Teachers Who Are Out To Get Their Students

Teachers around the world are doing their best to impart valuable knowledge to their sometimes ungrateful students. These teachers probably reached their patience threshold and are trying very hard to keep it together whilst still fulfilling their job responsibilities. If you have had teachers like this, thank your lucky stars this was the worst thing they can do – unhinge you while making you laugh all at the same time.

Your Time’s Up

There’s no better way to terrorize your students than to remind them that time is perennially passing, unlike their grades. It is also a good way to tell them that salvation doesn’t rest on the clock or them looking at it whenever they are stumped in answering a test question. This is your teacher’s way to tell you to focus on the question and give your best answer, while also instilling bloodcurdling fear.


The secret to a test is to not spend too much energy on one item. Go with your gut and hope for the best. Also, do not let your teacher’s antics intimidate you. It’s just them giving tough love where tough love is due. Also, make sure to study next time. It’s for your own good too.

Teachers are Omniscient Beings

Teachers are not gods, but they know what you are up to even before you start doing it. They’ve been there and done that. They are experts in identifying who are faking it, and who are doing the real studying. Give your teachers some respect and pay attention to the lessons they are imparting. You’ll never know when you’ll use Einstein’s Theory of Relativity so best to keep that handy inside your brain.


Then again, you have two choices. Either master the art of the poker face while reading texts while your cellphone is on your crotch, or stop looking at your phone while it’s on your crotch. Can you not wait until the class is over? Remember, patience is a virtue.

Superhero Class 101

Either this class is filled with students who have superhero powers and they are being trained on how to properly use it, or their teacher is messing with them. Either way, this homework is a good way for them to practice reaching beyond their grasp and doing what they can for the good of all. That is if they could first master the art of Kung Fu – odd that the teacher prioritized this instead of ending world hunger. Maybe because Kung Fu is easier and more fun to do?


The deadline for all these to be completed is Monday next week. If you can’t fulfill all, items 2, 3, 5, and 6 would be good enough. After this, write a personal reflection on your experience. And hope for the best that the teacher is actually grading your work and not just getting a laugh out of your efforts.

Selfie Shaming 101

If you recognize the face on the projector, be warned that it is your classmate specially mentioned by the teacher because he was using Snapchat in the middle of the lecture. It is the teacher’s way to overtly remind everyone to not do the same lest bear the honor of your face being projected in the entire room – in an unflattering way too.


It is unclear though if the other students got the message. After all, the call of the internet world is strong, and students being students, their spirits – and their resistance to check their phones every two to three minutes – are weak.

A Tree is the Best Teacher

The teachers in this school have probably had it up to their heads in paperwork and decided to entrust the profession of teaching to anyone who is available, right here and now. Fortunately or unfortunately for the students in this school, a tree fell right in front of the principal and thus it was decided it was God’s answer for the school’s current lack of teachers.


Meet Professor Tree – an expert in oxygen production, carbon dioxide processing, and chlorophyll making. They also know a thing or two about climbing cats and pooping birds. Feel free to ask them questions about life and how it feels being blown by the wind.

Teachers Who Make it Worth Their While

These teachers decided that they hold the key to their students’ future and so decided to take it a step further by the power of their professional clout. They are now charging fees to put a good word in on each student to their parents. This definitely beats hard work and actually doing homework. All one needs is anywhere from $1 to $10 and voila! You now have your teacher on your side.


It would cost though, so prepare to pay up. Or find out first which would actually take less work, forking up a few bucks or sitting down and focusing on getting your paper done. Your decision – like your future – rests on you.

Write Your Name

This instruction is simple enough yet many seem unable to follow it, either due to carelessness or embarrassment. The latter stems from knowing the fact that your name will be forever attached to a paper bearing the red letter C, D, or F.


Own up to your work though. Embrace anything and everything you are responsible for. It will help you become a decent and responsible human being in the long run. But if you prefer to not write your name, go ahead, it’s a free country. But it’s your loss, not your teacher’s.

The Teacher is Boss

This is how mafia honchos roll, and nazis too, as well as any kidnapper out to get a ransom from their victims. Who said teachers can’t use the same strategy on their students – it’s a free country after all. So whoever hid this dude, prepare for your teacher’s wrath.


Though no heads will roll and no blood will curdle, your grades definitely would. If you love your grades, if you love having high grades, if your parents love you because you have high grades, get the dude out and save yourselves. Trust me, it’s for the best.

The Best Extra Credit Ever

Students would best ask their parents about this question. They hold the key to any essential knowledge about 80’s pop star Rick Astley. Also, the teacher is probably within this age range and was a fan of Astley, so he decided to incorporate this bonus question just because he felt like it.


Students who have been fortunately rickroll’d would find this extra credit easy peasy. Who knew being a victim of rickrolling would pay off in the future? All students have to do is sit back, relax and thank God for Rick Astley.

Sleeping Beauty

Student life is a hard life. You have to wake up early, go to school, pretend to listen to your teacher, and then pretend to care about the lessons your teacher is saying. So when this dude found all of that work overwhelming, the teacher decided to give him another lesson.


