More of the Best Signs Ever Brought to Protests

Protests typically have a solemn tone to them, often rightly so. Those who partake have an important message to get across, and they definitely have the signs to prove it. There are a few, however, that show up with a different kind of energy, and that’s to lighten the mood.

Whether’s a clever pun, a hilarious movie reference, or something just plain absurd, these protestors caught our attention. If you enjoyed our first installment on the best signs brought to protests then you should definitely keep reading because here’s even more.

This Is What You Get for Silent Gs

Everybody stand back; the math majors are here. Judging by this picture, we can’t really see what they are protesting against, but it seems like those mathletes are too smart to be wrong.


Then again, they weren’t smart enough to know the difference between sine and sign, so maybe we shouldn’t trust them so blindly. At least now we know who to turn to when we need to calculate the circumference of the next glass of beer we are going to have.

Now This Is a Tense Opinion

First sold in Europe in the early 1990s, Crystal Pepsi was a clear drink that was really just normal Pepsi but without the classic Cola caramel color. It’s said to be less acidic-tasting. It made its way to America and Canada in 1992, but in 1994 it was pulled from shelves.


This young man is all about the specialty soft drink, even though from how old he looks, it’s possible that he doesn’t even remember the drink. We hope that no Coke fans came across this sign since it’s pretty well-known that Coca-Cola quickly tried to sabotage Crystal Pepsi. Keep an eye out for this soda to come back, which it does every once in a while.

Was There Division on This Issue?

I’m pretty sure that pretty much everybody loves “Toy Story 2.” I mean, I remember watching that a hundred times as a kid. I even played the video game! Which definitely wasn’t as good as the movie. Oh, maybe that’s what they’re talking about. Well, friend-o, you’re definitely going to get some opinions there.


The ledge grabbing was busted as a knee under a steamroller, and having to go around to collect Pizza Planet tokens just to move on doesn’t make a lot of sense. And having to fight the final boss, who is mostly bosses you’ve already fought, is just lazy. Come on! You could have done so much more with it!

And Now for Our Favorite Sign:

Yes. It’s perfect. What else is required to say about this just (chef’s kiss) piece of art? It’s easy to make – you just need a bit of cardboard and some of your favorite crayon colors.


This little baby is getting her start at protesting with a sign that is quite a bit more interesting to look at than other protest signs and contains more or less the same amount of thought put into it, too. And she gets some good bonding time with Dad, too. There’s no downside.

Why, Do You Know Anybody?

Back in the day, the older members of the family were critical in helping a young man or woman find a family. But now, their role in the situation seems to have decayed into saying, “You should get married. You’re not getting any younger, you know!”


You know Grandma (or Mom, or Auntie), this would probably go a lot smoother if I had some HELP. You know, the kind of help that comes from a retired woman who wants the best for her son/grandson/nephew/niece. I know you know a lot of people. There have to be some single people somewhere in there.

Didn’t He Kill a Lot of People?

There are so, so, so many signs that, after just a modicum of thought, break down into useless words written on a cheap piece of board. In this picture, we have a woman, probably a teacher, who is protesting who knows what, but it almost certainly has something to do with teaching and not prostrating yourself before that holiest of professions.


She’s probably trying to say that teachers can do big things – such as get lots and lots of people killed, hooked on illegal substances, and die an ignoble death after betraying their entire family even after his health scare went away.

The Science Isn’t Settled Yet

An improperly formatted pie chart can really mess up the statistics of a demographic or give you an inaccurate reading on what it’s supposed to be presenting. Also, they kind of look like that one peace sign that has been going around since the sixties.


Fun fact about that sign: the guy who made it didn’t really intend for it to be used that way. It was originally supposed to be a depressed stickman with his arms hanging down by his sides. We have no idea how it became the symbol for peace, but it’s going to be that for a long time still.

Put Your Phone Down and Enjoy It!

You’re out at a concert, and you’re having a great time. That band you like so much is playing that one song you like so much. Everybody’s singing along or dancing, but there’s that one guy or girl in the back who looks like he or she is just on his or her phone the entire time.


We’re all acquainted with someone like this – someone who posts the entire dang thing on Instagram or Snapchat or whatever the latest one is these days, but you don’t care – you weren’t there. You can’t tell who it is or what they’re singing.

But Don’t We All?

This kid doesn’t care. He just doesn’t. He’s going to talk about his love of trains, whether his mom wants him to or not.


We have some good news for this kid: There are adults out there who still love trains, and there are even some who have taken their love to the next level. They’re called rail buffs, trainspotters, or ferroequinologists, people who frequent rail yards to take pictures of the latest machines that have rolled in for a stop. Once he figures out the right way to use the internet and his mom lets him, he’ll be able to find plenty of fellow fans.

