Want to Be Happier? Help a Senior Pooch

Puppies are adorable; we’re talking incredibly cute. They have soft, squishy bellies and goofy, clumsy gaits. And they have puppy breath!As adorable as they are, though, puppies aren’t always the best fit for people with busy lifestyles. That’s because puppies can be quite demanding. Bringing a puppy home is not that different from bringing a baby home. So what if you’d like to skip the challenging potty-training regimens and all those chewed shoes and skip ahead to getting an older dog? Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to do just that, with a senior-dog-rescue movement on the rise across North America. Yet, as wonderful as animals are when they get older, they still need our help. They often represent a majority of the population in shelters across the US.
Taking this course doesn’t have to cost as much as we might expect. While it may be true that older shelter dogs need to visit the vet for dental work, people on a budget can still take advantage of all the various programs that want to help. “My Old Dog” is a comprehensive resource guide with contact information for senior-dog rescue groups across the US. These groups rescue older dogs from shelters and handle all significant veterinary visits, allowing people to bring home a dog who is ready to go. Even when people adopt senior dogs directly from a shelter without taking advantage of any particular program can keep this cost-saving point in mind. With older dogs, the focus is on helping dogs enjoy a better quality of life, minimizing their discomfort while giving them lots of love.

There’s a Lot to Be Done

Even for those who are crazy about dogs, not everyone’s lifestyle will allow them to adopt or foster a senior dog. But there’s still a lot that can be done to help homeless old dogs. Rescue and shelter groups always need volunteers for animal caregiving; marketing; fundraising, professional grooming, high-quality photography; and admin help. If you have a unique talent, why not throw one of these hardworking groups a bone? Of course, these organizations are always grateful for financial support to help pay vet bills and other expenses. For example, the Grey Muzzle Organization provides handy grants to active programs that help older dogs across the US. Grey Muzzle also contributes to shelters to help seniors still in kennels. Helping a senior dog is such a fantastic way to help, and there are so many ways to do it. Please consider it. You’ll never, ever regret it.