Photos That Prove How Hilarious the 9-5 Life Can Be

As we know all too well by now, the monotony of office life can be maddening, which is precisely why the folks below are addicted to livening things up as best as they can.
If you’re still feeling the drudgery of corporate life, and you’re in desperate need of inspiration, then hopefully more of these hilarious pictures of 9-5 shenanigans will brighten up your day.

Grammar nerd

All workplaces have their typecast. There is the one who stays in the office way past closing time, the one who brings the best food, the one who brings the worst food, the one who steals everyone’s food, the one who thinks coffee constitutes as a snack (it doesn’t), and we could go on forever but have other things to do.


One of those types is the grammar nerd. It’s that same person who will make sure to correct you every time, no matter if it’s in person or in a note like this one.

Don’t forget your badge

When one of the employees of this company forgets their badge at home, they need to get a replacement one. But rather than using a guest badge or a temporary one, they get this.


Much like the cone of shame from the movie Up (hence the picture of the cone-wearing dog), this is a disciplinary action. Now go sit in the corner and think about what you did.

Talking to the wall

When normal people get a new coffee maker their first thought is usually ‘Oh yay, now I can have fresh  delicious coffee with the push of a button!’ Not this guy.


When he first saw the new coffee machine in the break room he thought he might as well take the opportunity to mess around with some coworkers. He printed out a sticker saying the machine is voice-activated and watched as people spoke to the machine in vain. We’re not saying he’s the devil, but we’re not saying he isn’t.

Employee of the… wait a second

The wall with staff pictures recently got a new addition. This new employee is new in this country and seems to be very ambitious. He raises his voice a little too much, but apparently it helps him with sales.


He’s also pretty formal, which the bosses seem to like. He insists on us addressing him as Supreme Leader, which sounds like a pretty cool nickname. It looks like he’s about to become the most popular guy in the office!

You get what you give

The employee who works at this desk thought he was being funny when putting lotion on the door handles of his coworkers. Apparently, his coworkers didn’t think so.


The next day he came to work and found his entire desk in the parking lot. We wonder if he thought this was funny too and if he is planning his next move on this prank war.

Oh, Linda…

Going back to work after a long time away is tricky. We all lie to ourselves and say that we will rest and treat ourselves and that we will come back to work super refreshed and energized. The truth is that no matter how long the vacation or holiday was, the first day back in the office hits us in the face like 200 bricks.


Lindas of the world and their peppy small talks are basically the last thing we need when trying to cope with going back to work. At least this person was honest enough to warn Linda in advance. Unless you come with a complimentary cup of coffee, just walk the other way.

Photocopying done right

This guy photocopied his face and put it in his office door window, which must have been the smartest thing he has ever done. This is a two-for-one move. He gets to make his coworkers laugh while also blocking the opening through which his boss can see what he’s up to.


Now he’s free to take that post-lunch-break nap he won’t stop talking about.

Makes you want to scream

Bad hair days are a curse we all have to live with every once in a while. We all have our strategies: hats, hair gel, wearing something hideous so the hair doesn’t look as bad in comparison, you name it.


But what about a bad face day? You know, when you have a strategically placed zit, you look a little pale, your eyes are sleep-deprived (we all know about the Netflix marathon you had last night, don’t act like it didn’t happen.) This guy might be on to a new way of coping with bad face days and we are thankful for his service.

Getting antsy

The way we see it, someone was only trying to be nice. This is the first time we see someone who had the audacity to complain about donuts. No one gets to complain about donuts. Donuts are heaven-sent sugary sweets with the power to make everyone happy. They don’t need this kind of negativity in their lives.


You know what? Next time there are donuts, the people in the tech office can kindly use their legs for a change and hope there is anything left by the time they get to the kitchen.

Office diet

Diets. What a pain in society’s backside. But you know what’s an even bigger pain? People who try to lure you into the diet they’re on so they have someone to commiserate with. Like this one and their SlimFast snacks.


Nobody cares that all you eat past 6 PM are two cucumbers and an olive, Christine! We know all your dirty little tricks and we’d love to quietly enjoy our chocolate in the corner please.

Doing the dishes

Someone here obviously had a lot of time on their hands. They must have been really troubled about the dishes. This little passive-aggressive adventure means someone had to print out a meme (using the company printer and toner, of course), cut out a square hole in the middle of it, and tape the frame’s paper corners to the sink.