This student probably woke up bewildered at his classmates’ grins. He also was probably bewildered seeing himself on social media sleeping while his teacher is behind him giving a thumbs-up sign. His nightmares probably looked a lot better than the reality he woke up with.

Teacher Stalker

There are teachers who take their work very seriously they would do anything and everything for their profession’s sake. Some are even willing to go beyond what is asked of them, like crawl through an air vent just to make sure her students aren’t cheating – surely, the phenomenon of non-cheating students have yet to happen in anyone’s lifetime.


So when this teacher went beyond the call of duty, this diligent student decided to capture the moment he discovered his teacher spying on them. This existential moment is proof that when you stare at the abyss, the abyss stares right back at you.

Worst Torture Ever

Nickelback is a Canadian band popular for its same-sounding songs, a few of which were discovered to be recycled tunes of their previous work. They are also known for their ear-bleeding mediocre music. So when a teacher threatened the class with Nickelback, the students knew the teacher was dead serious.


Clearly, no one wants to go through a terrifying experience of having to sit through monstrous music. But then, being late the 8th time, you probably deserve some Nickelback in your ears just to remind you it’s time to get your act together.

Best Excuse Ever

No longer is homework being eaten by students’ pet dogs. They have now upped or maybe lowered the ante by simply telling teachers their homework is missing. Poof. Nada. No more. There is no other explanation given nor was there effort to even make up an unimaginable excuse.


As a consequence for not exerting any effort to submit homework or at least give a lousy excuse for not having one, this teacher decided to punish this student with a Bermuda Triangle award. But then, calculus is indeed a subject that would make anyone lose their mind so this student losing his homework makes sense.

Positive Shaming

Shaming doesn’t have to be all negative. This teacher decided to celebrate students’ mistakes by posting their picture on the school’s Wall of Shame. Its intent was actually to help students lose the shame and embrace their errors with the goal of not doing the same thing again.


It’s all in the spirit of good fun. Clearly, the students in this school loved the idea they willfully put themselves out there. Also, it helped erase the fear of failure and opened avenues to taking positive risks.

Depressing Test, Depressing Grade

This student is self-aware enough to know that his test performance was not at par to standards – a fact that depressed him and so felt he had to give the teacher his thoughts. The teacher, having checked the test confirmed the student’s fears.


Don’t be surprised to get this comment when you didn’t bother studying. There’s a good chance that teachers who put the tests of the smart students on the bottom. That way, they can enjoy some happiness after marking 50 tests. Procrastination can be so deadly at times.

McDonald’s, Anyone?

In an effort to maybe scare the living daylights out of this not-so diligent student, this teacher decided to attach a McDonald’s job application form to this student’s test. It is an overt reminder that the student should get his act together or else he will end up flipping burgers for the rest of his life.


Though there is nothing wrong with burger-flipping, the teacher’s point is for the student to study well enough to maybe someday own a burger joint. It is unclear if the student got the teacher’s point. We hope he did.

No Comic

Sans ever This teacher clearly means well when she suggested that Comic Sans should not be anyone’s font of choice for a variety of reasons. Besides it being the favorite font of 8-year old unicorn-loving girls, using Comic Sans denotes a degree of immaturity and an impression that leaves its readers thinking that the font was chosen by someone prone to flights of fancy.


Though this font has been shown as one of the easiest to use in Microsoft Word, try not to use them – unless you’re making a written report on the existential meaning of My Little Pony cartoons. Comic Sans would cause your teachers to not take you seriously. Seriously.

Best Beverage Ever?

This teacher used to be a pirate – maybe. Or a male witch who gets his energy from the tears of students wishing for a passing grade. If you’re a student and you do not want to be part of this teacher’s beverage, study well.


Do not give this teacher the privilege of extracting your tears. When fear takes hold of you, the best way to defeat it is by studying – and diligently, too. No fears, no tears, no beverage for the teacher to drink. Don’t give your teacher the opportunity to make you cry. Better yet, maybe he should see you drink a beverage called “Teachers’ Tears” and see his reaction.

Joke’s on You

This joke is funny on all levels only if this is not meant for you. It is evidently difficult to laugh if you are the brunt of this humorous drawing. But apparently, this is what happened to this student who wanted to lighten the mood after a difficult test by placing a drawing of a man seemingly and struggling to reach the exit door.


Alas, the keeper of the gate would have none of it and blocked his exit simply because he is to not pass. Whether you take that literally or figuratively – a sad face, and not a smiley one, is definitely in order. Add the blood-red ink and feel free to facepalm yourself while shaking your head.

You Have Been Warned

Sleeping is one of life’s necessities. It recharges the body in order to keep it functioning well. But there is a time for everything, and sleeping inside a classroom is something everyone needs to stop doing. This student needs to start sleeping early so he can get up early.


It would have been better if the teacher personally asked the student to not sleep in class and find out the cause of his drowsiness. Is it due to family issues, is he working after class, or is it due to health reasons? But if the student is simply bored out of his wits during the teacher’s lessons, maybe the teacher needs to make the class less boring, maybe?

Rudeness Will Get You Nowhere

This student has had enough of English and Wuthering Heights he felt it was right to give his teacher his unbridled thoughts. When he did, this teacher – instead of mincing words – corrected the student’s words, incorrect grammar, noted his run-on sentences, and generally advised him to at least express himself well.


