More Hilarious License Plates That Will Curb That Morning Road Rage

We’ve seen how hilarious license plates can really brighten up a grim Monday morning traffic jam. These humorous signs at least give us a little chuckle during those stressful peak hours.
In order to celebrate those precious few who have taken their time to decorate their cars, we’re going to give them another round. Here are even more vanity plates that will curb that morning road rage.

IDK, Literally

When they messaged Molly (the girl who just got her driver’s license and a Ford for her sweet sixteen), asking her what she wanted to put on her custom license plate, she shrugged and texted back: “IDK LOL.”


And that’s exactly what her parents printed on her license plate. Here’s to hoping Molly isn’t as indecisive on the road as she is with her license plates!

A Texan Vegan

This seems like somewhat of an oxymoron considering Texas is nationally known for its barbeque. Vegans will be vegans, letting everyone know they’re vegan. Even if that means they stick out like a sore thumb.


We wonder if this vanity plate somehow persuaded Texans to “be vegan.” We have a sneaking suspicion that it didn’t. You know what they say: don’t mess with Texas.

Tesla Here, Tesla There

We’ve seen our fair share of Tesla owners poking fun at the people that still use oil. Okay, we get it – you’re better than everyone else—no reason to continue pointing it out.


And in all honesty, if you’re buying one of the best cars out there, we’d think you’d pick out a better color. This red is soooo 2007!

Stay Back!

Don’t get too close to this Honda hot head; they might sue! This is a sure way of making sure everyone stays clear of you on the highway and that you get to ride the open roads with no worries.


We’ve taken note; we actually like the element of fear. Why not? After all, the road is full of crazy drivers, so why not make sure they don’t attempt at getting anywhere near you!

Messy Divorce

We wonder if this car is his or hers. If it’s hers, YOU GO, GIRL. We love that she wants the world to know that she won the divorce, and not only did she win the divorce, but she also won this hot ride.


If it’s his, and he just wants everyone to know that this is what he was left with, we have one thing to say to you. You aren’t doing too bad, are you, buddy?

Canadian Etiquette

If this guy cuts you off, just know he’s sorry, eh? Pop culture makes fun of how polite Canadians, but we can’t deny the truth! This trucker moved from Canada to California, and it’s pretty clear he can’t let go of his roots.


If the wink to Canada wasn’t clear enough by this guy’s vanity plate, just take a look at all of his Canadian bumper stickers! Talk about Canadian pride!

Everyone’s Favorite Day

Apparently, hump day is everyone in Ontario’s favorite day. So much so that they decided to remind everyone (every day of the week) that hump day is just around the corner. Isn’t that all the beauty in hump day? It’s always just around the corner!


If you’ve been living under a rock, we’ll clarify that hump day is Wednesday’s most infamous nickname and the day of the week everyone looks forward to. When hump day arrives, you know it’s almost the weekend.

That’s Ms. Andry to You

Ms. Andry is a proud, single, Ohio resident, and she’s here to stay. Driving around in her MINI Cooper, she’s the town’s bee’s knees. Everyone knows Ms. Andry as the woman that turned down every bachelor in town; she needs no man!


We love that she takes pride in her name. Do we guess that’s why they say Ohio is for lovers? Lovers and Ms. Andry, of course!

It’s the Thought That Counts?

When you’re not really good at anything, all that matters is that you try. This Jeep driver wants everyone to know that they’re self-aware and that at the end of the day, they put their all into trying.


Do we wonder what they try at? Sports? Saving money? Dominating the world? Guess we’ll never know!


Hmmm, we don’t really know what to say about this other than “excuse you?” Maybe this is an inside joke that we’re just not in on. Californians are known for their hip jargon, but we’re not sure we’ve heard of this one before?


To us, a burp is just a burp. So we’re not exactly sure why anyone would want to use this as their vanity plate.

Mad About You

Okay, so we can’t really tell if this car owner meant to warn you that they are, in fact, mad? Maybe they’re preparing everyone for some massive road rage, so get out of the way if you don’t want to be on the receiving end of this mad driver!


Perhaps, they took one look at the Green Mountain State vanity plate mascot and thought to themselves, “Well, this guy seems pretty darn mad.” And then decided to give it the attention it deserves?

