Walmart Shopping Hacks That You Need to Know

As great as your neighborhood Walmart is on its own, you sometimes want to take advantage of some grocery shopping hacks. There might be times when they are out of stock of a particular item, too crowded, or simply not offering enough sales to please your bank account. That’s where Walmart comes in. Walmart is great when you need to get everything you need, although there are some stipulations. Not everything in Walmart’s grocery department is worth buying, and sometimes, you might not be getting the best deal out there.

That said, shopping at Walmart, whether it’s for your weekly groceries or home decor, electronics, or anything else, can be an adventure. Walmart offers plenty of good deals on just about everything they sell in-store and online, but perhaps one of the best-kept secrets about Walmart is that there are a lot of food shopping hacks that everyone should know. Walmart might not be your typical grocery store, given all of the other items that you can pick up while you’re wandering the aisles, but you can save a ton of money and time if you know what to do. Here are some of the best Walmart shopping hacks you need to know before stepping into the store.

The Walmart Bakery

A staple on just about any grocery list is bread. For sandwiches, toast, recipes, and more, bread is a necessity. If you often head to Walmart to do your weekly grocery shopping, then there might be a way for you to grab some bread that doesn’t cost more than it should. You’re going to want to remember this hack along with other Walmart bakery secrets.


Like other grocery stores, Walmart typically marks down day-old bread so you can score a great deal, Cheapism reports. Walmart knows that they need to get the day-old bread or other bakery items out of the store before they hit their sell-by date, so you’ll probably see them marked down with one of those bright yellow discount stickers. If you’re lucky, you could get a loaf of delicious French bread for less than a dollar, but don’t stop there. Bread isn’t the only thing to look for in the Walmart bakery department. There are also cakes, cupcakes, muffins, and donuts, all of which could be marked down just for being a day or two old. So, if you’re craving carbs but still want to save, you know what to do.

Walmart Offers Price-Matching Shopping Hacks

While you might just automatically assume that everything at Walmart is a great price, a few items in the grocery section are likely to be more expensive than at other stores in your area. So, if you notice that a specific can of soup costs more at Walmart, than it does at your local grocery store, speak up. You can get the soup price-matched to avoid going to different stores. Just remember to ask nicely when you’re interacting with checkout clerks, managers, and other Walmart store staff.

Ordering Walmart Curbside Pickup

Another great thing to come out of modern grocery shopping is the advent of curbside grocery pickup. Alongside other grocery chains, Walmart has hopped on the curbside pickup train, making your life way easier. Instead of wandering through aisle after aisle trying to find the exact brand of canned tomatoes your family eats, you can use your computer or phone to add things to your grocery order quickly. After you place your order, personal shoppers go to gather everything you need, then notify you when your order is ready so you can head to the store, not wasting a single minute of your time.


According to a 2017 press release, Walmart first launched grocery pickup in 2013, which quickly proved to be popular and easy to use. However, there is one caveat. “There is a $30 minimum purchase for all Walmart Grocery orders,” Walmart specifies, though pickup is always free. Though, it’s not hard to spend the curbside pickup minimum on groceries, especially if you’re shopping for a whole household. Plus, it’s worth it for the luxury of not even getting out of your car.

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