The Most Hilarious Job Fails by the World’s Worst Employees

Racing Stripes

We have to assume that before a paint job like this commenced, some sort of sign was put up asking vehicles to clear the street before the painting takes place. However, although it is the car owner’s responsibility to move their car, this seems like a pretty harsh punishment.


Plus, it doesn’t even save the person painting any work, since they will have to come back anyway to finish the job. We suspect that the street painter decided to teach whoever left their car and wasted their time a lesson.

Basic Geometry

Food preferences differ from one place to another, due to local customs, climate, and cultural background. But there is nothing more American than a hamburger or hot dog on the grill. Every child knows that a hamburger is made of a circular meat patty, while hot dogs are longer and leaner.


Whoever made these packages seems to have missed their basic geometry classes and doesn’t know the difference between a circle and an oval. Or, more likely, they just weren’t paying attention and mixed up the labels. We hope their customers were paying more attention.

Unable to Follow Instructions

We don’t know what the reason is that you can’t stack these boxes, but it seems like this clear directive was ignored, over and over again. We assume that the words ‘unable to follow clear instructions’ will appear on the employee evaluation of whoever did this. On the other hand, this rebellious act could have been done on purpose.


This employee may have really wanted to quit but couldn’t find the courage and believed this act would do the job for them. Well, they certainly got their point across…

Missed a Step

We don’t know who was responsible for filling this candy machine, but we are going to go out on a limb and guess they were new to the job and more than a little distracted.


Maybe the instructions just stated that you must open the machine, remove the lid, and put the candy in. But even if it is not specified that you should open the big packages and pour in the little treats, their common sense should have kicked in. We hope people notice that nothing is going to come out before they put their money in.

This Indecision’s Bugging Me

If you finish your shopping and are confronted by this door on the way to your car, you may feel overwhelmed. Do you enter or not enter? Are you trapped here forever? We don’t know if this mistake was caused by bad design, a careless worker, or a raving sadist, but it has left us with a well of indecision. We say just enter.


If anyone hassles you about it, just point to the sign and say that you were following directions. They won’t be able to argue with that!

Seeing Yellow

Crayons are an innocent thing that is meant to bring joy to children and adults alike. This misprint, however, will make colorblind individuals extremely unhappy. Drawings will certainly become more interesting if four different “yellows” are unknowingly used and we will get the chance to see the sun drawn in colors which we have never seen used before.


We’re not sure whether whoever is responsible for this misprint has something against yellow or if they are simply trying to promote color equality.

Taking a Wrong Dip

All in all, this is a pretty good gag. Dipping the wrong end of the cone in the chocolate ensures two things:  you can’t hold this tasty treat without chocolate melting all over your fingers, and you’re bound to get disappointed when you open the packaging and see that white ice cream which was left uncovered.


This is something that could ruin someone’s cheat day. We don’t know if we should applaud the saboteur or be angry at them.

Obstacle Course

Whoever painted these sidewalks must have decided to have a little fun that day by designing an obstacle course for bike riders. Otherwise, they should have thought more before sending bikers riding straight into a line of metal poles.


This is clearly an accident waiting to happen! Luckily, the sidewalk is wide enough for riders from both directions to cycle at once. (As long as they have quick reflexes and manage to swerve before impact)

A Poppy Beverage?

Water does come in many forms, liquid, vapor, but popcorn is definitely not one of them. What is even stranger, is that McDonald’s doesn’t even sell the movie theater treat, so we’re left wondering how they ended up with bags and bags of the stuff.


Not that we’d mind munching on a little while waiting for our Big Macs and fries, but truthfully, we would prefer real ice to keep our soft drinks cold. Popcorn floating in soda simply does not have the same effect.

Now That’s A Neat Trick

This strangely hung sign could be a marketing ploy to make us sit up and take notice of the different parts of this outfit, but we think it is more likely a magic trick gone wrong. The amateur magician who hung up this sign is clearly obsessed with the sawing-a-woman-in-half trick, unfortunately, they didn’t know how to put her back together again.


