The Funniest and Most Endearing Photos of Pets Realizing They’re Going to the Vet

Going to the doctor, or even worse, the dentist, has always been something most people dread. Those feelings are quite similar to how most animals feel about going to the vet. Neither we, nor our furry companions, can avoid these trips, but we certainly don’t enjoy them. It’s never a happy trip, and here are some hilarious photos to prove it. Even though we know these animals were not at their best moment, we know it was for their own good. Remember, an appointment is momentary, a photo lasts a lifetime!

Nowhere to be Found

It’s pretty obvious someone just received some bad news. Yes, it’s time to go to the vet again; and even though this pup is trying his best to avoid going, we all know moping won’t solve anything. We definitely applaud this dog’s effort, hiding under a blanket, thinking “as long as they don’t see my face, it’s all good”.


We’ll give this cutie some points for creativity. It’s also understandable, who of us has not wanted to cry and curl up in a ball when we hear a doctor’s visit is on its way? We always knew we had more in common with our pets than we thought.

Please Don’t Make Me Go!

This pup isn’t worried about looking tough when it comes to the vet. Her size doesn’t make her brave or wise, she just wants a little understanding as she sits, contemplating her fate, in her “torturer’s” waiting room. She may look big and strong, but she’s just a little puppy when it comes to going to the vet.


She can’t be the only worried pup. In fact, we’re sure the waiting room had at least one other dog trying to keep it cool and not panic. All dogs are lap dogs in the vet’s waiting room, just visit any one of them and you will see for yourself.


This cat is far beyond the waiting room and the lap dogs, there’s no backing out now. You can’t run at this point, no one can, but this kitty is attempting to hide. This cat has learned from past experience, it seems, and it knows the lay of the land. And maybe even the fact that the color of its fur camouflages with the wall.


Camouflage seems to be the attempt of the day, as it curls between wall and cotton balls. It’s a nice try, but it won’t make much difference. Vets are experts, and they usually know all the hiding places in the office, though we can certainly appreciate this cat’s particular attempt.

You Lied!

This is a face of betrayal, of realization, of knowing that, even though no one ever mentioned the word “vet”, that’s where they ended up. Treats, toys, and car rides are some of the best tricks to get a pup to the dreaded vet, and they seem to have worked once again.


The smells, outfits, and tiles are all too familiar now. This is the vet. There is no going back. The distrust is all encompassing now, but it won’t last. This pup will get in the car again, some day. It’ll believe in treats, and toys, and be tricked yet again. But that won’t be today. It’ll need time to forget first.

The Most Manipulative Eyes

Some people think full-grown German Shepards are intimidating, but as you can see in this photo, every dog knows the power of adorable puppy eyes. It’s the first line of defense when a dog wants to avoid a vet visit. But usually, the puppy eyes have a rather high success rate.


As owners hold the power, and the car keys, we are often the ones these powerful stares are turned upon. They want help, we can offer it, and we don’t. Too soon, they find themselves on the table, the vet smiling, but not in a comforting way. The moment is captured on camera. We feel bad, we do, and those eyes certainly don’t make us feel any better.

Somebody, Help me!

Someone had to be carried from the car, and it may be harder to put him down than it ever was to pick him up in the first place. His very life could be at stake, his concern has turned inward, he is holding on for dear life, his life, and could be holding on to his owner forever.


His distress is evident in this picture, as it should be; the vet is no fun for anyone. At least it’s a bit of entertainment for everyone else; what a sight! We all know it’s going to be okay, but we certainly wish we could offer some comfort.

Don’t Tell Me We’re Going to…

Well, after you pass the dog park and the pet store, where else can you possibly be going? This photo shows a pup that is finally realizing what its fate is, and the panic on its face is clear for anyone to see. The look probably didn’t last long, and surely didn’t mean enough to change the outcome.


How can this pup ever forgive his owner? How can his eyes ever lose the hurt that now surrounds them? How can you ever forgive yourself for putting him through this?!

