Hilarious Senior Yearbook Quotes That Cannot Be Unseen

Whether you’re looking for clever inspiration for your own senior quote, or you just want to laugh your ass off, you’ve come to the right place.

Ms. Emmy Graham also graduated from the school of 30 Rock

“When a ten is speaking, all you fives quiet down and listen up.” -me


Clever. Hilarious. And a cool way to give a shout out to her favorite show. Only a devoted student of Jenna, who delivered the classic line, “Listen up fives, a ten is speaking,” would choose the quote inspired by 30 Rock for her yearbook.

Ouch! Burn

We’re not sure if the two were friends, enemies, or “frenemies,” but one thing’s for sure, Amanda Taggart had the last laugh with her epic yearbook quote “I Look Better Than The Person Next To ME ;)”


We’re sure she still looks back at this and smiles at her cleverness.

Straight outa the closet

“I started high school with straight A’s, now I’m not even straight.” A senior with attitude.


Perhaps this confident and intelligent young man held onto many of those A’s on his way out of high school. I’ll bet he picked up some extra letters too, like LGBTQ! Good for Christian, a senior quote that shows his Pride.

Keeping on the sunny side

So many of our students here express positivity, gratitude, and optimism, even if the message is wrapped within a dark message. Markie, here, finds the bright side to everything too.


“You can”t always pick your father, but you can pick your daddy.” See, even without responsible male guidance in the home, this young lady finds a way out.

Is she going for “meanest girl in school”?

Or, the funniest comedian?


“If I was mean to you and said I was joking, I wasn’t. #MAF” An openly passive-aggressive joker. She’s a double-dipping meanie! Well, at least she’s honest.

The dreaded roll call

Mr. Oluwadabria Ogunwuyi has had to learn to roll with the punches. “I’ve learned to say here when the teacher hesitates while taking attendance.”


The other exasperation is having to spell his last name out. Every. Single. Time.

Thank goodness we are not trees!

Can you imagine the frustration of being stuck in exactly one place your whole life? Even worse, trees can live hundreds of years!


“If you don’t like where you are in life. . . Move. You ain’t a tree.” -Bhad Bhabie It was nice of Mr. Pardini to truncate the quote. Unless the yearbook staff censored the rapper’s full Tweet.

Shout out to the quote originator

Imagine meeting the actor who made your senior quote a thing.


“That’s why her hair is so big, it’s full of secrets.” -Damien Mean Girls The secret’s out! Damien even signed her yearbook, right next to his quote. That’s a good day.

Didn’t see this coming

High school affects kids in mysterious ways. Adam Wan makes light of it with this clever name pun.


 “Another Wan bites the dust.” Good one, Adam!

Does it come with a manual?

“So what, do I just write something here and it’ll go in the yearbook? Bingo!


That’s one way of getting out of choosing a senior quote.

Wise words from a Pokémon dude. . .

“I see now that the circumstances of one’s birth are irrelevant. It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.” -Mewtwo The powerful lavender character must have inspired this student.


It also said, “Maybe if we started looking at what’s the same instead of what’s different…well, who knows.”

The queen of dissin’

Our Ms. Dajah Miller has a decidedly sassy side!


“I mean I don’t even know why you girls even bother at this point, like, give it up, it’s me, and I win, you lose, hahahaha.” -Nicki Minaj Dajah’s favorite rapper just destroyed every lady hip hop artist in the building.

Spice Girls fans yet exist??

“Wannabe” was such a fantastic song, this guy borrowed the lyrics for his senior quote.


“Tell me what you want, what you really, really want.” – Spice Girls And the look in his eyes. He really wants to know what you want, really, really.

Watch out, Trevor Noah!

This guy is going to swoop your desk. “I had a good senior quote but Hillary deleted it.” Everyone loves a good Hillary gag.


But, after all the inquiries, lawsuits, and jokes, what I want to know is, does she regret deleting over 31K personal emails as Secretary of State? They were probably nothing. Live and learn.

He can laugh about it now

“I think it was more difficult to graduate than to cross the border.” High school is certainly a challenge in life.


But, truth is, some of us struggle more than others to get there.

Sometimes high school is a bad experience

“I never liked none of ya’ll, wish I’ve stayed at Dunbar.” -Self


She says it like it is—that’s for sure. And, with zero regrets. A year later, she’s still keeping it 100.

Extra guac, please

“I KNOW GUAC IS EXTRA.” -Jackie Aina, It’s totally worth it.


And this clever senior quote by Ms. Adams’ favorite social media star is too. It’s not just about hair and makeup.

When logic collapses into itself, imploding into a black hole of reason

It could be, Mr. Solis is overthinking things.


“You can always retake a class but you can’t relive a party.” Bonus points for creative thinking. On the upside, he must have graduated, his picture is in the yearbook.

Keeping it sweet

“You can catch flies with honey, but you catch more honeys being fly.” Leave the vinegar in the pantry.


