Gameshow Weirdness: The Story Behind This Wheel of Fortune Contestant

Audiences of the popular TV quiz show, Wheel of Fortune were used to seeing an air of competitiveness quickly arise between its contestants. After all, quiz shows are unlike other TV shows in terms of intensity, and the need for each participant to keep sharp and gain an edge over the others is paramount.
So when this female contestant exhibited behavior that was so unexpected in the final speed round, where things are supposed to heat up, perplexed viewers just couldn’t figure out what she was up to. They could not believe she would conduct herself in such a manner. It was only after some time that fans finally guessed the motive behind her unusual actions.

A Long-Running Show

The Wheel of Fortune producers wanted to do something unique to honor American veterans. While it’s had a phenomenal run, starting way back in 1975 as a daytime series on NBC, not everybody gets the chance to join the popular TV quiz show. So the producers wanted to extend the coveted opportunity to returned servicemen and women as part of Veterans Week, 2015.

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The stage was set, and the show would have a military theme. The week’s episodes would be comprised of active and former combatants, as guests competing against each other for fun.

Nothing Fishy Here

Monday’s episode went well. Everything flowed smoothly and the results were in line with what the producers expected. Nothing occurred that would suggest something strange might happen next, and people came down to watch the next show, expecting much of the same.


The November 10, 2015 episode unraveled like many of its predecessors. Famous TV show host, Pat Sajak, introduced the veterans—Steve, Troy, and Nura—who were warmly welcomed by the audience. The game proceeded normally, with no untoward events or interruptions.

Comfortably In the Lead

From the outset, the competition between the three was far from close. The spectators could foresee Nura easily taking out her competitors, as she was able to glide along consistently while they were struggling. In the game’s penultimate round, she had taken a commanding lead, sweeping the board with $13,970 securely stowed in the bank.


Steve and Troy could only fight on, their chances dim. Troy had $4,300, while Steve had won nothing at all, perhaps already resigned to the fact that he would be leaving with fond memories of the event and nothing more.

Nura, You’re On

By the time the last round spun into action, all eyes had turned to Nura. Time was on her side right from the beginning, and all she had to do was to stay consistent and ward off distractions. Steve and Troy could only watch in admiration, and yet a part of them still wanted to compete. After Troy correctly called a “T” in the two-letter clue word, Nura was up next.


What Nura did at this stage of the competition left the audience puzzled. It wasn’t what they had anticipated at all. When the camera panned across them, you could see them looking around, puzzled and apparently seeking answers from those seated close by. All they got were the same confused looks.

Odd Choices

Nura looked as assured as she had been all night when the time came for her to give an answer. She knew she was ahead of the competition by a mile, and so did everybody else in the venue.


She then picked the least likely letter in not just the word on the board, but any word in Wheel of Fortune history. The audience furrowed their brows in disbelief as Nura confidently uttered “Z.” Steve could not believe what he’d just heard. His friendly countenance abruptly turned contemplative.

“Zay What Now?”

The game’s host, Pat Sajak, heard Nura’s answer the first time, but could not believe it. Just like everyone else at the time, he didn’t know how to react to her answer and instead instinctively blurted out, “say that again for me. Did you say ‘Z?’”


Steve had been expecting Nura to correct her answer and select a more logical letter. The expectant audience was also waiting for her to come up with a new answer, the one they believe she had intended to give the first time. But Nura confidently repeated her answer, showing no signs of having erred. “As in Zulu,” she backed up her response. Now firmly locking in her certainty in the letter “Z.”

Too Much Pressure?

Having heard her confirm an obviously illogical answer, Sajak replied in shock, “You did say ‘Z.’ Okay.” Still baffled by Nura’s decision, and unable to mask his reaction, he faced the board. Its failure to light up surprised exactly no one at all.

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Pat Sajak dismissed this part of Nura’s participation and considered it a mere momentary lapse of reason. A lot of things could go on in a competitor’s mind under pressure. Steve’s turn was up and he correctly guessed the letter “R.” Troy answered “S” and gained mild applause. And then it was Nura’s turn to spin again.

Simply Losing It

When it was time for Nura to supply an answer, expectations were, once more, high. People knew she would now make up for her mistake. Yet Nura remained silent. Sajak thought she was just hesitating, but he was wrong. Far from being hesitant, she had made a decision to decline to give any guess at all. Everyone was dismayed at the sudden train-wreck she seemed to be made of what had been looking like an impressive win.


