Vintage Old Toys With Insane Value

Ah, the joys of being a kid. Everyone fondly remembers what it was like to play with a vintage toy. Regardless of your age, when you see something that sparks your memory, it instantly makes you feel nostalgic.  Let’s be honest here shall we? A lot of the new toys that are sold now are probably newer, shinier, or even better than the old ones we used to play with. But that’s the point, because old toys are not sold on the market anymore, we start to wonder if we could ever get our hands on them again.
Old toys are quickly depleting, and there value is going up, which is why these toys have become collectibles. For that reason, some people keep these toys as a fun-filled investment, while others just want a simple throwback toy for the sake of having something vintage in this day and age. Nothing beats the accomplishment of rummaging through old yard sales, or even the internet, for your favorite vintage toy.  We managed to make up a collection of toys from back in the day that will spark a memory or two. Are you excited to find out what they are? Read on and you’ll find out.

Garbage Pail Kids Cards

Back in the ‘80s, Garbage Pail cards may not have been popular amongst parents, but we all loved them as kids. Although these cards are not available on the market anymore, they are worth more than you might think today if you try to look for it online or at vintage stores. Some of these cards can sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars – depending on the kind of card and the condition, of course.

Getty Images Photo by Chris Hondros

One card from this stack was recently sold for $300 and an entire 1985 Garbage Pail Kids Series of cards went for $4,000 on websites like ebay and Amazon. Insane!

Pokemon Cards

OMG! Pokemon! Who could forget how addicting it was to collect these cards when we were younger? At the time of its popularity, kids would go gaga to collect the rarest cards. The struggle of finding a holographic card in one deck, and trading off different cards to complete a set was all too much fun.

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But who said all that work had to go to waste? Anyone who said that these cards would lose their value in the future was clearly mistaken. Since their release in the early ‘90s, Pokemon cards are still in demand and have gained a huge following. Some of these cards are even worth thousands, depending on the condition and rarity. Today, pokemon cards are still sold, and even though there are some new ones out there that don’t compare to the old ones, it still feels like a blast from the past to collect them. Go Pikachu!

1978 Luke Skywalker Action Figure

We are all fans of the Star Wars trilogy. Watching these movies as a kid was probably one of the best memories we could have. Finding any of the original characters action figures, is like looking for a needle in a haystack.


Hardcore collectors are willing to spend a pretty penny to get their hands on rare star wars toys. These fans were so diehard that in 2015, the Luke Skywalker Action figure released in 1978 was sold for a whopping $25,000. Woah!

PEZ Dispensers

Another childhood favorite, aside from the Bubble Jug, Pop Rocks, and all those amazing candies, the Pez Dispenser was one candy dispenser that kids loved to collect once it ran empty.

Alamy Stock Photo

Some of these hyped-up bobble sticks are so rare that they can sell for hundreds or thousands of dollars. The popularity of these chachkes never really dissipated, and a PEZ dispenser known as ‘Astronaut B,’ which was made in 1982, was sold on eBay for $32,000. Gosh!

The Original Monopoly

Okay, we all know that there are many versions of this popular board game now. The makers seem to have lost all semblance of creativity and just follow the most popular trend of the day, yielding a new edition for each new fad. You can now be the proud owner of Game of Thrones Monopoly or Monopoly for Millennials (as if it isn’t sad enough that we can’t buy real estate, now we have board games making fun of us for it). There are also versions that cater to those who prefer more firmly entrenched pop culture icons, like Star Wars, Star Trek, or even Pokemon. But of course nothing beats the original.

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And absolutely nothing beats the original of all originals. The hand drawn version of this game, which was made by Charles Darrow in 1933, was sold for an amazing $146,500 in 2011. See what we mean? So, if you were one of those kids that loved the vintage versions from the 1930s or other limited edition versions, you can be raking in the cash… a very serious amount of cash!

Game Boy

Back then, if you didn’t have a game boy you’d be one of those kids that would never make the popular table at school. In the early ‘90s this bulky version of the game boy was so popular that kids had to beg their parents to get one for them. Of course, many versions came after the original, there was the Game Boy Color and then the Game Boy Advance.


But with all these amazing graphics of today’s game consoles, who needs an old one anyway right? Wrong. You’ll never know what it feels like to have been a real gamer back then without experiencing the graphics of the vintage model. In fact, if you are one of those lucky people that owns one, you should probably do your research on how much the value on it is. These babies can sell for hundreds or maybe even thousands depending on the condition it’s in. If you have a special edition, like the Game Boy Light, it can go for over $1,500.

Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels was another favorite collectible. There are many versions of these cars made today, but none of them compare to the original ones made back in the ‘60s. In fact, since 1968, over 4,000,000,000 Hot Wheel toys have been made, but not all of them are considered valuable.


Some of the toys were only made as a prototype, like the 1969 “Volkswagen Beach Bomb.” This version never made it to production, making it one of a kind and with a value of $125,000. So, if you are a hardcore collector of these toys, you might want to start saving up!

First Edition Pound Puppies Plush

Do you guys remember Pound Puppies? They were another popular favorite back in the day. This toy was sold by Tonka in the 1980’s, which later inspired a TV special, two animated TV shows, and a feature film. They usually came in a variety of plush stuffed dog dolls with cute floppy ears and droopy eyes.

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When they were first made and finally released, kids started going crazy for them. If you look at the price of these toys today, a first edition version of this toy is so rare that you can sell if for $5,000 or maybe even more if you’re lucky.

Cabbage Patch Dolls

This toy was an absolute favorite! As a kid, especially for little girls, we just loved carrying these things around everywhere and treating them like they were our very own babies! Admit it, you did the same thing, right?

Getty Images Photo by Bettmann

These dolls are almost extinct! If you have one lying around in your house somewhere and you decide to sell it, you can actually score a pretty hefty profit. As of right now, the most expensive Cabbage Patch dolls belong to Pat and Joe Prosey. They are so addicted to these dolls, that they have more than 5,000 dolls in their custom built maryland museum, and they are selling everything for $360,000. Wow!

Sega Genesis Console

Ah, the Sega! This is where it all started. If you were into Mario and Sonic games back then, you’ll definitely remember this console. We all had a lot of memories with this one. Back then, because it was so popular, kids from all over the world wanted one and just had to get their hands on a Sonic the Hedgehog or Mario Kart game.

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If you happen to have one lying around in your home, you might end up with a few extra hundred smackaroos – or more. Whatever you do, don’t think about throwing it away yet. If it is still in mint condition and working smoothly without, hit the internet and sell it online, because you could earn up to $2,000 for it. Now, that is a lot of cash for one console!

Fisher Price Push Cart Pete

We can fondly remember what it was like as a kid of four or five years old back then. Simple toys made us all happy, though admittedly, this one might have been more likely to have been spotted in our grandparents’ toy boxes. The simplicity of Push Cart Pete, even though it didn’t do much, is enough to make a child’s imagination sparkle. There’s just something about this toy that never gets old. Back in 1936 when this toy was all the rage, you could buy one for as little as 50 cents.


It’s a different story now though. If you happen to still have this guy lounging around in your attic or you have passed it down to your children or grandchildren (or great-grandchildren), you may want to take a look at this price online. If your toy is still in mint condition, you can make a sweet $3,000 for it on Ebay. Yup, it’s true!

1982 Skeletor Action Figure

If you were born in the ‘80s, it wouldn’t be hard to remember Skeletor. As a boy of the ‘80s, you probably had to beg your parents to buy you this action figure, because it was one of the most popular toys back then. If you didn’t have one, you risked being left out at school.


We all know He-Man was another favorite as well, and together, they were the most popular action figures from the Masters of the Universe World. If you are one of those lucky ones that still has it, you can actually get a lot of money for it. A 1982, mint condition Skeletor action figure that is still inside it’s box could fetch up to $2,000 online.

Lite Brite

Back in the day, kids loved brainy puzzle toys. In fact, they were so popular that some kids preferred these over normal action figures. Lite Brite was one of those educational toys that you could be creative with and let your imagination fly. Wouldn’t you agree?


These things are no longer available on the market today, but if you are one of those lucky ones who owns one, or you are looking to buy one for yourself online, you’ll find that it isn’t all that cheap. This toy was popular in the ‘60s and ‘70s, and because they are so rare today, an original Lite Brite can go for well over $100.

Happy Meal Toys

A trip to McDonalds is never complete for a child without a Happy Meal toy. As a kid, we all experienced the suspense of it all, sticking our hands into a Happy Meal Box and wondering which toy we would pull out today. It was an iconic childhood experience. But who would have thought that we should hang on to those toys until today?


