From Rush Hour to Crush Hour, These Cars Got New Life as Monster Trucks

When you’re out shopping for a new car, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. Price, miles per gallon, repair costs, and on and on. There’s also the question of “could I possibly turn this vehicle into a monster truck?” which is a question we ask ourselves every day about everything.
Well, these enterprising folks decided the answer to that question was yes. From smart cars to pop-culture icons to golf carts, almost any vehicle with four wheels can get a big boost. Read on to learn more.

We’re Finally in the Future

If you’re a fan of the “Back to the Future” movies – and who isn’t – you have fond memories of the DeLorean, a fully aluminum car that Doc Brown soups up to travel through time.

Time travel isn’t possible just yet, but you can still turn this surprisingly unpopular car (at its time) into a rocking beast. When you jump into this vehicle, you won’t need roads. That’s not to say you won’t be driving on the ground – you’ll just be able to handle any kind of surface, including other cars, farm fields, and piles of manure.

What’s the MPG?

When you think of huge vehicles, one of the last things that will come to mind is a Honda Civic. They’re practically the definition of a white-bread sedan, and they haven’t impressed anyone with anything other than their low prices for some time.

So, to us, there’s no better vehicle to spruce up with some of the biggest wheels you can find and plenty of undercarriage work, too. And look, there’s even a towing hook on the front. Is that so it can tow other things, or so that other things can tow it? We bet there are some horsepower concerns with this kind of setup.

It’s Like the Vehicle Version of a Mullet

The Mazda MX-5 pictured here is business on top, party on the bottom. With a cloth cab hood and a mud-splattered set of gigantic wheels, seeing this guy on the road will get everybody confused.

But haven’t we all wanted a car that you can take mudding right after a first date? We have. Then again, we get excited when we find a particularly big strawberry, so maybe we’re just easy to please. Still, can you really blame us? This car looks good. And after a little bit of washing up, it’s bound to look even better.

From Small to Large

The Austin Mini is one of the more iconic cars in the world. It has been featured in movies and TV shows and still has a big following around the world. The best part about this conversion is that, even with jacked-up suspension and a big honkin’ set of tires, the car is still tiny compared to lots of other vehicles.

Compared to other monster trucks, it’s minuscule. Don’t worry, little big mini, even if that bit of spray paint is calling you number two, you’re number one in our book. But it’s not even the smallest car on this list.

Smart AND Strong

Yes, someone went through all the work necessary to turn the car world on its head. They changed a tiny little SmartCar, a vehicle that some people can pick up and put in their pocket, into a roaring monster truck.

The car has easily doubled in height thanks to the wheels and all of the extra bits and mechanisms that have been attached. As the branding announces, this is all for fun, but you can find plenty of pictures of this little car that grew up big. Any questions about how it is in motion? It clearly has great traction, but we bet the acceleration is a little bit lacking.

The Strongest Panda in the World

Add this vehicle to the collection of those that have been given new life thanks to a set of tires that are just as big as they are. YOUCAR

Taking a tiny little city car and turning it into a diesel smoke-belching monster truck seems to be a trend among some people – and why not? Taking something and making it entirely different, well, that’s just human nature. Taking something and making it the exact opposite of its intended purpose is going to appeal to many. The irony is big these days. And, coincidentally, so is this Panda Fiat.

Mind If We Play Through?

Hit the green in a customized vehicle and let everyone know there’s a master among them. Golf carts are, by definition, somewhat underpowered – you’re not in a race; you’re just trying to get to the next tee-off.

The people who made this vehicle, on the other hand, have decided that time is precious, and if they aren’t lining up a shot, they need to be able to motor. It’s likely that this still can’t reach blistering speeds, but at least the flames that have been added to the chassis make it look like it’s really cooking. Fore!

Hey, Someone Took a Picture of My Commuter Car

Yeah, we — and millions of other people — wish this lovely creature was waiting in the garage. Yes, someone had the gumption and ability to turn a Ford Mustang – perhaps one of the most popular car models in the world – into a rip-roaring monster truck.

