The Most Valuable Funko Pop Figurines Ever

For two decades, Funko Pop has been making small vinyl figurines for fans of everything from Elvis to “Game of Thrones.”
They aren’t that expensive to buy, but some of them have skyrocketed in value since they came out. Whether for rarity or another reason, these are the priciest pieces of fandom.

Frankenstein Freddy Funko — Glows in the Dark

The Frankenstein story is one of the most classic horror tales out there. But even Mary Shelley had no idea a little vinyl figure of her monster would be worth $1,775.

Released in 2019, they started at $25 and have been resold for as little as $500. Clearly, this collectible is still shambling.

Marvel’s WandaVision Scarlet Witch

No surprise here – “WandaVision” was one of the hits of 2020 on Disney Plus, showing off her original comic book costume, and the Funko Pop is growing in value every day.


This Funko came out with a twelve-dollar price tag, but you now have to pay five times as much, and even more, if it’s unopened.

Deadpool Freddy Funko

“Deadpool” was a hit for Ryan Reynolds and Marvel, and it was destined that he and Funko would have plenty of choices to offer fans.

The rare gray Freddy Funko version came out for SDCC in 2014 and now sells for eighteen hundred dollars. Everything is gray but the freckles.

“The Thing” – Metallic

From the “Fantastic Four,” The Thing is the muscle of the team.

He and his team members have been part of the Marvel team for a long time, and the special metallic Funko Pop for this rocky character is worth a lot to collectors. Twenty-five hundred dollars, since it was a limited edition from SDCC.

Freddy Krueger Freddy Funko

With the name of the Funko mascot, we’re surprised this one didn’t happen sooner.

Krueger was a character that cut kids up from their dreams, but there’s nothing to fear from this figure unless you’re looking at the price tag – thanks to the rarity, it’s worth about two thousand bucks.

Tony Stark Freddy Funko – Metallic

Thanks to Robert Downey Jr.’s performances, Tony Stark has become a beloved movie character.

Freddy Funko jumped into the suit and slapped on some facial hair to look like the hero, and created a figurine worth $3,500. When it came out in 2012, it cost only twenty bucks.

Mickey Mouse – Metallic

With nearly a hundred years under his belt, Mickey Mouse is one of the most popular characters in media ever.

Plenty of Mickey Funko Pops have come out, but this metallic design was limited to 480 figures released for D23, which shot the price up to where it now sits, at fifteen hundred dollars.

Blue Suit Mr. Incredible

The runaway hit from Pixar created lots of good feelings from people, and now you can get a limited-edition Funko from SDCC 2011.

There are fewer than five hundred out there, but if you do see Mr. Incredible in his original blue suit, snag it – it’s worth twenty-three hundred dollars.

Dirk Nowitzki

At an immense seven feet tall, Dirk Nowitzki is one of the greatest power forwards to hit the court.

The four-inch vinyl figurine is, at its highest, worth about one-and-a-half thousand dollars, despite only costing $12 when it came out in 2013. Global NBA enthusiasts have kept this and other basketball figures popular.

Joker Freddy Funko from “The Dark Knight”

The Joker has been around almost as long as the Dark Knight, and there’s no doubt that Heath Ledger’s version of the Clown Prince of Crime is the most popular.


Thus, a Freddy Funko of the character is a pricey item for any fan – more than three grand.

The Notorious B.I.G.

Hip-hop sensation Christopher Wallace – better known as The Notorious B.I.G. – passed away long before Funko Pops began, but his metallic figure is still worth a cool two grand.

Even for people who long for the days of classic hip-hop, shelling out for this figure might not be worth it.

Flocked Lotso

Despite his strawberry scent and pink color, this huggable bear was the bad guy of “Toy Story 3.”

This is one of the newest Funkos on the list, coming out in early 2021. Still, almost as soon as it came out, it was valued at more than a thousand dollars.

Buzz Lightyear Freddy Funko — Glows in the Dark

Since the beginning of Pixar, this spaceman has been part of pop culture.