On the other hand, it is more noticeable than a regular ad and may make more people consider buying separate items of clothing, or the whole ensemble.

A Miracle?

The person who placed the ‘water’ sign above this wine section may have been inspired by the Sunday sermon they attended. They tried to remind us all that Jesus had performed the miracle of turning water into wine. Another option is that someone who really loves wine wanted to encourage customers to drink more of it and to feel free to enjoy it during all hours of the day.


They do say that you need eight glasses per day for a healthy lifestyle. So, go ahead and drink up!

Open 24/9

This store may exist in an alternate universe, but in this reality, a week is only made up of seven days. There is a chance that the person who was responsible for the sign may have been missing a stencil for the number 7 and decided to make do with what they had which was a 9. We mean, 9 is bigger than 7, so that must be better, right?


The unusual number does make the store seem extra committed and the comedic value might end up actually bringing in new and amused customers.

Doesn’t Add Up

This funky calculator could make even a mathematician despise math. We don’t know what whoever put on these numbers was thinking, but we hope no child actually tried to use it to solve their homework. Something like that could destroy their relationship with numbers for life.


We hope that someone reached out and helped them remember that calculation can be fun. We’d send the therapy and tutor bills to the factory worker who was either careless or thought this would be funny.

Hotel Hooligans

The workers at this resort were apparently sick and tired of being told what to do by the hotel management. They executed revenge in a slightly strange but satisfying way. Deciding that becoming a union or organizing a strike was old fashioned, they just disobeyed the clearly stated rules of the establishment and drive their managers crazy.


For example, we’re sure that these pool chairs that shouldn’t have been there “under any circumstances” are a clear act of rebellion.

Patriotism at Its Finest

We are all for patriotism and Americans have a lot to be proud of. From the country’s rich history to its amazing accomplishments. However, waving the American flag above the words ‘made in China’ seems a bit strange.


People who get this box would either assume this was a mistake or possibly mistake the American flag for the Chinese. Either way, it is probably a good idea to show your civic pride somewhere else.

Cody Deluxe

Cody clearly knows how to have a good time at work. He was just trying to make his shift more enjoyable by playing around with the pizza labels. What else is there to do on a slow night?


He might have even been hoping to amuse some of the people walking in to order pizza, especially if they were a good-looking girl. Sadly, management didn’t think the gag was as funny as we did.

The Pen is Mightier Than the Knife

We don’t know what school needs the contents of this stand for their curriculum. Please let us know, so we can make sure not to enroll our children there. Unless schools have really changed over the past few years, this is probably not the right tool for the classroom.


Whoever set up this display must have a strange sense of humor, have had a really bad learning experience growing up, or trying to get some attention from their boss.

The Other Left

When purchasing a new electronic device, you expect a state of the art modernity. However, when that device comes with a remote with a button that says left and points right and vice versa, we are forced to wonder about the quality of the television the customer has purchased.


Also, this begs the question, if you want to go left do you press the button that is pointing left or the button that says left. A little trial and error should do the trick, as long as you mark it correctly afterward.

You Better…

This may just be wild conjecture, but we are going to assume that someone was a little distracted on the day they had to spray paint the word ‘stop’ on the road. It seems strange otherwise that they ended up with the catchy word ‘sotp’.


The funniest thing about this mistake is that there is a stop sign right in front of the eyes of whoever was working there, clearly illustrating how to spell the word correctly.

Place Price Tag Where?

The instructions for where the price tag should be on this product couldn’t be clearer. This employee was quite obviously sick of box labels being the boss of him and decided to take a walk on the wild side. He was going to put the price tag wherever he pleased, and nobody could stop him.


Not sure what his employers think of this obvious rebellion, but we believe that if all of us aired out our frustrations in a similar peaceful way, the world would probably be a much better and calmer place.