The vibrant orange color fits in perfectly with the power that this whip surely contains. We wouldn’t even want to drive it. Just to be able to sit in the driver’s seat would be something checked off the bucket list. How many of these vehicles are street-legal? This one could be. Then again, from the pristine appearance, hardly anybody gets to drive this one, even the owner.

Lifted Luxury

If you want to combine a comfortable driving experience with the power that every monster truck should have, there’s nothing like a BMW E30 3-Series. While it might not have been a looker before the conversion, a BMW is always a nice ride.

Thanks to some new bits and bobs, however, this sedan has not only got plenty of air under it, but it’s even become a proper truck with a bed and everything! The amount of work and dollars this must have taken boggles the mind – the builder added roll bars, a step under the chassis, and who knows how much else.

For When You Really Need to Make a Statement

Ah, a Mercedes-Benz. Truly, one of the premier car manufacturers in the world. The W116 is a member of the flagship sedans that MB released in the seventies. But this full-size sedan has become even fuller, thanks to a set of what are perhaps the largest wheels that we have ever seen on a vehicle of this size.

Alamy Stock Photo

No part of this car is ever going to escape notice, with a shiny exterior, a no-doubt comfortable interior, and wheels that lift it a hundred feet off the ground. Come on, Grandpa. Let’s go to church.

Let Nothing Go to Waste

When you have an amazing piece of vehicle technology like a Lamborghini in your possession, the last thing you want is for it to languish in your garage without being used.

The person who owned this fancy set of wheels had the same thought and thus turned his Lamborghini Huracan into a vehicle that will provide thrills on or off the road. Any Lamborghini is going to have enough horsepower to get those big wheels turning, but we have to admit putting such a nice car (and such an expensive one – $200,000!) into such situations does make our throats close up a little bit.

A Bugatti That Never Stops

When you think of a Bugatti, you think of a really fancy car that drives through the brightly lit city on its way to a high-rise, a bank, or a concert. But what if you’re the kind of person that needs to head into the mountains every once in a while?

Enter Rain Prisk, a leading vehicle designer, who took a Bugatti and added tough tires and more support to the shocks to make it a car that off-roaders and city-folk alike wouldn’t mind getting to drive. You can use it to ride the sand dunes, navigate through trails, or make a stop at the red carpet.

Ready to Burn Rubber

Most of the time, monster truck tires are the kind of thing that people add to…well, trucks. Not fancy cars. We’ve found that to not be any kind of a hard and fast rule – for instance, nothing less than a Chevy Corvette appears here with a massive set of tires that make the ice and snow under it not even worth a thought.

Some people might think that those hefty tires make having a sports car silly, but what could be more sporty than hitting the hills in a Corvette? One of our hard and fast rules is if you can do something in a Corvette, do it in a Corvette.

Who Could be Worthy?

Not many people will be able to get behind this vehicle and stay in control. Not just of the vehicle itself (as long as you take it slow, it shouldn’t be too hard,) but the real danger here is all the luxury.

It’s a limo, it’s on huge tires, and it even has stylish art down the sides. If you take a seat in this car, it seems like you should have to be wearing platform shoes, a long purple coat, or a hat that has a feather in it. Even Prince himself would have to bump up his style if he had used this ride.

A True Monster

Adding huge wheels to an actual military vehicle makes sense, but what about a military vehicle that has been turned into an ultra-long stretch limo?

There’s so much to go over with this vehicle we’re kind of scared to start. First, you could fit an entire family in there, and you might not even know. Second, what does this thing get when it’s driving? Three miles per gallon? The actual monster truck aspect of this vehicle isn’t the biggest we’ve seen, which might be for the best – it honestly looks like it’s bowed in the middle.

Vroom Vroom

Add on an extra bumper, a footbar underneath the doors, a set of floodlights on the top, and – of course – a big set of wheels – and any car can become a monster truck.

This Mazda RX-7 usually sits right against the pavement, but with the help of a new Wankel engine (it’s a good one, trust us), there’s a little more horsepower to help this boosted car get a move on. If you have a car that you think could get a second life as a more monstrous make, there are plenty of kits out there you can use. It’s not easy, but it can be done.