A creative quote by Emily Zamora. And, you have to admit, she looks pretty fly!

¡Buenisimo! Mas frijoles, por favor.

“Where ever I go, I know that there will be frijoles en la casa.” Lucky girl. Home is where the heart is, and the way to our hearts is through our stomach.


Burritos, tostadas, or on the side with tacos. Can’t go wrong with frijoles in the house.


Adorable alert. Let’s not spoil the sweetness of this senior quote tag team. Here it is:


Twin 1: “My senior project was to make a clone.” Twin 2: “A+” How clever!

A note to the naysayers

It feels pretty good to overcome adversity.


“Shoutout to everyone that doubted me because I had a baby, here I am living, breathing, doing better than yall.” Way to go! Here’s to graduating college and beating the odds once more.

And Johnny Cash thought “Sue” was bad

Meet “Rowdy Negro.”


“Yes, it’s my real name.” I’ve seen it all. Naming a kid is some kind of joke? Oh well. He’ll get along fine like he is. They gave him that name to make him strong. . .

Here’s to off-color musicals about American Christians

Such a happy song! “Hoo way. Hey ya. Shoo wa. Zadup wow!” Mormon boys are perennially happy. But wait. Why can’t Mormon girls go on missions too? Sorry, Ms. Mya.


I bet she loves this line too: “Two by two / We’re marching door to door / ’Cause God loves Mormons / And he wants some more! / A two year mission is our sacrifice! / We are the army of the Church of Jesus Christ!”

Sweet and sassy

There is no nice way to say we are ignoring someone, but this is pretty cute.


“There’s no need to repeat yourself. I ignored you just fine the first time. Why mess with perfection?

Words of advice from the meme-oshpere

Chin up, Matthew. You chose an awesome senior quote. That doesn’t suck!


“Remember to always be yourself, unless you suck. Then pretend to be someone else.” What did the world do before memes were invented??

Reeling them in with a little self-deprecating humor

A comedian, eh? “So I heard the ladies like bad boys. Lucky for them, I’m bad at everything.”


But he’s good at making his friends laugh. This is one bad boy that’s no-so-bad after all.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

High school graduation is so exciting. The long wait comes to a close. But what do we have here, Mr. Buzzkill?


“Bruh, we graduated just to go to school again.” Every party needs a pooper. He’s forgetting all the benefits of graduation; presents, money, parties. Grad Night. Yet, his logic is unswerving. He’s only finishing school to begin school again.

Cazares Or Kaiser?

A word from the class president “You all say you hate me, but presidents don’t elect themselves.” Is she quoting President Trump??


I mean, if you got the numbers, you got the popularity. That’s what Democracy is for, right?

‘Flips weave,’ it’s a girl thing

“Some people say ‘flips weave,’ but I’m gone flip this tassel instead.” Good for Ms. Jada!!


She knows what’s important in life. Priorities over parties.

“What’s in a name? that which we call a rose”

She’ll be marrying out of this name posthaste and, decidedly, not hyphenating it. But after dealing with all the teasing she must have gone through, at least she’s got a healthy disposition.


“This is my actual name.” I wonder if she’s done any 23-and-me research to find out if her ancestors hunted herding animals for their horns?

Couldn’t pick just one

Two senior quotes! Hmmm. The Old Testament or GoT? Mr. Deloso went with both. “When the snow falls and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.” -George RR Martin


“Whoso trusteth in the Lord, happy is he.” -Proverbs 16:20 And what can we take away from these erudite words of advice? It doesn’t pay to be a lone wolf. Evidently.

Words of wisdom

Gotta love Wendy’s 4 for $4s menu! Food deals rule.


“Be determined, passionate and brilliant in life. Make sure to buy lots of 4 for $4’s as well.” Awesome quote, Abby. We love the positive message.

‘Serve with syrup and enjoy!’

This kid’s quote may not be the cleverest, but it is pretty original.


“1 cup flour. 2 tbsp sugar. 2 ½ tsp baking powder. ½ tsp salt. 1 ¼ cup milk. 1 large egg. . . ” A pancake recipe! When he moves out of the house, he’ll always know where to find the perfect pancake recipe.


“I am a Selena in a school filled with Yolandas.” Trapped in a school filled with first-degree murderesses?? It sounds pretty rough.


Selena was one of the most popular Latina stars, ever, the queen of Tejano music, the Mexican Madonna. Beautiful, adored by millions of fans, and brutally murdered by her fan club organizer, Yolanda, who literally shot her in the back.

A how-to guide for doors

“When life shuts a door, open it back up. That’s how doors work.” Great advice, Diana! Only a loser would sit around waiting for another door to open when the doorknob is right there in front of you!


If she doesn’t grow up to be a student of Deepak Chopra, maybe she’ll have a cult following of her own.

Keep calm and carry on

Nothing to see here. Keep it pushing.


