Bet You Never Knew These Mega Stars’ Less Famous Siblings

If you’re wondering what it would look like if one of your siblings was extremely rich and famous, you can stop imagining and see it for yourself in this awesome list of the 92 Hollywood siblings. Get yourself ready and let’s take a look at some of the coolest, weirdest and funniest examples of the brothers and sisters of La-La Land’s residents.

Sofia Vergara With Her Sister Sandra

Sofía Vergara was the best-earning actress in 2012, 2013, and 2016 thanks to her Colombian charm and beauty. She appeared in various successful films and was nominated for four Golden Globe Awards, four Primetime Emmy Awards, and seven Screen Actors Guild Awards. Her most popular films to date include Hot Pursuit, Machete Kills, Chasing Papi and Fading Gigolo. Her adopted sister, Sandra Vergara, is also an actress since 2004 and appeared in numerous films and TV shows.

Getty Images Photo by SGranitz
Getty Images Photo by SGranitz

The two beautiful sisters can be seen walking the red carpet in Colombian inspired clothing. They both have beautiful facial features, similar hair color and are both actresses. All in all they are quite similar despite not having any overlapping genetics due to Sandra being adopted.

Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen With Their Younger Sister Elizabeth

Everyone who’s anyone knows of the famous twin sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, also known as the Olsen Twins, who mostly made their name by starring together in various TV shows and films. They were mostly popular in their youth, but eventually retired as actresses and now focus on fashion design. They are members of the Council of Fashion Designers of America. The twins are quite grown up now and are both 33 years old.


Many people don’t know that Elizabeth Olsen is their sister. She too is a popular actress and gained worldwide recognition for her role as Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch in the iconic Marvel films, including Captain America: Civil War,  Avengers: Age of Ultron, Avengers: Infinity War,  and Avengers: Endgame.

Matt Dillon With His Brother Kevin

Matt and Kevin Dillon are both successful actors in Hollywood. The two have appeared in various manly films and shows. Kevin is mostly known for his roles as Bunny in the war film Platoon, John Densmore in the musical biopic The Doors, and of course, Johnny “Drama” Chase on the HBO comedy series Entourage. Matt has first appeared in the film Over the Edge in 1979, he also went on to become a director with 2002’s City of Ghosts.

Getty Images Photo by Evan Agostini

Here we can see the handsome brothers during a night out together. There are some very clear resemblances between the two brothers, as both of them have a real sense of manliness to them.

Britney Spears With Her Sister Jamie Lynn

Britney Spears was one of the most recognized and beloved singers in the ‘90s and early 2000s right before the internet became a mainstream thing. Her various hits such as Hit Me Baby One More Time, Oops… I Did It Again and Toxic were some of the most played songs back then. She had a severe breakdown, both mentally and financially after going through a few rough patches that were a bit too much on the public side. Britney has since gone back to appear as a guest in various films and TV shows, as-well as a few singing tours around the country.


Britney can be seen here with her sister Jamie Lynn who’s also a successful american singer and actress, mostly known as Zoey Brooks from the Nickelodeon teen sitcom Zoey 101 which ran from 2005 to 2008. Both sisters appear to attract drama, as Jamie also faced much backlash when she announced her pregnancy at age 16. Yikes.

Ben Affleck With His Brother Casey

Ben Affleck has been acting and directing films for many decades now, and has starred in Hollywood from a very young age. The actor appeared in some of the most popular films of all time, and gained a reputation as a solid performer, both for critics and in terms of box-office revenue. He was recently tasked with the tough job of portraying the legendary Batman, in a portrayal now known as Batfleck, and managed to do an incredible job, despite heavy skepticism.

Getty Images Photo by Todd Williamson

He appeared as the Caped Crusader in various films so far, including Batman v. Superman, Suicide Squad, and Justice League.

The actor has since decided to let go of the mantle, and leave room for Robert Pattinson to try and replace him as the Dark Knight. Casey is also an actor although he is far less known than his brother, Ben. The two have practically the same half-smile but other than that, they aren’t as similar looking as some of the other siblings on this list. The two are dressed here quite formally, probably for a Hollywood event.

Victoria Justice With Her Sister Madison

Victoria Justice first captured our hearts when she played as Lola Martinez on Zoey 101 between 2005 to 2008, then as Tori Vega in Victorious from 2010 until 2013. She also had a small singing career and has released five albums to date. She won the Best Young Ensemble Performance in a TV Series for her performance in Zoey 101 and also the Hottest Girl Hottie award during the Nickelodeon Australian Kids’ Choice Awards show. Her younger half-sister, Madison Grace Reed, is a popular Instagrammer with over 600,000 followers.

Getty Images Photo by Gregg DeGuire

The two beauties can be seen together here during a possible film premier as they are dressed to the nines. They are both incredibly beautiful and you can easily tell that they are sisters by their apparent resemblance.

Chris Hemsworth With His Brothers Liam And Luke

Chris Hemsworth and Liam Hemsworth made their names known after acting in many successful Hollywood films. These two tough guys are the fantasy-material of many young girls, and probably appear on more teenagers’ walls than you can even imagine. Chris Hemsworth is best known for his role as the mythical god of thunder, Thor, in Marvel’s long running film series.

Getty Images Photo by Barry King

They can be seen here with their third brother, Luke, who is also an actor. We guess it runs in the family. Luke and Liam might not be as famous as their Semi-god brother, chris, but they are definitely just as handsome. These three have more chest muscles between them than an entire battalion of weight lifters.

Jesse And Hallie Eisenberg

One of the many actors today to continuously get typecast as the nerdy genius is Jesse Eisenberg. He’s mostly known for his role as Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg in the biographical film The Social Network. He also played in Zombieland and even portrayed Lex Luthor in Batman vs. Superman – a less nerdy performance, but still genius. The actor has won various awards for his work and as of lately, you may have seen him star in the recently released sequel to Zombieland titled Zombieland: Double Tap.

Getty Images Photo by Kevin Mazur

They say that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and it appears that both these apples fell quite close to each other. Jesse and his sister Haille can be seen here together, they look quite similar and definitely share the smart-looking gene. Both siblings are also actors so that’s one more thing they have in common

Jake Gyllenhaal With His Sister Maggie

Jake Gyllenhaal became famous after appearing in two of his father’s films and moving on to a successful acting career on his own. He recently played as Mysterio in the superhero film Spider-Man: Far From Home and has received many awards. He also appeared in the iconic Donnie Darko as the lead actor and in the Prince of Persia film.

Getty Images Photo by George Pimentel

He can be seen here with his sister, Maggie Gyllenhaal, who’s also a famous and successful actress in her own right. She appeared in many successful films including Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang (2010), Won’t Back Down (2012), Hysteria (2011), White House Down (2013), and Frank (2014).

The Four Baldwin Brothers

Alec Baldwin is one of the most recognizable actors in Hollywood, with many years of successfully appearing in films, including Beetlejuice, The Aviator, Rise of the Guardians and The Boss Baby. Alec also took the role of Jack Donaghy in the popular NBC sitcom, 30 Rock, and won two Emmy Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, and seven Screen Actors Guild Awards for his work on the show.

Getty Images Photo by Jason LaVeris

The actor has three brothers who seem to look almost identical to the actor. If you’re an Alec Baldwin fangirl, you’ll be happy to know that there happen to be three other Alec look alikes who are probably far more accessible that the actor himself.

 Lana Del Rey With Her Sister Chuck

Lana Del Rey burst into the music scene out of nowhere about a decade ago and quickly became one of the most popular and best recognized singers in the world with her unique and moving voice, slow and methodical tones and incredible cultural impact. She inspired many young girls to attempt to copy both her musical style and lyrical from. Her most popular songs to date are Blue Jeans, West Coast, Summertime Sadness, Video Games and Shade of Cool.