It is unclear if the student took the teacher’s corrections to heart or if he dismissed them altogether. But this teacher did a good job telling the student who’s the boss. Remember, rudeness will get anyone nowhere.

The Quill is Mightier Than the Pen

Students are always advised to bring the necessary supplies to class. This includes pens, paper, pencils, erasers, etc. So when this student failed to bring his own stuff, he decided to ask the teacher for one because he thought teachers have no reason to grant his request.


He’s right but he clearly didn’t expect this twist. Maybe to make him want to bring his own pen, this teacher gave this student a quill. If this was the 1800’s, this quill would have made perfect sense. Alas, being in the 21st century, this is the height of inconvenience.

The Pen is Mightier Than This Pencil

No one wants to be seen using this pencil, especially if you’re in the 9th grade. This teacher is probably encouraging students to bring their own school supplies as a way to keep them responsible. Anytime they fail to bring their own, this pencil serves as punishment.


No offense to Justin Bieber, he may be a nice guy, but marrying him would entail constant public scrutiny. Also, dudes might not like the idea of being with Bieber or being a Belieber that they’d maybe rather fail than use the pencil.

The Early Bird Avoids the Bin

This teacher is giving this class a valuable lesson. He wants everyone to work hard and submit everything on time. If not, everyone’s work will have the privilege or the punishment to meet the garbage bin. No matter what your excuse is, this teacher is unforgiving.


Whether your dog ate your homework, or the Bermuda Triangle made your homework disappear, this teacher will not take anything for an answer. Submit your papers on time and your work is saved from the horrors of being in the bin.

Trick Question

To make sure that everyone was seriously answering the test questions and not just encircling any letter that catches their fancy, this teacher decided to embed a trick question in a test. The student who gets to do what the instructions say they should do has the option of encircling A or B.


But this question isn’t for them, really. It’s for those who are randomly giving answers for the heck of it. In order to catch them, this teacher decided to play a little trick. And honestly, we are hoping this question at least woke them up from their stupor and made them start reading the questions more seriously.

Trick Answer

This student probably found this math question so overwhelming he decided to just put in #YOLO because he can – and he can’t, for the life of him, figure out what x is. Kudos to this student’s chutzpah, he gets an A for courage. Unfortunately, courage is not being graded for this test.


This test wants to know if you have been paying attention to the lessons. It also intends to gauge if you know the mathematical process of finding x – a beneficial skill once you go to the real world where finding x’s would bring you moolah. This teacher believes McDonald’s is the best place to work in if finding x’s is something you can’t be bothered with.

Blackmail Won’t Work

This student learned the facts of life the hard way. Unfortunately, a teddy bear drawing had to be sacrificed in the process. He wanted to get an A grade so much he took it upon himself to take a teddy bear drawing hostage. Alas, the teacher had something else in mind.


Kudos to the teacher for doing the right thing. Sadly, teddy had to go in the end. Still, teddy did not die in vain. Thanks to teddy, no student would ever have to bring up the kidnapping and hostage of a teddy bear just to get an A. This teacher is someone you don’t want to mess with.

Do You Feel Guilty Now?

This teacher is not afraid to take things to the extreme. His students’ grades were so bad he literally died – or at least pretended to. Apparently, he believes his students killed him. Thus, to show his students he is deadly serious, he brought in a casket and lay inside it.


Either he wanted to make his students feel so bad or he simply wanted them to study hard enough so he will no longer have to do this stunt. It is currently unclear if his plan worked though. But maybe, an easier route would be to make easier test questions or change his teaching strategy. Alas, the casket is more entertaining to look at though.

Walkens Not Accepted

Christopher Walken is not allowed in this teacher’s office after office hours. Besides him, walk-ins are also not accepted. This teacher wanted to get his point across minus having to deal with explaining himself. This picture is more than enough to deliver a message while making anyone not feel bad about not being able to walk in.


It would be a treat though if the real Christopher Walken actually walked in the school and demanded to walk in the teacher’s room for the sheer joy of seeing him walk in. Maybe if every student wished hard enough, maybe he will someday.

Cereal vs Serial

If this were as easy as pronouncing tomato, this picture wouldn’t have reached the level of being viral. Though cereal and serial sound the same, they are completely different entities. One is edible, and the other denotes something continuous.


Instead of this teacher simply correcting the student’s spelling error, he decided to take it up a notch by literally drawing a cereal and killing it – the way the sentence described it as such. Cereal killers seem to denote everyone hungry enough to have them for breakfast. Everyone has been a cereal killer at one point in their lives. Raise your hand and say yay to cereal killers everywhere. Yay!

Beautifully Silent Passive-Aggressiveness

These clips were designed with humor in mind. It is best not to take these paper holders seriously. Still, imagine them being used to hold students’ exams or papers. It is enough to scare away even the rock-hearted student who spent overnight trying to finish a paper only to have them organized and described as crap.


This is the best weapon to use when you want to intimidate students. Nothing terrifies a student more than having their self-esteem crushed upon seeing their work labeled as crap. Though it could also drive a student to work extra hard, it is a mean joke to make indeed.

