Hilarious Puppy Photos That Will Make Your Day

We love our pets, they’re a big part of our families. They do the silliest things sometimes and have us loving them even more than we already do. It’s even funnier when puppies who are new to the world find themselves in a challenging situation and try to get out of it. Get ready, you’re about to see some of the funniest puppy fails we’ve ever come across.

Nothing Like A Puppy

We would argue that there isn’t anything sweeter or cuter than a puppy. They’re just so happy, and they are so cute when they sleep. We love the way that they just smell like a puppy. We love the kisses and the little puppy bellies too. However, we all do some pretty goofy things when we’re little, and puppies aren’t an exception.


The things our puppies do make us laugh and create memories that last a lifetime. Keep clicking and scrolling to see some of the funniest “oops” moments these puppies had.

Rough Life

By the looks of this picture, you may think that living the day in the life of a puppy would be pretty hard. I mean, come on, who the heck would want to sleep, eat, and play all day? That must be exhausting. This little guy’s mom works really long days and is very stressed, but she still manages to take him out to the park when she comes home after a long day at work.

Marsha Wassel / Stockimo / Alamy Stock Photo

But, walking can take a toll on this little guy. After an hour or so at the park, mom brought him home and he’s been like this for at least two hours. She says that she got him a comfy dog bed, but he insists on sleeping on the window sill instead. What a weird little guy!

Caught In The Act

One thing puppy owners must watch out for when they bring their bundle of joy home is well, everything. In this picture you can tell that this puppy got ahold of a pillow and tore it to shreds. He of course had to sit in puppy time-out after he got yelled at. It was his mom’s favorite pillow too! It always seems like puppies get a hold of our favorite items in our home.


Hopefully, this little guy learned his lesson the first time and won’t destroy the house any further. We suggest getting a bone or some other chew toy as a distraction from his mom’s belongings.

No Dish-washing Today

Mom and dad don’t let me sit at the dinner table with the rest of the family because they say I beg too much. But I can’t help it, people food is so much better than puppy food-it’s always different and very delicious! I heard a saying once that went, if you fit, you sit, and that’s exactly what I did.


Yes, I may have been doing it for attention, but wouldn’t you? I mean, mom was the one who taught me to sit after all. I probably shouldn’t be sitting on the dishwasher, I’m getting too big for this.

Training Gone Wrong

Training a puppy can be a really tough task. But you have to be committed to the ones that you love and keep trying even if your efforts seem to not be working. They say hard work pays off. Puppies are exactly like babies in the sense that you have to keep your eyes on them at all times because you never know what they could get into and ruin.


This puppy’s owner turned their back for two minutes and before they knew it, everything that was on the bathroom counter made its way into the toilet or onto the floor. This owner needs to keep a better eye on their pup from now on because next time they could get into something pretty dangerous.

You Did That On Your Own

We’ve all probably come home to this at least once. Whether your dog is crated or not, they somehow manage to get a hold of something and tear it to shreds like a chew toy. The look on this dog’s face screams “Help! Get me out of here, I’m sorry!” We hate to break it to you little guy, but mom and dad say you have to learn your lesson.


From a distance it may look like he’s quite literally on cloud nine, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The owners couldn’t help but capture this photo to share with family and friends who laughed at their dogs’ expense. It’s all in good fun.

Howdy, Neighbor!

Huskies are a very adventurous breed. They are known to destroy anything and everything in their path if they do not get enough exercise. They are also very curious. These two are known for escaping their property and making their way over to the neighbor’s yard. The neighbor is deathly afraid of dogs and made a comment to their owners.


They of course understood, as Huskies can be an intimidating breed. In return, they decided to put a fence up. However, because of their curious nature they put two holes in the fence so the dogs could put their heads through. How genius is that?

Adoptive Hen Mamma

Someone is very confused here. We can’t tell if it’s the hen, the puppy, or both. But boy or boy is this so very cute! This puppy lives on a farm with his humans and loves to be outside all the time. He got so tired from running around on all the land he lives on he needed to take a nap.


His owners say he goes to where the hens are and lays under whichever one will let him because he gets cold. This hen doesn’t seem to care. If fact, it seems like she is actually enjoying it. Her motherly instinct is kicking in here. I wonder was this dog will do when he grows up!