One of the First

If you’re a classic car guy, then you know that there can be difficulties finding the right parts for your latest project. Even if you can find the parts out there on the market, they’re pricey. Getting the custom-built ones might be even pricier.

One old auto owner decided enough was enough and took what looks like the chassis of a car from the time of the Model T and lifted it up with tons of new suspension, thick tires, and more additions. It might not be the kind of classic car most people think of, but we’re still fans.

A Real-Life Record Holder

We have some really incredible modifications on this list, but this vehicle, without a doubt, takes the cake. This immense vehicle, called the Sin City Hustler, was once a Ford Excursion – it is now the longest monster truck ever. It has even appeared in the Guinness Book of World Records as such.

Getty Images Photo credit should read Brad and Jen Campbell / Barcroft

A team known as Big Toyz Racing Motors made the modifications, and they advertised it as an emergency ambulance during the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Right now, it’s a special limo for tourists in Vegas, but rip out six rows of seats, and you’d have plenty of space for people who need to get help. Just look at those tires. Lordy.

Not Even a Russian Winter Will Stop Her

Good luck figuring out what make and model of car is hiding within all that extra hardware. For one, there’s so much extra that we can’t really see any distinguishing features, but this picture is also from Russia, so the common brands might not be in play.

Whatever car it is, those thick tires are surely needed with all the snow and ice that the country can see. Plus, it looks sweet, too. Kind of like if Batman needed a monster truck. One problem we can see, however, is you might need a bit of a boost just to get to the door.

Make a Rolls-Royce Even More Royal

Buying a Rolls is a huge investment – even the cheaper models will cost you something in the realm of three hundred thousand dollars.

Royals around the world love to ride around in these super-luxury vehicles, but doing more than stately drives seems strange. That’s why it’s so shocking to see a Royce flying high on what looks like tractor tires. But as soon as you see this picture, you know in your heart that the best thing to do with these fabulous vehicles is a powerful set of suspension and massive wheels. Even kings and queens will love it.

A True Party Bus

SUV stands for Sport Utility Vehicle, but most people are just using them to go back and forth from work these days. This massive monster truck, on the other hand, has plenty of storage space for mountain bikes, kayaks, and what looks like entire hot tubs.

While busting over hills might be a bit out of the range of this vehicle, but that’s not really the point, is it? You’re going to be turning heads so fast they could be used to generate eco-friendly energy. Grab twenty or thirty of your closest friends and jump into this vehicle for a guaranteed blast.

Not Your Modern Monster Truck

The monster truck craze began in the seventies and really exploded in the eighties, but decades before that, there is evidence that people knew how cool it was to throw some big wheels on smaller cars. vehicles

This classic pic shows us a 1940 Ford that had been modified to be a mail carrier in Minnesota. Thanks to the climate of the state, and the many farms, there was plenty of off-roading to do, so the big tires were a big help. With a set of chains on the back tires, there was nothing that would stop this mail carrier from doing his duty, no matter the weather.

Please Follow the Posted Limits

A Ford Mustang looks really, really good when everything is in perfect shape, but if it isn’t, then you still have a few options. One person decided to make their highway patrol car the tallest car out there with the help of a Ford F100 frame.

There’s a little more horsepower in the machine, too, thanks to a seven-liter diesel engine. Apparently, the lights and siren still work, too, though turning them on while you’re driving will get the real 5-0 on your tail pretty quickly. According to the owner, it still drives great.

Truly Charged Up

Did you know that the Dodge Charger initially wasn’t a success? It seems strange now since almost any car guy that came from the seventies (including those who appeared on the screen) loved to show off their Charger. Even more recent movies like “Mad Max: Fury Road” have featured the famous car.

Strangely, the car that you can see in this picture looks like it belongs in the famous post-apocalyptic series more than what the filmmakers actually used. It’s covered in rivets; it has an exposed beefed-up engine and plenty of other little details that make it the ride of choice if you have to escape from crazed marauders.

You Can See Right Through

A sister to building monster trucks out of little cars is something called “Donk,” which is to put really big wheels on a smaller car. The two trends are quite similar, But there are a few differences – Donks usually don’t have as much power. But we’ll still count them.

