Crazy Inventions You Need to See to Believe

Humans have developed quite a few inventions throughout the millennia. The wheel was a good one. Electricity is hard to beat. But the light bulb, that was absolutely brilliant! The internet, the iPod, and cell phones are more recent feats of innovation by the mighty human. But how about the hula-hoop? It’s one of the biggest trends ever to hit American teens. A blessing to toy stores everywhere. And an example of 1950’s American ingenuity at its finest.

We’ve compiled a list of fantastic inventions. If these products have not yet gone completely viral, you may find some have become the wildest, must-have hot-sellers retail has ever known, just in time for the holiday shopping season. Go ahead, check them out!

The Hourglass Traffic Light

The Sand Glass, designed by Thanva Tivawong, is a concept traffic light that we wish we could already be using! Just imagine how many traffic tickets would be avoided if you don’t have to risk guessing how much longer the light will stay green.


The light also features a countdown for those last few grains of LED-lighted sand.

The Desk of the Future

Do you have a 15-inch or a 20-inch monitor? Imagine your work efficiency with the prototype BendDesk. The screen is as big as an office desk! And it’s not only on the horizontal desktop area but also on the vertical paneling in front of you.


Touchscreen, to boot! Naturally, it’s constructed with ergonomic design. Who knew desks could get so interesting.

No More Tears Bath Hat

The HOOYEE Safe Shampoo Bathing Cap protects your kids in the bath or shower. Keep water and soap out of baby’s eyes while bathing. It’s also supposed to assist during haircuts. Plus, according to HOOYEE, it makes a great sun visor.


This could be your all-in-one protection device for baby’s eyes and face! It comes in turquoise, pink, green, and red.

Protect Your Dog from Rain

This dog umbrella serves double duty. Not only does it protect Fido on rainy days from getting drenched, but it also works as a leash. The leash, in turn, ensures that the umbrella remains directly over your pet to keep it as dry as possible.


All you need now is a cup holder on the handle for your latte!

Key-less Keyboard

Here’s an idea so new, there are no words to describe it! A projection keyboard. It’s a virtual keyboard, for keys in a musical instrument or for typing, that is projected with lasers. Mashable opines, “This portable laser keyboard is the keyboard of the future.” It links with any device.


That is super convenient. No more clunky keyboards. Even slick touchscreen keyboards seem archaic when you see these things.

Slippers with Headlights

Why mess with a night light when you can have it mounted to the front of your bedroom slippers. It’s the safest way to traverse a dark room at night. If you think these bright and furry super-functional slippers might be a good fit, check out Bright Feet Lighted Slippers for yourself.


If you think you’re the kind of person to knock on into walls on your way to the bathroom then this is definitely for you.

Sharpie Re-engineers the Highlighter Pen

Now you can highlight your textbook or homework with precision. Sharpie designed a unique see-through tip. These highlighter pens make highlighting clearly visible. Choose from four colors. The chisel tip makes bold or thin lines. No excuses for avoiding homework now!


This is probably the most revolutionary tool that was invented for studying in the history of the universe.

Purify Your Air and Water

This two-in-one gizmo purifies your tap water and the air in your house. The WSTA Portable Ozone Generator cleans the air by removing pet and cigarette smoke odors. It also eliminates allergic contaminates from any room in your house.


Take it with you when you go camping and enjoy freshwater from the stream or lake without having to boil it. This product can even rid your produce of pesticides. For purer living, this is it!

An Experiment in Cooking

This Chemist’s Spice Rack is perfect for the scientist in all of us. The complete set comes with test tubes full of spices and flasks for oil, salt, and pepper, replete with rubber stoppers.


Make a laboratory out of your kitchen and experiment every single night with meals to serve your family.

The Fork of the Future

The RSVP Endurance Pasta Fork is not a futuristic concept fork. No. It is available to anyone in sets of four. The stainless steel rippled prongs grab onto long spaghetti noodles while you effortlessly twirl your noodles into the perfect-sized bite.


Practicality meets elegance. Look no further for the perfect pasta eating tool.

Home Spa

I bet you have never seen one of these! Introducing the SereneLife Portable Infrared Home Spa. Why go through the trouble of trying to schedule an appointment at the salon when you can pop into this gadget anytime you want. No waiting needed?


