The Many Women and Many Children of Clint Eastwood

America’s favorite cowboy, Clint Eastwood, has been in the industry for decades. Anything the man touches turns to gold, be it as an actor or as a director. He stands behind so many memorable moments in American cinema, it’s hard to forget he has a life away from the spotlight as well.
But it turns out his personal life and relationships are just as prolific as his cowboy adventures, and maybe even more. With a slew of romantic partners and an impressive set of future cowboys and cowgirls, Eastwood turns out to be quite the family man. Keep reading for a glimpse into this man’s convoluted family tree.

Generally Speaking

Clint Eastwood has 8 children to carry his supreme genes on this earth. One of those children he only got to know when she was 34 years old! Those children all have Eastwood as their father, but don’t necessarily share the same mother.


Clint’s many romantic partners and busy career didn’t keep him from doing his best as a father. His children are now all grown up and have glamorous careers befitting members of the house of Eastwood.

An Early Start

The earliest known romantic relationships we know Eastwood was involved in were in his teenage years. First, there was the classic girl next door when he was 14 years old.

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The relationship that followed this one was a little less classic — at 19 years old, Eastwood had his first stalker. Her name is unknown, but according to an Us Weekly interview from the 80s, she was 20-something and worked as a school teacher. The two dated for a while, after which she threatened to harm herself if he broke up with her. Yikes!

Marrying Margaret Johnson

Clint Eastwood’s first marriage was to Margaret (Maggie) Johnson. The two met in 1953, when she was a secretary and he was still finding his way as an actor.

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They went on a blind date, and eventually got hitched. While she was his first wife, she was far from being the only romantic partner in his life.

All Good Things End

It took Clint and Margaret less than a year to get married after going on their first date. Their seemingly happy relationship resulted in two kids, Alison and Kyle.

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But that marriage had issues bubbling below the surface. Mostly issues concerning Clint’s other romantic relationships overlapping as well as a secret child. They would eventually divorce, but more on that later.

Too Young

Eastwood’s marriage to Johnson had a rocky start. According to film historian Richard Schickel, Clint believes that he and Johnson were too young to get married and should have waited until they were more established.

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It appears that Eastwood’s habit of having affairs with his castmates started in 1955, two years after he got married. He had a tiny uncredited role on “Star in the Dust”, a film starring Mamie Van Doren. The two met on set and had a closer-than-castmates kind of relationship.


Mamie Van Doren is far from being the only woman to have had a relationship with Eastwood while he was still married to Johnson. Not limited to just castmates, Clint’s extramarital partners put together could populate a small, self-sustaining village.

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His record includes athletes (competitive swimmer Anita Lohest), journalists (food critic Gael Greene), models (Cathy Reghin, Briget Byrne), and other showbiz women such as singer Keely Smith, and actresses Catherine Deneuve, Susan St. James, and Jill Banner.

Meeting Roxanne Tunis

One of the previously mentioned overlapping relationships involved Clint and Roxanne Tunis. The two met on the set of “Rawhide”, where Eastwood played cowboy Rowdy Yates and Tunis served as a dancer and stuntwoman.


They were together for 14 years! It is said that everyone on set was aware of Clint and Roxanne, but that Maggie didn’t know a thing.

First Time Father

During Eastwood and Tunis’s 14 years long extramarital relationship, they had a child together. Her name is Kimber Lynn and she was born before his kids with Johnson, his legal wife at the time.

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Kymber Lynn’s birth made Eastwood a father for the first time. However, her birth was reportedly kept away from the public eye, and people only found out about her decades later in 1989 when the National Enquirer revealed an article about her.

Dating Sondra Locke

Actress Sondra Locke met Eastwood in 1972, and it took them three years to take their relationship to the next level. In 1975, Locke moved in with Eastwood in his home. The same Sherman Oaks home where he used to live with his first wife.