If I Can’t Run, I’ll Hide

This cat’s nine lives may have just run out. This is the end. This isn’t the waiting room; this is the real deal, the inside of the vet’s office. But it’s only really over when you give up, right? It doesn’t seem this kitty is planning on giving up anytime soon. In the end, he is a descendant of lions, and that means he’s not surrendering without a fight. If this is to be her last stand-off, it will definitely be one everybody will remember.


We understand, even now, that it won’t matter. She’s in the office, and there’s no chance left. Let’s just imagine this kitty made it. That’s a nice thought.

They’ll Never Find Me Here

This cat is trying to follow in the footsteps of its ancestors and attempting to hide in the surroundings. There is no open drawer this time, and instead, this cat is trying to find shelter in anything within reach.


We recognize the look in those eyes; the fear, the despair, the terror. But really, there are no chances left for this fuzzy fellow. What else can one do? One can only look disapprovingly at all those present. Let the indignation be known. Beware the wrath of a tricked kitty, and watch out for it on the ride home.

I Won’t Go… and You Can’t Make Me

Who has it worse when it comes to going to the vet? The pet or the owner? It seems the owner has to do all the heavy lifting. Here we see a particularly big dog that is not going to make things simple. Carrying the dog may be preferable to dragging him, but both take strength and effort.


Either way, this isn’t going to be easy. Like any wise pet, child, or protester, this puppy has gone limp. Dead weight is always harder to carry. It won’t change the outcome, but perhaps his actions will make a strong point and make puppies everywhere proud!

This Isn’t Petco

This is what disappointment looks like. This dog has been betrayed, and its naive puppy trust will never again be what it was. Perhaps this is the first time this pup has been so blatantly disappointed, perhaps it has yet to fully understand what a vet trip really means.


“Maybe that was the worst of it”, it must be thinking. Maybe this table is the end. Maybe the needles and the prodding is over. Forever, perhaps. “We’ll never have to come back here”, it thinks. But we know that’s not true. They all have to come back, eventually. The car is will never again be the safe place it once was.

Not Going to Happen

Cats are masters of disguise, and their full potential seems to come into play when they visit the vet’s office. Forget drawers, tables, and laps. Today, the disappearing act is taking place in the sink. He’s probably not the first kitty to make the attempt, but he’s certainly the first one we’ve seen.


The supplies that surround him are new and intimidating. He’s peaking at his surroundings, taking a small look over the sink’s edge, searching for any incoming danger. What a fantastic moment to capture! And all the better for us, as we get a chance to see this hilarious kitty.

Last Resort

Cats appeal to many people due to their clean and graceful natures, or so we’ve been told. It’s not a common occurrence for kittens to wind up in trashcans, like the puppies we often find on the Internet. But the vet is a different story altogether.


This experience goes beyond pride, and the cat has taken to the trashcan like many raccoons and dogs before him. The trashcan, it seems, is still preferable to whatever the vet has in store. It’s actually not a bad idea; who would check the garbage for a proud kitty? But the vet is no amateur. He’s been fishing hidden animals out of every corner of his office for years.

The Panic is  Real

This image depicts the exact second this poor puppy realized its final destination was the vet. The eyes are the windows of the soul, and we can clearly see the fear and anxiety in this little guy’s eyes. So much so, you almost feel bad about it. You can see into its soul, how it’s pondering its existence, and what this situation really means.


What could possibly have happened to this poor pup before? What makes it so fearful of the vet? What makes it think it has to be so terrified? We hope everything went well, and that the fear in these poor eyes was unfounded.

Hmm…I Don’t Think So

This particular dog is beyond fear, it’s just plain angry. It’s been tricked before and here it is, being tricked again. This look has probably been a permanent fixture on this dog’s face since before he was encouraged to get in the car. No treats, kisses, or apologies are ever going to make this okay.


They can try. They can offer walks, parks, and favors, but we don’t think it’s going to make one bit of difference. We wonder if it helped that the pup got to sit up front. Judging from the photo, we highly doubt it made much of a difference at all.

