60 Seconds of Fame – People Share Their Best Stories on Twitter

It’s been said that everyone gets their fifteen minutes of fame. A short-lived publicity stunt, a brief period of big media exposure, or a celebrity career over before you know it. Andy Warhol’s famous quote has even more prevalence now since social media makes it easier than ever to share information and get stuff trending.
twitter/chrissy teigen
twitter/chrissy teigen
Model Chrissy Teigen once asked on Twitter what people’s “one minute of fame” was. A brief bit of exposure, connection with someone of greater fame, or a bit part in a commercial they’re proud of. Here are some of the best from that same Twitter thread.

Crash-Proof Eyeliner

Shelby had the bad fortune of getting into a bad car accident but had the good fortune of choosing Kat Von D tattoo eyeliner as her makeup for the day, and the review she posted of herself giving the eyeliner five stars while wearing a neck brace got spread around the internet.


An eyeliner that stands up to even a car crash while the rest of her makeup was running down her face is worth the accolades. Shelby leveraged her wicked sense of humor to make sure Kat Von D was applauded when it should be, and thus her one minute of fame got started with her face in a brace and her eyeliner on fleek.

Loving the Mac

Sav might have been the youngest person on the list when she got her claim to minor fame. The Kraft mac and cheese boxes used to feature child models with a big spoonful of cheese and a big smile on their faces, and Savannah was one of the lucky ones.


She had to draw a picture about why she loved mac and cheese and ended up winning the contest, as well as a cool fifteen grand. She also got a trip to Orlando, meaning this blue box kid got plenty of fun out of a little bit of work. No doubt, if this kind of contest was offered today, millions of kids would be entering.

Get a Room, Guys

It seems as if Anna Rumer, an entertainment reporter, is intruding on a special little moment during a scene of “Very Cavallari,” which followed television personality Kristin Cavallari and her husband, former NFL quarterback Smokin’ Jay Cutler. We see her standing in the background of this pic.

twitter/Anna Rumer

Being an entertainment reporter, you’d think she’d be a little more comfortable around celebrities, but she clearly isn’t loving it. Teigen loved this shot so much she posted a zoomed-in photo of Anna’s face in the comments of her tweet. Whether long and awkward or just perfectly-timed, Anna might be having the last laugh, seeing as the two celebs pictured here have separated.

Still Following the Yellow Brick Road

We all had fun celebrating Halloween as a kid. It seems like Jessie Cannizzaro had a little more fun than the rest of us, seeing as how she was a child model for Halloween costumes.

twitter/Jessie Cannizzaro

She posed in a cute Dorothy from “Wizard of Oz” costume when she was nine, and more than ten years later, it’s still being sold in stores. Even more, for some reason, Bill Maher used the picture on his show “Real Time with Bill Maher.” Jessie is an actor and writer, and it’s clear she’s a natural at the entertainment business.


Twitter user Fran Robertson has a wildly unique look, which is one of the reasons why she was chosen to be the face of the New Zealand soda brand Höpt. With rainbow pin-up hair, multicolored tattoos everywhere on her body, and more piercings and gauges than we can count, she certainly draws the eye.

Instantlymodern/twitter/Fran Robertson

Fran is actually the winner of Miss Viva Las Vegas 2018 as well as Miss pinup New Zealand 2016. Fran might have cheated a little bit, seeing as she has had far more than one minute of fame, but being approached because the soda brand wanted a “colorful weirdo” is a good enough reason to talk about it on Twitter.

Seeing Themselves as Cartoons

Jessie Juwono and her husband both worked on the “Big Hero 6” animated television show. They might not have shown their real faces on the show or even lent their voices, but they still got their one minute of fame. Jessie is a writer, and while we’re unsure what her husband did, they both got to appear in one scene as members of an animated crowd.

twitter/Jessie Velociraptor Juwono

The picture shows us Jessie’s hubby in front, with the glasses and bow tie, while Jessie is seated behind him with the red dress. The animations are great, and no surprise – Twitter user @LightPhillip has plenty of experience, having worked on shows such as “The Proud Family.”

Remember Me?