The Evils of Consumerism

When people walk by this ad, they may see it as a commentary on consumerism. Everyone these days owns too many clothes, and we don’t really need more things in our closet, as clearly shown by this mannequin who is not wearing anything. Plus, it also encourages body positivity.


We don’t need anything more than the body we were born with. Both ideas are nice, but our guess is that an unreliable employee took off the previous week’s dress and forgot to replace it with a new one.

Nap Time

Apparently, it is time for this mailman’s break. And since he’s not near the post office, he decided to take it in the next best place, inside the mailbox. He made himself as comfy as possible, hung up his bag, and proceeded to take a nap. For some reason, seeing the mailman sleeping with all the mail out in the open makes us a little uncomfortable.


Luckily, tampering with the mail is a federal offense, so no one would risk trying to take it. Or maybe they would just be afraid of waking him up.

Geography 101

Turns out that geography was not a very popular subject in school. At least judging by the fact that the designer, printer, and distributor of these shirts never noticed that the name under the continent was incorrect. It just goes to show, most of us are really not smarter than a fifth-grader.


Some double-checking would have saved time, money, and embarrassment. Although admittedly both continents start with an A, which might make fixing the shirts slightly easier.

Stay Out of the Bike Lane

This sign achieves something pretty amazing; it defies its own instructions! The sign reads “give cyclists space”, which is a great sentiment, unfortunately, it completely undermines that statement by being positioned in the middle of the bike lane.


We have no idea what they were thinking when they put it up and dangerously blocked the bike lane, forcing bikers to swerve into the lane used by cars. Luckily, the cart has wheels, which makes this absurd situation easily rectified.

Compare Foods?

This grocery store is named Compare Foods, which we assume means that they want you to compare the quality and price of their foods with that of their competitors. What we don’t think they intended was for employees to hold food standoffs, in which one type of food is compared to another.


Although, if that was the concept they were going with, it seems strange to compare watermelon and corn. They would start with something simpler which is used as an expression all the time –comparing apples and oranges.

Keeping It Real

More and more companies are trying to improve their image by giving it to the customers straight. No more false advertising or inflated discounts. That may have been Speedo’s thought process when they came out with this ad for the Kick junior swimming goggles.


They could have claimed that the original price of the googles was much higher than the discounted price shown, but instead for some reason revealed that the price was exactly the same. Well, we guess there’s no rush getting to the store for that discount then.

Meeting in the Middle

We don’t know whose job it is to make sure that both construction teams start building exactly across from each other, but they were clearly absent the day this project got underway.


They don’t have to worry about working too hard to fix their mistake though, because they are going to be getting a lot of time off work very soon.

Inefficient Pockets

When designing clothes, one must take loads of things into account. Other than aesthetics, there is also material, proportions, and of course, efficiency. You wouldn’t want to have a zipper that doesn’t zip or a hood that’s too small for someone’s head, right?


Apparently, efficiency doesn’t mean much to the person who designed this woman’s sweatshirt. Otherwise, the pockets were placed a little lower and open at the top, not the side.

Floodwater Rising

Whatever landscape artist designed this park, it looks like their resume should be thrown in the gutter and they should not be used again in other projects. They obviously did not have a basic comprehension of how sewers work.


We hope someone came in and fixed the problem before the rain got even worse. Otherwise, not only will there be an unplanned swamp in the middle of town, but the park’s trees and other greenery could be irreparably damaged.

Do Not Enter

The participants in the weekly limbo club were constantly complaining about their practice space, which was underground and smelled like sewage. After years of filing complaints, their concerns were finally addressed by the local municipality and they received access to a new and improved space.


To make the space even more perfect, a bar was added to the outside of the door, meaning that in order to enter you had to prove that you had the limbo goods.

The Wrong Classification

Whoever packaged this insect toy, must have missed a few of their basic biology lessons, otherwise, it is hard to explain mistaking a terrifying tarantula for a cockroach, especially when you take into account the picture of a real-life tarantula on the package, possibly placed there to avoid just this kind of mix up.