The value of these toys varies depending on which happy meal toy you have. These toys have been around since 1979 and still remained popular. Certain themes have retained extra popularity, like the disney themed ones, which can be sold on Ebay for $300.


Furby was just one of those toys you couldn’t understand at first but surprisingly made up a lot of our memories as a kid. Let’s be honest here shall we? Who among you thought it was a mixture of a hamster and an owl at the same time? We are guessing most of us thought that.

Getty Images Photo by Matthew Fearn – PA Images

These Furby toys became super popular for most ‘90s kids, and almost everyone had one. They were very cuddly and could sometimes move their eyes or talk. If you have an unopened original Furby doll, you can expect to earn around $900 dollars for it. Of course, that depends on what kind of Furby doll and if it’s totally untouched.


Did you watch Home Alone as a kid? We have got to admit, those movies had some of the best gadgets, and having one available as a toy back then meant everything. Well, here’s a fun fact, believe it or not, after the release of Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, Talkboy became popular.


Sure, this thing was just a stylish version of a tape recorder, but if you’re holding on to one, you can take a look on the net to see who is willing to buy it from you. If you sell it, you can earn a quick $200.

Beanie Babies

Here’s another favorite, the loveable Beanie Babies. If you were born in the ‘90s this toy was a huge deal for a long period of time, starting from the ‘90s up to the late 2000’s. Unfortunately, like everything else in this world, the fad died down.


But mind you, there are still hardcore vintage collectors out there that are willing to pay thousands of dollars for a rare edition Beanie Babies toy. Depending on the item, some of these toys will be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. If you have a 1997 first edition, you could earn a whopping $12,000. Awesome!

Lionel’s Pennsylvania “Trail Blazer” Train Set

Trains were another popular toy for kids back then, as they are today, and as they probably have been since the advent of rail travel. Having a train set in your house was the ultimate. You could set it up anywhere in your room and be as creative as you wanted with them, setting up the tracks in all sorts of physics-defying arrangements.


Modern versions of this toy exist aplenty, but if you happen to have one of these vintage collectibles lying around in your house somewhere, a 1934 Standard Gauge version of this train set will earn you $250,000. Yup, that’s a six figure toy you’re looking at. Wow that’s an insane amount of money, guess you better look through your attic to make sure you didn’t miss out!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1980s Actions Figures

*Hums in song* “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!” Yeah! We loved these guys back then. In fact, we loved them so much that whenever the show would come on, we’d be glued to the TV waiting for Donatello to make his next move on the bad guy.

Alamy Stock Photo

These four awesome turtles became very popular in the late ‘80s. They were popular collectors items too, with all kinds of merchandise that you could buy, such as action figures, comic books, and so much more. If you are one of those lucky people who still has an action figure or a lunch box somewhere, you could sell those online and earn yourself a quick $600 apiece. If you have a rare one, you can earn up to $5,000. Woah!

Vinyl Caped Jawa

Here’s another Star Wars action figure that was quite popular back in the day. Star Wars was known to have a lot of characters in the franchise, and most of them were the bad guys. If you don’t know who this guy is, these were the small guys that used to steal items from on board Luke’s ship.


So, this specific version that you can see in the photo can earn you at least $5,000, or even more depending on the condition. When this version of the Caped Jawa was released in 1978, its cape was made out of vinyl. This was before the Kenner company decided the cape looked too cheap and switched the vinyl to cloth, which makes it a pretty rare item.


Back in the 1980’s, the Transformers were an absolute smash-hit phenomenon. Judging by the sheer volume of merchandise available for sale at toy stores, there were a lot of kids crazy for anything Transformers related. They were first released by the Hasbro company back in 1984, and millions of kids owned one.

Alamy Stock Photo

Although there are many of these available for purchase today in an assortment of versions, there are still collector items that are worth way more than the ones produced today. Right now, if you own a first edition, you could earn more than $2000 for it if it is still in its original packaging.

Jurassic Park Figures

We loved dinosaurs! Okay, we have a question for you guys, who among you got scared after watching the movie as a kid? It’s not hard to see how you could get scared, these were humongous animals after all, and they wanted to chase and eat you. Let’s face it, no matter how scared we got watching the movie, it still felt like the coolest thing to have an action figure of the T-Rex displayed in your room.


Jurassic Park was on the biggest films of the ‘90s, and it was also perfect for the toy market. If you have an original version of these dinosaur figures, you could sell them online for $1,200. Although there are still dinosaur figures out on the market now, nothing compares to the original! Go take a look in your attic, you might find something, but be careful with your fingers, something might just come out and bite it!