Muddy Pup

Taking your puppy out in the rainy weather, or the day after rain, is not something you do for fun. In fact, you may dread it. Everything is wet, muddy, and gross. You’re just asking for your puppy to find his or her way into a muddy puddle. This little guy or girl looks like they had their fair share of fun before their owner could scoop them up before they got dirty.


We’ve seen and episode or two of The Dog Whisperer, and we can’t help but wonder if Cesar would have a field day training this pup. Although the owners of this cutie may have been upset that they had to give him or her a bath, we’re sure the story behind how he or she got muddy will be one for the books. Let’s be honest, how could you be mad at a face like this one?!

A Hard Day’s Work

It was bring your puppy to work day the day this picture was taken. As you can see, he couldn’t handle all the emails and phone calls coming in. He was so tired he just passed right out on his dad’s desk. He didn’t want to wake him up because he looked so adorable. Even his boss was a fan of this little white ball of fluff.


We think bringing him to the office scored some points with the big boss. Next time his dad brings him to the office he should wait until he’s older so he can socialize with all his co-workers.

“Shush! The Game Started!”

In this house, they love their football-the dogs too. Whenever the football game is on, no one in the house speaks unless they are cheering for their favorite team. You may be wondering which team these pups are cheering for. The Philadelphia Eagles of course! We aren’t sure if they are winning this game, but they sure are happy they finally won a super bowl.


The women in the house were out shopping and wanted to see what was going on at home so they checked the live cam. They screenshot this picture to show everyone how into sports these dogs really are.

“I Can Almost Do It!”

This little fluff ball looks like he is trying to do a somersault. But it seems like his legs are a little too small to be doing that. Of course, his owners will continue trying to teach him this new, fun trick.


They are so proud of how far he has come already. They say he is very smart for being so young. Even though this was a big puppy fail they praised him over and over and gave him a tasty treat for trying his hardest!

Star Doggie

There is a race in Philadelphia called the Color Run. The Color Run is a race that will spray paint on the racers as they are running. How cool?! This pup’s owner does it every year, and this year she made sure her boyfriend brought her dog along to greet her at the finish line.


She was so happy to see her at the end of the race, she ran over and gave her a big hug. Unfortunately, some of the color that was on her, got on to her dog. Don’t worry, it won’t irritate the dog’s skin, and it comes right off after a good washing!

Everything’s Going To Be OK, Boy

We have absolutely no idea how a dog ended up on the roof of his house, but here we are. The owner claims the dog is quite the adventurous type, but we don’t know why he would put his life in danger like that. Naturally, once he got up to the top, he probably realized how unsafe it was and wanted to get down.


The poor owners had to call the fire police and everything to get him down. Hopefully this is a lesson learned for this pup!

An Educated Pup

Puppy classes are important. They teach our pups obedience and fun tricks. We know puppies can get out of hand sometimes when they don’t have the proper training, so his parents signed him up for obedience training classes. We heard that this picture was taken on the first day of classes.


He looks very intimidated, and his humans said he is very overwhelmed and scared of the other puppies. However, he is close to graduation soon and we heard that he’s doing great. We can’t wait to see how much he has grown since this picture!

Doritos Pug

Who needs a leash when you have people snacks and dog treats? It looks like this owner is trying to bride or get the dog to do a cool trick with a bag of Doritos as a reward. We aren’t a big fan of giving dogs people food, but this seems to work for this pet owner.


People have really taken things to new heights as pet parents. This owner couldn’t find the dog treats, so he had to improvise by using the Doritos. We’ll let it slide this time!

The Doggy Bag

Sometimes owners love their puppies so much that if they’re small enough they carry them around in tote-sized bags. On this day this puppy’s human took him out while she was running her daily errands. We don’t understand the trend of carrying your dog around in a bag.


We get that some people get separation anxiety from their dogs, but don’t they want them to be leash trained when they decide to take them for a walk? However, this little guy doesn’t seem to mind at all. It looks like he’s ready waiting to roll on today’s adventure.

“We Really Didn’t Do It!”

It looks like these puppies were caught messing around in their human’s garden. They look like they’re saying, “We know we messed up but please don’t yell at us!” Puppies are really curious at this age, so their owners try to be understanding. However, they did get in trouble.

