More Actors Who Couldn’t Lock Lips Onscreen

Hollywood is home to some of the most desirable individuals on the planet. Best faces, best bodies, best everything. With them being the subject of many people’s fantasies, it’s hard to imagine them being unattractive to others. But if you’ve seen our previous article about actors who simply couldn’t touch lips in front of a camera, you know reality has a different story to tell.
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Movie Stills
For whatever reasons, some stars just wouldn’t smooch. And apparently, there are more of them than you think. Here is another selection of the most surprising ones.

Penn Badgley and Blake Lively Wouldn’t Even Touch After Breaking Up

It always helps a show when two romantic characters start to see each other in real life, such as in “Gossip Girl” between Badgley and Lively. As things so often do, this Hollywood relationship soured, but the two actors still had to play as if they were romantic on the show.

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However, they didn’t let anyone know that the real relationship had ended while they were still acting. The rest of the cast and crew figured it out, however, when the character’s final kiss was even more chemistry-free than business school. After that, the characters didn’t even touch each other.

Ford is Nice But Not Great at Kissing, Says Many Actresses

When legendary actress Helen Mirren starred in “The Mosquito Coast” with similarly legendary actor Harrison Ford, the pair had a couple of kisses. As filming went on, however, Mirren found it harder and harder to look Ford in the mouth. Mirren couched her criticisms within approval: She first said that he was one of the sweetest, nicest guys you could meet…but he was not a good kisser.

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He just can’t do it on-screen, and he might not even be good at it when things are more private. Apparently, Mirren spoke with other actresses that had worked with Ford, and she found she wasn’t the only one who thought so.

Alec Baldwin Doesn’t Know How They Did It

When Jennifer Aniston made some guest appearances on the comedy series “30 Rock,” she spent most of her time hunting after Alec Baldwin’s character Jack Donaghy. Eventually, she gets her way, and the two had a number of goofy makeout scenes.

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Unfortunately, Aniston is not one of the best kissers. Baldwin even went on record with “New York Magazine,” stating that the scenes were painful. He went on to say he doesn’t know how all the men in TV and movies who have kissed Aniston were able to do it.

Angelina Jolie Wasn’t Happy With Johnny Depp’s Smell

Both of these screen stars have made several appearances on this list, but never together. Apparently, when this duo of A-listers was working together on a poorly-regarded movie called “The Tourist,” neither of the actors was all that excited about having to kiss the other.

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Just goes to show you: physical beauty does not mean good at kissing. The reasons are many: first off, Jolie had a problem with the smell Depp had accrued. She made him keep mouthwash on hand for the smooching scenes and use breath mints, too. On the other hand, Depp didn’t seem to enjoy it much either, though we don’t really know why.

These Two Actresses Rolled Their Eyes at Their Makeout Scene

When Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried had to film a makeout scene during “Jennifer’s Body,” neither actress was very much into the idea.

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Seyfried has admitted that she didn’t enjoy filming the scene, and neither did Fox. However, they both knew that it would play a really big role in marketing the movie, so they rolled their eyes and did the scene anyway. Still, neither actress was happy with the finished product, just because they weren’t into it.

These Two Famous Lovers Weren’t Feeling It

During the filming of “Romeo + Juliet,” the two lead roles, played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes, respectively, should have been doing plenty of kissing, but apparently, it took quite a bit of urging from the director to finally get the two to smooch.

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That doesn’t exactly speak well for the on-screen chemistry. During the filming, there were lots of rumors about the fact that there wasn’t any kissing going on. DiCaprio claimed that Danes was too prudish, while Danes came back with not liking Leo’s unprofessional behavior on set.

According to Sharon Stone, William Baldwin is No Fun to Kiss

She had plenty of steamy scenes in other movies, but in the movie “Silver,” Sharon Stone decided to take a step back. There were plenty of provocative moments in the film, and Stone’s co-star William Baldwin – third oldest of the Baldwin brothers – was part of the problem.

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He might be easy on the eyes, but his kissing needs work. She explained that not only did she often have to use mouthwash to get the taste out of her mouth, but apparently, he once bit her tongue – that’s HE bit HER tongue – while they were filming.

Sandra Bullock Offered Ben Affleck Altoids Before Their Kiss

Affleck apparently has a few difficulties when it comes to kissing. The first is when Sandra Bullock had to get Affleck something to help his bad breath while they were filming “Forces of Nature” for a make-out scene – otherwise, according to Bullock, it wasn’t going to happen.

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Affleck also had to get over his disgust when it came to kissing another man in the comedy “Chasing Amy.” He was able to get over it, but he called it the greatest challenge an actor can ever face. The kiss made it in, but he won’t ever call it his proudest moment.

Eva Mendes Turned to Comfort Food Before Her Kiss With Will Smith

All of us know that one of the worst things to happen during a kiss is the dreaded bad breath. It’s not just guys who suffer – women can have a problem with it too.j

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For example, Eva Mendes was nervous about her kiss with Will Smith in the romantic comedy “Hitch,” and she turned to her favorite comfort foods: tuna fish with onions and Doritos. Hol’ up, Eva – that’s your comfort food?! Never mind, we’ll save it for a different article. Smith didn’t dig the stank, so Mendes had to go to that old standby: shoveling down Altoids prior to the kiss.

Tony Curtis Said Kissing Marilyn Monroe Was the Worst

How many men, both when she was alive and after her passing, have wanted to make out with Marilyn Monroe? Tony Curtis was one of the lucky ones – he had the chance during the classic comedy “Some Like It Hot.” Curtis, however, didn’t have anything nice to say about it.

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While Curtis was facetious, apparently Monroe did need to work on her technique since the kiss wasn’t exactly a dream come true. Marilyn was so…vivacious…during the kiss that Curtis was having trouble breathing, and not in a good way.

Shilpa Shetty’s Kiss With Richard Gere Affected Her Life

The weirdest part about this moment is that it wasn’t even part of a show or movie – Richard Gere grabbed and kissed beautiful star Shilpa Shetty during an event for HIV/AIDS awareness in New Delhi, India, in April of 2007.

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Shetty was heavily criticized for being part of the kiss and found herself at the center of a media frenzy that made her life hell. From that moment on, she decided that there would be no more kissing when she was acting since she figured they would only lead to more negative attention and rumors.

Josh Hutcherson Didn’t Enjoy Kissing Jennifer Lawrence During “Mockingjay”

What is it with Jennifer Lawrence and kissing people? At least this time, Lawrence was willing to kiss co-star Josh Hutcherson – however, Hutcherson had never kissed anyone and was a bundle of nerves thinking about the scene. He then made the mistake of telling Jennifer that he was nervous.

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Well, Lawrence had no such qualms, and when the scene came, she went at it with gusto. She was so enthusiastic, Hutcherson found it abrasive and even a little shocking. During an interview with the two of them, Lawrence admitted that she had been a little slobbery. Maybe that’s why Lawrence doesn’t want to kiss anymore.

Lena Headey and Jerome Flynn Never Even Shared the Screen

On “Game of Thrones,” Leda Headey played the sociopathic queen Cersei Lannister, and Jerome Flynn played Ser Bronn, but it may interest you to know they were never even in the same scene.