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At the time, Eastwood was actually still legally married to Maggie (although they were already separated). Living in that house has become hard on Locke, who asked that they cohabit elsewhere.

Moving Around

Apparently, Maggie wasn’t too fond of Locke or the fact that she was living in her former home. She banned Locke from her property and was reluctant about her meeting her kids.

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Locke and Eastwood finally decided to move into a Bel-Air home. The property needed renovations that took three years to complete. During that time period, the couple moved around and lived in properties in Sun Valley, Idaho, and Tiburon, California, among others.

Divorcing Maggie

Remember how we said we will get to Johnson and Eastwood’s separation? Here is where we keep our promise. Clint and Maggie legally separated in 1978 and got officially divorced in 1984, reportedly resulting in Maggie getting 25-30 million dollars out of the settlement.

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Apparently, Sondra was also legally married during her relationship with Clint. But things were different in her case. She and her legal husband, artist Gordon Anderson, were only married on paper. Anderson was gay and had a live-in male partner of his own. A court testimony says that this marriage was an arrangement of convenience and never consummated.

Quite Controversial

Locke and Eastwood didn’t see eye to eye on childbirth. While Locke was interested in having children, Eastwood wasn’t. In fact, during their time together, Locke got pregnant twice and was encouraged to terminate both pregnancies by Eastwood.


The two never had children, and Locke even had her tubes tied at some point to make sure it stays that way. This issue, as well as her marriage to Anderson, were the main reasons for their separation.

Parting Ways

Although Eastwood and Locke were never officially married, their 14-year long relationship was said to be monogamous (for the most part anyway) and committing. “I truly believed that Clint and I did not need papers to validate the commitments we had made to each other,” said Sondra.

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They sadly parted ways in 1989, and while they were never married, their separation was a lot like legal divorce, with a palimony lawsuit that dragged on for a long time.

Getting Together With Jacelyn Reeves

Another one of Clint’s many relationships is with Jacelyn Reeves. There are very little known details about their relationship, but some information did slip out. Reeves met Eastwood in the 1980s when she was a flight attendant based in Hawaii and he was still involved with Sondra Locke.


The two reportedly met at the Eastwood-owned inn called the Hog’s Breath and a had a relationship, during which they had two children — Kathryn and Scott, who were kept secret for decades until the mid-2000s.

Leading a Double Life

When Locke found out about Eastwood’s relationship with Reeves she was furious. One of the most divisive aspects of their relationship was the subject of having children. And while Locke had her tubes tied, she was livid thinking of him having children with another woman.

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“My mind was still searching to get all his actions lined up,” said Locke, “For at least the last four years, Clint had been living this double life, going between me and this other woman, and having children with her . Two babies had been born during the last three years of our relationship, and they weren’t mine.”

Relationship With Frances Fisher

It looks like Eastwood likes to have souvenirs from productions he’s participated in, and that those souvenirs often include a female castmate. Yet another romantic partner of Eastwood’s is actress Frances Ficher who first met him when they did the film “Pink Cadillac” together in 1998.

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They had a secret, non-exclusive affair, but it became serious and public two years later. Fisher moved in with Eastwood in 1990, did another movie with him (“Unforgiven”) in 1992, and they had a daughter together, Francesca, in 1993. While neither of them was married at the time, they never got married to each other.

Head Over Heels

It seems that Eastwood’s irresistible charm got to Fisher as well. When asked about her relationship with Clint, she said she thought this one was for good, not realizing that he’s had a similar effect on many other women.

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When Frances got pregnant with Francesca, the thing was kept secret for 6 months since Clint didn’t want the issue to take attention away from his Oscar race.

Witnessing the Miracle of Life

When Francesca was born, Eastwood was already a father of six, but her birth was the first one he was present at. Maybe his schedule wasn’t as busy.


Clint and Frances broke up two years after Francesca was born, unfortunately for Frances, who was heartbroken and believed the relationship would last.

