The World’s Worst Bridesmaid Dress Choices

Unfortunately, not everyone planning a wedding has the best style out there. Finding a wedding dress is tough enough, but when you have to dress your whole clan of bridesmaids, things can get a little complicated. We know that no-one wants to upstage the bride, but when it comes to these choices, we have to stop and think to ourselves “was this the bride’s form of sabotage?”


Get ready and join us as we explore some of the world’s worst bridesmaids dress choices you’ve ever seen. It will truly make you reconsider how you go about planning your future potential weddings!

The World’s Most Color Inclusive Wedding Ceremony

This bride gave each of her bridesmaids a different colored dress and bouquet and although they do match each other in style, they are all quite unflattering and out of style and draw our attention in every single direction except for on the bride herself. We call this one an epic fail.


This honestly looks like the bridesmaids got colors splashed at them, maybe even like they’re a part of some brand new cereal. If that’s not enough, these badly colored dresses are covering them from neck to toe, leaving only their faces and hands exposed. As bad as the color scheme was, we still want to at-least give credit to the bride for also giving them matching flowers, at-least you know some thought was put behind it, but this actually ended up making it worse.

How to Make Sure Your Bridesmaids Don’t Steal the Show

This bride must have been having serious self-worth doubts to be willing to dress her best friends in what could only be described as one of the most atrocious choices of dresses ever seen. Her bridesmaids were even forced to wear some weird homburg hats with patterns that could only be described as what a  lemon would look like if it had a terrible skin disease.


 This entire thing could have easily been averted by simply asking anyone with a functioning set of eyes if they think this color pattern works in any feasible way. At-least the bride was dressed appropriately (we won’t go as far as to say fashionably), which just goes to show you that luck does shine in your favor (even if partially) when your special day finally arrives.

These Bridesmaids Were Inspired by Rachel From Friends

Remember the excruciating episode from Season 2 of Friends where Rachel had to go to her ex-fiance’s wedding and give a speech as the maid of honor? The one where her dress gets caught up in her underwear? Yeah, cringe-worthy but hilarious. The episode was called “The One With Barry and Mindy’s Wedding”, and involved Rachel wearing one of the most hideous pink dresses in history. It had big puffy shoulders, weird bows on her left and right collars and a white pearl necklace that just didn’t work.


For some reason, this bride decided to force her bridesmaids to wear an almost identical version of that hideous dress, and to make matters worse, she had them all sporting a different pastel color of the dress. It’s quite clear from some of their faces that the struggle is real. Each bridesmaid is holding a matching colored bouquet in her hands, which could have been a nice touch, but the odd order of colors and a complete disregard for fashion norms only made it worse. Don’t even get us started on that pool of dress that the bride calls a wedding gown.

These Are Not the Feminist Bridesmaids You Are Looking For

These bridesmaids, seem to be delighted in their turtlenecks, vests and tailored trousers. While the pink color screams ‘we are woman, we are dainty’ the tailored suits (which if you ask us, are trying way too hard) scream ‘we are feminists, let us own property… or at least choose our own bridesmaid dresses’.


It certainly looks that they may not have not only upstaged the bride but perhaps all the groomsmen too. Besides all that, we can’t help but notice that the bride looks like she got her hair and head clothing is done by one of the costume designers of Star Wars.

The Divide Which Started a Conspiracy

It seems that the two of her five friends, who must have been colorblind, thought that these dresses looked fantastic and immediately set out to wear them as proudly as if it was their own wedding day. The other three bridesmaids were not pleased at all. They pleaded and asked for the bride’s mercy, and told her all about the horrible legends of other bridesmaids who were forced to wear flower patterns and the horrible fate that awaited them.


. In the picture, we can see how happy the two colorblind bridesmaids are on the left, we can see the look of joy on the bride’s face as she celebrates her victory at her quest to murder fashion, and on the right we can also see the last two bridesmaids undoubtedly thinking about all the ways they can murder the bride and hide the body. She was, obviously never seen again after this picture was taken.

