Vacation Photos Gone Horribly Wrong Part 2

So, you know that article you’ve read and liked about horrible pictures from horrible vacations? Great news! There’s more where that came from and you are about to dive right into it.
There isn’t a single person in the world who doesn’t need a vacation. No matter if you haven’t had one in a long time or if your plane just touched the ground back home, it always feels like we need just a little more time off. Do you know what could make you feel a little less sorry for yourself? Looking at other people who went on vacation and had a really bad time. You’re welcome.

Furry and Feathered Friends

One of the benefits of traveling is that it opens us up to new experiences. It appears that this woman got more wildlife encounters than she anticipated.


Her facial expression and grip on the llama reveal that she may not be keen on big birds. The poor little llama looks nearly as bewildered as she does.

Frozen in Time

This incredible photo is the result of super frigid air! The girl in the photo was enjoying her soak in a hot spring and flipped her wet hair back into the -20-degree air.


The result is this amazing hair sculpture that, hopefully, didn’t hurt too bad when it began to melt in a warmer place.

An Epic Meltdown

If you take your family on a trip, you probably have grand expectations of making great memories and taking great photos you will have forever. What is often forgotten is the stress, fatigue, and occasional meltdowns.


Apparently, the girls were not impressed with the view. This is certainly not a photo you would frame, but a memory made, nonetheless.

Seeing Double

This absolutely terrifying photo is the result of a selfie gone wrong. Upon first glance, it looks like there are three people in the photo, including a set of twins, but look again and you realize the “twins” are sharing a neck!


The man set his phone camera to a wider shot and, when he went to take the photo, his girlfriend sneezed which caused a glitch in the camera’s capture.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

This poor gentleman ended up on the wrong side of this monkey, which is not a phrase you hear every day. Some countries allow monkeys to roam freely without human interference due to cultural and religious beliefs.


Whether this man wanted to get up close and personal with this primate, he probably didn’t want to, well, get this close. It’s definitely an unforgettable photo that will bring laughs for years to come.

Freaky Photobomb

Imagine you are taking a selfie with your significant other only to find an uninvited guest on your shoulder posing with you. That’s exactly what happened to this couple just outside the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany.


It’s difficult to tell if this is a clown, a mime, some sort of street performer, or…just someone who really likes makeup. Either way, it would be a tad unsettling to see this face suddenly looking back at you in your camera. The couple probably got the shot they needed after their new friend left.


This lovely family was ready to capture their vacation memories on film, well, all except one. We have to admit that your eyes rest on one spot when you first view this photo.


Apparently, no one told him they were ready to snap a photo, or he just wanted to take in the view. But looking back, his family got a whole different view looking at this picture!

Hungry Mouse

Has Mickey gone mad? We’re not sure what is happening in the background, but it certainly looks like the beloved Disney mascot has grown tired of cheese.


It’s most likely the angle of the photo when it was taken, but it certainly makes for a hilarious photobomb in the back. Aside from that, this little girl gave the perfect pose for her vacation picture.

In A Mood

Taken while on a cruise, this family photo almost turned out perfect, except for one sassy detail. Looks like one of the family members was not quite ready for the “cheese” moment.


The mom in the photo said that her daughter uses her middle finger as her pointing finger and that the photographer happened to catch her pointing. A gesture made in total innocence, but a very memorable vacation photo indeed!

Can’t Splash This

Not everyone is a fan of water rides, but this woman made a compromise. As long as she had her trusty plastic bag to keep her hair dry, she was ready for the waterworks.


It is questionable how inhibiting the plastic bag may have been for her throughout the ride, but it probably did the job of keeping her hair dry.

Pinch Me, I’m Dreaming

Now here’s a photo that you can almost feel. This dad got a painful, last-minute surprise before this picture was taken.


His son was innocently looking for something to hold onto and, well, found the closest thing available. Dad most likely made a quick recovery but it’s probably the last time he leaves his toddler with an empty hand.

Dolphin Surprise

In perhaps one of the cutest photobombs ever, an extra friendly dolphin became the star of this vacation photo. While it almost looks like the dolphin was photoshopped into the picture, that was not the case.