We can only hope to guess what was going on in their minds… and, perhaps more importantly, Nura’s. In the next round, she finally gave an answer. She guessed “Q,” and Sajak’s reaction suggested he was becoming more and more convinced that she’d lost her wits. Had something happened to her during one of the commercial breaks?

Twitter Outrage

Nura’s behavior didn’t only leave the game’s audience inside the venue bewildered. Her antics had been broadcast on live TV, and it didn’t take long before the Twittersphere caught up with it.


One viewer tweeted, “Is Nura drunk?” Perhaps not, but the question actually makes more sense than her guesses. Another tweet, “WHY IS THIS LADY GUESSING Z,X, AND Q FOR THIS PUZZLE?” Well, that, sir, is the million-dollar question.

Nura Kept Her Wits

Pat Sajak’s mind was probably flooded with competing theories as to the source of Nura’s strange behavior. She didn’t look like a contestant who could become easily rattled or troubled with stage fright. Nura looked at ease, even confident. Unable to contain his disappointment, Sajak remarked, “I wonder what letter Nura will call.”

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Sajak didn’t have to wonder about it too long. Batting his sarcasm right back at him, Nura certainly did not disappoint. She guessed the letter “X.”

No Regrets

You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone in the venue, or in their living room watching the show, who expect the board to light up after such weird guesses. Of course, Nura failed to see a single letter light up. Yet she didn’t seem to show any sign of regret, and when the final round came, she didn’t yield any answer.


Nura just stood in front of everyone as they gazed at her, mouths agape in utter disbelief. By this time, a hint of awkwardness had finally started showing in her demeanor as she waited for the timer to run out. It was far from the confident composure she had started the game with. She had, it seemed, broken down in some unknown way. And now, it was all over for her.

A Solid First Win

Steve, who had not managed to win anything until that point, came up the surprise winner of the round. It was a triumphant comeback performance of sorts. He was able to guess the phrase “following footprints,” and claimed his first win of the night.


Just moments ago he had been expecting to go home empty-handed. Yet, out of nowhere, he was now blessed with an impressive $6,400. Still, it was Nura who gained the biggest reaction.

Pat Sajak’s Curiosity Got the Better Of Him

The game was now over, everyone just wanted to know what Nura was thinking. Sajak was dead curious about her guesses and, surely enough, approached and inquired about her strange picks.


As if Nura knew she was going to be asked this question, she appeared prepared, and responded cryptically, “That’s what I saw.” The only problem was that nobody in their sound mind could have chosen those letters. Her answer simply wasn’t plausible enough. “That was an unsatisfactory answer,” Sajak said. “But she’s not under oath.”

The Consolation Prize

Everyone who watched the show must have thought that Nura was playing a different game entirely. But who would deliberately give up the chance to win so much, and why? No one who had been watching her solid early performance could have anticipated her losing in those crucial rounds. Especially in such an obscure manner.


She still did well by proceeding to the final, but her abstruse performance at the end gave Steve a window of opportunity to score for himself. It gave him a sort of consolation prize.

No Straight Answers

Nura refused to say a thing about her performance that would confirm or deny people’s suspicions. But after Steve gaining an unexpected portion of the prize money, the audience could not help but wonder, some even drifting towards accusations. They wanted to get a straight answer out of her, but Nura wouldn’t give in.

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It seemed as though she may have taken a tactical step back so that her former co-combatant could shoot for some of the spoils. A sense of camaraderie was in the air and beginning to be the underlying theme of the event. True to the spirit of Veterans Week.

The Big Realization

Those who watched the show had given up on trying to get a clear answer from Nura. After a while, it seemed that Nura didn’t have to provide an answer after all, as the audience had already convinced themselves that what happened before their eyes was an act of generosity that deserved praise.


A certain Jeremy Pond went on to express his thoughts on Twitter saying, “just saw the classiest move on Wheel of Fortune. Nura threw the final puzzle to let a fellow military person win it. Much respect.” Retro Roger tweeted, “Never saw someone throw a round so everyone could win some money.” And they were right. This became the most memorable installment in Wheel of Fortune history: a competitive game show that had unexpectedly turned into a venue for charity and humanity.

High Stakes

Proceeding to the final round in spite of her curious performance earlier, Nura was back in her formidable shape. This time there was no doubt that she was going in for the kill. The prize at stake: $33,000.


At this point, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that Nura had, in the previous round, given way for Steve to take home some money. This attitude made them appreciate her more than ever. They wanted her to take home the grand prize for what she did, and Nura did her part by giving it all her attention. However, the war veteran failed to come up with the final puzzle: “by appointment.”