You know what, Brenda? If you have so much time to spare, why don’t you do the dishes yourself? Or better yet, your actual job?

Definitely C

A broken fridge is no picnic, and a broken office fridge is a downright hell. Forsaken yogurt containers are prevalent at pretty much any workplace. They smell bad enough even when the fridge is working well, we can’t imagine what it must be like when it’s broken.


As to why the inside of this specific fridge is too warm, we definitely think it’s the dragon thing. Dragons love expired yogurt.


When the company fridge broke down, someone thought they could make clever use of the situation. The first order of business was to correct the heinous crime made against the name of the beloved fridge, who was cherished by all and deeply hurt when its name was misspelled.


Next, the hierarchy needed to be addressed, hence the Important People reference. Good job, note writer! Telling it like it is!

Store food at your own risk

An office fridge is like a Bermuda Triangle for food. Things that get sucked into this black hole rarely survive to see their rightful owners again. It seems that people eating food that isn’t theirs is the bane of existence for all workplace altercations.


Honestly, what’s so hard to understand? If it’s not yours, don’t eat it! Also, shouldn’t people usually be reluctant to eat food that they don’t know the origin of?

Big day for Daves

What’s in a name? Everything. Everything is in a name. Especially if your name is Dave and you work at this office. Labeling the food you put in the office fridge is nothing new. But what if you have a namesake?


Dave 1 was obviously not aware of the existence of Dave 2. So maybe he had one of his ice tea bottles taken but now he’s made a new friend. Everybody knows that ice tea how you make friends in the workplace.

Mind the milk

Milk goes in your coffee. Coffee goes in your mouth. That’s how you usually make it through a day at the office. You don’t need AP math to understand this calculation. That’s why it is essential to always have fresh milk around.


Needless to say, people who don’t get their coffee can get very angry. Good thing one of these workers knows how to lighten the mood until the milk supply can get replenished.

A Very Evil Prank

This is just plain mean. Even though, to be honest, we would have loved to have been there when that person sat on their chair. No doubt they jumped right back up. And proceeded to murder whoever did this.


Couldn’t they just go for a chair fart? Those horns have to be the loudest, most obnoxious things on earth. But hey, you have to give this prankster points for creativity.

At the Mercy of the Tech Guys

Apparently, this is the temporary keyboard that the IT guys in a certain office give employees when their actual keyboard is getting fixed. Nobody but a tech nerd could’ve thought of this, and honestly, it’s hilarious. Just imagine sitting down to finally work after waiting for a keyboard replacement, only to find every key has been relabeled with “L” and “O”!


We don’t know if the other employees got together and decided to come up with an elaborate prank for themselves, but we hope they did. After all, it’s not easy messing with the IT department.

Doomsday Humor

This is simply genius. Whoever came up with this idea probably has a great sense of (dark) humor, and to be fair, that is quite an efficient earthquake detection kit.


In the event of a disaster, these googly eyes will either calm you down by making you laugh, or send you over the edge screaming. Either way, for every day that an earthquake doesn’t happen, this is absolutely hilarious.

There’s a Leek Under the Water Heater

Apparently, someone ran into a co-worker’s office shouting “there’s a huge leak under the water heater!”. And the only thing we can say is, this guy should be on a stage as a stand-up comedian, not in an office.


The best thing about this prank is that, even though you would probably be quite angry about rushing in panic to see the water heater didn’t explode, you would surely start laughing so hard at this whole scene that you’d forget to scream at your work buddy. We know we would.

Nothing Like the Truth

Imagine walking into a new office and seeing this sign. We, for example, would be happy to know that we’d be working in such an honest working environment. On the other hand, you would want to make sure you’re bringing joy to everyone in that office – and not by leaving.


Looking at it from another point of view, this is quite a positive sign. Think about it. It’s a win-win situation; whether it’s because you stay, or leave, this office will always be joyous!

A Busy Day at the Office

We present to you a new species of dinosaur: The Absolute Waste of Time Office T-Rex. You know things are hectic at the office when you come by something like this on a desk. And to be fair, that’s quite a carefully crafted piece of art right there.


We don’t know about you, but we’re running out to buy an endless supply of metal clips for the office right about now.

Office Science Project

Seeing as that Earth and Moon are seemingly made entirely of rubber bands, we think it’s safe to say Paul’s assessment of his productivity is right on point. And we’re guessing that bored-out-of-his-mind Paul aced his arts and crafts class in primary school. We just hope his boss didn’t see this wonderful display of creativity.