Vintage Super Soaker Gun

Oh! This is absolutely nostalgic. Owning a water gun back in the day meant fun for every kid on the street. It was a favorite past time on hot summer days whether you were having a water war or just sneaking up on unsuspecting passersby.


This Super Soaker is a Lonnie Johnson’s recreational water gun, which is super vintage and rare. Today, you can still find many sold on the market that are imitations of the original, but the first edition can be sold for up to $1,000. Nice!

Stretch Armstrong

Here’s another children’s favorite from Hasbro. Stretch Armstrong was that man whose arms can be stretched as far as possible without breaking. Back then if you had one of these, you could go hours just stretching and stretching, and still get entertained.

Alamy Stock Photo

This particular vintage Stretch Armstrong doll is actually very rare and has gone to auction for an insane $4,000, and since there are die hard collectors out there, the price went up to $10,000. Well, what can we say, this toy was just the bomb, and having one today is another excuse to play with those stretchy arms. Or perhaps this is an indication of the hazards of excessive wealth!

Mario Cart 64

Oh, goodness! It’s Super Mario! Who remembers how much fun it was to spend hours in front of the TV trying to jump for a mushroom? Yes, we all struggled playing this game, but we loved it! In fact, because it was so popular even adults got in on the action. Yes kids, you weren’t the only ones who got addicted to this game.


Owning a mint-condition Super Mario Kart cartridge that still works and has no scratches can get you some pretty big bucks. If you have one lying around and you take a look on line for what it’s worth, you can earn a quick $750! Awesome, okay now we need to look for those cartridges guys!

G.I. Joe Circa 1964

Like Spiderman, Superman, and Batman, G.I. Joe was the original action man and we know most of you had one as a kid. This toy is not totally phased out though, there are still different versions of him on the market today, and with probably even better gadgets than what he had back then.


The original action man, G.I. Joe was owned by every young boy in the ’60s and, like his female counterpart Barbie, he is still with us today. He has had many different incarnations and appearances over the years, but it’s his original 1964 version that is worth the most money. If you (or your grandparents) have one of these in the attic you could be looking at a cool $10,000. That is, if it’s in mint condition and unopened.


We all dreamed of becoming directors at some point in our childhood. We always wanted to set scenes for our toys, whether they would be at the salon, a bar, at a toy store, or anywhere else. We always wanted to use our imaginations to the fullest extent possible to create that imaginary bad guy – good guy scene in our heads.


Playmobil was the best. They were originally from Germany and worked pretty much like make believe movie sets. You could build a location based on the parts that came with the box you bought, then your other toys could join in on the fun. Since these are no longer available today, if you are lucky enough to find one, it can be sold for more than $800.


Ah, Barbie! She was every little girl’s dream toy. With her stylish clothes, awesome hair, and cute face, she definitely became a quick favorite. Barbie was first released in 1959, but she seems to have existed since the beginning of time.

Getty Images Photo by Chesnot

Have you ever stopped to wonder how much the original ones cost? For all the hard core collectors out there, they would die to get one of those in their hands. If you have an original Barbie doll that is in mint condition and still inside the box, you can earn more than $23,000 for it. Now, that’s a lot of money!

First Edition of ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone’

Another childhood favorite, of course! Who could forget Harry Potter. Before the movie and all the merchandise that became available on the market, there were the books. Kids (and adults) used to love it so much that the books would quickly sell out at every bookstore.

Getty Images Photo by Alex Wong

Did you know that J.K. Rowling had a hard time finding a publisher? A full dozen publishers read the synopsis and thought, ‘Meh, no one will read that.’ Well, up until now people still go crazy over those books and can spend days or maybe even months on end re-reading them. If you were one of those lucky people who was able to buy a first edition of the book, and still have it stacked on your bookcase, you could be holding on to more than $50,000 worth of hardbound. Now, that’s magic!

Action Comics No. 1

Okay, we all know that there are a lot of comics available, but we can fondly remember what it felt like to collect them at a young age. It was a favorite past time for kids around the world, and it always opened up our imaginations in the most interesting ways.