The popular singer can be seen here walking with her younger sister, Caroline “Chuck Grant”, who’s a professional photographer that lives in Los Angeles and New York City. Chuck has done collaboratively with her sister to promote her many albums including Born to Die, Kill Kill, Honeymoon, Lust for Life and more.

Ryan Reynolds With His Brother Jeff

The star of Deadpool has taken the nation with his stunning looks and unstoppable sense of humor. Ryan was always an awesome and beloved actor, but true worldwide acclaim came when he played as Deadpool in the second highest-grossing R-rated film of all time, Deadpool. The film was highly reviewed and succeeded both commercially and critically, leading to a sequel which was also an utter success. Ryan is married to actress Blake Lively and has three children. He’s one of the most attractive and beloved actors in the world at the moment.

Getty Images Photo by Ilya S. Savenok

In this picture, we can see Ryan with his brother Jeff. These two are part of a famil of four brothers, Jeff Reynolds, Terry Reynolds, Patrick Reynolds, and Ryan Reynolds. Jeff and his other brother are all cops. We’re sure that has put Ryan in some tricky situations.

Jenny McCarthy With Her Sister Amy

Jenny McCarthy is an actress, model, TV host, author, and also a prominent anti-vaccine activist. She began her career as a nude model for Playboy magazine in 1993, later going on to become their Playmate of the Year. The actress played in various films such as Diamonds, Scream 3, and Santa Baby. She’s currently a judge on the FOX musical competition show The Masked Singer. She has been described as the world’s most prominent and famous anti-vaccination activist in the world. Her sister, Amy McCarthy, is also an actress and is mostly known for her roles in the films Dirty Love, Love Relations, and My Feral Lady.

Getty Images Photo by Evan Agostini

The beautiful blond sisters were pictured in a Hollywood event wearing sexy black shirts and their winning smiles. The two are quite similar since they are sisters, but what’s particularly uncanny is just how indistinguishable their eyes are from each other.

Angelina Jolie With Her Brother James Haven

Angelina Jolie was at one time considered the most beautiful woman in the world. The actress, model, and now film director managed to keep up her flawless appearance despite being almost fifty years old today. Angelina used to be part of the “Brangelina” duo along with heartthrob Brad Pitt, her third husband, but the two got divorced in 2019. Even today, Jolie is one of the most accomplished and known actresses of all time.

Getty Images Photo by Paul Hawthorne

Both Angelina and her brother James are actors and producers. The two were raised by a pair of acting parents and their uncle, Chip Taylor, is one of the most successful singer-songwriters in the world, and his songs ever even covered by Jimi Hendrix at one point.

Ariana Grande With Her Brother Frankie

With over 165 million Instagram followers and almost 15 billion total YouTube views, Ariana Grande is truly a powerhouse in the entertainment industry. She’s a multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, and actress, and is often compared to Mariah Carey in her musical style. She received various awards, including one Grammy Award, one Brit Award, two Billboard Music Awards, three American Music Awards, and several Guinness World Records. All of her albums have reached platinum or better by the RIAA.

Getty Images Photo by Bruce Glika

The Grande siblings are pictured here. Ariana’s brother, Frankie Grande, is a popular dancer, actor, singer, producer, TV host and YouTube influencer. He appeared as Franz in the musical Rock of Ages and was the judge on the 2015 season of America’s Best Dance Crew.

Shay Mitchell With Her Younger Brother Sean

Shannon Ashley Garcia Mitchell is best known from her role as Emily Fields in the teen drama mystery thriller, Pretty Little Liars, that ran from 2010 to 2017. The actress then starred in another production, this time a psychological thriller series titled “You”. She was also the star actress of the film The Possession of Hannah Grace.


The Actress has over 25 million Instagram followers and spends most of her time building up her various social media channels, probably after realizing it’s far easier, safer, and more profitable to through an online presence rather than in the Los Angeles / Hollywood scene. The actress and social media influencer can be seen here taking a selfie with her brother Sean Mitchell, who runs a pretty active Instagram account as well.

Emma Watson With Her Brother Alex

Emma Watson is best known for her role as Hermione Granger in the highly successful Harry Potter films series. She captured the hearts of young girls all across the world showing them that you can be a smart bookworm know-it-all and still be brave and beautiful. Watson managed to gain a huge following as a result. She has since appeared in many films to mixed success, and has been an active proponent of gender equality all around the globe.

Getty Images Photo by Stephen Lovekin

Here Emma can be seen with her Brother Alex Watson, who happens to have an extreme resemblance to the beautiful actress! Not many people know this but Alex actually performed as an extra in the first two Harry Potter movies alongside his sister and even shot a Burberry commercial with the famous actress. Whether you’re into guys or girls, there’s something for everyone in this beautiful duo of British hotties.

Millie Bobby Brown With Her Brother Charlie

Viewers were enamored with English actress Millie Bobby Brown when she became famous for her role as Eleven in Stranger Things, the successful science fiction horror show made by Netflix. She managed to nail a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series thanks to her performance. At age 13, Millie became one of the youngest nominees for the award in Emmy history. Her first film, Godzilla: King of Monsters, came out earlier this year in 2019.


She’s also the youngest person to have ever been featured on Time 100’s list of the world’s most influential people.Millie is often seen taking selfies with her brother Charlie. The two are good friends and often hang out together is Millie’s free time (which is not so often these days

Miley Cyrus With Her Sister Noah

Miley Cyrus started out her entertainment career as one of Disney’s popular child stars in the Hannah Montana show, before turning rogue and completely dismissing the good-girl image in favor of the “I don’t care about any of you” facade. Miley decided to go all-out in her acting and singing career, sometimes getting a little risque.


Miley and Noah Cyrus are the daughters of famous country singer Billy Ray Cyrus and actress Tish Cyrus. Noah is also an entertainer, mostly performing as an actress with moderate success. She claims to face various mental health challenges including depression and anxiety, which probably aren’t getting any better with the type of attention her sister is fond of getting.

Gwyneth Paltrow With Her Little Brother Jake

Her almost 20-year career aside, these days Gwyneth Paltrow is identified almost exclusively as the girlfriend of Tony Stark, played by actor Robert Downey Junior. Paltrow appeared in almost every Iron Man and Avengers film to date and displayed her wonderful acting skills to audiences in one of the most popular and widespread franchises in Hollywood’s history. Her little brother, Jake Paltrow, is a film director, screenwriter, and actor.

Getty Images Photo by George Pimentel

His most popular film to date is The Young Ones, which was shot in South Africa and Ireland. Here we can see Gwyneth Paltrow with her younger brother, Jake Paltrow, both in casual winter clothing. Their eyes match in color and both seem to have a very natural smile.

 Lady Gaga (Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta) With Her Sister Natali Germanotta

Lady Gaga took the world by storm with one hit after another, from Born This Way to Poker Face, Bad Romance and Alejandro. The popular singer became famous after an initially successful music career and even dipped her toes into acting with the recent success of the critically acclaimed “A Star Is Born”, where she played alongside the sexy Bradley Cooper.

Getty Images Photo by Andrew H. Walker

The singer never tried to use her looks to her advantage, and would often cover her face during performances. Here she is with her sister, who definitely has some resemblance to her more famous counterpart. Natalie currently works as a designer and stylist. She has also appeared in a few of her sister’s music videos.

Charlie Sheen With His Brother Emilio Estevez

Charlie Sheen is quite a controversial character in Hollywood. On one hand, the guy is a charismatic and manly actor who played in lots of successful films and TV shows, from the serious and dramatic Platoon, which was about Vietnam soldiers, and the financial drama Wall-Street, up to “Two and a Half Men”, one of the most popular sitcoms in TV history. One the other hand, he has a seriously flawed record with allegations ranging from drug use to sexual misconduct. Charlie is the son of popular actor Martin Sheen, who dominated Hollywood in the ‘70s and still acts to this day.