“Keep calm, it’s just an extra chromosome.” Way to go, Nicholas! Great attitude. Kids can be cruel, but you rule.

A fan of ‘The Office’

Caroline sets the bar high. A high achiever, obviously. She loves The Office, so you can tell.


“The only time I set the bar low is for limbo.” -Michael Scott Classic.

TMI Alert!

“Waking up is the second hardest thing in the morning” yeah mornings are hell, but no need to share the rest.


But since we’re already on the topic, if symptoms last longer than four hours, please contact a medical professional.

My future’s so bright I have to wear shades (of eye shadow)

Positive outlooks by high school seniors is a good thing.


“I hope my future is as bright as my highlight.” Loving the highlight! Look at that shine. Where do you go to get her hair done? Do they have an appointment for next Wednesday?

Here’s the smooth self-confidence we like to see!

This handsome young man says, “I can’t see.” Too funny. Great quote.


(Of course, he can see, dipstick.) I can’t even imagine how many times this kid got asked that question K-12!

How can she stop before explaining how makeup brushes are meant to be used?

This is a technique that may be impossible to learn!


“Makeup brushes aren’t meant to be swirled in makeup palettes like it’s paint.” And now we will never know. Thanks, Hope.

The positive side of wearing a hijab

“I’ve never had a bad hair day all of high school.” Perhaps this young lady will market headscarf fashion when she grows up. ‘You, too, can have the modern convenience of getting ready for school in ten minutes flat.


The hijab is a girl’s best friend!’

An adorable dig

“I only wear this to give the rest of you girls a chance.” I can’t imagine being this easy-going in high school, especially considering the fact that she was probably one of the only girls on campus rocking a burqa. And this young lady’s sense of humor- priceless.


We admire her confidence, and she has the wit and the looks to back it up.

Class clown

“Me like rice.” Flipping Asian stereotypes is probably a favorite pastime of this student. You can’t tell me he is not purposely squinting.


This is his senior photo; arguably the most important photo a kid will take in their first 18 years, and he’s squinting like a clown. Wonder what mom had to say.

Even Drake gets lonely

“Just like you / I get lonely too.”


“Drake was there for me when no one else was.” Mr. Nate Turner sent a little shout out to @Drake, sharing his senior quote and thanking him for being there. Music is big for teens. A way to survive adolescence.

A Tweet worthy of a senior quote

Do, re, mi, fa, so keep those snakes away. “Keep the snakes away from me, unless they Gucci.” -Blackbear That’s funny.


I wonder if she knows Gucci farms pythons in Thailand. But don’t worry, the animals are bred under the “best” conditions possible. They Gucci’s snakes.

‘What’s more iconic than Rachel Berry?’

Glee was huge! Fantastic! And, like she says, iconic.


“I’m like Tinkerbell, I need applause to live!” -Rachel Berry It sure looks like Ms. Cassandra is going to be a superstar too!

One-way ticket to Mars

“I would like to die on Mars. Just not on impact.” Seems like a fair request. If you’re going to travel all the way to the red planet, at least you’d like to see it first!


He’s got a point. Elon Musk’s rockets do have a track record of crashing and burning. ‘Yo, Elon! Make sure you build one that doesn’t crash upon landing.’

Hilarious G.O.A.T. pun

“They say you are what you eat.. [That’s funny] I don’t remember eating a goat.” -Young Thug Mr. Hernandez shares his taste in hip hop by making a Tweet from one of his favorite rappers his senior quote.


We love his confidence!

The measure of success

“I don’t need a piece of paper saying I succeeded. I just need food.” -Shane Dawson And shelter, I’d add. But food is very important for survival.


I think it’s fair to say Ms. Blaine found some amusement in YouTuber Shane Dawson’s shows.

A social media Influencer in the making

Straight up Instagram pro.


“Sure, follow your dreams, but first follow my Instagram @brianna_nicole4” Okay, but, will my dream come true if I follow Briana? More importantly, will she follow me back??

The meaning of life

“Can you keep up with my lingo? Some say life is a gamble, which means love is a casino.” -Kevin Gates Quite a quote, Alex.


The hip hop artist Kevin Gates makes some philosophical observations about that crazy little thing called love.

Positive affirmations

“Here’s to always staying positive and testing negative.” Perhaps young Mr. Sidener is an athlete who doesn’t mind a couple of steroids once in a while.


Or, he could be a fan of marijuana. Cannabis activism is a popular pastime these days. Who knows! As long as he tests negative, he’s staying positive.

Boy travels through time for the perfect senior photo

“Don’t you dare use that as your senior picture” -Mom Yo, Mom! That’s nothing.


You should see some of your son’s fellow high school seniors’ yearbook choices. In fact, this is the greatest. It won “Best Yearbook Photo, Ever.”

Political junkie?

“My dad and I play this game where he pretends to not know who I am, and I cry, asking him why he left.” -Bardock Obama Was it the yearbook staff who butchered the name?


