Surprising Uses And Benefits Of Garlic

Many common foods and dishes you create or are served include the ingredient garlic in some form or another. But why is garlic so commonly used? Garlic has many health benefits, but it also has many benefits most people don’t know of. This ingredient can be used in so many more ways than just as a seasoning or flavor addition as well. Here are some surprising uses and benefits of garlic you may not know.

Clear Acne And Toxins

Garlic, when used as a topical on your skin or ingested alongside some water, can actually work to cleanse your system by improving your body’s natural toxin clearing. When you use garlic on your skin, its antibacterial properties can help kill off the bacteria that may be causing your acne or skin problems. Either way, garlic cleanses your body and skin in a unique way.


This helpful ingredient carries anti-inflammatory properties that can help in many situations. You can use garlic to help reduce inflammation in your skin from wounds, everyday irritation, and conditions such as psoriasis. Garlic oil can be used in this situation to gently apply or rub on inflamed areas as a remedy for ailments like eczema or psoriasis.

Bug Repellent

With its strong scent and natural properties, garlic has been shown to work well as a mosquito repellent and possibly to repel other bugs too. To reap the benefits of garlic’s bug repelling ability, keep garlic cloves nearby or make a topical to apply to your skin. A popular DIY garlic topical for insect repellent includes garlic oil, beeswax, and petroleum jelly.

Ice Salt

Some towns have tried using garlic salt as a more nature friendly way to de-ice roadways, and it has worked. Garlic salt can be spread in replacement of or in conjunction with commercialized driveway salts to prevent and melt ice. Similarly, you can use this for your car windshield to melt the ice faster too!

Blood Health

Allicin, a powerful component of garlic, has been shown to improve your body’s flushing of toxins in the blood as well as to help with lowering cholesterol to improve heart health and regulate or improve blood pressure. Of course, allicin loses its strength and helpful properties when cooked so these benefits are more likely when garlic is consumed raw or less cooked.

 While these are not the only uses or benefits that go along with garlic, they’re definitely some lesser talked about ones that can prove to be useful for yourself or your family. Garlic truly is an amazing and potent ingredient for a wide variety of remedies or foods. If you haven’t been using this in your life, you’re certainly missing out!

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