This donk is a Chevy Caprice, which is one of the most popular cars to jack up. These wheels have a plexiglass interior, so you can take a look right through to figure out the suspension. Donks are like monster trucks but often a lot classier. This is the kind of whip we can all get behind.

This Bee is Earning Its Honey

Not only has this Corvette been pumped onto a set of wheels that fit its color scheme and styling to a T, but it also has a few extra details, like side exit headers for the exhaust.

Doing this kind of enhancement work on a Corvette is actually pretty difficult, so it’s likely that there is a different car underneath the body. Still, there’s no denying it looks pretty good. The yellow and black turn it into an insect that goes from flower to flower, or in this case, from one car show to another, showing off all the hard work somebody has done.

Riding in Long Style

This car, all around, looks pretty good. We don’t expect there to be too many takers for joyriding around town; however – how, exactly, would you enter this vehicle?

There are no steps or platforms you can use to get a leg up, and using the suspension or the wheels themselves to climb in is kind of a car community party foul. Maybe the owner of this vehicle has a set of steps in the trunk, and that’s why the trunk is open in the picture. Making a monster truck out of a limo is always a fun mixture of styles, and this one is no exception.

Up, Up, and Away!

This truck might not have the biggest wheels we’ve ever seen – in fact, it’s not even close – but without a doubt, it’s been raised the highest off the ground.

Look at all that beautiful suspension work you can witness as it rolls down the street. It looks like it could even do a bit of off-roading with all that help. However, the shiny chrome of the hubcaps would definitely take a hit. This vehicle looks like you need special hardware just to get yourself into the driver’s seat, like a step ladder or a second-story balcony.

From Low-rider to Up in the Air

The Chevy Impala you see here used to be a car that would stand knee-high to a grasshopper, but now it’s taller than you are, thanks to a big set of wheels and some more suspension.

It’s colorful, it’s powerful, and it has a nice look to it, so no doubt this vehicle gets everybody’s attention when it heads down the road. It does look like a vehicle that you have to be careful with while driving since one wrong move, and the whole thing might tip over—the kind of thing you take to a car convention, but not many other places.

When You Really Need to Get to School

This massive yellow monster was actually built with a purpose in mind (other than just looking sweet): it was built to transport oil crews near Edmonton in Alberta, Canada.

No doubt you’ve ridden in one of these buses at least once, but this vehicle has some crazy upgrades. There are the wheels, of course, but they’ve also beefed up the engine. There’s also the option to turn all three axles for more acceleration. We wouldn’t recommend taking this thing on the highway unless you want to scare the pants off of all the other drivers.

This is How Other Monster Trucks Get a Tow

The Towasaurus Wrex was built in 1988 by Jeff Bursey and is based on the 1946 Chevy Tow Truck.

While this one was built from the ground up as a monster truck and not really modified, it’s still fun to see a classic body design on the course. It doesn’t compete in competitions very much just because of the prohibitive repair costs for the specially-designed body pieces, but it does still make an appearance every once in a while. A massive 428 cubic inch Chevy engine powers it. Next time you get a flat, you know who to call.

Taking a Swim

But why you may ask, is that eight-wheeled Chevy Silverado in the water? Well, for one, that water is the Gulf of Mexico, and it was a stunt. A successful stunt, thanks to the eight million views on TikTok. There was so much air in the tires – and the air was distributed enough – that the truck just floated in the Gulf.

The truck is known as “Monstermax” and boasts eight wheels that are more at home on pieces of heavy machinery. There’s a chance the driver, one Cody Detwiler, could be in legal trouble due to the stunt, but he’d probably think it’s worth it.

The Epitome of Luxury

If you ever get to ride in a Rolls-Royce, you know that they are built to a different standard than any other car. If you ever get to ride in a Rolls limo, then count yourself lucky. But riding in a Rolls limo that has been turned into a monster truck? You might be one of a dozen.

This picture actually comes to us from none other than a limo company. At first, you’d think this would be a huge loss for them, but they can definitely charge more, and we will go out on a limb and say that this is one of their more popular rental vehicles.