Getty images photo by dageldog

We know how hard it is to be mad at such cute faces, but they need to learn, otherwise they grow up and misbehave all the time. Next time the owners will put up a higher fence so they puppies can’t get into the garden.

Class Is Nonsense Anyways

This picture is the complete opposite from the other slide. His parents enrolled him in puppy school early because he was tearing up the house and talking back to his mom and dad. They were at their wits end, and then they found the perfect school to send their pup. However, this little guy is not about it.


He falls asleep during class all the time. The teacher is sitting behind him looking very confused and frustrated. This is the second time this week that this has happened! Doesn’t he know there is a test coming up that he needs to pass in order to get to his new class? If he does, he doesn’t seem to care very much.

Please Get Off

The look on the cat’s face says it all. She is obviously just not feeling it at all. In a lot of homes that have cats, they think they run the show. This cat wasn’t particularly happy when her parents brought home this little guy. All he wants to do is be her friend and he thinks he can become friends with her by chasing her all around the house until he gets tired.


This cat was also not amused that her owner was taking this picture instead of removing the puppy off of her. We hope one day these two can become friends, but it doesn’t look like that will be happening any time soon.

Photo Time!

This pup is literally living the dream. It looks like she was just finishing up at the groomer and the hair stylist snapped this shot. The groomer likes to take hilarious, yet cute photos of her clients when they come in so she can post them to her Instagram account.


This Poodle doesn’t seem to mind at all. She is definitely not camera shy. The blow dryer in her face reminds her of warm, sunny days with her head out the window.

“I Just Want To Help”

This puppy’s mom is a freelance writer, and she works really hard at what she does. She spends most of her day looking for jobs and sending out cold emails. It’s a tough world out there trying to find a job when you are a beginner writer. His mom looked super tired and stressed out because she was having trouble finding a job.


He kept jumping up until she picked him up to pet him. He was so excited that he started squirming until he slipped out of her hands and onto the desk. This puppy thought maybe he could send out emails to help her out.

“No, It Really Doesn’t Hurt That Much”

It looks like he’s saying, “what dad, I wanted the bee to be my friend.” His dad says he took him to the dog park to burn off some energy and when he threw the ball, his pup didn’t seem too interested because he was sniffing away at something in the grass. Next thing you know he heard a little yelp and went running over to see what happened.


It didn’t take long for his snout to swell up like a balloon. The good news is that this little cutie isn’t allergic to bees and the swelling went down after a couple hours. But oh man does it look like it hurts!

“That’s Really For Me?!”

We would all love it if we could have our cake and eat it too. It looks like a birthday party is going on for this cute little guy. We would imagine that he would get to eat his cake. We don’t really know what started this trend of having birthday parties for dogs, but we are here for it. Pets need to be celebrated too!


People often say that their pets are like children, so why wouldn’t you throw a birthday party? This pup looks over the moon excited to eat his cake. We are wondering how old he is turning.

Roomba Monster

We always get a good laugh out of what scares our dogs. It could be as something as simple as a laundry basket or in this case, a vacuum robot. These vacuums are popular all over the place, but they’re known to scare your pets. We aren’t sure if his humans are just doing their cleaning for the week or if they are trying to terrorize their dog for entertainment purposes.


Either way, they definitely captured this hilarious moment and shared it with the world. Poor little guy is hiding in the laundry room just praying that it stops moving so that he can come out of hiding and play with his favorite toys.

He’s One Of Them

It’s not very common to see cats and dogs be friendly with one another. In most homes, you’ll usually see the dog chasing the cat and then the cat goes off and hides under the bed. That’s not the case in this house. It appears that the felines are the ones who are the alpha-they run the show.


However, this small cutie doesn’t seem to mind and quite frankly, he fits right in. It seems as though this little guy has earned the trust of these cats and they have now taken him under their paws. We can’t help but wonder if the puppy has the same cat-like attitude.

Selfie Pro

We love a good selfie here, and this one is on point. It looks like this beagle took it himself! How funny is that? This pup belongs to Tom Brady. If you aren’t sure who that is, he is one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL.


In addition, he has a supermodel wife who is known for her appearances in Victoria’s Secret magazines. But enough about his owners. We think their dog takes better selfies than they do!

