Why Your Dog Is Your Best Friend

Most of us are probably not even aware of when and where the word “dog” came from. It’s said that it came from the Anglo – Saxon culture, but all that matters today is what meaning the animal the term refers holds for us.


Dog – A man’s best friend?

There is definitely a reason why a dog is known as a man’s best friend. Dogs help us learn some of the most important lessons of life we forget to inculcate in today’s fast paced life. A dog’s demeanor, personality, behavior, and most important of all, the will to spread unconditional love, affection, loyalty, and togetherness makes them something special.

Dogs ignore the bad in you

It doesn’t matter if one has a bad day, how ugly they look, whatever they’ve done in their past, a dog, unlike some of your other friends, would never judge you based on these things. All it can feel is happiness; which is due to seeing you return to home. These beautiful creatures live in the present, with least of the worries about the past or the future. All they would end up doing is cuddling you around, licking almost every part of yours and waiting for you to make love to them. All they ask for is a little bit of time and affection.

They feel the time with liveliness

When you are with your dog, there is that uncanny feeling that nothing else matters. They create an essence of great piousness and purity. Their playful nature is so mesmerizing, for which they ask nothing in return. Everything is dealt with in love and content.


Dogs can sense your emotions

Dogs have a peculiar characteristic. They can sense what is going around, and can feel the emotions. Though they obviously cannot talk to us, their actions speak volumes about their understanding. An observant person, or a very keen dog lover may have experienced this. Whenever we are feeling low, sad or depressed, the dog probably won’t bump into trouble or irritate us. They would rather prefer to sit around us quietly, being the world’s best listener. This’ll only help you feel relieved, if not happy.

We all find ourselves way too busy with the typical ‘9am – 6 pm’ schedule, but one can never be solitary when there’s a dog around. A dog can always manage to make you laugh, regardless of the mood you’re in. He is also one of the best companions to travel with, though it does require a considerable amount of effort from your side to keep everything organized.

They help us make memories

Dogs probably become a part of all the sweet and happy memories of our lives, as they’re simply way too lively. Dogs don’t hold grudges. One of the rarest things in this world is to see a dog turning his back on his owner. One does not need to make a dog learn how to be with them, or how to obey them. They are affectionate and love to be with you. You shower them with love, and they’ll return it much folds!

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