Move it from room to room. Set it in front of your own TV, in private. When you’re not using it, fold it up and put it away.

Umbrella with a Cup Holder

You thought only cars come with cup holders? Think again. A new invention by Urban Zoo, patent-pending, fits your umbrella with a cup holder too!


You only have two hands. This multi-tasking maven is magnificent! Coffee is a priority, and of course, you don’t want to drop that call. Plus, you may have other items that must stay dry on a rainy day.

The Ben & Jerry’s Pint Padlock

This is a real problem. Especially if you live with roommates. Keep your ice cream safe and germ-free with the Ben & Jerry’s Euphori-Lock Ice Cream Pint Combination Lock Protector. It’s got a long name, but it’s quick to protect your valuable tub of Cherry Garcia. Keep them out of your Ben & Jerry’s Vegan P.B. & Cookies!


A great way to keep those uninvited guests out of your precious ice-cream.

LED Fan and Clock Invention

Without electricity and the light bulb, we would never have this invention. What is it, you’re asking?? This is a laptop companion that keeps you cool while displaying a clock (for the third time as it’s on the computer monitor as well as your phone which is sitting next to you).


You may be able to use this handy little fan at another USB port too. Cool gadget!

The Dripless Coffee Mug

Do you live under constant harassment from someone who is relentlessly on your case about coffee rings left on coffee tables, books, or side tables? You try to make sure there are no drips, but they detect the evidence every single time!


This coffee mug will save you from endless harassment. Invented by Kim Keun Ae, a Korean designer, the Drop Rest Mug stops drips before they stain important documents or antique wood furniture. Finally.

Spout Protector

This spout protector is perfect! It protects your baby from injuries that might be sustained from accidentally falling on a sharp, metal faucet, and it regulates the temperature, so it’s just right for baby’s bath. Called the 4Moms Spout Cover, it is designed to fit on any faucet.


This sounds like a must for every new mom in the world. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Dumpling Maker

This durable 3-inch solid stainless steel dumpling maker makes empanada, ravioli, and pierogies! All you have to do is figure out how to make pasta dough, roll it out and hope it doesn’t tear when you place it into this handy-dandy pierogi mold. Bon appetit!


Just looking at this thing can give you an appetite.

Rotating Power Strip Surge Protector

ECHOGEAR has found a solution for overcrowded insufficient power strips. Developing a power strip surge protector with rotating outlet plugs allows enough space to plug in 8 separate devices!


The ECHOGEAR Power Strip Surge Protector can handle all your charging needs. It also has a near-perfect Amazon rating from its many satisfied fans.

A Hammock for Cats

Looking for a safe place for your feline friend to nap the day away? Strap this cat Cat Crib under a chair and the kitty will be purrr-fectly happy. They love hiding under beds and sofas, adding a hammock should be a great find.


Maybe, in immense appreciation, your cat will choose to sleep there rather than leaving hair on your comfy couch.

The Inflatable Back Seat

You already have an inflatable mattress at home to accommodate your guests as best you can, but do you have a Travel Inflatable Mattress Air Bed? This blow-up bed can make your car into a camper!


It’s also the perfect size for your SUV cargo area. Get two and sleep four in your SUV!

The Beauty of Candlelight

We already know candlelight is a lovely way to add ambiance to a room. But this Lotus Tealight Candle Holder not only adds warmth, but it projects artistic designs onto your walls. It’s ideal for gifts or lighting up special occasions. And with the traditional Lotus engraving, it puts the OM in anything.


Perfect for all those mediation and yoga gatherings you have been planning to make.

The Next Best Thing to A Selfie Gadget

So, you need to tether your phone, but you want it near you. Here it is. Like an inverted selfie stick, this gadget brings your phone to your line of vision, whether it’s in the car, behind the wheel, or in bed. You’ll enjoy a truly hands-free experience.


Read up on your favorite actors, hang out with your social media pals, then off with the light. Goodnight!

DIY Facelift

Facelifts can be expensive! It costs hundreds and thousands of dollars to have simple procedures performed on your face. Plus, going under the knife is painful, and it takes some time to heal. Why go through all the misery and expense when you can buy this Face Slimmer for just $4.99?! That’s right, not even five bucks, and you can tighten lips, eyes, and chin areas.