Come on Paul, you even went through the trouble of printing and cutting up little signs for your creations? If you’d spend half that amount of time on actual work, imagine the possibilities!

A Cardboard’s Day at the Office

This is a fine example of a joke that is so bad, it’s funny. In fact, it’s so bad that even the cardboard itself apologizes in the end! On the other hand, whoever did this would be great at drawing cartoons, or maybe just doing basic arts and crafts. Funnily, the more you look at it, the cuter that cardboard looks.


We have to admit though, this is the most creative way to tell a pun joke we’ve ever seen. Adding a cardboard character just makes the whole thing slightly less cringe.

Printer Philosophy

This person probably had enough of that massive printer being left on half their desk, so they decided to make lemonade with life’s lemons and just add a funny little note to laugh about the whole thing. Or maybe someone just got dumped and was feeling a little bit too philosophical this morning.


Still, they do have a point. That printer should be an example to all of us.

Happy Times at the Anthropology Department

This is almost making us want to go and study anthropology just so we can work with these people. First of all, they are absolutely right, you have to be that good-looking to work in a field called ‘Forensic Anthropology’. And secondly, ‘Jackie Chanthropology”? Now that is just priceless.


We don’t care if it’s overwhelmingly cheesy, it is absolutely hilarious. Who knew that anthropologists had such a great sense of humor?

Somebody Isn’t Getting Enough Attention

Something tells us that Justin hasn’t been getting enough attention since his co-worker or boss’s kid was born. Kudos to Justin for making sure this two-year old’s picture wasn’t the only piece of art on the wall. Besides, we’re sure that Noelle’s parent got a huge laugh out of this little shenanigan.


Just look at that color palette and those strokes. This kid has nothing on Justin.  


Don’t despair, friend, we hear that the cereal boxes are much more open to a relationship. And if not, may we suggest using a dating app, with actual humans on it?


Not the most elaborate joke you’ll come across, but it still made us smile. And we’re sure it did the same for anyone reading that note.

Lunch Box Genius

There are few things more infuriating than finally going on your lunch break, only to find out that someone has eaten your lunch, either by accident or simply because they don’t care. So, this person, whom we will call lunch box genius, decided to put an end to this very common problem, and we’re positive it worked.


We don’t want to know where this person got the lunch box, but we certainly hope they bleached it before using it. Or, scarier yet, maybe this isn’t a prank at all, and some doctors got fired the next day.

When You Really Don’t Want to Pay Someone Back

Now, we realize that paying back a debt is never a fun activity, but this is just too much. Not to mention absolutely hilarious. Evidently, the co-worker with the golden watch was owed $50, but his debtor wasn’t going to make it easy for him to get back his money. And really, what’s the harm in a little in-office drone entertainment?


We’re assuming this person got their money in the end, but the drone probably made him run around the office for a while before he dropped the bill. We give drone driver an ‘A’ for effort and creativity in the prank department.

Spilling the beans

Ways to give your coworkers a heart attack number 11: stick a life-sized cardboard cutout of the creepiest character you can possibly imagine in a quiet bathroom corner and wait for the magic to happen.


First of all, someone had to go through a lot of trouble to get that thing. At the very least, they dropped some money and had it delivered, which still seems like a lot of effort to pull off a prank. Then, they had to get it past multiple people while keeping a straight face until they were able to set it up in its position in the ladies’ restroom. The only thing that would make this even better is if it were ordered specifically because someone was freaked out by Mr. Bean. Hey, it could have been worse – they could have used a cardboard cutout of Pee-wee Herman.

Ben’s room

Ben wasn’t happy sharing a restroom at work because of his shy bladder, so he decided to try and pull a fast one by replacing the signage on the door. Hey, it doesn’t matter what a door says when someone has to pee badly enough.


The façade didn’t last for very long, as the other two male workers in the office eventually needed to use king Ben’s throne. Even if but just for a day, though, he had to enjoy it while it lasted. Maybe next time he should shoot for replacing the second word for some reverse psychological effects: “welcome to the men’s doom.”

On lockdown

There’s always at least one person in every office who gets a little too handsy…with their coworkers’ food. Most office workers simply choose to label their goods to keep others from getting to their lunch first – but that wasn’t enough in this situation.