Cheaters Never Win

The worst kind of cheating is when you have done your best to not study and made sure you copied the answers correctly, but still end up failing. This student did exactly that as if to give everyone a warning that cheaters never do prosper.


Fortunately, the teacher gave the student wise advice just in case he decides to cheat again. Here’s to the next student’s attempt to ace the system using nefarious means. He should also get glasses so he’d be able to copy the correct letters in the correct numbers. Good luck!

Student Wins?

This is one of those rare occasions where a student was able to break a teacher down by the sheer power of his lousy paper. This teacher was not able to finish checking the paper for fear that he will get a stroke for doing so.


This student may have won this time by causing this teacher to throw in the towel and surrender. But did the student really win when his paper was not even graded at all? What could have the teacher seen to make him quit? It may be best if the student takes tutoring lessons. Who knows, he may save a teacher’s life in the future.

Honesty is the Best Policy

The student could have asked the teacher for extra credit or bonus points just because of the teacher’s spilled beer. Though the teacher could give a reason that it was the paper’s fault that he started drinking anyway, spilling beer on a student’s paper is uncalled for.


Still, not many teachers would be honest enough to `fess up. Kudos to this teacher for admitting the fact that beer is the drink of choice during paper-grading. Still, bonus points would be cool indeed. A point or two would be more than enough.

Times New Roman is Life

At least in this classroom it is. Use any other font and you’re dead – at least to this teacher you are. No other font will do. Times New Roman is the standard font to use unless you want to experience something else worst than failing – seeing your paper burnt into ash.


Kudos to this teacher for giving students a fair warning on the kind of font to use. Though paper-burning is a reaction that is a bit extreme, it may have been brought on by students preferring to use their own fonts and not the one required.

The Syllabus is Life

This teacher is probably sick and tired of having to field questions from students who prefer to not read the syllabus. No longer interested to respond to something they should already know, this professor had a shirt specially made for times like this.


This shirt saves both the teacher and the student essential time and energy of asking and answering questions. All the professor needs to do is show the shirt and voila! Nothing stops a student’s questions more than a shirt saying, “It’s in the syllabus”.

Naughty Teacher

This teacher is doing what most naughty students are caught doing. Probably annoyed that a student is sleeping in his class, this teacher hunkered down to tie this poor student’s shoelaces. There are many reasons why a student may be sleeping. He could be tired from having to do a part-time job or he may have family problems, or the class might be a tad boring.


The teacher could have exerted the effort to at least ask the student first, instead of punishing him immediately by tying his shoelaces and then expecting him to fall on his face once he stands and wakes up. Tsk, tsk, bad teacher.

Gaga Over Gaga

This teacher is ingeniously teaching the elements while making the students easily recall them thanks to a Lady Gaga song. Either the teacher is a fan of the singer or the song was simply used for convenience’s sake, this is a lesson that deserves an award.


Imagine students singing the elements in their heads using a Lady Gaga song, thus making memorization easy-peasy. Plus, it is enough to give you a smile or two. This is what creative teaching is, kudos to the chemistry teacher indeed!

Meme Teacher

This is another creative way to teach lessons to students while using their favorite internet memes. Instead of simply describing the proper ways of doing a scientific experiment, and the scientific process, this teacher incorporated popular memes to help students remember.


Also, it is an ingenious way to actually learn while being entertained all at the same time. It is easy retention, easy understanding and easily funny all at once. Kudos to the teacher for his or her effort!

Best Answer/Question Ever

Science is a subject that requires constant experimentation, constant questioning, and constant doubt. Nothing should be taken at face value. So when this teacher put a test item asking students to impress him, he got the best response from the class.


This student, appropriately using scientific inquiry in answering the teacher’s test question, aptly asked: “Why?” – as he or she should. The teacher, thankful that the student applied proper scientific inquiry and doubt, gave the student additional points – as he or she should.

Man Dolphin

This student had no choice but to draw a man dolphin after realizing that he or she may fail the test. After all, man dolphins are man’s best friend, right? Wrong. Fortunately for the student – and the rest of the class – the teacher liked the man dolphin drawing.


Either the teacher was touched by the drawing or he or she simply took pity at the students’ bad grades, the man dolphin was accepted and was actually enough to give the students plus points. Kudos to the man dolphin for helping save the class’s academic life.

Think Before You Follow

It seems critical thinking is strictly being encouraged in this class. The teacher made a list of instructions the class was supposed to follow. But students need not follow everything to a T. If you read through the rest of the list, you’ll find out what the teacher really wants his students to do.


This teacher is promoting the process of logic and constant questioning to his or her students. If you are a sheep who simply follow what is asked of you, you need to learn to question and look beyond what is being asked. Kudos to the students who read through the list and solely followed the last item.

Great Life Lesson

When a classmate drew a rude image on another student’s paper, this teacher was able to handle the issue with ease and grace. The teacher used the image and simply improvised a new drawing while adapting to the already existing one that was originally written on it.


The result: the rude drawing turned into a flower. Instead of getting angry, the teacher was able to overcome the issue and even turned it around for the positive – a lesson we should all learn and apply in the real world.