T This actually was a photo taken at just the right time. Apparently, just as the photo was snapped, the dolphin jumped into the shot. What an adorable memory!

What A Trip

“Are we there yet?” This is the question that most kids ask their parents on their way to their vacation destination but it’s the mom who looks like she has had enough of traveling.


The kids in the back also look like they are also ready to call it quits. In fact, you can see that the photo has been affectionately memorialized with the caption, “vacation from hell”.

Rafting Gone Wrong

Some families prefer to just relax on vacation and not engage in a lot of strenuous activities while others want to make the most of every adventure. This woman certainly made the most of her river rafting!


This family must have hit a rough wave while rafting, sending the mom over the edge. Rafting can be dangerous if you are inexperienced but thankfully, the matriarch of the group was uninjured.

Blown Away

It’s heartwarming for parents when kids in a family get along long enough to take a photo. This one was almost Christmas card perfect until a strong wind or sneeze got the best of the girl on the far left.


Getting the right facial expression on everyone in a group photo is a whole other challenge. Hopefully, they eventually got that perfect shot!

A Cultural Adventure

There is a lot happening in this photo. This family was on vacation in Poland and decided to partake in a traditional-looking, winter photoshoot.


The little family looks adorable in their Polish-style ponchos with their sled dogs (who look a bit unsure of their roles in the photo) but it’s their furry, bear-costumed friend that makes this photo a little awkward.

Anywhere but Here

Have you ever been forced to do an activity on vacation that you didn’t want to do? This family was excited to be visiting all of the historical places in Washington D.C…except for one of them.


Maybe she wasn’t into politics or history or maybe she was just tired of family vacation photos. Whatever the case, we hope she eventually enjoyed her time with her family and her vacation.

Hole in One

This gentleman was probably planning on a fun day on the golf course without incident. The area must have been a long way from the bathroom or the man in the background just couldn’t hold it any longer.


At least the older gentleman is so engrossed in his golf game that he doesn’t notice the awkwardness behind him. But, he will have this photo to forever remember it by.

The Disney Dumps

Family vacations are supposed to be fun, relaxing, and later fill you with wonderful memories. This family, however, looks like they needed a vacation from their vacation.


They were apparently at “the happiest place on earth” (Disney World) but were not really feeling the upbeat vibe. Theme Parks can be exhausting, and vacations do take planning and still involve a certain amount of stress. Hopefully, things worked out for the family and they got the rest, fun, and sweet memories they were looking for.

Strike A Pose

Heels add class and interest to so many outfits, but not all of them. This woman was determined to keep (what must have been) her favorite pair of heels on for a photoshoot in the water.


Heels are normally a great choice but here they just look out of place and like a potential safety hazard. We recommend your best pair of flip flops for a day of sand, water, and sun!

Beach Fashion Fail

When you first get to the beach, do you ever have that awkward feeling as you take your shirt and pants off to reveal your swimsuit underneath? Take a tip from this man, who honestly looks like he was in the middle of changing and was not self-conscious in any way.


Whether he was caught in the middle of changing or he was trying to set a trend, we can’t recommend this look for a day at the beach. It’s uncomfortable…for everyone!

Flamingo Flop

Pool toys and inner tubes add so much fun and relaxation to time spent in the water…until you have to get out of them. There are extremely limited options for exiting your water toy, especially if it’s in the shape of a flamingo.


There are worse ways to ditch an inner tube, but this one looks highly uncomfortable (and highly memorable).

Dangerous Waters

This isn’t a scene from the movie Jaws, it’s a real-life photo! You would think that a sign like this would keep everyone out of the water but as you can see, many beachgoers were undeterred by a potential shark encounter.


Now, if this was your only time to get in the water on your vacation, we can see the temptation to get your feet wet. But is it really worth a possible shark attack? Hopefully, everyone who was in the water came out just fine!

Spot the Odd Face Out

If you haven’t spotted the crazy kid in the photo, just look at the right upper corner. Doesn’t that kid’s expression make you wish you could shake his hand? We don’t know about you, but this looks like a kid we could be friends with.


