The Weirdest Sports in the World

You may be used to hearing about baseball, soccer, American football, and other sports but have you heard of wife-carrying? Yes, wife carrying is a sport that’s enjoyed by the people of Finland. How about Hornussen? This is another weird sport that’s played in Switzerland.

Today we’re sharing some of the weirdest sports in the world to help open your mind to a new pastime or at least be entertained by some of these odd sports that countries around the world enjoy.

Sepak Takraw

This weird sport is enjoyed in Malaysia and Thailand. The name means “kick ball” and has been enjoyed since the 15 century. It’s more like volleyball than soccer and involves having two teams of 3 players each. Each team tries to keep the ball afloat with a trick; you cannot use your hands!


As we mentioned earlier, wife carrying is enjoyed in Finland. This sport has even ventured into the US and Australia. The gist is that a husband has to run an obstacle course while carrying his wife on his back. This is somewhat entertaining, so perhaps you’ll want to look up some videos on YouTube to see how this weird sport plays out.


This is a very old sport, with the oldest game ever recorded being in 1625, and is enjoyed by the people of Switzerland. A puck, also called a hornet or hornuss, is tossed into the air by a striker who must hit the puck using long sticks called schindels. Each team consists of 18 players and there are 4 quarters to each game.

Camel Racing

Camels can run up to 65 km/h in sprints and at 40 km/h for about an hour during this weird sport in Australia. Camel racing is done in other areas of the world, but Australia has the world’s two largest camel racing events so we’re giving them the recognition in our list of the weirdest sports in the world.


Boassball is a weird sport that incorporates a few other sports into one. This is a combination of soccer, volleyball, and gymnastics and was created by a Belgian and first played in Spain. The court has two trampolines with a net on each side of the trampolines, each is surrounded by an inflatable surface. One person from each team must occupy each trampoline, with one being the attacker, who has to serve the ball. The other team’s player must return the ball over the net with no more than 5 contacts, and each player is often seen doing aerobics to get that ball to the opposing side.

As you can see many weird sports all over the world keep their citizens active and entertained. It’s always fun to learn more about what other countries do for entertainment in the sports industry, we’re not sure how to rate this list, but perhaps you can check each sporting event out on YouTube to determine which of the weirdest sports entertains you most. 

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