Nope, they tried labeling them first, which you can see by the giant “P” on the container to the right. Unfortunately, the milk bandit wasn’t fazed, so the owner had to take the next logical step: they used a padlock, obviously. The lock couldn’t have done too much good, tactically speaking, but it sure sends a message: stay away from that milk unless you’re the one that took the time to lock it down.

Just making sure

Don’t you hate it when you walk into a public bathroom stall only to find that whoever used it before you didn’t have the common decency to flush the toilet? Well, so does the manager of this place. They decided to put up a sign reminding office staff to “please check” and be sure they’ve flushed after use.


Hopefully, the sign worked for its intended purposes, but it also sparked an office-wide joke. Now, when workers use this stall, they bring their pens and make a checkmark on the sign after flushing. Well, at least whoever made it knows that it’s working at least a little bit. Although if you think about it, that sign has got to be covered in germs, which also makes it hilariously ironic.

Hypocritical signage

Whoever posted this sign is either not the same person that printed it up, or they hadn’t had their coffee the morning it was put up. Do you see anything wrong with the sign? Yeah, so did everyone in this office. So, they responded to it in the best way possible: with passive-aggressive sarcasm. Yay!


The first person to notice the hypocrisy simply left a sticky note showing their confusion. But everyone that came after the original sticky note was just plain old sarcastic. With each new piece that got added, the joke just became even better. Of course, there’s a good chance that thumbtack-guy didn’t even notice the responses.

Some like it hot

If you’ve worked an office job, you know that things seem to break at least every once in a while. But people need their coffee to function in the office!


At least these coworkers were able to make the best out of a chilly situation. Ted knew it was his time to shine as soon as he saw his opening to use this joke. It’s lucky for the coffee maker, too, because it was probably feeling pretty self-conscious after the first note. Maybe they’ll bring in Mr. Coffee to heat things back up around there.

Where’s Ed?

Apparently, Ed is quite the commodity in this office and people always seem to be searching for him. When they don’t automatically spot him, they ask his closest coworker, who started getting irritated about the repetitive question. So, he designed this sign to hang by his workspace.


Now, when someone comes up and asks if Ed’s at his desk (which happens at least a few times per day,) this guy can simply point to his sign without even looking up from his computer. Do you blame him for trying to make life easier? We’d make a sign, too, if it meant less human interaction around the office! Fortunately, Ed has been around the office a lot more lately, so the sign hasn’t been necessary.

Use the spoon scoop

Ah, another wonderful example of a ridiculous idea being implemented in an office because of someone’s complaints. In this case, no one was so happy about everyone’s dirty fingers reaching in and touching the eating ends of the office spoon stash. Okay, that’s understandable, but what on Earth was the person who invented this “solution” thinking?


There are about a dozen other things that come to mind solving this problem before an enormous spoon. Tongs, vertical containers that only expose the butt-end of the spoon, so as to protect the coveted eating side. But nope, their minds went straight for this giant scooper. Wonder if they came up with an actual solution after this image went viral?

Fort box

Sometimes the stress of working in an office can really take its toll on the employees. And when that happens, it’s important to get away from the madness and take a breather so you can keep your cool. This guy was having a terrible day, but he couldn’t find an area at work where he could take a moment to himself – so he made one!


Yep, he’s pretty much created a new version of the “home office” by building a mini home around his cubicle. While most people probably would have just tossed a blanket over their desk and hid underneath for a little while, he decided to go all out. Check out the attention to detail in his hideaway! He’s even got a chimney and some decorative plants.

Topping the charts

Okay, you know how we said the last joke was cruel? This one definitely takes the cake – although that doesn’t mean that it’s not hilarious. Hey, if you’re going to take something that doesn’t belong to you, you’re going to reap what you sow! Yep. This person’s coworker kept getting into their lunch, so they decided to hit back. This guy was fed up with someone in the office taking his food, so he concocted this lovely note.


Whoever it was probably had a really, really bad day that day, thinking about the consequences of their actions. It was probably a few days, actually, since they had to wait for the test results after the initial doctor’s visit that afternoon! Luckily, they discovered it was just someone’s way of saying “stay away from my food.” They did learn their lesson, though, and started to bring in their own lunch from that point on.

The right wordage

A sink gets a lot of use in the office. Workers need to be able to rinse out their coffee cups and…well, fill up the coffee pot to make continuous batches, among other things. So, when the sink in this office went down and management stuck up a sign to explain, the employees had something to say about it.