Well, at least young Charlie took it in stride. He “just reminded her to stay hydrated and respected her.” Kudos.

No apology necessary

“I am dripping melanin and honey. I am black without apology.” -Upile Ms. Maci chose a beautiful quote from Malawi author Upile Chisala.


The storyteller voices her messages of love and empowerment on Twitter and Instagram.

Prepare yourself for the best yearbook quote

“You gotta be bottomless to get to the top.” This is an original senior quote by our Ms. Laura. So, if you are in a bottomless pit, one can still get to the top.


It appears to put a strain on logic, but if you are bottomless, and therefore have no bottom, then the only way up is the top? *gives up*

The final insult

High school’s bad enough, but when the yearbook staff butchers your senior quote, and there’s no way to go back to fix it, that’s unbearable.


“I know I look great. My house has mirrors.” -William William? William?? Really? Now, why would a drag queen refer to themselves as William? It’s Willam. Willam Belli. Get it straight.

A quote from Beyoncé

“Fill the tub halfway and ride it with my surfboard, surfboard, surfboard.” Why does she sing “surfboard” three times?? What could it mean?


On second thought, let’s just leave it to the hormone-crazed teens to figure it out.

Don’t let Disney instill false hope

High school is not Hollywood. “This was nothing like High School Musical, how upsetting.” Teens everywhere seem to agree that High School Musical was nothing like real high school. They admit, they did not expect the student body to burst into song and dance, but the movie was their first introduction.


How much disappointment did Disney engender? Well, at least it only disillusioned one generation.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

“When life throws a wrench in your plans, catch it and build an IKEA bookshelf’” Tyler Oakley” Ahh, a Tyler Oakley fan. It’s true, Mr. Liu could have done far worse in choosing his favorite quote from the internet star.


Like, “Over my lifetime, I’ve had an interesting relationship with poop. . . the rectum is a grand thing.”

The hilarious carrot meme

John certainly knows his memes! And boy did he pick a winner.


“Sometimes when I get bored I like to go into the garden and bury myself and pretend I’m a carrot.” I know, I know, it makes no sense. That’s all part of the quirky humor style.

The lion, the witch, and now Stanley

What do these three have in common? They all came out of a closet.


“Narnia wasn’t the only thing in the closet for 17 years. . .” This young man is well-read and clever! Not to mention, liberated from the grief of secrecy.

Was it in his closet?

“I found my Super Suit.” Where did you find it? Ah, shucks.


You don’t need a suit to look super!

So right, she’s wrong

“I’m always right, except when I’m wrong, which is often.” -Arin Hanson Straight from the mouth of the Egoraptor himself.


While many have never heard of this internet personality, Ms. Annie Feldman seems to know his work well.

Coming out with humor

Ali has found a unique way to express her sexual identity.


“My hair is straight, but I’m not.” Straight up pride. Young women and men might not know how good they have it. Only decades ago, kids had to hide in the closet for most of their lives. The gay rights movement has liberated lots of people.

Roll call

Do you have one of those last names that every teacher butchers?


“I’ve learned to say here when the teacher hesitates while taking attendance.” Well, at least Ms. Omotinugbon has learned something in high school. Some kids say high school was super boring and they didn’t learn a thing.

Voted “best senior quote”

Phillip’s got it all. And an attitude to prove it.


“I’m handsome. You can call me Romeo. Good luck seniors. I got all the girls. Very popular.” Handsome, popular, and smooth with the girls. High school is going to miss you!

A meme-ingful yearbook quote

This boy’s name is Leul Dadi. “Call me Dadi.” Leul was quite pleased with his caption. It’s not every day your last name makes you meme-worthy.


On social media, he joked, “18 years and this last name finally pays off.” With 24K likes, he’s down with something!

Some of the senior quotes are in bad taste

I’m guessing this young man has spent a few too many hours wired to the Xbox headset.


“You miss 100% of the shots you never take.” -Lee Harvey Oswald I know there’s a game called “Assassin’s Creed,” but is there also one titled, “U.S. Presidents Assassins Creed.” I hope not!

Existential seasoning

Some people got the sauce. “If you ain’t got the sauce, then you’re lost. But you can also get lost in the sauce.” -Gucci Mane. Do not overdose on the sauce!


If you overdose on the sauce, then you will get lost in the sauce. Gangstasplaining.

I hate everyone

Well, someone had to say it.


“I’d like to thank Dobe, Alanzostotle, and Satan. I love you guys. My favorite quote is, “I hate everyone.” The best part? The yearbook staff let her thank Satan. The king of hell needs some love too.

Confidence becomes her

It’s not that easy looking different than everyone else, especially in high school!


“I forgot to be oppressed for this picture.” Good for her! It’s a meme-worthy phrase, but it suits her perfectly.

Down with male hierarchy

Unabashedly feminist. “I need feminism because I intend on marrying rich and I can’t do that if my wife and I are making .75 cents for every dollar a man makes.”


