Dog Hairdos That Make Them Look Like Humans

“It shouldn’t be so hard,” you said, holding the pair of rusty kitchen scissors but then instead you found this article, spoiler: it’s adorable. These people took it to the next level by making their dogs look like humans and now we can’t stop smiling.
Even though dogs may be covered in fur, it is just so hilarious when a canine can rock a human hairdo.

How You Doing, Hun?

We can tell this dog loves listening to sensitive rock music from the early 90s. With that sly haircut, he’s not going to help you with the dishes or even take out the trash, but he will make you a playlist that perfectly expresses his pent-up emotions.


Before we know it, he’ll be on to the next trend which probably means dyeing his hair black and wearing skinny jeans.

Who Is Cuter?

Is there a limit to how cute a puppy can be? Apparently not. This little one may be the cutest of them all and she’s not even trying. And now, with those pigtails, no one should even compete!


This puppy is so cute and tiny, it ‘Beagles’ my mind!

What Beauty

What a picturesque portrait of an Afghan hound, standing in the autumn forest and looking into the camera. A long bang closes her one eye, as close to perfect as it gets.


Is this the most photogenic dog on our list? There’s only one way to find out…


The word majestic does not even come close to doing this doggo justice. It’s actually ‘roarsome’ how much he looks like a lion with that mane, and he knows it, look how he’s posing for the camera!


We can imagine that Rex over here enjoys feeling like he’s the king of the jungle or rather king of the dog park – but don’t tell him that.


As a mother of 5, Sheryl takes her parenting roles very seriously, she makes sure they get to doggy daycare safely and after that, they are all taken to swim class. Don’t make her late cause she’s not afraid to bark…


But her bark may be worse than her bite, just don’t get on her bad side.

New Hair, Who Dis?

Everywhere we look nowadays, furry four-legged friends are prancing from salons to grooming boutiques all over urban and suburban neighborhoods. And we love it, provided that the dogs are kept safe and not exposed to dangerous chemicals.


How cute is this look, with a new mane and peachy paws.

A Free Spirit

Sweet Liz claims to be a free spirit, but can’t help but follow the crowd, they have the best treats. She loves wearing flower crowns and when she doesn’t have to pee, she likes to pose outside in nature where the lighting is good.


She may be young and naive but her innocent ways are exactly why we love her.

When Dogs Have Beards

Some doggos come with some extra fluff on their faces. For the most part, dog beards are charming- right up until they eat or drink. Then they are left with some leftovers of kibble or a sopping wet snout that gets wiped over the couch or floor, which is not as endearing.


This is what will happen when you let your beard grow out for a few weeks and shave your head, it’s no small feat as only a few dogs can actually grow beards.

We Can Hear The Bells

Is it normal to feel jealous of a dog’s hair…? In this case, it’s definitely normal. Look at that luxurious mane, done up in an over the top hairstyle that makes her look like she’s about to walk down the aisle. We can only expect that she’ll have her guests swooning over her.


Not that she cares much, it looks like she’s daydreaming of a different life, maybe something more down to earth.

Nice Haircut Dude

While many dog haircuts can be done with a beard trimmer, there are some that require some careful scissors work. If anyone is planning on giving their dog’s face a haircut in a certain way, they best be careful!


Otherwise, they could look like this and this hairstyle is very dograding!

Because They’re Worth It

This look is a perfect real-life example of the hair we wish we had. The long locks and the smooth texture- this look has it all. With locks like this, your pet looks like the inspiration behind the advertisement!


Not many people can get their hair to look this good and it begs the question, how did this dog pull it off?


This look makes it look like he just stepped out of a limo, onto a red carpet, in front of a hundred flashing cameras. It’s such a Vogue-worthy look, or should we say Doguue-worthy?

Getty Images Photo by Shawn Ehlers

The stunning hairstyle, paired with the sterling eyes dogs have, this look will turn all the heads on the street, we guarantee.

Perfect Perched Ears

If you don’t know what the Rachel cut is, then you might need to start questioning your life choices (or maybe we do?) This hairstyle originally belonged to Jennifer Aniston’s character Rachel Green on the fantastically popular TV show “Friends.”


The Rachel cut became all the rage back in the 90s and evidently, it continues to be trendy nowadays.


Last but certainly not least, this French bulldog dressed up in a lion mane, unfortunately, he can’t grow his own. Cue sad horn. But this is a great idea for Halloween!


He sure is looking cute, but don’t tell him that, tell him he looks fierce!

Oodles of Poodles

We can just imagine her saying, “Yes, I am a QUEEN and all of you peasant mongrels wish your hair looked even half as good as mine!” And she wouldn’t be wrong…


With such impeccable grooming and well-styled hair, we all want to show up to an event looking this polished and done-up.

