Shue – Then

After Catherine Willows, who was played by Marg Helgenberger, left the show, the producers were in a desperate search of another female lead. They decided upon Academy Award nominee Elisabeth Shue to take her place as Julie Finlay. As a blood splatter specialist with the team, Julie Finlay brought a unique specialty to the cast.


She stayed on the show for four seasons, joining during season twelve and staying on until the end of the show. The character of Julie Finlay, unfortunately, did not last till the finale, as she fell into a coma following a brutal beating.

Elisabeth Shue – Now

Before CSI, Elisabeth Shue was already a seasoned actress having starred in various movies and tv shows. She is probably best known for playing Jennifer, Marty McFly’s girlfriend, in “Back to the Future” parts one and two. After “CSI,” Elisabeth maintained a relatively low-key career, appearing briefly on a handful of TV shows.


However, she appeared alongside Tom Hanks in the World War Two drama, “Greyhound,” and will also be seen on the tv series, “On the Verge,” a show centered on women navigating life in their forties.

Paul Guilfoyle – Then

Paul Guilfoyle began acting in the mid-seventies, and though he was not a blockbuster star, he did have a versatile career as he took on projects from different genres. Paul Guilfoyle played the captain of the homicide team, Jim Brass, who was a former Marine and Vietnam Veteran before his career began in the homicide unit.

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Brass became a fan favorite from the very beginning and appeared in 317 episodes over the first fourteen seasons of the show. Sadly, the producers decided to discontinue the plotline for Jim Brass, and they wrote him out of the show.

Paul Guilfoyle – Now

After departing from CSI, Paul Guilfoyle was seen on a couple of tv movies and shows. He did have an uncredited appearance in Alfonso Cuaron’s sci-fi thriller, Gravity, and though the role was small, the movie won seven Academy Awards. In his next film, Spotlight, Guilfoyle played Pete Conley, which also starred Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams, and took home two Academy Awards.


His most recent film projects include the dramedy, “The Good House,” and the thriller “The Seville Communion.”

Elisabeth Harnois – Then

Morgan Brody, played by Elisabeth Harnois, stepped onto the show in season eleven but became a cast regular in season twelve. Brody came to the Las Vegas CSI unit from the Los Angeles Police Department, and despite having a relatively simple backstory, she did have a connection to Catherine Willows in her past.


Five years before Harnois worked on “CSI,” she had an appearance on an episode of “CSI: Miami” as a separate character. After joining the cast, Harnois continued in the role of Brody to the end of the show and in the series finale.

Elisabeth Harnois – Now

Though Elisabeth Harnois was a child actress and did multiple commercials growing up, her career never grew into A-list status. Following the end of “CSI,” Elisabeth Harnois’s public persona faded as she only appeared in small TV movies.


Her last TV movie was completed in 2019, but outside of this project, she seems to keep an extremely private life.

Eric Szmanda – Then

Greg Sanders, played by Eric Szmanda, was a great source of comic relief in a show built around murder and drama. Greg began as a recurring character, but by season three was a part of the main cast as a technician on the homicide investigation crew. Greg was characterized by his deadpan humor but often irritated his superior, Gil Grissom.


He started the show as a trainee but worked his way into being one of the better investigators on the team.

Eric Szmanda – Now

“CSI” has been the biggest project that Eric Szmanda has taken on so far in his somewhat spotty career. He has appeared in various television programs but remained relatively unknown as an actor. Since the show ended, he has had only two non-CSI related projects that he has acted in.


Szmanda joined co-star Jorja Fox in a benefit to raise money for saving animals around the world from animal cruelty, and he also traveled to Thailand to speak with Burmese refugees. Hopefully, his acting career will bloom again after his crime-drama film, “Adverse” is released in 2020.

Wallace Langham – Then

Lab technician David Hodges, played by Wallace Langham, joined the team in season three, spending five seasons as a recurring character before he was promoted to the main cast in season eight. As a germophobic over-explainer, the character of Hodges was not exceptionally charming.


Langham described his character as a “pain in the (butt)” and a suck-up, but the role added narrative texture to the cast as a whole.

Wallace Langham – Now

Wallace Langham began his acting career in the mid-80s, with roles peppered through numerous tv shows in the nineties. From the earliest part of his career, he is probably most well-known for his role as Mark Ratner on the “Fast Times” TV series. Since CSI ended, Langham has successfully sustained his career, maintaining the same pattern of work till now.