Getty Images Photo by Brian To

Charlie Sheen can be seen in this picture with his brother Emilio Estevez, who’s also a successful actor, although not quite as popular and famous as his younger brother. But maybe that’s a good thing since there are no allegations surrounding his good name

Rami Malek And His Twin Brother Sami

In the 2018 biopic Bohemian Rhapsody about the legendary band Queen, we got to see Rami Malek as lead singer Freddie Mercury in all his glory. The film went on to get him many awards and critical acclaim. His breakthrough role though was as a computer hacker on the TV show Mr. Robot. He is the world’s first Egyptian actor to win an Academy Award for Best Actor.

Alamy Stock Photo

Here the Egyptian actor can be seen with his brother, who seems to share Rami’s recognizable smile and eyes. As opposed to his famous brother, Sami is a teacher – an equally challenging profession. Both men in this shot are wearing sharp, classy suits and they both look great.

Gisele Bundchen With Her Twin Sister Patricia

Gisele Bundchen is one of the world’s most successful models of all time. She was one of the highest-paid models in the world and is also an environmental activist, author, actress, and businesswoman. She’s married to Tom Brady, arguably the best NFL Quarterback in the world. The two have a net worth of over $500 million and live happily with their three children. She is a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Program and has various philanthropic ventures that relate to environmental work and various kids charities.


Gisele has a very holistic lifestyle that includes healthy foods and transcendental meditation. She can be seen here with her twin sister, Patricia Bundchen. Patricia has also tried her luck at modeling and over the years has worked as Giselle’s manager and spokesperson.

Gemma Arterton With Her Sister Hannah

Young actress and activist Gemma Arterton first made her stage debut in 2007 as Rosaline in Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost at the Globe Theatre. She then became a popular figure by playing Strawberry Fields in the James Bond film Quantum of Solace, which led her to win an Empire Award for Best Newcomer. She owns her own production company, Rebel Park Productions, and produced four films to date.

Getty Images Photo by Bertrand Rindoff Petroff

Her sister, Hannah Arterton, is also an actress and has appeared in the crime TV shows The Five, Safe, and the musical-comedy drama film Walking on Sunshine. Here you can see Gemma and Hannah Arterton posing together in some casual dresses. They have very similar faces and the same beautiful and graceful smile

Lupita Nyong’o With Her Brother Peter

One of the most popular stars to have hit the red carpet in recent years is Lupita Nyong’o. The gorgeous Kenyan-Mexican artist is just about as diverse as you can get, and comes from a Kenyan-Mexican background, resulting in her beautiful appearance. She rose to prominence for her roles in films such as 12 Years a Slave and Marvel’s Black Panther, and looks to have a very bright acting career just ahead.

Getty Images Photo by Jeff Kravitz

She can be seen here formally dressed and accompanied by her beautiful brother Peter. It’s not clear why her parents decided to go with such a unique ethnic name for her against a classic name for her brother, but what really matters is that the two look absolutely lovely together. Peter has quite a large Instagram following as he knows he looks good and enjoys sharing that with the world by sporting anything from a suit to a Sari and even dabbles occasionally in different shades of lipstick in his pictures.

Rachel McAdams With Her Sister Kayleen

Canadian actress and activist Rachel Adams is mostly known for her iconic role in the romantic drama The Notebook, where she got the chance to get all romantically involved with hottie Ryan Gosling. Since then, she has appeared in numerous films and TV shows and has won a variety of awards during her career, including a Screen Actors Guild Award, Critics’ Choice Movie Award, Satellite Award, and Independent Spirit Award.


Here we can see Rachel McAdams in a lovely blue dress, with her sister, Kayleen McAdams, who works as a celebrity makeup artist in Hollywood.

Daisy Ridley With Her Sisters Kika And Poppy

Daisy Ridley went from being a relatively unknown actress to one of the most recognized people in the film industry when she took the role of Rey in the new trilogy of the Star Wars films, which started with 2015’s The Force Awakens and is due to end soon with the third film, Rise of the Skywalker, almost in theaters.


Daisy can be seen here having fun at a club with her two sisters, Kika and Poppy. The three definitely share a lot of resemblances, but nothing quite beats their unusual name combination, that sounds like the combination of an odd-looking flower bouquet.

Blake Lively With Her Brother Eric

Let’s face it, Blake Lively has been in some awful films. None of it matters though, because she met her future husband on one of these horrible films, titled “Green Lantern”, and that special someone just happens to be Ryan Reynolds. This marriage, which began in 2012, just about nullifies every movie she’s ever been in. Her brother Eric Lively is a small-time actor who was active in Hollywood from 1983 until 2014. His first role was in a science fiction film called Brainstorm where he literally played as a baby (he was just two years old).


We can see the two siblings walking and holding hands cheerfully at the Green Lantern premiere, both looking gorgeous. Based on your romantic preference, you can proceed to imagine yourself as either holding Blake’s hand, Eric’s hand, or standing in the middle and holding both their hands. Yummy.

Ian Somerhalder And His Brother Robert

Ian Somerhalder dazzled both male and female fans when he portrayed the chaotic evil vampiric Damon Salvatore in the drama TV show Vampire Diaries. The actor is widely considered to be one of the hottest men in Hollywood and isn’t afraid to use this to his advantage, along with his wonderful sense of humor and adventure.


Ironically, the actor who built his career on his role as a vampire is soon going to be starring in the Netflix TV show V-Wars, where he will portray a doctor who tries to fight vampires, as a disease that turns humans into blood-sucking beasts begins infecting people all over the world. We can see Ian and his brother Bob during a short campaign video helping promote small businesses.

Kate Mara With Her Sister Rooney

You’ll probably recognize Kate Mara as Zoe Barnes from the hit Netflix political drama, House of Cards, starring Robin Wright. She has been an actress since 1999 and appeared in many films, although none of them have caught on to any major degree. Her sister, Rooney Mara, is also a Hollywood actress and has appeared in various films including the 2010 remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street and The Social Network. Rooney has led a much more successful acting career altogether, although both of them are quite well-off regardless.

Getty Images Photo by Kevin Winter

Both of the sisters appear to uphold the “if you got it -flaunt it” saying, as they are both seen in this picture with some very provocative outfit choices.

Douglas Booth With His Sister Abigail

Popular British actor Douglas John Booth first became famous after playing as Boy George in BBC Two’s biographical drama film “Worried About the Boy”, which aired in May 2010 as part of the channel’s Eighties season. He also appeared in Christopher and His Kind, the Netflix biopic The Dirt, as well the BBC adaptations of Great Expectations.

Getty Images Photo by David M. Benett

His sister is the cofounder of Forest + Found, a textile, drawing, and painting company that creates beautiful art for galleries.The two can be seen here posing together in beautiful sibling union, most likely outside of their home.

Luke Wilson With His Brother Owen Wilson

Luke Wilson and Owen Wilson are both some of the funniest actors in Hollywood, with hit after hit of successful comedies, the two have established themselves as legendary comical machines. The siblings started their acting careers together in 1996’s “Bottle Rocket,” Wes Anderson’s directorial debut. They last appeared together in a film in 2005’s ill-fated “The Wendell Baker Story,” which was not a well-received film.

Getty Images Photo by Jeff Vespa

The two brothers are seen in this picture wearing their usual cheeky smiles and seductive eye expressions. Owen Wilson is especially known as a womanizer and dated a plethora of the world’s most successful and famous women.