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It turns out that the two actors appeared in the series “Soldier, Soldier,” and we’re seeing each other in 2002, but their breakup was so bad they couldn’t even speak to each other. Headey asked the producers of GoT to orchestrate it, so they never shared the screen, which was handled well for the most part. Forget about kissing – this couple couldn’t even stand to look at each other.

We’re Starting to Think That Jennifer Lawrence is Just Not a Good Kisser

Really, how is it possible that Jennifer Lawrence – a very well-regarded actress, all things considered – has such a problem locking lips? When she was filming “American Hustle” with Christian Bale. This time, it was because of what was required for Bale in the movie. “American Hustle” saw Bale gain a lot of weight, and not the beefy muscles of Bruce Wayne, either.

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It was all flab. While Lawrence was excited to smooch Bale, she wasn’t excited about his appearance. Of course, this could all have been a smokescreen for the fact that Lawrence either isn’t good at kissing or doesn’t like to kiss.

Molly Ringwald’s Bad Kiss

In the teen classic, Sixteen Candles, Molly Ringwald (Samantha, of course) finally gets her chance to kiss the hottest guy in school, Jake Ryan. The whole movie was a build-up to that one climactic kiss. Unfortunately for everyone involved, it turned out to be a total failure. Ringwald did not want it and was, in fact, according to an interview in entertainment weekly, was hoping for Viggo Mortensen instead.

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The actor Michael Schoeffling who played Jake Ryan, felt that it was the worst part of the role.

Jessica Alba and Iaon Gruffuld

2005’s Fantastic Four was a rather terrible film with zero redeeming qualities. The last nail in the coffin was the passionless relationship between Reed and Sue.  There seemed to be no magnetism between the two, and any physical connection felt seriously forced. It sort of looked like they were siblings.

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Let’s just all erase this from our collective memory.

Jennifer Lawrence Did Not Want to Kiss Bradley Cooper

According to Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence did not want to kiss him at all in the movie. In an interview on the Graham Norton Show, Cooper said that the actress was very critical of his kissing, making him feel rather bad!

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The actor was a little offended. Despite their great chemistry, it would be interesting to see if these two get together down the line once again.

Charlie Hunnam and Maggie Siff Lacked Sparks

Sons of Anarchy wasn’t exactly the best show out there. As far as the characters and story were concerned, the show was lacking. Another critical factor that made this show so bad was the dwindling chemistry between Jax and Tara.

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As the seasons progressed, these two very quickly lost their passion. Off-screen feelings between them must have been extremely lukewarm, leaving audiences feeling little to nothing about watching their relationship unfold. There was definitely more chemistry between Hunnam and Drea De Matteo (Wendy, Jax’s ex-wife) than  Jaz and Tara.

What Were Damien Lewis and Claire Danes?

Homeland is a heated show for many reasons. One of the most exciting aspects of the show was the cat and mouse game between Carrie and Brodie. Yet seeing the tension actually materialize into an affair was a little odd. It seemed that these two were better off at a safe distance.

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The moment these two got a little too close was the moment the show lost all passion. They didn’t even look as into it either. Sometimes the fantasy can be better than reality.

Katie Holmes Christian Bale Should Have Never Been

Batman is pretty much a lone wolf…or lone bat. That was made abundantly clear in the 2005 Hollywood blockbuster Batman Begins. The film starred Christian Bale, who played Batman, of course, and Katy Holmes, who played the love interest, Rachel Dawes. Many people had an issue with Katie Holmes in this film. While this might sound a little unfair, it’s mostly due to the fact that she seemingly lacked any visible feelings for our caped friend.

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In fact, many believed that she should not have appeared in the film at all. It should not be entirely her fault, but I suppose it is partly. It’s good thing she left, and Maggie Gyllenhaal took over. Watching Bale and Gyllenhaal is really spectacular.

Dakota Johnson Could Not Stand Jamie Dornan

On the set of 50 Shades of  Grey, Dakota Johnson had a hard time putting up with Jamie Dornan. The film follows the fiery relationship of Anastasia Steele and Dorian Grey and how their crazy desires slowly evolve into a deep love.

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The surprising part of about this is that these two actually could not stand each other. Their off-screen chemistry was, in fact, so bad that it was just as blatant on-screen. That’s probably why the movies were such a flop, to begin with! Well, the books weren’t that great either.

Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze Had Zero Chemistry

Dirty Dancing, the iconic 80s’ film that oozed with the seemingly red hot on-screen chemistry between Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze, was, in reality, quite different. According to Grey, those two shared nothing of what was depicted on screen. When Grey talked to Glamour magazine about the film, she expressed that she felt no chemistry for the actor whatsoever.

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Clearly, their acting is amazing because Grey told Glamour, “I was cast before he was. He came in [to test] along with a bunch of other guys. I didn’t think we had chemistry…you either do, or you don’t. It’s a weird thing, though. It doesn’t have to do with whether you like someone or not. It’s just you either have it, or you don’t.”

Thandie Newton Did Not Want Cruise Near Her Mouth

Tom Cruise is a super seasoned Hollywood actor and also has been a hunk for years. However, not everyone thinks that he is that amazing. At least not Thandie Newton. When it came to kissing him on Mission Impossible 2, the British beauty felt quite repulsed by the actor’s tongue action.

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The actress would go home every day complaining about how gross it was.  Apparently, Tom Cruise is a very wet and sloppy kisser, which is never good.

Kate Hudson, the Prankster

One would think that when getting involved in a film with a rather vulgar standup comedian, set dynamics might get a little messy. It turns out that it was actually the rom-com queen Kate Hudson that created the weirdness behind the scenes. On the set of the film My Best Friend’s Girl, Kate Hudson would do her very best in trying to gross out her costar, comedian, Dane Cook.

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Cook said it was the worst on-screen kiss he has ever had. “Worst on-screen kiss ever,” Cook told ABC News. It looks like Hudson’s little plan worked out excellently.

Kristen Stewart Felt Odd With Taylor Lautner

Once again, the lines between love and friendship become rather blurry on set—this time for then teen stars Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. The two who starred in the teen classic Twilight had an interesting relationship. While Stewart was actually involved with Robert Pattison (Edward) at the time, her character, Bella Swan, was caught in a little of a love triangle between these two gorgeous men.

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At a press conference in L.A., Stewart said that she viewed these scenes as completely “going against everything that Bella has always been.”Taylor [and I] have so much fun with this stuff because our intimate moments are so few and far between — and weird.” Well, maybe it felt weird, but most people would agree that it looked amazing.

Woody Allen is a Little Tight-Lipped

Helana Bonham Carter and Woody Allen starred together in the unforgettable Indie comedy Mighty Aphrodite. That film had quite a star-studded cast, and that usually means one thing: Behind scene tension. It just so happened that Helena Bonham Carter felt really uncomfortable kissing Allen.

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As he was also the director of the film, he wanted the kissing done in a very particular way. “Allen tells you upfront the certain ways of kissing he does not want. No exchange of liquid is permitted. It sounds like kissing a wall!

Virginie Ledoyen Felt No Passion

French actress Virgine Ledoyen, who starred in the 2000 thriller, The Beach, was not so impressed with Leonardo DiCaprio. Ledoyen claimed that she just felt zero passion for the actor. Very strange, seeing as Leo was at the height of his heartthrob status back then. She also said that DiCaprio totally lacked sensitivity in all the love scenes, making it very hard for her to get into character.