On the other hand, if all you want is to scare your friends, throwing either of these scurrying insects at them should do the trick.

A Precarious Position

It is pretty clear that whoever first built this column did not do a bang-up job. Although compared to whoever tried to fix it, they seem like a master craftsman. There is an actual hole in the middle of the column, and it seems like bricks are going to start tumbling out of it at any second. You know what’s not going to stop a ton of bricks from falling? Plastic wrap, that’s what.


This seems like a truly dangerous situation and a professional should step in before the building comes tumbling down and someone gets hurt.

What’s in a Name?

In big and sensitive news stories, reporters often rely on sources that wish to remain anonymous in order to protect their reputation, livelihood, and even their lives. But if you decide to appear on camera on a local news program, you are probably not worried about being recognized.


Therefore, we can safely assume that the name here that appears twice under this man’s face was not meant to disguise his identity, someone simply forgot to fill in his name and where he was from.

Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

We definitely cannot feel the love with this doll of Nala staring at us. It’s been a while since we’ve watched The Lion King, but we are pretty sure that her eye was sewn on backward by a distracted employee. The way this stuffed animal looks now, it could probably scare any child who received it as a gift.


Our suggestion, if you can’t fix it just put it away, nobody wants to ruin a child’s love for their favorite movie or to have any nightmares on their conscience.

A Shock to The System

The banners on local news seem to provide endless opportunities for typos and other hilarious (or in this case — terrible) mistakes. One use of the wrong letter and many Americans may have had a moment or two of genuine heartbreak.


The real question is if the anchor was also given the wrong name on his teleprompter. And if so, did he read it aloud? If he read the former president’s first name, he may have been fired just as quickly as whoever made this small but critical error.

Marquee Madness

Managing a local movie theater seems like a great gig. You get to watch all the new releases, you can invite your friends to sneak in for free, and you probably have access to all-you-can-eat popcorn. Unfortunately, the manager of this theater got a little confused with the marquee out front and mixed up the names of the two movies playing: ‘Suicide Squad’ and ‘Sausage Party’.


Not only do moviegoers have no idea what’s playing when, but the names they accidentally wrote sound either intensely depressing or extremely sexual.

Let It All Hang Out

The person who installed this bathroom door clearly needed better instructions but honestly, they should have known better. It is not only customary that the stall that houses the toilet has more privacy, it makes better sense too.


Urinals are designed that way because men pee standing up. Meaning that when a man is using the bathroom, he stands with his back to the door and his private areas are not on display. As for toilets, even the most flagrant exhibitionist needs a little privacy sometimes.

Header Goes Here

Although it may seem like a glamorous profession, writing is not always an easy job. It often comes down to creativity and inspiration, things which nobody has all the time. For people who write for a living, staring at a blank page with no idea how to fill it, can be quite frustrating. It seems like the journalist who was covering the basketball game, couldn’t come up with a snappy headline.


He decided to save it for the end, hoping that inspiration would strike. Apparently, it didn’t, and he just plain forgot to fix the gibberish he had written in the first place. We’re left wondering where the editor was while this whole thing went down.

Head of the Student Body

Being a teacher is one of the most important jobs out there, but it is also incredibly difficult, especially if you are teaching teenagers. It is not enough to just teach the material, you have to make sure that the kids are getting it, even when learning is the last thing on their minds. This student tricked their teacher into thinking they were attending class by using a balloon as their head.


Although this is incredibly inventive, whoever bought it is clearly a newbie, because we’re sure an experienced teacher knows all the tricks and would become immediately suspicious if a student’s head was down for the entire class.

Pixel Puzzle

This looks just like one of those pixel puzzles. We can’t help but want to pick up the red square and put it in the right place, but we can’t and it’s driving us crazy. If we feel like we’re going insane, we really hope that no one who is suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder ever walks by this sidewalk.