“When Do We Want It?” “Now! Right Now!”

The push to make that wacky tobacky legal is still ongoing. Plenty of states have eased back restrictions, though there are still many that consider it a controlled substance.


This woman is ready to get her groove on with some grass after the protest, but broadcasting that fact might not have been the smartest thing in the world. Chances are, of course, she doesn’t have any Mary-Jane. Maybe she was the scapegoat so that those who did bring a little bit of the devil’s lettuce along avoided the gazes of security or police.

This Was His Last Sign

This young man has gotten a little bit of fame on the internet for his funny, irreverent signs that don’t really have anything to do with protests, but we have yet to see one we don’t agree with.


However, this was likely his final sign since the “Friends” fandom is so rabid it might as well be a full, ready-for-battle army. Now there is a lot to say about “Seinfeld” versus “Friends,” and a lot of it is subjective. Saying one is WAY better than the other, on the other hand, is going to get some strong words and maybe even some strong actions sent his way.

Go Home? No, Not Yet

Sometimes in life, you’re given two options. Go big, or go home. It’s clear at first glance what this guy picked when he headed to the weekly protest down at the university.


We can see that the sign itself is made from cardboard, but something that big still has plenty of mass – we wonder what the handle of the sign is made from. We also hope this guy is ready to use his muscles if the wind picks up. All that surface area is going to turn his sign into a big sail. Check the sky, and you might see him flying by.

Please Stop Asking

It’s after work. You’re tired. Meetings were long, coworkers were annoying. But now you’re home, and all you have to do for the rest of the day is eat your pot of buttered pasta and enjoy some quality television. You don’t want to have to move any more than necessary – fork to mouth, and that’s all. So why does Netflix keep making you reach for the remote? This is oppression.


You just want to watch your programs in peace. When I’m done watching Netflix, I’ll turn you off. Capeesh? Otherwise, keep the shows rolling. I need to find out if Monica and Chandler will ever get together.

Make Sure Your Presence Is Known

If you’re in a big crowd, getting separated from your friends or family can be a bit stressful. That’s why you see pictures of families all wearing the same shirt when they’re at Disney World or something like that – it makes it easy to keep everyone together. Another way to do it is to carry a sign! That way, all they have to do to find you is to look up.


Wait a minute…it’s Waldo! There he is! We found him, everybody! Close the books! Get that man out of his hopelessly outdated striped sweater and beanie and get him into a suit for his Nobel Prize!

Uh Oh, the Internet Went Out

It must have been something pretty bad that got these anti-social people out of their holes. Did DoorDash decide to stop delivering in their area? Netflix took “The Office” out of rotation?


There are lots of possible reasons for people who can’t stand crowds to get out and make their voices heard. The picture is close-cropped, so we might never know what’s really going down, but we see a star-spangled “AMERICA” on the sign to the right, so it must be something really important. Unless that sign says, “AMERICA needs its Chipotle delivered right to its doorstep!”

Pretty Good Advice Overall

Let us save some of you the trouble of looking things up on Urban Dictionary and explain some slang. The word “Douche” is used as a pejorative against people, such as we see here. But really, what has douche ever done to get such a bad rep? Okay, but taking this sign at face value, yeah, be a nice person, we guess.


Is this guy protesting at a business? It looks like a business. Like, the kind of business that sells laser-etching machines to companies that create drinks in plastic bottles. And then, for some reason, people protest them.

The Air Is Pretty Important

Who doesn’t love reaching into a bag and pulling out one of your favorite snacks? But far too quickly, we reach the bottom of the bag, and our hand brushes sad tiny crumbs. This man doesn’t like it, but the problem is that all the air in the bag is really, really important.


If the bag was full to the brim with chips, by the time they shipped from the plant to the store where you bought them and then to your home, you’d have NOTHING BUT crumbs. Changes in air pressure will give you more or less air, too, so a bag without that air padding might just straight-up burst.

So He’s to Blame!

Yes, the first three seasons that appeared on Fox were unique and special, and memorable, but once they made the jump to Netflix, they really lost control of the writing.

Alamy Stock Photo

At the very least, the original version of season four was a mess, focusing on one character for an entire episode. Whose bright idea was that? If this picture is to be believed, it was Obama. And people say his presidency didn’t have any controversies. Clearly, we all make mistakes.

Some Bad News for This Guy

At the very least, this guy has accomplished more good than the actual Occupy Wall Street. No, this isn’t really a protest sign, but it got us laughing, so we include it. We’re in charge here.