A Hearse We’d Want to Ride In

When most people think about a Cadillac Hearse, they don’t have happy thoughts. But one enterprising owner wanted to change how people thought of these cars. It took a bright-red paint job, a lot of suspension work, and a thick set of tires, but they’d done it. argentla

Once associated with sadness, this Hearse is now the kind of vehicle that we’d love to ride around in. Jump into the back and hang on tight…it might just be the ride of your life! Mua ha-ha! We’re kidding; it’s probably perfectly safe.

The Sweetest Monster Truck Ever

Most monster trucks are made to crush other cars, but this one clearly has crushing sugary treats in mind.

A Tim Horton’s branded monster truck is a thing of beauty – especially in Canada, no doubt – but those immense tires are the big sell here. They really do look yummy. We bet this isn’t the kind of truck that jams over other cars and hits huge jumps. And, sadly, it looks like those tires have a little bit of fakery to them. Very clearly photoshopped, you can tell from the pixels. Our dreams are crushed.

Did It Really Need The Help?

Putting even bigger tires on a truck cab? That just seems excessive. Well, it’s a good thing this is an article about monster trucks, or excessive would be bad!

Hauling over any kind of surface is going to be no sweat for this beast, which is fitted with tractor tires and jacked up to give it more suspension. Rain? Snow? Sleet? Hail? It doesn’t matter what conditions it’s driving through; it’s going to get those packages delivered. In fact, we doubt this kind of vehicle even slows down in rush hour traffic. The other cars might not like it, but it’s pretty cool.

For When You Need a Monster Vacation

After a tough couple of months at work, it’s always nice to relax. If you have a big truck and need to attach a trailer, there aren’t many options, however. Here’s one: turn your RV into a monster truck!

Pump up the RV to sit in the bed of your equally big pickup, and make sure there is enough suspension. This isn’t just to make transport easier – you can hang a swing from the underside of the RV for fun when you aren’t on the go. Please don’t use the swing when you’re on the go. We do not endorse that.

Two-Seater Monster Miata

With a cloth hood and only a pair of seats inside, it seems like a Miata isn’t the kind of vehicle that lends itself to the monster truck lifestyle very well. That’s where you’re wrong, buckaroo.

This car might not have the height and extra additions that some of the other examples on this list do, but it’s still got the bigger wheels and raised body we know and love. There’s even a tow-hitch on the back. It manages to have a rugged appearance while maintaining the stylish exterior that a Miata brings. Hard to tell if the engine has been beefed up, but those big wheels probably need more torque. That’s a car word, right?

A Classic Monster Van

At one point, your typical, nondescript British car, this Morris Marina, has been given new life thanks to a set of bouncers that make it something quite un-British, now that we think about it.

This kind of excessive energy just doesn’t seem to belong in the United Kingdom, and yet here we are. We have to admit; there are probably plenty of old-world avenues that this kind of vehicle would excel at, even if it’s in the city. Once it leaves the ‘burbs and heads for the hills, it could go almost anywhere it pleased.

This One’s a Bit Different

When you think of a monster truck, you think of a big bed, a bunch of huge tires, and a few other things. What you probably don’t think of is whatever it is in this picture.

We don’t even know what kind of car that is. It might not have huge tires, but it does have a bunch of handy snow treads. There are a lot of people who like to do conversions to their vehicles, but whoever owned this one might have sprung for a paint job and a polish. We wonder how this works when it’s snowy out. We hope that work wasn’t a waste.

Hot Rod? Monster Truck? Both

The world of hot rods has been around for some time now, and it’s still going strong. This hot rod has also been lifted up with a bit of monster-truck magic.

While the body of the car looks like it’s one wrong move away from falling apart, we’re told that the engine still works perfectly. You can even take a peek under the hood without even having to move the panels – the engine looks barely used now that we look at it. There are lots of headlines and a tow line on the front, so there are lots of different reasons why this car can come in handy.

Vintage Truckin’

It’s likely that this is a picture taken a right as the entire monster truck scene started to really gain traction. The fashion, the car style, and the picture quality land it somewhere in the seventies or eighties. And we gotta say, that car looks good.

It began as a sports car, but those big tires mean that this car can also be used on gravel or around the lake. The driver is about to jump behind the wheel and go for a drive, and just being able to sit in the passenger seat feels like it would be a dream come true.