Apparently, the maintenance crew was taking their time getting around to fixing the sink, because it seems like they wouldn’t have put the second sign up if it was a situation that had only been going on for a day or two. No, no; these office workers had been without their sink for a while, and they’re good and ready for the “fixage” to commence.

Nicholas Cubicle

Pretty much everyone in the world recognizes Nicholas Cage. The star has been in all kinds of films, including Face/Off, Con Air, Gone in 60 Seconds, and 8mm. The woman who works out of this cubicle is a huge Nicholas Cage fan, and she’s been in the hospital for a few days. So, her coworkers decided to do something nice for her to surprise her when she returned.


Whoever did this sure put a lot of time and effort into plastering the entire workspace in images of the Ghostrider? They printed out pictures of the actor from nearly every stage of his career, without leaving much out. Then, to top it all off, they put the bright colored banners around to streamline the whole experience. She probably kept a few of them around, afterward. Not all of them, because others may not be excited about that, but some!

Pet stains

Accidents happen, but in most cases, a cleaning crew shows up to handle it before the situation gets too…extreme. But this stain was already long past a little carpet cleaning, so this guy decided to make the most of the spot on the floor until they could replace the entire area. This is a great example of the kinds of things office workers have to do to keep themselves entertained throughout their long days in the cubicle.


Oh sure, he could have simply left it alone and kept up with his work. But why not have a little fun and turn the stain into a hilarious comic, instead? Yeesh, though, it does look like they lost the entire pot of coffee, huh? At least they were able to turn something bad into something funny until it could be fixed! We wonder if the boss approved, though…

Mug off

This person’s reindeer mug means the world to them – or it’s their only one and they don’t want to buy another. Either way, they’re obviously over everyone else trying to use it! But these office workers weren’t willing to keep their hands off. If you use a reindeer mug all year long, people probably grab it first thing when it’s nowhere near the holiday season, thinking that it’s just an extra that someone left lying around.


After all, who uses holiday gear in the springtime? Maybe it’s time to invest in a new mug, buddy. If it really means that much to you, take it home and bring a different one for the office that’s not so…attractive.

Evacuation Plan

It’s crucial for every office (and any building with workers, really) to have plans in place in case of emergencies. Things happen and building managers and employers need to make sure their employees can get to safety quickly and easily. But developing a plan of action is much easier said than done.


This is the space where an actual evacuation sign is supposed to be put up, but apparently it was forgotten about, and instead, one worker took it upon themselves to fill in the blank. Hey, it seems like a perfectly reasonable plan of escape. In case of emergency – run! Except, that’s terrible advice and would cause panic and God knows what else, so, please don’t do that.

The law of the land

One of the most important aspects of any job is doing what your boss asks of you. After all, they’re the ones paying and it’s up to employees to follow the rules.


Sometimes, you end up working for a strict employer that can seem to make life tough on everyone. But other times, you get lucky and wind up with a boss like this one, who actually likes to joke around. Just check out this list of “rules” the manager put up to show the employees what it was like to work there – pretty awesome if you ask us.

Speak into the dispenser

Don’t you hate it when you’re waiting to get a paper towel in a public restroom, but you can’t because there’s some lunatic standing there talking to the dispenser and blocking your way? Yeah, us too. It is a pretty funny practical joke to play on your coworkers, though.


Must we reiterate how boring it can be to work in an office every day? You’re around the same people, doing the same stuff, and everyone looks for whatever it is they can do to keep themselves entertained. This is pretty good though, we must admit. So good, in fact, that it may be time to print some signs for our next visit to the restroom. Cue the evil laughter!

Great lengths

What do you do when you’ve exhausted all of your excuses about being sick and visiting funerals, but you absolutely can’t make it into the office that day? Why, you ask one of your closest coworkers to help you fake your death, of course! Note: this only works if you have friends in the workplace. All they needed was a little bit of crime scene tape and some electrical tape, plus a nice photo of the coworker in question for an added touch.


They just had to make a figure of the approximate body shape on the floor, stick the crime scene tape from cubicle wall to cubicle wall and get out of there before the boss saw them at work. Of course, there were probably a lot of questions that day that no one could seem to answer!

Just a hole in the wall

Almost as draggy as the time after lunch and before five o’clock is the hour (or two) leading up to lunch. At that point, it feels as if you’ve been working for eternity, your stomach is rumbling and you’re ready to sprint out the door, hop in your car and head to the drive-thru window. But sometimes, you bring your lunch and you’ve got some extra time to hang around before heading back to work.