We can’t imagine how they would feel about it. This may be an honest mistake, but we suspect that whoever was laying these bricks got bored and decided to play a trick on people passing by.

Going Bananas

The person who came up with the wording of this sign is most likely the first chosen for a game of Taboo but does not seem like the ideal person to be printing out labels for products in the supermarket. To be fair, it’s hard to remember words first thing in the morning and ‘long yellow things’ is a pretty great description of bananas.


Still, it would have been better to drink some coffee and come up with the actual name.

Talk Into the Remote

Technology moves at such a rapid pace that not everybody can keep up. But even so, with everyone and their grandmother owning a smartphone, it’s hard to believe that some people don’t know what a recording device looks like or that you can just use your phone. You know what would probably not work well as a recording device? A television remote, that’s what.


Although we have to admit, seeing this athlete during a serious press conference with a TV remote stuck in his face, kind of made our day.

30 Minutes or Less

It’s important to take your job seriously, especially if you work in the foodservice industry, but sometimes being committed can cause you to take things a little too far. This delivery girl needed to get the pizza to the customer’s door in 30 minutes or less.


If she was even one minute late, the cost of the pie would have been deducted from her salary (which as you can guess is not very high). Nonetheless, this parking job is insane, and the damage to the car is probably more than the price of a pizza.

Winter is Coming

Whoever works at this shoe store either has a wicked sense of humor or was too lazy to change the sign to fit the season. There is no other explanation for this display of flip flops under the sign ‘get ready for winter’.


Although some states have a milder climate, in many places in the U.S. the only thing you’re going to get from wearing these in the winter is frostbite. We hope no one took this sign too literally, otherwise, their partners may find flip flops under the Christmas tree.

Extra Fresh What?

Using abbreviations has become more common than ever with the rise of social media and texting, leaving us with less patience to type things out and a shorter attention span for reading. Twitter, where we are meant to express ourselves, even limits the number of characters we can use to do so.


That does not excuse whoever made this product sign. No one should consider shortening the word ‘spearmint’ into the word ‘sperm.’ That is something you can get at a fertility clinic and not at the grocery store.

Way Too Close

Clearly, whoever was responsible for this didn’t bring a measuring tape to work that day. Either that or they have no sense of privacy whatsoever. Maybe the owners of the place wanted to maximize the bathroom space as much as possible. However, they achieved the complete opposite, since it’s hard to believe any customer would be happy to be so close to another when going about their business.


It’s a shame there’s no photo showing people’s reactions when encountered with this for the first time.

How in the World?

The QA department certainly took the cake with this one. We can understand spelling mistakes on a billboard, writing down the wrong measurements when it comes to construction, or putting the wrong price tag on a product, but this?! How did the people responsible even manage to mess up so badly?


These geniuses put the touch-pad above the keyboard, which is bordering on a complete lack of common sense. Were they trying to build a special computer for people who enjoy engaging in hand acrobatics every time they use the laptop? Come on people, how do you manage to build an entire computer upside-down?!

So What Do They Call Onions?

We hope this was just a case of the market staff reusing the empty onion bags to pack the corn. Otherwise, this is a hilarious oversight that we’re sure made more than a few customers laugh and scratch their heads in confusion.


But hey, maybe that’s just how they call corn in whatever country this picture was taken. The real question is, what do they call onions?

Wrong Way, Buddy

It’s understandable for somebody to make a mistake when putting up household fixtures, but this is just too much. We would say it’s the construction equivalent of frying an egg — you have to work really hard to mess it up.


One has to wonder, didn’t the person try and close the door right after installing the knob? Then again, nothing a simple screwdriver and some extra screws can’t fix.

A Bench With a View…of Nothing

We really hope that this was some sort of joke on the part of the construction workers. Otherwise, you have to wonder, what other mistakes have they made?


We’re assuming the bench was there before the wall and someone just made a huge miscalculation. Unless someone thought this was a wall so worth admiring that people needed to sit down for it.