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While she didn’t completely dismiss the actor, she does still think he is a “nice guy” but would not want him as a lover. “There was no honest passion. No real sensitivity in our love scenes.” In the water scenes, love scenes, all she could do was try not to drown. She couldn’t even remember the kiss.

Hugh Jackman and Nicol Kidman: Not The Best Match

Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman Went Through Some Tough Conditions The blockbuster failure, Australia, starring two of the biggest Australian films in Hollywood, had some trouble getting a little bit intimate. The film that depicts two lovers in the rougher parts of northern Australia during world war II obviously involved a challenging setting, so it’s no wonder that these two had a hard time.

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In an interview, Jackman described said it was hard to portray intimacy under the conditions of a film shoot with her.|”It’s never particularly comfortable making out with someone in front of 70 people. That’s really not something that turns me on.”

Carey Mulligan Could Not Handle Jonny Depp

Hollywood is an overwhelming place for many. One gets constantly confronted with the world’s biggest celebs. Even the actors themselves can get affected. Carry Mulligan was completely starstruck when working with Johnny Depp on the set of Public Enemy that she couldn’t even handle kissing him.

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On the Graham Norton Show, Carey Mulligan revealed that she was so uncomfortable kissing Johnny Depp that the director actually decided to cut the scene.  According to the actress, 16 takes were made but each time looked simply horrible.

Steve Kitty Litter Carell

On the set of Get Smart, Dwayne Johnson and Steve Carell had to share a tiny romantic moment. What seemed like a thoughtless funny thing at first, in reality, turned out be some really icky business for the actor/wrestler.


Johnson really didn’t want to kiss the actor and claimed that Carell’s mouth felt like a cat’s paw and that his tongue. “That’s the physical experience,” he said. Ouch!

Rupert Grint and Emma Watson Breaking the Friendzone

When you’re kids growing up on set, it can feel almost like you are siblings. That’s what happened to Rupert Grint and Emma Watson. Acting together for years made them feel like they were family, so you can imagine that kissing your so-called sibling can get a tad awkward, to say the least.


Emma told MTV News:  “We were both just like, ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe we have to do this. This is so awkward. Really awkward.’ They just giggle like a couple of 12-year-olds and tried to hold it together. Good job!

James Mcavoy Felt a Bit Shy With Angelina Jolie

For most people, having a shot at kissing Angelina Jolie would not cause them a moment’s hesitation. Not for James Mcavoy. The British beaut apparently felt a little taken aback by the idea. In a scene in the film, Wanted,  Jolie and Mcavoy had to kiss on the first day of her arrival. Jolie, the pro, seemed rather unphased by the matter.


The actor, on the other hand, clearly needed a little more buttering up, perhaps even a dinner with the stunning starlet beforehand. That being said, they seemed to pull it off regardless.

Jennifer Lawrence Loved Messing With Liam Hemsworth

Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth had some fun on the set of Mocking Jay. The two who are actually best friends clearly tried maintaining that platonic bond by pranking each other on set when it came to the make-out sessions. Jennifer Lawrence would apparently stuff her face with stinky foods right before getting all loved up with Hemsworth.

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In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Hemsworth described the experience as “uncomfortable. “She’s one of my best friends, I love her, but if we had a kissing scene, she would make a point of eating garlic or tuna fish or something that was disgusting. Right before the scene, she’d be like, ‘Yeah, I ate tuna’ or ‘I had garlic, and I didn’t brush my teeth.’ And I’d be like, ‘Fantastic; I can’t wait to get in there and taste it!'”

Tobey Maguire Struggled For Air

The Spider-Man and Mary Jane upside-down kiss in the rain is seriously one of the most memorable kisses in pop culture. The way Spider-Man dangles upside down in front of Mary Jane was an iconic moment. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as sexy in real life. Tobey Maguire had a tough time making it through that kiss, even with the stunning Kirsten Dunst as his co-kisser. She said that he couldn’t breathe during the kiss! It still looked sexy!

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It’s crazy what a bit of lighting and music can do. Just imagine that scene without all the cinematic effects. The awkwardness of the two gasping for breath might have been just too much to bear.

Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley Were Grossed Out By Each Other

Bad breath can be a slight deal-breaker when it comes to kissing. That’s exactly what happened to Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley on the set of the 2013 teen hit, The Spectacular Now. Woodley was reportedly taking some alternative herbs that really affected the smell of her breath. Apparently, Teller was pretty disgusted by this and really tried to avoid locking lips with the actress. Woodley, on the other hand, claimed that Teller’s breath was equally as gross with all the Gatorade he had been guzzling.

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According to a Vulture interview, the actor opened up about some of the ‘behind the scene’ dynamics between the two. He said, “She would be like, ‘Are you serious? You’re gonna kiss me after that?’ I was like, ‘Yeah, I am. Bad breath aside, it looks like those to managed to pull off some on-screen magic because their onscreen chemistry seemed undeniable.

Julia Roberts Didn’t Want to Get Into Trouble in “I Love Trouble” with Nick Nolte

The owner of America’s most dazzling smile, Julia Roberts, is known for many films, from Pretty Woman to Notting Hill, but unfortunately, the film I Love Trouble doesn’t quite get the recognition. We’re going to put this down to basic chemistry – it seems that the film’s stars, Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte, just weren’t feeling the love.

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Whilst actors are well acting; it seems that the veil of the screen wore thin for these two, with Julia labeling Nick as “completely disgusting” and a person who “seems to go out of his way to repel people.” It takes two to tango, apparently, with Nick spouting the same vitriol, saying that Roberts was “not a nice person.” It seems the pair really had it out for each other! And it didn’t stop there – filming became so laborious because the two refused to say their lines in front of one another. Getting the two to kiss? Forget it! In the end, they both succumbed, but audiences weren’t fooled into thinking that they were enjoying it!

Luke Grimes And Nelsan Ellis on “True Blood” Would Not Kiss

How important is keeping your sexuality certain to you? Well, clearly, it meant everything to Luke Grimes, who quit True Blood after refusing to engage in a same-sex kiss with the fabulous Nelsan Ellis. Ellis, who only recently passed away (RIP), portrayed the exuberantly gay Lafayette on the hit series. Grimes’ character was about to commence a relationship with Lafayette in the series, but having caught wind of this, Grimes decided he just wasn’t ready to do that. He claimed that he was forced to quit the show due to a conflict with schedules, despite not having anything major lined up at the time. Hmmm…


Ellis, in an interview with Vulture about the whole incident, confirmed the rumors about the actor decided to quit over portraying a gay character. He wouldn’t comment further.

“The Notebook” Wasn’t As Romantic As You Think!

Yep, you read that right – The Notebook, one of the most romantic films EVER, had a not-so-adorable story behind its filming. Funnily enough, Ryan Gosling tried to fire Rachel McAdams from the movie; there was apparently a huge issue between the pair! But as you probably know, the ending of filming saw the two become a red-carpet couple, dating for two years. Whilst working on the film, the actors who appeared so perfect for their respective roles didn’t have a perfect time on set! Don’t even get them started on intimate scenes involving kissing and touching – it was a real uphill battle to get the two close enough to read their lines without an argument or outburst!


The fact that there was added drama behind the scenes just enhances our love of The Notebook. It seems hard to imagine that hunky Ryan Gosling had a problem with the gorgeous Rachel McAdams! He even went so far as to demand she be fired from the film and replaced! Hey, at least the angry chemistry was authentic, right?