The glowing Freddy version of this character now can cost you up to five grand, though some have been sold for just a few hundred dollars. Keep an eye out, and you can flip this figure and collect a pretty penny.

Planet Arlia Vegeta

Funko Pop figures are all about rarity. If something is limited, the price goes up. So when Toy Tokyo teamed up with Funko Pop to release this Dragonball Z figure, they knew they would go fast.

Signed versions reach toward four grand, but even normal boxed editions can be worth two thousand.

Green Lantern — Glows in the Dark

Since his first appearance all the way back in DC Comics in 1940, Green Lantern has been making fans around the world.

A special glow-in-the-dark Funko figure came out for San Diego Comic-Con, releasing only 240 units, and will now run you twenty-two hundred dollars. If you’re one of this green hero’s fans, is that worth it?

Batman – Metallic Silver

Starting at only thirty dollars, the metallic silver of this Caped Crusader was a steal when it first came out.

However, there were only a hundred and eight made in total, meaning in 2015, when they came out, they were snapped up and are now worth about forty-six hundred dollars.

1970s Elvis Presley — Glows in the Dark

Released in 2012 with a starting price of just over ten bucks, we should have known this figure would jump in price.

Fans of the king go crazy for any of his stuff, so they snatched them up and ratcheted the cost of this famous musician to a little more than two thousand dollars.

Bronze Ken Griffey Jr.

While most of the Funko figures are pop-culture, there are sports legends in there too, like this famous slugger.

With an initial cost of thirty dollars, fans who jumped on this exclusive now own something worth more than a hundred times as much.

The Notorious B.I.G. – Metallic

Another edition of the metallic rapper appears on the list, worth two thousand dollars and still looking fly.

Dressed in his slick suit and with a hat and microphone, the Funkos of this big hip-hop legend run pricey, and since only 240 were made for SDCC 2011, they’re only going to get more expensive.

Headless Ned Stark

“Game of Thrones” is known for its twists, and Ned Stark’s death in the first season was one of the most shocking.


A special line of figures from Funko came out for the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con that allowed you to detach the character’s head, and it’s now worth a full grand.

Boba Fett Freddy Funko with Red Hair

“Star Wars” has plenty of popular characters, but one character that has always been a fan favorite is bounty hunter Boba Fett.

The figure of Freddy Funko dressed in Boba Fett’s armor was a hit with fans and has become more than a hundred times as valuable, from a mere thirty dollars to almost four thousand.

Big Boy Blue Freddy Funko

Not familiar with this look? It’s the mascot for Big Boy Restaurants. Not familiar with the figurine? That’s because there are a mere twenty-four on the market, thanks to another limited San Diego Comic-Con.

If you own one, you have something worth four grand after a cost of only thirteen bucks.

Apollo Creed Freddy Funko

The mascot of Funko Pop, Freddy Funko, jumps in and out of costume often, including Rocky Balboa’s first antagonist, Apollo Creed.

This star-spangled look on the freckled figure began at thirty-five dollars but has now crept up to be worth more than five thousand. Now that’s a knockout price!

Baby Milo – Flocked

A “flocked” Funko has a little fuzz on it, and the Baby Milo Funko is the perfect choice to use it.

Milo is a monkey character from a Japanese street fashion line, and the mascot is so popular that these flocked Funkos are valued at more than two thousand dollars.

Alex DeLarge from Clockwork Orange — Glows in the Dark

From a movie so shocking there were protests to a small vinyl figurine, “Clockwork Orange” has done it all.

The main character became part of the Funko family in 2014 and is now so popular that it will cost over thirteen thousand dollars. It glows, too, and it doesn’t even require milk.

Jim Hopper – Gold

With each new season of “Stranger Things,” more people fall in love with it. No wonder, then, that these Funko Pops are so rare.

The Gold Hopper edition is perhaps the rarest, with only forty available worldwide. Still, the price is affordable as far as Funkos go — at about two grand.

Pietro Maximoff from “WandaVision”

A lot of people thought this figure would come out sooner, so when it finally dropped at an original price of $9, it went fast.

It’s now already being sold at about seven times its original price. Since this is one of the newer ones on the list, it’s surely going to become even more valuable soon.