Math. Good point, Caitlyn. Women are one-quarter more oppressed than men, and men probably deserve a couple of bucks more as well.

Periodically, she’s hilarious

“I make terrible science puns, but only periodically.” I would make a pun about the Periodic Table, but all the good ones Argon.


Okay, one more. I heard Oxygen and Magnesium were going out, and I was like, OMg.

Sarcasm has a bite when it’s kinda true

“Anything is possible when you sound Caucasian on the phone,” Savanna says it like it is. And, it looks like it’s her original quote. Clever.


Her future’s so bright she doesn’t have to worry about throwing a little shade.

They say C’s get degrees

But this girl who sports a mischievous grin took her C’s to A’s.


“My C’s went to A’s and so did my grades.” What else goes from C’s to A’s? One can only imagine.


Kids can never appreciate how much work Google saves them.


“Without Google I would not be graduating…” But, see? Mr. Hoang gives the massive search engine the appreciation it deserves.

There wasn’t enough time to binge-watch ‘The Office’ to find the perfect quote

But, if he had, he would have chosen one from Michael, probably.


“(Insert quote from The Office to show everyone I’m quirky).” -Michael Probably Clearly, this young man is very quirky. Mission accomplished. An actual quote by Michael may have had the opposite effect, making him seem less quirky.

Cutest senior quote ever!

An American granny would be much more realistic.


“You become doctor now?” -Grandma Awwww. ‘Yes, Grandma. I’ll be finished in 10 years.”

Long time ‘SpongeBob’ fans

You had to be there. We all know these kids have been watching SpongeBob and Patrick religiously since grade school, maybe earlier.


“Is this the Krusty Krab?” No. This is Patrick.” A classic line like this never gets old. But it is quite a feat of collaboration these two seniors have pulled off getting it in the yearbook. (I wonder if the boy’s name is Patrick. LOL.)

Father knows best

Nothing like some nice words of encouragement from dad.


“You’re an Asian, not a B-sian.” You’ll notice he didn’t even go near a C-sian, D-sian, or an F-sian! Those are for every other race, presumably. What a sweet way to commemorate his dad. (Or is he making fun of him??)

Class clown?

Did he snatch up that quote off the internet? Or did he read the 1,000+ page Infinite Jest cover to cover and find it?


“They can kill you but legalities of eating you are quite a bit dicier.” Technically, the quote is: “Te occidere possunt sed te edere non possunt nefas est,” with the translation in parentheses. There’s always going to be that big nose, who knows. Yet, should we be splitting

A Chinese oral

In high school, you learn many new things. Some in the classroom, and some outside of the classroom.


“I was worried at first when they told me I had to do a Chinese Oral but then I realized it was something completely different.” Yikes! What was he thinking? With a flood of new hormones and the onset of puberty, it’s really not his fault he confused an oral exam in his Chinese class for something completely different.

The deleterious effects of ‘High School Musical’ are widespread and ongoing

Another one bites the dust. Poor kid.


“High School Musical told me we’re all in this together but you guys were not helpful.” When he saw High School Musical, a new hope ignited, which was summarily smothered on the first day of his freshman year.

A double whammy meme that cannot be unseen

You can search Mr. Nicholas’ quote, “If the red rivers a-flowin’, take the dirt road home.” And if that does not seem offensive enough, try Cleveland Steamer.


There should be a parental advisory for high school! E.g., The high school experience may contain uncensored, vulgar and explicitly inappropriate memes and behavior. His parents must be so proud!

Words of support for the recluse gamer

“Become friends with someone, and they may allow you to take certain items from their home.” Skyrim loading screen


Some of us need encouragement to go out and meet new people. The prospect of acquiring free stuff is always a good incentive.

A one-track mind

“If it don’t make money, it don’t make sense.” -Nina Look out.


The Beatles, and their “All You Need is Love” hippie ideology, can just sit down. (Wait, how much money did that song rake in?)

Swallowing children never works

Just ask the Titan who tried to swallow Zeus before he grew up to dethrone him. Cronus devoured five children prior to Zeus escaping. And, not just that, all five babies he ate were saved. It never works.


“My mom should have swallowed me.” A little too much Percy Jackson for this young man? No doubt he would’ve caused his mom a lot less consternation had he been, in fact, swallowed. Chin up, one day you’ll make her proud!

Bonus points for originality

She even went so far as to provide the exact second of the video moment.


“Grey’s Anatomy Season 5, Episode 6, 39:40” And her cryptic quote is: “I am so, so, so gay.” Are you coming out, Krysta? Or is this just your favorite line of the show? Intentionally obscure, ambiguous. A “Best Senior Quote” contender!

Here’s one way to avoid choosing a senior quote

Apologies, no time, au revoir. “I’m so sorry, I really have no time to explain. I have a universe to set right. Thank you and goodbye.”


Do we have a Whovian here? Or someone who is clever at finding incontrovertible ways to say goodbye?