Thandie Newton Did Not Want To Kiss Gerard Butler in “Rocknrolla”

It seems that the main reasons for actors refusing to kiss one another come down to either personal commitments to another person or sickness! For Thandie Newton in this instance, it was the latter. During the filming of RocknRolla, the actress starred opposite the gorgeously rugged Gerard Butler. Newton didn’t have a problem with the love scene itself but with the condition of her co-star.

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On the day of the love scene, Butler rocked up sick as a dog. Thandie requested director Guy Ritchie find a creative workaround because whilst she loved her job, she wasn’t willing to get sick over it! And yes, that’s even if Butler has a solid set of abs and a tonne of sex appeal! Thandie explained to the media: “Gerry was very unwell indeed. So I wouldn’t kiss him. Guy had to improvise. I don’t know how he coped with those problems, but it ended up being one of the most brilliant scenes.” Seems that with a bit of forced improv, great things can happen!

Leona Lewis Refused to Kiss Chace Crawford in “I Will Be” Music Video

At the time “I Will Be” was released, there weren’t many stars as hunky as Gossip Girl heartthrob Chace Crawford. But when it comes to affairs of the heart, people will go a long way to make sure their lover doesn’t turn green with envy! To keep her boyfriend at the time satisfied, Lewis refused to kiss Crawford!


She personally selected Crawford to appear alongside her as her love interest in the clip but made it very clear that there would be no lip-locking whatsoever! The singer’s then-boyfriend, Lou Al-Chamaa was clearly the jealous type. In hindsight, however, with the pair having broken up, we think she could’ve let Crawford give her a peck! At the time, Lewis told the media, “I think [Lou Al-Chamaa] would [get jealous] if I was kissing them, but I’d never do that,” she explained. “They wanted me and Chace to kiss in the ‘I Will Be video.’ But I said no way.” We suppose for the singer who is famous for her hit “Bleeding Love,” this love triangle has come well, full circle.

Pat Boone Rejected Kiss Shirley Jones in “April Love”

It was made very clear to Pat Boone, the star of April Love, that he would not be kissing his co-star out of respect for his partner. During one particular scene, however, the director asked the pair to kiss, to enhance the romantic mood. Pat stated in an interview with Fox, “I said, ‘Well Henry, this sounds crazy, I know, but I’ve never talked to my wife Shirley about this because kissing in the movies hasn’t come up yet.’” After a discussion with his wife, Boone was given permission to kiss his co-stars in films if it was required! In the end, it never happened.


The terrible thing was that in his very next film, he kissed the girl.” Well, well well, Pat. Maybe there was an issue with Shirley in THAT particular film – we’ll never know!

Jennifer Lawrence Was In A No Kiss Zone With Chris Pratt in “Passengers”

It seems that at the end of the day, the producers have the last word on kissing. In the film Passengers, starring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, there was one love scene in the script that was non-negotiable. Whilst it didn’t end up being the most memorable love scene, and the film probably could’ve done without it, there were a few issues in actually getting Jennifer Lawrence to pucker up! At the time, Pratt was married to Anna Faris, and Lawrence had some qualms with kissing a married man. Sources say that JLaw needed a few sips of liquid courage to go through with the scene, even if it was work! Hey, maybe she had a little crush on Pratt. We aren’t gonna lie; we do too!


Jennifer was so paranoid and anxious about doing the scene with Pratt that she got her mom on the line to get the A-OK that it was well, A-OK to do the scene with Pratt!

 “The Lyon’s Den” Alright – Jewel Refused to Kiss Rob Lowe!

Now whilst Rob Lowe is probably the dream man of a few women, it seems that he just didn’t do it for singer Jewel! Appearing on the TV show The Lyon’s Den, the pair were cast opposite one another as each other’s romantic interest. Funnily enough, Lowe was the one to throw Jewel’s name into the draw to be cast as his opposite, but when the singer came to set, she wasn’t into kissing him at all! Jewel went so far as to bring her boyfriend along whenever they were filming a romantic scene. At first, Jewel was wary and refused, but with time she agreed. The problem? Well, it turned out to be a complete disaster!

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On Ellen DeGeneres, Rob Lowe gave audiences some insight into the experience, “[The show was] a parade of indignities, and the culminating blow, for me, was having the actress who didn’t want to kiss me in the love scene.” We feel the story came full circle when Jewel joked during Comedy Central’s Roast of Rob Lowe that she, in fact, refused the kiss because she “didn’t know where his mouth had been.” You know what they say – there’s always some truth in every joke!

Samuel L. Jackson Declined Kissing Scenes In “The Cell”

When you sign on for films like Cell, you don’t think there’s going to be ANY kissing whatsoever. Veteran actor Samuel L. Jackson signed the dotted line thinking this was another psychological thriller by genius Stephen King. But boy, was he in for a shock when he found out the character he was playing was actually gay.


In an interview with Playboy magazine, the actor made it very clear that he would never do two things: a) crossdress or b) kiss a man in an acting role. So even if it was for a thriller penned by King, Samuel L. Jackson wasn’t going to go against his principles at all! Since then, it seems he’s stuck to his word – we didn’t see any man-on-man action in Captain Marvel. Gosh, can you imagine what a man-on-man scene in Pulp Fiction would look like? Oh, wait a second…

Charlie Sheen Had Selma Blair Fired from “Anger Management”

Who really needs to manage their anger here? We’re going to go ahead and say, Sheen. On the sitcom Anger Management, which was the series Sheen starred in following the successful and iconic Two and a Half Men, you’d probably be aware babe Selma Blair was his love interest. You would also know that the reason he was fired from Two and a Half Men was for basically being a total jerk. In an ironic twist, Sheen paid no heed to the title of the second chance at a sitcom and fired Selma Blair via text (imagine being in a relationship with him!? Actually, no thanks!). Apparently, he called her something rather profane, which we won’t share because there are most likely minors reading this! Hollywood Reporter, of course, had the inside scoop and shared what we decided to the sensor! Hollywood Reporter also shared why Blair was fired; apparently, she’d complained to producers about Sheen, who then gave her an ultimatum!


He basically said: she goes or I walk. We can only imagine that there was an abundance of negative energy, with the two stars refusing to BE on-screen opposite one another, let alone CUDDLE! We’re going to blame the casting agent on this one.

A Holy Refusal: Kirk Cameron and Erin Bethea in “Fireproof”

The Christian drama “Fireproof” seemed an interesting choice for Kirk Cameron, given his start on ABC sitcom Growing Pains as Mike Seaver! You’d think he’d be A-OK with some kissing scenes, but things change when you become a Born Again Christian. After his time on Growing Pains, Cameron actually went on to marry his co-star and love interest on the show, Chelsea Noble!


In a solemn vow following their nuptials, he promised Noble that he would never kiss another woman purely out of respect for his wife. So when he starred in the drama Fireproof, producers had to quickly think of a way around the “no-kissing” clause in Cameron’s contract. In fact, Cameron actually kisses his wife in that scene- which is why producers made it a silhouette of the actors kissing. Good for him! Fun fact: Fireproof made some $30 million US, which made it one of the highest-grossing Christian films ever!