Willy Wonka, the Flag of Poland and Flamingo Dancers

When this bride came to her husband with the idea of doing a white and red themed wedding, he should have immediately shut the idea down and proceed to call the first wedding designer who’s number appears in the phone book. This white and red combination reminds us of many things, from the classic flamingo girl emoji to the flag of Poland. Of course, these people are clearly not Polish, as they appear more American than anything.


The future husband appears to have been dressed as a duke, or what could be referred to as a combination of Charlie Chaplin and Willy Wonka. It’s also noteworthy to say that the color red is considered the most alluring and attention-grabbing color in nature, so if you dress your bridesmaids in red, don’t be too surprised that you’re practically invisible – even though you’re standing in the very center of the photo.

These Pixies Aren’t Exactly Adding Anything

It’s not exactly clear what the goal was behind this wedding party dress code. Our bridesmaids seem pleased to be dressed as fairies, but this isn’t Halloween, this is a wedding. It’s clear that the picture was taken in front of a forest, with the intention of creating a fantastical feeling for the bride on her special day. This didn’t really work out, however, since there’s really nothing fantastical about this image.


It might be better to imagine the picture as a low-production version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, with the bride and her bridesmaids as part of the cast of Shakespeare’s most fairy filled playwright to date. At least that way we have an explanation for this odd and obscene fashion choice and photo location decision. We hope the little girl on the left pitches the idea to her school drama club. We’d love to see that.

Charlie’s Angels Secret Mission

You might remember Charlie’s Angels as the wonderful 2000 and 2003 action flicks with the beautiful and talented Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu as three femme fatals working together as secret private detectives in Los Angeles. This picture had their faces pixelated for obvious security reasons and shows them on a mission to infiltrate a Smurfs camp that is alleged to be engaging in illegal drug trafficking.


Charlie’s Angels are wearing the classic light blue and white colors to make themselves practically indistinguishable from the average Smurf, and are using umbrellas to hide their faces and block the rain when necessary. You can see the middle Angel, likely Dylan Sanders, as she raises her hand in preparation for a martial arts attack on the cameraman who failed to recognize them. All jokes aside, dear lord we mourn the day that these so-called ‘dresses’ we ever made. They couldn’t even pass as wrapping paper today.

The Best Example Why You Shouldn’t Get Married During Christmas

These bridesmaids were probably on Santa’s naughty list this year because Santa decided to punish them with one of the worst bridesmaid dresses of all time. If you disregard the creepy background, which literally shows a rope hanging down from the ceiling straight into the bride’s head (OH MY GOD), it would still be an insanely weird picture, owing to so many other factors which we will now describe.


First of all, these are the bridesmaids, not elves or Santa’s minions. Why are they wearing Santa’s robe leftovers? It almost looks like the floor is the same color as they are. This is outrageous. Secondly, why is the bride wearing a hat that looks like a big fat candle or a Turkish fez hat? This wedding would have been much better served if the Christmas motif was either vastly softened or even entirely thrown out. If you’re going to go so hard on the Christmas angle, at-least include some red-nosed reindeer while you’re at it. Sheesh.

So Much Green You’d Swear This Was a Legalization Rally

It’s unclear what made this bride ask all of her three bridesmaids to wear various shades of this “puke green” tone. This is yet another case of a two out of three bridesmaids wearing an indrebiley distasteful dress, with the third one, likely the maid of honor, wearing a different colored dress without a pattern. Perhaps the look of joy on the maid of honor’s face is because she knows that compared to her friends’ dresses, she got off cheap and doesn’t look half as bad as they do.


If we were to be placed inside a child’s nightmare with images of their aunts putrid veggie casserole, these bridesmaid dresses are as close to that image as you can get. From the neckline, the sleeve length, the form of the dress and down to the downright nightmarish pattern and color of these dresses. You could almost put a piece of their dress on a petri dish and pretend you’re looking at some microbes from a piece of toxic waste.