Healthy Baby

Some people will tell you that putting a few drops of whisky in a baby’s bottle will help them sleep or calm them down if they’re teething, but this is a bit much.


Either the staff at this supermarket has quite a sense of humor, or somebody just made a very hilarious mistake when putting up that sign. In their defense, they are keeping true to their marketing message – “all the best for your baby”; those are some of the best alcohol brands in the market!

False Advertising

By now, we’ve all learned to not take advertisements too literally. But this is just hilarious — it’s almost as if someone was trying to show everybody this phone was an absolute farce.


Either that or the staff at this tech store threw the “floating” phone in the water and left before they realized it had sunk. All we know for sure is that Dick Smith must’ve dealt with some pretty confused customers that day.

Extreme Sports

Apparently, this place in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, decided to force handicapped people into extreme sports. As much as you have to appreciate the good intentions behind this, you have to ask yourself, what were these people thinking?


What’s even funnier is that the woman seems to be excitedly waiting for her friend in a wheelchair to take the dare and roll down the stairs. The least she could do is move that plant out of the way!

Common Sense is Not That Common

There’s a reason why architects and interior designers get paid so much — because this is exactly what would happen if we tried to do their jobs. Our houses would end up looking like a bad Tetris game.


Maybe the owners wanted to save a few thousand dollars on a proper architect and had their 5-year-old draw the blueprint. These people will never know what lies at the end of those two drawers, so at least it can work as a good hiding place.

High-Security Parking Lot

Either someone decided to install this boom barrier as a joke, or the residents of this town are extremely honest. So honest that they’ll pay for a parking ticket even when they don’t need to. Unless, of course, they’re driving a truck the size of a house.


We wonder if it ever occurred to the people who did this, that there’s a reason why it’s called a “boom barrier.” The operative word here being “barrier.”

Nothing Like ‘Thirst’ Place

As if it wasn’t annoying enough to not win first place, this person now has to think about the fact that he was third at a competition where they couldn’t even spell the word “third”! Talk about adding insult to injury.


You’d think there would be some sort of quality control before these medals are manufactured. Or do we dare think that the people in charge of the competition actually thought that’s how you spell ‘3rd’? Hey, maybe they just wanted everybody to feel like they won first place.

The Traffic Light Guessing Game

Apparently, the traffic control center came up with a new game called “Who Can Guess the Traffic Light?”. And hey, can you blame them? Imagine if you had to sit in a room staring at a screen all day, controlling a city’s traffic, wouldn’t you want to spice things up a bit?


For everybody’s sake, though, we hope this is just a case of an old traffic light that they forgot to take down. Otherwise, that intersection is just a disaster waiting to happen.

In Case of Emergency, Don’t Take the Stairs

We would really love to meet the planning committee for this building. Maybe they thought it would amuse the residents to step out onto the emergency stairs and fall off the building, because who wouldn’t find that incredibly fun?


Or maybe the building just moved a few inches overnight.

ATM for Giants

It appears that, in this city, small people don’t have the right to take out money. Why else would they install an ATM that seems to have been tailor-made for Andre the Giant?


Guess anyone in the neighborhood without basketball-player genes should remember to bring a stool with them every time they need to draw out some cash.

In Case of Fire…Hope for the Best

Unless those are water pipes, this is definitely one of the worst job-fails in history. Did they think the hydrant closet was some sort of modern art piece? Or perhaps they thought that messing with the design of the stair rail was far worse than dealing with a raging fire.


We really hope those rails are easily detached, or that they took them out altogether. On a positive note, at least they spelled ‘hydrant’ correctly.

The Alternative Phone Booth

Nowadays, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any public phones, let alone an actual phone booth. And while coming across this photo would usually make us a bit nostalgic of a time when we weren’t all glued to our smartphones, this is just flat-out hilarious.


To whoever installed this phone, what did you actually think the purpose of a booth was?!