Game Over

We have seen this look before. This is a knowing look. This dog understands exactly where it’s going. Perhaps it’s trying to stave off a heart attack by being the strong and silent type. Those wide eyes look pensive, but not accepting. He’s trying to make peace with its fate; it understands what’s coming.


The concern in this poor puppy’s eyes is not something we are used to. Perhaps this good boy will get lucky and the trip will be simple and painless, because just look at that face! We really hope it all went okay.

Are You Serious?

If we could read minds, it would be very likely this poor dog’s would be less than happy. What might it say about this betrayal? “Are you serious right now?”


But this pup can’t speak, and we can’t read minds. This pup’s attitude is enough, though. Perhaps it’s just angry, or maybe a bit scared. Maybe it’s just disappointed. This pup may have to go to the vet, but it’s not going to be happy about it.

I Completely Disagree

Not the best of days for this pup. That’s a look of disgust and utter disapproval, as the dog begins to understand what today is all about. It has no control, and it knows this, understands it deep down, so instead, the pup decides to show his discontent with a look.


Perhaps this look is familiar, like a mother who has just received bad news about a child. It’s clear there’s no happiness here. I’d beware of those sharp canine teeth for a while, because this dog understands it has been let down in every way possible.

I’m Never Trusting You Again

This image actually seems to have been captured after the vet. This dog has already suffered its traumatizing vet experience. It has survived, but it is not happy about it. Those eyes show nothing but defeat. There is no more fear here, no worry, just disappointment.


The betrayal is over, but the disappointment isn’t. How can this dog ever learn to trust again? We’re sure it will be looking at its owner in disappointment for some time to come.

The Incredible Disappearing Dog Act

We’ve seen a cat pretend to be a dog and dive into the safety of a garbage can, but now we can look at a dog acting like a cat, trying to camouflage itself in the vet’s presence. Why is this not the best attempt we’ve seen? The problem here is size. This is a big dog, and this is a relatively small hiding place.


We can read the body language. Look at that tail between its legs. That’s an easy sign to read. We understand. But it doesn’t matter how many times we say it will be okay, it doesn’t look like this dog is ready to listen. We all go to the doctor, and it doesn’t have to be torture every time. This big boy doesn’t seem to care, though.

They Can’t See Me…Can They?

This cat is ready and waiting, watching everything with skeptical eyes. This shouldn’t’ surprise us. By curling down here in the sink no one can see her, right? She certainly hopes so. Her eyes are her greatest asset, but her ears are her biggest giveaway.


We understand the fear, the trepidation, and the attempt to escape. But it’s too late. You’re in the office. There is nothing else to do but accept the inevitable. This won’t take long. And the day can only get better from here.

Double Trouble

It’s double trouble for these cats. They are waiting for their time to come…at the vet, that is. It’s clear their day hasn’t been easy. Let’s imagine the start of their day, when they got shoved into their carriers. Then they had to get in the car, with no directions and no clue where they were being taken. And, when they actually figured out they were at the vet’s office, they found it cold and inhospitable.


Through it all, they’ve had each other, and it seems they will stick together until the very end. But while they do have each other, they do not have opposable thumbs, and so haven’t been able to close those cabinet doors behind them. This is not a game of hide and seek either of them is going to win.

They’ll Never Find Me

We can see this fuzz ball considering whether or not it is still visible to the naked eye. The truth though, is that she is. It’s an impressive try, nevertheless, blending into her surroundings like that. This kitty’s size, being minuscule, is certainly helping at the moment.


Its fur is a soft and subtle color, which is definitely a help where camouflage is concerned. But this vet is an expert, and if we can still see it, it’s a certainty they’ll be able to find it as well. The vet’s only coming to help, but it doesn’t look as if this cat is up for doing a lot of listening right now.

Please Don’t Make Me, Mommy

It’s always good to have supportive parents on your side, and this pet’s mom is doing her best to shield her little guy from its fears, as well as the truth. But this fuzzy baby is no longer a puppy, and it’s not as easy to hide in mommy’s arms as it once must have been.