The best part is, it’s easy for you to create your own version of this event – Wall St. is a pretty common name, and in cities that are of even moderate size, you’re likely to find one. A little bit of poster board and some markers, and you’re on your way to sticking it to the man. The single man that lives on Wall Street, if this picture is any indication.

We Can Think of a Possible Solution to Your Problem

The person in this protest, or gathering, or concert, has big things to say about some things. Specifically, about the thing that he is, at the time the picture was taken, part of.


We get that people who bring signs to protests or other events are sometimes just trying to get people to laugh, but we can only see the one sign – is this even a protest? Does the person here just show up to big gatherings with this sign? Maybe there are other things you can spend your time on, my guy.

Where Do You Think You’re Going?

Just because the plane’s wheels are on the ground doesn’t mean that you can just go. There are things that have to happen first! Important things! Safety things, probably, and even though we don’t know what they are, they definitely have to happen.


Standing up before anybody can even leave the plane does nothing and is going to annoy the people around you. Besides, even if you could leave as soon as the plane touched down, you’d take quite a fall if the accordion bridge isn’t connected yet. We hope you like the taste of the tarmac!

She’s Protesting Power Pellets

Sometimes a woman has to make a stand. By…talking about how someone else hates something. Yes, Pacman does indeed hate ghosts – they chase him all over the levels from his famous game, but he’s able to turn the tables on them by gobbling up a power-up.


Is this lass really headed out to a protest bearing these two signs? It’s audacious to have two signs – even one sign will tire out your arms.

Ah, a Reasonable Protester

Protests don’t usually have people who are willing to look at all sides of the issue. Usually, they have the thing they want, and they aren’t willing to stop blocking traffic until they get it, or they get too hungry.


This guy, on the other hand, understands that big, complicated issues are just that – complicated. He sticks by his thinking, but he’s willing to understand that other people will see things a different way. At least this protest, which we hear is all about whether pineapples should or shouldn’t be on pizza, remained civil. And tasty!

And You Actually Went?

People who go to protests want other people to go, too. And since those other people might not be interested or might have families to take care of or jobs to go to, sometimes a few lies are mixed in with the truth.


This sign tells us that one of those lies was that famous pop star Justin Bieber was supposed to be in attendance, or maybe even performing! Sadly, there were no Biebs to be found. Yet this man had a sign prepped and ready to go! Maybe the other side read “I <3 Justin Bieber.” Still, he looks like he's having a good time.

He’s Working on Keeping His Emotions in Check

This one is honestly kind of weird. What kind of protest or gathering is he attending? Is he reacting to the extreme outrage, or is he feeling outraged? Is he irritated that he’s outraged or irritated that others are outraged? Is he holding the sign, or is the sign really holding him? Is he pleased with what’s going on? Upset?


A lot of protest signs are, at their core, not very effective. They often boil very complicated issues down to a few lines or a few words. This one, though, makes less sense the more you look at it. Better luck next time, bud.

So Why Did You Bring It?

Well, it is a sign at a protest, what did you expect? Someone has decided they’re going with a meta route for their part. It’s only a sign; after all, what is it really going to do?

Getty Images

There are two possible explanations here. The first is that the person with the sign understands that protests aren’t really all that worthwhile, often devolve into riots, and are incredibly unfocused. Or, maybe, the person with the sign thinks that signs won’t help, but contacting your representatives, voting with your wallet, or just voting is what needs to be done.

We Heard That Show Was Pretty Popular

“Glee” was a show that created a lot of division. Many people loved it for the musical-theater style that would happen once an episode, the dramatic storylines, and diverse cast of characters, while others found it annoying, schmaltzy, and annoying. The person holding this sign seems to be in the latter half of people and wants less “Glee” now.


The thing we don’t understand is what a theme night is. A party? A gathering? Decorations? Most likely, it’s a get-together with “Glee” on the TV and snacks to fit. And, for a very good reason, this person is sick of them.

They’re Bad, Uh, We Guess

This woman is at a protest for something, but her sign is all about getting rid of automatic renewals. Is it talking about, like Netflix? But, she’s quite right. Having a good handle on where your money is going each month keeps you from spending too much.


It’s the kind of thing that is a good lesson to learn while you’re in college when you still have lifelines and a support structure, but you’re stepping out into the real world. We don’t know what everybody else at the protest is hot and bothered about, but this woman with sunglasses knows what she doesn’t like.

Yeah! It Is!