Thinking Outside the Box

We can blame the people who installed the door for not knowing how to use a measuring tape, but we certainly can’t blame them for not coming up with a creative solution. Why go through the arduous trouble of re-installing a new door, or even worse, re-locating the entire toilet, when you can just cut a little hole in the door and voilà?!


Now, this is what we call thinking outside the box. Besides, we’re sure anybody who uses this toilet is bound to have a good laugh.

Presenting the “Samphone”

Clearly, the employees at this store were feeling overly festive this Christmas and decided to make a joke. Maybe they had a running bet to see which customer noticed the mistake first. Or maybe the guy responsible for the digital ads just partied too hard the night before.


Wouldn’t it be funny if what started out as a simple mistake became a mass confusion over a new hybrid smartphone? Samsung and Apple could finally join forces and then nobody would ever have to prove “their phone is better” ever again.

No Comments

Please let this be the result of someone’s first pottery class because if somebody actually attempted to start a new coffee trend, we wouldn’t even know where to begin.


There is not one single benefit we can think of to a coffee mug, or any type of cup for that matter, having the handle on the inside. Can you? Are we missing something here?

Free Coffee

We can’t decide what’s worse, the fact that the staff didn’t think to check this sign before they posted it or the idea of librarians not knowing the meaning of the word “free”.


Come on guys, you took the time to decorate the sign with those two lovely coffee mug drawings, couldn’t you spare a second to proofread?

Mirrored Signs

Apparently, this company meant to say “mirror” and not a window. Or, they did intend to and just completely forgot about how the world works for the time it took to slap this thing on.


This doesn’t seem like a very solid advertising campaign for a company that claims they put these on professionally. Maybe they just opened? Hopefully, they’ve got it down by now.

No Thank You, Sir

The font choice on this work uniform may end up getting these delivery people arrested (or hit on). Alternatively, if they happened to stroll through the right crowd, maybe they’d get a different type of reaction. But it’s probably best not to take any chances, and just redo the tops, instead.


Did no one check to make sure they looked okay before they were used? Yikes! We wonder how many people want whatever this company is selling.

We Got it The First Time, Anna

Perhaps it was the blind onion next door that put together Anna’s sign. It sure seems like they went a little overboard with the whole “food mart,” thing, doesn’t it?


Okay, we get it, you’re a food mart. Geez. Wouldn’t the large print be sufficient enough to tell us that, though? The smaller words in the middle and at the bottom of the sign aren’t helpful. If anything, they’re just confusing. Did Anna really think this sign was a good idea?

Can’t Get Through

Although it may seem as though someone’s bag is covering the ad’s phone number, that’s not the case. Nope, whoever is responsible for this has, in fact, painted that orange backpack right over the last few digits of their number. This fail had to have at least gone through a couple of people to make it to the bench.


How do you expect to get business if no one knows how to get a hold of you in the first place? The bag also makes zero sense in the context of the ad anyway.

“It’s is Appalling”

Thank god that ‘Jon Bovi’ will never have to see this, because if it hurts our eyes, we can’t imagine what it would do to his. A little tip to anybody planning on getting tattooed: you want to make sure you have the correct spelling before you permanently ink something on your body. Just a small suggestion.


Or hey, maybe the joke’s on us. Perhaps this person was so adamant about making their point – “it’s is my life” – that they decided to turn their tattoo into a statement about how little they care about grammar. What we really don’t get it, how did the tattoo artist go along with it?!

The Liquid Soap Haters

A cleaner’s work is never easy. Let alone when we’re talking about public restrooms. They are often overworked and underappreciated but they are the ones who make that the public germs are at bay. Well, except for the cleaner behind this soapy mishap.


To be fair, they did put soap inside the soap dispenser. But clearly, the cleaning staff here is either too tired to care or isn’t a big fan of liquid soap.

Cart Attack

You would think that once someone notices the carts are piling up in front of this car, they would stop and return them somewhere else. Well, you’d be wrong. Because really, who cares if the driver of that car has to spend an hour maneuvering their way out of the parking garage?