Despite the years, the fear of the vet has not subsided, but neither has the need to go, to stay strong and healthy. Mom’s got your back, though. She’ll cuddle this pup now and squeeze it later, and I’m sure this lucky doggie will feel better as soon as the appointment is done.

Sink Hideaway

So obviously, that first cat we saw hiding in the sink wasn’t as original as we thought. Here we see another cat, once again seeking sanctuary in the sink at the vet’s office. We can all appreciate the effort, I’m sure. This cat knows what’s up, and it is not ready to roll over and give in.


But this big baby can’t hide its whole self, so this isn’t doing anyone any good. This kitty’s just too curious, with its head poking out and looking around like that. It also doesn’t help that it’s not a shiny silver color, like her new surroundings. Good try, we guess, even if it didn’t change the outcome.

Take Me Home Already!

It’s clear from the look on this poor dog’s face that it has just now recognized this was no joy ride to the park he was taken on. This is a vet vacation, and of a very particular kind. This is a trip that will “fix” you, puppy. The disdain is palpable.


This little guy is stuck until surgery, and it seems to know this will not be his last visit, either. If only this corgi understood how many of its brethren have suffered this operation before him. They all end up fine and live long, happy, and productive lives. The vet will disappear, the cone of shame will come off, and we can all be friends again!

I Said I Was Sorry About Eating the Wallet

If this puppy spoke, we’re sure it’d have a lot to say right now. It would apologize for chewing on those shoes, eating that wallet, drooling on your work outfit, peeing in the house, or barking at the neighbors. He’d apologize for it all, everything and anything, right about now.


It was all out of love, so please, don’t feel like you have to punish the poor fellow. “Your shoes will never meet my mouth again. I will stay away from bagels and table scraps. The house will be spotless as long as you take me back there immediately!”

Can’t We Just Go Home?

This may be a tiny little baby, but this puppy has enough experience to know exactly where it is at the moment. What’s about to happen will not be enjoyable, delicious, or appreciated. Those puppy eyes are doing everything they can to beg off this visit by being huge and adorable.


It must be hard to be its owner, to deny this face anything it asks for, especially sympathy. But mom’s only doing this because she cares, little dog. It will end soon, and you can go back to being a happy and care-free family once again.

Stay Where You Are!

Here we see, once again, the shiny shelter of the veterinary sink being occupied by a foolish feline face. This kitty looks like it means business though; this is not its first rodeo. It’s pulled its ears back down against his head and refuses to blink those intimidating green eyes.


Be careful coming after this kitty, because you won’t be able to take him sitting down. You will be punished for your treachery. We wonder if those claws stayed sheathed when the vet came in. We highly doubt it. This cat has made its feelings pretty clear.

Don’t You Dare

Don’t judge an animal by its size. This cat came ready to fight. “Come closer”, it dares you, “just try me today!” Don’t underestimate what a cat is capable of, especially when they are backed into a corner. That cuteness is only a cover. They know better.


This cat knows it won’t win, but that doesn’t mean it’ll go down without a fight. You have made it very angry, and it’s going to make sure you know it. You will know it now in the office, and probably on the ride home, too. Good luck getting anything done for the rest of the week.

I’m Going to Need A lot More Than That

The treat trick is a time-tested tradition by pet parents and vets alike. But some pets are wiser than others. They understand that the human hand is only offering a prize because they want something in return. This poor creature may have fallen for these falsehoods before, but it’s not going to fall victim to it again.


That delicacy is not worth the cold shiny table and the poking that’s so likely to come after. This pup seems to be saying, “But it does smell good. And I know it tastes good. But I think you need to give me more. More treats will mean more cooperation. It will be a good deal for both of us, I think”.

You Think They Can See Us?

These pair of puppies probably had a decent morning today. They got up ready to walk, play, eat, and snuggle. They were even offered a very special car trip, to the park, they thought. They jumped in the car, as all good dogs do, tails and tongues wagging. But nothing is ever as it seems, is it?


The magical car took them not to the open fields, but to the closed wards of the vet’s office. They both know the drill, and squish themselves behind mom’s chair as best they can. But the real trick is, that there are two of them, and together, they don’t fit in their brilliant hiding place!