This one minute of fame is one of the funniest on the list, seeing as how it involves Chrissy Teigen herself. A Twitter user who goes by “Siena” was once a seat filler at the 2016 Grammys and sat right next to…Chrissy Teigen. The two were even captured together in a gif that had Teigen tearing up as Siena cheers.

Getty Images for The Recording Academy/twitter/@seriouslysiena

The reason for this emotional image was that Teigen’s husband, musician John Legend, was playing an emotional song during the Grammys. It’s Siena’s one minute of fame, but for Teigen, it was just another night of getting dressed up and having cameras all around her.

Her Hands are Famous, at Least

“Aubreys” actually only has one second of fame, and it’s more like her dog’s one second than hers. Her pooch was chosen to be an elf in a Christmas Freshpet commercial, which means that (probably to keep the dog comfortable) Aubrey was chosen to be the dog’s hands.


According to the tweet, her hands and the dog’s face appeared for exactly one second, twenty-three seconds into the spot. She’s flailing around, trying to unwrap a present without being able to see it, as Aubrey’s dog, completely unphased by it all, is investigating whatever is in front of it.

Bragging to the Wife

Twitter user Josh Lebherz did a little bit of work for World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc and scored himself a front-row seat to some high-flying fun as part of the thanks. He was seated right behind the announcers, and in the picture, he seems to be giving the camera a bit of stink eye.

twitter/josh lebherz

He was trying to say hello to his wife, who turned on the television, and sent him a text: “knock it off, you look like you belong there!” Josh might not have been about to jump in the ring, but his intense expression right between the commentators is good for a chuckle or two.

A Fan of the Franks

A picture of Twitter user Dena had her wearing wiener leggings for Delishop, the world’s largest collection of meat-inspired apparel. Somehow, this picture appeared all over Philadelphia, online, and even in magazines. Even Teigen admitted to recognizing the picture.


Dena’s energy is apparent in her love for tasty meat snacks, so it’s clear that the apparel brand would want her to represent her brand. She’s even rocking a shirt with a pithy, meaty phrase. The entire city of brotherly love got to know her at one point. It might have been one minute of fame, but it was a pretty powerful minute.

Endearing Fandom

Ah, the early 2000s. Long before, social media changed the world forever, and when boy bands had the charts conquered from dusk until dawn. Smartphone pics had yet to overcome traditional photography, so a picture of one Jessica Leary screaming about her favorite five is lucky to have made it into “Teen People Magazine.”

twitter/Jessica Leary

Twenty years ago, teen girls went wild for N*SYNC, and Jessica was one of the fans made famous for her excitement. She’s front and center of this big photo spread, back when the only things she had to worry about were homework and teen crushes.

Yeah, Dad, I Know

It wasn’t Meagan Pitcher who has the fame in this entry. Instead, it’s her father, who got to be an extra on the set of “Ford v Ferrari,” starring Matt Damon and Christian Bale, two of Hollywood’s biggest actors.

twitter/Meagan Pitcher

According to Meagan, ol’ pops got to talk with Damon and has gone on to let his daughter know “approximately 525,600 times,” which is sort of impressive given that the film came out in 2019. Talkative guy, Meagan’s dad. Of course, thanks to post-production time and marketing time, it’s likely that the movie was filmed in 2018 or even 2017.

Nothing to Dread From This Claim to Fame

“10 Things I Hate About You” is one of the better rom-coms to exist in the late nineties, starring the late Heath Ledger, Julia Stiles, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. During one scene, a few of the main characters run into a cloud of white Rastas, who are enjoying the great outdoors, playing guitar, and calling each other “Mon.”

Onedio/twitter Jason Kester

The scene is short but memorable, and Jason Kester admits he was one of the Rastas, as pointed out by the picture. Thankfully, by now, Kester has gotten rid of his dreads, but he still gets to enjoy his one minute of fame in front of the camera.

Not a Very Good Work-to-Reward Equation

For “First Man,” Ryan Gosling is strapped into a spacesuit and blasted beyond the surly bonds of Earth, but apparently, even this handsome leading man doesn’t have the right hands for the job of close-ups, which is why Jonathan Hogue was hired to be a hand double.

twitter/Jonathan Hogue

According to Hogue, He spent two weeks doing twelve-hour days in a seventy-pound spacesuit, and the final cut of the movie used all of the one-hand shot. It wasn’t even a whole minute of fame for this hand-working hand actor. At least he got to appear in the movie, though Jonathan might not have found the whole ordeal worth it.