England in Montana?

When you’re the only Englishman in all of Montana, you’ll probably stick out like a sore thumb. If you’re a smart Englishman, you’ll use that to your advantage.


Sipping tea in his car, listening to Joy Division, this guy wants you to know he thinks your driving is absolute rubbish!

An Expiration Date

More often than not, it’s easier to make light of a situation rather than deal with what’s actually going on. It seems like that’s exactly what this hearse driver decided to do. Instead of having people gasp at the sight of this car, they’ll gasp and then chuckle for other reasons.


We love that this guy knows that his job catches people’s attention, so he decided to take the attention one step further!

Gender Fender Bender

From extravagant cakes to boxing baby blow-up sumo dolls, we’ve seen quite a few over the top gender reveals over the past couple of years. But this one, well, this one takes the cake (no pun intended).


Don’t get us wrong; it’s a sweet sentiment and something that’s worth remembering. But what happens when their next baby happens to be a girl?! Do they pick up a pink car?

Cry Me a River

Sometimes, all we need is a stranger’s kindness to lift us up. If you’re anything like us, you’ve gone on one or many (don’t judge us) cry rides. A cry ride is kind of like a joy ride; just substitute the joy with tears—many of them.


We hope this sweet Arizona resident helped at least one sad cry rider. We know it isn’t much, but something about this restores our faith in humanity.

Groot Who?

Um, no, you’re not? We’ve seen quite a bit of Groot, and this car looks nothing, and we mean nothing like one of our favorite Marvel characters.


In all honesty, we’ve been looking at this photo for quite some time, trying to figure out exactly what they meant by this. Yes, we know that this is one of Groot’s most famous sentences, but let’s be real, this car isn’t even the right color!

Vader, Darth Vader

Do you know how they say that dogs look like their owners? Well, what if we were to tell you we think that some cars look like people as well? Guess we’re not alone, considering this car owner literally named his car “Darth V.” You guessed it!


Don’t tell us you can’t see it! This car looks exactly like Darth Vader! Yes, we know it may be a little bit of a stretch comparing a car to one of the most powerful Jedis, but we’re going to do it anyway.


When you’ve been waiting your whole life to splurge on your dream car, perhaps “YOLO” isn’t the fitting license plate to get. We get that that midlife crisis is creeping up on you, but that still doesn’t mean buying an expensive car is the way to cope with the transition.


In any case, we wish this guy the best of luck and to always remember that yes, in fact, you do only live once. So maybe he was right in purchasing this set of wheels; he wants to make the rest of his years as memorable as possible!

Press Covfefe

Remember back in 2017 when former President Trump tweeted one of his most infamous and viral tweets: “Despite the constant negative press covfefe?” Well, just in case you forgot, this Subaru owner is here to remind you that this is one typo that will forever be relevant.


This viral phenomenon, #covfefe, had been used on the Internet 1.4 million times within 24 hours of Trump’s tweet. Our takeaway from the whole event? Never underestimate the importance of the spell check feature.

A Texan Chewbacca

A legendary Wookiee warrior, Han Solo’s co-pilot aboard the Millennium Falcon, and everyone’s favorite license plate. It’s interesting to see the amount of “Star Wars” plates people have created.


We can’t say we’re surprised, though. The “Star Wars” franchise has been around for years, so it makes sense that after years of cultural impact, it would be the star of vanity plates.


Here we see yet another Tesla. And yet another Tesla owner that’s poking fun at the fact that people still fill up their tanks with gas.


To laugh at the thought of gas, what a concept! Of course, this car owner is a resident of California; no other state could ever be this cocky. Well, then again, there is New York.

Made You Look

We have a sneaking suspicion that this vanity plate isn’t as “original” as we initially thought. “Why,” you may ask? Well, our reasoning behind this lies between the “L” and the “K.”


You’ll notice that the two O’s aren’t, in fact, O’s but are two Q’s, which leads us to believe their starting plan had already been taken…Oh well, they ended up getting what they wanted; we did look!

Carpool Cupid

When you’re newly divorced and single, you’re ready to mingle. The only problem is, you’re stuck with your kids day in and day out. When you’re in the carpool lane for both the drop-off and pick up, there’s no other choice than to think of an original way to jump back into love.