It’s not that this teacher would rather not be bothered by students’ incessant questions. More than that, the teacher is giving students a lesson on finding out the answers for themselves. It is more beneficial for the students to discover their own solutions instead of conveniently asking for it.


Plus, the teacher gets to experience the convenience of not having to field questions all day whilst forcing students to learn the art of self-reliance – a value that would serve them in the long run, both in school and in the real word=ld.

Red Pen Wins

In the battle of ninjas vs ninjas, it is not the more powerful, more agile, more adept in ninja skills who wins. In this specific war, it is he who holds the red pen that gets to dictate the game’s winner. This black ninja is powerless to the red ninja as the latter was drawn by the teacher.


He who wields the red pen is the most powerful of all. No matter how much grade the black ninja desires, it is the red ninja who gets to dictate the real grade. It is unclear how the game will change when a blue ninja inserts itself in the game but your guess is as good as mine.

Ask for Helen

Waite Helen Waite is the go-to person of this teacher whenever students ask about their papers. In order to stop students in their tracks – and as a way to deal with their constant questions – this teacher hired a certain Helen Waite to keep the students in line.


Helen Waite has yet to be seen by the students though. However, she is there and ready to keep students occupied. Helen Waite is a person who is diligent and ever ready to provide the best educational service possible. All one needs to do is go to Helen Waite and see what happens next.

Keep Your Phones to Yourself

Imagine using your phone while in the middle of the class and the teacher sees you. You know that using your phone during class hours is not allowed thus expect the teacher to confiscate it. Plus, prepare to not see your phone again until after class. When you do, get ready to see the most terrifying image of all.


This is exactly what happened to a student whose phone was confiscated by his teacher. Though he got his phone back, the teachers posted an image of themselves on the phone’s desktop background – because they can. Clearly, this is an image that will keep you up at night.

The Best Comeback

Students will always be students. Some of them need to be encouraged to study while some are belligerent enough to not care at all. This overheard conversation between a student and a teacher is now forever immortalized in social media thanks to another student who posted it.


The belligerent student, probably disliking what she heard from her teacher, rolled her eyes in either frustration or disgust. Fortunately, the teacher had an immediate and apt response to the student’s attitude. Kudos to the teacher for his or her appropriately funny retort.

Stop With the PDA

Raging hormones are a thing in high school – everyone has it and everyone is using it at times during inappropriate times and situations. This teacher, in an effort to curb – at least ever so slightly – the students’ hormones, decided to post this picture of what he thinks all high schoolers engaging in PDA do.


It is a subtle and funny way to say please stop with the public showing of affection already, especially during early morning breakfast. People have to eat and digest their food. Kindly wait until you’re out of school premises, please, or at least when you already have a diploma, maybe?

Diligent Teacher

This teacher is doing his best to capture students’ fleeting attention. He decided if he can’t get their attention the proper way – via lessons, PowerPoint presentations, and homework – he has to hunker down and do it the hard way – or the easy way depending on who you ask.


Thus the dress and the wig. Most likely the mustache has been there all along. If this doesn’t catch students’ attention, nothing will. Apparently, it did, and fortunately too. It is unclear though what subject this costume was used – calculus maybe? If so, this is distracting than it is helpful.

Borat Fan

This teacher is a fan of Borat. He or she is a fan of Borat so much it was incorporated in the test question as a bonus point. If you’re a student and you need those points, throw out that thing called shame and humiliation and do what Borat does.


What’s a little embarrassment when you’d gain much-needed plus points for it? Please your teacher and do the Borat thing. You need not wear the infamous Borat swimsuit. Simply imitate his voice and do the thumbs-up sign. You’ll thank yourself later – maybe.

Small Penmanship Wins?

There is always that one student who writes so small it is enough to give you a headache. This teacher got exactly that when he was trying to read this student’s paper. The letters are too small he had no choice but to give up and surrender.


For his eyesight’s sake, he asked the student what grade she wants. Voila! The student received what she asked for. Maybe this is the secret to academic life. Then again, the teacher could probably ask the class to type in their papers next time.

Dead Star

Nothing is as depressing than knowing that the stars we look up to at night, and sometimes wish upon, are actually dead. Thanks to this teacher for giving us the hard facts of life. Now, every time we look up at the night time sky, we have this teacher’s face to remember.


If this teacher was in a pre-school class, the song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star would have a very dark meaning. Imagine little kids singing ‘’Twinkle, twinkle little dead star”, and “like a dead diamond in the sky”.

Sarcasm Wins?

Teachers being sarcastic is their way to subtly get back at their students while trying to wean off the stress of the job as well as the lazy answers of their students. Instead of getting mad, this teacher answered the student in a way that would also elicit laughter.


This student clearly did not review for the exam. Teachers are mostly heartbroken for spending all the time and energy to teach a lesson only for it to be not paid attention to by students. In this case, this evident sarcasm is rightly deserved.

Let it Rip

This teacher is polite and rude all at the same time. If you think being both at the same time is not possible, this teacher is a diamond in the rough. Teachers are clearly humans too, at times they are too human though.


When this teacher had to let it rip, she was polite enough to warn the students to not get close to her or else bear the brunt of her lunch or late breakfast meal. Either that or this teacher intentionally wants to keep the students away for convenience’s sake and is using something gross to make her excuse believable.