Sunny Leone Has a “No Kissing Clause” in Her Contract

It seems that in Bollywood, it’s fairly common to have a “No Kissing Clause” in a star’s contract. Whilst this seems plausible in regular films, it does seem a little peculiar given Sunny Leone’s particular line of acting work. The adult film star previously never had an issue with on-screen kisses, but following the filming of Ragini MMS 2 just five years ago, the actress added the clause. Here comes the peculiar part: Leone has no problem with filming graphic sex scenes, but her condition is that there is no kissing. Sure, if we look to Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, she notes that as a lady of the night, sex isn’t the issue, but intimate kissing is – maybe kissing truly is more meaningful than the act!

Getty Images

Who knows. We’re going to let you be the judge here! With an army of fans who don’t seem to mind the fact that there is no kissing, Leone is still raking in dollars. Leone never disclosed the exact reasons for protecting her right to kiss, but it certainly is noticeable that in any intimate scenes, there’s not even a peck!

Alyson Hannigan Couldn’t Handle Kissing Jason Segel on “How I Met Your Mother”

Alyson Hannigan, of Buffy The Vampire Slayer fame and American Pie, is everyone’s favorite slightly awkward redhead! Also extremely well known for her role on the hit sitcom How I Met Your Mother, you’ll be surprised to know that her and co-star Jason Segel had some issues with getting close enough to share a kiss! Refusing to kiss her cigarette fiend co-star Jason Segel, Hannigan just couldn’t pucker up! Fair enough though, who wants to kiss someone with tobacco breath?! Yeah, we aren’t exactly fans of ashtray mouth either.


Firstly, the pair had a little bet going on, with Segel handing over $10 for every cigarette he smoked. When the money started adding up, and he realised he would be at a loss, he decided to quit smoking altogether. The result? Many more cute little kisses between Lily and Marshall!

Kimberly McCullough Didn’t Want To Lock Lips With An Older Man on “General Hospital”

Sure, everyone’s had a crush on someone slightly older than them. Teenagers go crazy over boy bands and the like. But there is a point where it becomes, well, just a bit inappropriate. At least actresses these days feel well within their rights – at the time Kimberly McCullough was on General Hospital, it may have been slightly awkward to report sexual harassment and the appropriate conduct between co-stars. In this particular instance, we’re going to say that the treatment of McCullough was borderline paedophilic. The star, only aged fourteen at the time, was asked to kiss a twenty-two-year-old actor. While some teens these days might feel they’re fully ready to share a kiss with a hunky actor, it just isn’t right.


To make matters worse, the actor, who remains unnamed (shame on you!), made sexually inappropriate jokes about the scene with the minor. When we didn’t think it could get worse (oh, it’s Hollywood, it can!), Kimberly wasn’t aware of her co-star’s age until the day they were expected to shoot! Where her parents were is what we’re asking now! But then again, with the facts that have come to light in the Michael Jackson case, we’re not so sure they would’ve been any good! Whilst McCullough complained to her producer; she was still made to do the scene. For a fourteen-year-old, we’re impressed that she stood her ground and compromised with a kiss on the cheek! You go, girl.

Herizen Guardiola Wasn’t Into Kissing Justice Smith on “The Get Down”

Netflix series The Get Down was Herizen F. Guardiola’s first major screen role. Set in the heart of the disco era, the funky series looked at the highs and lows of the rise to fame, as well as the impoverished and disadvantaged African American community in the Bronx. Naturally, there were bound to be a few intimate moments in a series that follows the lives of a young couple. Created by Australian director extraordinaire Baz Luhrmann, the story is narrated by Justice Smith, her love interest in the series. Guardiola recalled how Luhrman would tell her to put the scripts away Herizen to just simply kiss her co-star since to show some intimacy. She did not want to, saying that she just did not feel comfortable kissing people she did not know.


What would’ve been Herizen’s first taste of acting out love scenes? It seems she got things pretty good with an understanding co-star like Justice Smith. The actor, who’s just released his new film with Ryan Reynolds, Detective Pikachu, was a lot cooler with the whole situation than Guardiola, “I didn’t realize how weird it was until she made it weird… I’m like, ‘oh, kiss that person?’ Okay, cool, I’ll just go…’” Poor Justice Smith! We’re sure that Guardiola’s changed her mind about the whole kissing thing now, but hey, if she wants to join some fellow actors and add a “no-kissing” clause to her contract, then all power to her!

Kevin Hart Isn’t Really Into Kissing Other Dudes!

It seems that when it comes to questions of sexuality in film roles, actors need a certain fortitude and confidence to pull off the role convincingly. That is precisely Kevin Hart’s argument when he’s been approached to do scenes that involve same-sex intimacy. Whilst he seemed okay with the kiss with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the comedy Central Intelligence (let’s be real here, it’s THE ROCK!), this was a one-off. The well-known comedian refused the role of Alpa Chino (a closeted gay rapper) in the film Tropic Thunder due to his own beliefs about the character, labeling him “real flagrant.” Fair enough!


Whilst the comedian/actor has huge respect for the LGBTI community; he confessed that he wasn’t totally confident in playing those particular types of roles. In an interview, Hart has expressed his hesitation with playing gay characters, saying that his insecurities might affect his performance. He has also said that thinking about people’s opinions when it comes to that might prevent him from diving into that 100%.

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder Post Break-Up Refused to Kiss on “The Vampire Diaries”

Now, if this isn’t #breakupgoals, we don’t know what is. The ex-lovers and Vampire Diaries stars Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder are well known for their passionate exchanges over the years – both on the series and in real life! Despite breaking up, the pair are reportedly still friends. Nina is reportedly even friends with his now-wife, Nikki Reed. (Vampires and vampires, eh?)


Despite the steamy scenes between the pair on the show – pretty sure every teenage girl and/or mom got a little jealous of their on-screen chemistry – after Somerhalder’s engagement to Reed, the set became a no-kissing zone. RIP Delena. During interviews post-shooting, and at the time the two were dating, (who can forget that passionate kiss in season six?) Somerhalder revealed how the Georgian weather was certainly not an aphrodisiac. At Paleyfest, Somerhalder retold the story that the weather was so icy, his jaw froze, and Nina had icicles in her hair!

Vanessa Hudgens Refused to Kiss James Franco in “Spring Breakers”

It seems that Franco isn’t having much luck with the ladies of the screen! Former High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens may have taken on a role which saw her graduate from high school, entering the world of sex and drugs, but it seems that there were some strings attached! The film was a rude shock in comparison to her Disney days, including scenes where Hudgens got up-close and personal with Franco, as well as an eye-opening scene of a threesome in a swimming pool!


Spring Breakers just wasn’t the right fit for Hudgens, who at the time spoke about her experience with Franco: “It was very nerve-racking for me. I told my agent that I never want to do it ever again.” Now we can only speculate the reasons why Hudgens was so averse to kissing Franco, but it’s pretty strong to say you’d rather kiss “a girl again” than kiss Franco again! Ouchy!

Sadie Sink Wouldn’t Kiss Caleb McLaughlin on “Stranger Things”

Funnily enough, it was what the actress DIDN’T want that was, in fact written into the script. The talented cast of Stranger Things faced not only the fact of deepening voices and changing hormones, but the realities of relationships and physical contact! Sadie Sink, who portrays Maxine, or “Max” in the hit Netflix series, was nudged into doing a kissing scene with Caleb McLaughlin.