This dad is ready for romance, and he wants the moms of the world to know. Considering he is a father himself, we would only hope that moms were his type. Imagine how mortified his children would be if this vanity plate said: “I D8 teachers”!

High on a Hill, It Calls to Me

Yet another vanity plate that doesn’t really work without context. At first, you scratch your head and think, “What? Where did this guy leave his heart?” Then you notice the license plate frame surrounding this vanity plate, and it all starts making sense.


This MINI Cooper owner left their heart in San Fransisco. Tony Bennett wrote a beautiful song, a song that has inspired memorabilia, shirts, coffee mugs, and, as it turns out, vanity plates!

The Electric Slide

Owning a Tesla is like being a vegan; you find any chance to mention it. Everyone’s asked you to refrain from bringing it up…again, but there’s no way you’ll stop, so you decided it’s time to get creative.  You’ll even dedicate your license plate to let everyone know your car doesn’t need gas.


The only question we’re left with is, is this Tesla owner recommending to fellow commuters to skip gas as well?

The Not so Fast and the Not so Furious

This one made us laugh for a couple of reasons. First being, actor Vin Diesel is best known for his role in “The Fast and the Furious” franchise. That being said, this car doesn’t seem like it’s neither fast nor furious. Just your average van.


Nevertheless, we do love a good pun. And the fact that they named their car Van Diesel is about as clever as it gets. We wonder if there’s a Car-l Marx or a Vincent van Go somewhere out there!

Pointing Out the Obvious

Close your eyes and think of a truck. What’s the first thing that comes to mind? It’s probably this Chevrolet truck, isn’t it? That’s the first thing that comes to our minds when we think of the word “truck.” A black Chevrolet pickup truck.


This New York car owner wanted everyone to know he knows exactly what he’s driving. A truck. Perhaps this was their unique way of teaching their kids the names of different items around the house by labeling them? Hey, whatever works for you!

Got Milk? Got Trucks!

At first, we thought this was a Hawaiian vanity plate. The “Aloha” really threw us off. But then we noticed it was actually from California. A little confusing. Now that we’ve cleared that up, we’re wondering what exactly “trkz” means?


Our best bet is that they meant “got trucks,” which is a bit redundant considering they’re driving one. Obviously, you’ve got a truck; we see you driving it! Could they possibly mean “got tracks?” Another way of letting people know this car owner has a need for speed?

They H8 People

Imagine pulling up next to this Hyundai and seeing a face that’s less than happy to greet you.  Don’t expect a smile from this guy. Today or any day. He wanted the entire state of Kentucky and the world to know that he hates people.


We wonder what exactly led to his collective hate of the human people, but whatever it was, we guess it was strong enough to inspire this vanity plate.

Snow No Mo’

Okay, so to understand this vanity plate, you’re going to need context. And by context, we mean that these two means of transportation’s vanity plates don’t really make sense when they’re not standing next to each other.


If we understand correctly (and we’re sure we do), the owner of these sets of wheels uses their truck when it snows and uses their bike when the road is snow-free. We get the feeling this guy prefers his “no snow” ride, don’t you think?

Politely Cutting You Off

This Benz will cut you off, but they don’t feel bad about it; after all, they’ve courteously said, “Excuse me.” Well, maybe they haven’t actually asked, but their license plate sure implies it!


You know what they say, you don’t mess with Texas, and we would never mess with this guy!

Self Awareness

This one is too good to be true, and though we hope everyone involved in this crash came out safely, the license plate has us giggling. How ironic is it that this guy got a license plate that reads “clumsy.”


Perhaps this was a self-fulfilling prophecy, and they should have gotten a plate that said “always safe” instead?

Smarty Pants

As we’ve mentioned, perhaps the only good thing about a Smart car is that it fits almost anywhere. This (smart) car owner wanted the world to know they know exactly what they’re worth – so they got it printed on a plate.


The fact that this is a New York license plate makes it all the better. Of course, this guy’s a New Yorker smarty pants!

Watch Your Back

Well, this one’s a little melancholy if you ask us. This hearse or funeral home car is on its way to a funeral – and they want you to know, you may be next.