What do You Mean We’re Married?

Here’s an interesting tidbit: in certain Indian cultures, a man putting a flower necklace, similar to a lei, around the neck of a woman symbolizes marriage. It was quite a surprise to Brandon Schuster, who gave Priyanka Chopra a few leis in order to welcome her to the “green carpet” event in Tampa, Florida, in 2014.

twitter/Brandon Schuster

Apparently, the Indian media had a field day with the unintentional act, and the very next day, Brandon was giving exclusive interviews with media in India. However, this accidental declaration of love didn’t go anywhere – Chopra very publicly got married to singer-songwriter Nick Jonas in a two-ceremony wedding celebration.

At Least Her Mom-Approved

A lot of kids want to make their parents proud, whether or not they admit it. Kim Wilson had quite a brief acting career, but her mom was happy with it, at least. Her eye appears in the opening for a 48 Hours series called “Live to Tell,” about events that happened to United States Special Operations Forces overseas.

twitter/Kim Wilson

The director told Wilson to “look afraid,” and it looks like she’s pulled it off. Wilson might not have a long list of acting roles to tout to others, but she’s still found her own fame: she’s the CEO of Social News Desk, a social media management platform for newsrooms.

Five Knuckles of Fame

Not only did Twitter user Sam Thor work alongside a big-time name in John Oliver, but he also had precisely the kind of story that Chrissy Teigen was hoping to get when she asked for people’s small stories of fame.

twitter/sam thor

Not only did Thor work for Oliver (in an unknown role), but he was also in an image that showed an outraged waiter delivering him a knuckle sandwich. The picture is clearly staged, but wouldn’t it be punched in the face for real still be worth being noticed by Teigen?

You’re Always a Star to Your Grandparents

If you were part of certain communities when you were a child and teenager, you probably attended your fair share of bat and bar mitzvahs, including your own. The guy or gal at the center of attention is always dressed to the nines as part of their introduction to adulthood, but few make it onto the cover of a magazine.

twitter/Lil Tay GLUTEN FREE

Lil Tay might be long past the age of her bat mitzvah, but apparently, her grandparents still have a copy of the magazine that featured their little girl and take every opportunity they can to kvell about her minute of fame.

One Degree of Separation From the Famous Web-Slinger

Adam had the opportunity to appear in the background of one of the newer Spider-Man movies. Any Marvel or Spider-Man fan would be thrilled to have a chance to be part of this long-running franchise and one of the longest-running comic book superhero franchises Marvel boasts.


Apparently, Adam takes the opportunity to boast about his appearance in one frantic scene every opportunity he has. Adam’s claim to fame may have been a half-second shot as he and a group of others are running down the street, but he’s doing everything he can to remind his friends and family that they’re in the presence of a celebrity.

Chipmunking it on Live Television

Molly Norman hails from Minnesota, the land of tasteless, mealy food that you eat because you have nothing else to do than shovel snow and watch your sports teams lose. It’s for this reason that she was so good at hiding her displeasure with the calamari.

Instead of spitting the piece of food out, Molly stored it in her cheeks but was unable to get rid of it, seeing as she was seated right behind Carla Hall. Norman played it cool the entire time and then found an opportunity to get rid of the food when the cameras were off her. Calamari really isn’t great if it isn’t cooked properly.

Got His Taste of Fame When He Could

David Spearman, now a spreadsheet-expert data director, once had the opportunity to be an extra on the TV show “Empire.” He even shook Terrence Howard’s hand and everything. It seems Spearman’s acting career didn’t pick up enough steam for him to get any bigger roles since he moved into the corporate world not too long after his brush with fame.

twitter/David Spearman

It might be sad to take a step back and settle into a cubical, but fame isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be – case in point, not too long after Spearman had a chance to meet Howard, the actor decided enough was enough and called it quits. He said he was “tired of pretending.”

She’s in the Middle

Interns do frequently get the short end of the stick, but this is a little bit different than what usually happens. While Amy’s working days were probably filled with menial tasks and fetching coffee, during one Comic-Con, she had the chance to pose between these voice-acting celebs in a Boxtroll costume from “The Boxtrolls.”


