How to Eat for Running Success

How do you fuel up for a long run? How do you balance your running appetite for a greater distance with your food needs? These are common dilemmas many runners face when trying to eat for a quick energy boost to last them through a long-distance race. We’re here to share with you 5 foods you should eat to energize you for the run and help you complete the race! Before considering any new foods, make an inventory of the current ingredients that need to be replaced in your fridge. You must throw away the foods that drain your body of crucial fuel you need for a run – this ought to give you the confidence to try new, healthier foods.

1. High in potassium

A good choice of snack that is full of potassium are bananas. Bananas can increase your running abilities by providing you with the essential carbohydrates you need to keep you running faster and stronger, as they help to boost the glycogen levels in our bodies. Bananas can also be portable and easy to carry anywhere and in almost any conditions. Bananas can be topped with natural peanut butter or eaten with some granola trail mix cereal if you want to spice up your breakfast or snack time.

2. Trail mix bars or granola bars

The secret is that these bars must be all-natural, GMO-free, and free for any extra additives. You can eat such things as the KIND bar, which has many different flavors. There are other protein bars like the trail mix bars you can get, just make sure they consist of natural ingredients. For the perfect balance, it’s recommended to have one before your run and one right when you finish.

3. Smoothies

Who said eating healthy can’t be tasty? Fruit smoothies give you that natural sugar energy you can use during a run. Smoothies can be mixed with either water or fresh orange juice (with no added sugar). Blending fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, mangoes, and pineapples can increase your metabolism for running. Make sure to drink it one hour before your planned run. You can also add vegetables to the mix, such as green kale and apples.

4. A long-distance running food belt

These belts hold a combination of a small water pouch and a pouch to hold salt or honeycomb energy cubes that you can eat while on your run. Honey is an excellent stimulant and immune booster that will help clear your lungs clear of mucus and give you that energy boost you need on your run.

5. Hard boiled eggs

Hard boiled eggs provide you with protein in a higher dosage, and as a bonus, they taste great too. For those who don’t like the yellow part in the middle, you can take that out and add some avocado slices instead. Hard boiled eggs provide you with a low-calorie option to eat with great energy results.

Final word

All these foods for running are quick and easy to make and maintain in your diet – you don’t have to spend a lot of money or time to eat well before your next running adventure.

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