He looks so mischievous, it even looks as if there were a cloud of smoke coming from the top of his head! And oh the world of trouble he’s in for when his mother realizes he ruined a perfectly good family portrait.

Dr. Dolittle Jr.

Yes, this photo is actually real. This little kid is, in fact, lying on the sand nonchalantly, with his monkey pal chilling on top of him, and a big, beautiful parrot perched on his knee. Now, this is a photo this kid can brag about for years to come.


Move over Dr. Doolittle, you’ve got much younger (and cuter) competition now!

Best Sunscreen Ad

Not only will these two never forget to put on sunscreen again, but this will be the family photo they will show for years to come so the next generation never forgets it either! Just looking at this is painful!


We don’t know how these two even intend to get out of their bathing suits without screaming in pain, but before they do, they should send this pic to Coppertone and see if they can get a deal for an ad campaign. If anything is going to make people wear sunscreen, it’s this photo.

Worst Day Ever

Not only did this guy get completely buried in the sand, but he also got a disgusting present from a trio of seagulls. Doesn’t he know the golden rule of never letting anyone bury you at the beach?!


While his kids (probably the ones who buried him in the first place) are probably crying with laughter at this hilarious scene, this man looks less than happy. All we can say is, thank god for sunglasses!

Snoozing in Style

Are you sure you don’t want some room service to go with your suite, buddy? We don’t know how this man pulled this off, or if the bus driver even knows this is happening, but however this happened, we applaud him.


And look, there’s even a pair of slippers waiting for him by the bus. Who said you couldn’t travel in style while on a budget?

Crocs Nightmare

This guy seems to have been a victim of one of the worst sunburns in history, and what’s worse, he probably didn’t even realize it until it was too late. It seems sneakers are the only thing he’s going to be wearing for the next few weeks.


These shoes are ugly enough as it is. Add a bad sunburn and you’re sure to win first prize for the ugliest feet in the world competition.

Grandma and the Chippendales

Well, this grandma seems to be having more fun than any of the other vacationers on this list combined. This woman looks determined, almost as if she was walking by with her family when she spotted the gorgeous Chippendales and decided she wasn’t going to miss her chance.


And look at that, she even sat on one’s lap for the photo! You go, grandma!

Not Happy at All

“Really, dad? We gave up Disney for this? Again?!” Seriously, though, these kids’ parents couldn’t think of a better vacation spot than a landfill? We’re really hoping this was just a case of ‘bring your kids to work’ day.


Otherwise, the only credit we’re giving the parents is the fact that they put safety first and made them wear helmets. The boy’s expression is just hilarious, and the girl just looks like she doesn’t even care anymore.

The New Sunbathing Trend

Did we miss the latest tanning tips from this year’s Vogue beauty edition? Or is this girl using the tomatoes to calm her already burnt skin? Whatever this is, she doesn’t look too happy. And she’ll be even more miserable when she takes those slices off and realizes she has 6 big white circles on her legs.


Maybe her face has something to do with the fact that mom decided to take a photo at the worst possible moment. And yes, it’s probably going in the family vacation photo album. Sorry, kid.

Mama Bear Needs Directions

This is either the worst case of car trouble we’ve ever seen or this family actually stopped to get a closer look at that mama bear and her cub. Regardless, we would seriously advise them get that car moving ASAP.


Or hey, maybe mama bear just lost her way through the woods and decided to stop by the road and ask a friendly car for directions.

What the…?

This is just wrong on so many levels. What are these people smiling about?! Maybe they knew she was going to be okay and thought “hey, this is a good opportunity for a family photo, let’s just ask one of the free paramedics!”


Whatever was going on here, we’re sure this wasn’t a moment the woman on the stretcher wanted to remember. Her family’s going to have some explaining to do when she recovers!

Life in Canada

Apparently, all you need to snap a good family photo in Canada are a few pick-axes and a creepy-looking polar bear. We don’t know if it’s the polar bear’s scary grin (or the dad’s grin, for that matter), or that they seem to be inside an ice cave that just keeps making this photo weirder and weirder the more we look at it.