Is he protesting something? Is he at SeaWorld? Is this just what he does with his Thursdays? No matter what the reason is, sign us up for whatever this guy is thinking about.


Fish are ninety percent water, and the rest of it is scales, and bones, and fins. Squid are actual monsters that we’re pretty sure H.P. Lovecraft came up with, and lobsters are just spiders that happen to be underwater. Why do people keep serving it when there are things like cheeseburgers (nature’s perfect food) or pizza or lasagna? I’d honestly rather eat seaweed – at least that’s just wet grass, which is pretty good for you.

Whatever This Guy is Protesting, We’re Gonna Protest it Too.

When Batman steps outside during the day and shows up to argue against something, a lot of people are going to have his back. In fact, the sign the Caped Crusader carries doesn’t even have anything to do with whatever is going on. All it gives is a declaration of who he is.


Today, we are all Batman. What a hero – dressing in a heavy black outfit and standing in the blazing sun. Just standing there. Sweating. Probably putting together a pretty bad stink. It’s just one of his many tools against bad guys.

Nothing Will Strand in Our Way

No matter what evil life sends your way, it’s important to keep a stiff upper lip. Even if you’re upset with looking in the mirror and seeing that head peeking through a little bit more every morning, it’s nothing you can’t defeat.


Even if you’re at a protest for whatever has got your dander up these days, this simple sign will get people laughing but will also communicate an important point – humanity can get past anything that tries to keep it from progressing. But what is the woman protesting? From the picture, it looks like heavy night crowds.

Did the Suit Cost Too Much?

Forget being dressed to the nines; this guy’s outfit goes to eleven. A bright blue suit coat, matching vest, and a patterned tie, as well as a snazzy fedora. After spending all that moola on the outfit, this protester or rally attendee needed to go the homemade route to make a sign of the big event.


Most signs only cost a few dollars to build, and that’s only if you go to the crafts store to lay down the cash for a big, sturdy piece of poster board and a sturdy piece of lumber. It doesn’t look like this guy has.

Looks Like Somebody Didn’t Call

When Grandma isn’t happy, nobody is happy. Whatever happened to make this matriarch take up her sign and join the protest must have been pretty bad. Did the store run out of Werther’s Originals? That would get us pretty upset, too.


Grandmas have seen a lot of what the world has to offer, which means most things won’t get their dander up very much, but it looks like this grandma has snapped, grabbed her best piece of posterboard, her sturdiest ruler, and taken to the streets. This is even one of those handy signs that G’ma can take anywhere.

Isn’t That Your Fault?

This person made a sign complaining about how big the sign is. We get wanting to be part of something, but maybe this person should have come as they are without feeling the need to add something to the discussion. Yet we don’t see any other hand-made signs, which makes us think this person has just jumped into the closest crowd and started waving their banner.


Or, maybe he or she is talking about the crosswalk sign on the left side of the picture, which is quite large. Is that the true size compared to the crowd? It’s where giants cross the street, we think.

She’s Protesting a Sock Company

There are some people out there who really can’t get the Harry Potter books out of their heads. They make incredible mental gymnastics into equating whatever thing they don’t like with something that happened in one of the books.


Whatever happened to prompt this poster, it could really be anything. Dobby’s death, while tragic, was one of many deaths that happen in the final book of the series, including some much more important and beloved characters. Remember how awful Dobby made Harry’s life in the second book? That was fun.

A Lot of Protesters Would Carry This One if They Were Honest

A protest is always about something, but it can often devolve into a riot. There are some people that don’t really care one way or the other but are always down for a little bit of destruction.


It’s the perfect opportunity to score a new wide-screen TV or toss a rock through the window of a store that refused to hire you. How dare they! Don’t they know how productive of a worker you would be! Look at all the hard work you’re doing with your friends at the “protest”!

Comic Book Guy Does Not Approve

When it comes to protests, America has the gold medal, but there are plenty of countries that are always vying for the top spot. Australia is one of them, and this protest for whatever has been going on down there features one of the many famous side characters from “The Simpsons,” Comic Book Guy, who is often heard declaring things the “Worst. (Insert item here). Ever.”


The person behind this sign doesn’t approve of the government, calling it the worst one ever.

Just Looking for Someone to Play With

A protest is one thing, but you know what’s really fun? Board games. Gathering some friends around the table and setting up the game is a surefire way to cap off a great day of protesting. This person is looking for a group, but the kind of people who attend protests a lot might not have much to offer when it comes to word skills.


There’s a reason that all of them end up shouting the same thing. Then again, they do like to come up with new words, so maybe some of them will be a challenge.