Breaking up With Frances

It appears that Eastwood’s difficulty, remaining faithful, was what brought on the termination of his relationship with Fisher. Apparently, he was seeing Jacelyn Reeves secretly while still  involved with Fisher, and the whole thing came to her knowledge.

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In 1995, Clint and Frances ended their relationship. Fisher grieved over the relationship for two years before being able to move on. She has had no known relationships after this one.

Wait, Another Surprise Child?

In 1993, shortly before Francesca was born, a rumor surfaced, stating that Eastwood has a child he was unaware of — a woman from Washington who was looking for her biological parents and claimed that Eastwood was her father.

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Today, nobody knows if the rumor was true since Clint himself has never responded to the rumor or officially recognized it.

Marrying Dina Ruiz

After sowing some wild oats, having children, affairs, and dating around (sometimes simultaneously), Eastwood felt ready to settle down again. This time it was with news reporter Dina Ruiz, who is 35 years his junior.


Ruiz and Eastwood first met at an interview in 1993 and ‘put a ring on it’ three years later. Their wedding was held in Las Vegas on the Shadow Creek Golf Course. Their daughter, Morgan, was born three years later.

More Screen Time

Ruiz appeared in “Blood Work” and “True Crime”, two of Eastwood’s films, and then went on to star in a Kardashian-like reality TV show on E! network. The show was called “Mrs. Eastwood & Company” and it chronicled the day to day life of her, her daughter Morgan, and her stepdaughter, Francesca.

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Clint made occasional appearances on the show, as did Jade Berti, Dina’s sister-in-law and granddaughter of comedian Groucho Marx.

Nothing Lasts Forever

When Ruiz came for an interview on the talk show “Chelsea Lately”, she spoke about her relationship with Eastwood and made a remark on how Hollywood marriages tend to end in divorce. Little did she know, she was predicting her own future.

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After being married for several years and having a child together, many thought this relationship was going to work. The two, however, separated after ten years of marriage.

Anyone Else?

After breaking up with Ruiz, Eastwood has been reported to have other relationships, mostly with women much younger than himself. There was Erica Tomlinson-Fisher, a photographer 41 years younger than him, and Christina Sandera, a restaurant hostess 33 years younger than him. He even went public with the latter at the 2015 Oscars.

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None of those women had children with him. Well, none that we know of, at least. And when it comes to Eastwood, if there’s anything we learned, is to expect the unexpected.

Daughter Kimber Lynn Eastwood

Currently 56 years old, Kimber Lynn is the daughter of former actress, dancer, and stuntwoman Roxanne Tunis. Her mother had a 14 year-long relationship with Eastwood, during which she had her.

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Although Kimber Lynn has tried acting, her expertise is as a makeup artist. In fact, she put her makeup skills to use and worked on more than 400 episodes of “Wheel of Fortune”.

Kymber Lynn’s Career

Other than working as an actor and a makeup artist, Kymber has also been working as a producer. The first project she produced was a 2014 film called “Rapture” — a post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller.


Following her father’s footsteps, Kymber Lynn has also been married twice. She has a son named Clinton from her first marriage to Anthony Gaddie and is now married to producer Shawn Midkiff.

Son Kyle Eastwood

Kyle Eastwood is also in showbusiness, although his career is different than his father’s. At 52 years old, Kyle is a successful jazz musician with a record that includes 9 studio albums as well as musical contributions to some of Clint’s films.


At first, he thought about becoming an actor, and he even went to film school for two years. He then decided to follow his heart and let the music lead the way.

Kyle’s Family

Kyle is the first child Clint has had within marriage. He was born in 1968 to Clint and Maggie, during their 30 years of marriage.


Kyle has a little sister named Alison plus a family of his own. His daughter, Graylen Spencer Eastwood is now 26 years old and also becoming an established rock musician.