Alamy Stock Photo

But of course, nothing beats the first editions. The most expensive comic book ever sold on Ebay was this one. It’s a pristine 1938 edition, and it went up for auction in 2014 to unbelievable results. Well, you must be wondering, why the frenzy? Well, it’s the comic book that first introduced Superman into this world and there are fewer than 50 that exists worldwide. So how much did it sell for? It went for a whopping $3,207,852. That’s right; this comic book is worth more than your house. Mind Blowing! (But I’d still keep the house).

Wun-Dar He-Man

Okay, so here’s another He Man for you. Also known as “Naked with a loin cloth He man”. Yes, we know the name sounds super funny, but that is what kids back then used to call him.


Well, this muscular and brawny action figure was a giveaway that came with the purchase of Wonder Bread back in the ‘90s. If you were one of those people who saved it, then you are one lucky son of a gun, because your love for white bread could actually earn you $500 on Amazon. Go look for it!

First Edition of “Where the Wild Things Are”

We all know how crucial it was to get a bedtime story before we went to bed. Do you guys remember this book? Well, it was the real deal back then.

Alamy Stock Photo

In 2012, a signed 1963 first edition of this book by Maurice Sendak was sold on for a whopping $25k. We are in awe, because the book was in extremely good condition. As you can see in the photo, the book looks like it’s brand new, which is especially surprising because picture books rarely survive out there without it getting ripped, smudged, smeared, stained, bitten, or otherwise abused.

Vintage Atari Cartridges

Here’s another vintage item on our list that brings back a lot of memories. We all know that aside from the Sega console, there was Atari, and it was the love of our lives at some point during our childhood. It’s very rare to find one like this in good condition, that has weathered the decades with nary a scratch.

Alamy Stock Photo

But you’ll be surprised because someone bought all the game cartridges. There was an urban myth that circulated back then that Atari had buried hundreds of its game cartridges in the New Mexico desert back in 1983. Well, that turned out to be extremely true! In all, 881 recovered cartridges were sold which totaled $107,000 in proceeds. Wow!

Masters of the Universe Eternia Playset

Okay, remember how He-Man and Skeletor were popular back then? Well, here’s another one of those Masters of the Universe toys that’s probably even better than the ones we mentioned earlier.


This playset was described by an Ebay seller as the “Holy Grail” of all the Masters of the Universe toys. It’s because this playset was used as the battleground for both He-Man and Skeletor. Kids back then used it to create fight scenes. If you have one like this lying around or you want to buy one off the internet, a boxed and untouched playset can earn you a decent $1,900. Woah!

Teddy Ruxpin

Oh, we remember this bear! This Teddy Ruxpin bear was very popular back in the day. It was a very creative way for kids to become more interested in books. Back then, if you had one of these, the loveable animatronic bear “read” kids stories, thanks to the audio cassette player that was built into it, which made it totally entertaining.

Getty Images Photo by James Keyser

The bear also sported appropriate expressions on his face during the story, reacting to the plot along with the child, which made it even more interesting for kids. These days, if you sell one of these guys online or in any vintage store and it is still in top notch condition, you can earn yourself a decent $500. Yay!

Vintage Colorforms

Coloring books were a thing when we were younger and they’re still a childhood staple today. Back then, we would collect all of those coloring books that we thought would give us the most entertainment. Given the current popularity of adult coloring books nowadays, it’s no surprise that old school colorforms, with their colorful backgrounds and stickers are in demand too.


The colorform that you see in the photo is from a Spiderman and Hulk colorform playset. Toy Helper carries a wide range around the $250 mark, which includes ‘80s themes that range from Masters of the Universe characters and Gremlins to Michael Jackson and more. Nice!

Jem and the Holograms Dolls

Here’s another doll that we haven’t seen in ages. Aside from Barbie, Jem and the Hologram Dolls were pretty popular in the ‘80s. Girls loved this rock diva so much that they would go crazy just to have one in their hands.


Back then, the prices of these dolls reached a far fetched price that was truly outrageous. And what of the value of these things today? If you are lucky enough to have held on to one of these, you can sell it for upwards of $700. Of course, if it includes all of the accessories and other things that are normally inside an untouched box, you can sell it for it even more. It’s incredible!

She-Ra, Princess of Power and Her Horse Swift Wind

Okay, and now we go to another favorite, She-Ra. She was He-Man’s twin sister and she was a bad-ass. Hard core collectors are still looking for a doll like this that’s in mint condition and are willing to spend for it.