Time Out, Pal

This puppy got himself into some trouble and found himself in timeout as a result of his poor behavior. It looks like he got in trouble for destroying his human’s brand-new pillows for their bed. Or maybe, he’s in timeout for having an accident on the freshly vacuumed floor. Whatever the case may be, it definitely looks like he’s in the dog house.


He must have been in the corner for quite some time because it looks like he is totally over it! We imagine he is probably rolling his cute little puppy eyes when his mom and dad aren’t looking. He was so tired from sitting that it looks like he just fell asleep mid eye roll.

Just Chillin’ In The Pool

While the parents are away, the children will play! Even the dog too. Before leaving, the parents told the kids to not let the dog in the pool because they feared the dog’s nails would tear a hole in the liner. That can be a very costly fix!


However, kids don’t always listen and of course, after their parents left, they let the dog take a dip in the pool. It looks like it’s a hot day out and he’s just trying to cool off. This German Shepard is such a cool dog-literally.

He’s On A Timeout, He Knows What He Did

Pugs may be small, but they can really get themselves into trouble sometimes. This particular pug always seems to get himself caught. The owners brought in their more well-behaved dog to keep a good eye on him while he sat in timeout.


The pug has a habit of getting up too early. Dang dogs! We aren’t sure how long he sat in the corner, but we hope it was long enough that he learned his lesson.

In Need Of Some Shuteye

Napping is something that puppies are known to do. They sleep almost every hour. That’s usually because people love puppies and they love playing with them even more. These little Bulldog puppies look like they’ve spent the entire day playing and dropped the second they stepped foot into their bed.


The one couldn’t even make it to the bed, he passed out right next to it. This puppy fail is too cute. Just look at those little wrinkles and smooshed faces. They are way too cute!

Google Earth Dog

We as humans can’t really get from point A to point B anymore without Google Earth. We use it almost always when we are traveling. Gone are the days when people would use traditional maps that you could buy from the gas station when you would fill up your tank. Society and technology have advanced so much over the years.


Google has quite literally changed the game. Google Earth was able to show this dog’s owner the perfect place to take him for a walk. Let the adventures begin!

How In The World?

We’re not really sure what’s going on here or how this dog got himself stuck behind the fence. Apparently, he thought that digging a hole beneath the fence to get to the other side was a good idea. The fencing had green privacy lining blocking the view to what seems like a construction site.


It could be dangerous so we’re not sure what this little pup is doing. Where are his owners? Maybe he was trying to get away from them, we will never know.

Get Out Of The Way, Conehead

Oh no, it is the cone of shame. This poor puppy just got neutered and she is in a lot of pain right now. The meds seem to only be helping her a little bit. At least they are working enough that she is able to get some sleep. The cat in this picture seems to be taking full advantage of the opportunity to show this pup who’s boss.


These two hate each other more than anything so we imagine this cat is having a field day. It won’t be long until this dog heals up and is back to harassing the cat on the daily.

“I’m Stuck!”

Not only are French Bulldog puppies expensive, they are insanely adorable. They have the cutest little legs and have the chubbiest bellies. They always look like they had a whole thanksgiving dinner to themselves. This one was playing with his human and landed on his back after jumping to catch a toy.


Don’t worry though, he didn’t get hurt. When you have a belly that big and little paws, it’s hard to get back up. He might as well just roll back onto his feet. Don’t you just wish all puppies could stay this size forever? Too cute!

Now It’s Your Turn To Sit

Who is the alpha male in this picture? It looks like the cute yellow lab is. Sibling rivalry is a thing between human and dog. This picture proves that. It’s actually quite funny that every time his brother lays on the ground, the puppy wants to sit on top of his head to show him that he is in fact the boss.


Mom and dad don’t really like this type of horseplay, but it is very funny. Their parents had to snap this picture to put in their family group chat.

“Guys, Where Are You?!”

Oh come on, not again! This dog has a habit of running away the second his parents open up the door. He never seems to learn his lesson. His humans decided that they would lock all the doors and pretend that no one was home in hopes that he would get scared and never run away from home again.


Judging by this picture, it looks like it may have worked. Maybe next time he won’t run away from his humans who love him so very much.