Way Too Many Flowers For One Wedding

When we think of beautiful weddings we often think of flowers. Flower arrangements help set the mood and establish the color scheme of the wedding and much more, which is why brides love them. If you want to make a bride happy (or really – any woman) just give her some a bunch of her favorite flowers. It helps a wedding venue if their spread out across the entire venue filling it with their sweet smells. These bridesmaids, however, are no sweet-smelling bouquet. They would look better spread out as far as possible around the venue, though.


These bridesmaids look like they literally just got to the event and picked the first colorful thing they found, likely the table covers at the wedding hall, and used them as bridesmaid dresses. The bride’s mother, at least, somehow managed to escape the horrible flower attack that plagued the other girls’ dresses. Perhaps she was late to her fitting, but at least she got lucky and was spared the atrocious design that the bridesmaids attempted to pull off.

Don’t Wear Nightgowns to Your Friend’s Wedding

The wonderful day had finally arrived and everyone was excited and happy. The bride put on her wedding dress. The groom got dressed up in his expensive rented tux. His best friend George also put on his best suit for the event, despite usually wearing ripped T-shirts sporting logos of The Grateful Dead. When the couple arrived at their photo location, they wondered where the bridesmaids were. They were sad to discover that the bridesmaids had slept in and forgot to bring their wedding bridesmaid dresses with them.


Ok, that’s probably not what happened, but do you have a better explanation for these nightgown looking excuses for bridesmaid dresses? While in some places in Asia it is appropriate to leave the house in a Kimono and even wear one to an event, this wedding party doesn’t look Asian and doesn’t look like they had one ounce of fashion sense between the five of them. While the two male participants managed to somehow look presentable, the females were not quite as lucky and managed to cross every fashion no-no in the book in this one little wedding photo.

Forgot to Change From Their Pajamas for the Wedding Photos

Everything about this photo seems to indicate that this group just got up from a sleepover party and haven’t yet changed into their actual wedding clothes. We won’t elaborate on how unflattering some of these dresses are when it comes to their looks since we don’t wish to put down anyone’s looks – but we can’t help but criticize their horrible fashion choices, which are an entirely different matter.


This is another case of bridesmaids that are each wearing a different color. After all, why choose a color palette when you can just simulate the colors of a rainbow. This choice proved to be doubly horrible as it just ends up looking like some old pieces of cloth whose colors have faded. These “dresses” are so off-putting, that the sheer obliviousness on the bridesmaids’ faces is astonishing. The only good news about this fashion disaster is that at-least nobody here will have to change into sleeping attire when they get back home, mostly because they are already wearing some.

Fruit Cocktail

It’s been a fun ride, and we got to see our fair share of incredibly bad fashion disasters, from protective headgears to flowery designs that just didn’t work then, and won’t work now. This is why we choose to end our list on a more colorful and lighter note, with a fashion choice that makes us turn and run to the open bar. Because the dresses look so extremely awful? Yes, but also because there is the exact color combination of a Tequila sunrise cocktail.


These bridesmaids are lined up looking like a strawberry-banana smoothie with a tinge of orange as the base. They can be seen holding ice cream cones with flowers, and all of them look quite displeased with their designated bridesmaid dresses, as would we if we were forced into one of these fashion-tastrophies. Perhaps it’s just the heat or maybe it’s a dash of self-awareness, but we can totally understand the looks on some of these girls’ faces. We hope they got to change clothes after the wedding ceremony or at least used their attire to film a quick commercial for Juice Plus.

Who Put the Floral Decoration on the Bride’s Head?

We can sort of understand what the bride and her bridesmaids were going for in this picture. The bridesmaids are supposed to be dressed as red velvet cupcakes right? Well, unfortunately, they remind us a lot more of curtain drapes. The flowers on their chest remind us of some symptoms of a skin disease a lot more than whatever they were intended to be. And unfortunately, unlike many of our previous entries, in this photo the bride too was the victim of some horrible fashion choices.