Daughter Alison Eastwood

Today, Kyle’s little sister, Alison, is not so little anymore. At 48 years old, she has done a lot. She modeled a little when she was younger (including a feature in Playboy Magazine), but with her father as a role model, Alison is an accomplished actress too.


Alison also owns a clothing line named Eastwood Ranch Apparel. As an actress, Alison got to co-star in “The Mule”, one of her father’s films. Just like daddy, Alison tried her hand behind the scenes as well and directed films and the TV show “Unleashed”.

Alison’s Life

Alison is currently married to artist Stacy Poitras. This is her second marriage after a one-year-long previous marriage to actor Kirk Fox.


Alison is also a philanthropist and involved in animal rescue. She created “The Eastwood Ranch Foundation” — an organization that rescues pets from pounds and shelters and helps them find a home.

Son Scott Eastwood

Scott is perhaps the most famous one out of Clint’s children. Other than fabulous bone structure, he has also inherited his father’s great acting talent, landing roles in films such as “Suicide Squad” and “Pacific Rim: Uprising”.

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His first on-screen appearance was in 2006 when he played a small part in “Flag of Our Fathers”, one of his father’s movies. Scott is the son of Jacelyn Reeves, and he has a younger sister named Kathryn.

Scott’s Career

Scott was confident enough in his own abilities as an actor when he was first starting out. He didn’t even take his father’s name for the first few years of his career because he wanted to be seen as an actor in his own right.


He did, however, worked with his father in 2008 on the set of “Gran Torino”. After the film was released, Scott began getting acting credits as Scott Eastwood, and he’s been adding acting credits to his resume ever since.

A Proper Movie Star

Scott’s latest film roles include Nate Lambert in “Pacific Rim: Uprising” (2018), Andrew Foster in “Overdrive” (2017), and Little Nobody in “The Fate of the Furious” (2017) from the “Fast and Furious” franchise.


Scott keeps his personal life, well… personal. There is very little known about his romantic life other than the unfortunate death of his girlfriend, Jewel Brangman, who passed away in 2014 in a car crash.

Daughter Katheryn Eastwood

Daughter of Jacelyn Reeves and Scott’s younger sister, Katheryn is now 32 years old and leads her own glamorous life as a writer and an actress.

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Katheryn has written two screenplays — “Virus of the Dead” (2015) and “American Virus” (2018). As an actress, Kathryn has taken part in movies such as “Mr. and Mrs. Muse: Retribution”, “House Slave” and Clint’s movie “Jersey Boys” from 2014.

Daughter Francesca Eastwood

27-year-old Francesca Eastwood is a true glamour girl. Her first on-screen appearance was in the 1995 film “The Stars Fell on Henrietta” when she was just two years old. And despite taking a break from the spotlight between 1999 and 2014, she has been landing some great acting roles.


Her first big role was Olivia Jones in the TV show “Oh, You Pretty Things!”, and she has been going strong ever since. Her latest role was in the film “Awake” from 2019. Francesca’s mother is Frances Fisher, who’s been involved with Eastwood in the 90s.

Francesca’s Love Life

When Francesca was just 20 years old she was briefly married to Jordan Feldstein, Jonah hill’s brother. And when we say brief, we mean blink-and-you-miss-it kind of brief. The two were married for a week and then had the marriage annulled.


In 2018, Francesca and her boyfriend, actor Alexander Wraith, became parents when their son Titan was welcomed to the world.

Daughter Morgan Eastwood

Morgan is the only daughter Clint has had from his marriage to news anchor Dina Ruiz. Just like her siblings, Morgan also had small acting gigs as a child. Her first one was in the movie “Changeling” in 2008.

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Morgan is still very young (only 23 years old) so she hasn’t had a long time in the spotlight. There is also very little known about her private life.

Morgan’s Career

The mini-roles she’s had in films as a kid include movies like “Changeling” and “Million Dollar Baby”. The only acting job she’s had as an adult was in 2019 in the short film “I See You”.