So many odd details; the father is dressed like a 1940s businessman, the daughter seems to be in pajamas, the one kid decided to bring the polar bear stuffed animal (because apparently, a life-sized one wasn’t enough), the other kid brought something that looks like a Civil War weapon, and that mother just looks delighted! Canada is weird.

The Original Meme

We don’t know what’s more hilarious about this photo; the fact that they’re all dressed the same, that they all have their dad’s incredibly awkward smile, that they’re all looking in a different direction, or just the sheer fact that this looks like something taken from the set of “Revenge of the Nerds.”


This is definitely one of the family photos most of these kids will never want to show in public. What’s worse, we can’t help picturing them all with his mustache.


Nothing like a nice family vacation to France, especially when it comes to the awaited photo by the famous Eiffel Tower. However, it seems this kid didn’t get the memo, and despite his parents doing their best effort to smile and pose, you can’t help but look at the crouching kid with his head in the plastic bag.


We’re not sure if he’s looking for something or throwing up from jetlag, but he definitely ruined the photo. Sorry, buddy.

The Muddy Wonder

Ah, nothing like a nice mud bath to get you started with the day, but then again this guy must have overdone it. When you are left with no sunscreen, mud will probably protect you from the powerful rays of the sun. This guy obviously did not care about the heat though, he calls it natural sunscreen.


It’s super funny, but when he probably looks at this photo after getting back from his vacation, he’ll probably start to wonder why he put it on his body in the first place. It makes us all wonder what he was trying to achieve here.

The Photographer

As a photographer, it’s important to get the right lighting, the right angle, the right scene to take a good photo, but no one ever said that you should have nails like that. Those nails are going to poke a fish’s eye out. Or anyone’s eye out for that matter.


We actually don’t know what this guy was trying to accomplish with those nails, but if it obviously made him any better at what he was doing, he might have been on to something. From what it seems, the photo still came out amazing. Good Job, but you’re still making this list!

The Horde of Monkeys

Monkey see, and monkey do! Have you heard of that phrase? Well, it turns out it works on humans as well. When a monkey takes an interest in you, sometimes it can be scary because they will end up doing whatever it is you do.


This photo is the perfect example of this, as you can see if you have some food in your hand, it doesn’t matter where you are standing, they will either take it from you or wait for you to give it to them. We can just imagine what her face is going to be like when she looks at this a few years into the future and tells her friends about it.

Drop the Baby

Again people, when you are taking family photos. It is important to understand that you need to remember not to drop the baby. When taking the perfect family photo it’s not cool to drop your kids for the sake of getting the best shot.


Although it is quite funny when you look at it, we are pretty sure this poor baby probably did not feel the same way. When she grows old and looks at this photo somewhere into the next few years, she’s going to laugh and probably get mad at the mother for dropping her on to the ground to take a good photo.

Dog Attack

Oh, nothing just a normal family vacation portrait with a kid getting attacked by the family dog. We all told him not to mess around with the dog while taking the picture but he annoyed it anyway and instead got attacked.


We all know how playful dogs get when they are excited, this one probably was trying to show his appreciation for the little boy, but it turned bad. It’s hilarious, and we are sure that the family did not react right away. It doesn’t seem serious, but then again if they were to look at this a few years into the future, they would still laugh at it.

Attacked by Deer

How come this kid does not notice that his sister is somehow getting mauled by a bunch of deer just a few feet right behind him? He seems super happy with his photo though, but we are not sure about his sister. She seems to be getting it though because she is just crowded. She might have had some food in her hand.


He apparently does not know what is happening, which makes it an epic picture to look back on when they both get older. We are sure that this little girl will probably loathe her brother when she gets older. Cray Cray!

Stingray Surprise

And here we have another stingray photo. We all know how stingrays are completely harmless when you don’t try to hurt it, plus when you go on any vacation it is normal to interact with animals that you take an interest in, well at least for most people who don’t feel alienated with this sort of situation.


This woman in the photo is terrified of this stingray, as it jumps out of the water and onto her back. We don’t blame her though, it looks absolutely scary but funny nonetheless. Certainly, when she looks back at this photo, she would still laugh at herself for getting this scared.