Just 3-minutes per day and you can kiss those wrinkles away. If you’re puzzled about how it works , not to worry, there are are a full set of  instructions.

The Evolution of the Pizza Slicer

Introducing the Dreamfarm Scizza. For cutting and serving pizza pies, you have found the ultimate device. This thing will cut perfect slices on any surface without causing damage and then serve a perfect slice to the plate. It’s made of German stainless-steel blades and a non-stick nylon base.


Certianly every college student’s dream. Totally simple and intuitive. Seriously one of the best invesntiosn we’ve seen

Onion Holder

OnionHolder Onions are a challenge. But not with this all-in-one onion holder. Now you can slice, chop, cut and remove odor from onions with one tool. Plus, freeing your hands from touching the onion keeps your hands free of onion odors.


Plus, it can be used on potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, and cucumbers too! Very versatile.

Two-in-One Combo-Wombo

Tired of dragging the ironing board out every time you see a wrinkle? Instead, you can have the convenience of a full-length mirror set with an ironing board hiding behind. This innovative space-saving invention is a display of form and function at its best.


With an Interactive Flip Mirror, you can detect wrinkles, and smooth them out with a flip.

‘Beam Me Up, Scotty’

Star Trek fired our imaginations with teleport technologies. Traveling in a zip is a wonderful dream. (Just hope you don’t accidentally land at the wrong, very inconvenient, destination. Like, in the middle of the frigid Atlantic instead of Berlin.)


Space vacation will be available this century. You will be able to orbit the Earth as the moon does, but you’ll still have to rocket to get there. Yet, maybe teleporting isn’t too far off either. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) pulled it off with quantum information. In an experiment, the NIST teleported light particles! Will we be next?

The Condiment Shooter

Guns and barbecues. What is more American than that? Now you can shoot your ketchup onto your burger or pull the trigger to line your hotdog with mustard.


Do you want to make eating fun enough that your kids show up for dinner? This is your culinary device. (Disclaimer: The Condiment Shooter hereby disclaims any and all responsibility for the potentiality of food fight shootouts.) And that’s not all, folks it also shoots BBQ sauce and hot sauce.

Breakfast Sandwiches

on the Double! Make breakfast for yourself and your partner in a jiffy! This Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker cooks your breakfast in just 5 minutes. Double that! It cooks two. Save the time and energy it takes to run through Mickey D’s for an Egg McMuffin, and enjoy a lovely breakfast at home, even on those days when you have to be out of the house by 7 a.m.


Worrying about keeping all those parts clean think again? This thing has you covered,  they go right in the dishwasher.

A Bottle Opener for Any Occasion

Never get stuck with a beer you can’t open again. The ZRAMO Ring Bottle Opener is a stainless steel bar tool that comes in silver or gold finish. Best of all, you will always have it with you. For beer-centric lovebirds, it may be the perfect nuptial gift. Note to buyers.


The Ring Bottle Opener comes in only one 22 mm size.

The Smart Lens

This revolutionary medical device that serves as a contact lens for vision while monitoring glucose levels in people with diabetes was a really good idea. Monitoring made simple, no pricks or prods. Google’s life science company Novartis led the project only to find, much like Google’s driverless cars, it is completely impracticable at this point.


We suppose it’s still in the early stages. Technology like this certainly takes it time to develop.

DIY Bicycle Lane

This bicycle light is no ordinary safety feature. Just strap the Crtch Bike Lights onto your bicycle and ride in confidence. The super-bright LEDs create a virtual bike lane for you, even if there was none in the first place!


It’s easy to install and runs on AAA batteries. Safety has never been simpler.

Fliz Pedal-Less Bicycle

We’re going back to inventing the wheel with this innovation. The FLIZ pedal-less bicycle is a mode of transportation that you probably have never seen before.


Like a walk/bike hybrid, it provides all the exercise you need without those clunky pedals getting in the way.

Travel Charger

Stop searching everywhere for a place to charge more than one device at a time when you’re on vacay. Vacations should be relaxing, free of low battery fears. This Travel Power Strip fits easily in a suitcase and comes in handy with three available USB outlets. Or maybe at home, there’s only that one free outlet behind the couch. This retractable power circle can reach it.