Dua Lipa fan club setting down the rules

#relationshipgoals. “One, don’t pick up the phone.” “You know he’s only calling ’cause he’s drunk and alone.” “Two, don’t let him in.” “You have to kick him out again.”


These three young ladies have coordinated quite a jam. All that is missing is the refrain, “I got new rules I count ’em.”

Sweet and sassy

“A lot of girls didn’t like me this year, but their boyfriends did. 😉 Girls. Why do they have such a hard time getting along?


Here’s one reason, courtesy of Steffany.

The Game Of Thrones Quote

“When the snow falls and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.”   – George R. R. Martin.


We have to know why Jonathan would use a Game of Thrones quote next to a Bible verse, and why these two. Perhaps he doesn’t believe in “The Old Gods AND the New.”

Ooh! Did you hear that, girls?

What a dis’! A double-dis’.


“I like my girls how I like my coffee…” Oh, BTW, “We don’t like coffee.” These two Casanovas just wiped out the entire playing field.

Self-deprecating humor sinks into the abyss

“The only thing lower than my GPA is my will to live.” On the upside. . . Well, there truly does not seem like there is a positive note to hit with this one.


Unless, his GPA is actually fairly high, which raises his will to live.

Pulling a fast one

She tried to pull a quick one on her classmates.


“Did you see what I done? Came in a blonde wig left in a black one.” Do you get the feeling this is an inside joke that no one gets but Ms. Addae-Kodua and her closest friends? Good. Me too.

Alec should hook up with Nina

Money talks. But Mr. Foos has a one-track mind.


“If you’re not talking money, I don’t want to talk.” I’m sure he’s a great conversationalist, as long as you’re discussing currency trends.

Driving traffic to YouTube

This is it. The only thing this student would like to share in his senior quote is a link to his favorite song.


“youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ” Says it all. Check it out.

Keeping it short and sweet

A Parks and Recreation fan. Here’s how Rachel said farewell to high school.


“I am usually not one for speeches, so goodbye.” -Ron Swanson

Random responsibilities life hands us

“’I hate when I’m on a flight and I wake up with a water bottle next to me like oh great now I gotta be responsible for this water bottle.’” -Kanye West When life hands you water bottles, recycle them.


This is one of Kanye’s top 10 Tweets. It doesn’t get any better, and this young man obviously loves it.


“We didn’t choose the twin life. . .” -Twin One, “. . .The twin life chose us.” -Twin Two.


But if they had to do it all over again, and could choose the twin life or the solitary life of a single birth, which do you think they’d choose?

A meme that cannot be unseen

Search this young man’s quote at your own risk. “Shrek is love, Shrek is life.” And don’t say you weren’t warned.


If only memes had ratings for maturity advisories. Sigh.


Edwards? Edwards? Edwards? “Where did you come from, where did you go?” -Cotton-Eye Joe All we have left to remind us of Mr. Daniel Edwards is this old Dixieland folk song lyric about Cotton-Eye Joe, the man who carried the morose crooner’s love off to Tennessee.


And, “Ef it hadn’t ben fur Cotton-eye Joe/I’d er been married long ergo.” Perhaps he took Daniel too.

Hardcore ‘SpongeBob’ fan

“’Ravioli, Ravioli, Give me the Diplomioli!” If you’re not into SpongeBob, Mr. Navarro’s senior quote will make no sense.


But he doesn’t care because the reference is so hilarious it will have his fellow classmates in stitches.

Widely accepted as a dumb joke

I think that’s the point. . .


“Why does Snoop Dogg need an umbrella? -Fo drizzle” How about for rain?? A tough gangsta like Snoop can’t tolerate a little drizzle?? JFC.

Mr. Win Win

Mr. Castaneda-Cano scored a retweet from CHXPO! How fly is that?


“The Angels Protect Me The Demons Respect Me” -CHXPO Breaking the fourth wall, that’s some serious respect coming from the man who is gang. He’s a rapper who spits clean and noble messages.

Not just another pretty face

“Beyoncé said pretty hurts. . . no wonder I’m always in pain.” At first glance, the young lad appears to be a little full of himself.


But, Faisal! Always in pain? So sad!

Dressed to impress

Most of us think that people who dress smart spend no more time than the rest of us nailing down the perfect look. This young man dispels the myth.


“Of course I dress well. I didn’t spend all that time in the closet for nothing.” He’s coming out with the truth. Dressing dapper takes time. And, I bet it took him more than a minute to compose his clever outing quote.

Sorry, not sorry

Cesar is quite the player!


“I’m sorry if I stole your girlfriend.” He doesn’t seem very apologetic to me! Like Steffany and Joseph, Mr. Ochoa will charm his friends’ dates right into his arms. Don’t hate him because he’s beautiful.

Sentence restructured

We love smartass kids like these.


“High school to went I.” An original quote by Mr. Villis. This kid has what it takes. He’s sarcastic, smart, and confident. And certain to drive his boss nuts.