During interviews, Sink opened up about her reluctance to share her first on-screen kiss, which made audiences and critics alike a little uncomfortable. The show’s co-creator and director Ross Duffer joked about the two youngsters kissing at the “Snow Ball” at the end of season 2. Sadie protested so much so that the director actually wrote a kiss into the scene! Now that’s just cruel! Sure, it’s only a peck, but if your actors are uncomfortable, that isn’t exactly ideal! Sadie remembers that day on set very clearly: “I get [to set], the first day of Snow Ball… One of you, I think it was you, Ross, you say, ‘Oh, Sadie, you ready for the kiss?’ I’m like, ‘What! No! That’s not in the script. That’s not happening.” Whilst, in the end, it wasn’t a big deal, there’s no doubt that the young star was quite distressed over it. Next time girl, stand your ground! Or, go for the cheek!

No Guys For Justin Bieber In The Film “Uber Girl”

“If I was your boyfriend, I’d never let you go; I can take you places you ain’t never been before,” – now that was something Bieber couldn’t sing to one of his co-stars in the film Uber Girl. As a result of his refusal to kiss a male backup dancer in the film, he was cut from it altogether! Pete O’Neill, one of the film’s co-writers, told The New York Post, “He won’t take part unless the sex scene with him and one of the male backup dancers is taken out of the final script.”


Bieber certainly has made a career for himself out of wooing teenage girls and women alike, so maybe he didn’t want to break from character (or from being himself!). You do you. Controversially, however, Bieber’s reps denied the rumors and actually claimed he was never even involved in the movie!

To Sunil Shetty, Actors Should Fight, Not Kiss

Sunil Shetty has spent some time cultivating a certain image. One that never kissed on screen, preferring to let his emotions be known by using physical strength.

Alamy Stock Photo

He’s gone on record saying that he doesn’t think actors should kiss and dance with the actresses in Bollywood movies – certainly an unpopular statement – but they should instead “look macho” in movies. He’s never done a kissing scene. By following the rules he’s set out, he’s maintained his image well, even if he has turned out to be a villain in most of the movies he’s in.

Riteish Deshmukh Never Kisses Any Actress He Works With

The leading ladies of Bollywood must hate this – Deshmukh is quite the looker. Deshmukh’s rule on kissing began on the set of “Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai,” a science-fiction and romance film that means “No Idea Where She Came From.”

Getty Images Photo by Shivam Saxena

According to him, a kiss is a very private matter and should only happen behind closed doors. Since that film, he has refused to kiss in a film, stating that he is just not comfortable. We kind of get it, honestly. All those people watching, all around the world, as your lips press against someone else’s.

Priyanka Chopra Was Not Having Annu Kapoor in “Saat Khoon Maaf”

Now known officially as Priyanka Chopra-Jonas, the womanly Bollywood star is in a little hot water over the claim that she wouldn’t kiss a co-star due to the age difference! Somewhat ironically, Chopra is some 10 years older than her husband Nick Jonas, but there’s more to the story! In the production Saat Khoon Maaf, Chopra starred opposite Annu Kapoor, who was in fact 26 years her senior!


Apparently, the age difference irked the star and was a reason why she wouldn’t do any romantic scenes with him! In a catty remark in an interview, Chopra said that out of the seven husbands she has in the film, she’d choose to kill the husband portrayed by Kapoor! Now, that makes us think it was more than an age thing – there was certainly more going on behind closed doors!

Love and Hate on the Silver Screen: Harrison Ford and Sean Young in “Blade Runner”

As soon as you see the title Blade Runner, you can already hear the eerie sci-fi sounds of Vangelis and the imposing ziggurat within which Ridley Scott’s film takes place. A fan favorite, the cult film stars the gorgeous Harrison Ford. His -apparently – unwilling love interest, played by Sean Young, sees the pair indulge in a fiery love scene. But there’s more to the scene than the cameras let on; apparently, Rick Decard and Racheal weren’t very friendly behind the screen! The stars simply loathed one another and barely wanted to talk, let alone share a kiss! It seems that Young was making up reasons to hate on Harrison Ford – apparently, his stubble scratched her face. Gents, take note; know not to ruin a woman’s carefully prepared skin with your beard!


This on-screen hate was not the first time someone refused to kiss a co-star, but the producers ultimately had the last word. But the tension between the two was so renowned that cast and crew, in fact renamed their iconic love scene as “the hate scene.” We know the film was, in fact set in a dystopian world, but it seems even the cast couldn’t have a good time on set either!

Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio Weren’t Having It In “Revolutionary Road”

When Revolutionary Road was set to be released, die-hard fans of the star-crossed lovers Jack and Rose in the iconic film Titanic were dying to get tickets. Finally, they’d see their favorite on-screen duo united, even if they were playing extremely different roles. (What a shock they must have had!) Whilst the pair had undeniable chemistry in Titanic; the two actors refused to kiss in the film as its director was none other than Winslet’s husband at the time, Sam Mendes. Also, let’s think about the fact that actors usually hate to be pigeonholed and remembered JUST for playing one part. Pretty sure both of them wanted to steer clear of any memories from Titanic.


Fans expecting a big reunion were quite sore, but despite their disappointment, we’ve got a feeling that Revolutionary Road was a film which perhaps gave audiences something more satisfying to stew over!

Do Vampires Kiss? Sure. But When They’re Underage?

The perfect little vampire child, Kirsten Dunst, has etched her place in movie history with her portrayal of Claudia. A scene required Claudia to kiss her “one true love,” portrayed by Brad Pitt. Whilst the precocious 11-year old wasn’t interested in smooching the Fight Club actor; she gives a convincing performance. In some ways, however, it wasn’t a great experience for Dunst – apparently, the actress was not interested in kissing anyone for years after she filmed the movie.


Sure, her older colleagues and other actresses would’ve been dying to replace her, with Dunst remarking, “Everyone at the time was like, ‘You’re so lucky you kissed Brad Pitt,’ but I thought it was disgusting. I didn’t kiss anyone else until I was 16, I think. I was a late bloomer.” Look, we’re with Kirsten on this one. Kissing a minor is just weird. Brad Pitt, Brad Schmitt – this guy was old enough to be her dad!

James Franco Got Rejected By Sienna Miller on “Camille”

He’s got a charming eye-crinkling smile that would make any strong-willed woman weak at the knees, but apparently not Sienna Miller! The pair starred in the independent film Camille in 2008, taking on the role of newlyweds. In some ways, audiences were made uncomfortable – there just wasn’t that newlywed doe-eyed chemistry. Well, there could be a reason for that! Sienna Miller straight up told producers she couldn’t bring herself to kiss Franco. Why do you ask? Well, firstly, we just want to stop before you start speculating that it was due to his reputation of having less-than-gentlemanly behavior, particularly involving er…younger women. And no, it wasn’t because she thought he’d been around the block. I mean, even if he had… well, you get my drift!


The reason is going to be such an anti-climax, but here goes; the A-lister was suffering from a severe toothache at the time of filming! It was so bad that a dentist was brought on set for a professional opinion. Seems that there’s more to the story about Sienna’s pearly whites; the actress is known for having dental issues and was even rejected from a Vogue cover. Apparently, she was too “toothy.” So, don’t say cheese?