There is not a device in the world that this little wonder can’t accommodate! A must have in today’s tech-stacked world.

Make Espresso Anywhere

This little gadget is a java dream come true for that person who absolutely cannot go a day without freshly brewed espresso. Otherwise, it might be perfect to bring a portable espresso maker camping or to a picnic. It’s a must-have device for all glampers!


Sneak it on the airplane and enjoy a high-quality espresso while the other passengers are stuck with airline brewed regular coffee

The Force is With You

Ah, the Uncle Milton Star Wars Deluxe Lightsaber Room Light. A must-have for all Star Wars enthusiasts, regardless of age. This wall-mounted lightsaber glows in eight different colors, each level of the spectrum accessed at your command.


The handheld remote control feature also controls sound effects. Light and entertainment, the perfect bedroom decor accent piece.

Multifunctional Foldable Cutting Board

This flexible cutting board is more than just flexible; it’s downright compliant. You can do all your prep work with this culinary tool. Covering all the bases, it provides a space to cut, chop, strain, and rinse any type of fruits and vegetables.


And after you’re done, just pop it in the dishwasher. Voila!

Selfie Spoon

We love sharing shots of our delicious meals with our friends. Whether it be at our favorite restaurants, or to show off our masterful creations from our own kitchens. These beautiful dishes deserve their moments of glory. But why should it stop at the plate?


Take your food sharing experience to the next level with the selfie spoon. It might sound far-fetched but isn’t the best part of food the eating part? This allows you to share just that.

The Soft Shelf

It may look a little wonky but it is actually not the case with this interesting piece of rubbery furniture. This shelf holds your silverware in a bit of an unconventional way, granted, but those things do they do look rather safely tucked in there.

The 25 Weirdest Inventions You’ve Ever Seen

It also looks pretty economical as you can fit quite a lot of things in there. No need to fill our house with shelving when you have this baby.

Glow In The Dark Toilet Roll

How many times have you scurried to the bathroom in a sleepy haze, in the middle of the night, only to find not a single roll of toilet paper? This is a classic nightmare that somehow never stops repeating itself. It’s also why this invention is all the more genius.

The 25 Weirdest Inventions You’ve Ever Seen

Laugh if you must, but you will never have to stumble into the darkness and experience another midnight toilet disaster ever again. This amazing little thing lights up your toilet roll, and inevitably, your bathroom. It’s simply is a must.

Basketball Glasses

Well, why not. Who said people with glasses aren’t sporty! Though it might look like you’re trying to overcompensate just a tad, and it’s not quite clear if this is more of a stay at home kind of game, or if those are ‘outside appropriate’. Either way, this invention is about as crazy as it is useful.

The 25 Weirdest Inventions You’ve Ever Seen

Dropping that ball might bring a lifetime of frustration as it will probably just roll under your furniture and never be found again. Maybe it’s good for parties and could be a fun addition to a beer pong game.

Stick On Eyes For Tired Workers

Had a crazy night last night but can’t call in sick?  No worries. You’re safe to sleep at work these creepily realistic stick-on eyes. Just try not to go on for too long. There is only so much time these things can buy you until your boss storms into your office demanding those TPS reports.

The 25 Weirdest Inventions You’ve Ever Seen

These will also work if you can hold your position in a very particular way. Giving into too much a slouch can also be a dead giveaway.

The Ear Hat

Your ears get just as cold as the rest of your body and if you have short hair, the poor things don’t have much to cover themselves with. There are hats that cover your ears but if you’re someone who likes to mix it up hat-wise, you can be pretty stuck on one kind of hat. Not great for fashionistas out there. It looks a little crazy but since when has that stopped us.


You also get a perfectly matching head hat and ear at set so you don’t look too out of place. Though it might be hard with hats on your ears in the first place.

Baby Stroller and Scooter Hybrid

We cannot vouch for the safety levels of this product but it does look cool. Still, if you’re zooming down the street with this thing, you might want to do so extremely carefully. Clearly made for hard-working city parents, this scooter meets stroller will get you and your baby where you need to go as fast as possible.


We suppose it makes sense to combine these two things. But on the other hand, does it really? When it comes to babies, a slow stroll down a quiet road might be the safer option.