Nicole Kidman With Her Sister Antonia

Nicole Kidman was one of the most successful and influential actresses in all of Hollywood. This beautiful Australian-American actress married Tom Cruise back in 1990 and has since divorced and married the popular country singer, Keith Urban.

Getty Images Photo by KMazur

She and her sister Antonia definitely share a lot of similarities, and it would not be a surprise to hear that they get mixed up more than once in a while. The two can be seen during an event with their heartwarming smile and beautiful eyes. Antonia currently works as a journalist and television presenter.

Jared Leto With His Brother Shannon

Everyone loves Jared Leto. The talented singer and actor is both the lead singer of the popular band, 30 Seconds to Mars, as-well as the lead in films like Requiem For a Dream, Mr. Nobody, Dallas Buyers Club, and Panic Room. He even portrayed the Joker in the recent DC film Suicide Squad, although he was panned for his version of the joker as not quite up to the standard set by Heath Ledger.

Getty Images Photo by Jeffrey Mayer

His brother Shannon Leto is a co-founder and drummer for the band Thirty Seconds to Mars. He’s most noted for being a dynamic and energetic drummer.In the picture above you can see them both rocking some stylish flower tops.

Kirsten Dunst With Her Brother Christian

Kirsten Dunst has been acting since she was just a young child, appearing in the popular Interview With a Vampire film based on the Anne Rice novel as a ten-year-old girl-turned-vampire Claudia, alongside Tom Cruise as Lestat and Brad Pitt as Louis. The film, along with many subsequent others, made her into a young and successful actress. Comic book fans will recognize her as Spider-Man’s love interest Mary Jane from the original Spider-Man trilogy directed by Sam Raimi and played by Tobey Maguire.

Getty Images Photo by Frazer Harrison

Kirsten’s upside-down kiss with the half-masked Tobey Maguire in the first Spider-Man remains one of the most popular romantic moments in any film to date. She’s seen in the picture above walking the red carpet with her brother Christian, she’s dressed in a stunning white dress while he wears a formal tuxedo.

Oliver Hudson With His Sister Kate Hudson

Oliver Hudson and Kate Hudson are both successful American actors who began working in the film industry in the ‘90s. Kate is most famous for her roles in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Raising Helen, The Skeleton Key, and You, Me and Dupree. Her brother Oliver is most known for his role as Adam Rhodes in the CBS comedy series Rules of Engagement.

Getty Images Photo by Kevin Winter

Kate can be seen here hugging her handsome brother. We wonder what it’s like to live as siblings who both share the lives of the rich and famous.

Victoria Beckham With Her Sister Louise Adams

Victoria Beckham and Louise Adams are both singers and songwriters, although the former transitioned into a rich and successful businesswoman and fashion designer while the latter started out in her professional life as a lawyer. They both had a relatively successful career, especially Victoria, who is married to David Beckham and has a net worth of over $500 million as of 2015. Victoria Beckham is also considered as an internationally recognized style icon and fashion designer.


The two were seen sitting at an event recently, each with her highly fashionable outfit. Both Victoria and Louis seem to have a very busy future ahead of them, as both recently became mothers of four children each.

Kate Middleton With Her Sister Pippa

Kate Middleton became the Duchess of Cambridge after marrying Prince Williams, the Duke of Cambridge, who’s expected to become the king of the United Kingdom soon, making Kate the potential future queen of the UK. She often takes parts in various charities that mostly relate to children, addiction and art.

Getty Images Photo by Karwai Tang

Her sister, Pippa Middleton, is an English socialite, author and columnist. However, her claim to fame was basically being the sister of the woman who married Prince William. The two can be seen in the picture during a fun event. They are quite similar which is expected since they’re sisters. Kate and Pippa were born one year apart, with the former being one year older.

Dakota Fanning With Her Sister Elle Fanning

The beautiful Dakota Fanning rose to prominence as an actress after appearing as Lucy Dawson in the drama film “I Am Sam”,  which led her to become the youngest nominee for a Screen Actor Guild Award in history at age eight. She has since played in various films and grown up to become a beautiful and talented actress. At just 25 years old, Fanning has a bright future ahead of her.

Getty Images Photo by Charles Eshelman

Here you can see Dakota Fanning and her sister, Elle Fanning, both looking as close as you can get to real-life dolls. They share many similarities such as their calling towards an acting career. It’s easy to get the two mixed up with their matching slim figures and slick blonde hair.

Kelly Osbourne With Her Brother Jack

While we’re on the topic of animal rights, it’s definitely not easy to be the daughter of Sharon Osbourne and the whacky Ozzy Osbourne, who is known for all sorts of heinous acts, including eating real bats during his many live music shows. His daughter Kelly Osbourne, and son, Jack Osbourne, have been subject to the many trepidations of growing under such a scrutinized family. They were subjected to appearing as part of the reality show, The Osbournes, which follows the dysfunctional lives of the family.

Getty Images Photo by Goffredo di Crollalanza

The show got the Osbournes an Emmy Award for Outstanding Reality Program. Kelly is a singer, actress, TV personality, and fashion designer, while her brother Jack is mostly a professional famous person. The two siblings, Kelly and Jack, can be seen here during the Race to Erase MS event, which is dedicated to helping find better treatment and a potential cure for Multiple Sclerosis.

Bella And Dani Thorne

Bella and Dani certainly look the part with their devilish last name of Thorne, these two vixens are popular actresses, although Bella, the younger of the two siblings, is arguably the much more famous actress, while her sister Dani is mostly an Instagram influencer. Bella started her acting career when she played Tancy Henrickson in the fourth season of Big Love and Ruthy Spivey in the television series My Own Worst Enemy.

Getty Images Photo by Axelle

She became popular after portraying CeCe Jones in the popular Disney TV show “Shake It Up”. She has since appeared in various films year after year. The two foxes can be seen here on the red carpet with matching red hair that reminds Batman fans of his greatest female threat, Poison Ivy.

Cameron Diaz With Her Sister Chimene

Cameron Diaz is an award-winning actress with four Golden Globe award nominations, three Screen Actors Guild Award nominations, and a New York Film Critics Award. She’s also the fifth highest-grossing actress in the United States. The San Diego actress is an absolute beauty and continues to act while being married to popular guitarist and singer Benji Madden.

Getty Images Photo by Ke.Mazur

In the photo above we can see Cameron with her sister Chimene in one of their older pictures. It appears to have been taken in the ‘80s or ‘90s, back when Cameron still looked a bit like a young version of Hillary Clinton. Chimene currently works as a booking agent for her husband Robby Armstrong.

John Cusack With His Sister Joan

John Cusack is one of the more politically active actors on our list, often trying to promote popular Bernie Sanders. His recent films are 1408 (2007), Igor (2008), 2012 (2009), The Raven (2012), and Love & Mercy (2014). The actor has not been very active since and seems to spend most of his time promoting different agendas on Twitter.

Getty Images Photo by Jason LaVeris

In this picture, we can see the actor with his sister, Joan Cusack, who’s a talented actress and a comedian herself. Joan appeared on Saturday Night Live during the mid-’80s. In 2003, both she and her brother both signed the “Not in My Name” resolution, which opposed the invasion of Iraq.

Jess Wright With Her Little Sister Natalya

Jess Wright became famous when she appeared on the reality TV show, The Only Way Is Essex, that puts “real people in modified situations, saying unscripted lines but in a structured way.” Since then she has literally been a professional famous person, making what appears to be most of her wealth through her fame and celebrity status. Her sister, Natalya Wright, is a fashion model and Instagram influencer with almost 250,000 followers on Instagram.

Getty Images Photo by Anthony Harvey

She often poses there in various clothing, likely as commercials for various fashion companies. The two beautiful sisters can be seen here during a Hollywood event. Both are clearly modeling material and got some great genetics from their parents.