It’s weird how a bride can make herself look like the lady of liberty, and yet be so badly dressed that any semblance of respect quickly disappears from your mind. She is wearing what appears to be a pot full of plants on her head, likely symbolizing the flowering of her thought process when attempting to organize the dress-code for this wedding. Whatever the aim was behind these outfits, we can safely conclude that they were completely missed. We would never wish divorce on any couple but… hopefully, this bride gets a do-over, at least of her fashion choices.

A Cross Between Aliens, Ferrero Rocher, and 300.

These women chose to go with the exact opposite approach, and have subsequently coated themselves in what could be described as gold plated dresses, bronze warrior attire, Ferrero Rocher wrappings or discarded dresses from the set of Zack Snyder’s action film 300. With this golden cross between tin foil and saran wrap, it doesn’t really matter what our bride was wearing, as no one will be remembering her.


These outfits look like they would work a lot better in something like a KISS concert or a gladiator fight. We really have no idea what went through the mind of the bride who approved these and the minds of the bridesmaids that were willing to try them on, let alone wear this outfit to their friends’ wedding. The only two positive things about this image is that their faces are pixelated and that the bride doesn’t appear in this image, which means that there’s a chance these bridesmaids changed attire for the actual wedding or at least for the wedding party.

This Groom Got Lucky In All the Wrong Ways

These bridesmaids were asked to wear various shades of blue against this mahogany kitchen and two very large candelabras. Some other aspects of the photo are also quite creepy, like the big floating head between two of the bridesmaids. We’re also not sure why there is a bodyless man in the center of the photo or if he is the groom (and is also dressed in light blue), how it is that the bride herself was so lucky as to escape this picture. This is hopefully the last time she lets budget cuts dictate what she and her friends wear for an event of this proportion.


Perhaps the reason she looks unhappy is that she just realized she is dressed like something that was just fished out of the ocean. Either way, this is one wedding photographer that is best left in the studio and should never have been put on the internet.

A Fleet of Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

We have to admit, the groomsmen at this wedding are even worse. Let’s not even get into the fact that once again – you don’t wear white to a wedding! These groomsmen look like they have just docked at the nearest marina and have been set loose to go party on the fleet week.


 It is the groomsmen that steal most of the thunder in this photo and they will have some serious groveling to do later on. Either way, the photo has so many people that the cameraman was forced to back away so much that no faces can be clearly be seen.

When Your Wedding is Inspired by Kirby

One of the most iconic video-game characters of all time is Kirby. This pink alien is notorious for his ability to inhale objects and float by expanding his body. This bride was apparently a huge fan of the character and wanted to have a wedding-themed after the lovable character. There are so many things wrong with this picture, from the terribly disappointed faces of the right bridesmaid and the two on the left to their dresses being almost the same color as their faces.

Getty Images

If that’s not bad enough, instead of giving them proper flower bouquets, these bridesmaids were forced to hold a weird droopy and limp bunch of flowers with what could only be described as looking a little ‘off-color’ ribbons. We’d tell you that this is as bad as it gets, but things are only going to get worse from here. At least we’re past these pink layered muffin bridesmaid dress abominations.

An Odd Assortment of Colors

What we have seen through this list is that apparently it used to be popular to have your bridesmaids dress in different colors rather than the more modernly acceptable one-color scheme we see at weddings today. However, we refuse to accept that it was ever fashionable to wear one’s drapes as acceptable bridesmaid attire. It’s not clear what went through this bride’s mind when she picked out these dresses but they definitely don’t look good in on camera. We can’t understand why a bride would think that this was a good idea.