Alamy Stock Photo

The original action figure that is still packaged along with her horse can sell for up to $4,000. If there are no accessories included, it can still earn you a decent $150-$600. So, if you are one of those hard core buyers, then you better start saving up!

Vintage Strawberry Shortcake dolls

We loved Strawberry Shortcake and all her adorable friends. She was famous for creating that cute little song that became so viral before viral was even a thing, and up until now people are still making it their ringtones. As a kid back in the ‘80s or ‘90s, this doll was a collectible and we loved it so so much.


Now, if you were to look for one on the market today, you might be disappointed. But, if you are lucky enough to find someone who’s selling one or you just happen to find yours, you can earn up to $400 to $600 for it depending on which character you have and if they are still housed inside the box.


Similar to the Pokemon series, Digimon was yet another set of collectible little freaky looking monsters – but we all loved them. If you were a kid from the ‘90s, you’d remember how much fun it was to collect these.


These tiny monsters were first created in 1997 and quickly gained popularity after the animated series was released. Kids went nuts when the video game followed as well. So, if you are one of those few people who still have this in mint condition, you can earn over $100 dollars for it. Digimon cards are also collectors items, so you can check for those as well. You’ll be surprised how much you can earn!

Lego Trains

Do you remember what it was like to build your own toy entirely out of Lego? This was another playset that all of us can fondly remember. With these toys, you could allow your imagination to run free and create almost anything you wanted with it.


But take two things that people are widely passionate about (Lego + Trains) and you have one awesome toy. The Steam Cargo Trains, Diesel Freight Trains, and High Speed City Express trains can all sell for $1,500 to $3,000. Wow!

Magic: The Gathering Card Collections

If you were a kid from the ‘90s, you’d know how incredibly crucial it was to have a deck of Magic cards. This card game was one of the best deck of cards growing up. In fact, people got so hooked that hard core collectors still play and compete for rare cards today.

Alamy Stock Photo

Collections of these have sold in the five digit range, especially the rare individual cards. Depending on what you have, like the Alpha “Black Lotus” card, you can earn up to $27k for it. We are definitely feeling nostalgic right now!

Boba Fett Action Figure

Yet another Star Wars Action figure makes the list. Were you a fan of the series growing up? Given the massive popularity of the movies, it’s a safe bet that vintage Star Wars merchandise will sell well today and may even go up in value over time.

Getty Images Photo by Andrew Matthews

One of our favorites so far is Bounty Hunter Boba Fett. He is among the most popular action figures from the films. If you have a mint condition Boba that’s still in the box, you can earn up to $5,000. Now, that is a lot of money for this toy!

Vintage Rainbow Brite Dolls and Accessories

How many of you remember the theme song from the animated TV series Rainbow Brite and her band of sidekicks the Color Kids? We remember these guys for sure! They were in charge of preserving all the color in the world, how can we forget them? They are one of a kind!


Nowadays, there are only a few of these guys left, and if you are lucky enough to get your hands on one along with all of the accessories, you can earn as much as $300 to $1,000. Starlight the horse can earn you over $1,000.

Easy-Bake Oven

No tea party is complete without a muffin or two. And your childhood dolls deserved no less than your modern day self. The Easy-bake oven first came out in 1963, and while it was just as much as a toy as your teddy-bear, you could also use it for actual baking.


This colorful little gadget has graced the dollhouses of many kids over the years. We were pretty surprised to hear it’s not as popular as it used to be. After all, what kind of kid wouldn’t want to make their own secret batch of cookies? Since it’s harder to find these days, getting an original one could get pricey. In 2017, AOL reported that a still-boxed oven could cost about $300.

Nintendo’s ‘Stadium Events’

Toy collectors and vintage gamers make up the buyers market for original cartridges of Nintendo games, and they will pay even more if the box has never been opened. Ninendo’s ‘Stadium Events’ was released in 1987, but it only took a year for the name and the game to be changed.


This is exactly what makes this game so rare. In 2017, which wasn’t that long ago, an original game in an original sealed box was bought for the absurd price of nearly $42,000. Suddenly, looking through the boxes of old toys in your mom’s basement is starting to sound like the best idea you’ve ever had.

Vintage Lego Sets

The Lego factory was first founded in Denmark in 1932 and it has been making those little bricks ever since. This means that getting a standard Lego set is not that  big of a deal. However, not all Lego sets are still being manufactured. If you find such a set that has never been opened and has all of its pieces, you could be looking at your next month’s rent.