Still Gleaming

Despite not clinching the final puzzle and losing her chance at taking home the grand prize, Nura appeared more than pleased. She was smiling and happy, exhibiting the glow of someone fulfilled.

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After all, she was not going home empty-handed. She was assured of nearly $14,000 and everyone cheered for her when the game was over.

Belize, Here I Come!

She clapped and exclaimed, “I’m going to Belize!” as if to answer the inaudible questions thrown at her regarding his winnings. Pat Sajak congratulated her and said wholeheartedly, “You made us all happy.”


Literally, everyone was happy, especially Nura for not winning, all to gain more.

These Celebrities Were on Game Shows Before They Were Famous

The gimmicks in-game shows have changed over the years. The stage designs are different now, the prizes have multiplied considerably. To many people, game shows mean a passing bubble of happiness to be enjoyed at home; a time for families to crowd in the living room and cheer for good old-fashioned fun together. Modern game shows have snatched something from us only to give it back with more color. They have been doing this for decades, and we wonder how life would be without them; if everything we watched on TV were dreary and serious.

Getty Images Photo by Eric McCandless

While game shows are just a bit fun for most of us, for some people, their fifteen minutes of game show fame were enough to catapult them into big time. Thanks to these popular game shows on TV, they found a springboard that would lead to successful careers in the entertainment industry. Learn more about these celebrities, from supermodels to 90s boy band idols, who appeared in game shows to win far more than just the prizes on offer.

Meghan Markle

Long before Meghan Markle became the newest member of the British royal family, she used to work for the game show, Deal or No Deal. In 34 episodes, she walks across the stage in a skimpy skirt as a briefcase girl, donning a sexy dress that would wrench the audience’s attention for a few minutes, before revealing what her briefcase contained.

Getty Images Photo by Trae Patton/NBCU Photo Bank

It may not be the ideal job to make it big in life, but in this case we can say to each her own. For ten years after her appearances on the popular game show, her true, royal worth is now revealed to the world as Prince Harry’s betrothed. Had she chosen a different path early on, the two may never have met.

Lady Gaga

The “Born This Way” singer wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth, nor did she arrive rich and famous. In fact, she must not have known how high her achievements in life would be when she appeared as a contestant on MTV’s Boiling Points, back in 2005. Gaga would have been happy to have won even just $100 from the show where all she had to do was to keep her composure in a revolving restaurant.

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Back then, she was a 19-year-old brunette named Stefani Germanotta and, sadly, she lost her cool as well as the chance to win the $100. We doubt she looks back with any regret though. Nowadays, she’s topping the music charts, making movies, and gracing crowds with live appearances.

Sally Field

American actress and director Sally Field has been a recipient of various accolades ranging from the Academy Awards to the Golden Globes, as well as a suite of nominations and other prestigious entertainment achievements.

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Back when the Mrs. Doubtfire actress was just finding her way around show business, she appeared as a contestant on the popular ABC series, The Dating Game. At the time, she had only starred in the titular role of the short-lived sitcom, Gidget. After the show, Field admitted that she refused to go on a date with her bachelor, even though he might have been the right guy for her.

Vanna White

Before Vanna White became known as an American TV personality and Wheel of Fortune hostess, she was a contestant in the Miss Georgia Pageant and took a shot at claiming the top prize in a rival game show.

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Vanna White was a youthful 20-year-old when Bob Parker called her on stage with his famous line, “come on down!” in the game show classic, The Price Is Right. This was back in 1980, and although White didn’t win in that episode, she got the attention needed to slip into a more glamorous role as the hostess of Wheel of Fortune, a career that would span for decades.

Kirstie Alley

Kirstie Alley made her first appearance as an actress in the science fiction film, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. She gained popularity for her role as Rebecca Howe in the TV sitcom, Cheers. Starting out as an unknown interior designer from Wichita, Alley set her transition to Hollywood in motion when she pitted herself against Betty White and the stunning Jamie Lee Curtis (both of whom would become her future celebrity colleagues) on the game show, The Match Game.

Getty Images Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc

She did exceedingly well, earning $6,000 by appearing in multiple episodes of the fill-it-in trivia show. Alley would gradually become more popular and would soon be offered bigger paychecks for movie roles.

Cynthia Nixon

Cynthia Nixon is quite a bundle of talent, known for her iconic role as Miranda Hobbes in the HBO series, Sex and the City. It was a performance that won her an Emmy and a Screen Actors Guild Award. The birth of her entertainment career, however, could be attributed to her mother, who used to worked on the game show, To Tell The Truth.