Obviously, this is a lighthearted joke, and though it is a little morbid, it had us giggling. This is a clever way to ensure that reckless drivers stay safe on the road because if they don’t, they may be next!

The Truth Is Infront of You

Hauling tires from place to place must be exhausting, so it comes as no surprise that this tire-truck driver decided to get a license plate that’s a play on words. He’s tired!


Ironically enough, the plate itself looks like it’s been through hell and back and is holding on by a thread. We get it; it’s a tiring life!


There was a time when we would turn everything into an acronym. Internet slang became a real thing, and we wouldn’t be lying if it makes us a little lazy – after all, we didn’t really need to type out letters; we would type slang!


This cynical car owner wants to be anywhere but here, so they got a plate to exude exactly that. L8r loser! We’ll bbl (be back later; for those who have already forgotten)!


Yes, this car stands the test of time, and in all honesty, we’re glad it does. This vehicle looks like something out of the film “Back to the Future,” which, too, is indeed timeless.


We can’t help but wonder how this car owner knew that this car would become timeless. It makes us think; perhaps they’re are visiting from the future?

Dora the (Ford) Explorer

One good thing about having kids is that they open up new worlds to you. For example, this Ford owner has now named his car Dora, as she is an explorer.


We love this clever use of the title of the children’s show, and to be honest, we’re impressed that they thought of it. Perhaps their kid got super excited when their parents told them they were bringing home an Explorer?

Let’s Hear it For New York

If you’ve ever met a New Yorker, you know that this is the perfect license plate for an Empire State local. The “ew” is short and sweet, abrupt, like the fast-paced city that we know and love as New York City.


We love it, and though it’s a bit rude, we couldn’t imagine a New York vanity plate with anything else. On second thought, who really knows any New Yorker that owns a car?

Not So Lucky Today

This is what happens when you get a little too cocky. This Lexus driver seems to think they’re “always lucky,” yet their bumper begs to differ. Perhaps someone got upset at this Lexus owner’s overconfident ways and decided to show them that no, in fact, they aren’t always lucky.

Pinterest/Liz Denae

The fact of the matter is, they’re from California, which means that stop-and-go traffic is one thing they’re used to. Meaning, the person behind them was most likely not paying attention when they smashed into this car. It’s okay; you’ll be lucky again tomorrow!

Thank You, Forever!

Our guess is someone’s dad bought them a car…and a license plate to remind them this every time they go for a spin! If all our dad wanted in return for buying us a car was a license plate dedicated to him, we’d go for it!


They could even get creative with their stories…it’s a great conversation starter. Imagine someone asking you what you owed your dad? Where would you let your imagination take you?

Legally Blonde

We don’t care for blonde jokes; we know some pretty brilliant blondes! But this license plate has us giggling. They chose a blonde joke and stuck with it by putting their license plate upside down – as “a blonde would do.”

Pinterest/Atzenhoffer Chevrolet Cadillac

We wonder if an upside-down license plate is even legal? Though why wouldn’t it be? We can read it pretty clear anyway!


Just in case anyone forgot what the plate of metal screwed to this car is, you have a friendly reminder that it is, in fact, a license plate. We’re not sure what spirit there is to discover in North Dakota, but if they’re all about stating the obvious, maybe we should visit.


Vanity plates like these make it hard not to smirk and shake your head. It’s also a great use of seven characters. They really managed to get their message across.

Prenup? Nope, Just the Lambo!

Ontarians take their prenuptial agreements very, very seriously. We’re not the biggest car fans, but if there was a Lamborghini involved in our marriage, we’re sure we would include it in our prenup!


This car owner wanted everyone to know that their car may be more important to them than their marriage? Or maybe they’re single, and they want other singles to know that if they’re interested, the car stays theirs in case things go south!

Decisions, Decisions

Okay, we’re trying to understand exactly what this Rhode Island driver is trying to tell us with this license plate. If you have no kids, you’re going to be able to afford a Corvette? Does having a Corvette fill the hole in his heart because he has no kids?