The Lidless Eye is Ever Watching

Sauron, the evil enemy that makes life difficult for the members of the Fellowship of the Ring, rules as a huge, burning eye at the top of his impenetrable fortress Barad-dûr. At nearly a mile high, it’s the biggest item in the land of Middle-Earth, but even it can’t stand up to the height of The Shard, a tall tower built in downtown London.

Getty Images Photo by Michael Reeve

At a ceremony to celebrate the opening of the huge construction, one man brought a goofy sign that no doubt got him plenty of laughs. Thankfully, the Shard is no evil ruler’s tower. It’s just a business building that is both quite tall and has a bit of an ominous look.

404 Poster Not Found

If you’re of a certain age – that is, not old enough – you’re probably looking at this picture with a hefty dose of confusion. Back in the day, if an image was broken on the internet, this is the small graphic that would appear in place of the image.


Did this guy not think of a clever enough sign and decide to take it in a little bit of a meta route? Or maybe this small image is under whatever was taped to the poster in the first place. It seems that a lot of people do actually go to protests and rallies with signs that are just goofy.

Building Some Muscles

Hitting the gym can sometimes get pretty boring, especially if you’re doing the same thing day-after-day and week-after-week. While there are some who enjoy a regular schedule, there are some who want to mix it up after a while.


This person decided he would swap arm day for hoisting a sign at the latest protest, which could for anything from immigration to bees. We’ll never know, and honestly, we don’t care that much. We’re just here for the funny signs. Hopefully, he has some weights attached to the back of his poster, which will get those muscles really burning.

Parent Wisdom

Having a really muscular face doesn’t sound very comfortable. It also doesn’t sound very attractive. The person holding this sign is taking the old wives’ tale – or the thing you might have heard from your mother – about your face getting stuck when you pull a funny face.


Instead, all that yelling might just bulk your face up in a weird way. This is, of course, not true, and the sign does probably know that. Or the person carrying it, we guess. We wonder if the turtle guy thinks that way too.

We Hope There’s a Lot

The sign here doesn’t look like it’s part of an actual protest. It looks like it could be anything from your standard street crowd to a rally for something, though nobody seems to be pushing for anything, and the demographics of the picture are all over the place.


The person holding this sign seems to be expecting something sweet after getting all gussied up and making a sign to go outside with. The fact that there isn’t any cake won’t have this person looking forward to his or her next opportunity to step onto the street.

A Sign With a Bonus

This man is so poor that he can’t afford to use his mop anymore, which is honestly kind of confusing. This here protest comes to use from Ireland, and he and the people around him have decided to hit the street and protest the fact that they’re poor, which tells us they don’t really understand how economies work.

© WutUTalkingBoutWill/reddit

This person is selling his mop because he can’t afford to use it, and it still doesn’t make sense. Unless this person can’t afford WATER, which doesn’t make a lot of sense, seeing as how it’s practically a requirement to provide free water, it’s just a weird, attention-grabbing sign.

I’ll Fight for My Right to Converse.

A lot of signs that appear at protests are made to get people’s blood up, get them angry, or give them something pithy to shout at the object of their disdain. This person, on the other hand, has decided to let the people around him or her know that if they want to chat about the topic of the day, then they’ll have to get out their day-planner and find a time that works for everyone.


Respectful discourse is at an all-time low these days, it seems, which means this person is doing the Lord’s work in trying to cool things down.

Proven Wrong

This collection of pixels was once a clear picture, but after the ravages of time, it’s become a little hard on the eyes. However, it does still capture a funny moment from a protest. The feminist, who is dressed to the nines in her grayest sweatpants and most unattractive sandals, thinks that women are not for decoration.


The “Hooters” waitress, on the other hand, in her tight tank top and bright orange hot pants, wants to add her own spin on the idea. No matter how you take this picture, you have to admit the faces on all of the women are pretty funny.

When You Can’t Sit on the Sidelines Any More

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – every man has his breaking point. This protester has just about had it with whatever has been going on recently, but from the picture here, good luck trying to figure out what that is. He isn’t the kind of guy that usually heads out into the crowd carrying a bit of poster board, but things have finally gotten bad enough.


Demons run when a good man goes to war, they say, and the demons are most certainly running from this man’s forthright and powerful declaration. Let nothing stand in his way.

Wait for It…

Give it a few seconds, and the meaning of this sign will come to you. This woman is holding a sign that asks for patience immediately. We can’t think of a protest that this sign would fit into since protests are usually about action, getting things done, and changing society as quickly as possible, for better or worse.


Then again, bringing this kind of sign to a protest is not only going to get some laughs, but it might be the right way to remind the people around you that sometimes giving people a little bit of time is best. Get some patience, please.