Vacation Hospital Time

No vacation is complete without a trip to the emergency room. At some point in your vacation, sometimes it’s highly likely that you end up in the hospital because you fell on your butt, you got your fingers clipped, bump your head somewhere or you fell down a steep hill.


Let’s not jinx it though, but this family seems way too excited that they are in the emergency room. It’s funnier than this father took a photo of the historic hospital, and it’s absolutely not historical at all. He seems to be enjoying himself way too much! This is absolutely hilarious.

Elephant Mishap

Well, this happens a lot when you just happen to ride a seemingly large animal that’s in heat. In Thailand, we all know that elephants are well taken cared of, but this photo is just inappropriate. Elephants are huge, and if they stand up like that, you can get really surprised like these guys.


Of course, a male can’t help itself around a female that is in heat, they are animals after all. We all want to think that this is super hilarious, but what about for the people who were actually in the photo? We are starting to wonder how they feel about this one, maybe a mixture of both annoyed and happy?

Daddy Dropped Her

Oh, goodness! When your family tries a jumping photo, sometimes it ends up looking great and sometimes it fails miserably. But maybe, when you try it all together, you should always remember to make sure that you are holding on to the baby.


Or you’ll have something that looks like this. It’s super funny though, but we all feel for the little girl that probably face slammed into the sand. This dad probably did not take the advice. It’s funny though how this kid managed to still put a smile on her face even after getting dropped by daddy. She’s definitely a fighter!

Sombrero Fun

Okay, we all know how it feels to wear something we don’t like, and especially when it’s your parents who are forcing you to wear it. Mothers are known for making their kids wear silly outfits, but that’s just them trying to make their kids look good. These kids obviously don’t like the idea of wearing these massive hats. It’s hilarious, and they look super miserable.


Plus, what makes it even funnier, is the fact that it’s an awkward family photo. Look at the face of that girl? She definitely does not look proud that she’s wearing the hat, and it seems like she even took it off a little.

Tummy Tuck

Ever heard of a tummy tuck? This guy obviously had no worries about his tummy being exposed like that. Some people don’t even care that they are already kneeling down with their shirts open, butt cracks slipping, and all other funny poses just to make sure they take a nice photo.


He was probably aiming for a good photo, but then he realized that it wasn’t good enough so he had to take it in a different way, and didn’t notice that his stomach was showing. Guys, mad props for him though, he still managed to take a good photo of himself with a tummy like that.

Sitting on a Limb

This is too funny. We wonder how long it took for this family to all get up on this tree limb and sit together closely just to take a family photo like this? Don’t you guys find it funny? They could have gone a different way with this, but this is what they thought of.


They are certainly an awkward family, but we are not too sure what mindset they had while taking this photo. Well, when you are on a vacation you just want to get the most out of it as you can, but this family definitely took it to a whole new level of crazy!

Just a Bit to the Left

Okay, we have all tried to take the perfect photo with the leaning tower of Pisa, but a lot of us either get it right, or we hilariously fail shamelessly. In fact, you can be as creative as you want with your photos because it does make a really great photo if you manage to nail the angles just right.


These two had the same idea in mind, however, they did not really get the photo just right. They look ridiculous trying to get the angle just right but they might have got it if they probably took the photo from somewhere else.

Baby Meet Dolphin

This baby does not seem happy at all. Don’t get scared sweetheart, this dolphin just wants to greet you for visiting the zoo. It’s funny though because she’s super scared and yet she is outside of the dolphin tank, what kind of parents wanted this for their child? Who thought this was a good idea?


It’s okay, it makes for a great first memory though. When she grows up and looks back on this photo, she’s either going to laugh or cry, which still makes it a great memory to remember, just maybe not for the little girl seeing as she was too terrified to even look at the dolphin.

Scary Donkey

Aww, don’t be scared, this donkey just wants to be friends. Although we all want to believe that this donkey will play nice with this kid, he’s not like the loveable donkey in that Shrek movie. He was probably just a little too curious about what the kid was doing inside the car if he was eating something or not, but from the looks of it, he was just popping in to say hi.


Instead, he ended up scaring this poor kid and it even looks like this donkey is a super gangster with a set of gold-plated teeth. No wonder this kid got scared, this donkey is loco!