Getty Images Photo by Slaven Vlasic

Nixon was only nine years old when her mother got her a spot on the show. Her personality instantly clicked with the audience, who adored her for playing the role of an “impostor” cowgirl. Cynthia Nixon quickly showed she was a natural performer, not shying away from the cameras. She developed her confidence swiftly, and up to this day, whatever role she’s in, her performances always convince us.

Gina Lee Nolin

Gena Lee Nolin would embark on her career in Hollywood from an unusual platform. By becoming a member of Barker’s Beauties on the popular game show The Price Is Right, Nolin’s exposure would lead to something infinitely more promising. But none of it would have been possible without her first game show modelling role, in which she showcased the prizes that were to be given away.

Alamy Stock Photo

Soon afterwards, she snagged a role in the soap opera, The Young and the Restless, before taking a starring role in the Baywatch series. Then, she landed a lead role in the film Sheena. All thanks to The Price Is Right and the kick-start it gave to her to fame.

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen is an American model and author. She was first discovered by a photographer while working in a surf shop in California. Her family had moved often back in the day, and before she appeared in the likes of Sports Illustrated magazine, she took a variety of gigs that weren’t quite so glamorous.

Alamy Stock Photo

Teigen used to work as a substitute for the game show, Deal or No Deal. She was a briefcase girl like Meghan Markle, beautiful and sexy. She also made guest appearances for The Price Is Right as her notoriety grew. Chrissy Teigen has now cemented her celebrity and is happily married to singer, John Legend.

Lisa Gleave

To make her mark in the modeling and fashion industry, Lisa Gleave knew she had to travel to the US. In 2000, she decided to take that risk in exchange for better opportunities. She packed her bags and left Australia, and her first break came when she was hired as a model for the game show, The Price Is Right.

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She was so gorgeous, in her own unique way, she stood out from among Bob Parker’s panoply of models. From here, she went on to the rival show, Deal or No Deal, as a briefcase model. One opportunity led to another and she eventually landed a handful of roles in minor films and TV programs. Her career then really took off as she entered the world of modeling for men’s magazines.

Farrah Fawcett

At the peak of her career, everything Farrah Fawcett touched turned to gold. Everybody seemed to love everything about her. She had the looks, and the talent. Men were in love with her. Her fans liked nothing more than listening to her lyrical Texas twang. She was ranked among the 50 greatest TV stars of all-time.

Alamy Stock Photo

Fawcett also appeared as a guest on the popular game show, The Dating Game. She was a promising up-and-comer back then. We can only imagine how hard the bachelors must have worked for the opportunity to be by her side.

Klimaszewski Twins

The management of the game show, Let’s Make a Deal, knew that they had a golden opportunity in front of them when Diane and Elaine Klimaszewski showed up. They didn’t waste time signing up the Polish identical twins as the host’s curvaceous assistants. They turned out to be a massive distraction to contestants and the game show audience alike.

Getty Images Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

The twins were one of a kind… or should we say two? They became famous, partly thanks to their regular game show exposure. The Klimaszewski twins went on to dabble in acting and wrestling; however, it was the “Coors Light Twins” ad that made them truly famous.

Suzanne Somers

With her varied skill sets, Suzanne Somers has become successful in many fields. She’s an actress, author, singer, businesswoman, and health spokesperson. But for those who have been following her career, she’ll always be remembered for her role as Chrissy Snow on Three’s Company.

Alamy Stock Photo

Before all of this, Somers once sported a two-piece as a model for the game show, The Anniversary Game. In 1969, the stint was something she was delighted to have been selected for. She was just starting out and scouring for opportunities. Looking back though, it was a mere blip in her glittery career.

Jon Hamm

The character Don Draper, played by actor Jon Hamm, is simply dapper in the TV drama series, Mad Men. Hamm is regarded one of the sexiest men alive. He is confident, manly, oozing sex appeal. Yet you wouldn’t recognize him if you encountered the 1996 version of himself, back when he was a contestant on the game show, The Big Date.

Alamy Stock Photo

Hamm was only 24 years old at the time. He went after all the girls he desired and came up with the cheesiest of lines. He was such a dog back in the day that he even got passed over twice by female contestants. Perhaps he annoyed them by using the word “fabulous” too much. Or maybe it was his long and floppy, ultra-90s haircut.

Anya Monzikova

By now, the link between Hollywood celebrities and the briefcase models of Deal or No Deal must be fairly well established. The game show has become a launchpad for newbies in the entertainment industry, a platform to gain public exposure, and its success rate is increasing pretty nicely.