Reese Witherspoon Wouldn’t Kiss Robert Pattinson in “Water for Elephants”

Almost every teenage girl’s dream was to kiss Robert Pattinson, particularly when he was playing Edward Cullen in the Twilight series. In the film Water for Elephants, it seemed that Reese Witherspoon and Pattinson shared a tender kiss. However, this was almost forced upon the actress – she was definitely NOT into kissing the former vamp. Why? Well, he had a terrible cold during the filming!


Whilst the actress is a fan of Pattinson; she explained in interviews that during the time of the shoot, Pattinson was sick with a really horrendous flu. The coughing and sneezing really put her off getting up close with the actor. She even once described it was “green and disgusting.” Okay, we get it. That’s pretty damn gross. The actor apologized for the experience, but we don’t really know how Reese did it! That’s truly suffering for your art!

A Tiger With a “No Kissing” Clause In His Contract!

With millions of girls swooning over heartthrob Indian action-movie star Tiger Shroff, he seems like he’d be the perfect boyfriend! Why’s that? Well, from early on in his career, the actor asked for a no-kissing clause in all of his future acting contracts! It seems that love is more powerful than money, as the reason was due to his commitment to his girlfriend, Disha Patani. Also, his co-star in the Baaghi martial arts saga, he demanded that there would be no kissing out of respect for his gorgeous lady!


The star also is very fond of his Indian culture and, like Salman Khan, believes that on-screen kissing is not in line with cultural correctness. In stark contrast, his father, Jackie Shroff, was known for his more daring and somewhat unpredictable behaviour! Perhaps learning from his father, Tiger is exacting about his image, contracts, and fitness regime! 2019 signals the effectual beginning of the “no kissing” clause, and good for him!

Will Smith Refused to Kiss Another Man in “Six Degrees of Separation”

Whilst this action-man is known for his direction under Michael Bay in Bad Boys, as well as being the smooth, suave detective again in Men in Black; Will Smith didn’t just become a superstar overnight. Independent films such as Six Degrees of Separation were necessary for projecting him to fame. The film, which centers on a charismatic gay con-man, was a role which made Smith shine as a true individual talent. Working his way up the Upper Eastside, and finding himself in the homes of the rich, Smith tricks unsuspecting victims into believing he is the son of Sidney Poitier. Inspired by the life of con artist David Hampton, it’s a laugh-out-loud film and definitely a conversation starter!


As Smith in the film is portraying a gay character, the original script included a scene whereby he is passionately kissed by another man. Smith flatly refused, which irked the director, but he held his position. Taking up Denzel Washington’s advice, Smith did not go through with the scene. The director, defeated, settled on a fake kiss, which was shot from an alternate angle. At the time, Smith was young, and he retrospectively reflects on his decision, calling it “very immature,” but putting it down to the fact that he “wasn’t emotionally stable enough to artistically commit to that aspect of the film.”

Candace Cameron Is Not Into Kissing Any Co-Stars!

Maybe it comes with the territory of being on TV from infancy, but Candace Cameron has learned to stand her ground when it comes to intimacy. Candace, like her brother Kirk, is a devout Christian and tries to avoid any scenes which are just a little too intimate. Over the years, having appeared on The Fuller House and a host of over shows, Cameron confesses she’s never really liked filming those sorts of scenes, as they always made her uncomfortable.


She, too, is only interested in being intimate with her partner. “Sometimes I’m doing my Hallmark movies, and we’ve got a new guy in each movie. Cameron has said that the older she gets, the more uncomfortable she feels with getting intimate with actors on TV. It seems too that her husband isn’t exactly overjoyed at the fact Candace is getting intimate with other men, even if it is just for show. In fact, he doesn’t watch any of her movies! You’d think your spouse would be all-supportive, but Cameron’s husband “doesn’t watch anything that I do for that very reason,” she explains. “Because it is uncomfortable, and I totally understand and respect it.” Maybe Candace should get on the phone with Bollywood and note how they do their “no-kissing” clauses!

Eric Stonestreet Refused to Kiss Jesse Tyler on “Modern Family”

Some actors are just TOO good at their jobs, eh? Such is the case with Eric Stonestreet, who plays Cam on Modern Family. The way he plays Cam is so convincing that we think you might be surprised that he is indeed straight! As one of the first shows to air an LGBTQ couple on primetime television, our hats are off to the producers of the show! In the first season, there wasn’t any tension, but Stonestreet wasn’t entirely comfortable with kissing his co-star, who played his partner, Mitchell. So if you rewatch the first season, you’ll see that no smooches are exchanged!

Getty Images

The straight actor has no qualms, he just wasn’t totally comfortable with kissing another man – which is, of course, absolutely fine! In contrast, the show does frequently refer to (if subtly) Phil and Claire Dunphy’s sex life, with a hilarious episode where the pair try to “pick each other up” as if they were both single! Whilst Cam and Mitchell’s intimate side is respected and not touched on (pardon us for the pun), the show is still a smash hit!

Denzel Washington Wouldn’t Kiss Julia Roberts in “The Pelican Brief”

Julia Roberts is, of course, one of the darlings of the screen, particularly in America. So when she was cast opposite the extremely accomplished (and very handsome!) Denzel Washington, it seemed that audiences would be witnessing a locking of lips between two greats! In The Pelican Brief, the pair were asked to kiss. It seems that kissing your co-star is a professional er… hazard? Whilst many actors would never have dreamed of passing up this opportunity, Denzel Washington did exactly that and asked to have any intimate scenes between the two removed! Julia was rather hurt by this decision, revealing in an interview: “Don’t I have a pulse? Of course, I wanted to kiss Denzel. It was his idea to take the damn scenes out.” But before we accuse Washington of being unfair to Roberts, the Oscar winner’s decision was not personal.


In a way that surprises us but also leaves us quite impressed, Washington didn’t want to aid in perpetuating the idea of Hollywood. Not to mention he didn’t want to hurt his image; if African-American female fans saw him with a white woman, it could potentially polarise his fans! In an interview, Washington explained: “Black women are not often seen as objects of desire on film. And they have always been my core audience.” Whatta man!

Brad Pitt Refused to Kiss Cate Blanchett in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”

Who would think that of all Hollywood’s superstars, Brad Pitt is the one who’d have an issue with kissing one of his stunning co-stars! But it seems that once again, it’s the power of the partner. At the time, Pitt was married to the equally gorgeous Angelina Jolie and refrained from kissing Blanchett out of respect for his wife.


Sources say that their marriage was on the rocks, so Pitt decided to refrain from kissing Blanchett, much to director David Fincher’s shock! But it seems that whilst he protested, Pitt finally agreed to do the scene due to its importance in the film. Looking back now and seeing that Jolie has split from Pitt, it seems that he doesn’t regret going in to steal a kiss!

Lindsay Lohan Refused to Kiss Charlie Sheen in “Scary Movie 5”

Can you really blame Lohan for not wanting to kiss Charlie Sheen? Yeah, you can’t. When filming Scary Movie 5, it was required for the pair to share an on-screen kiss. Audiences may think they saw Lohan kissing Sheen, but that’s exactly what producers wanted them to think; it was, in fact, her body double! Lohan, of Mean Girls fame, made it extremely clear that she was not at all interested in getting too close to Sheen, and for very similar reasons to Jackson as we’ve just seen; his reputation preceded him!