The Fly

Not everyone has the skill to write a good essay, or at least a mediocre one. Apparently, this girl’s work is so bad the teacher had no other words left to describe it. This teacher found it easier to swat a fly dead, and paste it on this paper instead of threading words to tell the girl how bad the essay was.


Either that or this dead fly perfectly captured all the words the teacher has to say. If a picture paints a thousand words, this dead fly just had a swarm of it to say to this girl. Let’s hope the student was offended enough to do her best next time.

You Can’t Beat

Teach Thanks to their years of experience with tons of students, this teacher knows how to make a funny comeback while also giving this student a lesson about protons and its charges. As much as this student wants to beat this teacher, you simply can’t beat Teach in his own game.


Next time it would be best if this student studied well instead of guessing at the answers and giving a bad joke. This teacher would have been more lenient and probably would have given this student a passing grade – at least.

This Clown is Not Clowning Around

A lot of people are scared of clowns – at times with good reason. There is something odd about a person with white makeup on and a smile perennially stuck on its face. But some people have an irrational fear of something else. When a teacher overheard a student express his fear of gays and equated them to his fear of clowns, this teacher stepped up to the plate.


This teacher dressed up as a clown to make a statement that there is really nothing to fear but fear itself. Bad grades are something to fear too so study well and mind your own business. No need dipping into the clown business or anything else.

An Oxymoron is Not a Moron

This student took to heart the definition of an oxymoron. While the word refers to seemingly disparate ideas, this particular pupil took the word personally. It is now the teacher’s job to explain that her eyes accidentally looked at the student when she said such a word and thus does not mean what the student thinks it does.


It is unclear if the teacher let the student worry overnight about being a moron or if she cut the student’s insecurity right in the bud. It would be ideal if she did. It would be torture if the student stewed about being a moron until early morning.

Darth Teacher

Who knew Darth Vader had it in him to teach middle school, or grade school, or high school. Either way, this rare moment is proof that even evil can change to good. That is, if Darth Vader is teaching students the dark side of the force, then we are all screwed.


But if Darth is simply teaching students the basics of algebra or the Pythagorean theorem, kudos to Luke’s dad. Maybe Darth can transition to vocational cooking classes and teach kids how to properly wield a sword when cutting beef.

Die-hard Star Wars Fan

Fans of Star Wars are everywhere. This school is not exempt from geeky nerds who wear their Star Wars badges loudly and proudly. Surprise, surprise, this teacher is announcing to the entire school how much he loves Star Wars by wearing a Storm Trooper helmet to the yearbook photoshoot.


Why? Because he can. Take note, he also eats, sleeps, bathes, drives – repeat the same process – with the Storm Trooper mask day in and day out because he can. Star Wars fans aren’t just everywhere, apparently, weirdos are too.

Biology 101

These teachers can’t help but share their love for all things biology-related. They love it so much they even included pictures of animals in their yearbook photoshoot. After all, yearbooks are once in a lifetime event.


Why wouldn’t you want to make your picture memorable? These teachers made sure their photos are something everyone will surely remember – to want to forget.

Poets in a Yearbook

After science nerds and Star Wars fans, poets are next in the list of those people who can similarly be classified as die-hard weirdos. These beings are loud and proud of the way they can thread and mince words to express their innermost feelings.


But in this picture, no words are necessary. If a picture can paint a thousand words, this image will leave you speechless. It is unclear what the point of the bird is in the picture. Your guess is as good as mine.

Dummy Teacher

Some students do call their teachers dummies behind their backs. But this teacher seems to take that label so seriously he made an actual dummy of himself to fool unsuspecting students. Hopefully, this dummy would make students miss the real thing.


However, it is unclear if the students actually did miss their teacher. Some even commented that the dummy was as good as the real thing – a statement they said behind the teacher’s back.

All Hail Satan?

This picture is an oxymoron. It indeed does not make sense if the dark lord of the underworld is using bubble letters to make his presence known. It is similar to Darth Vader holding a teddy bear while ordering his troops to attack Ewoks.


But then again, Satan is not the king of deception for nothing. Could it be the bubble letters are a ruse to make us not think he is actually Satan? Isn’t Satan’s game to confuse us mortals and make us think he does not exist? The mystery deepens.

A Call for Help

Literally, this picture is of a teacher asking for help. It is rare for teachers to be this emotionally vulnerable. But here he is opening his heart to all of his students. Though some may think he is a man who has got it together, underneath him is a simple man standing in front of a class, asking them to love him – or at least study, and study well.


Next time your teacher gets to be this emotionally open, feel free to give your teacher a hug. You do not know how much your earnest embrace will help him get through a hectic day. If you don’t want to give your teacher a hug, please do your best to at least learn the lessons he taught you.

The Truth Hurts

This statement is applicable to all students who had to cram for a test, homework, a paper, or an overdue project. Though the truth hurts, the best thing anyone can do to not make this truth apply in their lives are the following: prepare days in advance, don’t cram, and study each day – not on the day of the exam itself.