Other than that, she’s appeared on TV in the reality show “Mrs. Eastwood & Company” which follows her life along with her mother’s and half sister’s Francesca. Looking at her Instagram account would teach you about her interest in fashion and modeling.

Daughter Laurie Murray

The existence of Laurie Murray was kept secret from Clint until she was 34 years old. While she is the actor’s oldest child (that we know of, anyway), she was the last one to join his complex family tree.


Now well into her 60s, Laurie has reconnected with Clint a long time ago. Still, her story only became public a few years ago in 2018.

Discovering Laurie

Laurie’s story came out when she accompanied Clint to the premiere of “The Mule”, but she has actually made public appearances with him before that.


In pictures from the 2004 Oscars, Laurie can be seen walking alongside her father and Dina Ruiz, her stepmother at the time.

How Did People Not Notice?

When walking that red carpet in 2004, Laurie helped Ruth Wood, Clint’s mother and the grandmother she didn’t know she had, walk into the award show.

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He was nominated for “Mystic River” at the time and took some of the most important women in his life to the event. But people seem to have missed Laurie, or simply mistaken her for someone who wasn’t related.

Laurie’s Story

Laurie’s mother realized she was pregnant with Clint’s child only after the two broke up and gave little Laurie up for adoption. She was raised by adoptive parents named Clyde and Helen Warren.


This reportedly happened while Clint and his first wife, Maggie, were engaged to be married. Laurie’s mother didn’t tell Clint about her pregnancy, presumably because she knew he was about to get married.

Digging Deep

Laurie decided to try finding her birth parents when she was in her 30s, hoping to reconnect with her biological roots, but she never imagined finding any shocking discoveries. When digging into her past, Laurie found out that she was born in Lakewood, Washington.


She found the form her mother signed when giving her up for adoption. The mother wasn’t interested in being contacted by her long lost daughter, but the name of the father listed on the form was surprisingly familiar.

A Warm Embrace

To her amazement, Laurie found out that her mother filled out Eastwood’s name as the father, and that he was happy to be reached out by his new, secret daughter.


According to Daily Mail, Laurie was welcomed by Clint, who was warm and understanding to her, which shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Not in It for the Money

Someone like Clint, who’s had a past full of romantic adventures, might not be surprised to hear that they have a secret child. So it would stand to reason to think that people may have used that against him, hoping to make some money.


But things weren’t like that with Laurie. A family friend of Laurie’s told Daily Mail that “Laurie and her family are wealthy in their own right,” and that she was just looking to reconnect.

Laurie’s Family

Laurie is married. Her husband, Lowell Thomas (Toby) Murray is an heir to his family’s timber business that’s been running for more than a hundred years. Obviously, this wasn’t a gold-digging kind of situation.


Laurie has children of her own — Lowell Thomas and Kelsey Hayford, who have also met Clint.

Making up for Lost Time

Lowel Thomas (AKA LT), Lurie’s son (and Clint’s grandson), has met Clint and is happy with the newfound family member.


He told the Daily Mail that Clint did his best to make up for the lost time. “He’s been a great father to my mom, and [he is] always great to me and my family whenever we see him,” said LT.

Extended Family

It appears that Laurie has won not only a good relationship with her long lost father and siblings but also with her grandmother — Clint’s mother, Ruth. The two have reportedly become pretty close.

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As we previously wrote, they were seen together at the 2004 Oscars, two years before Ruth’s passing. But according to a Daily Mail source, the two got together on multiple occasions and had a close relationship.

The Joys of Fatherhood

You could easily base a soap opera on Clint Eastwood’s love and his long line of romantic partners. As a father, however, he turns out to be a much stabler man than you’d think. He was blessed with kids who were raised into good people and successful artists.


Most of them even follow his lead and establish careers as actors, directors, and producers. We can’t wait for a mega-film produced by their legendary dad and featuring all of them.