Chloe Grace Moretz With Her Brother Trevor Duke-Moretz

Chloë Grace Moretz shocked the world when she played the role of incredible Hit-Girl in the highly-acclaimed superhero film Kick-Ass, as-well-as the child vampire in the horror film Let Me In. She has a serious preference for darker and scary films and even appeared as Carrie White in 2013’s Carrie which was based on the novel by Stephen King.

Getty Images Photo by Christopher Polk

She decided to bring her brother, Trevor Duke-Moretz to the red carpet as the two take a gorgeous picture together. Besides, it was only fair since no one would know how better to behave at such an event than a fellow actor – which Trevor is. It appears that the beauty card was generously distributed between both of the siblings, along with their incredibly shiny sleek blonde hair.

Rihanna With Her Brother Rajad Fenty

Rihanna is one of the most powerful women in entertainment media, with ventures in everything from singing to fashion design and acting, she has successfully reinvented herself again and again in a very short time. Rihanna is also richer than most of the most successful actors in Hollywood and has a net worth over $500 million as of 2019. She sold over 250 million records to date and is one of the best selling musicians of all time.

Getty Images Photo by Noel Vasquez

Rihanna recently took a selfie with her brother, Rajad Fenty, who would often visit her music video sets and meet various celebrities such as Jay-Z while there. Rajad also used his sister’s fame to catapult into a successful Instagram channel that has over 150,000 followers.

Taylor And Mackinley Hill

Taylor Hill rose to fame as a model and Victoria’s Secret angel from the time she was just 19. She was originally discovered in a barn in Granby, Colorado when she was just 14, by an agent and photographer named Jim Jordan. Taylor currently has over 13 million followers on Instagram and poses often with her beautiful dog, Tate the Mini Poodle. Her sister is also a model, although it appears that she’s much less prominent than Taylor.


Mackinley has also been working as a model since the age of 13. The two can be seen here sharing a hotel room in Las Vegas, with one wearing casual black clothing and the other wearing a beautiful flamenco style dress.

Mark Wahlberg With His Brother Donnie

Mark Wahlberg is quite the guy, he claims to wake up at 3 am every morning, turned into a bodybuilder sized maniac, and was even a rapper back in the day. Mark has quickly transitioned into films in 1991 after a disastrous early music career and has since appeared in some of the coolest films of all time. His most beloved film to date, Ted, was an absolutely hilarious one to watch. He was also the world’s best-paid actor in 2017. Mark’s brother, Donnie Wahlberg, is a singer and record producer.

Getty Images Photo by Kevin Winter

He was also an actor for a while and played in various films such as the Saw franchise, M. Night Shyamalan’s The Sixth Sense, and more. The two can be seen above smiling during an event a few years ago, they clearly have a very strong resemblance in many of their facial features, and both are definitely quite handsome.

Jude Law With His Sister Natasha

The English actor Jude Law has won numerous awards during his three decades of acting. He has appeared in many films including Anna Karenina, Hugo and Sherlock Holmes. Law even portrayed Albus Dumbledore recently in the movie Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.

Getty Images Photo by Nick Harvey

His sister, Natasha Law, is a successful painter and graphics designer, and is most known for her unique art style and graceful silhouettes which “lie on the boundaries between high art and high fashion.” The two can be seen and the similarities between them are definitely noticeable.

Emily Blunt With Her Sister Felicity

Emily Blunt is one of the UK’s most popular actresses and has received various awards over her successful career, which spanned over almost two decades. Her honors and awards include a Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild Award and has been nominated for two British Academy Film Awards. She recently appeared in various successful films including The Adjustment Bureau, Looper, Edge of Tomorrow, and Sicario. The actress actually struggled with stuttering from a young age but managed to overcome it through her acting, which is quite an inspirational story.

Getty Images Photo by Patrick Riviere

Emily’s sister, Felicity Blunt, is married to actor Stanley Tucci after having met at Emily’s premiere for The Devil Wears Prada, a film which she appeared in. The two can be seen here having a good time together during a night out.

Scarlett Johansson With Her Twin Brother Hunter

Everyone loves Scarlett Johansson, who is most famous for her role as Natasha, otherwise known as Black Widow – the femme fatale assassin from the Marvel Universe who assists the superhero group of the Avengers despite having no superpowers. She is slated to appear in a standalone film starring her as Black Widow in the next year or so.

Getty Images Photo by Jahi Chikwendiu

The superstar actress can be seen here in casual clothing alongside her twin brother Hunter. The two share a lot of facial features, although you’ll be hard-pressed to recognize him as her brother if you ever happen to meet him on the street. Another thing they share – Hunter is also an actor, but not anywhere near the league that his sister is in. But then again, Scarlett has been in so many different movies and in so many different types of roles – killing it each and every time – she is practically in a league of her own.

Brad Pitt With His Brother Doug

Brad Pitt was considered for a long time to be the sexiest man on planet earth. The actor is famous for various films, probably best for his role as Tyler Durden’s evil imaginary id in the controversial film Fight Club where he played alongside Edward Norton. Brad married Angelina Jolie and the two adopted a few kids together, although they eventually separated just a few years ago, breaking the vision of the perfect couple “Brangelina” in the eyes of the public.


As gorgeous as Brad Pitt is (somehow he still looks amazing despite being over 55 years old), his brother Doug didn’t get inherit the same amount of chiseled bone structure and all around good looks. As Brad Pitts brother – he is still quite handsome looking, but we guess he probably got the brains in the family. In 1991 Doug founded the ServiceWorld Computer center and has since continued to be involved in many philanthropic activities including hunger missions in budapest, portugal and Africa.

Tom Hiddleston With His Younger Sister Emma

If you’ve seen the first Avengers film, there’s a good chance that you remember Tom Hiddleston in his role as the mischievous god Loki, or as Hulk called him, Puny God. He is actually an outstandingly successful actor with many films and accolades under his belt. Fun Fact: Tom actually wanted to portray Thor in the original Marvel film, but has lost the role to Chris Hemsworth, and ended up playing the character of his evil brother. Considering that Loki is jealous of his brother Thor and always wanted to be him, it sounds like a good move.

Getty Images Photo by Dave M. Benett

The actor can be seen here with his beautiful sister, Emma Hiddleston. Emma is also an actress, however, we haven’t seen her in anything since The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Wolf Hall, both of which came out in 2015.

Jennifer Lopez With Her Sister Lynda

Jennifer Lopez, mostly known as J.Lo, is one of the world’s most popular and successful actresses, singers, fashion designer, producer, and businesswoman. She’s the first Latino whoever earned over a million dollars for a film role and was the highest-paid Latina actresses in Hollywood during the late ’90s. Over the years, J.Lo sold over 80 million records and her films grossed a combined $3.1 billion, which is why she was picked in 2012 as Forbes’ most powerful celebrity in the world and the 38th most powerful woman in the world.


Jennifer Lopez is seen here trying out shoes with her sister, Lynda, who’s a successful journalist. The two beautiful Latina sisters clearly have the same genes, as they are almost identical in both beauty and talent

Taylor Swift With Her Brother Austin

Taylor Swift has one of the most popular stories of a successful Country singer transitioning to a mainstream pop star. The singer has done an excellent job in becoming a household name, with a YouTube channel of over 35 million subscribers and her most popular songs, Shake It Off, Blank Space, Bad Blood and Look What You Made Me Do, all receiving over a billion views on the platform.