The truth though is that, you will still cram a day before the exam, you will still not study each day, you will not prepare days in advance because that is how you roll. So be it. But don’t say you haven’t been warned.

Hand-in-mouth Disease

Foot and mouth disease is a sickness that affects the swine population. Meanwhile, the expression ‘put your foot in your mouth’ denotes a social faux pas. But is there a disease going around in academia that is causing teachers to put their entire hand in their mouth?


Apparently, this is done to either call students’ fickle attention or impress them. Whatever the intent is, this action can be likened to a train wreck – it is something you really don’t want to look at but simply can’t turn away from.


Apparently, the point of the mask is to hide the teacher’s face enough to not reveal his emotions when grading papers. But then, the same goal would have been achieved by simply wearing dark glasses. Could the teacher be using grading papers as an excuse to wear an Ironman mask?


A better and cheaper solution would be the teacher turning his back to the class. But then, that wouldn’t be dramatic, now would it? Could Ironman have been informed that his likeness is being used in school? Probably not.

Too Cool for School

If talent shows that feature math wizards are entertaining, this teacher probably would have won the grand prize. This math professor is grinning from ear to ear because he knows he did what only a few are capable fo doing.


This teacher was able to extract a mathematical formula to produce a politically incorrect message in time for the December holidays. We would have been impressed if he formulated Happy Holidays instead. But whatever floats your boat, Teach.

Dead Planet

This teacher is brutally cold and frank, Pluto would have died in his below zero temperature arms – and Pluto is the coldest planet in the solar system. Alas, Pluto – according to this professor – has indeed joined the choir invisible.


Those who are in grief for Pluto’s now non-existent status, feel free to comfort yourself in the fact that Pluto may not have been a legitimate planet anyway – those who feel this statement is rubbing salt to an already gaping open wound, our apologies.

Pizza Anyone?

If you’re into burnt pizza and love the taste of burnt crust, burnt cheese, and burnt pepperoni, you probably don’t love yourself. Either that or it is highly likely you who cooked this pizza into burnt perfection. Ovens have timers, cellphones have timers, even television sets have timers.


There is no excuse to burn this pizza unless you allowed this pizza to be sent to Helen Waite. If so, then Satan is mighty proud of you. Why not brand this under his name – make sure the font is in bubble letters.

Watch Me Meme

This teacher is speaking the language of the youth. Kudos to this teacher for making science 100% relatable to the millennial generation. Who doesn’t understand memes? Incorporating lessons about the sun’s mortality into an entertaining meme deserves a Best in Teacher award.


Or, making this picture viral is good enough. Other teachers can learn a lesson or two from this meme. Seeing calculus in a meme would be much cooler though.


This teacher is taking his job seriously. He is waiting for his student to come out of the restroom to teach his pupil a lesson. It’s not just a job for this professor. He is helping save lives. At least for now, he is helping this student quit smoking.


Smoking isn’t a healthy thing to do. Best if the teacher also speaks to the student’s parents and find out why she is smoking in the first place – or find out if the student’s parents are smokers too.

The Knight Who Said “Ni”

This para-knight is in a classroom to hopefully inspire students to be interested in studying medieval England. Or he could just be donning a costume for Halloween. Either way, this costume is not complete if he didn’t wear a British accent along with it – Old English to be exact.


Is it possible he is simply imitating John Cleese in Monty Python and the Holy Grail? If he is, what subject did he incorporate this costume in? Could it be drama? Geography? History? Hopefully, it is not physical education.

Substitute Teacher

This teacher has eyes in the back of his head. Specifically, this teacher has eyes installed in this drawing of him placed on the classroom board. The resemblance is highly likely uncanny. If this doesn’t scare his students nothing will.


It also feels as if the drawing has been magically cursed to transform into the real-life teacher come midnight. Kids better behave lest they have nightmares. This teacher is evidently not joking.

A-Grade Sleeper

We long for the days where sleeping was not only part of our daily routines, just like back in kindergarten, but also actually part of the grading system. I believe if that was the case I would get A+. Unfortunately, this is not the case, especially for Richone.


Perhaps this was the wake-up call that Richone needed to ace the rest of his classes- completely awake.

The Potty Poet

Step by step. It takes some time to master the art of poetry, but sometimes you just flow with your thoughts. Whatever those thoughts may be. It can be hard to filter oneself in a poem. At least for Sandra.


We would all love to know what Sandra let loose there in the middle of her poem. Clearly it was enough to get a little written warning!

Forgetful Parents

From the look of this review card, David is in kindergarten, and from the look of that alarming note, something unfortunate happened to David- and it involved lacking underwear. Hopefully, this card will end up in the right hands.


Underwear is crucial, to everybody. Let this be a lesson to David and his parents.

Subtle Point

This kid has made quite the effort to stick to that home reading quota and has even gone above and beyond, even without Mondays! (Who can function on a Monday anyway?)


Something seems fishy with that teacher. Perhaps a personal vendetta against the parents? Either way, they didn’t particularly bother with subtlety.

Snip Snip

At first glance, this could look like a genuine apology for Demi’s momentary melt-down. Why, though, would the teacher want to pack these locks into a ziplock bag and send it back to the parents? Seems odd! Does she expect Demi’s folks to glue it back in?