Ping Pong Door

Your doorway no longer needs to be just a boring doorway anymore. Gone are the days of simply walking in and out rooms in your house. With the ping pong door set, you can turn your home into the greatest house on the block. All you need is two people…and a doorway!


Set up the table anywhere two rooms are connected. You can go one on one, to doubles and ping pong the boredom away.

Goggle Umbrella

This is pretty nifty.  To get real protection from the rain, you always have to keep that umbrella pretty low down. Good umbrellas that shield your own face often block your vision and shallow umbrellas flip inside out from a single gust of wind. With goggle umbrellas, it’s goodbye to all those umbrella related issues.


Now you can just carry around your umbrella at eye level, keep super dry and completely see where you’re going through the plastic space for your eyes. It’s perfect and it’s odd how this isn’t on all umbrellas.

The Baby Mop

This invention is pretty questionable and very much depends on how you’re planning on using it. If you’re planning on putting your baby to work, then maybe you should reconsider. But if you think the outfit is at least kind of cute and perhaps feel that it couldn’t hurt, seeing as your baby is crawling around the floor all day anyway, then, why not?


Just don’t use this as an actual substitute for real mopping. Your floor will still be dirty if you don’t take care of that. And, also, please, please wash that thing daily. If your baby is going to be rolling around as an extra absorptive cleaning tool, then it’s best you keep your baby and their clothes as clean as humanly possible.

Hug Me Pillow

Hmm, we don’t judge. Folks gotta do what folks gotta do to fight the lonely bug away. If you’re tired of those lonely nights and can’t do much about it, then this pillow might bring you a world of comfort. It’s big, sturdy yet cushiony man arm will hug you through the night and keep you safe.


You can have your hug pillow dressed up in a button-downed shirt to make you feel like you’re cozying up to a business-man. You can also dress it up in whatever else you like! It’s your pillow!

Ironius: The Coffee Mug Iron

The best and most time-saving products are always the ones that perfectly combine two things that belong together, but for strange reasons are always sold separately. This is not an example of that. Coffee mugs and irons are probably the worst two things to combine. The two steaming hot and hazardous things are best kept far away from each other.


If you insist on having an iron with which you can drink coffee out of, do start with the darker clothes. You might have a perfectly smooth shirt, but it will have coffee stains on it from the constant motion, you also might burn your face and hand.

The Ab Hancer

The true motivation behind abs is never really about health and strength. Let’s be honest with ourselves. If you could magically make your abs appear with a wave of a wand, click of a button, or in this case, the pressure of a metal grid against your blubber, then you would. And that is the ab-hancer, ladies and gentlemen.


Forget about the gym. Just press this 6 pack making rid and wait for it to make its mark, so to speak.

Anti-Theft Lunch Bags

Having trouble with bullies at school or pesky lunch thieves? Here is the perfect little invention for you. This sandwich bag has some very strategically placed mold on the bag that can trick those criminals into thinking that the bread has gone bad. No one is going to steal a moldy sandwich, unless they are homeless, in which case, let them have it.


Just to be sure to not eat this around people. They will be very confused at first and then, of course, will understand your whole little plan and you will never be safe again!

The Weight Watch Belt

This is one motivational belt. This weight-watching belt might do wonders for your waste-line. It might not be the most visually appealing of belts but it sure will get the  job done and make sure you’re conscious of the numbers.


This is a must for anyone on a diet.

Cutting Board Bird Feeder

Thinking of going green? You don’t need to be a recycling whizz or vegan to make your start. You can quite simply just change how you cut bread. This cutting board has special holes it for the bread crumbs to fall through and funnel down a pipe for birds.


That’s a pretty sweet idea for a cutting board! Sure, it might look like a complicated contraption, and yes, you will have to cut bread outside if you want to feed the birdies but why not? It might be nice slicing up bread in nature.

Football Chair

Turn two chairs facing each other into a mini at-home football field. These chairs come with little nets that rest over the legs so that you can play with your friend and try score goals, all while sitting down.


Made for folks who want to stay active but don’t really feel like getting up. Also suitable for those just chilling at home with not much to do.

Corner Frames

How many times have you tried fitting a piece of art into a perfect little space, only to find that you are prevented from doing so by an annoying wall corner? Countless! These beautiful frames can now go along with the corners and still look good!