Stay Back, or I Will Not Be Held Responsible

It’s easy to see that this is one smart baby kitten. It knows that escape is its only option, and it is wise enough not to trust the vet. This kitty might be small, but it is mighty! We give it major praise for defending itself so bravely.


We’ve seen other cats hide in sinks, cabinets, and below benches, but this little kitty is ready to fight. Its ancestors are tigers, and they knew how to take down their enemies. Why shouldn’t she?

No One Will Ever Find Me Here

Bravery is admirable, but it often comes from being young and naive. The pets that understand how the world works know the vet is as inevitable as the need to pee. We see an experienced adult feline here. It’s used up a few of its nine lives and knows there is no real use in fighting the inevitable.


The vet is one of those things. The hiding spot is creative, not the usual sink, thank goodness, but we can still see it, which means the vet will most certainly be able to see it, too.

I’ll Fit..You’ll See!

We will never understand exactly what the lives of our pets are like. Look at this cat, for example. Perhaps its owner told it a diet was necessary. Perhaps that same owner cut back on the dry food and the treats. But this cat was too smart for its own good. It knew how to find and access the food it craved. It was also unwilling to give up any of its pre-planned nap time to some much-needed exercise.


So, here they are, owner and cat come to seek professional assistance and, finally, it seems the cat has realized what was in its best interest all along. But they’ve reached the vet, and it’s much too late to turn back now.

Oh, Give Me a Break…

This corgi knows what it looks like. It’s upset for many reasons, the least of which is the ridiculous Christmas scarf currently draped around its neck. The real trouble is that the scarf and corgi together are at the vet. It’s all so wrong. This pup is proud, refusing to cower or hide as so many before him have attempted in the same space.


He knows he can’t change his fate, but he will go down as a hero, instead of a victim, as he stares down his human with every bit of guilt he can channel into his large canine eyes.

How Did This Happen?

This tiny fluff ball is a heart-breaker for sure. Look at those sad eyes and that adorable puppy face. Those tiny paws, who could ever wish them any harm? This dog deserves all the love in the world just for its sheer adorableness. This poor pup is too fresh, too good for this world. It has no idea where it is and what it’s about to go up against.


The pup seems a little shaky, and to be fair, all new experiences can be nerve wracking. This little guy seems to be trying to hide beneath a chair without much luck. We know what’s about to happen, but we hope this cutie isn’t too traumatized from this visit!

Hold My Paw

The strong bond between a pet and their owner is the real reason we take our canine companions to the vet in the first place. We want nothing but health and happiness for our furry friends. This picture reminds us of the bond we all share. This boy is no novice, it knows about the vet, its pain as well as its importance.


This pup may be scared, but it knows to ask for the help it needs. It’s okay to be scared, and brave to admit it. Just let your pet know you’re there. Hold their paw, pet their face, and offer them some treats when you finally take them home.

Where Are We?

This photo is the definition of the word “surprise”. What will this cat’s face look like in a few minutes? What emotion comes first? Fear? Anger?  Sadness? We don’t know from this image alone, but we do understand this poor feline has been duped.


It had no idea this was what its day was going to be like. But now it’s too late, this is where it’s ended up, and what will be will be. It’ll be over soon, sweet kitty, or at least we hope it will!

Tell Me the Truth

This pug has attitude. It knows its small stature doesn’t define it. What defines it is its honesty, a trait it no longer shares with its owner, who likely lied to get the little pug here in the first place. It didn’t even take the parking lot, or the waiting room, or the vet’s office itself to get this pug riled up. This doggie is too smart for its enemies. It knows where it’s going, and it’s not happy about it.


Perhaps, this pug still has time to escape, if it’s really as smart as it seems to be. We’ll never know for sure, but how many times has a pet ever really escaped a trip to the vet? Not many, we suspect.

Camouflage Fail

When we think about camouflage, army-type images of green and brown usually spring to mind, but that doesn’t mean these colors are a Harry Potter invisibility cloak. But no one seems to have informed this puppy about it. This pup thinks it’s made the right choice, burrowing beneath this blanket of green and brown, and genuinely believes no one can see it.