It’s quite easily noticed that the bride’s honorary friends are not very comfortable, as they each display some manner of discomfort and perhaps shame. While the maid of honors dress, if possible is slightly less terrible than the awful turquoise-pink combo that the other girls had to put up with, it by no means makes it a good looking dress. While all the bride’s friends were given weird floral patterns to wear, the maid of honor was actually quite dishonored by this bride’s choices. We hope these dresses we properly misplaced at the end of the ceremony. Forever.

These Guys Aren’t Fans of the Beatles

In what could only be described as the closest thing to a Sgt. Peppers album cover we’ve seen this year, you can easily identify various key features that make it appear as such. It’s would not be a surprise if these guys would suddenly burst into singing and begin singing Come Together as John Lennon slowly approaches the stage and joins them in unison.


Everything from the suits, the unique combination of white, gray, red and seafoam make this picture look exactly like an album cover. Or a mockery of one. This is without even mentioning the middle four people wearing rose-colored sunglasses for whatever reason. If you think this color choice is peculiar, just wait until you see the next entry in this list.

We Just Didn’t Have Time to Find Proper Dresses

It would seem that these brides appeared out of the ground and animated themselves into these dresses. Were they white before the wedding and got leaves stuck on them? Did the bridesmaids decide to model their fashion after shower curtains and tablecloths? Most likely not, because this color pattern would be distasteful even for those. The goal was definitely not to make the bridesmaids less attention-grabbing and the bride more appealing because it’s almost impossible to notice the bride with such hideous colors and patterns.


While this bride’s dress is actually surprisingly tasteful, nothing of the sort can be said as to her bridesmaids. Perhaps the they wanted to dress in camouflage that would allow them to take a few steps back and hide behind the bushes. Considering the outcome of the photo, that may have been a better move for them. As bad as these bridesmaid dresses are, the true victim here is the bride having been surrounded by this horrible fashion crime. At-least these bridesmaids aren’t wearing helmets or puffy shoulders; Oh wait, they’re wearing puffy elbows. Great.

This is Why the Polka Dot Style Didn’t Survive the ‘80s

Some celebrities like to invoke the retro polka dot style in their dresses, usually just barely pulling it off due to their expensive makeup, great genetics, and very flattering camera angles. Other, “regular” people who aren’t part of the Hollywood elite cannot in any way make the polka dot style work, which is one of the biggest reasons why the pattern failed and died back in the late ’80s and early ’90s. Nobody misses a polka dot, it’s just a bad style that makes women look a lot more like cows or strawberries (depending on the color).


This image, which features a husband wearing light blue with his future wife’s two bridesmaids, is just another example of why the style died. It’s a good thing it never made a comeback, because we certainly aren’t pleased with the results it produces. Hopefully, this wedding picture has convinced you why the polka dot style should be banned from fashion circles until the end of time.

Bill Gates and His Lucky Entourage of Chicks

The groom is the center of this picture looks like the happiest nerd in the world. He is wearing a sweet little corsage which was obviously put there by his bride, but unfortunately, the lucky girl is nowhere to be seen, leaving us to speculate whether or not her dress was as ghastly as four of her unlucky bridesmaids were. The groom’s three-piece suit is perhaps the only dress code we can approve of here.


The four bridesmaids are wearing some of the most hideous dresses ever to be invented by human beings, with not one but two puffy segments on each of their respective arms. This just doubles the pain for the eyes, and that’s ignoring the bold show-stealing burgundy color that was chosen for the bridesmaids’ dresses and their matching high heels. You can tell from the background that this picture was taken in a mansion of sorts, perhaps we were right and Bill Gates was somehow behind this.

The Teletubbies Finally Found Their Wives

For whatever reason, these bridesmaids decided to dress up each in their own unique color, likely representing a different spirit animal in their regular form before transforming into their special ninja outfits. Even the ribbons hanging from their little flower bouquets are the same color as their dresses. It’s cool that the bride is holding a flower bouquet with colored hanging ribbons representing all the colors that makeup all the bridesmaid dresses tones, but making a nice gesture out of something bad doesn’t make it good.