Pinterest/T R

Owning a Corvette is more like a lifestyle than an actual car. Owners tend to customize them and bring them to shows around the country. It makes sense that they would opt for a child-free life when their car takes up so much of their time!

The Fast and the Furious

We guess that in Tennessee, they want you to know they’re going to slow for them. The reasoning behind this is rather curious, considering they’re already driving a Corvette.


Then again, this car owner lives in Tennessee, where there are many open roads to cruise down through. We completely understand if they’re upset that they’re cruising down the highway and suddenly have to swerve around a minivan!

Are You An Outie, Or…?

We admit it took us a couple of moments to understand the humor in this one, but we couldn’t help laughing once we got it. If you missed the joke, you’re in luck because we’re here to break it down for you.


This car is an Audi, or in this case, an “outie,” and the license plate says “or innie.” So, this car owner is literally asking the person driving behind them if they have an outie or innie bellybutton!

Stating the Obvious

Buying a car that says “smart” on it just wasn’t enough for this car owner. They had to go the extra mile and add a license plate, letting everyone know that they aren’t dumb.


To be honest, the only good thing about smart cars is all the parking options it opens up. Other than that, you’re stuck with a slow accelerating, bad shifting quality little car. Not so smart now, are you?

Goodbye Gas

Helloooo electric! This Tesla owner from Maryland is on their way to a better life. They are saying goodbye to the environmentally unfriendly, money guzzling gas and moving onto the new age of electric cars. And we are here for it!

Pinterest/Jr Patatas

Not only do we love this vanity plate, but we love the green sparkle of this car. It’s the perfect fusion between old and new, vintage and modern. We love everything about it!

Getting the Job Done

If you aren’t having fun at work, you’re not doing what you love. This tow truck employee is right on track.  While it may be a little rude to rub the truth in their clients’ faces, they’re from New York…so…while it’s a bit rude to rub the lack of car in their clients’ faces, the subtle jab makes complete sense to us.


These car owners probably don’t live in the city, considering only 22 percent of households in Manhattan own cars. Where are these cars being towed? Inquiring minds want to know!

Stop! In the Name of Love!

We promise we’re not laughing because this minivan was rear-ended. We’re laughing because the person who caused the collision didn’t look at the license plate in front of them. If they had, maybe the van wouldn’t have an ironically-placed dent!

Alas, rear-end collisions are no laughing matter in the United States. According to Abels & Annes, P.C., Personal Injury Lawyers, around 1.7 million rear-end collisions occur each year. Yikes!

Toy Yoda. Very Punny!

We see what you did here, and we’re clapping our hands. Yet another die-hard Star Wars fan, only this time, it’s really in your face! Considering the Yoda and Star Wars bumper sticker and the play on words license plate – this guy or girl is one Jedi in the making!


Since Baby Yoda broke the internet in 2020 and became everyone’s favorite meme, this license plate doesn’t surprise us one bit. May the force (and direction) be with you, Toy Yoda.

Isn’t it Ironic?

This is either a very remarkable coincidence, or the owner of this Ecplipse has a habit of getting into fender benders. We’re going to go with the latter because it seems too unlikely that a vanity plate would read “Whoop C” without this being a frequent event.


It also has us wondering, how did this bumper actually fall off? It doesn’t seem like there are any dents or scratches that would cause such a dramatic detachment. If you have any answers, please let us know!


Entomophobia is the fear of bugs. Imagine sitting next to an entomophob passenger and exclaiming, “Ewww, a bug.” Little would they know that you were just reading this Volkswagen Beetle’s license plate?


This car owner sure has a sense of humor, and they love using it to scare others! It’s hard not to miss the orange New York license plate, so you bugaphob New Yorkers, watch out!

OMG Virginian Drivers

Yelling to yourself and to other drivers is just a part of being behind the wheel. After a while, you get used to it. You’ve probably shouted everything from “What are you doing?!” to “move over” to complete strangers.

Pinterest/Missy Hunter

Instead of voicing their complaints, this Virginia driver decided to put it into words, and by words, we mean she had it printed on her license plate. We feel you, girl, and we hope that whoever saw this moved!

To Infiniti and Beyond!

The word infinity will forever be synonymous with everyone’s favorite: Buzz Lightyear. This New Jerseyan couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have a license plate with such an iconic quote on it, and we’re happy they didn’t!