Brown on Brown on Dirt

Oh, what’s going on here? This couple might really love the color brown too much. They have obviously planned for this photo in advance to come up with these hard colors, that they even included a pile of dirt behind them.


It’s very unique indeed, but we also don’t see where they could have gone for the vacation that involved a place like this and with this kind of dirt.  Their goal was probably to blend in with the dirt, and they nailed it! Brown on brown dirt baby! Take pictures of everything they said!

Watch Your Head

When you get too curious, you can get into an accident that way. This guy was obviously too curious and wanted to explore parts of this statue too thoroughly. Maybe he was trying to sneak a peek for himself to see if the sculptor actually made the parts of this thing real.


What’s funnier, he got his head stuck in the bull statue’s butt. Guy’s someone helps this poor man out, he was just curious, someone calls the police, the paramedics, anyone!

Love and Death

Someone help this poor man out, we think he is drowning. These two wanted to share a romantic kiss, maybe enjoy their vacation, but their horse wrangler is having a hard time staying above water. He seemed to be the one suffering through this image more than the horses, as you can see his head is almost just right above the water.


It’s funny, maybe when they look back on this photo a few years from now and see how they looked, they would probably cringe at the fact that they look like this in the photo. Who can blame them, it’s pretty embarrassing yet oddly too funny to look at.

Stingray Photobomber

Woah! Okay, these ladies do not look too happy. They certainly did not expect this scary stingray to pop up from behind their backs like this, and it totally caught them by surprise. Stingrays are huge, and if they do end up sneaking up on you like what this one did with these ladies, you might have also been caught by surprise.


They only wanted to take a nice photo, but then this guy dropped in curiously and took a photo with them. It’s okay guys, he might be big but he’s harmless. He’s just popping in to say hi, and greet you guys! This photo looks hilarious though, we can imagine your heart attacks.

Garbage Photography

What is going on in this photo? Okay, we want to believe that this guy is taking a photo of something in the pile of rubbish, but he’s actually taking a perfect snapshot of the garbage. He probably found something interesting in the garbage, but we can’t figure out what exactly he was trying to pull off.


Maybe he does this on each vacation that he goes on to make sure he captures the scenery, but then again let’s just give him the benefit of the doubt even if this looks too funny! We are sure, he was trying to prove something or he was just being goofy.

Pool Photobomb

Have you ever experienced that moment when you take a photo then a random stranger either intentionally makes an appearance in your photos or ends up there by mistake? We think it’s normal for people to photobomb though.


This lovely couple is trying to take a nice vacation photo by the pool, but they just happened to be at the right place and at the right time when this bozo ruined everything by timing a perfect photobomb. But, you gotta admit that it’s a pretty sweet photobomb.

Side of the Highway

Aww, these two look like they’re having fun, but it’s a little daring to be standing on the side of the highway like that. It’s hilarious, but these grandparents had all the best intentions.


Of course, they wanted to remember their trip to Indianapolis, so they take a picture on the side of the highway. It’s a witty idea, but we can’t think of any better opportunities to pull this off. As brave as they are, they probably weren’t thinking about their safety anymore just to get a cute picture.

Scary Croc

This lady looks way too terrified to meet this tiny bay alligator. Well, we can’t blame her. The funny thing about this photo though is you can clearly see that the alligator is banded around the mouth and even tied up so it’s completely harmless.


So, we can’t really explain why this lady is flipping out, because she is completely safe. Aside from that, the alligator looks more terrified of her than she is of him. We are all starting to wonder how she would react to this photo when she sees it after a few years. Definitely a photo worth remembering.

Wave Tackle

We all know what it feels like to get excited in a wave pool only to get hilariously slapped in the face by a wave. At some point, we would even try our best to stand tall, and try not to get tackled by a wave, and sadly this family failed that game shamelessly.


While trying to take a sweet innocent photo, this family gets taken out by a huge wave. Kinda like surfing and you don’t know how to stand on the board yet, they got Wiped out too quickly before they could even get the chance to take a nice photo. Too Funny! We feel you guys!