Getty Images Photo by Christopher Polk

Taylor’s younger brother, Austin, is an actor who currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee. He began his career in 2016 and has since appeared in a few low-budget films and TV shows. Not to worry though, since his sister’s net worth is over $300 million

Lindsay Lohan With Her Sister Ali

Everyone remembers Lindsay Lohan as the wonderful child actor who appeared in many films such as Mean Girls, The Parent Trap and Freaky Friday. She was subjected to extreme amounts of tabloid and media fixture during the mid-to-late 2000s, which of course had quite a negative impact on the actress. She was originally signed to Ford Models as a child, but became a worldwide hit due to a string of successful shows and films. Her sister, Aliana Lohan, is a model, singer and actress. She’s eight years younger than Lindsay, who’s currently almost thirty five years old.

Getty Images Photo by David M. Benett

The beautiful Lindsay Lohan and Aliana Lohan can be seen hugging in this picture while dressed in some beautiful casual-wear.

Elijah Wood With His Younger Sister Hannah

Most people know Elijah Wood through his iconic role as Frodo in the legendary Lord of the Rings film series that’s based on the popular J.R.R Tolkien novels. Cosplayers all across the world dress as their favorite hobbits in everything from the annual Comic Cons to LARPING (live-action role-playing) group events.

Getty Images Photo by Todd Oren

Here we can see Elijah Woods with his sister Hannah during a party. The resemblance between these two is uncanny, in fact, if we didn’t know better – we might have confused hannah for the star of the series over her brother. Hannah also works as an actress and appeared, among others, as an extra in The Lord of the Rings.

Jon And Dan Heder

Jon Heder is a talented actor who originally debuted in his iconic role as Napoleon Dynamite in the film of the same title. Some of his popular films include The Benchwarmers, Blades of Glory School for Scoundrels, Mama’s Boy,  and Walt Before MickeyWhen in Rome. He also provided his voice in many animated films such as Monster House, Surf’s Up and Pinocchio, as well as Napoleon Dynamite animated series. He has been married to Kirsten Bales since 2002 and the two have four beautiful children.

Getty Images Photo by Randy Shropshire

Many people don’t know that Jon Heder has a twin brother named Daniel Heder, who also appeared in several films over the years. The two were pictured on a nice evening together, they look quite handsome and are no doubt in the middle of doing something awesome.

Zooey Deschanel With Her Sister Emily

No matter which films the actress and model has appeared in, everyone remembered Zooey Deschanel mostly for her eyes, which have been rumored to cause men everywhere freeze and turn to stone. She was most prominent over the last decade but has since remained largely unnoticed in the film industry. You can catch Zooey on TV in the wacky comedy Show New Girl or on film in the movie 500 Days of Summer (among others).

Getty Images Photo by Charley Gallay

Here Zooey can be seen with her sister, Emily, who seems to have a very different look than her sister, although the two share their most important feature — their beautiful crystal blue eyes. It appears that the two definitely know how to capitalize on them, as they are both wearing dresses that bring out those unique piercing eyes. Emily is also an actress and a film producer. She is mostly known for her role on the show Bones between 2005 – 2017.

Jessica Alba With Her Brother Joshua

Jessica Alba is a beautiful actress. She is widely known both for her acting career and her beauty but hasn’t been very active in the industry over the past few years. She’s not rushing to get more jobs though, as the actress is reportedly worth over $200 million. She appeared in many successful films, most notably Sin City and as the lead actress in the TV show Dark Angel which net her a Golden Globe nomination.

Getty Images Photo by Jon Kopaloff

She can be seen here with her brother Joshua Alba. Their parents are Mexican and Danish-French, which might be noticeable if you’re an expert on the subject. He has also appeared in various films and TV shows, although to a much lesser extent than his talented and beautiful sister.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley With Her Brother Toby

With over 10 million Instagram followers and super successful modeling, acting, and fashion design career, Rosie Alice Huntington-Whiteley is a rising star both in Britain and the world in general. She’s mostly known for appearing as Carly Spencer in 2011’s action film Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and in 2015’s Mad Max: Fury Road.


She’s also one of  Victoria’s Secret top models and was the face of Burberry’s 2011 brand fragrance “Burberry Body”. Rosie can be seen walking along the street with her brother, Toby Huntington-Whiteley, who is also a model.

 Gigi And Bella Hadid With Their Brother Anwar

Gigi and Bella Hadid are a highly successful duo of sibling models. Gigi has over 50 million fans on Instagram and her sister, Bella, has more than 25 million followers. They are the daughters of real estate developer Mohamed Hadid and former model Yolanda Hadid, a Dutch-Palestinian family.


Their brother, Anwar Hadid, is also a fashion model, although he’s currently much less popular and successful than his slightly older sisters. In the picture above, we can see the beautiful threesome of sibling models. From left to right: Gigi Hadid, Anwar Hadid, and Bella Hadid. We sure would like some of those genes!

Alexandra Daddario With Her Sister Catherine

Other than being a famous and successful actress, Alexandra Daddario is mostly known for her incredible eyes, which could turn even the most cynical of observers into a piece of melted butter. She is most recognized for playing Annabeth Chase in the Percy Jackson film series. She has also appeared in  San Andreas, and portrayed the characetr Summer Quinn in the 2017 Baywatch film.

Getty Images Photo by Jim Spellman

The actress has starred in numerous TV shows and looks to have a very prolific and award filled career. She recently helped produce a romantic-comedy film called “Can You Keep a Secret?”.Alexandra can be seen here with her sister Catharine Daddario who also works as an actress. Both are quite beautiful and have amazing smiles to go with their piercing eyes.

Vanessa Hudgens With Her Sister Stella

Vanessa Hudgens rose to fame when she portrayed Gabriella Montez in the High School Musical film series. This role put her instantly in the limelight as she became a mainstream celebrity. The actress used her newfound fame to sign a contract with Hollywood Records and release to albums. She appeared in various films including Sucker Punch, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island and Spring Breakers.

Getty Images Photo by Noel Vasquez

Her sister, Stella Hudgens is quite popular on Instagram and has over a million followers on the platform.Stella followed her sisters footsteps into the spotlight and currently works as a singer. The two sisters can be seen here in a cute selfie they took that shows us just how similar they look.

Kevin, Joe, Nick, And Frankie Jonas

The Jonas Brothers were one of the most popular pop-rock bands in the 2000s. They gained most of their claim to fame through their appearances on the Disney Channel TV network, and include three brothers: Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Nick Jonas. The group has sold over 17 million albums worldwide but then split up between 2013 until 2019. They recently returned to a wonderful reunion and released the single “Sucker” which became one of the only songs in history to debut at number one on the Billboard Hot 100, it also became their most popular album to date.

Getty Images Photo by Rob Kim

The three brothers — Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Nick Jonas, have a younger brother named Frankie Jonas, who is about ten years younger than the other three. The reason Frankie wasn’t part of the brothers’ band was that he was a bit too young at the time.

Lily Aldridge With Her Sister Ruby

With over 5 million Instagram followers, an awesome vlogging channel, and her very own line of perfumes, Lily Aldridge has managed to create a small empire for herself at the tender age of 34. She’s one of the most popular models in the United States and is best known for her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She was Victoria’s Secret model from 2010 until 2018. Her younger sister, Ruby Aldridge, is also a highly successful model and was seen as the face of various brands, including Coach, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Valentino, and Calvin Klein.


These two sisters are the daughters of former Playboy playmate Laura Lyons and continue her legacy quite well.The two can be seen here in a vehicle in matching hoodies, hair, and facial expressions. We can all agree that the two beautiful sisters were simply born to walk the runway.

 Eddie Redmayne With His Younger Brother Tom

Eddie Redmayne is best known as Newt Scamander from the Fantastic Beasts film series, a spiritual successor to the Harry Potter franchise. The British actor has the foxy look and cunning personality that fits perfectly into the roles he portrays, although he does try various other acting gigs, such as playing Stephen Hawkings in 2014’s The Theory of Everything.