Time to Hit the Fields

There’s a lot to take in here. The Volkswagen Beetle is a best-selling car on both sides of the pond, but it’s got to be one of the most popular cars in Europe for a long time.

One owner decided to not only give it a fresh green paint job but jack it up and slap on some tires with yellow centers. He made it look like one of the classic John Deere tractors, with a headlight bar on top and an exhaust pipe that sticks out the back. Plenty of work had to be done here to get us this fun picture.

The Grandfather of the Modern Monster Truck

If you have a car that has lots of miles on it, you might be tempted to sell it or scrap it for parts, but there’s always another option.

The classic car from this picture is decades and decades old, but it still has some power left in the engine. The owner of this antique car did some work to make it into a sort of half-monster truck. The big tires fit right in with all the other pictures on this list, and the exhaust pipe deposits the smoke behind the cab. But it lacks the amazing suspension, and for a good reason – you can’t do too much work on these old cars, or they might just fall apart.

Sometimes Projects Change Over Time

When Doug Hartwell of Littleton, Colorado, began building a 1974 Chevy pickup, he just wanted a cool project to work on.

Like a good grandpa, he brought his grandkids in, and they all liked monster trucks. By the time he was finished, he had a massive truck that bounced around on huge wheels and a trailer to match. This rig weighs more than seven tons, but there’s plenty of power under the hood to keep it from getting stuck. It uses a 502ci V-8 engine, and it puts out a horsepower of over five hundred. Not bad, Doug.

Making a Nice Car That Much Nicer

Someone took a Camaro – which is already a pretty nice car – and did a whole lot of work to turn it into a one-of-a-kind vehicle. There’s nothing like spreading cheer, and those smiley face floodlights are a quick way to do it. Monster Truck

Those big wheels mean this kind of car can go anywhere without much problem. There are plenty of other additions made to this vehicle, and to us, it all looks like a job well done. Just due to the car’s size, it isn’t going to go crushing around on top of other vehicles, but it’s the perfect ride for taking it to sand dunes.

All Right Kids, Pile In

Riding in one of these wooden station wagons is practically a rite of childhood. That wood paneling has been around for decades, though it was replaced with synthetic materials in the fifties.

Parents with big families loved these rides since there was plenty of space, but they have fallen out of favor recently. One owner decided to keep this classic on the road by doing a little bit of Monster Truck work. It’s not the most insane thing on this list — with a little bit of suspension and a double set of tires in the back — but the car looks good.

Just Imagine Seeing This on the Road at Night

There’s definitely something somber about a Hearse, for reasons we probably shouldn’t have to explain. You can add all the huge tires and fancy suspension you want, but a Hearse is still a Hearse.

In the daylight, this vehicle is an interesting sight, with side doors that open away from each other and big honkin’ tires. If you caught this thing flying down the highway in the dark, however, you’d probably have to pull over to clean out your trousers. We’re getting flashbacks to that one scene in “Christine” just looking at the picture.

The Final Ride

Funerals are always pretty somber affairs. Even if the dearly departed lived a long and happy life, you still have to say goodbye.

Getty Images Photo by Adam Gray / Barcroft Media

A lot of people, however, try to spruce things up for their loved ones. Sometimes they pick funny songs, sometimes they pull post-mortem pranks, and sometimes they decide to enter the great beyond in a monster truck Hearse. Maybe the person was a huge truck lover during life – you can’t expect people to do anything different after they’re gone. There are a surprising number of Hearses that have been jacked up, probably thanks to a healthy bit of irony.

Now That’s a Truck

Ah, a Chevrolet. Chevy has known how to build some of the best trucks since back in the day, and they still have some tricks up their sleeves. Some enterprising builder took his skills to a CR01. He locked both axles, added 4WS, and installed barrel springs for more suspension.

We wonder what it would be like to slip behind the wheel and… OKAY! Okay. It’s not a real car. What you’re looking at is a toy. You probably already guessed that. But…doesn’t the monster truck spirit just mean taking something and making it bigger? Even if it’s still only ankle-high? We like to think so.

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