In 2015, for example, a limited edition of  the Lego H.C Anderson’s Clumsy Hans was handed out to about 80 Lego executives. Get your hands on one of those and you could sell it for $2,000 ! So next time you step barefoot on one of those little blocks of plastic and wish you were never born, try to remember that this could in fact be your lucky day.

American Girl Molly

Molly McIntire, one of the ‘American Girl’ doll series, grew up during World War II and moved to America. This doll has such a life story it might as well be somebody’s grandmother. Molly dolls first found their way into American toy stores in 1986, and they were discontinued in 2013 only to make a comeback in 2018.


An original Molly from 1986 is considered a collector’s edition, and one of those was sold for $1,200 in 2018. Molly dolls from different years can still be worth more than their original value, but not as much as their 1986 sisters. Other dolls from the series, such as Kanani Akina or Samantha Parkington are also valuable.

Atari 2600 ‘Air Raid’

You keep telling yourself that you’ve evolved from Atari to Xbox One X and that you’re not a kid anymore. Still, we all know you’re kidding yourself and there are just too many memories attached to your old Atari games so you keep them in a little box in your linen closet. Would you consider selling those memories if they turn out to be lucrative?


As it turns out, if you dig in that box and find a copy of “Air Raid” you’d be happy to know it could exceed $30,000. It would also be interesting to know that unopened copies with original instruction manuals could be sold for even more.


It seems as if the last time we’ve heard the words ‘pogs’ and ‘slammers’ were at least two decades ago. And that’s probably true as they were mostly popular in the ’80s. But before you get into a why-am-I-so-old cry, try to think if you have any of the original ones lying around.


In 2016, a six-piece set of holographic Jurassic Park pogs including a slammer was sold for (you’ll need to sit down for this) one million dollars. A full set could still be worth a couple thousands without a hologram and a slammer.

Sky Dancer

Never has a fairy princess made little girls go oooh and aaah more uncontrollably. Sure, some of them were recalled for being dangerous, but that’s what happens when a toy is designed to fly out of your hand like that. This toy had all the drama and momentum a little girl could ever need to fulfill her fairyland fantasies, and a little eye-poking sounds like a small price to pay.

Getty Images Photo by Mario Ruiz

Originally sold for about $10, they are worth a lot more now. If you have a set of two dancers (they go by Dazzle and Lacey if you really want to know) you could probably sell it for about 200 dollars.

Polly Pocket

This literally pocket-sized toy, could make your pockets happy for a completely different reason. Each of those Polly Pocket sets had different pieces that were incredibly compact on but also incredibly easy to lose. In the off-chance you are so incredibly organized and have all the pieces of your old set, this Polly Pocket could buy your lunch for the next two weeks.


Different sets can be sold for different prices (it all depends on how new it is and how many of the original pieces are actually there), but some sets have been sold for 500, 900, and even 1000 dollars.


For those of you who don’t know, Webkinz are the slightly more hi-tech version of Beanie Babies. Just like stuffed animals, these look like regular plush toys. These collectible toys, however, come with an online avatar you can play with on the company website.

Getty Images Photo by Kim Kim Foster-Tobin

Webkinz aren’t very old, and calling them vintage would be a stretch, but there are some models that have been discontinued. Some of those models are in higher demand than others, but generally speaking, there is a pretty prolific Webkinz market on eBay where you can buy and sell them for about $1,700.

‘Toy Story’ Original Toys

The first Toy Story film came out more than 20 years ago but we would be lying if we said we weren’t planning on forcing our great grandchildren to watch it again with us when we’re old and gray. As it turns out, Buzz Lightyear, Woody and their friends can be of much greater use than a nice movie night. Original character figurines can be sold for hundreds of dollars.


As time goes by and more films in the franchise keep being released, the figurines become increasingly popular. The second film, for example, came out in 2000, but in 2016, a Stinky Pete figurine was sold on eBay for 700 dollars.


Growing up in the ’90s means that instead of begging your parents for a puppy, you begged them for a Tamagotchi – a virtual pet that lived in a little gadget on your key-chain. Some of you may have heard that those Japanese toys have been making a comeback lately, but don’t go buying one of those looking to make instant profit.


No one will give your plastic-contained pet a second look if it was purchased in the last 5-10 years. Original Tamagotchis, however, (the rarer the better) are a whole different story. A quick stroll through eBay will show you that some of them can be sold for $40 while others can be sold for $2,000!