Something about this is strange. If we were to let our imaginations run free for a moment, perhaps the teacher cut it off herself, slipped it into a bag and got little Demi into trouble. Now that sounds like a plan!

Who is the Real Teacher Here?

The lessons don’t stop for lucky Dakota. He clearly has some talented parents and he’s getting an education wherever he goes. Whether that be in math or dance. Evidently, it has rubbed off on not only one his classmates, but on some of the teachers too!


Perhaps the parents can offer dance classes in exchange for free tuition! Sounds like a plan.

Don’t Try to Outsmart This Teacher

This kid thought he would try to get some sympathy from the teacher by drawing a sad little panda. Maybe this tactic works on the parents, or even some more forgiving teachers, but not on this one. It’s going to take more than a cartoon panda to pass this math class.


There is hope though! That panda frown can be turned upside down by just hitting the books.

Well That Was a Fail

So much for a final reflection essay. This teacher was clearly not that interested in the student’s take on the class. This weird attempt at a creative insult sort of fell flat. Not that the student seemed to be that concerned in the first place.


Maybe this kid has a future in poetry but certainly not in this teacher’s class!

High on Conspiracy Theories

Teaching history to conspiracy theorists can be tricky. This teacher clearly lost patience with this student who evidently launched into an anti-holocaust theory. Wonder how researched this, considering he misspelled the word holocaust.


We are all wondering how that meeting went down in the end. I think an appropriate punishment would be one whole year of historically accurate essays.

Is This a Pop Quiz?

Looks like this student had Beyonce on repeat while studying for this science test and it seeped into their mind. That explains this snappy answer that referenced the hit song. Pretty amusing if you ask us.


Kudos to the teacher who played along. While a point or two was deducted, this teacher certainly had the wherewithal to respond with a snappy answer.

Save the Personal Attacks

When in doubt, just make up your own answers. Honestly, this is a pretty silly question and the student probably thought its best to just edit the test up a little. It’s safe to say that this kid is actually a little ugly. Good going, Judy.


This teacher is going to have to think of a new way to start testing Judy, because this is just not working out.

An Interesting Kind of Volcano

Anyone who has seen Gary Busey in action knows that this answer is indeed correct. That actor does seem to be just moments from a massive explosion that will destroy the entire world in just one swift boom. We are sure that even after scientists who have examined both Gary Busey and Yellowstone Park, will actually rethink their research.


Even if this is, according to the teacher, is an incorrect answer, the teacher definitely should not have tempted fate with this as an option!

Comic Duo

Looks like this teacher and student had a nice little comic exchange on that test. If J.K Rowling wrote Harry Potter on napkins, then maybe these two can collaborate on some comical scripts on class tests! Even if the answers are off, the teacher’s notes are amusing.


Jokes aside. When it comes to this kid’s education, we would rather just check marks instead of amusing notes.

The One-armed Butterfly Catcher Told Me So

Why listen to the biology teacher when you have your cartoon friend to teach you about genetics. Nothing says ‘genetically intact’ like a one-armed butterfly catcher anyway. There was also a 50-50 chance that this teacher would have thrown this test straight to the trash. Guess the kid got lucky.


We would love to see the other characters that are educating this child. The 3-legged potato teaching science maybe?

Meme Expert

Teachers are often perceived as old and grumpy adults. The kind of people that make it easy for kids to mess with. It makes it all the more surprising when little kids leave shameless comments all over for their tests. Yet now and again you come across a teacher that will outwit these kids with the cunning use of meme references.


Whether or not the missing partial fractions made this kid fail in the end, the teacher blamed it on “Scumbag Steve” nonetheless!

Interesting Habits

We all went through a time in our lives where we weren’t totally in charge of our own bodily functions, but there is something about this day sheet that is a little strange. This toddler is definitely teaching themselves about all aspects of the human body and how it gets rid of waste.


We can’t help but wonder, however, when that comment will be recorded somewhere in those time slots. Definitely a potential clean up situation. Yikes!

Calling a Spade a Spade

Well, this teacher is just going to be honest, and from the tone alone, it actually looks like he has lost all patience. No doubt that this note will go straight to the parents and they will have to deal with it. Good luck Josiah.


We all wish that Josiah will one day find the kind of work that he does find fun. It is after all the goal in everyone’s life.

Self Control

Well, we are not sure how this attempted kiss went down, but from the sad face, maybe it was a little problematic. Is this teacher trying to keep these two love-birds apart, or are they trying to establish some classroom and cafeteria boundaries?


We hope the little emoticon did the job in the end. When it comes to appropriate kissing though, maybe a stern “talking to” is more efficient.

Liar Liar

Mrs. Shapiro appears to value honesty above all else, even if it means ratting out little Charlie to his parents. The King Cake incident indeed sounds intriguing and his parents are surely in for quite the treat.


Let’s just hope no one was hurt in the mysterious King Cake incident. Hmm…my imagination is already wandering. Good luck Charlie!

Some Mercy

Finally, a shred of mercy was shown from a teacher. This teacher is seemingly less bitter than the rest and has chosen not only not to deduct points off over a sweet little drawing, but also even added one.


That is one happy little giraffe, and student!

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