The Best Foods to Keep You Hydrated During the Winter

Staying hydrated has a lot more benefits than we realize, except for the obvious one of keeping us alive! In the wintertime – since it’s cold and we don’t sweat as much – we don’t feel as thirsty as we do in the hot months of summer, and so more often than we realize, we simply forget to drink.

One solution, which probably occurred to you, is drinking hot drinks – coffee, tea or hot chocolate – you name it, as long as you drink something, you’re helping your body. However, there are also plenty of foods that contain high amounts of water in them, and so eating is another surprising way to keep hydrated, even when you don’t feel like drinking.

1. Cucumbers

Let’s start off with the one we all know: cucumbers. It probably doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that cucumbers is one of the most hydrating food options. Cucumbers are almost exclusively water, as they consist of 95% water. While cucumber doesn’t boast plenty of other essential nutrients, the one thing it’s known for is its high amount of water, which makes it the perfect vegetable to eat during the winter (and summer) to keep hydrated. A study found that eating cucumbers after a workout makes for a perfect post-workout snack, as it contains twice the amount of water of drinking a glass of water.

2. Lettuce

Much like the cucumber, lettuce is another salad green that consists mostly of water, boasting 95% of water. Iceberg lettuce is the type of lettuce that contains the highest amount of water, and luckily, it’s the type that’s most common in the U.S. Much like the cucumber, eating a bowl of lettuce contains more water than drinking a glass of water, and so having a green salad for lunch is a great way to keep hydrated.

3. Soup

Yes, we stared this list with all the obvious things because these are also the easiest and most accessible things. While not all vegetables contain high amounts of water like cucumber or lettuce do, blending the vegetables allows the vegetables’ water content to be more easily absorbed in our bodies. That’s why soups are a great option for winter, as they make us warm and keep us hydrated at the same time. The best option are broth-based soups or vegetable soups. Tomato soup is another great choice, since tomatoes contain high amounts of water, almost as much as a cucumber.

4. Spinach

There’s a reason why Popeye would gulp down cans of spinach to regain his strength, and it’s not because it’s extremely tasty (though some people find it as a delight). Spinach is incredibly healthy for several reasons, one of them being its hydrating abilities. Aside from having high amounts of important nutrients including vitamins and minerals, spinach contains 92% of water. It’s also high in minerals and magnesium, which is useful for keeping hydrated.

5. Strawberries

Vegetables aren’t the only way to stay hydrated, but fruits are also great for this job. Strawberries in particular is an ideal choice for winter, since it’s a winter fruit. Strawberries consist of 92% water, which means they contain the highest amount of water than all other berries. Eating them as they are is both tasty and healthy, but blending them to a smoothie with other fruits is also a great option, as the blending process helps to break down the fiber, allowing the water to better absorb in our bodies. There you have it – a fruit that is both delicious and incredibly healthy; who said maintaining a healthy diet is a hard task?

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