Learn your question words

Nicole’s favorite YouTube star gets the privilege of her senior quote.


“Who, what, when, where, why and how?” -Zayne Hijazi (It’s what you say when your soon-to-be-ex accuses you of cheating). Deny everything!

Jaylen’s mind works in mysterious ways

“I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn’t work that way, so I stole a bike and asked God for forgiveness.”


While we hope he was joking about this, we’ll give him props for creative thinking. But just hide your bikes just in case.

Another Brian Essbe fan

“Close your eyes. Imagine yourself on a boat. Smell the salty air. Now open your eyes. Your life still sucks but that was kinda fun right?” -Brian Essbe


Thank you, Garrett, for sharing these erudite words from the meditation guru of wrenching letdowns.

Don’t bother calling your interior decorator

“The carpet matches the drapes.” If you’re wondering why his mom wasn’t very happy about his senior quote, you could look it up, like I did.


Warning: This kid’s meaning cannot be unseen. (Or, perhaps you are already thus enlightened.)

A physics pun that matters

And it’s clever too! “There are actually five states of matter—not four, namely: solid, liquid, gas, plasma, and Black Lives.”


An original quote from Ms. Sandisiwe Nyanda. Sometimes people forget that black lives matter, but she’s here to remind us how important they are.

Teacher attempts to look cool

“I got more tail than that PetCo, you faker than some Sweet’N Low.” -Childish Gambino English teacher spits a rhyme in a fly yearbook quote.


Perhaps she’s promoting her Hip Hop 101 elective class.

Disclaimer: She’s quoting someone who is @SortaBad

But he’s also practiced in the art of sarcasm.


“Aim for the moon. That way, if you miss, you’re a disappointment on a much larger scale.” -Brian Essbe A cosmic failure. Teens love ironic humor, and Kiegan is no exception.

No. 1 Simpsons fan

Ms. Mia is such a huge fan of The Simpsons, she pays tribute with a very clever line from the notorious couch potato dad.


In season 4, episode 19, Homer is heading off to his high school reunion, but first, he looks in his old yearbook. His senior quote? “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.” -Homer Simpson. Meme-worthy. But I bet she didn’t know the phrase originated from a 1972 Alka Seltzer commercial!

Quite a pair!

“All along I was next to a blessing.” This, according to Mr. Von Dickenson Ulsa. Turns out, it’s literally true!


The very next yearbook photo, it’s Mr. Blessing Umaga. He says, “HUSTLE HARDER THAN YESTERDAY #IVFAMHOLLYWOOD” What upbeat, positive outlooks! What else can you expect from someone named “Blessing”? But Mr. Ulsa rocks a positive affirmation too. Are these chaps best friends?

He can hear better than echolocation

But I’m sure he’s had his share of Mickey Mouse jokes. His ears are cute! Don’t you think?


“My ears give out better signal than the school WI-FI.” At least he can laugh at himself.

He kind of looks like Tosh too!

On the Internets, this quote is attributed to the quirky late show host we all know as Tosh.0.


“I like my women how I like my coffee. I don’t like coffee.” If it’s a coming-out statement, it’s kind of subtle, kind of sweet. Can I interest you in some tea?

Crazy about cats

“Cats are love, cats are life :3 and yaoi. . . yaoi too. . .” Agreed. Cats are cute, funny, adorable, =^.^= and entertaining. No argument here.


This young lady loves anime is also, yaoi. . .  yaoi. . . (boys love). Surprisingly, Japanese animation touches on some seriously risqué topics!

Does Joseph know Steffany?

Mr. Suave. Do any of the boys at his high school like him?


‘Damn, Joseph just stole my girl again!’ -Everyone This Casanova doesn’t chase girls; he just tracks down girlfriends of his friends.


These two team up to create epic yearbook quotes that would be remembered forever. Delany threw a curveball with her unexpected twist to the popular phrase. “When life gives me lemons, I make orange juice because it’s unexpected.”


Then Mr. Cella topped that with his plane to gain financial freedom with the lemons-  “When life gives ME lemons, I use the seeds of the lemons to cultivate more lemons and make bank in my citrus empire.”

Warning: This is not in the DMV handbook

“If you feel like you’re going to crash, accelerate more.” -BTS Never mind. I have a feeling this BTS boy is not singing a song to a friend.


If your friend tells you to jump off a cliff, are you going to do it?

Thanks, mom!

Getting away with pissing off mom is way underrated.


“I’m trying to come up with a senior quote for you but all I can think of is hippo farts. -mom Perfect. She’ll take it. Some gifts just don’t stop giving.

‘Just let me eat my waffle,’ alright already?!?

As a senior in high school, you have the school telling you what to do, you have parents demanding this and that, and you’re on the brink of adulthood. Some seniors are already 18.


“Why can’t I just eat my waffle?” This student seems to be expressing the same frustrations as then-senator and presidential candidate Barack Obama felt as reporters hounded him for answers during breakfast.