Alamy Stock Photo

Anya Monzikova used to be one of those gawked-over briefcase models. She’s so fine, and her Russian accent adds a tinge of strong personality that makes her even more sexy. She went on to be involved in minor films and became a celebrity. She hasn’t made it to ultra-stardom yet, but she raises no doubts regarding her potential.

Simon Cowell

Nowadays, Simon Cowell is often seen as a judge or host on reality TV contest shows. People like him because he is witty, although he can be a bit too critical and sarcastic. Cowell is quite an effective judge though, capable of clearly breaking down the skills and talents of wannabe-contestants.

Getty Images Photo by Eamonn M. McCormack

He must know how it feels to be scrutinized sharply on stage because he used to be a contestant himself on the popular British game show, Sale of the Century. You might be surprised to know, re wasn’t always so intimidating. In fact, he used to be very soft-spoken and good-natured. He used to smile a lot rather than fixing that withering glare on people.

Gabrielle Tuite

In 2013, TV guide ranked The Price Is Right number five in its list of 60 greatest game shows of all-time. It was a lynchpin of the game show culture in the early 70s, and it was known for its inclusion of certain types of merchandise in its program.

Getty Images Photo by Albert L. Ortega/WireImage

But on the lighter side of things, the game show was a hit for bringing out a line of wonderful models to pique its viewers’ interest and increase its overall appeal. One of them was Gabrielle Tuite, and she made that tomato juice look impossibly enticing, holding the bottle close to her beautiful face. She went on to become a bikini model, and eventually landed minor roles in movies.

Nikki Ziering

It didn’t take long for Nikki Ziering to find a platform to start her career. She knew she had the goods to make it in Hollywood. Blonde and pretty, she has a knack for bewitching the men around her, including Beverly Hills 90210 star, Ian Ziering, whom she married.

Getty Images Photo by M. Caulfield/WireImage

Known for being a Playboy Playmate, Nikki Ziering transitioned from magazines to being a model for the game show, The Price Is Right. This move made her personality more accessible on regular TV schedules with a much bigger audience. She worked with the show from 1999 to 2002. From there she would appear in numerous reality shows and some well-performing B-grade films.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The general public was surprised when Arnold Schwarzenegger announced his intention to run for public office, but we have a feeling many would be even more shocked to find out how he got his start. Early in Arnie’s career, he was a contestant on the flirtatious 70s matchmaking show, The Dating Game.

Getty Images Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

At that time, the Austrian strongman was at the bear beginnings of his career, having only one lonely film credit to his name. While it was well before his Terminator days, the soon-to-be superstar had the bachelorettes fighting for a chance to win him over. They were all immediately captured by his mystique, not to mention the feel of his wide and muscular body. And they all listened intently, breath collectively held as he shared his secrets in that sexy foreign accent.

Claudia Jordan

American actress, Claudia Jordan, doesn’t only dazzle you with the golden tone of her skin and her pretty looks. She used to compete in the Junior Olympics and was an all-American sprinter in college, so her figure is always on the money.

Getty Images Photo by Leon Bennett/WireImage

As if that phrase serves as a clue as to her past, Jordan also used to be a model for Deal or No Deal. She would catwalk on stage to reveal the hidden monetary value of contestants’ chosen briefcase. Before that she also worked for rival game show, The Price Is Right. Adding to her repertoire, Jordan became a household name after getting fired by Trump on Celebrity Apprentice. This apparent failure turned out to be an opportunity in disguise as it was the exposure needed for Bravo to later hired her for The Real Housewives of Atlanta. And the rest is history.

Leyla Milani

Before Canadian actress, Leyla Milani, starred in hit series like Entourage and Curb Your Enthusiasm, she earned the nickname of “Lucky Leyla” or “Lucky 13.” She used to dabble in “reality” wrestling, too, but it was her stint as a model for Deal or No Deal—lugging that number 13 briefcase many times between 2005 and 2009—that garnered her nationwide attention.


It was an effective launch pad for Milani, who would soon make appearances in reality TV shows and modeling gigs before founding her luxury hair care company, Leyla Milani Hair.

Markie Post

American actress, Markie Post, ironically started her career from behind the scenes. She may be known to many as Terri Michaels in The Fall Guy on ABC, or for her tough public defender role on the NBC sitcom, Night Court, but Post used to work behind the spotlight, in the back rooms of televised trivia.

Alamy Stock Photo

She was also known for her appearances on the game show, The Pyramid and Password. In fact, Post became a familiar face in the game show circuit, also serving as associate producer of Double Dare. Not long after, she finally found her way into the acting career she craved.