This guy has had an empty cubicle next to his for several months – and he’s got a passion for golf, hence the decision to turn the space into a putting practice area. Word is that the boss is a fan of the game, too, so this actually got approved by management.

Introvert office space

This guy gets nervous around people, but he’s really good at his job. So, his boss agreed to let him create this safe space in the office. Now, he can get his work done without feeling the prying eyes of coworkers. Ah, the perks of having a cool office environment and a boss that won’t fire you for joking around.


People who work in offices with lots of people can implement this strategy to make it feel more like they’ve got an office of their own. If you’ve got claustrophobia though, you may want to reconsider before you decide to box yourself in like this dude. Plus, it doesn’t look very sturdy. One bump from a passerby and that thing could come crashing down in a second.

Jammed all night

Office printers are like the workhorse of the building; they’re often overworked, overused, and undervalued. But that’s not what’s going on here, “mon,” nope. They value their printer so much that they even named it after the biggest legend in reggae music. Unfortunately, it’s because it’s apt since the darn thing is always backed up with paper and rarely decides to print.


It’s great that the people in this office have a good sense of humor and are able to make light out of a bad situation. But they weren’t really worried about Bob Marley being jammed, because they have another printer down the hall named Santana, and it always runs perfectly smooth. Okay, we’re done with the musical puns, sorry!

Pushing her buttons

There’s nothing worse than when someone pushes all of your buttons. That’s just what happened to this poor machine when its owner was indisposed and the person who put up this note couldn’t find them. It’s nice when machines have simple and clear instructions attached to them. Right there, out in the open for anyone to see.


It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been working in an office and how well you know a machine. There will always be new people coming in that may not have worked with that particular kind before. So, rather than leaving it up to chance and having everyone just pushing all of the buttons – just make it easy on everyone and stick a big fat label on it, with the instructions typed in size 38 font. Boom! Problem solved.

Daydreaming about cheeseburgers

When you’re sitting around the office in the hour leading up to lunch, bored and hungry, sometimes you’ve got to take extreme measures to keep yourself from eating someone’s breakfast pastries. This person started a project to let everyone know exactly what they wanted for lunch that day. But after everyone else in the office had looked at this sign while they waited for the clock to hit noon, the line at the In-n-Out drive-thru was crazy that day.


Pretty much everyone came back with a bag from the burger place and ate it at their cubicles. Do you blame them? We’d be grabbing burgers from there, too, if we had to stare at that menu pre-lunchtime.

Right meow

You know that one person in your office who has a cubicle lined with pictures of their babies – or fur babies. Yeah, well, there’s pretty much one of those people everywhere. Personalized touches do make the office feel cozier – at least, for the person they belong to.


Right now, as you’re reading this, you can probably see Anne’s desk, covered in frames full of pictures of her children. One of them on their first day of school when they were younger, one of them graduating from high school and of course a family shot, taken at the department store by a professional photographer. Well, instead of kids, this person has fur babies that they’re overly proud of. So proud, in fact, that they’ve invested in all types of customized kitty gear

Keeping tabs

It’s bound to happen once in a while that some unfortunate employee loses their beloved fur baby and posts “lost” signs up around their workplace. When this person’s gentle, sweet, non-vicious ball of fluff went missing, they panicked. Luckily, they were able to post this sign – to warn everyone he was on the loose.


No, that kitty wasn’t missing at all when this sign was put up in the office. Someone in the building just thought that this picture was hysterical and wanted to share it with the world. Hey, we need laughs around the workplace, and we say the more the merrier! Bring on the funny viral kitty pictures and memes galore. The boss may not be too happy about it, but the employees certainly appreciate the humor.

A lot of balls

He’s got balls, we’ll give him that. But why, exactly? It was this guy’s birthday and his coworkers wanted to do something special for him. So, they filled his cubicle with stuff to a point his feet were covered. That’s some serious commitment to a birthday prank, which probably took a lot of coordination. It’s actually more impressive if it was just done by one other person, though.


Whoever pulled it off probably got the idea from businesses like Ballie Ballerson, a bar with a ball pit, or Ball Mania, who helps turn any space into a giant ball pit party for adults, or Invasion, who actually has a whole string of adult summer camps. Apparently, it’s actually growing pretty popular. Hey, adults like to play, too. Motion to create way more childlike adults-only places like bouncy castles and playgrounds! After all, what could possibly be better than combining alcohol, trampolines, and Velcro walls?