He Needs His Bed

It looks like it’s a free for all in this house! He wanted to play with all his toys at once but was too lazy to pick them up one by one, so he picked up his bed and did away with it. You can tell he’s not messing around by looking at his eyes in the first picture.


His owners told us that he can be quite possessive of his toys and doesn’t like to be bothered when he is playing with them. That’s a fair warning to not mess with this little guy!

“Is That Me?!”

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most curious puppy of them all? This little beagle of course! This is the first time he saw his reflection in the mirror, and he thought there was another puppy just like him on the other side. Puppies are so naïve and innocent, we can’t help but laugh at this picture.


We wonder how long it took for him to figure out that it was just his reflection. We are sure when he gets older, he will look back on this picture and have a puppy laugh about it.

An Eager Pup

When kids are little their parents usually ask them at some point what they want to be when they grow up. Same goes for this little guy. His dad is a police officer, and it is very obvious he wants to grow up to be just like his dad. He is obviously a little ahead of himself, but we love an eager pup!


Right now the only thing he is chasing after is butterflies and sniffing for clues all over the backyard. He’s got quite a few more years before he can enter the police dog academy, but he’s already proving that he’s going to excel in his future career.

What Did You Do?

This little guy is the cutest thing we have ever seen! He loves the outdoors so much and is constantly begging his owners to go outside. They told us that there is one particular spot where he loves to dig and bury his toys. He has so many that they never know which one it will be! Sometimes they worry that maybe he has caught a bird and buried that instead.


It’s just like having a little kid who wants to show you their artwork, you have to act like it’s the best thing in the world. We always act so excited to go on his little treasure hunt!


Here’s another dog who got caught in the cushions. What are these dogs thinking? We can’t tell if he has fallen in-between the cracks or if he’s hiding out waiting for the cat to come out.


If he is waiting for the cat, we are proud of him for concealing himself so well. She won’t even see him coming since he is covered by all of those heavy pillows. We are wondering how the surprise attack went.

Stuck Again

We’ve discovered that puppies always find a way to get themselves stuck in something they don’t belong messing with in the first place. It looks like one of these lab puppies got his head stuck in a fence. Or maybe it is a soccer net? Labs are very adventurous dogs and they love to play. They are the perfect family pet.


These puppies come from a litter that is getting big enough to go to their fur-ever homes. Their humans live on a lot of land, so they let them run around outside to burn off some energy. They of course had to go and get themselves into a mess. But at least they look cute doing it!

He Just Couldn’t Resist

Could you imagine coming home to this after you spent a long eight hours at work? Some dogs experience separation anxiety when their owners leave the house, but this one certainly takes the cake. It seems like he tried to chew his way out of the house to follow his owner wherever they went.


Does this prove that dogs really are a man’s best friend? When they will literally chew through a door just to be with you? We aren’t sure, but we know replacing that door probably wasn’t a cheap fix.

The Never-Ending Struggle

There are so many cartoons of dogs chasing cats and people may wonder why. Dogs and cats can be very dramatic when they live under the same roof. Cats are very moody animals who like to be left alone, whereas dogs love to play and get into trouble. Sometimes cats can instigate when they are annoyed that the dog is trying to play with them. In this picture, the cat pounced on top of this Shepard puppy when he was least expecting it.


It looks like she really bit him hard and he seems like he is howling out for help! We think it may be a good idea to try to keep these pets separate from one another. However, sometimes even doing that can be an issue. In most cases, cats and dogs can never learn to co-exist.

Puppy Yoga

It looks like this guy took the downward dog pose a little too seriously. Just because it’s called downward dog, doesn’t mean you have to do it silly! His owner is a yoga instructor and sometimes when she has a lot of classes, she brings him to the studio with her. He watches all the students very closely and it shows! Look at him go.


He even stayed in the position long enough for his human to take a picture to show all her friends. She is so proud of him for how quickly he is able to pick up the moves.

Taking His Pal Out For A Walk

Does the dog walk you or does the dog walk the dog? This is definitely not something you see every day. The one handling the leash is trying to be just like its owner. These two look like they’re about to go on a nice long walk. However, the walker doesn’t look like he’s in any position to clean up dog poop.


He made sure to tell his brother he has to clean up after himself otherwise the walk will not be happening. We wonder what happened after this picture was taken.