He has appeared on “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Veronica Mars,” and can also be seen in the new short film, “The Ball Method.”

Robert David Hall– Then

Robert David Hall took on the role of Dr. Robbins, who was the Chief Medical Examiner. Dr. Al Robbins did not have his first appearance until a few episodes into season one, Robert David Hall had the distinction of appearing in most cases in the CSI franchise. Tragically, Hall lost his legs in a car accident in 1978, but this did not at all hinder his performance as Dr. Robbins.


The injury was written into the role of Dr. Robbins, who is seen in a wheelchair in almost every scene, except for a few scenes in which he wears prosthetics.

Robert David Hall – Now

Although both of his legs were amputated in 1978, Robert David Hall never ceased acting. Many of his characters share his disability, including Dr. Robbins. Outside of acting, Hall is also a talented musician; he plays guitar, piano, percussion, and mandolin. He worked as a DJ for years in Los Angeles and has also recorded voiceovers for other projects.

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Though he had a brief break in his career, the end of “CSI” has not ended his acting legacy as he still has two films in post-production – but the 70-year-old has continued to grow his career.

Liz Vassey – Then

Wendy Simms, played by actress Liz Vassey, first appeared in the sixth season of “CSI”. Simms began a rivalry with David Hodges in her recurring role, but she eventually grew to have feelings for him as they worked closely together in the lab. Following four seasons as a recurring character, she was ultimately promoted to star alongside the main cast.


As many of the show’s actors renegotiated their contracts, Vassey permanently left the show following a season eleven episode.

Liz Vassey – Now

Liz Vassey made small appearances on quite a few television shows in the 90s and early 2000s before finding a stable platform for her career on “CSI.” She appeared in 40 episodes of the 1995 show “Brotherly Love” with Andrew, Matthew, and Joey Lawrence.


Since leaving “CSI,” Vassey also appeared on “Two and a Half Men,” in addition to the TV show, “Necessary Roughness,” and most recently, “The Tick.”

Jon Wellner – Then

Jon Wellner first appeared on “CSI” as a zookeeper in season five but patiently waited for his chance to join the main cast in season thirteen. His character of Henry Andrews was the toxicology expert on the show, so his presence was not consistently required on set.


Henry Andrews was a rather uptight character with a lot of failed attempts at humor, but he still managed to be an endearing addition to the cast.

Jon Wellner – Now

Jon Wellner is probably best known for his role on “CSI,” but has had numerous appearances on shows like “Bones,” “Drop Dead Diva” and “NCIS,” just to name a few. Before his role in “CSI,” Wellner also rubbed shoulders with some of today’s biggest stars – George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon in “Ocean’s 13.”


Unfortunately, since “CSI” ended in 2015, Wellner’s career also came to a halt as he has not taken on any projects since.

Gary Sinise – Then

CSI producers began yet another spinoff of the CSI franchise with another star leading the way. Gary Sinise became Mac Taylor in “CSI: NY,” a military veteran who had a sobering backstory where his wife died in the September 11th terrorist attacks. The character of Mac Taylor was a likable one and an excellent leader to those under him.

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He was a CSI supervisor and directed his team through nine seasons of gritty, New York crime. Sinise became a familiar face on “CSI” as he appeared in 200 episodes of the franchise.

Gary Sinise – Now

Gary Sinise had a well-polished career before coming to “CSI” and has won multiple Emmys for his roles in “George Wallace” and “Truman.” He also received an Oscar nomination for his memorable character, Lieutenant Dan in “Forest Gump.” After the end of the show, he joined another successful CBS crime franchise as Jack Garrett, in “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.”


The show was canceled, but Sinise has continued to grow his career. In addition to acting, Gary Sinise is also a proud supporter of the U.S. Military and has his philanthropic foundation that provides aid to veterans.

Ted Danson – Then

After Lawrence Fishburne’s contract was not renewed and he left the show, the producers yet again found themselves lacking a high-powered star. They turned to one of the most winsome actors in all of Hollywood, Ted Danson. Dr. Langston’s departure left a void, but Danson’s D.B. Russell character filled the void with his calming presence.

Jorja Fox with Ted Danson in a Season 13 episode of “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”

He maintained the role for the last four seasons, but also made an appearance in season two of “CSI: Cyber.”

Ted Danson – Now

Ted Danson is a highly accomplished actor, having been in front of the camera with relatively no pauses, since 1970. Following the finale of “CSI,” Danson joined the cast of “Fargo” as Sheriff Hank Larsson, but he will always be a familiar face from his performance as Sam Malone on the show “Cheers.”