One of the Bigger Signs

This person has put thought into his or her poster. Being able to demonstrate exactly how you think in just a few words is good for only a few things; one of them is to increase your anger at the thing you’re talking about. However, opinions always have a history, which is why this person decided to take the long route.


There’s nothing like sitting down with a few cups of coffee between you and hashing out the differences in your trains of thought and the reasons why they might be headed in the same or different directions.

At Least She’s Polite

It should come as no surprise that this picture comes from the Great White North. There once was a town in Canada – yes, there are towns in Canada – that had a mayor some people didn’t like, and the only way to get that message across was a good old-fashioned protest.


This woman even made her own sign, taking hints from the protest experts to the south. It’s quite a nice sign, too, asking nicely if this person could pretty please stop being the mayor. Wait until she finds out what her Prime Minister did – her sign is about to get ruder!

This One Looks Familiar

Sometimes passion doesn’t come out in the form of words. Sometimes you just have to be part of a protest or rally, and you want to bring a sign, but you have no idea what to actually write. Well, there’s nothing like taking the easy route then and writing a sign that you can use and reuse over and over at every protest you want to attend.


The people who are there and that have real signs might get a little steamed at your thoughtless approach, but what are they going to do? Beat you up? They might.

A Hero’s Sacrifice

When a Filipino ruler, Marcos, was being buried as a hero, a lot of the citizens of the island-chain country took to the streets to protest, angry about all of the corruption, bad executive decisions, and poor optics that plagued his rule. One person was so up-in-arms about not wanting to let this man rest the way he had demanded that he called off a date.


He also wrote that fact on a sign and took it to the protest. Marcos truly did make this man’s life miserable – if we had to cancel a date to protest the burial of a man, we would never forget it. We’d be thinking about that evil ruler for years to come. That will show him.

Protests Aren’t for Everybody.

Ah, protest regrets. Studies have shown that something like twelve percent of people experiences them when they go to a protest, and NO, that’s not a statistic we just made up. How dare you even think such a thing. This person not only regrets carrying a sign, but he even took a rarely-seen tactic and brought a dry-erase whiteboard.


That means he can adjust the thoughts on the board at a whim, as long as he has the markers and eraser handy. Being able to adjust on the fly is a big advantage in today’s protest-heavy society.

Jabs at Fellow Sign-Holders

There’s a slice of the population that thinks people who show up at each and every protest with a sign-of-the-day might need to spend a little more time – or maybe a little less time – putting all of their thoughts onto a sign. If your system of beliefs can even FIT on a sign, this sign says, then maybe you should try and come up with something a little deeper.


Of course, this sign might be in response to the sign right behind it, which mentions its holder’s love of turtles. You can think of a more interesting reptile than that.

And Opinions Are NEVER Wrong

“The Big Lebowski” delivered one of the most laid-back characters to ever appear in a movie, an unemployed slacker who is mostly known as “The Dude,” played by Jeff Bridges. He lives life his own way, which means when someone comes at him with a powerful statement, that person is going to get something like the phrase on this sign right back at him.


While the sentiment is a good one for protests, it seems unlikely that the Dude himself would bother getting dressed up enough to make it to a gathering like this one.

Careful Now

Protests are, as the name should tell you, a way for people to let their displeasure be known. Sometimes you just have to grab a sign and get the conversation going with a pithy saying. The person in this picture wants to let her displeasure be known.


However, this person has a personality that doesn’t lend itself to big displays, so a little sign will have to do. Here’s another protest classic that can show up at any kind of gathering you want to add yourself to. You can even use it to talk about the weather. In fact, that might be why this person is holding it.

Some People Are Busy

When you get to a certain age, you start to get busier. What age it happens depends on the person. Just got married? Probably going to be busier. Adding a child to the family? You’re going to be busier, and it’s going to be eighteen years before it stops.


Starting a new job, moving, picking up a new hobby – there are lots of things that will give you less free time. The person holding up this sign is aware that there are better things he could be doing than attending a protest or rally. Is this his reason for not spending too long there? Maybe he’s trying to get the rest of the crowd to realize they should head home, too.

Maybe Keep That to Yourself

It seems like a few gals are willing to divulge secrets that we’re sure plenty of people would rather stay secret. There are likely plenty of people that would prefer to go outside and protest the latest injustice rather than sit inside and work.

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We’re sure plenty of people who go to protests have realized this themselves, but there may be some people who, when they see this sign (which looks more like a parade than a protest), have realized they’re just trying to get more vacation time.