Warning: Sexually explicit language

Last chance to avert your eyes!!


“Physics is to math as sex is to masturbation.” -Richard Feynman Gotta hand it to the yearbook staff for refraining from censoring the creative expressions of its seniors. Or maybe he got a pass since it’s from a famous physicist.

But does he chase those girls?

“I’m fat cause I don’t chase these girls.” It could be a legit reason. Chasing girls takes a lot of time, energy, and exertion.


You’re not going to have as much time to eat if you’re busy chasing girls all the time.

If you are keeping track, this is the third SpongeBob quote

Daily affirmations. “I’m ugly and I’m proud” -Spongebob The ever-popular animated yellow sponge inspired this young man to preserve a bit of the character in his yearbook.


But Austin is far from ugly! Is it his breath? “Something Smells” is a classic SpongeBob episode!

A tribute to Club Penguin

It was sad when the multiplayer game fell off the virtual universe.


“RIP Club Penguin, you raised me when my parents didn’t want to.” I wonder how many times Ms. Allison’s parents said, “Allison, turn those penguins off!” Meanwhile, the arctic birds are raising the gamer like their own.

Major yearbook fail

Granted, the “G” and the “F” are next-door neighbors on the keyboard, but the typo makes a significant difference!


“Love food. Love others. Nothing else matters.” And, not only that but the yearbook staff managed to add an extra “o” in there too. Sigh. It was supposed to say, “Love God, Love others. Nothing else matters.” Was this really a mistake???? Whatever.

A ‘knock knock’ joke

You know it’s not going to be funny. It’s a “knock-knock” joke. Duh. But there could be a clever pun involved. “’Knock! Knock!’ ‘Who’s there?’ ‘A Patel!’” Or not.


If only his name began with an “A,” or something. Well, we all know a “knock-knock” joke cannot be relied upon for good humor.

Long live the Lenny face

Finally, a text emoticon that we don’t have to read sideways ;).


“( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)” Producing the mischievous Lenny face on the keyboard, however, is as hard as it looks. But, don’t you think, Kevin, here, found the perfect senior quote? Zero words yet endless expression.

A physics pun that matters

And it’s clever too! “There are actually five states of matter—not four, namely: solid, liquid, gas, plasma, and Black Lives.” An original quote from Ms. Sandisiwe Nyanda. Sometimes people forget that black lives matter, but she’s here to remind us how important they are.


It’s funnier when the guy who says it is actually not that good looking, but we’ll keep it here as a “hilarious senior quote” anyway, just as it is.

Black is Beautiful

This quote sparkles like a diamond.


“If you look at this picture in 30 years, just know that I look exactly the same because black don’t crack.” Ms. Diamond Longs says it like it is. Black Love, Black Power, it’s all beautiful.

Sweet ride!

Daisy? Daisy Duke??


“I’m the girl with the Charger R/T. You’re the girl with the orange and black trim 1969 Dodge Charger Road and Track wrapped with a Confederate flag on top?? How’s the old General Lee running these days?

A growing boy

“I’m already hungry tomorrow.” All he can think about is food, apparently.


I wonder if he has one of those T-shirts sporting the quote.

Quoting queen Nicki Minaj

“I believe that life is a prize. . .”


“…But to live doesn’t mean you’re alive” -Nicki Minaj In “Moment 4 Life,” Drake is back to add his two cents, carrying on the theme: “Everybody dies but not everybody lives.” Songs like this one got Lexi through.

Beauty tips

Pretty doesn’t hurt, it’s applied. With brushes and pencils and creams.


“Remember that true beauty comes from within – within bottles, compacts & lipstick tubes” -Jeffree Star Ms. Brittney has a different perspective on beauty. It’s not skin deep, it’s a layer of foundation, blush, and concealer deep.

Twelve years is like an eternity!

This girl has been waiting a long time to be done with school, like, ever since she started. “I DID MY WAITING!!!!! 12 YEARS OF IT!!!!! IN AZKABAN!!!!”


-Sirius Black Apparently, Ms. Siracusa could find no better equivalent to the hellish institution, better known as American public education, than Azkaban. Free at last. Free at last.

Voted most likely to become a stand-up comedian

Okay, so, maybe the school doesn’t even have that category. But he seems like a funny guy.


“I was born white.” But then, miraculously, he turned black. God works in mysterious ways.

A farewell note to the teachers who sucked

Lucky got lucky when it came time to handing out names.


Here are her parting words, “To all the teachers that never taught me a thing: Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 5, 35:08 ‘Son of a bitch. you’re really no help at all, you know that?’” So there, too. LOL.

Old school code

“..-. .._ -.-. -.- / – …. .. …” Our sweet Angel, Mr. Lopez, used Morse Code to covertly curse without his parents detecting his profanity. (Or the yearbook staff!) Clever.


We’re sure he still looks backs at this today and is proud.