According to Amy’s tweet, the male model that had been hired to pose couldn’t get his big arms into the costume, so little Amy took his place. Based on the tone of Amy’s tweet, it’s possible that she was just as pleased with the opportunity as the Boxtroll’s face appears to be.

Ask for Permission First

“Sondra Tamagotchi” looks pretty happy with her physical health in her picture, but she was not pleased with all to see herself in the poster. A minute of fame may be one thing, but Sondra wasn’t aware she would even be the subject.

twitter/Sondi Tamagotchi

She was only helping the photographer set up the shot when he used her as a lighting test, and then the next thing she knew, she was seeing her face looking back at her from flyers and banners. As someone whose entire career is having pictures of herself taken, Chrissy Teigen was quick to point out that this was not cool.

At Least He Got Paid

Ahri Findling is now a comedian and TV writer, but he got his start in the entertainment industry as a model for the sporting goods store where he worked as an employee. When the hired model turned out to be a no-show, Ahri stepped in to help out. He ended up appearing all over the east coast, as well as in newspapers.


He even had to wear Spanx but had to have them cut off because he couldn’t get them off over his shoulders. It’s not the most glamorous moment in the man’s life, but not only does he have great fodder for his next stand-up bit, but he also got a twenty-five-dollar gift card, and he got to keep the Spanx.

She Looks Familiar

This is far more than one minute of fame. Apparently, it happens every year! Twitter user @talaaraw has her very own cut-out that is part of the dive shop in her city. Every year during the “big dive expo,” the shop brings the cutout out to attract people, and talaaraw admits she subconsciously avoids the booth.

twitter/un porco locoᶜ

It might be nice being noticed, but maybe it can be pretty annoying, too. Here she (or at least her cutout) is posing with the city’s agriculturist. Maybe the city is pleased to have one of their own representing the local shop.

Slinging Burgers and Smiling for Photos

While she was working up the cash for a new outfit or socking it away for college, Alyssa did what plenty of people did before graduating high school and worked at McDonald’s. I’ve done it. And so have millions of others, but few of those got to be part of a national ad campaign for the fast-food chain at the same time.


Alyssa wasn’t aware how wide-spread the picture would become, but soon everyone was telling her. She wasn’t an employee anymore, so she got paid for her appearance. We wonder if it was cold hard cash, or meals. Having worked there, I know which one I would prefer.

Two Minutes of Fame

She’s also made national fame by being the face of Halloween, but Jessie Cannizzaro has another claim to minor fame. She and her brother were on the cover of an R.L. Stine book when Jessie was five. She wasn’t supposed to be, but the young model hired didn’t show up. That seems to happen a lot.

twitter/Jessie Cannizzaro

Anyway, Jessie and her brother both posed for the cover of “Children of Fear” and much later got Stine to sign a few copies for her and her brother. What a mensch. He didn’t remember them, but he’s been busy for a long time. He can’t be expected to remember every child model.

I Get Paid for this, Right?

Joshua Hernandez is no big actor, but he still managed to appear next to a long list of stars when he was an extra in “Mockingjay Part 1” as a district 8 citizen. That’s him in the checkered shirt. Whether he had to audition for the role or was volunteered off the street, we hope that this wasn’t a real volunteer gig.

twitter/Joshua Hernandez

If you’re acting in the same shot as Jennifer Lawrence, you deserve a little bit of cash. Joshua tells us that the photo was everywhere leading up to the release of the films. Not everybody gets to be in a box-office hit, so we hope Joshua enjoyed it.

Well, at Least It’s Flattering

Twitter user “Nico” and a few friends agreed to take photos for a random website. While they knew what kind of website it was (helping you make informed choices about alcohol), Nico didn’t really know how the pictures would be used.

Instantlymodern/[email protected]

She certainly didn’t expect to see them plastered in hallways of universities and even above urinals in the bathroom, but her friends on Snapchat certainly let her know. We don’t know if Nico was actually looking forward to her minute of fame, but she certainly had it. She even appeared in lots of different universities all over Canada!

A Teddy What?