Besides being quite unflattering on most of these women, these dresses are simply hideous all on their own. The fabric clusters at the top of each dress make it look like the girls are wearing some high-class bibs around their off-colored abominations of a bridesmaid dress. What really gets us through, is the weird and unknown piece of armor that the bride is wearing on her head. It’s unclear if this is a protective gear against bees or what appears to be an astronaut helmet without its cover, but what we’re sure of is that it doesn’t work.

The Cringe Is Real

All the girls in this photo are clearly suffering from some form of discomfort, even to the point of seeming to cringe, likely because they were forced to wear one of the weirdest and inappropriate dresses we’ve seen in recent times. We would have appreciated the fact the flowers are matching the color of their dresses, but unfortunately, their dresses make them all look like a synchronized swimming team of little mermaids which would make any sort of flowers obsolete.


As-if the dresses weren’t bad enough, they were also asked to wear some of the most hilarious looking hats that the world has ever seen. Are these sisters? Because they appear quite similar to each other. Either way, this is one example of what you should never do when styling your bridesmaids, not because they’re going to steal the show but because nobody deserves to go out in public looking like this.

Oh Boy

We hope sincerely hope that this woman missed the dress code memo because we would hate to see a group of women who look like her at the wedding reception. Do we begin with the sparkly obvious wig that she lazily placed on top of her head or are we going to talk about the dress itself?


The whole look is a total disaster and it’s hard to tell if those bunches were made on purpose or if they are just the result of being smooshed up in her Disney costume box that sat in her closet for what looks like decades.

Frill Galore

The flamingos are back. This gaggle of bridesmaids sort of look like the pink bird. These dresses that are actually bordering on Victorian belong in another century, and actually, another universe. Not to mention the tacky diamante heart that is plastered in the front. It really is an eyesore


That bride will have no issues being upstaged by this pink nightmare. Surely she must know that. Which begs the question. Why was did she so cruelly dress her beloved friends in these terrible dresses? She should be sentenced to bride prison.

The Disney Princess

Evidently it looks like the rule is: when in doubt, go for the Disney look. These pink and yellow disasters look like they’re straight out of a 1950s bird singing scene in a cartoon classic. Any moment now, woodland creatures and birds are going to trail their dresses or land on one of their shoulders and let out a tune.


Even that church has a Disney feel to it. Perhaps an evil queen or stepmother will leap from the shadows and snap up the bride. If that does end up happening, may she please take those bridesmaids. They won’t be missed.

The Barmaid Bridesmaids

It might be the British comic duo Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French, but that still doesn’t excuse them from making these bad decisions. Ok, so perhaps it’s in the name of comedy. The cut of the dress looks like its fit for an old-timey bar in medieval England… or modern-day Germany? They might be empty-handed but it would be great if they just whipped out two large beer steins.


Let that be a message to you then. If you’re a bride thinking of giving these dresses to your bridesmaids, be aware that they were worn once as a joke. The pom-pom head crowns just really top it off perfectly. Way to go, girls!

Fall Madness

We get it, you’re having a fall wedding. The background of orange and yellow leaves gives you a nice backdrop for your wedding pics. The weather is mild and you can still wear dresses. Naturally, an autumn-themed wedding must have autumn-themed decor and dress code. Orange flowers are a must and the bridesmaids obviously need to look like wilting trees.


Clearly that’s the choice that they went with in this scenario. The odd burnt tree bark design paired with the bright orange tubes simply screams “October dream.” The flowers look like fire. Quite honestly this whole look is up in flames. Can we do another wedding, please?

This is a Pastel Nightmare

A big part of the blame falls on the decade. The 1970s was not a good time for weddings. It was all about shoulder pads, lace and floppy hats (one of these women even has a floppy lacey hat!) The hair didn’t help either.


