Different Types of Training for Dogs

Dogs are the most beloved and preferred choice for pets. They are also used in other fields of life such as law enforcement, service dogs for disable, etc. Irrespective of their purpose, dogs need to be trained accordingly to their intended use. The pet dogs need to learn basic etiquettes while other type of dogs may need to learn skills to fulfill their purpose. There are different types of training for dogs influenced by their needs.

There are two main types of concept employed in the training for dogs. The trainers use positive reinforcement or negative reinforcement to train the dogs. Usually, these two types of training method are used in combination. The different training methods emerge from the extent of their use in training the dogs.


According to the positive reinforcement dog training concept, the dog should be rewarded for its desirable behaviors whereas in the negative reinforcement dog training method, the dog is punished for undesirable behaviors. Negative reinforcement does not need to be abusive or harmful. Simple gestures such as ignoring the dog or turning your back to them can do the trick. Depending on just one type of reinforcement may not be very effective. Successful trainers use both types of reinforcement to train the dogs. The following types of training methods employ both the concepts.

Behavior Training

Behavior training entails teaching the dog how to behave well around people and other animals. It is a basic type of training and includes basic commands and instructions. The ultimate goal is to transform them into a good citizen as dogs. The training may rectify behavior problems such as chewing, excessive barking or housebreaking. The training is mainly recommended for younger dogs.


Obedience Training

Obedience training aims to make dogs obedient and loyal to their owners. This type of training is similar to the behavior training but is more advanced. Any existing behavior problems need to be dealt with before the training can commence. The training is also recommended for younger dogs.

Agility Training

Agility training is prescribed for dogs that take part in dog sports. It is an advanced type of training and requires dogs to be already skilled with basic commands. As during the competition, dogs cannot be touched by their handlers, no physical rewards are used during training. There has to be a strong connection between the dog and its owner through gestures and voice, hence any reinforcement used during training is vocal or through gestures.

Vocational Training

Dogs are smart animals and have the ability to learn many skills. Dogs are used for herding, hunting, performing search and rescue, help disabled and work with law enforcement as sniffer dogs. Dogs learn very particular techniques to improve their senses and communication skills. These programs are very demanding and time-consuming. Before a dog can be trained in any type of vocation, they need to have a good foundation of basic behavior training.

In conclusion, dogs are remarkable animals. They can be loyal pets as well as trained to perform a number of amazing works, even save lives. All breeds of dogs can learn any skills, but there are certain breeds that can be trained more easily than others due to their physical qualities.