Spider-Man – Metallic

The original price for this metallic Spider-Man was only twenty-six dollars, and now it’s worth an average of a hundred times that much.

This household superhero name helped the special 2011 edition Funko Pop become a rarity. If you have a lot of Spider-Man stuff, take a look to see if this one is hiding in the back.

Aladdin Genie – Metallic Vinyl

Comedian Robin Williams made the Genie of the Lamp a force to be reckoned with, and after his sad passing in 2014, fans snatched up everything related to him they could.

At only six hundred dollars, this is one of the cheaper figures on the list, but it’s still worth a lot to fans.

Darth Maul – Holographic

This one had a higher buy-in point at fifteen dollars, but the exclusive San Diego Comic-Con figure now goes for nearly $6,400.

Here’s a tip: if a Funko Pop is exclusive or limited-edition, there’s a pretty good chance it’s going to be worth big bucks. And they keep getting more valuable.

Golden Jim Hopper from “Stranger Things”

There’s another Golden Jim Hopper on this list, but this one only has forty copies made – meaning it was always going to be a pricey collector’s item.

It sells for thousands, even up to eight thousand dollars. Don’t be scammed – look for the #512 in the upper right and the 40PCS sticker on the window.

Ghost Rider Freddy Funko

If you’re a big fan of the Ghost Rider character, then you’d be lucky to have one of these rare Funkos.

The Freddy variation of the character was a 2013 SDCC exclusive, and with his spooky leer and hanging chain, it’s worth a healthy four grand.

Mad Hatter Freddy Funko

As one of the most memorable characters from “Alice in Wonderland,” Mad Hatter has more than one Funko.

Right now, the Johnny Depp version is sitting at four hundred dollars, which isn’t very much, but it might go up in the future. If you have one, hold on to it for a little while.

Mike Wazowski — Glows in the Dark

Pixar has plenty of Funko Pops out there, but one of the randomly rare and valuable varieties is the glowing Mike Wazowski.

Of course, it’s always because of the rarity – this limited edition came out in 2011 at SDCC and now goes for a little over fifteen hundred dollars.

Andy Dwyer as Johnny Karate

With Funko Pops, there’s something for everyone, and if you like “Parks and Recreation,” you know all about Andy Dwyer.

You can pick up his Johnny Karate Funko Pop for a mere two thousand dollars. This limited edition figure comes with a classy karate gi.

Black Ranger Freddy Funko

While Power Rangers aren’t as popular as they recently have been, they still command a high price, such as this figurine worth almost two thousand dollars.

About five hundred of them were made, and the rarity is what’s to blame for the high price point.

Count Chocula Freddy Funko – Metallic

For some reason, figures based on cereal mascots command a high price.


Freddy Funko dressed as Count Chocula had collectors rushing to pick up one of these figures – and since there were less than five hundred on the market, it’s now worth almost four thousand dollars.

Venom Freddy Funko

Venom has always been one of Spider-Man’s greatest foes, so it should come as no surprise that the Funko Pop of Freddy in the black symbiote suit has become more valuable.

Better be sitting down. This little vinyl figure is worth nearly EIGHT GRAND! Make way, Spidey.

All-Stars Michael Jordan

Anything that is Michael Jordan is going to have a high price after it comes out.

Released in early 2020, this figure started at forty dollars and has already jumped to a hundred times that much. The Comic-Con exclusive sold out in a flash on July 22nd, 2020.

Spongebob Squarepants – Metallic

He’s been making people laugh since 1999, and there are tons and tons of toys and merchandise from this sponge.

The metallic Spongebob from Funko, however, might be the priciest, at around $1,600. Only a hundred were made – though they have been found in crane games. Keep an eye out.

Gold Dumbo

This elephant won his way into our hearts when he came out in 1942, and the gold Funko figure from 2013 was so well-liked it’s now worth $4,180.

For a starting price of thirty dollars, that’s a great return on the initial investment. The gold version of this figure is one of the rarest.