Also, this might be slightly less style-related but it appears as if this bride color-coded her bridesmaids according to closeness. With her best friend getting the almost white dress and an acceptable splash of lilac while the least close friend got canary yellow and the unfortunate headwear.

The Accordion

It looks like no one but one apparently extremely good friend agreed to show up to the wedding dressed like this. No one else would be caught dead in this triangular shaped three-tone accordion dress. That was a mouthful. Seriously, what were they thinking?


It’s really difficult to find an explanation for this disastrous dress. Was that bridesmaid also part of the band? Did the dress provide some sought of party entertainment?

Santa is Coming to Town

Is someone in Santas’s extended family getting married? This winter wonderland wedding look is a little over the top. We are not liking those fur-trimmed edges and seams, and the silver is just a step too far. Well, the whole thing is several steps too afar and should be destroyed, and buried in the snow where it belongs.


At least they’re sort of drawing attention away from the bride. Her ice queen dress and hat looks like something she might regret a few years later. This just looks like a tacky Christmas party, not a wedding.

The Fashion Show Bridesmaids

Alright, girls. We’re sure that you would love to imagine that you’re in an epic episode of Sex and The City and you’re about to walk into a pivotal scene where the TV wedding of the decade is about to happen, and a bunch of drama is about to go down.


A part of that might happen. The wedding guests might gasp in horror the moment that these girls walk into the church. Generally, each dress should represent a character (the mean one, the smart one, the sassy one, etc) but by the look of each of these dresses, the girls all look like the insane one.

Gayle’s Getting Married

Here we go with another unfortunate 1975 wedding. We really do pity a whole generation of folks that had to go through that, not knowing that fashions would vastly improve. They really were victims of an awful time. We don’t know what’s worse. The frilly V-neck or the stiff high collar with a ribbon.


At least they look very happy. When you’re celebrating your best friend getting married, the frills and lace tend to fade away. Unfortunately, they didn’t quite fade away enough and we can still seem them. Oh,  well.

The Baby Blues Are Raining On Her Parade

Ok, we definitely have seen worse on this list, and given the era, we are willing to a little more forgiving than usual. But why, oh why do we need the addition of the hats? The look would have been a little more tolerable had they just left the hats behind.


Unfortunately, the hats seemed to be a must, which, after looking at these pictures, is starting to look like a prerequisite for attending a wedding. In fact, it’s starting to look like it was included in the RSVP letter and the “will you be attending with hat?” could be seen alongside “will you be bringing a plus one?”

A Military Style Wedding

Interesting colors to have at a wedding! These folks took the military colors, perhaps even from actual uniforms, and apparently re-appropriated them for matrimonial purposes. If the Naval forces and the marines were to get married, it might look a little like this.


Whatever the case is and whatever the reason they decided to use navy blue and olive green at a wedding, it doesn’t change the fact that it should ever, ever, under any circumstances be okay to do such a thing. This is a massive fashion crime.

The Pink Ladies

Keeping in with the Grease theme of the 1950’s Cadillacs and beehive hairstyle, these women are dressed up as the formal version of the Pink Ladies.


The hat pieces are little much and look like those are pink cats attacking their heads.

There Is a Reason These Girls Are Not Smiling

These Kitschy floral dresses are not doing this bride any justice. And she knows it. She looks like she can’t wait to get out of this photoshoot and quite frankly it looks like neither can they.


Perhaps it has something to do with those pink bows? They kind of look like they’re flying animals that landed on their heads.

Cup Cake Dresses

These frilly disasters with bonnets just make these bridesmaids look like actual wedding cakes. We also love the fact that they took of the liberty of getting each one in a different color. Lemon meringue, bubblegum, and strawberry.


Seeing the fact that there we’re missing green, it’s possible that Buttercup is getting married. Surprising! Buttercup did always seem to be the one who is the least likable. Perhaps these dresses are revenge.