But green and brown is for the forest, not for your traditional living room, with its carpets and hard wood floors. Even if this canine had thought to hide itself outside, its backside is still visible outside the cover of its blanket! We don’t think this furry guy is going to be so hard to find when the time comes to take the planned day trip to the vet.

I Can’t Believe You

A little white lie is all it seems to take to get a dog into the car. This canine seems to have seen the lie for what it is much earlier than expected. They’re not going to the park or to PetSmart. This path is familiar. This dog knows its headed for torture, and its look of disgust is not for the vet, but for the owner.


This dog’s trusted owner has fibbed, once again, and broken this pup’s trust. This is not a happy dog, and why should it be? The front seat is no consolation, and we’re sure this dog is going to stay angry for quite some time to come.

Just Leave Me Alone

This is actually one of the more creative hiding spots we’ve come across. This bad boy is not only under the table, but hidden beneath those colorful, distracting magazines. That’s much more interesting than the puppy under the table, right?


Everyone’s sure to forget about the hidden dog and the vet appointment. Unfortunately for the pup, we doubt the attempt will be successful, but we wish him all the luck in the world.

The Face of Fear

Now this is what actual terror looks like. Those hypnotizing blue eyes are the size of marbles, giving this kitty a sort of possessed look. Perhaps it had too much catnip. Perhaps it’s insane. Or perhaps it’s the only one who understands what being at the vet means.


And that nurse? Her bedside manner leaves something to be desired. How can she be smiling at a time like this? We hope this was just a routine checkup for that horror stricken feline.

Goodbye, Sweet Friend

This is just heartbreaking. These dogs both seem to understand exactly what’s about to happen. The car bound pup seems sad, resigned to its fate. The pup’s friend and savior seems to understand that he is her last hope, as he hangs onto the window, hoping to offer his friend some comfort.


Will they ever see each other again? Will their friendship ever be the same? We hope so. We think so. Actually, we know so. But boy, are they cute.

A Perfect Fit

The vet doesn’t seem to suffer from any lack of hiding places, but cats seem to be much more successful in this department, as this pup clearly proves. To be fair, this pup’s fur does match the color of the desk, but other than that, we can’t see how this spot would be successful at concealing this pooch.


Perhaps this was just the closest spot the pooch could find, and he just went for it. But the vet is no fool, and that hiding spot won’t last for long. This dog is going to have to face the music, sooner rather than later.

Demon Cat

Cats are scary, or at least they can be, and this fuzzy lady is no exception. She looks ferocious, and definitely not a pet we’d want to face before a vet appointment. We certainly wouldn’t want to be distracted around this kitty, like by having to watch the road, as this poor guy does.


This cat knows the truth. This is no outing to grandmas’ or Petco. This is betrayal. This is unforgivable. This cat has all the right to be psychotic. The real question is, how did this trip end? Who survived?!

Keep a Low Profile

If only this pup wasn’t so big, he’d be completely wedged under that car seat he’s struggling with. Instead, it has to settle for sitting uncomfortably beneath the dashboard.


Those eyes are begging, pleading, but the owner won’t budge. How can you ignore those eyes? Those big, beautiful, human-like eyes?

No Escape

This feline knows what’s up. We can only imagine what this cat did upon realizing the situation it was in. This cat can’t possibly be any happier than it was when it arrived, but at least the photograph can give us a smile.


What’s more harmless than a tiny kitty? What could she have possibly done to deserve this? Who made the call to strap down this tiny little thing? Then again, anyone who knows anything about cats, knows that claws, not matter how small, are very sharp.

We’re Going Where?!

This dog looks like he might need some sedatives just at the thought of going to the vet. The pup looks troubled, almost as if it just learned of the death of a family member. It has to be thinking about something much worse than going to the vet.


Maybe the owner can get this doggie some meds for the next vet appointment. Be strong boy, the big bad vet will be done before you know it!