There are probably plenty of readers out there who have never heard of a Teddy Ruxpin, but back in the eighties, this toy was the cream of the crop. It was a children’s toy in the form of a talking “Illiop,” a creature that looks like a bear. Alex Riviello was a child model for the toy’s original ad.

twitter/Alex Riviello

However, instead of letting their child use the money on something fun, they had her take swim lessons with the sixty dollars she earned from the shoot. Alex never even got to keep the doll, which is a little bit of a bummer, but that was still her minute of fame.

That’s an Unfortunate Title

It seems that Twitter user @EnvysJustice has reached a new low when it comes to official job titles or at least titles that she has appeared under. Her face still appeared on a company flier, so she must have been good at her job, but “Fluid Expert” is definitely something that you keep to yourself.


It’s important to make sure that people don’t get the wrong impression, but @EnvysJustice was actually a worker at an auto repair shop.

Part-Time Member of the Blue Man Group

Sebastien does some good work, even though he hasn’t had many acting gigs. In fact, his single claim to fame has some blue arms in the American Airlines safety video. Even Teigen herself applauded his work, saying that she loved the video.


Teigen is one of the biggest models in the world, so she would know – maybe Sebastien should stick to his guns and be an armed actor. Why stop at safety videos? He could be a puppeteer, appear in ad spots as the lucky arm holding whatever product is being advertised, and much more.

Is This Fame, Technically?

If you’ve been around for a little while, then you’ve probably heard of the important mobile game “Doodle Jump,” which has you drawing platforms for a little jetpacking alien to land on. The game was entertaining and fun, and at one point, everyone was playing it during their downtime.


While the game was consuming our lives, Twitter user Chase was proving he had the skills to earn a spot on the leaderboard. While he was there only briefly, it’s still impressive, and he seems to be pretty happy with it. It’s definitely one of the more random moments on this list, but at least it’s a little more exciting than being an extra in a movie.

Now This is Entertainment

If you were a kid in the nineties and watched any amount of PBS, then you’re familiar with “Zoom.” This series of live-action children’s entertainment had plenty of fun for everyone, and Twitter user @ameliasamson has let us know that she was on an episode of this show all the way back in 1998.


It was the opportunity of a lifetime, and while Amelia didn’t become a big name, she sort of has a fan in Chrissy Teigen, who commented “LOVED ZOOM” when Amelia posted her pic. The Zoom brand was based on information and fun, but they didn’t let their child actors appear in other shows for at least three years after leaving the show in order to discourage fame hounds.

Famous For Telling Off Trolls

Bullies, and their internet version trolls, have never been anyone’s favorite, but when they called writer Melissa Blake ugly, they had no idea who they were dealing with. Melissa is a writer, blogger, and disability activist, and when the mean tweets started coming in, Melissa fired back, eventually getting a People.com story.

twitter/Melissa Blake

The story came with tons of support from all over the globe, and now Melissa is laughing at the trolls who tried to tear her down. Spending your time attacking people online isn’t a very good use of your time, and getting smacked back down by the person you’re trying to insult is a harsh lesson.

A Back Made for Television

“The Baker and the Beauty,” is a romantic comedy-drama television series that premiered on ABC in April of 2020, and Nick James got to be in one of the episodes. Sort of. We aren’t sure if his face ever even appears on-screen, but he’s back does, at least, standing as he is in his white shirt.

twitter/Nick James

Nick went on to add some more detail: he got the gig as an extra through a casting agency. If you’re itching for one small dose of fame, that might be the way to go. Here’s hoping that you get a little bit more luck than Nick here.

Some Claims to Fame Aren’t so Great

If you apply yourself to it, you might just be able to figure out what the Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Challenge, hosted by TLC every year, entails. Contestants, who are all talented costume and fashion designers, have to design and build a wedding dress made out of only toilet paper.

twitter/Chance the Dog from Homeward Bound

The winner gets a big cash prize, but what did Twitter user @Iambpocket get for appearing in the audience? Probably not that much, but she at least got to enjoy herself – the picture shows her laughing along with the rest of the audience.

We’ll Take Her Word For It

Twitter user @t1ffanylin tells us that she appeared on Google Streetview, though since Google blurs out all the faces, we’re going to have to take her word for it. However, since she’s put her picture on Twitter as the exact same image from Google, we’re willing to trust her.