A Vision in Turquoise

The color aside, these things look more like they’re lingerie than that actual dresses. Just as well they have a piece of fabric covering their shoulders because the rest of the dress just sort of looks like a patch of lace with some ribbons stuffed into them. Of course, the look could always be improved with perhaps a different shade. Unfortunately, they decided to go with this “tealish” turquoise type thing.


It’s always important to get a second eye when planning your wedding. Don’t grab the first thing you see.

Something Is Off Here

No one took the time to tell this poor wedding gang that they’re supposed to wear their bras underneath their clothes. Also, what is up with the fez-like hats that they’re wearing there?


The speckled bras and veils just make the whole thing look ridiculous. We also love the fact that only one girl got to wear purple and nota blue. What does it mean?

A Pitsburg Steelers Wedding?

The black and yellow theme is strong here and looking at this picture makes it very tempting to break out into the Wiz Khalifa rap song, you guessed “Black and Yellow.” Perhaps they are major Steelers fans and this was their tribute to the team.


The collars on the dresses are a nice touch. We also appreciate how the bride has borrowed the look for her own dress too. It adds another level of formality to the whole getup.

Another Military Affair?

Here we go with the army look again. Did this bridal gang once again raid the closet of their military hubbies and sew themselves some hot new dresses? It certainly looks like it! While that might be pretty resourceful, the result is quite hideous and they should never do that again.


It’s not fair that the men got to wear white. We know that it’s super illegal in the wedding world for the bridesmaids to wear white but anything is better than this olive green mess.

Well, Cheers to That

We will put aside the fact that this looks like a wedding for a teenage bride.


Those dresses aren’t doing much for anyone. A little bit of effort, girls! This is a big day. We think…

Stepford Bridesmaids

Hi there. Welcome to our wedding club. We created it so we can just celebrate the wonders of lace. From the gloves to the curtains, this whole situation is starting to look more like a cult than a wedding.


If you’re interested, they meet every Tuesday evening at “the bride’s” house.

The Milkmaids Are Here

No, this wedding is not actually taking place on a 15th-century farmhouse in rural England. This is just what they wanted you to think. Also, by the look of those creepy kids “children of the corn” faces, they’re eager to lure in any innocent passersby. Just follow the baskets of flowers and continue up the stairs.


The only thing we hear after joining that crowd is a very loud bang of a door shutting and locking up forever.

Subliminal Messaging

Perhaps it’s just us but are we seeing those arbitrary little patterns on those dresses as handcuffs? Are her trusted friends trying to quietly warn her of what she is about to get herself into? Their faint smiles seem to be saying, “girl, it’s not too late.”


We wonder if their subtle messaging ended up working on. If it didn’t, that’s too bad. If it did, then wow, you picked a very interesting method to communicate. Also, great timing.


We’re in the safe zone over here. This dress hasn’t yet made it to the actual wedding and is still safely in the fitting rooms. So that’s a plus. The minus. She looks awfully confidant that she is going to walk out of the store with that thing in hand, and the group of girls will be wearing it on the big day. We sincerely hope that there is a force of reason over there.


This is how friendships get destroyed. It takes one over-eager bridesmaid and an outrageous dress to really break everything down. Just pick one color, please. It’s a wedding, not a five-year-old’s birthday party.

Awkwardly Placed Roses

This dress definitely started out promising. It’s a subtle color, a great off the shoulder cut, and a cute black bow that contrasts nicely with the soft pastel pink. But what in heavens happened at the bottom? Was it really necessary to place these two giant rose-shaped pleats on the front and back of the dress? It makes everything kind of wrong, especially when you’re looking at it from the back


Also, those orange roses. What is the deal with that? Can we cool it with the rose theme?

What Are You Doing, Sarah?

You’re Sarah Michelle Gellar. Why do you look like a garden? This color is just too harsh, even for a beautiful girl like you.


And those frills? What is going on down there? Are you trying to look like a plant? Because if you are it’s working!

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