The open up like a book right in the corner. You now don’t have to leave those parts of your house completely bare anymore.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Need to get through the executive meeting this afternoon, but you missed the power lunch with the guys because you had to catch up on paperwork? No fear. Sneak a nice sour mash whiskey blend inside this Flask Tie and get through the day.


Conveniently located around your neck, you can keep your drinking anonymous all day long. It comes in eight patterns and holds eight ounces.

Holiday Cheer!

Perhaps Santa will prefer that the milk with his cookies be served in a flask rather than in a glass? Either way, this Santa Flask is available for purchase by anyone who thinks a flask disguised as a plastic Christmas stocking is a good idea.


If you’re looking for a creative gag gift for the next white elephant party you’re invited to, this may be the solution.

The Piano Doorbell

Music lovers, this is for you. Have a little jingle echo through your house whenever someone stops by. The piano doorbell is the ultimate welcome. No more harsh buzzes or annoying pings, your visitors can play a little music whenever they come over.


It’s a pity that it’s only three keys, one could really go to town with just a few more. Oh well, not everyone is a concert pianist, so this will do.

The Carrier

For many developing countries around the world, agricultural labor can be extremely physically challenging. Without machinery and farming technologies, from picking to pulling, many workers have to do a lot manually. But with this amazing invention, things can be a little easier.


This smart carrier made out of bamboo allows workers to comfortably carry loads. This could be used for carrying all kinds of goods. It’s a far cry from real machinery, but we hope this can make some difference.

The Life Straw

Clean water is a number one priority and something that every single human should have access to. It’s crazy that not all people do, so in the name of craziness, this invention is here to do just that. Introducing the purification straw officially named “The Life Straw.”


This special straw can turn any grimy body of water into perfectly clean drinking water. Imagine the impact that can have on the world? It may be a little clunky, but this thing is a literal life-saver.

The True Love Tester

If you thought wearable tech couldn’t get any weirder (color-changing shirts, Tweeting shoes, and GPS jackets) then brace yourself for this one. The True Love Bra, designed in Japan, is a bra with an electronic clasp that unhooks itself when it detects that the wearer is in love.


The sensor detects a rise in the heartbeat and sends it an app via Bluetooth for “examination,” there it decides whether or not that rapid heartbeat indicates romantic fluster, and if so, well, open sesame.

Eat ‘n Draw

Going on a camping trip and want to spend those evenings by the fire doing some late night journaling? Well, this invention of a combination eating utensil and pen is the way to go.


The pen caps double as knives and forks, making these things super easy and practical to travel with. One thing that does concern us is the cleanliness factor. One should make sure to clean off the food once you put them away.

The Whiskey Enhancer

The major distinguisher for whiskey is the amount of time it’s aged in a good quality barrel. Aging in a fine oak barrel both helps filter the whiskey and adds a more complex flavor. But what if you get cheap whiskey and get the same effect?


This is where the team from Time & Oak comes in. These guys realized that the key to fine whiskey is just that earthy oak. By simply mixing your “more reasonably priced” whiskey with this fine oakey stick, you can achieve that superior taste.

The Bottleloft

This fantastic storage-saving magnet allows you to stick take your fridge use to new heights. Find yourself running out of space in the fridge because all the shelves are packed up? Just use the ceiling!


This bottle fridge magnet is the perfect answer to your beer-space woes. Is that magnet strong enough to withstand an aggressively hungry person flinging open the fridge doors? We sincerely hope so.

Color Picker

Want to draw inspiration from real life for your art? Now you can literally do that. This little pen actually allows you to scan the objects around you and “take” the color of them.


Whoever imagined that a pen could do so much? Turn the world around you into your own personal color palette and go wild, this is what art is about after all.

The Butter Glue Stick

As much as we love slathering butter on just about everything, the buttering process is messy. It’s often hard, comes in a clunky gold bar type shape that hasn’t evolved since our nomadic ancestors discovered shaking around milk in sacks while trekking along bumpy trails. Don’t even get us started on evenly spreading it.


This is what makes the butter glue stick so fantastic. Just dab that toast like you would glue to a piece of paper. It’s wonderfully easy and fun, making you feel like a kid back in art class, except you get to eat buttery goodness and not have sticky glittery fingers.