Prank Time!

Puppies are just like little kids. They are always getting into trouble and picking on their siblings. It’s just what they do. In this picture it appears that these two Golden Retrievers are giving their brother a swirly. It’s not very nice of them, but it’s what kids sometimes do for entertainment.


When it comes time to give an explanation to their mom, they may argue that they were just trying to help him get a drink of water since there was none in his bowl. I wonder what she will believe based off this picture.

No Comments

We don’t really have too many words to describe what is going on in this picture. It looks like this dog was chewing the wall when his owners weren’t looking. Then it looks like he tired himself out and fell asleep mid chew.


If you came into the room and saw this, you may be intimidated because his teeth are showing. But don’t be afraid, he is a really nice pup. His humans didn’t have the heart to move him before they took this picture.

Sneaky Doggie

Can’t find your dog? Don’t worry, just find his favorite squeeky toy and squeak away! There is not a dog out there that we know of who doesn’t like a toy just like this one. By the looks of this picture, it seems like the dog can’t tell if his owner wants to play or if it’s some sneaky tactic to get him to go in his dog crate.


This human was calling his pup to come downstairs for a long time. He had to resort to the squeeky toy which he hates. He told us that he hears the squeeking sound in his sleep.

That’s Not How You Use It, Buddy

This little guy got himself into quite the predicament. This looks like it would make anyone claustrophobic. His humans took him to the park with his little human sister. She was playing with her toys and she wanted to play too. He thought it was a ball and started playing catch with himself.


Eventually, as all puppies do, he started chewing on it and somehow managed to get his head stuck in it. In this picture it looks like he’s looking up to his owners asking them to please get this little contraption off his head so he can go back to playing with his little sister.

Sleepy Puppy

Puppies sleep a lot. It doesn’t take much for them to burn through the little bit of energy that they have. This puppy was out and about with his owner all day. He got to put his little head and feel the nice summer breeze on his face. His little ears were flapping in the wind. His parents tell us he is a very jealous puppy, especially when it comes to his food.


When he got home his parents fed him, and when his brother came over to eat some too, he laid directly in his bowl. He laid there for so long that he fell asleep. Poor little guy was so burnt out!

They Need A Bigger Door

Little doggy door, big dog. Most big dogs think they are lap dogs. We have always wondered why that is. In this picture, it appears that maybe a Great Dane is trying to fit through a doggy door fit for a Yorkshire Terrier. You can’t blame a dog for wanting to get some fresh air, but she should have barked or something to let her owner know she wanted to go outside.


The owner told us later that the air conditioning was broken and felt horrible when she came into the kitchen and saw this.

Stuck Pup

We have to wonder how this dog got himself into this situation in the first place. We imagine that he was probably climbing all over the furniture while he was chasing the cat. He continues to do that even though his owners are constantly yelling at him for it.


We have to wonder if this dog finds pure joy out of breaking the rules his parents set in place. The cat jumped off the couch and find hiding underneath the table where the dog couldn’t reach. The dog was a bit clumsier and fell in-between the back of the couch and the cushion.

“Look At Me, Mom!”

We already know that puppies like to bite and chew on everything, including their mom. In this picture, it looks like this puppy is trying to tell his mom who’s boss! He’s the only one in the litter that has this color so maybe he thinks he is superior and can get away with this behavior.


But moms see through everything, and she isn’t intimidated in the slightest. You can just see in this picture how much love she has for this little guy. It’s hard to be mad at your baby.

Caught In The Fence

Would you just look at this little guy?! Mom and dad put up some fencing around the flower bed to make everything look nice, but I just couldn’t help myself, I had to run through it and ruin it! That’s what we imagine this puppy would say if he could talk. But with a face like that, we can’t imagine his owners stayed mad at him for long.


We heard that he had to sit in puppy time out for a while, but the good news is that he learned his lesson. Mom and dad say that he thinks he’s bigger than he is, and when he tried to jump the fence, he got stuck. Poor little guy.

Quit Playing, They’re Watching!

Sometimes cats and dogs like each other but they don’t want their humans to know. Why? The world may never know. It appears that their owner was able to sneak up on them while they were cuddling, was about to take a picture, and then they realized that they were being photographed.