Faker Action Figure

For those of you who weren’t busy obsessing over Masters of the Universe in the ’80s (maybe you had social lives or were generally invited to parties and things), allow us to introduce you to Faker, a member of the Masters of the Universe world. While you were busy planning your campaign for prom kings and queens, others were busy getting Faker action figures that are now worth more than your fanciest tie-clip.

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They say evil never wins, but they also say that there is an exception for every rule. As it turns out, Faker is one such exception. Even though he is one of the bad guys, an unboxed action figure of his can be worth up to $1,000 on eBay.

Power Rangers Action Figures

If you don’t have a favorite power ranger you are either lying or too embarrassed to admit it’s the pink one. But regardless of which one you liked best, if you have any of their original action figures, you are about to love them on a whole new level.


Original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers action figures (both heroes and villains) can be worth a few hundred dollars if you know the right online hub to go to. As usual, the price of an item would differ depending on its condition.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards

Japanese manga series Yu-Gi-Oh! has been around since 1996, and just like any other self respecting world wide sensation, it soon started releasing mountains of merchandise. Much like other hits of its kind, it released trading cards too. If you happen to have any of those lying around, you’d be happy to know you could trade them for lots of money.


An original first-edition of the coveted booster box of Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon have already been sold for $1450. Even individual cards from a box like this could be sold for several hundred dollars. If you used to collect them as a kid, you could be sitting on a gold mine.

Vintage Radio Controlled Cars

Sorry to break it to you but electric, non-polluting cars running on clean energy have been here long before we realized sustainability was even a thing. Sadly, those cars were tiny and by no means could sit a family of five, but let’s not focus on the negative, shall we?

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So, if at some point in your childhood you decided to have some fun with an RC car until you were old enough to drive the real thing, listen up. Vintage models of RC cars could be sold for hundreds of dollars. While there’s still demand for opened and used ones, rare models of unboxed cars have the highest profit potential.

VHS Wrestling Specials

Be it gladiator fights, Fight Club or WWE, we can’t escape the notion that since the dawn of time people have enjoyed watching other people beat each other up for entertainment. Combine that thirst for blood with some thirst for vintage and you might land on some cash.


As it turns out, some people still keep VHS tapes despite the fact the virtually no one has a VCR these days. If you happen to stumble upon such a VHS with an ’80s or ’90s wrestling special, there could be a few hundred dollars for you right there. Such a tape with the 1986 Memorial Cup Tag Team Tournament could be sold for up to 400$.


Okay, so technically these aren’t toys, but they used to be just as fun to collect when we were kids and the mail services weren’t so useless. And while people aren’t using regular mail like they used to, the stamp collecting scene hasn’t gone anywhere.


Old and rare stamps (or better yet – original sheets of them) could be highly coveted within the stamping community, and collectors could pay a pretty penny for them. In 2016, for example, a sheet of Bugs Bunny stamps from 1997 was sold for $90. In 2019, another stamp set of Junior Duck Stamps was sold nearly $1,000!

Life-Sized E.T.

Growing up in the ’80s means you’ve heard the sentence”E.T. phone home” more times than you can count. Much like other Hollywood hits, merchandise wasn’t too far behind, and many kids asked for a life-sized E.T. toy. Those toys were 38 inch tall and were the closest thing children had to a fantastic alien friend.


If such a toy was part of your collection when you were little, you better hope that you can still remember where it is. In case it doesn’t posses a special sentimental value, you could sell it online for 700-900 dollars.

1976 Batman Action Figure

Superheroes have superpowers, that much we all know. But somehow, one of the most famous superheroes out there is just a regular human with a cool car and lots of money – Batman. For decades, Batman has been an inspiration for kids who learned that superpowers don’t run in their family.


If you were one of those kids you must have had a Batman action figure you cherished and carried around wherever you went. In case this action figure was from 1976, you’d be interested to know you could sell it for about $500.

ThunderCats Action Figure

Between 1985 to 1989, heated fourth grade debates revolved around the question of which ThunderCat is best, and kids were willing to argue in favor of their favorite as if their lives depended on it. Those very same kids are probably the ones who still hold on to their original ThunderCats action figures, and they would be right to do so as they could be worth hundreds of dollars.


If they were to sell any of them, they could make great profit on an unopened Panthro (around $400) or Bengali (around $800). That is, of course, assuming they’ll be able to live with themselves after that.