Pinterest/Lee Tomassoni

With just a couple of letters, this Infiniti owner managed to get the message across. If there were ever a “Best Vanity License of the Year Award,” we’re guessing this one would place in the top contenders.

Canadian Spelling Bee

With a vanity plate this polite, it comes as no surprise that it’s from Ontario. If this car were in the United States, the plate would most likely read something along the lines of “MOOOVE” “or “stand back.”

Pinterest/Besade Campos

Canadian niceness is pure and untouched by the passive-aggressive meanings found in American niceness. It’s everywhere, and it’s contagious! So on that note, we’ll say we hope you’re having an amazing day!

Our Favorite Pet!

Who else remembers the “Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia!” jingle for the ’80s commercials for Chia Pets? The terracotta figurines in different shapes that sprout a chia plant. This Kia driver must have a soft spot for the figurines, so much so, they dedicated their license plate to them!

Pinterest/Tina MIller

We forgot about Chia Pets, but now that they’re back in our lives, we know what we’re asking Santa for, for Christmas! Perhaps the Chia Pet company should think about endorsing this guy – he’s doing a great job of advertising the product!

Existential Questions

Can someone please teach this driver how to use a map? Or, at the very least, a GPS? They may not know where they’re going, but at least they’re self-aware!


They may be lost, but then again, aren’t we all? Maybe this driver wants you to know you’re not alone and that we lose our sense of direction, whether it’s on the road or in real life.

Is it Worth it?

It looks like this driver took whatever money was left over after buying this luxury vehicle and used it to laugh at himself with this vanity plate. If you had over $100,000, would you spend it on a Ferrari? We’re not sure we would!


These Italian luxury vehicles are pricey; even their mission statement has us feeling unworthy! “We build cars, symbols of Italian excellence the world over, and we do so to win on both road and track. Unique creations that fuel the Prancing Horse legend and generate a ‘World of Dreams and Emotions.’”

Instant Regret

Though it may seem like a family-friendly car, let us reassure you that the Mini Cooper is more suitable for two. Don’t believe us? Ask this guy! The front seats are spacious, but good luck if you’re stuck in the backseat!

Pinterest/Terri Altherr

If you’re in the two-door model, forget about space. Perhaps this unhappy driver wanted to give fellow drivers a chance to learn from his regrets. Thanks for the PSA!

Best Kind of Divorce Settlement

We would have given anything to be a fly on the wall of this messy divorce. This woman got a whole lot out of her ex-husband, and she wanted everyone to know it!

Pinterest/Anne Marie

She’s clearly holding a grudge driving around Ontario with this vanity plate. We’re sure she does laps around her ex-husband’s neighborhood just to show his mistress who really won this divorce!

Getting a Little Serious

We’re going to use this next license plate to lay down some facts for you all. One in every three traffic deaths in the United States involves a drunk driver.  In 2013 the state of California issued over 155,000 arrests made for drunk driving.

Pinterest/Davis Brown

In California, a first, second, or third DUI is usually considered a misdemeanor.  Drunk driving is no joke; always assign a designated driver, and if there isn’t one, find an alternate way of getting home!

Did Someone Say Bacon?

You know how we said that Virginia was the state with the most vanity plates? Well, Ontario is the Virginia of Canada – they’ve got a ton of them as well! It’s safe to say that this driver is definitely into bacon, don’t you think?


Interestingly enough, Canadian bacon isn’t like American bacon, so one must wonder, what bacon is this guy talking about? Is Canadian bacon that much better than our good ol’ American kind? We’re booking the next flight to Canada to find out!

The Best Play on Words

It seems to us like Star Wars related license plates are very popular in the states. Though this may be one of many Star Wars plates, it may as well be one of the most clever and is an ode to one of the most beloved characters, R2-D2.

Twitter/KC Lemson

R2-D2 is a droid robot, and in the original films, it was played by actor Kenny Baker, who sat inside the droid, controlling its movements. Which, ironically, is what we do with cars!

Toe the Line With the Law

If you’re looking to draw attention to the way you drive, this type of vanity plate is definitely the way to go! The fine for getting a DUI in the state of Virginia ranges from $250 to $2,500.