Spoiler alert

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular TV shows on the planet these days, so it makes sense that almost everyone (if not everyone) in the office watches it. And of course, after an exciting episode, you all want to talk about it and compare notes. But your coworker who missed the show last night might not be thrilled about it.


Their daughter had a ballet recital, so there was no way they could make it – but that’s all they’re thinking about today and you can bet it’s what they’ve got planned for the evening. So, it’s understandable why she put up this sign asking everyone in the office to please be wary of spoilers. And hey, she didn’t ask them not to talk about it, just not to do it around her desk. Hopefully they were mindful of her wishes that day!

Missing the point

The big fish in this office grew tired of dealing with the sarcastic environment, so he thought he’d put his foot down in a way that garnered some laughs. The sign did in fact get some giggles – but maybe not exactly in the way the boss had hoped. Someone decided to point out the error in the signage, which just makes it that much funnier.


Unfortunately, whoever made this sign wound up being the butt of the joke, rather than the comedian role they were going for. It didn’t make it much past the point of having its picture taken because they pulled the sign as soon as they realized their spelling error. Or more like, had it sarcastically presented anyways.

Multi-color post-it land

Don’t you love it when you come back from a long vacation ready to work and see your cubicle covered from floor to ceiling in an array of colorful post-its? Yeah, this person probably wasn’t all too thrilled about it, either. But at least whoever behind it coordinated it beautifully. They could have just randomly stuck them up instead.


You know what they say, “if you don’t want coworkers to cover your cubicle in post-its, don’t just leave giant stacks of them on your desk for days on end while you’re away.” Okay, no one actually says that because it was always just sort of implied. Next time maybe this person will think twice about leaving anything around their workspace before their vacation. Or maybe they’ll just bright a handheld vacuum back with them so that cleanup is a little easier.

Arachnophobes beware

A study done by the American Psychiatric Association revealed that more than one in 10 people in the country suffers from a phobia – 40% of which is about bugs, mainly spiders. People here seem to be irrationally afraid of them, almost. Probably thanks in large part to the urban legend about the spider laying an egg sack in the sleeping woman’s cheek. Also, the movie Arachnophobia didn’t help!


This office worker decided to have a little midday fun by scaring the pants off of their coworkers. They knew that the guy right behind them was deathly afraid of spiders and that he wouldn’t stop humming that day. So, they decided to create this brilliant scheme: point, gasp and leave the rest to fate. Needless to say, that guy went home a little early that day.

Post-food-napping note

This breakroom was plagued by a food thief who kept helping themselves to everyone else’s brown bag specials. So, someone decided to take matters into their own hands and type up this note to deter them from continuing the bad habit. Except it didn’t really work. It did, however, spawn this awesome comeback note.


Hey, do you blame whoever created the note with the magazine clippings? Toaster strudels are almost impossible to resist. Especially if they just left the frosting sitting right out in the open. Hide your sweets around the office, everyone! Maybe next time try labeling it “sardine sandwich,” and see if that helps.

King of the office

This recently promoted manager has taken his new role a little too seriously. The second he got this office, he started turning it into his own castle. Or, he had someone do it for him, anyway.


The employees aren’t too excited about the new setup. Not because they don’t like the castle, but because he makes them address him as “my lord,” when they go in there to talk to him. Yeah, we can see how that may get old pretty quickly. The guy who put the whole thing together did do a pretty nice job, though!

Let’s ketchup later

Ah, yes. Everyone who’s worked in an office is all too familiar with the terrible stenches that can linger in the break room. This person got a little frustrated with the stench of stale ketchup in a room that wasn’t even meant for eating, so they did this.


But apparently, they love their ketchup in this particular building, and the day-old condiment culprit wasn’t going down without a fight. They at least took one last shot at proving to the person who made the sign why the red sticky liquid deserved to be in the same room. Look, it can even apologize! And hey, at least it wasn’t mayonnaise, right? That would have been even smellier.

Chick of the litter

Boredom often prevails in almost any office environment. So, the only things you’ve got to keep yourself entertained throughout the eight-hour days are your phone or computer and your coworkers. Which begs the question – what does one do to make things interesting at 2:00 in the afternoon on a Tuesday?


This guy decided to take matters into his own hands and create something to give the office workers a laugh. It appears someone also went to play along with the joke. Either that or they were so hungry they were wishing that the paper strips would morph into meaty ones that they could dip in barbeque sauce. Or maybe the guy who made the sign ripped them off himself in hopes that others would keep it up.