A.J. McLean

A.J. McLean is a member of the Backstreet Boys. He discovered his love for music early in life, and at the age of four his mother had him enrolled in a dance school where he trained for a minimum of two hours a day. McLean’s career would eventually expand to the fields of dancing, singing, modelling and acting. However, before all that (and all the crazy tattoos), he was simply known as “Mean” McLean.

Alamy Stock Photo

This name stuck during his time as a formidable contestant on Nickelodeon Guts, back in the 90s. The show was an “action sports” competition which originally ran from 1992 to 1996. McLean dominated the arena and fought for the glowing piece of the Aggro Crag. He failed to win the competition, but certainly became “Larger Than Life.”

Aaron Paul

It’s funny how sometimes people get associated with certain things, like Aaron Paul has become linked to the color yellow. Thanks to the wild success of the Breaking Bad series, Paul is often remembered for wearing a yellow hazmat suit as drug dealing Jesse Pinkman.

Alamy Stock Photo

Before Paul became a multi-awarded actor, he also sported a yellow name tag in 2000 as a contestant on The Price Is Right in which he was notably high with excitement. He played and lost Dice Game, and overbid by more than $100 on the Showcase.

Joey Fatone

In the summer of 1995, Joey Fatone would make friends with Chris Kirkpatrick, a fellow stage performer at Universal Studios. This friendship blossomed and Fatone would soon become the fourth member of the boy-band, NSYNC, singing in a baritone voice. Girls would go bonkers over Fatone and the rest of the group, which included Justin Timberlake and JC Chasez.

Alamy Stock Photo

Long before all the crazy boy-band mania, Fatone made his TV debut on the Nickelodeon game show, Nick Arcade. We have a feeling this fact may have been dug up from a past he would rather forget. Back then, Joey went by the far more formal name, “Joseph,” and he was a gangling youth with awkward wavy bangs to match.

Steve Martin

With all the talents Steve Martin possesses, it is likely he would be successful no matter how he got his start. Hollywood’s funnyman has the chops to play a variety of roles on stage or film, and before he embarked on an acting career he started out as a writer. We’d be surprised if he ever runs out of hilarious stories to share.

Getty Images Photo by Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Not many may know that Steve Martin is also a talented musician. In fact, it was his musical prowess that helped him land a spot on the amateur talent contest, The Gong Show, in 1977. A skillful banjo player, Martin immediately captured people’s attention with his goofiness, and that arrow-through-the-head costume, leaving everyone laughing their hearts out.

Cindy Margolis

Cindy Margolis is perhaps one of the earliest celebrities to have taken advantage of the internet for career advancement. Way before the influx of Youtube sensations, or the internet-breaking Kardashians, Margolis was given the moniker the “queen of the internet,” as well as being ranked the world’s “most downloaded” person – and this was back in 1999.

Getty Images Photo by J.Sciulli/WireImage

It wasn’t only the internet that Margolis leveraged to her advantage. In the 90s and early 2000s, she graced TV sets across America as a model for The Price Is Right. She was a famous “Barker’s Beauty,” modeling for a variety of merchandise. Cindy Margolis is now a glamor spokesmodel.

Tom Selleck

Actor Tom Selleck is so famous for his thick mustache that we wonder if anyone would even recognize him clean-shaven. The absence of his mustache alone is like a disguise in itself. Back when he was still a college senior, long before he was donning a Hawaiian shirt and a .45 Colt pistol in Magnum, P.I., Selleck was looking for love on the TV show, The Dating Game.

Getty Images Photo by Jamie McCarthy

He looked dapper in his suit, spruce, and tidy. The heartthrob talked about his notions on relationships, his ideal girl, and the traits he looked for in a lover. As dapper as he was, sadly, like Jon Hamm, the women nixed Tom Selleck twice!

Kasie Head

If you’ve read this far, it shouldn’t be difficult to guess which game show the beautiful Kasie Head benefited from to jump start her career. Apart from competing in the Miss USA pageant and successfully launching her interior design and event planning business, KLH Designs, Head played roles in Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement and Just My Luck.

Getty Images Photo by Trae Patton/NBCU Photo Bank

Prior to all this though, Kasie Head was a model for the game show, Deal or No Deal, responsible for holding case number 16. She made that case look so sweet that contestants didn’t mind taking a risk in calling her number.

Amanda Holden

Amanda Holden is currently a judge on Britain’s Got Talent. Like her co-judge, Simon Cowell, Holden started her career using game shows as a launch pad to fame. Her first TV appearance was as a contestant of the show, Blind Date, in 1991. She’s now an actress, presenter, and media personality.