Pinterest/My Crazy Email

This driver is using Virginia Tech’s logo on his vanity plate to show everyone that you can love a good drink but still be an excellent (and sober) driver!

Life Is Like a Box of Chocolates…

…You never know what you’re going to get. But with this plate, you know you’re going to get smiles. This plate is a sweet and clever tribute to Forrest Gump. It references the hospital scene that occurs after Lieutenant Dan has his legs amputated, and Forrest brings him an ice cream cone to comfort him.


This license plate gets bonus points because they utilized both the frame and the plate to come up with a witty, quick read.

Wait for It…

Who would have thought that we would find such a devout Nationals baseball fan in Virginia! This guy got clever with the use of the National’s logo incorporated into the rest of his plate, and let’s just say; it’s legen…dary!


For those of you who may not know, this is a tribute to the sitcom “How I Met Your Mother.” One of the characters, Barney, is known for his catchphrase, “legen…wait for it…dary.” Do you get it now?


This may be one of the most clever plates on this list; we can’t stop laughing! Whoever’s car this is, they wanted to make it look like there had been an epic fail when ordering this license plate, but to us, it’s a huge win!


Clearly, this Virginia plate was ordered with the “L” purposely left out; the driver added tape and the missing to top it all off, which is honestly the icing on this cake!

May the Force Be With You

Yoda, who arranges sentences by object-subject-verb, couldn’t have said it better himself. You may not be the biggest fan of the franchise, but we’re sure you’ve heard of Yoda, right?


We can’t help but wonder what Jedis are doing in California and why they’d feel the need to expose themselves like this on a vanity license!

An Ode to Timmay!

Those who watch “South Park” will immediately recognize this vanity plate. It’s a reference to Timmy Burch, the 4th grader with a limited vocabulary consisting only of his name and a small handful of words. The kid rolls around, saying his name, “Timmay!”


The truth behind the character may be a little more complicated than initially thought. Comedy Central wanted to remove him in fear of potential controversy over his disabilities. The series creators pushed to keep him, pointing out that even though Jimmy is different, the other kids treat him equally.

The Paw-fect Vanity Plate

Virginia is one of the most pet-friendly states in America, so it comes as no surprise that this driver decided to dedicate their license plate to their four-legged best friend.


This dog loves riding in the car so much; she even has her own seat in the back. She made herself comfortable right on top of the vanity plate dedicated to her! A dog with one ear up and a smile like that is all we really need to make our day better!

Live Free or Die

Okay, so we’re sure some of you will miss the cleverness of this vanity plate, but don’t worry because we’re here to explain it to you! Vlad the Impaler was the voivode of Walachia in the 15th century. He was dubbed “the Impaler” after he gained a reputation for impaling his enemies and leaving them to die.


This history buff took their Impala and gave it the most accurate nickname, and we’re here for it! Let’s just hope this Impala doesn’t impale people on the road…

Affirming the Obvious

Nothing says financially stable, quite like driving a six-figure Mercedes Benz. If that didn’t persuade you that this guy has money, he went ahead and spelled it out for you – literally!

Pinterest/William Wallace

There’s something about this that has us scratching our heads. If you’re driving a Benz, you’re obviously not poor, so why feel the need to share it with the rest of the world? Perhaps you’ve got something to hide?

The Best Kind of Cube

You know those multi-colored 3D puzzles most of us spent hours on trying to complete to no avail? Well, this guy is giving you a constant reminder of your failures! Or maybe they just wanted to make clever use of this car’s model (Cube), and this was the first thing that came to mind!


Though, we’re not sure you can compare the Nissan Cube to the Rubick’s Cube. After all, they stopped selling the Nissan Cube in North America in 2014 for a reason, while Rubik’s Cubes are still as popular as ever!

The Best Way to Improvise

Now, talk about dedication! Let’s take a wild guess and say that Metallica’s biggest fans are in California. This Metallica fan was determined to honor their favorite band, so much so that they had to go the extra mile and improvise.


The character limit on license plates is seven, so there was no other choice other than to get creative. Hey, it worked; and it doesn’t look half bad, either!