The End of Hope

This is what a dog looks like when its every hope and dream has been trampled in front of its very eyes. Look at that happy hopeful puppy on the left. Cute, isn’t it? Now look again at the photo on the right.


What happened to that hopeful pup? We think it may have been the news that a vet visit was coming up.  That mere fact has ruined this dog’s happy energy. The owner is going to have a hard time making it up to him.

True Love

The bond between humans and animals is one of the most beautiful things one can capture on film. Look at this heartfelt hug between this girl and her golden retriever. They’re holding one another as if they are clutching onto the only thing that will keep both of them from drowning.


We hope dog and human hug like this each time they visit the vet together, understanding the fear, but also that things usually turn out OK. This is a gesture of reassurance, not of despair.

They Can’t Possibly See Me Here

Clearly, hiding is a foreign concept to a few of the animals on this list. Look at this cat, for example. As cute as it is, does it actually think the corner of the table is any harder to see than the edge or the center?


This kitty looks concerned, as it should be, since it’s not really hiding at all. It just got a shot, so we understand the horror and disappointment. This kitty’s been betrayed, and it knows.

Say What?!

This dog’s shock is so overwhelming that its mouth is hanging open! This pup is in complete disbelief. Maybe someone just called it a cat, or said the moon is made of treats, but whatever it was, we didn’t know a dog was capable of having such a hilarious, human-like expression!


This dog knows it’s going to the vet, and it doesn’t seem ready to listen to the idea that it won’t be that big a deal. It’s just in absolute shock for the moment.

Anything but the Vet!

While we’re used to seeing smiling puppies with their heads and tongues hanging gleefully out the window, we are now also familiar with the petrified look of a pooch that has realized it has been tricked into the back seat for a very different reason than it expected.


How can this dog ever be happy again, if it has to go the vet, even just this one time? Forget the window and the wind in its fur; it only has eyes for the floor, to contemplate its suffering. It needs a hug, a treat, and a nap, but not until after his appointment.

Don’t Even Try

The term “road rage” brings to mind terrible profanity and car accidents. But this dog brings a whole new meaning to the term, with rage clearly displayed across its face.


This dog is so angry, it’s difficult to imagine what it could have possibly been offered to get into the car in the first place. Don’t take your eyes off the road when you’re driving, but if you have a pup like this one, we would strongly advise to keep an eye on it too!

No One Will Find Me Under My Pet Giraffe!

We’ve saved the best for last. Just look at this genius of a dog in its very original hiding spot. Yes, that’s a giraffe he’s taken cover under. Perhaps, the pup thinks, “they will think the giraffe is me instead, and I can sit and watch, instead of sit and suffer”. But, as we can clearly see, the giraffe looks nothing like the dog, and hardly hides him at all.


We wonder what the vet would say if they were presented with a stuffed patient instead of a live one. But that giraffe, as cute as it is, will not make a difference today, except that it’s officially part of an adorable picture.

What Did I Do?

This doggie is so small and cute, we just want to snuggle it! Maybe this is its first time to the vet, but this baby is too smart, it knows this is not the sort of place it wants to be in. Look how miserable he looks!


That cold table doesn’t look appealing at all, even if it doesn’t know exactly is about to happen. But that vet seems to love the puppy as much as we do, so we’re sure everything will be just fine. The term “sad puppy eyes” was invented for this little dog.

I Refuse

This doggy seems to have the right idea. It knows it doesn’t want to visit the vet, so it’s decided to take a stand, or a lie-down, if we’re being literal. This pup probably figures, ” If I don’t get up, if I just sit here on the road, no one will be able to take me anywhere!”


And this is no inexperienced puppy either. This is no silly trick, but rather a well-laid plot. If anyone’s going to avoid the vet, we would put our money on this little guy.


Again, we see a dog has run to a chair for cover. But, as we’ve seen before, it hasn’t done it much good. We can see the pup, and so can the vet. The leash is sticking out from under the hiding place, for goodness sake!


This pup is not as sneaky as it thinks it is. We don’t know that it’ll learn that lesson for next time. It may just feel betrayed for being taken to the vet in the first place.