Presently, Danson stars with Kristen Bell on NBC’s “The Good Place” as the architect of a neighborhood in a pseudo-heaven, and he will also be starring in the new comedy series, “Mr. Mayor.”

David Berman – Then

Not many “CSI” cast members stayed a part of the show for as long as David Berman in the role of Assistant Coroner, Dave Phillips. Dave earned the nickname “Super Dave” and was the assistant to Dr. Robbins.


David Phillips was a recurring character for the first nine seasons of the show from the fifth episode of season one, till the series finale.

David Berman – Now

David Berman had roles both in front of the camera and behind the scenes while he also worked as the show’s full-time researcher. After “CSI,” his career slowed down but did not completely stop.


He went on to star in the TV series “Bones,” “Daybreak,” and, as of 2020, “The Blacklist.”

Archie Kao – Then

In season two, the audience was introduced to Archie Johnson, the man responsible for the crime lab’s audiovisual work. Archie Johnson was an interesting character who was tech-savvy, rode a motorcycle, and was also a Star Trek fan. Archie Kao was only supposed to appear on the show for one episode.


Still, executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer was so impressed that he told his agent that he wanted him back as a recurring character.

Archie Kao – Now

Before “CSI,” Archie Kao made little appearances, primarily on tv shows, but also did voice-over work for video games. Kao might be best recognizable to kids from the turn of the century as he played Kai Chen (or the Blue Ranger) on Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy.


After “CSI,” Archie was a part of the “Chicago P.D.” cast and also had the opportunity to add the 2015 thriller, “Blackhat” (starring Chris Hemsworth), to his resume. Soon he will appear as David Wu in the film, “The Gift.”

Larry Mitchell – Then

The “CSI” world includes every possible aspect of crime-solving. Officer Mitchell was an important part of the Las Vegas Police Department. Larry Mitchell played the character that shared the same name but was called by the nickname “Mitch.” Mitch could frequently be spotted clearing crime scenes before the CSI team arrived.


Mitch became very close to them, and they have a shared level of respect for them.

Larry Mitchell – Now

Larry Mitchell had one of the shortest filmographies before being added to the “CSI” cast. Mitchell also did work behind the scenes as a technical consultant on over 100 episodes of the show between 2004 and 2011.


However, after leaving the show, Mitchell’s acting career ended with his only credit being that of a technical consultant on the 2018 tv series, “Snowfall.”

Marc Vann – Then

Marc Vann was well-known to “CSI” fans as Conrad Ecklie, the Assistant Director of the crime lab, and appeared in all seasons (except three and four) of the franchise.

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In the early days of the show, Ecklie was presented as more of an antagonist to the team but received a promotion to Undersheriff in season ten and eventually reached the rank of Sheriff of Clark County by season thirteen.

Marc Vann – Now

Marc Vann holds a substantial body of work in his career with appearances on tv-series and movies that stretch back to 1992. Vann appeared in four episodes of “Lost” and also made appearances on “Modern Family,” “Monk,” “Without A Trace,” and “Grey’s Anatomy.”


Unfortunately, Vann’s career made a visible halt in 2016 and he has not been in any projects since then.

Alex Carter – Then

Louis Vartann, played by Alex Carter, came to “CSI” with a richer backstory than most homicide detectives. Carter was previously a detective for the homicide unit of the Las Vegas Police Department, had battled alcoholism, and managed to become very personally entangled in one of the cases.


He eventually became quite close with one of the team leaders and, in season ten, particularly with Catherine Willows. Throughout the show, Detective Vartann appeared in forty-one episodes of “CSI.”

Alex Carter – Now

Alex Carter originally hails from Canada but currently lives in California with his family. Carter sustained his career with roles in many tv shows and a few movies before, during, and after “CSI.”


He frequently took on projects that kept him within the crime-drama genre and can most recently be found playing the role of Freddie on the show, “Stumptown.”

Paula Francis – Then

To bring as much realism to the show as possible, the producers of “CSI” introduced real-life journalist Paula Francis to the “CSI” world. Indeed a unique addition to the cast, Francis appeared in 11 episodes between 2005 and 2014 as herself.


This extra dose of realism from the perspective of a journalist only enriched “CSI’s” storyline and further captivated viewers.

Paula Francis – Now

Paula Francis was born in Queens in 1952 and began her career as a broadcast journalist in Madison, Wisconsin, before moving to Las Vegas. Paula served as the evening anchor on both KTNV and KLAS in Las Vegas.