Manger duties

There’s nothing worse than micro “mangering” right? Apparently, the employees in this building got a little too post happy and had to be taken down a peg by management. But something tells us they aren’t the ones who printed up this sign. Or maybe they were…


If the manger note isn’t enough to tell you how much rules are respected around the office, we don’t know what is. It looks like someone is going to have a very stern talking to when the manager gets their hands on them. But hey, at least the manger fully approves. That’s all that really matters in the end, isn’t it?

The cream of the crop

Coffee isn’t complete without cream. They go hand-in-hand like peanut butter and jelly or toast and…butter. So, it’s understandable how this person was upset about their coworkers helping themselves to their creamy goodness. They put up a note to deter the handsy office staff, but it didn’t seem to do the trick. Instead, the culprit retaliated with a note of their own.


Is it us, or is it a bit strange to have an entire grocery bag full of cream just hanging around the office? Cream is delicious, but if you don’t want people thinking it’s up for grabs, maybe conceal it a bit more or something. We’re not defending whoever took it, but it could be a bit misleading, especially if it wasn’t labeled first. But after they put the note up, the cream thieves should have backed off! Hopefully, the owner of the cream invested in some type of closed container for their stash.

The human hippopotamus

This is another example of the things office workers do to stay entertained for seven or eight hours five days per week, maybe not one that happens frequently, but definitely a hilarious one. These guys decided to have some fun by playing around with their wallpaper and cell phone camera. You know that frame of time in the afternoon when it’s after lunch but you’ve still got hours to go before the clock strikes five?


The home stretch can seem almost unbearable at times, so it’s only natural to want to distract yourself from staring at the clock by doing something hilarious with your coworkers. Enter: the human hippo and his lovely photographer who snapped this epic shot. It makes it even funnier that he’s portraying the baby hippo who’s being pushed by mom. Hey, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do to kill time!

Stay off of my lawn

This cubicle looks like a Florida man’s yard that’s been left to grow wildly for a few months’ time. But at least at this office, they give the workers the freedom to decorate how they like. All these workspace needs are some neighborhood kids losing a football. This actually is mild compared to what it could have been.


After all, there could be a lot more flamingos – there usually are. At least they’re taking good care of it and watering the grass with that squirt bottle. It may be long but it’s a pretty, fresh shade of green. Let’s just hope that a person can still access their keyboard under all of that flora.

Bad boy Jobs

Ink must have been running low this week at work, but it still didn’t stop the resident prankster from taking advantage of a perfectly good opening for this practical joke. Management stuck up the sign on the left to keep people from putting the printer out of commission, but this person had a hard time containing themselves!


Even though the sign asked workers to refrain from using this old printer, someone decided to rebel against authority for the sake of this hilarious picture. After all, who would be able to resist pulling this fast one? Hopefully they stocked up on more ink in this office, though!

Oh, Debbie

In this office, there’s one woman who everyone refers to as the “lunchtime bandit,” – and for good reason. You see, Debbie often forgets her lunch and is forced to rummage through the fridge to find something to eat. Unfortunately, that usually means she just grabs what she wants, no matter who’s it is.


The coworkers got together and decided that, rather than simply marking their own names on their lunches, which is what they’d been doing; they needed to try something a little more blatant. So, they decided to just label everything in the fridge that was theirs as “NOT DEBBIES.” Hopefully, she got the message and kept her hands to herself. It was delivered loud and clear, after all…

Don’t go breaking my heart

This April Fool’s joke is downright cruel. Picture this: you’re tired and grumpy going into work on a rainy Monday morning. You’re already running a bit late because nothing seems to be going your way and now, you’ve got to skip breakfast. You get to the office and make a beeline for the coffee table, only to have a momentary glimpse of hope in the form of a Krispy Kreme donut box. Your mouth starts to water as you think about biting into that sugary jelly donut. You flip the box open in anticipation and discover…that someone in your office apparently has a death wish.


Well, the boss has been trying to get everyone in the office to eat healthier, so it probably didn’t come as that much of a surprise. They filled the pastry boxes with veggies, of all things. It could have been worse, though. At least they decided to include the ranch dressing! But no matter how delicious crisp vegetables can be (especially with ranch) it doesn’t compare to the awesomeness of a fresh donut from Krispy Kreme.