Preppy in Pink

This is Brooke, she likes to spend her summer vacations in Connecticut and when she’s not playing tennis she can be found reading one of her many magazine subscriptions. Her housekeeper may know too much about her but Brooke doesn’t mind, as long as she gets fed on time.


She likes to bark too much, but she’s working on getting better at keeping the peace.

Nothing Can Stop Her

Who thought that pink bangs are hard to pull off? Certainly not our furry friends who, as we can see, are owning this look like no other. Not to mention this gives her a pretty-but-spunky look which is just lovable.


Using these flowers as accessories can be a lot of fun if your pet is ready to wear them. Make sure that you select the softest accessories to make your dog as comfortable as possible.

Ombre Dye

For a truly unique look, ask your groomer to give your dog an ombre dye, which is a blend of several colors that transition smoothly from one to another.  If you want to dye your dog’s hair, it is extremely important to know what dyes are safe for dogs.


Using hair dye can be toxic to dogs and may even cause burns to the dog’s skin, as well as other severe injuries, so please make sure that you are using safe, non-toxic dyes.

Wear It With Pride

Now, this is one look that even humankind has not perfected yet. But almost certainly, we can leave it to our pets to stun us with their showcase of the look. A lilac-colored afro like this is hard to come by, which makes us so glad it’s been captured!


This Poodle has extraordinary locks and we can tell how proud she is, you go girl!


Meet dear Darlene, she’s 83, widowed and always reminds you to chew your food, because she cares about you and in her own unassuming way, she is telling you she loves you.


Darlene also happens to write $20 checks for her grandkids, it’ not much but it means a lot to them…


This patriotic puppy is all ready and rearing for the Fourth of July. He’s had his hair cut and styled, and wearing an America bandana, adding to his overall polished look.


Will he make it to the parade? Probably not his year, but he will be there in spirit!

Is That You, Daisy?

Adorable bows! A dog’s coat is not as boring as it seems–tying small ponytails and then accessorizing it with pretty bows can make any canine look like one huge fur-ball of cuteness.


In fact, giving your dog a ponytail can make long hair a lot easier to wear and more difficult to get dirty.

Wear A Hat

For the dog who doesn’t have enough time to get ready before leaving the house, there’s always the option of wearing a hat. The casual headgear is understated and it also looks effortless, because it is!


This dog is taking full advantage of this laid back look and matching it with an equally laid-back sitting position.

The Karen Haircut

This haircut has become the symbol For entitled white women, with hair cut at an angle that’s shorter hair in the back, and having harsh blonde highlights.


Shorter hairstyles may project confidence and that’s exactly what this pooch was going for!

Meet Alice

Meet Alice. Alice is a nice gal if she wants to be but tends to scare off the other dogs with her standoff style. Whether it’s her bright pink hair or her dotted collar and dress, we can tell that Alice wears exactly what she wants, without caring much for other people’s opinions.


And rightly so, she looks great and nothing should make her change who she is.

Big Hair, Don’t Care

Hairstyles in the 1980s included the mullet, large hair-dos, puffed-up styles, tall mohawk hairstyles, jheri curls, flattops, and hi-top fade, permanent waves, and softer cuts all typified the decade. And it’s safe to say that the 1980s was a great decade for hair.

Getty Images Photo by Chris McGrath

We may not be brave enough to wear our hair like this, but for Poodles, it’s a totally different story.

Let Me Ask You, Girl

Here’s that boy you had a crush on in the seventh grade, reincarnated as a dog. Please say yes to him when he asks you to join him for a walk in the park, it’s his dream to be able to take a sweetheart like you to his favorite playground.


He’ll even bring his own leash but he can’t promise that he will stay as composed as you would hope if he sees the neighborhood cat.

Check Out Those Curls

Glamorous and golden, this updo is classy and cute all rolled into one little ball of fluff. Do we wonder if this dog will become famous and have the pup-arazzi chase after her just to get her photo?


The Vogue-worthy look, this one is. We guarantee that this look will turn all the heads on the street.

Perfect Circle

Another perfectly round-shaped head and little Bruce doesn’t even know how cool his new afro looks! This is what pet grooming has come to, but he doesn’t mind all the attention he’s getting…


Now, nobody is ever going to fur-get to brush his coiffure hairdo!

A New Dog

People love seeing before and after photos, and how adorable is it when applied to dogs! He was a cutie as a scruffy ball of fluff but the preppy cut will get him further in life. He could ace that job interview he’s been nervous about and getting the next-door neighbor’s number will be a piece of cake with his new look.


Yep, he’s a keeper and we wish him well as he climbs up the corporate ladder with Tiffany by his side!

She Loves It

Little Betty loves her new haircut. It’s partly because she can finally see clearly again but also she loves being the center of attention, which is exactly where she is right now.