Getty Images Photo by Dave M. Benett

Having an older brother who’s rich and famous is something that every sibling has probably fantasized about at one point or another, it appears that this dream came true for both of these dashing young brothers as Eddie is a famous actor and his brother is no less than a successful director and business developer.

Robert Pattinson With His Sister Lizzy

Robert Pattinson appeared on many young girls’ walls when he portrayed the 108-year-old vampire Edward Cullen in the popular Twilight franchise. In the film, he falls in love with Bella Swan, a young girl who studies at his school. She was portrayed by Kristen Stewart, who also got her claim to fame due to the success and appeal of the film among young audiences. He’s currently scheduled to play as Batman in the upcoming solo Batman films. Will the actor managed to make the transition?


Critics and fans are quite optimistic. He can be seen in the picture above with his sister Lizzy who works as a singer and songwriter, the two are quite good looking and have the same kind of facial expressions

Shailene Woodley With Her Brother Tanner Woodley

American actress, producer, and activist, Shailene Diann Woodley, is mostly known for her role as Amy Juergens in the ABC Family drama series The Secret Life of the American Teenager that ran from 2008 to 2013. She’s an avid environmental activist and is the co-founder of a non-profit organization that “aims to educate young people to practice empathy, compassion, responsibility, and purpose”.


The beautiful actress can be seen here with her brother, Tanner Woodley, who also appeared in a small number of TV shows and films himself, perhaps thanks in-part to his sister’s fame.

Warren And Ansel Elgort

Ansel Elgort and Warren Elgort were born to photographer Arthur Elgort and stage producer Grethe Barrett Holby. The actor’s film debut came in 2013 when he played Tommy Ross in the horror film Carrie, which was based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name. The actor gained even more popularity when he participated in 2014’s The Fault in Our Stars, and later as Caleb Prior in the iconic The Divergent Series franchise. He also released two singles as a singer, titled “Thief” in 2017 and “Supernova” in 2018.

Getty Images Photo by Mark Sagliocco

His brother, Warren Elgort, is five years older and works as a cinematographer. Here we can see Ansel and Warren Elgort, with Ansel on the right and Warren on the left. The two are sporting some chick-casual clothing. Did you know that Warren directed Ansel’s 2017 single “Thief”?

Shawn And Aaron Ashmore

Canadian born actor Shawn Ashmore who plays Bobby Drake AKA Iceman in the X-Men film series. You might also recognize him as Jake Berenson from Animorphs, he also plays Agent Mike Weston in the television drama series and  Sam Spencer in the ABC series Conviction. He was also the lead character in two video games, Quantum Break and Man of Medan.

Getty Images Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo

His twin brother, Aaron Ashmore, is also an actor and is known for playing Jimmy Olsen on the show Smallville. He has also joined the cast on Warehouse 13 and played Johnny Jaqobis on the Canadian television TV show, Killjoys. Shawn and Aaron are twins, which can be noticed quite easily by this dashing photo of the two of them.

Nina And Alexander Dobrev

Nina Dobrev captivated the hearts of boys and girls when she appeared in the vampire drama show “Vampire Diaries” as Elena Gilbert, alongside the two handsome vampires, Damon Salvatore and Stefan Salvatore played by Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley respectively. The show centered around a high-school girl who gets tangled in a love triangle with two vampires. It garnered massive attention and following, quickly becoming one of CW’s most successful shows to date, receiving numerous awards including 4 People’s Choice Award and many Teen Choice Awards.

Getty Images Photo by Michael Buckner

She can be seen here with her gorgeous brother Alexander Dobrev who is also an actor. Alexander must feel very lucky to have such a beautiful and talented actress as his sister.

Jessica Simpson With Her Sister Ashlee

Both Jessica Simpson and Ashlee Simpson are wonderfully successful singers and actresses. The two have sold many millions of copies between them and have attained an almost worldwide level of recognition and fame. The two were born just four years apart in Abilene, Texas, and were raised in Dallas. They both have rather controversial public images, mostly due to their right-wing political beliefs and tendency to get into various dramas.

Getty Images Photo by Frazer Harrison

The two were last seen clubbing together looking all fashionable and stylish. It’s easy to notice that they are related. However, personally we preferred Ashlee in her gothic black haired look from about a century ago.

Ashton Kutcher With His Twin Brother Michael

Another huge hottie who was considered for a long time to be one of (if not the) sexiest men in Hollywood is Ashton Kutcher. Kutcher has made a name for himself in various films and TV shows throughout the years. He’s most known for his legendary performance as the not-so-bright Michael on That 70’s Show. Ashton’s last major film role was as Steve Jobs in the 2013 biographical film “Jobs”.

Getty Images Photo by Adam Bettcher

The famous actor can be seen here with his brother Michael. In-case you were wondering why the twins look so different, it’s because unfortunately Michael was born with cerebral palsy, but has since managed to become a successful businessman, public speaker, and advocate for children with disabilities.

Zac Efron With His Brother Dylan

Zac Efron made millions of dudes drop everything to work on their six-packs when they saw the physique he was carrying in the film Baywatch alongside the much larger Dwayne Johnson. He’s definitely one of the Hollywood hotties and has remained active as an actor over the last decade or so.


The actor can be seen here in the woods with his brother Dylan, who not-so-surprisingly is just as good looking as the dashingly handsome Zac. No matter which one you’re more into, they are both extremely talented. While Zac appears on film, Dylan prefers working behind the scenes and has worked on multiple films as an assistant to the director.

Stella And Mary McCartney

Stella Nina McCartney, the daughter of the Beatles’ iconic singer, Sir Paul McCartney, uses her fame and inherited fortune to help promote various causes, mostly related to animal rights. She and her mother, Linda McCartney, are both avid activists and founded numerous brands and organizations promoting animal rights, such as her first perfume line, Stella, and skin-care line, CARE. Both brands are 100% organic and were not tested on animals. The famous daughter also launched her own menswear collections, and much more. She recently founded the Stella McCartney Cares Foundation – a charity dedicated to breast cancer, in part due to the death of her mother to that type of cancer back in 1998.

Getty Images Photo by David M. Benett

Her sister, Mary McCartney, is a photographer and Global Ambassador for Meat Free Monday and Green Monday, but she’s a lot less prolific in the media than her sister Stella. In the photo above, the two can be seen in high heels and formal attire, likely during an event supporting animal rights.

Rashida Jones With Her Sister Kidada

Rashida Jones and Kidada Jones are both actresses in Hollywood. Rashida is best known for starring as Ann Perkins on the NBC comedy series Parks and Recreation, while Kidada has had her fair of success in The Walt Disney Company, where she created a fashion line named Kidada for Disney Couture. Both of them are the daughters of composer Quincy Jones and actress Peggy Lipton.

Getty Images Photo by Chris Weeks

Many don’t know this but Kidada Jones was actually married to rapper Tupac Shakur in 1996, he was killed that same year after being shot. Both musical sisters are pictured in this photo with fashionable bags and outfits. It’s easy to see just how similar the two are when they stand next to each other.

Christian Campbell With His Sister Neve

Christian Campbell and Neve Campbell are Canadian actors. Christian is best known for his roles in the films Trick, Big Love and Reefer Madness. Neve is best known for her role as Julia Salinger in the drama series Party of Five and as Sidney Prescott in the horror film franchise Scream. The two lived with their father, an acting teacher, who went on to receive custody of them after their mother and father got divorced.

Getty Images Photo by Stephen Lovekin

We can see both of the beautiful siblings in this photo at a recent event they attended. They’re dressed beautifully and are definitely what most people would call Hollywood stars.

Paris Hilton With Her Sister Nicky

Paris Hilton is one of the world’s most popular and influential media personalities and has built an empire as a businesswoman, socialite, model, singer, actress, fashion designer and DJ. Her wealth came from being an heir to the Hilton lineage, which is the family who owns the Hilton hotels. She’s estimated to be worth around $300 million and gets paid about $300,000 annually just to appear in various clubs and events. Her celebrity status is mostly due to her wealth rather than her talents.