They didn’t want any evidence of this, so they quickly started to fight with one another. Here is a before and after. This one will give you a good laugh!

Such A Good Hiding Place

Peek-a-boo, I don’t see you! These guys took dinner time to a whole new level of cuteness. At first, he just wanted to make sure he got every last bite of his food, but then his brother suggested that they play hide and seek. To which his brother was happy to play as you can tell. Nothing is every serious with a puppy.


They even want to play at dinner time. But you already know it won’t be long before they need a nap! One day they will grow into their paws!

I Told You I’m Staying in This Aisle

This puppy seems to have had enough and decided to show it. As is obvious from the photo, this puppy clearly doesn’t want to move past the pet aisle in the supermarket. His owners are waiting patiently, it seems, but that doesn’t seem to matter for this little guy.


He decided enough is enough, resisting the leash wasn’t going to do it this time, so he flat out plopped on the floor. Stay strong pup! Don’t budge until they get you that new chew toy!

Right Here is Perfect

We know dogs can sleep literally anywhere – if they’re tired enough, any surface will do. But this basset hound pup took things to another level; wouldn’t it have been easier (not to mention infinitely more comfortable!) to just sleep on the ground?!


Maybe he was munching on the flowers and got so tired he decided to take a nap right there. And, to be honest, he does seem to have found the perfect balance between the two plant pots – and we’re sure the soft soil must make a nice little cushioned bed. But one thing’s for sure, this pup is going to have a very sore neck after his nap!

‘What Did You Just Say?!’

A trip to the vet? The cat ate the new toy? What could have possibly been the alarming news that caused this pup’s shock? Perhaps his owner just told him the nature walk was over. Or maybe he just swallowed a bug.


Whatever is happening here, this puppy’s expression of absolute disbelief is hilarious! And definitely way too cute to not get what he wants.

Sailing Like a Boss

Have you ever seen a happier dog? This puppy is living the dream, and he clearly knows how to live the good life! Not only is he enjoying the amazing wind on his fur but just imagine how many smells this puppy is getting to experience.


And he even has company, his other dog pal seems to be sitting very comfortable on the cushy seat behind him. What a perfect day.

That Last Shot of Tequila Was a Mistake

Looks like this pup had a rough night and, as we all learn eventually, the only real cure for a hangover is to sleep it off, so brave through it little guy! The owners definitely caught a perfect shot – this could even work as a funny “drink responsibly” ad campaign.


Either this pup exhausted himself from playing and passed out straight after drinking water, or he was just playing around on the carpet, stumbled upon the glass and of course, decided to get his muzzle all in to sniff out what was in it. Regardless, this pic is definitely one for the books – it doesn’t get any cuter than this.


We don’t know about you, but this is the cutest yoga teacher we’ve ever seen. Lately, there seems to be an ongoing trend of people practicing yoga posting adorable photos and videos of their animals imitating their every move. And some of these photos, like the one below, are actually quite amazing. Just look at this pup’s balance!

Getty images photo by BenGrantham

We don’t know how many months of training (or intense staring at his owner) it took for this french bulldog to achieve his yogi master level, but it was all worth it just to snap this heartmelting photo.

Look at Me!

One thing’s for sure, whatever this puppy is asking for, he’s going to get. And if that little face isn’t enough to get the job done, those tiny puppy paws thrown into the air will certainly do the trick.


Whether this pup is begging for the last piece of meat on his owner’s plate, or just doing a balancing act, it’s impossible to look away.

‘I Thought I Smelled Bacon’

This pup’s curiosity got the best of him, and that poor sweet look in his eyes makes it clear that he just realized the predicament he’s in. Like many dogs before him, this pup probably got a whiff of something interesting coming from the bowl, so obviously, he just had to get as close as possible to properly sniff out the mysterious smell.


Judging by the photo, the pup and his parents seem to already be in some kind of waiting room, which we really hope is the vet, because getting his head out of that fishbowl is not going to be easy!

The Overprotective Dad

Anyone who’s ever had a dog knows that pets are like children – we love them unconditionally, we discipline them, and of course, we’re constantly making sure they’re OK and taken care of. But this guy took things a step further, and this pup doesn’t look too happy about it.


As adorable as that puppy looks in that baby carrier, he would probably be fine on the floor (at least for the few minutes that it would take his dad to finish cooking). Or maybe this is just a particularly mischievous puppy.