A TV Classic

If you’re a fan of the classic television show “Father Ted,” you’re going to recognize this sign. It not only works as a nod to people in on the joke, but it’s the perfect generic protest banner. Not a fan of animal cruelty? Bring the sign. Uncomfortable with the fact that the people in power have or haven’t started any new wars recently? Bring the sign.


Don’t you like that aliens have landed and are vaporizing everyone under the age of 27? Bring the sign. You can even, as the picture shows, get up to a little bit of cosplay fun.

Every Man Has a Breaking Point

When Facebook introduced games, nobody minded. They were something fun to take your mind off of coming up with a new status update. They started to get a little bit annoying when companies like Zynga realized they could force people to include friends if they wanted to keep playing. And then there was Candy Crush.


It became the game of the year, the kind of thing that anyone who had any interest in gaming as a whole knew about, but the invites never seemed to stop. Well, one man decided the latest protest gave him a good opportunity to let his opinion be known. He even has an extra sign hiding behind the first – maybe he’s tired of Words with Friends, too.

There’s Always That One Guy

Protests, just due to the fact that there are lots and lots of people there, are going to have some weird members. In fact, any group of five or more people has at least one weird person, science says. And you have to trust science, right?


For this protest – and who knows what this one was for. It looks like it’s part of a movie set – there’s a guy with a frog hood, a clown’s nose, and a pair of sunglasses, dressed in a suit and tie, carrying a sign that says, “Don’t forget to be awesome.” We’ll try.

A One-Man Protest

Every so often, there comes a man who knows exactly what he wants. When you order some sizzling-hot fajitas at your favorite neighborhood restaurant, you’ll also get a number of tortillas, but the number is never enough. Well, one person isn’t going to stand for it any longer.


It doesn’t matter what the protest used to be about; this sign has just taken control. More tortillas! More tortillas! It doesn’t matter how many you get at first; keep them coming! Here’s a rally that we can finally get behind – no longer will we have to fill those few tortillas with so much filling that it spills out the sides!

But…But You’re…But You Have A…

People who go to a lot of protests are a strange lot. Case in point, this person who is carrying a sign that says he’s afraid of people who carry signs at rallies. What kind of twisted mind does this person possess? Self-hatred is a very unhealthy thing.


But maybe this is a rally for people who know that they have a problem but don’t know how to address those same problems. Maybe the picture we see here is the world’s largest collection of people-who-carry-signs-aphobes. Or maybe this person just thought it would be good for a laugh.

Are You Sure About That?

The “Harry Potter” books have several appearances on this list, thanks mostly to people who don’t realize there are other books out there. This sign says that “Dumbledore wouldn’t let this happen,” though who knows what “This” is.


Unfortunately, Dumbledore’s reign as Headmaster of Hogwarts was rife with tragedy, mistakes, blunders, and whatever Peeves was. Unless it had something to do with candy, figuring out new ways to endanger his students, or fighting Lord Voldemort, Dumbledore probably didn’t give half a thought about what was happening at his school. Good wizard, yes. Good principal, no.

Sometimes You Just Have to Do Something

If you’re ever interested in attending a protest and want to bring a sign but don’t have the creativity to come up with something new – or you don’t know what the protest is for – here’s something anybody can use.


Sometimes all you have to do is show up, and you can find one from someone else, but for the sign that’s perfect for taking it to one protest after another, this option springs to mind.

And Why Is That, Miss?

Zippers keep coats, sweatshirts, and pants tightened up in a way that everybody can understand. For some reason, however, this woman has decided she isn’t a fan and wants to go back to the days when pants were buttoned all the way up and coats had toggles to keep them shut.


No other information is offered, but the smile she’s giving the camera speaks to an ulterior motive. Why is this young woman so interested in getting our zipper down? The solution escapes me.

Let Cooler Heads Prevail

Receiving a message that’s in all caps is one of the most unnerving things that can happen if you and another person are communicating electronically. Whether it’s an email, a text, or a Twitter message, it seems like the other person is screaming at you.


Protests aren’t places where you go to have low conversations, and it seems like someone is getting tired of all the shouting. The sign might not be all that effective, but at least he’s trying to change things from anger to understanding, from two sides to one side, and from screaming to the conversation.

It’s Like an Anti-Protest Sign

Protests happen because of something bad, real or assumed. This girl, on the other hand, made up a sign that thinks things are, for the most part, going fine. There is no standard protest crowd behind her in the shot, and in fact, it looks as if it’s just people who are at a park, enjoying the great outdoors.