Getty Images Photo by David Livingston

Paris can be seen in the picture with her sister, Nicky Hilton Rothschild. The two sisters are wearing matching dresses in different colors and were quick to assume a modeling position just as they were being photographed.

Beyonce With Her Sister Solange

It’s only natural to transition from Rihanna to Queen B. Both are among the most popular and most powerful African American women in the entire world. At almost 40 years old, Beyonce had almost a full decade more than Rihanna to base her empire. She was picked by Forbes as the world’s most powerful female in entertainment in both 2015 and 2017, and even got married to rapper and entrepreneur Jay-Z, making their net worth well over a billion dollars.

Getty Images Photo by Jun Sato

She can be seen here with her sister Solange who’s also a popular and successful singer. The two are often compared but claim to have very different styles, inspirations, and goals. Billboard ranked her the 100th most popular artist in the dance genre of all time.

Maisie Williams With Her Brother

This British beauty got her claim to fame when she played Arya Stark in the popular fantasy show Game of Thrones. The show was HBO’s most successful TV show of all time and is considered by many as one of the world’s most popular fantasy series of all time (despite a questionable last season that almost destroyed the franchise). The actress was quick to move on to various other projects and continues to act to this day.


The actress actually has three siblings, two brothers – James and Ted, and a sister – Beth. Her we can see Maise with her brother, most likely after a rock climbing event or perhaps a coal mining expedition. They two do share a similar facial build and definitely have the same eyes, but most people would probably have a hard time recognizing them as siblings on the street.

Cara Delevigne With Her Sisters Poppy And Chloe

You might remember Cara Delevingne from her role as Enchantress in the DC comic-book film Suicide Squad that came out a few years ago. Before acting in a few films, she was a model working for Storm Management ever since leaving school. The popular model won the Model of the Year at the British Fashion Awards in 2012 and 2014.

Getty Images Photo by Nick Harvey

Her sister, Poppy Delevingne, is also a model and an actress. The three beautiful British sisters, Poppy, Cara and Chloe Delevigne, can be seen here posing for the camera in full makeup and style in one of their homes in native England

Demi Lovato With Her Younger Sister Madison De La Garza

Demi Lovato has built up quite a name for herself as a multi-talented singer, songwriter, actress, and entertainer. She rose to prominence by playing as Mitchie Torres on Disney’s popular film Camp Rock and it’s sequel Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. She has earned numerous awards and nominations for her songs over the years and is an active supporter of LGBT rights. Her sister, Madison De La Garza, is also an actress and has appeared in a few TV shows and films since 2008.


You can see Demi Lovato and her sister, Madison De La Garza, in this beautiful selfie. The two are very similar in many ways, but each is unique in her own way. They both have a chin dimple and that same dark flowing hair.

Lily Allen With Her Brother Alfie

The Allen siblings are son and daughter of actor Keith Allen and film producer Alison Owen. Lily is an exceptionally successful singer and songwriter, and sold over 2.5 million copies when she debuted with her first album, “Alright, Still”. She is extremely well received by critics and continues to evolve her musical style over the years. Her brother Alfie Allen is mostly known for playing Theon Greyjoy in the HBO series Game of Thrones and was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series in 2019.

Getty Images Photo by Eamonn McCormack

The two can be seen during an event, with Lily Allen placing her head on a stoic looking Alfie Allen. We bet he saw the reviews for the last season of Game of Thrones just before being pictured.

Hilary Duff With Her Sister Haylie

Remember Hilary Duff? She was all the rage in the early 2000s with her Lizzie McGuire and series which ran from 2001 to 2004 and turned her from an unknown actress to a teen idol in no time. She also appeared in various films including Agent Cody Banks, A Cinderella Story and Material Girls. She has since focused mostly on her business ventures, such as a successful fashion line and various cosmetics businesses.

Getty Images Photo by David Livingston

Her sister, Haylie Duff, is also known as a popular actress, singer, songwriter, TV host, writer, and fashion designer. Her best-known role to date is Sandy Jameson from the TV show “7th Heaven”.The two sisters can be seen here outside of a California-based event, wearing almost identical colors, with their beautiful smiles and similar hairstyles.

James Franco With His Brother Dave

James and Dave Franco have been in Hollywood for quite a long time now. They’re the perfect example of a goofy and hilarious sibling duo that puts a smile on everyone’s faces. The two have recently acted together in the hilarious parody film “The Disaster Artist”, which chronicles the real-life story of how the film The Room, which is considered the worst movie of all time, was made.

Getty Images Photo by George Pimentel

As we mentioned, Dave works as an actor as well, albeit he has not received the same amount of fame as his brother… yet. The two handsome brothers can be seen here on the red carpet, both of them are dressed to the nines and were undoubtedly the sexiest duo of that night.

Brothers Ralph And Joseph Fiennes

Ralph Fiennes is one of England’s most recognizable actors, and appeared in various successful films, including Harry Potter where he played as the menacing and noseless Voldemort. He seems to have a knack for playing the villain since he was also the voice of Ramses in the Prince of Egypt film. Ralph also became a director early this decade when he adapted Shakespeare’s tragedy “Coriolanus” after playing prince Hamlet in 1995 and winning a Tony Award for it.

Getty Images Photo by Claire Greenway

His brother Joseph Fiennes is also a film and stage actor, although he’s certainly not as popular as his brother. Both English actors appear to be big Shakespear fans, as Joseph’s most iconic film to this day has been the 1998 classic, Shakespeare in Love, where he played as William Shakespeare himself.

Penelope Cruz With Her Sister Monica

Penelope Cruz is one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in Hollywood today. She has appeared in various successful films such as Blow, Vanilla Sky, Nine and Vicky Cristina Barcelona, for which she was nominated for an Oscar.  She started out as a ballet dancer and eventually moved to Hollywood to become a successful actress. It took he practically no time to achieve this dream and she even went on to become the first Spanish actress to ever win an Academy Award. Bonus fact: Penelope Cruz is currently married to the sexy Javier Bardem!

Getty Images Photo by Europa Press

In-case you thought there was and could be no one as beautiful as the Hollywood movie star, you were highly mistaken. As you can see in the photo, Penelope Cruz’s sister, Monica, is just as gorgeous as the young starlet. These two definitely had some great genes in the family! Monica currently also works as an actress, dancer, model and fashion designer.

Sisters Charlotte Gainsbourg And Lou Doillon

Charlotte Gainsbourg and her sister, Lou Doillon, are daughters of English actress Jane Birkin and the French singer Serge Gainsbourg. Charlotte first made her musical debut with her father, as the two released the song “Lemon Incest” when she was just 12 years old. Two decades later, she’s a commercially and critically successful singer and actress. Charlotte has won both a César Award and the Cannes Film Festival Best Actress Award.

Getty Images Photo by Foc Kan

Her sister, Luo, is also a singer and actress but also does occasional modeling. The two have been seen together here during an event while wearing winter coats and their beautiful smiles.

Chris Evans With His Sister Carly and His Brother Scott

Everyone knows Chris Evans as the guy who plays Steve Rogers, otherwise known as Captain America in the Marvel films. Prior to his iconic role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which established him as one of the highest-paid actors in the world, he played in films such as Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Snowpiercer, Gifted and Fantastic Four. His brother Scott Evans is also an actor and is known best for portraying Oliver Fish, the police officer on the ABC soap opera One Life to Live.

Alamy Stock Photo

Chris and Scott Evans are both seen here with their sister Carly. Both men are dressed in wonderful suits and ties, and their sister is also dressed well.