Best Seat in the House

Just like kids, puppies are often completely oblivious of themselves and their surroundings, which is also what makes them so unbelievably cute. However, this parent doesn’t look very amused with the fact that his pup decided he would be a chair for the day.


Maybe this puppy is just trying to get a boost so he can finally get that cupboard open and chow down whatever’s inside. As for the dog dad, he has that very familiar look of resignation we often get with our kids – hey, what else are you going to do?

Special Delivery

Imagine opening your mailbox and finding that! We don’t know how this puppy got in here, but he looks as baffled as the person that opened the mailbox probably did.


This little guy is definitely too small to have jumped in there by himself, so our guess is a member of the family decided to play a cute prank on someone – and they nailed it. Best delivery ever!

It’s the Small Things in Life

If happiness had a face, it would be this pup. Have you ever seen a more overjoyed puppy in your life? This cutie seems to be in absolute ecstasy about his bubble bath in the sun.


He’s enjoying the warm sunshine, the breeze, and probably getting an insane amount of cuddles while getting bathed and brushed by his owners, because, come on, just look at that tiny ball of fluff!

I Told You…I’m Driving

Imagine you pop into the store to buy a few things and leave your dog in the car for five minutes, and you come back to this. After the first few seconds of overwhelming cuteness, you start to wonder, how on earth could this puppy actually be comfortable sleeping like this?!


Maybe he just figured it was a good a day as any to finally go for a drive. Regardless, this pup napping on the steering wheel with his chubby little paws dangling in the air is one of the most adorable things we’ve seen.

You Talking to Me?

This photo couldn’t have turned out better if it was staged. This pup has an attitude and, unlike his other puppy friends, he’s not going to go insane over a pot of food. Oh no, he will use that food bowl (which seems to be bigger than the actual puppy) as an armrest until he’s ready for dinner.


If it weren’t for the fact that he looks ridiculously adorable sitting like that, we’d definitely say this is one badass-looking pup.

Office Hours

This is what you get when you take your pup to work – a ball of fur sleeping over your coffee, and you trying to do acrobatics to keep your precious coffee from becoming a pool of hair.


It seems this pup had enough of the emails and excel sheets, and decided this was a perfectly good spot to crash. Not to mention how cozy he must be with the warmth of that big screen touching half his face.

Where Did I Leave That Bone?!

This huge puppy seems to have lost something down the toilet, and clearly, he is very intent on finding it. Either that or this bear-like pup hasn’t yet been trained to not drink from the toilet.


Or maybe it’s just an actual person in a Halloween costume getting over the worst hangover of their life!

Napping Done Right

How did the owner of these gorgeous creatures manage to not cuddle them long enough to snap that photo?! Just look at how blissfully peaceful this pup and kitten look. They both seem to have found the perfect snuggling position for having a sound sleep, and the fact that their bed seems to be as fluffy as a cloud doesn’t hurt either.


Even their colors match so beautifully that this could easily be on the front cover of any animal magazine. We imagine a caption that reads: “Napping is always better with friends”.

Back Off Pal!

The pup below is too excited for words and that cat isn’t taking any of it. Kitty isn’t happy, and judging by his puffed-up tail, that pup is two seconds away from getting seriously scratched.


It is a well-known fact that cats and dogs are worlds apart, and when it comes to puppies, cats tend to lose their patience very quickly. And hey, we don’t blame them, puppies can be a handful. We just hope this situation didn’t get violent.

I’ll Just Crash Right Here

Another example of how much parents sacrifice for their kids – like getting proper sleep because your puppy decided that your neck would be the best place in the entire house to pass out on.


Even though this gorgeous golden retriever seems slightly annoyed to have his nap interrupted, he doesn’t look like he’s planning on moving and shaking his pup off anytime soon. And to be fair, how could he? Just look at those tiny little paws!

Bad Hair Day

Next time you feel like you’re having a bad hair day, remember this pup. We definitely have to congratulate this dog’s owners for the soapy hairstyle and capturing a perfect moment. A bubble bath has never looked cuter.


And even though the pup doesn’t seem terribly bothered by bath time, he does seem to be getting slightly fed up with his owners’ shenanigans.