Red Suit Bone Daddy

Most of what Funko produces are from other brands, but they have a few of their own, too. The “Bone Daddy” is one of them. This classy red suit version has a price tag of $2,500.

The rare, original Bone Daddy character is often one of the most popular, with a buying frenzy every time one comes out.

Count Chocula Freddy Funko — Glows in the Dark

Amazingly, one of the most valuable Funkos out there isn’t something from a movie or TV series – it’s a cereal mascot.

General Mills and Funko teamed up to release figures from their cereals, and this glowing Count Chocula Freddy figure hits five full digits – it’s worth ten thousand dollars.

Oogie Boogie Funko — Glows in the Dark

The stop-frame animation movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas” has many famous characters, and the villain who tries to take over Halloween Town might have the priciest Funko.

There are only 480 glow-in-the-dark versions released during SDCC 2012, meaning you’ll have to pay a grand to own one.

Dumbo, the Clown

“Dumbo” was one of the original Disney classics, and in 2013 the elephant with the big ears joined the Funko Pop family with a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive.

The Clown Dumbo Figurine first came out with a forty-dollar price tag, but current prices have it at more than a hundred times that – nearly two hundred, at $7,400.

Kiss Demon Freddy Funko

As a member of the legendary arena rock band KISS, Gene Simmons has a distinct figure that is known around the world.

Any KISS fan would love to have this item in their collection of memorabilia, but they’d have to shell out $1,750 for the chance to own it.

Beetlejuice Freddy Funko — Glows in the Dark

The cult-classic status of Beetlejuice was established soon after the film came out, and the lead character is still remembered today.

The SDCC exclusive Freddy Funko version of Beetlejuice has green hair, red eyes, and a price tag nowadays at over a thousand dollars – and it’s only going to get higher.

Batman Blue – Metallic

The real surprise with this figurine is how low the price is, coming in at ONLY fourteen hundred dollars.

It’s more than ten years old, and Batman is known and loved all over the world, and this exclusive seems like it should be worth much more. Still, $1,400 isn’t a small amount.

Loki — the Marvel’s Avengers Edition

Loki was one of the most popular members of the Marvel Cinematic Universe ever since he first appeared in “Thor.”

The Funko Pop that has him dressed in his “Thor Ragnarok” outfit has made the leap from forty dollars when it debuted to just fifty dollars shy of two thousand.

Boo Berry — Glows in the Dark

Ah yes, a Funko Pop of a cereal mascot. Of course. Fans of the cereal certainly recognized it and snapped them all up despite the starting price of $40.

Now worth three-point-five thousand dollars, there are only twenty-four out there, so if you did manage to grab one, hold on tight. The price might keep rising.

Golden Suit 1950s Elvis

Since he first appeared in the fifties, Elvis has been the king. The 2011 limited-edition version of Elvis with a gold jacket had collectors scrambling to get their hands on one.

They retailed at only twenty dollars when they came out, but they’re now worth more like eighteen hundred dollars.

Bloody Jaime Lannister Freddy Funko

“Game of Thrones” was huge, and Funko Pop is huge, so when the two came together to make the Bloody Jaime Lannister Freddy Funko, they made a figure worth more than ten thousand dollars.

That’s a serious amount of cash. You could hire the actor for less, probably.

Signed Gold and Chrome Stan Lee – Metallic

Stan Lee was the driving force behind most of the most popular Marvel characters and helped make the Marvel Cinematic Universe into what we love today.

Funko Pop has released a few versions of this real person, but if you find a signed gold or chrome version, it’s likely worth around six grand.

Purple Haze Jimi Hendrix – Metallic

Music legend Jimi Hendrix still has a massive following despite departing decades ago, so his Funko Pop is already rare.

It’s a limited edition, so the price is a spirit in the sky at over three thousand dollars. Those who own one are unlikely to part with it.

Vision 50’s Chase Edition Pop

“WandaVision” gave us a new way to see a few of our favorite characters. This Funko only came out in December of 2020 for a mere nine dollars, but it’s already worth two hundred on the market.

They’re limited edition, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the price for this monochrome character keeps going higher.