Alamy Stock Photo

Holden established her acting career with shows like Wild at Heart, in which she played the role of Sarah Trevanion, and in Thoroughly Modern Millie, for which she was nominated for a Laurence Olivier Award.

William Shatner

Canadian actor, William Shatner, has become such an indelible part of the Star Trek universe that he has co-authored several novels with stories that have become accepted as canon. His experiences in portraying the role of James T. Kirk, captain of the USS Enterprise, are also documented in his other published journals.

Alamy Stock Photo

Before Shatner’s cosmic success came to fruition, he appeared as a dashing young guest panelist on the game show, What’s My Line. This was back in 1965, just a year before he embarked on the intergalactic project that would make him a cultural icon.

Funniest Game Show Moments

Lights, camera, action…and pressure! Being a contestant on a gameshow can be as exhilarating as it is nerve-racking. With that, comes some major slip-ups, and more often than not, they can be pretty hilarious. Check out funny examples of game show faux pas. This guy clearly had a special love for those marine friends of his as he couldn’t see the obvious connection to the term “wish list”, and instead opted for “fish love”. It doesn’t make much sense seeing as there is not even an ‘i’.


Edgar the contestant, however, seemed to take it in good spirits and shrugged it off with a hardy laugh. Well, with choices like it might appear that he is used to making silly mistakes like that.

A Real Mystery

Zack Reed from Portland College was thrilled when he finally got his moment on the show. Unfortunately, due to his excitement, he lost a part of his mind when he couldn’t crack this mysterious word.


Zack went to through the whole alphabet trying to figure out the correct word. Luckily he figured out “magic”, but it was the “-and” that really threw him off. Obviously not a Harry Potter fan.

That’s a Tasty Bicycle

I guess this contestant thought she was on shark-tank to test out her new interesting invention of a ‘popsicle bicycle’. Sure this might be a little confusing at first, but there is no way on earth that those letters make up that word.


It was in fact “honeysuckle bush”. The contestant knew she made a silly mistake and said on Jimmy Kimmel,” so that’s the first thing I thought about. Popsicle. And I couldn’t figure out the second word, so I just said ‘bike.” Hmm, interesting.

Potato What Now?

Nothing sounds more obvious than a self potato- which is what Lolita McAuley thought of during her gameshow moment. Somehow this contestant saw “self” and “po-rt–t” and did not come to the conclusion that it was “self portait”. The saddest part about this is that she is a fifth-grade school teacher. Yikes.


Buzzfeed even named this “The Silliest Wheel of Fortune Guess Ever” and her answer even prompted the creation of the website,, a site that actually belongs to comedian, Emily Blotnick.

We’re Coming to What?

With just a few letters on the board missing, Stephen, yet another unfortunate Wheel of Fortune contestant, couldn’t muster up that brain strength to reach the word city. He got everything else right. Surf, Here, and Come…apparently the real tough one was C–Y, which he seemed to think was Clay.


Even if he didn’t know the lyrics to Jan and Dean’s Surf City, it does seem a little illogical to go for clay.

Just Can’t Make This Up

It’s kind of “hard to believe” that this contestant missed this phrase.  It’s pretty easy to spell out, to be honest. It looks as if most contestants simply don’t read what’s on the boards and just go with their first guess.


Well, this one somehow thought it was “it’s make-believe.” Interesting choice. We sure he really wanted to believe whatever he saw on that board would simply come true.

You’re  On The Wrong Platform

This little perplexing puzzle of a phrase seemed to throw another Wheel of Fortune victim for a loop. For $7, 300, this head-scratcher read the phrase “elevator train platform”. Guess they conjured that “o” and “r” straight out of thin air.


Unfortunately, the phrase is “elevator train platform”. Seems obvious but, you never know.

That’s Optimistic!

Strange choice. This guy must have grown up in a quite a seedy neighborhood if this was the first thing that he saw.  On looking at that though, it does seem like the obvious choice.


Sadly for him, the answer, in the end, was actually “A Group of Well Wishers”. Bet that might teach him to look at the glass half full then.

What’s The Difference?

It’s hard to pin-point what really went wrong here. This is not so much a result of classic Wheel of Fortune silliness, but more of a deprived childhood. Shouldn’t everyone know about Merlin the Magician?


Unfortunately, the contestant thought that Marvin the Magician seemed like the correct answer. Even stranger, the next contestant answered the exact same thing. Sounds like Marvin cast a spell on them.