Or maybe it was just a disgruntled supermarket employee trying to teach one of the customers a lesson? No doubt, lesson learned.

Dysfunctional Balcony

The upper balcony looks pretty sweet, right? A perfect spot to relax and enjoy the fresh air. But the lower balcony? If you’ve ever played Sims, this kind of setup will look familiar.


We were unapologetic indulgers of that evil pastime of putting sims in a room or on a balcony and then taking away the door to see how they deal with the situation. But we would never guess a real-life architect would do the same.

Nice View

This painter may be good with paint, but he is pretty bad with planning. At least judging by this picture. He managed to get himself into the painters’ equivalent of mopping your house and trapping yourself in a dry corner of a wet floor.


In this case, however, it looks like the paint is going to take a lot longer to dry than it does for water. Guess he’s going to hang out and enjoy the view until the drying is complete.

Let Me Out

The best part of online shopping is when you get the actual package. You open the door, say hi to the delivery person, and proceed to unwrap whatever gift you brought yourself. Unless you were visited by this UPS guy.


This delivery person must have been sure that if he knocked someone would answer, otherwise this doesn’t make any sense. Or maybe he knew someone was home and not answering and decided to make them pay.

A Small Glitch

Judging by the well-laid beams and the overall polished look of this deck, we would say the person who built it knew what they were doing. The power cord wedged in there looks like a genuine mishap. Although a funny one.


We can’t even imagine the frustration this person must have felt when they realized what happened. It does seem, however, that they know their way around the power tool well enough to dig themselves out of this mess.

Tetris Door

What to do when you and your house don’t agree on where there’s room for a door? Just force the issue. What’s the house going to do about it?


Here’s a beautiful example of this Tetris mentality: a zig zag-style door that subtly fits around an obstruction that would make most people think “hey, maybe a door doesn’t belong here.” Tetris doors. Coming soon to a Home Depot near you.

Lost in Translation

Someone at this company took the easy way out when they were asked to translate a sign for this company. Instead of using a book or even google — they went to a translator service. They typed in whatever this sign was supposed to say — and what they received in return was a solid gold fail!


The website they were using couldn’t connect, and someone either wasn’t paying attention or didn’t know English that well because this is awkward! Hopefully, some kind-hearted tourists helped them out by pointing out the error!

Build-A-Baby Factory

This poorly placed advertisement takes away from what is happening in this ad! At first glance, this bus quite obviously belongs to some kind of robot baby-making facility.


But then you realize that all this is — is a funny error. One so bad you forget what exactly it was you were looking at, to begin with!

Minimalist Architecture Taken Too Far

Good thing that door is there, hey? You do need privacy when you go to the bathroom. But actual walls? Walls are so last season. It’s all about openness now.


The trick is to just imagine the walls are there when you’re using the bathroom. All the cool kids are doing it.

Out of Order

When will designers ever learn? People read horizontally, not vertically! This is a classic case of someone not thinking about how people read. So, it seems as though this signage says, “SASA LELE,” whatever that may be. Luckily, it looks easy enough to rearrange the letters.


Hopefully, the manager realized that was the issue when that sale wasn’t bringing in any customers. Or, maybe it was the manager who put it up in the first place?

Minimalist Balcony Design Gone Wrong

This architect took minimalism to whole new heights! Here’s hoping the tenants are happy to use their “balconies” for hanging plants and clothes, and nothing more!


If you’re looking for some downtime with your cup of coffee, a good book and, a nice breeze, this is not the apartment building for you.

Withdrawal Issues

We’re wondering what exactly the architect of this bank was thinking. Is it a new way of making sure no one reads your pin-code? Is this one of those new designs that force you to get a workout to get what you want out of it? That’s a pretty decent climb and solid squat you have to engage in to get your cash.


It may not be the most comfortable or convenient ATM in the world, but your glutes will thank you later!