And who could blame her? If anyone deserves all the love and cuddles, it’s Betty.

Those Are Good Bangs

Her mama gave her a ponytail with bangs and all we have to say is good job mama! This look takes us back to preschool when life was simple and hair was even simpler… But let’s not digress from the topic too much.


This little pup is such a cutie and this hairstyle only made her cuter.

You Can’t Sit With Us

This dog definitely has an attitude and it shows. Her long locks are the envy of every dog in the neighborhood and she knows it. She struts her stuff as she makes her way through the dog park and lets her hair flow.


The next thing we know, she’s going to Labradoodle in her journal about her plans to take over the world.

A New Take On Album Covers

If you thought we didn’t need another album cover that looks like this, then you are sorely mistaken! With her windblown hair and sassy stare into the distance, this posing pooch gives us one thing that other models cannot, and that’s adorableness.


With her little paws, who could resist taking a photo of this classy canine?

So Pure, So Sweet

Dog hairdos are so much fun to play around with. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure of coming up with something unique for your pet. Like this for example, where her human family may have gotten a bit carried away.


It wasn’t done at a salon but it was a fun activity that they both enjoyed.

Too Cool For School

Here we have a cool dude that is pulling off a mohawk better than any character from Guitar Hero, if only we could be this cool. He’s ready for a biscuit and unmistakably knows how to rock and roll.


It sort of makes us want to get one but we know we couldn’t pull it off as well as he does!

Nice Dreads

Whoever said that dogs couldn’t have dreadlocks? Oh, wait… nobody ever! A mere few dog breeds are blessed with such vivacious dreadlocks. like the Komondor, also known as the Hungarian sheepdog, is a large breed of livestock guardian dog with a long, corded coat.


This look might look tousled and even unkempt but a lot of effort goes into looking this disheveled!

Look At The Camera

This pretty princess doesn’t look all too pleased to have her picture taken. “How dare a peasant point their camera at me with such spontaneity!” she must be thinking to herself.


But we know this isn’t true, she might not act like it, but she is definitely enjoying all the attention for her new haircut.


Depending on how capricious your dog is, giving her faux pigtails can do a wonderful job at accenting her puppy face. Not only does this doggy look pretty with her braid done so perfectly but she seems to like being in the spotlight, just look at that pose!


And to finish the look off, there’s a sweet little bow fixed on top, how adorable!

Is This Real?

Being different from most hairstyles, this is sure to be a little strange, seeing a perfectly round huge head sticking out in front of a body with four legs, but then it’ll be one of a kind.


Perfectly round haircuts are the latest trend and it looks just as funny as it sounds!

She’s Got Style

This pooch is looking quite pawsh, she even has a bow fashioned out of her hair! Not only is she sassy, but also fur-ocious.


Along with her little t-shirt, this sweet pooch is quite fetching!

A Wig

Dogs are so close to us that we sometimes forget that they are animals at all. As a result, some people love to dress their dogs up, with a wig being a fun and easy way to fiddle around with your dog’s hair without too much stress for your pet.


Wigs are a great way to see what your pet will look like with a certain hairdo without having to commit to that specific style.

Billy the Beach Boy

As the local beach boy, little Billy sure knows how to have a good time. We can imagine him having a laid back personality, but also a little more entitled than most since he is obviously spoilt.


When he’s not hanging out at the beach, he can probably be found sorting through the latest fashion, he may be cute but having this kind of style doesn’t come easy.

Now That’s A Square

Dog owners in Taiwan have been going crazy for this new trend among groomers, this adorable Poodle had his fur on his head sculpted into a perfect square, with the dog grooming technique posted online and eventually going viral.


What a time to be alive! We can’t even think of what people will come up with next?

It’s A Fur Coat

When giving your dog a haircut, make sure you have enough time to actually finish the job, otherwise, they might end up looking like this. The reasoning behind this look might have been ‘the shorter you make the hair on the dog’s face, the easier his life will be.” But at what cost?


Surely there’s a better solution to deal with an unruly coat? Maybe something that doesn’t end up looking like a rushed experiment like this?

Is That Dumbledore?

This look is really difficult to achieve. Were they are aiming to model their pet’s look on Albus Dumbledore or Gandalf, cause that’s exactly what it looks like!

Getty Images Photo by Janette Pellegrini

He looks so wise and at the same time so cute, but how?

The Happiest Poodle

Sweet old Suzy was always a pleasant poodle to have around, she loves being in the company of others and doesn’t mind listening in on the hearsay that happens to come via the nosy neighbors. But what Suzy really loves, perhaps more than anything is getting pampered.


We can clearly see her beaming in the second photo, and how lovely her coat looks!