We hesitate to call this one minute of fame – perhaps something like three seconds of fame – but it’s still a pretty funny thing to tell friends and loved ones. People who know you in real life will at least be able to tell for certain if it’s you.

At Least He’s the After

Taylor Phillips tells us that he appeared on a box of hair dye, and he seems plenty happy with his chosen color. The hair dye box industry is a weird one, and you have to have just the right features to make it big.

twitter/Taylor Phillips

Taylor won the lottery and got to appear on a box of comb-in color that works very well with his skin tone. But Taylor has a little bit more to brag about: He’s been appearing all over TikTok.

Zooming Toward the Finish Line

Apparently, being a member of the “Zoom” cast is more common than we thought. Twitter user Taylor Garron spent an entire season on the show, right before it was canceled. Bad luck for Taylor, since the show had been running for more than six years and was even a remake of a 1972 series of the same name – that first series ran until almost the end of the decade.

twitter/taylor garron

With almost two hundred episodes in the renewed series, it showed science experiments, games, crafts, challenges, and many other segments. We’ve checked Wikipedia, and yep. There’s Taylor’s name, right there in season 7.

A Famous Face

Like many of the people on this list, Twitter user Tiffany Schulman got a spot as an extra in a movie (we aren’t sure which movie, however). But Tiffany got a little luckier. In the shot we see in the picture, her unhappy, serious expression was liked enough by the DVD case designers that the scene she was in made it to the back of the cover.

twitter/Tiffany Schulman

We hope it was a big, well-known movie (again, the scene we see in the picture from Tiffany makes it hard to tell what it is) so that Tiffany can brag to her friends.


Out of the way, Kim Kardashian! That’s Nikki Minton behind you! Smile for the camera, Nikki! Yes, Kim might be the bigger name right now, but we don’t know why. Nikki has done just as much for the public good – maybe more.

twitter/Nikki Minton

Still, she appeared in a pic that was in “Us Weekly,” shopping right behind the shocked Kim Kardashian, who looks to be finding out that her most recent botox injection has gone bad. Not only will Nikki be able to say that she was in a picture with the second- or third-most famous member of the Kardashian family, but she can also say she looked better!

Alongside Pre-Wheelchair Jimmy

Twitter user Vanessa Lambe got to live out the childhood dream a lot of us had by having a brief stint as a background “actor” in “Degrassi: The Next Generation.” She never had a speaking role – she was just there to fill up the school hallways. She got to stand next to pre-wheelchair Jimmy at one point, whom you may now know as Drake.

twitter/vanessa lambe

This was long before he was one of the most popular men on the planet – he was still just a young actor making his way in the world, but it’s still the kind of thing that’s perfect for bragging about on Twitter.

Hobnobbing with Living Legends

Miss “@bedheadforever” got to spend the day talking to Tim Roth (seen right between her, on the left with purple hair, and her friend with red hair) and Tupac, who in this shot was hiding behind the dyed and punk @bedheadforever. This pic was taken all the way back on 5/22/96 when they were filming “Gridlock’d,” a black comedy crime film.


Not many had the chance to experience Tupac between his rise to fame and his unfortunate death, so this Twitter user probably takes every chance to talk about her elbow-rubbing with these famous names.

He’s Still Laughing

You may not recognize “Just for Laughs,” but it’s a Canadian silent comedy, hidden camera, reality television show that played harmless and hilarious pranks on unsuspecting subjects. Once you know all of that information, it explains the look that is on Twitter user Maxime C’s face, which you can see on the left side.

twitter/Maxime C

According to him, he got pranked something like ten years ago. Also, according to him, he will still turn on the TV every once in a while and see himself getting fooled. While this might qualify for something like five minutes of fame, it’s still a great story.

Cool Match

Like a lot of the people on this list, our friend Keegan made a small appearance on a television show, but he had a little bit of a bigger role to play. He was a contestant on the show “Match Game,” which has people come up with answers to fill-in-the-blank questions that often turn into double entendres.


The final objective is to come up with answers that will match one of six celebrity guests. Keegan was part of the Canadian version and ended up matching with none other than Twitter user @FINALLEVEL. That would be none other than Ice-T.