You Got The Wine?

This woman really needs to brush up on her music knowledge and start listening to some old classics. According to her, she thought that Cash’s famous song was “I Have The Wine” and not “I Walk The Line”.


Perhaps she was speaking her mind and really just visualized a tall glass of pinot in her mind to help her calm her nerves. That sure is one way to get through the game show!

Super ‘Who’- Man?

It’s no secret that Marvel keeps churning out new super-heroes, and at this point, we have gone far beyond the comic books. It seems like every day, a new comic book character gets their own film. Which is why it doesn’t seem surprising that someone would conjure up “Spiderwoman” when trying to figure out this little word puzzle.


Of course, we all know that the answer was in fact “Superman and Wonder Woman”. Odd how someone can forget poor Wonder Woman. She certainly has taken the spotlight lately. In any case, perhaps this poor contestant has unwittingly inspired Marvel Studios with a new heroine!

Miners and What?

Hmm…another unsavory guess on Wheel of Fortune. That’s new! –In-ers &  — Oes. With a little bit of thought, perhaps he could have guess this one was supposed to be Fingers and Toes. Sadly that’s not what went down in the end.


According to him, these letters that make up the phrase fingers and toes, are actually miners and hoes. It sounds like comes from a very interesting working environment.

Searching For Stars

One would think when seeing the “-tar” paired with “night”, the obvious answer would immediately just be “star in the night”. Nope, think again. This woman seemed to ignore whatever what was written in front of her and just spitball the first thing that came to mind as if these letters were merely a suggestion.


The phrase she came up with was “start in the right way”, which in her mind seemed to be an equally popular term. Interesting.

Poor Kid

When you’re working as a school teacher it’s easy to grow weary of the kids you see every day. It might be hard to swallow, but as kids, weren’t the only ones who would do the teasing. Teachers sure did do!


That’s why it’s probably not surprising that this contestant saw “An Ugly Child” and not “An Only Child”. She must have come to the show with a little bit of post-trauma.

Those Birds Have Skills

Fine, maybe not everyone knows about the Spanish style of dance called the Flamenco, or maybe some less worldly folks may pronounce it “Flamingo”, but there is a clear selection of words there that make it very clearly not “Flamingo”.


Looks like the fun and games are over for him! Perhaps he just unknowingly established a new style of dance called the Flamingo Dance. It probably involves just standing on one leg. Sounds easy!

Sounds Desirable

Marlin Brando is probably turning over in his grave after hearing this ridiculous response. I mean, it’s practically spelled out for everyone to see, yet somehow this contestant though the word in question was “naked”.


They should immediately go watch the film “A Streetcar Named Desire” and maybe brush up on their general knowledge before appearing on the show. Yikes.

 Best Vacation Spot Here’s another great way to lose cash. Not knowing your geography. Arizona’s ‘Painted Desert’ is one of the most beautiful getaways in the U.S, and, as it is aptly named, very much resembling a “painted desert”.
“The Pointed Desert”, which is the answer that this contestant seemed to deem correct, sounds less appealing. As if being a desert wasn’t hard enough. After that sore loss, a getaway in a pointed desert sounds exactly what his bank account can handle.
 Not Exactly Exclusive When you have two letters to go, in the word “E-clusi-e Nightclub”, there are really only so many roads you can take on this one. That is if you can spell correctly. If you can’t, well then, the alphabet becomes a free-for-all and you can just throw any old letter you want anywhere as long as it sounds half ok.
That’s exactly what happened here. In this battle of Wheel of Fortune, this woman asked for a K instead on X, spelling the word in question “eksulive nightclub”. That’s a low point. It’s time to change your name and your face. Thank you, next.

Don’t Forget That One Dwarf

Dopey, Grumpy, Doc, Bashful, Happy, Sneeky and Sleepy…the dwarfs from Snow White the Disney Classic, of course, everybody knows that! Hold on a second…Sneeky? Someone ‘sneeked’ that one in. Aside from the gross spelling mistake, there is no such dwarf named Sneeky.


If this contestant had a childhood, they would have known that it is in fact, Dopey, Grumpy, Doc, Bashful, Happy, Sneezy, and Sleepy. Oh, well, you can’t have it all. Sounds like it’s time for a Disney Marathon.

Enjoy That

You know that popular phrase “sit back and enjoy the night”. Yeah, well neither do we. Let’s forget the fact that there are two blocks to fill out there so that just wouldn’t make sense in any case.


The correct phrase would obviously be “Sit back and enjoy the flight.”