The Invisible Helmet

People kill themselves trying to look stylish, but now they don’t have to. No, this isn’t like “The Emporer’s New Clothes” in which everybody oohs and aahs over the imaginary item of clothing.


This is an actual non-light bending plexiglass helmet that turns into a perfectly designed head “airbag” from the slightest trigger. You can now be perfectly cool and safe rolling down the street on your string-thin fixie.

The Toothpaste Squeezer

Who needs hands? This toothpaste roller squeezer is a genius little invention for people who don’t know how to squeeze toothpaste (top squeezers, we’re talking about you.)


Even those with the mightiest of grips can never fully get it right. With this, the roller will do all the work for you from the bottom to the top, just like a Drake song.

The Tablet Arm

Trying to watch a movie from the comfort of your own bed and you don’t have a TV? Good luck with the laptop. The thing inevitably sinks into your sheets, or you end up craning your head too much when you’re lying down.


Thankfully, for lazy folks like all of us, the tablet arm conveniently attaches to you to your bedside table and comfortably extends to the front of your face “Wall-E” style. You may never have to get up again.

Metal Detector Sandals

Enjoy taking long walks and the beach and don’t have a job? Then you just have to get these metal detector sandals. Unfortunately, it looks a little like an ankle bracelet for someone under house arrest, but apparently, it works.


Now you can scour the beach and hopefully come back with some riches. Though something tells us that the inventor behind these crazy single sandals made far more than anyone who actually used them.

The Ice-Cream Rotator

Everybody loves ice-cream, but not everybody enjoys publically going to town on a chocolate or whatever preferred-favored cone for all eyes to see. Not to mention all that tiring wrist work you get from forever spinning it around, ceaselessly trying to catch those melted drips.


It’s physically exhausting and a race against time itself. The rotating cone however effortlessly rotates your ice-cream for you so you will never again have to experience the horror of eating ice cream all by yourself.

The Pee-Mate

It’s hard being a woman. Along with all that male privilege, comes the wonderful advantage of “going to the bathroom easily.” That is until now. This crazy invention actually makes things in that department much, much easier.


Take it with you to concerts, camping trips, and really just anywhere around the city. Have you seen public bathrooms? No thank you!

The Finger Fork

Don’t act as if you’ve never had trouble holding a fork. The finger fork makes eating so easy. Instead of using your whole hand to fork up morsels of food, this thing allows you to simply point and lift.


And if you’re cutting back on the calories, the finger fork will assist you in eating the perfect finger-sized bites, making you eternally unsatisfied during meal times.

Vibrating Jeans

Don’t you hate it when you stop paying attention to your phone for five minutes? There’s nothing like missing a jean-pocket buzz, and pulling out your phone to find 23 messages and 16 missed calls! The vibrating jeans will never, ever let that happen to you.


The jeans (or shorts) have a belt that attaches to your phone and will up the vibrations throughout your legs in response to the phone vibration. You can also adjust the vibration according to priority with your jeans going full-power if you get a text from your crush, and a soft buzz if it’s from your mom.

The Laundry Folder

We have washing machines, tumble dryers, and yet all these years we’ve had to rely on primitive things like our hands and irons to keep our clothes neatly folded. No more. The automated laundry folder is officially here.


Laundry is truly one of the worst chores of everyday life, so we are so thrilled that this revolutionary machine was launched in 2019. How it came this late is a total msytery.

The Secret Fridge Cam

When the fridge lock is a little too harsh but you still need some refrigerator security for various reasons. Perhaps you find that someone at the office keeps stealing your yogurt, or you’re cruelly monitoring your loved one’s food habits, either way, the fridge cam is the way to go.


Just stick the sneaky little secret camera in the back of the fridge, connect it to an app on your phone, and keep that watchful eye on your beloved icebox.

The Cheater Detecting Smart Mattress

Newlywed couple looking for a new mattress? Choose carefully because of this one of the most important things for your union. It’s also the reason some techy folks have designed the smart mattress that is also an “infidelity detector”


The bed has motion detectors that can send an alert to your phone whenever it’s being used in “suspicious” and inappropriate ways.  Watch out, folks.

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