Relaxing with Strangers After a Long Day

Nothing like gathering with your fake family to pose for an advertisement. That’s the story Twitter user @AliahXtine tells us happened when she was in a print ad for something called Bactronix Corp, a mold removal service and duct cleaning company out of Pennsylvania.


A fake family has a few advantages over a real one if you’re wondering. There’s very little drama, for one thing. There are probably fewer arguments about money, and if things don’t work, all it takes to go your separate ways is to shake hands and get in your car.

Sounds Like a Cool Show

Robert Matthew Van Winkle hit it big as Vanilla Ice, an early nineties rapper with hits like “Ice, Ice Baby,” and…we think it was just that one, actually. He was also in a movie, “Cool as Ice,” which is hilariously bad. It seems like Vanilla is working on a comeback with a few different ideas.


One of them was a show called “Vanilla Ice Flip Advice,” which we can only imagine is about this one-hit-wonder coming to homes and telling the owners what they need to work on to get the house in shape to sell. Twitter user @laughlines got to be part of the pilot, but the show never got picked up.

I’m Famous Overseas

Lots of people on this list have gotten their one minute of fame from television, and there is even a good handful that is from a Canadian show, but the story Jen tells us is a little more unique. She was part of a fitness reality TV show in the Great White North that didn’t get a whole lot of traction in its home country, but for some reason, the show was huge in Portugal.


She definitely had more than one minute of fame, seeing as she was on the entire season, but we’ll still count it. Maybe it has something to do with the time difference. Fifteen minutes in Portugal is worth one in Canada.

We Have So Many Questions

What exactly do you mean you played Clay Aiken? In a skit? Whatever the explanation, Twitter user @TenderFriends has a unique one-minute fame story to share with us.

twitterTender Friends

The picture doesn’t give much more detail, but it’s at least proof that this young man did, at one point, “Play Clay Aiken” on television. Unfortunately, he had to do it next to Jimmy Fallon, so he probably doesn’t tell too many people about it. Brave of him to send Teigen a tweet, in that case.

Lots and Lots of Questions. So Many Questions.

Gary Busey is, and this is putting it very briefly, a weird guy. From his memoir to his short-lived television show, nothing he does is normal. So when he ran into Twitter user @Tflans, who was wearing Ralphie’s famous pink bunny costume from “A Christmas Story,” who knew what to expect.


Well, Busey hated it and was furious at the man. C’mon, Gary – it’s a holiday party. Busey wouldn’t even look at the man until he took it off, but once that was done, at least TFlans got a handshake. Drudge even wrote an article about how Busey almost got into a fight with a giant bunny. Now there’s a minute of fame for you.

Not Very Sanitary of You, Martha

Juliet Ames didn’t know what she was getting into when she consented to appear on a show with Martha Stewart. According to Juliet’s tweet, she ate not only a kimchi hot dog but also raw steak with kimchi that Martha Stewart handed to Juliet with her bare hands.

twitter/Juliet Ames

Juliet is apparently only a jewelry maker and crafter from Maryland, so she wasn’t used to being in the spotlight. She was so tongue-tied she couldn’t say a word. It may have been a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but it also wasn’t all that sanitary.

Nobody Expected That

It’s simple. Carlton Banksy had a vasectomy, then had a photo shoot. His picture was put right under that of Beyoncé, he got a bunch of interviews from Buzzfeed and Yahoo, and then a bunch of people got mad at him. We have no idea how any of that happened, except for people getting mad at him online, which tends to happen anytime you mention celebrities.

twitter/Carlton Banksy

Just by having Beyoncé’s name in this article, we’re going to get people mad at us. Unlike most of the people on this list, Carlton doesn’t have fond memories of his one-minute of fame, which is full of so many questions. Why the photoshoot? Why the interviews?

Give Your Budget a Break

FingerHut is a company that says it helps you manage your budget, keep your credit score in check, and improve your financial situation. It featured a pair of actresses, as “Nancy” and “Nancy’s Budget,” and it had the budget gal having a worse and worse time as Nancy overspends.

twitter/Lady K

Twitter user @Coppertopmpls was the actress for Nancy, which got her much more than a minute of fame thanks to how popular and long-running the ad was. Lady K is now an artist, a writer, and a mother and was moved beyond her one minute of fame.

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