Over her time in Las Vegas media, she was an eight-time winner of the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Best of Las Vegas award and also won some humanitarian awards. In April of 2016, Paula retired from her broadcast journalism career.

Romy Rosemont – Then

Jacqui Franco, played by Romy Rosemont, appeared throughout seasons three, four, and five. Jacqui was the fingerprint lab technician who became indispensable to the team. Jacqui’s character was a serious one in both work and life, but she revealed a lighter side in the season three episode, “A Night at the Movies.”


In this episode, she made a bet with Greg about who could process the results of a weapon quickest and, upon being declared the loser, agreed to wear a rather humiliating hat.

Romy Rosemont – Now

Though Romy Rosemont only appeared in 14 episodes of “CSI,” she made appearances in plenty of projects before joining the cast, such as “Fringe” and “Brothers and Sisters.” After “CSI,” she found a sweet spot in her career as Carole Hudson on “Glee.”

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You can currently watch her on the tv series “A Million Little Things” and also on the show “Better Things.”

William Petersen – Then

The “CSI” franchise, more or less, does not exist without Gil Grissom leading the way on its source material. He appeared in every episode from the pilot through season eight, a nearly irreplaceable cast member. As the supervisor of the team, Gil went from a witty and enthusiastic, to irritated and unapproachable due to the loss of his hearing.


Despite being the center of the show, he was eventually replaced by Lawrence Fishburne after retiring from the show in season nine but will never be forgotten by devoted fans.

William Petersen – Now

After starring in 196 episodes of “CSI,” Petersen left the show in 2009 as an Emmy-nominated actor. He has taken his time getting back into every day acting but has appeared in some projects. In 2012, he appeared in “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World,” which also starred Steve Carell.

Getty Images Photo by David Livingston

He joined the cast of “Manhattan” in season two for ten episodes, but unfortunately, the show was canceled at the end of the year.

Gary Dourdan – Then

Gary Dourdan’s character Warrick Brown became one of the most popular characters in “CSI” history.  He appeared in every episode from season to season eight, where he was tragically killed off by being shot to death by undersheriff Jeffrey McKeen.


His death carried over briefly into season nine as Grissom discovered Brown bleeding to death, marking his last appearance on the show. Fans and critics were shocked and saddened by Brown’s death as he had become a well-liked character.

Gary Dourdan – Now

After disagreements over his contract with CBS, Gary Dourdan left “CSI.” And though he made some appearances in other shows and films, his personal life began to unravel. Dourdan was arrested for possession of illicit substances and, a few years later, was also charged with possession of paraphernalia following a car crash.


Unfortunately, Dourdan’s personal life only continued to spiral as he was sentenced to five years of probation for a domestic assault case and then filed for bankruptcy in 2012.

Eva LaRue – Then

Eva LaRue joined the cast of “CSI: Miami” in 2005 in season five as Natalia Boa Vista. She enters the storyline with a mysterious background that comes into full light when she is revealed as an FBI informant at the end of the season. Once she became a show regular, she eventually earned the trust of her on-screen team and the “CSI” audience.


Natalia Boa Vista stayed on the show till the series finale.

Eva LaRue – Now

In the past, Eva LaRue was known as Dr. Maria Santos Grey on “All My Children.” Sadly, when “CSI: Miami” was canceled in 2012, Eva only made brief appearances on tv shows in the succeeding years.


Recently, she returned to her place on daytime soaps in her role of Celeste Rosales on “The Young and the Restless” in 2019, and, as of 2020, she can be seen on “Finding Love in Quarantine.”

George Eads – Then

George Eads successfully launched his career thanks to his role as Crime Scene Investigator, Nick Stokes. A veteran cast member, he appeared in an incredible 335 episodes of “CSI” and worked as a member of the main cast from the beginning until the end of the last season.


Stokes was known to be one of the most personable and empathetic members of his unit, managing to have a good rapport with most of his colleagues. Sadly, Nick Stokes was written out of the show and did not make it into the series finale.

George Eads – Now

Regrettably, Eads left “CSI” due to an altercation with a writer in which they reportedly argued over the creative direction of his character. After “CSI,” Eads became involved in another crime drama, a reboot of the classic show “MacGyver” as Jack Dalton, but he exited in 2019.

Getty Images Photo by Jace Downs

Next, he will be starring in the Korean war drama, “The Battle of Jangsari.”