The producers seemed to laugh it off and didn’t make any changes until filming had begun. Maybe they were arrogant enough to think they could change her mind, maybe even dangle a paycheck in front of her! Sheen didn’t seem hurt by Lohan’s rejection, but producers used a body double in a few scenes, and other scenes were completely cut from the film! If she’d had to kiss him, it wouldn’t have been a Scary Movie only for the audiences!

Sparks Didn’t Fly Between Virginia Madsen and Neal McDonough in “Scoundrels”

Now, this is a reason that we are somewhat glad to hear. The endearing Neal McDonough made fans swoon even harder for not kissing co-star Virginia Madsen. We know you’re itching to find out why: well, it was because she just wasn’t his wife! The starred actor has spoken openly about his reluctance in being intimate with women who are not his wife due to his commitment to his faith. So devout, his religion became a barrier and cost him his role in “Scoundrels.” Replaced by David James Elliott, there seemed to be no hard feelings between McDonough and producers – just a difference in opinions!


He’s been quoted as saying: “Life is about honoring God and being the best human being you can be and giving praise to God in everything you do. Killing people on screen — that’s fake. That’s not real. According to McDonough, being in bed with another woman is a little too real for him, and he would rather not end up in the position of being asked by his kids, “dad, what are you with that lady?”. Can’t really argue with that, can you?

Liam Hemsworth Wouldn’t Kiss Jennifer Lawrence in “The Hunger Games”

Before you say, “well, that’s because of Miley Cyrus, duh!” we’re going to stop you. Firstly, nope, it wasn’t because of Hemsworth’s on-again-off-again relationship with the singer. And nope, it wasn’t because he had the terrible flu! The reason? Well, we’re not 100% sure, but we’re going to put it down to the pair not wanting to make their relationship more than friendly. Forever the clown on-set, Lawrence made it her mission to make their kissing scenes as uncomfortable as possible! She went as far as to eat garlic or tuna fish – basically anything disgusting that was not at all conducive to filming an intimate scene! Liam confirmed this in an interview.


Hemsworth goes on to say, “Right before the scene, she’d be like, ‘Yeah, I ate tuna’ or ‘I had garlic, and I didn’t brush my teeth.’ And I’d be like, ‘Fantastic; I can’t wait to get in there and taste it!’” Quite the comedienne, it seems!

2Pac x Janet Jackson: No Poetic Justice Here!

When you’re put opposite one of the hottest rapper/singers on the planet, you’d know that with fame comes a trail of girls and, well, girls. That’s basically how Janet Jackson felt when she was pinned to star opposite Tupac (or 2Pac, whatever you’re feeling). Seems like there was bound to be quite a bit of drama! Jackson was reluctant to film the required love scenes with the rapper due to the fact that his reputation preceded him; he was a bit of a player!


A source revealed that there were rumors swirling that Jackson even requested the rapper get an AIDS test prior to filming! Whilst this seems extreme, this was during a time before we knew that AIDS couldn’t be passed via saliva exchange. The rapper, clearly hurt and angry, flatly refused! At the time, the AIDS epidemic was fairly new, and scientists were still trying to understand the disease. But whilst Jackson resisted on numerous occasions to get hot and heavy with Tupac, in the end, she gave up and went ahead with the scenes.

Ranbir Kapoor Refused to Kiss Katrina Kaif in “Jagga Jasoos” But Why?

Alright, now how could these two not see this coming? Seriously. Bollywood stars Ranbir Kapoor, and Katrina Kaif used to be an off-screen couple as well as an on-screen couple. But after their public break up, the pair decided that they would put an end to the smooching, even if it was just acting.


Scared to reignite the former flame, perhaps? Who knows! The couple went on to star in Hindi movie Jagga Jassos, but Kapoor downright refused to kiss Kaif in the film, despite playing each other’s romantic interest. On-set, things were just as tense, with the actors demanding to be kept apart and nigh sabotaging one another on set. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – do NOT date your co-worker!

“Martin” Certainly Wasn’t Getting Any Sugar From Tisha!

You’d think that on a sitcom that’s LITERALLY about a guy and his girlfriend, there’d be a fair bit of smooching and closeness. It seems ironic that there was a bit of tension (oh, get your head out of the gutter – not the sexual kind!) given the acting role! On-screen, it sure looked like Martin and Gina were loved up, but off-camera? Well, that was a different story. After five seasons, the pair felt that they still couldn’t really hit it off. So the lovely (to everyone else at least) Tisha Campbell was still at odds with Martin – she wouldn’t kiss him, and basically refused to shoot episodes – 5 years was enough! But wait, it gets even worse – she went so far as to file a lawsuit on the grounds of sexual harassment!


Now you’re probably thinking that this was a bit extreme, but, apparently, Martin Lawrence had been after Tisha well, romantically, despite the fact that she’d rejected him more than once! Apparently, he didn’t take the rejection too well either, becoming “increasingly manic and volatile” with “uncontrollable fits of rage” just out of the blue. When the actors were taking a break and off-camera, it’s alleged that the actor would try to kiss and grope Tisha. Okay, that is totally not cool. You can guess that the show ended when things had escalated. Seems absurd now that they’re thinking of doing a reboot… watch this space?

Sonakshi Sinha Wasn’t Born to Kiss Onscreen

Sinha, a Bollywood star, is strict with her principles and just doesn’t think that she was meant to kiss for her roles. In the movie “Holiday,” she very nearly kisses co-star Akshay Kumar, but they didn’t seal the deal – they just got close.


Thankfully, the script didn’t demand that they actually kiss, just do some stuff that helped build the romantic feeling and create the emotions. Sinha has gone on record that she never wants to do an on-screen kiss, and not only for her beliefs – she just doesn’t like kissing!

Salman Khan Doesn’t Respect Anyone Who Kisses On-screen

Not only does leading Bollywood man Salman Khan keep all potential kisses at arm’s length when he’s filming, but he also doesn’t think highly of anyone who DOES kiss while filming. He’s outright said that he has no respect whatsoever for those who lock lips for part of a role.

Alamy Stock Photo

Khan has never kissed in any of his movies. It’s been thought that his reasoning is his current relationship with fellow screen-actor Katrina Kaif, who still kisses her co-stars on camera. However, he can’t be that down on them if he’s dating someone who has kissed for a role, can he?

Ajay Devgan Has Kissed One Woman While Filming

After starting his career in Bollywood in 1992, Ajay Devgan has kissed only one woman while filming a project, and it was his very first film, “Phool Aur Kaante.” He’s had plenty of intimate scenes with different actresses, but their lips haven’t come together.

Alamy Stock Photo

He was always uncomfortable with the idea of kissing on camera and never planned to kiss his co-stars. There are probably a number of reasons that came together to make Devgan not want to go in for this kind of intimate contact.

Asin Finds it Difficult to Kiss On Screen

Add Asin to the list of actresses who refuse to kiss on-screen. She’s Tamilian and comes from a conservative and private family – one that holds that kissing in public is not acceptable.

Getty Images Photo by Prodip Guha

It’s something that should be done in private and, perhaps most importantly, away from cameras that will send the image to millions or billions of people. She’s always found it difficult to kiss on-screen for these reasons. When a script demanded she kiss actor Aamir Khan for the movie “Ghajini,” she refused. She refused so much, in fact, that they changed the script so that they didn’t have to kiss. All because of her.