On the other hand, the gal with the sign doesn’t look all that pleased with being caught on camera, so maybe it’s ironic. Or something like that. We can’t keep up anymore. Oh, maybe there’s an ironic twist on the other side of the poster, and we just can’t see it.

Sometimes You Just Need to Yell

There are plenty of people who attend protests because they think it’s the right thing to do in order to bring about social change or support a cause they believe in. There are others – plenty of others – who just like to have something to yell about, and this sign is the proof in the pudding.


It features Brick from “Anchorman,” who is frequently left behind when it comes to changes in the plot but is still one of the more memorable characters. We wonder if this person has to make a new sign every once in a while, even though it’s just saying the same thing.

Guess It Doesn’t Grow on Trees.

So, one, what was the point of this outfit and sign combination? Did he just do it for a laugh? He made a sign that asks if he’s made of money and then covers himself in money. That doesn’t really prove a point, my man. In fact, it kind of makes any point you were trying to prove pointless.

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Is that real money he’s covered himself with? It sure looks like it. We can see bills from multiple different countries, which raises yet another question – is he actually protesting something? Something about money or banks? We’ll never know. The guy behind him seems to be enjoying the joke, but more likely, he just snagged himself a tenner.

Don’t Get Grandma Mad at You

Grandmothers know what it takes to get through life. They provided for themselves, their family, and their family’s family, which means even in the most unassuming white-haired gal, there is some iron lying underneath. This grandma certainly isn’t giving up.


Though from the construction of the sign, the crowd behind her, and the face she’s pulling, it looks more like she isn’t about to give up trying to get tickets to One Direction rather than pushing for social change. One big question remains: just what does she mean by nasty?

Then Why Are You Here?

Don’t like being pushed around? Don’t want to get someone else’s sweat on you? Not a fan of lots of loud noises? Then why did you bring a sign to a protest? The entire point of a protest is that there are lots of people there. In fact, not only is it the point, but it’s a requirement.


Yet, this sign does mean something when you bring it to a protest. It means that some things are a little more important than your personal comfort, and some causes – like protesting Chipotle charging so much for extra guacamole. Let the avocados be free!

Shouldn’t We Have It by Now?

Time travel is not the easiest thing to develop. If someone asked you how you would sunder the bonds of time and step into the past – or the future – do you have any idea how you would even begin? This sign-maker is after that world-changing tech and doesn’t care when he gets it.

Getty Images Photo by Erik Wilson

Once time travel is developed, doesn’t it become something that affects the entire history of the world? In fact, there are plenty of people who believe time travel will never be developed because if it ever was, we would already know. Or, maybe it will be developed, and the danger will be too great.

Do They Realize What Happened at Hogwarts?

After seven books set at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, multiple students have died, a Dark Lord has nearly come to power, and even the beloved headmaster died at the hands of one of his fellow teachers. We’re pretty sure that “funding cuts” are the least of their worries.


In fact, if the only thing Harry Potter had to deal with had fewer supplies to use, he’d be perfectly fine. Ironically, these teachers could benefit from reading a few more books, maybe some that they don’t try to shove into every real-life situation.

Let It Go No Further

This guy has finally had it. He’s ready to jump in to the crowd and chant whatever chant is going around right now. At the same time, his sign does something unique when it comes to protest signs – not only does it add his voice to the people who are rallying to the cause, but it might actually get a chuckle out of people that are looking for a change.


A lot of these protest signs are tongue-in-cheek and might get some glares, but this one is more than welcome. We’re just trying to figure out where he got or how he built that giant straw. It looks perfect.

Not When It’s Still Warm Out

At this protest at what looks like some kind of community center or community college, there’s one man who is ready to take a stand. If there isn’t snow on the ground, then the tree doesn’t go up. He’s put his foot down. Is this guy a Grinch or a Scrooge? Not likely.


There are plenty of people who are against the Christmas creep since the season seems to start as soon as the Halloween decorations have gone down. What did Thanksgiving ever do to deserve this? It’s supposed to be a time of goodwill and gathering, just like Christmas. While it doesn’t have as many classic cookie or movie options, it’s still okay.

Bigger Is Better

Do the people at a protest really need to see what’s going on at a protest? It’s usually just a way for people to get together and shout at something they don’t like. Or do like. Sometimes it isn’t clear. This guy decided that he wanted to make sure his voice was heard more than he wanted the people behind him to see.


In fact, that’s the only thing that his sign is about, and the signs around him don’t seem to be doing much more to point out hypocrisy or whatever it is that people are gathering about. It looks like this group could be some sort of festival or sports game or something like that. It goes to show that signs aren’t just for protests.

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